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Katie Defines Who Gets Her Pussy
Crystal left around nine o'clock, and Katie went to shower after a night of sex. She dressed for baseball and sat on her porch, waiting for the guys to show up. Around ten-thirty, Tommy showed up and said he would host a swimming party at his house instead of playing baseball today. Katie accepted his invitation and asked if the guys would be there, and he told me they would.

Fifteen minutes later, Mark showed up.

"Katie, Tommy invited a bunch of guys from school to the pool party and told all those guys that you fucked us last night. He told them they'd get to fuck you today," Mark said, warning me.

"Really, why would he do that? I've been really good to you guys," Katie asked, broken-hearted?

"Well, Tommy can be a dick sometimes," Mark replied.

"How many guys did he invite," Katie asked nervously.

"More than a dozen, I think," Mark replied.

"Well, thanks for letting me know," Katie added, feeling betrayed.

"Are you going to fuck all of them, Katie?" Mark asked.

"Um, I don't know, probably, maybe, I'm not sure. I have to think about it.

Katie knew that by fucking Mark and his friend's word would get out, she was a slut, but she didn't think it would be so soon. And Tommy had no right to determine who and when Katie would fuck. She had to teach him and all the other boys a lesson. Katie went upstairs and got out a bikini her sisters gave her when she lost her cherry. It was a sling bikini, almost nothing, a strip for each nipple and a strip of cloth about three inches long and one inch wide that just covered her slit, plus it was flesh-colored. She thought about how she would teach the boys a lesson and reward Mark for letting her know.

Katie was literally naked when she put it on. The only thing you couldn't see was the slit of her pussy. She put on a cover over it and started over to the party. Katie rang the bell, and Tommy's mother answered the door.

"Hi, Katie! How are you? You girls are getting so big. I can't get over how you've grown. How's your mother? I owe her a call. She rambled.

"I'm doing good, Mrs. Peirce, and Mom's doing great," I replied.

Katie walked out to the pool and was met by a group of fifteen boys. They all looked her over and undressed Katie with their eyes. She was sure they thought they'd lose their cherries in the coming hours, but they'd be very disappointed at the outcome. Tommy came up to her and greeted her,

"Hi Katie, thanks for coming over. There is a nice group of guys here today, don't you think?"

Katie smiled and replied, "Yes, they seem nice."

Tommy continued, "Don't worry. They'll treat you very nicely."

Katie just smiled back at Tommy. He took my arm and said,

"Let me show you around the pool."

Tommy led her around the pool, with all eyes focused on Katie, and then he walked her toward the pool house. He showed her the bathroom, changing room, and then a pair of double glass doors. At that point, the boys were getting up from their pool chairs and making their way over to Tommy and Katie. Tommy opened the door to expose a small bedroom. A dresser, two nightstands, and a lovely king-sized bed with its covers turned down. The boys stood behind Katie and Tommy, waiting for her to enter. Tommy looked at Katie and smiled.

"I hope you like it? You should be very comfortable on it. But don't worry, my mom never comes out here, Tommy whispered.

Katie walked over and sat on the bed.

"Um, yeah, this will do nicely," she replied in a sexy tone.

As their excitement grew, Katie got up, turned, and walked through the crowd of boys. She sat down on a recliner chair. The boys looked squarely at Tommy, awaiting an answer as to why Katie wasn't in the bedroom taking off her clothes. Mark came over and sat next to her.

"Mark, do you have any suntan oil?" Katie asked sweetly.

"Yes, in my backpack," he replied

"Would you oil me up?" She asked asked him sweetly.

Mark went to get his backpack, and Katie got up to take off her beach cover. All eyes were on her as she peeled it off. Only her puffy nipples were covered by my swimsuit. Slowly, Katie let the cover slip from her hips, exposing almost every inch of skin below her waist. Except for her pussy lips being covered, she was naked. The boys' jaws hit the ground as they previewed her firm, slender body. Mark returned, and Katie laid down on my recliner face up,

"Ok, Markie, oil me up, every inch," Katie said loud enough for everyone to hear.

Mark smiled and went to work, rubbing oil on her shoulders and arms. When he got to my breasts, she pushed his hands under her swimsuit, and he began rubbing Katie's breasts.

"Oh, Mark, you're making me so horny," she moaned loudly.

