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........i heard, my stories could be longer. So let's have a longer one:)
The rice with vegetables and chicken that Pari has conjured up for me tastes delicious, and I devour it all greedily.

Pari dries the already prepared whip with a hairdryer.

I've never seen you use a whip, so I assume you don't have much experience with it. I don't want you to hurt me or the whore seriously if you lose control again, as I hope you will.

The whip is rubbed with a mixture of red food coloring, chili powder, and a warming ointment. It's so light in itself that it can't do any damage, no matter how hard you swing it.

The mixture is so sophisticated that it only takes full effect when applied to warm skin. The more sensitive the skin, the more the chili powder burns, and the warmer the skin, the more clearly the red color comes out.

If you hit the same spot often enough, it will look like bleeding welts and send you into a frenzy.

The dark, unadulterated being that resides in your soul wants blood. Let's wake it up for a moment.

It will be fantastic.

Pari tells me that the basement whore was thrashing around and screaming about giving up during the anal cleanup.

What a shame she can't.

How good that she's mine until the evening. By 8 p.m., I can finally convince her that she has to end the game.

So they both lose, and I save myself another day's work.

After dinner, I go to the bathroom.

Pari has already prepared my anal shower, of course.

She knows how I like it.

I lean on the sink with one hand and bend over so that she can insert the shower head. It's shaped like a dildo and has little nozzles all along its length that will force the shower fluid into my ass.

It's a highly arousing experience.

Pari stands behind me, but she's careful not to cover the mirror behind her. I love watching her do it to me.

She slowly inserts the rod into my ass and moves it in and out. Well-moistened with lubricant, it stimulates my sphincter perfectly and makes me moan right from the start. I look in the mirror and see the black thing disappear inside me and reappear again.

“Harder,” I say, and Pari moves the rod faster and deeper.

“That's it.” I moan and enjoy it for a while longer. Then the rod is in my ass as far as it will go, and Pari attaches the balloon with the shower fluid to it.

I can hardly wait for the water to come out of all the little openings in my ass under pressure.

“Yes, Pari, yes,” I start to moan as Pari squeezes the water balloon hard and moves the rod back and forth.

There are no more holes on the lower third, just little nubs to give me pleasure, so Pari can fuck me gently without the water leaking out of me.

I moan because it almost makes me come, and Pari pushes even more water into me. I'm so pumped that it's almost uncomfortable, but only almost.

My pussy is wet.

My imagination takes over when I think about getting you to fuck me so hard and fill my ass completely. I once wanted to ask Joel to satisfy me anally with his big cock, but that wouldn't be the same. He is my employee and would be careful.

My husband, on the other hand, and my new master, would only be careful until his inner beast wakes up and fucks my ass mercilessly.

My ass starts to hurt but Pari doesn't stop fucking me. She knows how I love it. I look in the mirror and see my flushed face, and for a moment I see you standing behind me using my helpless body, and I hear the words, “Yes, more, louder, cry for me, darling.” I can't hold it in any longer.  I imagine you forcing me to take your cock completely in and pumping it into me until you come. Would you stop then when I scream? Or would you want to know what would happen if you pissed in my cock-clogged ass and didn't let me escape? 

I sit down on the toilet with my legs apart, and Pari hands me my vibrator. Her finger holds the rod in place, deep inside my ass.

When my vibrator touches my aroused pussy, the orgasm is almost instantaneous. I hold on to Paris' arm as I feel the first contractions. At my climax, I press the vibrator hard against my clit.

“I'm cumming Pari,” I gasp loudly, and Pari takes her hand away from my ass.

The rod shoots out of my ass like a projectile, and the water follows in a hard jet.

I push and shoot out even more until my orgasm has subsided and my ass is empty and clean. The excitement of the whole day discharges into my toilet and leaves my ass together with the cleansing liquid from the anal shower.

Pari flushes the toilet and waits until I get up and leave the bathroom.

Of course, the basement whore didn't have such a nice experience. She got a load of cold water pumped up her ass and a bucket where she could drain it.

The luxury of this shower is all mine.

I'm sure Pari has done it herself before when I wasn't at home, but that's none of my business.

The whip is now dry, and I briefly consider whether I should have an ointment rubbed on my body to protect it from burning, but I decide against it.

I want to feel the lashes and enjoy them if you want to whip me too, which I strongly suspect you will.

It will burn like hell and be very sexy.

Pari has prepared two masks for the basement whore. One that has no eye slits and one where the slits for the mouth and eyes can be opened and closed. I choose the second one because there's something I want my captive to see at the right moment.

“Put something light to wear on her and take her to the car,” I tell Pari as she enters the room and hold the mask out to her.

Then I put the whip in a cloth bag and get ready to drive home.

Our apartment block has an underground parking garage.

Pari had to come with me because my involuntary passenger is quite unruly. She had to be handcuffed behind her back because she didn't want to come with us.

She was afraid that we would expose her naked in public somewhere and that someone might recognize her. Pari probably put this thought into her head during the anal shower, and since then, our prisoner has been behaving like a lunatic.

If her mouth slit was open, I could probably hear that she wants to give up, but it's not and I'll make sure it stays closed.