All the boys were watching, thinking Mark was getting Katie ready to pull a train for them.

Mark oiled her legs, and when he got to Katie's inner thighs, she slid his hand under her suit, and Mark rubbed her bald pussy. As the boys watched, Katie gyrated her hips as Mark probed her wet snatch.

"Oh, Mark, I'm ready. Will you fuck me," Katie asked seductively.

Mark finished, Katie got up, took his hand, and led him to the pool house, where the boys stood and filled in behind them.

"This is it, boy's we getting pussy today," Tommy softly told the group of horny boys.

When Mark and Katie got to the door, Katie opened it, and Mark walked in, followed by Katie. She turned to the boys, smiled at them, then turned, closed the door, and then locked it.

"Wait, Katie," Tommy screamed

Katie ignored him and escorted Mark to the bed,

"Mark, will you undress me?" She asked sweetly.

"With pleasure," Mark replied.

Mark slowly slid the strips covering her nipple over her shoulders and pulled the strip glued to Katie's pussy by the suntan oil. The boys strained as they looked at her tiny pink pussy. Mark led Katie around the bed. She sat down, and Mark swung Katie's legs up on the bed, and she scooched up and into the middle of the bed. Katie laid down and spread her legs, exposing her pussy to the boys at the doors spreading her legs, and opening the lips of her wet pink honey pot. The boy's strained to see the pink little fuck hole they longed to stick their hard cocks into., as Mark removed his suit.

Mark joined Katie on the bed, and they made out for a few minutes as his hand explored Katie's wet cunt. Katie decided to start the show and slid down to Mark's cock, and gently stroked it, and then began teasing it with her tongue. She knew Mark wouldn't be able to hold off coming too long, so she sucked his cock into her mouth. Faces pressed at the glass as she began bobbing her head up and down on Mark's cock. And it was perfect timing because he came immediately into my mouth.

"Oh, Katie, I'm coming," Mark squealed for the crowd.

Katie continued to suck him for a minute before swallowing his cum and licking his cock clean. Katie laid back down and spread wide for Mark, thinking he'd fuck her as soon as he recovered. Instead, Mark scooted down between Katie's legs and began to suck on her pussy.

"Oh, Mark, yes, eat my pussy, make me cum," she squealed loudly for the boys.

Mark's tongue split the lips of her super wet snatch. She moaned loudly and squirmed about as his tongue probed her pussy, finding her clit and driving her to the brink of an orgasm. When Mark bit her clit gently, it sent Katie over the top. She arched her back.

"Oh, Mark, I'm coming. I'm coming," she cried out loudly.

Katie's hand pushed his face into her wet gash. She fell back as pleasure surged through her loins, Katie's chest heaving as she tried to regain her breath. Mark wiped off his face and climbed between Katie's wide-spread legs, his cock hard and ready for round two. His cock stood straight up, and he had to bend it down to enter her. Katie helped by rolling up on the small of her back, exposing both of her holes to Mark for his choosing. The boys outside asked Tommy why Mark was getting laid, but they weren't. Tommy glared at Katie with a pissed-off look.

Mark had chosen Katie's pussy to penetrate, his cock hitting bottom as he rose up and started to fuck her slowly and sweetly.

"Oh, Mark, I'm so horny, fuck me good," she begged her lover,

Katie watched the boys, who were angry and frustrated, and wrapped her legs around Mark's back as Tommy hit the door in anger. Mark had reached his limit and grunted loudly.

"Oh, fuck, Katie, I'm coming in you," Mark cried out.

As his cock pumped his fertile sperm into my belly. Katie sucked on his neck and shoulder as he emptied his balls into her, Katie smiling to the boys outside the room as he did.

Mark finished, and they lay intertwined for a few minutes before they got up. Mark dressed and then dressed his lover. They walked to the door. Mark unlocked it, and the crowd parted as Mark and Katie walked out. Katie gathered up her stuff and began to leave.

"Katie, are we playing baseball or football tomorrow?" Mark asked as he kissed me goodbye

"Yeah, after church, and my family eats lunch. I can," she said, ruffling his hair before she walked away.

Mark gave Katie the thumbs up. Katie smiled, knowing that her plan was a complete success. The boys knew I was a slut, but knew I called the shots.


2024-06-11 15:36:33
Fantastic story. Love that she’s a slut but knows she has control

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