I love watching how mean Pari can be when she thinks I don't notice. She's becoming more and more like me. 

The eye slits of the mask are also closed, so the whore can't see anything.

She tosses and turns, and Pari struggles to keep her still in the back seat.

She's wearing a long, loose, baggy dress that's easy to take off, and of course there's nothing underneath.

Before we set off, I go to the back, open the door, and grab her dog lash. I tug on it until her head is very close to my face and hold her like this. I whisper so she will not recognize my voice later.

“You will be quiet and not say a word about the bet. If you don't, you'll be punished, and believe me, you don't want to experience that punishment. The man we're going to has a big, horny dog.”

She is gagged under her mask, but I want to be sure, she knows what I expect from her. In case, at some point in the evening,  her gag is removed, she shouldn't be tempted to try something stupid. 

She freezes and starts to tremble. She must realize that this would violate the agreement, but her brain is so well fucked by now that she can no longer think clearly.

I feel her breast through the fabric and rub her nipple. After a while, it gets hard. It looks pretty how it stands out under the thin fabric. She doesn't want it, of course, but her other nipple is now visible too. I wonder if her pussy is already wet with fear. Mine would be. I long for the moment when you see real fear in my eyes, and it drives you crazy. 

We are all just animals who want to be conquered and fucked. 

The rest of the ride passes peacefully, and Pari helps me enter the elevator in the parking garage unnoticed and exit on my floor. Then I drag the prisoner roughly into our apartment and follow her.

“Your whore is waiting in the hallway, master,” I say to you as I lock the door.

“Then why don't you bring her in?” You ask gruffly, and I know how excited you are to see her.

“She's not like Pari, master. I must warn you not to use her mouth. She could be dangerous. I can control her to a certain degree, but she won't be as willing as the last one. I had little time to find something suitable.”

“Do I want to know where you got her, slave?”

“No, Master.” Your face looks so happy as you fantasize that I kidnapped her to give her to you.

“Bring her in,” you say, and I obey silently.

I hope you understood the warning correctly and won't let her see us. If the mouth slit stays closed, she can curse and scream. It won't bother anyone, and no one will understand her words.

I tug on the dog lash, and then I take my prisoner by the arm and lead her into the living room. I do it slowly because I don't want her to stumble.

As we stand in front of you, I silently hand you the dog leash. I'm sure your cock is really hard right now.

She's calmed down by now because she needs to hear that she's not out in the open and that she won't be exposed to the public after all.

You nod in her direction, and I understand that you want me to undress her.

You don't want her to recognize your voice.

This fits in perfectly with my plans.

I don't even try to take off her dress with her hands tied behind her back, but I bring a pair of scissors and cut from the bottom to the top and pull it over her shoulders so that it hangs in shreds from the handcuffs.

It will have a good effect on her and you. She gets scared, and you get an even harder boner.

Your hand clutches the dog leash as if it wants to crush it, and I can see the vein in your neck swelling and pulsating.

You pull on the leash, and she stumbles towards you. Your hand grabs her breast roughly, and you squeeze it. The woman protests under her mask, arousing you.

You reach into her lap and gently grope her vagina. She tries to take a step back, but your other hand keeps her leash taut. I find it hard to take my eyes off your hand between her legs, but I go back into the hallway and get the whip I brought with me. Then I place it on the table. Your eyes glow greedily. Your self-control is visibly crumbling.

I know you're going to get me a collar and a dog leash and use them, and I'm curious to see what you'll do with them.

You pull the naked woman into the bedroom with you, and I follow you.

As you stand by the bed, you put a finger under her collar and pull her head towards you. It excites you that she can't see you. You bring your finger to the back of her neck and start to choke her with the collar. I don't intervene yet. I won't let you hurt her, but you probably don't want that yourself. At least not yet.

My own throat tightens when I see the collar cut into her skin, and my hand involuntarily reaches for my throat. You see it and grin. Yes, you're going to do it to me too. Without the mask, so you can look me in the eye. Deep in my abdomen, everything clenches with desire.  

When she's visibly struggling to breathe, you let go and give her a push. She falls onto her side on the bed and assumes the fetal position, which is not easy with her hands tied behind her back. The more scared she is, the stronger you feel.

“Key.” you say to me, having already forgotten that you wanted to keep quiet. You increasingly don't care as long as you can fuck. I get you the key for the handcuffs.

As soon as you unlock them, she rolls onto her stomach and grabs the mask with her free hand to pull it off her face.

Your paw grabs her wrist in a flash, and she reaches into the empty space. You realize that it will be different with her than with Pari.

You drag her to the head of the bed and enjoy the way she tries to kick at you and break free. You are suddenly in no hurry and enjoy every second of dominating her.

Again, you reach into her collar from behind and grab her breast with your right hand. Your fingers close around her nipple, and you squeeze. She screams into her gag and stops resisting. You grab the other nipple, and she trembles. She knows the pain is about to come and is absolutely helpless. I feel my breathing quicken with excitement. You squeeze, but only give her a brief, sweet pain and then let go.  

“Tie her up,” you say to me, and I walk around and tie her to the horizontal headboard. This will allow you to move her left and right. Then I take a pillow and place it on her arms and over her hands. This will prevent her from tearing the mask off so easily. I also assume that you will now stop her from doing this.

I look to my right in the mirror that forms the front wall of our large wardrobe.

The naked woman tied to the headboard is lying on her side. You can feel the tension in your body touchable in the air.

You want it so badly; both of us under your control. I reach for the woman to bring her to her knees so you can fuck her, but she defiantly falls right back onto her side.

“Bring me the whip. I think this one needs a bit of motivation.”

I am very happy to obey your order because it is important that the whip is used. That's exactly what Pari has prepared it for.

When I come back into the room, you pull my basement whore up hard by the hips and place her on her knees. Then you put her knees apart, and before you kneel between them, you slap her ass with the flat of your hand.

“This is the first and last time I'll show you what your position is, slave, next time you'll assume it on your own,” you say, and let her go.

She falls back onto her side. You smile and hold out your open hand in my direction.

“Come here and show her how a slave must present her ass to me. The last material you brought was better,” you say, and I know you're lying.

Yes, Pari was better to fuck, but this one is better to tame.

I take a place next to the lying woman on my hands and knees and put my hand under the pillow to grab her hand. This will create a deceptive feeling of connection and make me feel more in control. I interlace the fingers of my right hand with the fingers of her left, and I know that you won't miss the gesture.

You must still be wondering how I made Pari so submissive just by touching her, and that insecurity will always be my advantage.

I stick my ass up and feel your hand caressing it. Then I feel your fingers on my pussy and moan in the woman's direction.

“Yes, that's how a slave girl must feel. Your pussy is already wet. It'll be even better when you see what I'm going to do to you both. Are you happy, slave?”

“Yes, Master,” I answer truthfully. I am really looking forward to it.

“Then let's see to it that we make two-assed twins out of you.” You chuckle, delighted by your own joke, and swing the whip for the first time.

It lands with a flourish on the woman's cheek, shoulder, side, and back, and before she can react properly, you swing it again, extending the line across her waist and thighs. The hand in mine clenches and she screams through her gag.

More as a surprise than from pain, because that is yet to come.

The whip doesn't hurt much.

The next blow hits the woman's back, and she instinctively protects her face from further blows. Only the mask saved her from a nasty red welt on her cheek. You should really watch what you're doing. But I don't think you're capable of it. I can already feel the monster inside you awakening, and you'll be out of control in no time.

At the moment, the woman still thinks she can take the lashes, but she will lose that as soon as the warming, painful ointment rubbed into the whip combines with the sweat on her skin and starts to take effect.

You start to enjoy what you are doing, and strike again. I can see the woman's skin reddening. You deliberately aim high, and I'm pleased to see her mask again. She rolls onto her stomach to protect her neck, stomach, and face. This gives you an area that still has no welts on it. You reach out and hit her back diagonally from right to left. Her right arm, shoulder, and back show red welts, and you make an obvious effort to hit those areas again. The woman is now screaming into her gag as the heat and chili begin to take effect.

“Come up here,” I say to her, “he won't stop.” I squeeze her hand under the pillow and hope her vicious spirit will let her hold out a little longer until the color of the whip makes you mad.

She squeezes my hand back, but I know that's not the bond between two sufferers. She tries to crush my bones because she's angry.

The whip lands on my back, and I cry out in surprise.

“When I want you to speak, you'll know,” you say, striking across both our bodies once more.

Let the fun begin.

You're hard, and the sight of the two helpless bodies lying in front of you excites you even more.

You now alternate from left to right and from right to left. The lashes don't really have any power, but the ointment burns like fire. I gasp and scream with every lash and realize how hot it makes me. I don't count on the pity of the woman, who has now stopped trying to crush my hand. The leaking paint makes her back look like cut flesh, and my ass presents a similar picture in the mirror.

You change your position, and I know you can't take it anymore. In the mirror, I see your eyes fixed on the woman's bleeding and trembling body as you get between my knees and ram your hard cock into me.

I moan because the pleasure is incredible.

When you're all the way inside me, you drop the whip and slap my ass with your open hand. I scream out in pain. My skin is already burning like the woman's, even though I look less bloody. You start pumping into me, and I open up to you completely. I want you deep inside me, really deep. You feel my blood-red bottom and don't even realize that it's not blood you're seeing because you're in your familiar and exciting frenzy. Now you're just an animal that wants to fuck, the harder the better.

The pain, the pleasure, and the reflection of a bloody, fucking mass that we are now forming make me come violently. You don't even notice and fuck me wonderfully hard towards your own orgasm. Just before you come, you hit the woman's bloody back with the flat of your hand to make her scream. She screams into her gag in pain, and I squeeze her hand tightly.

Your cock empties into me with violent convulsions. It's good to let my own orgasm fade away with yours. I barely have the strength to stay on my knees, but I know how much you like to see your sperm flowing out of me, and I hold on.

We are both breathing heavily, and you push away from me. Our eyes meet in the mirror. It's a beautiful moment.

“When I come back, she'll be on her knees,” you say and go into the bathroom.
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