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Josh, mom and the readers get what they want finally in this chapter. Enjoy!
The next morning I woke in my mother's bed with the incredible feeling of my dick nestled between her ass cheeks. Overnight she had spooned into me, and I had draped my arm over her.

I poked my head over to examine my sleeping mother. Her red hair was a tangled mess, but still framed her sleeping face beautifully. I traced my finger down her side, enjoying the smoothness of her skin. I marveled at how the shape of her body curved down, then back up at her lovely hips and ass.

Memories of last night came rushing back. My mom had gone far beyond what she intended in order to build my confidence. She was playing with fire when she came up with her cam idea, and lo and behold she got burned. Though I don't think she regretted it. Right? There was no way she could have predicted that one of her big spenders would force us into a position of tasting each other. Of bringing each other to orgasm.

As I recalled the night before, I hadn't even realized that my hand had slipped down to mom's exposed breast and was kneading her gently.

Mom shifted in response to my touch and I could feel her shimmy and push her ass back.

"Mmm," she purred gently. Then as she pushed harder on my hard member she said, "Oh," she said in a surprised but still sleepy voice. She reached back to touch my hard-on, as if she were blinded and needed that to recognize what it was. "Good morning to you both." She let go of me and took in a deep breath before lifting herself from the bed. She looked down at her body and made a face. "We need to shower this mess off of us."

My body, still eager for her, pushed me to stand. "Can I join you?" I asked. Despite our apartments small size, we each had our own en suite bathroom and shower. We had guessed that in the past it was meant to be shared by independent roommates.

She smiled. "Sure honey. I'll get it started." I watched her ass shake as she made her way to the bathroom. I stretched the sleep off of me as I heard the shower turn on, then got up to join her. It was a bit of a nice feeling to wake up nude and not need to bother with tossing some nighttime clothes in the hamper. I noticed the room still hung heavy with the musk of last night. Mom would have to air it out today.

Mom was already in the shower by the time I got to the bathroom. Her lovely silhouette was distorted by the glass door and I watched her a bit as she ran her hands over her body. Not for too long though, as my cock longed for contact with her.

She looked over her shoulder at me as I entered and gave me a smile. She let me wash her, and found it funny when I would take my time liberally applying soap to her tits and ass. The novelty of her shapeliness had not warn off as I felt her up.

She then offered the same treatment to me and I enjoyed her touch as she ran the loofah over my body. My cock stood out begging to be stroked, and after last night, I kind of expected she might. To my dismay, she just cleaned it gently with the loofah, then bent to move on to my legs. Again, the site of her down on her knees in front of me made me expect her to take me in her mouth. Had I grown so entitled, so fast?

When she stood up, I made a move forward to try and pull her close, but she stiffened. "Sorry Josh, I don't think we should right now."

"Oh," I said, not able to hide looking crestfallen. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have assumed." I backed off to retreat a bit in the smallish shower.

Mom moved forward to me, "No, no. Honey, I don't want you to feel bad. We will have to talk about last night did go a lot farther than we had planned. But I don't regret it. The opposite actually. It was so incredible to see my boy show himself to be," and she stroked my strong arms, "such a man."

She moved in to hug me, ignoring my cock between us. I put my arms around her to accept the hug. She moved back, not breaking contact. The water ran over our bodies and little puddles formed where we connected.

"It's just. Last night, before you got home, Candy called me."

"Candy? What does she have to do with this?" Remembering the night at the strip club, I'm suddenly worried we were in some kind of trouble.

"Well, she said that she really enjoyed her time with you, and wanted another night, with this," mom said, light holding my cock. "I think she likes the idea that you were so new to everything and wants to... be your first. I figured you should save up your energy for her. If that's what you want, of course."

I laughed and couldn't help but puff my chest a bit. Someone as hot and as experienced as Candy called to make a special request of me because she loved my cock so much? "Oh wow," I replied, a bit stunned. "That's honestly. Talk about a confidence boost."

My mom let go of me, and gave a halfhearted smile back. "Yes, it is. Candy is a beautiful young girl, and she's wants you. Said she been thinking about you for a bit now." There was something sad about the way she was saying it. She turned the water off and exited the shower. "So, I'll give her a call and invite her here tonight, OK? You two can have my room, since she might pick up that you aren't my nephew if she sees your room."

I took a towel and exited the shower as well, aware that something was wrong but too dense to realize what it was. "That's really thoughtful mom. Thank you." I kissed the top of her head. "You are really the best mom a kid could ask for. I wish I had been open sooner with you about my problem."

Mom smiled genuinely, though still a bit forlorn, and gave me a hug. "That's what moms are for."

She left to her room to get dressed and I went to mine.

By the time I was dressed and got out, mom had left, I assumed to run some errands. On the kitchen table was an envelope filled with cash and a note that read: “Your half of last night's take. Good work, partner.” She signed it with a heart and a wink. I counted through the cash and was surprised at how much there was. And this was only half! I thought for a bit as I ate breakfast, then grabbed my keys. I knew exactly what to do with it.

I hopped in my car and made my way to the mall. Mom and I had slept in a good bit of the morning away and by the time I got there, the mall was already packed. Soon I found what I was looking for and more than a little sheepishly ducked my way in.

The store smelled lightly perfumed and had very soft lighting. Tables of delicately folded panties and racks of lingerie filled my eyesight. I had no idea where to begin and wandered around, hoping something would catch my eye.

“Josh?” a familiar voice called.

Shit. Of all the people. I turned and quickly put a smile on my face.

“Uh, hi Tina,” I said obviously embarrassed.

She smiled back and had a little look of mischief in her eye. “How can I help you?”

“So I guess this is where you found a job, huh?” Internally I kicked myself. No shit Sherlock. Why else would she have just asked to help?

“Yea, just part-time until summer when I’ll go full time. And I’m working somewhere else for nights.”

“Wow, you keep really busy,” I said, impressed.

“I have to. I am pre-med, so I have to save up for future insane medical school costs.”

“That’s really awesome. I didn't know you wanted to be a doctor.”

“Yea, I’ve always…”

“Ahem,” someone interrupted from the back. We looked over and an elderly woman who clearly owned the lingerie boutique was looking at Tina and me clearly annoyed.

“Oh, I'm on duty so we can't chat. How can I help you, sir?” she said in mock formality.

I laughed and didn't know how exactly to go about it. “Umm, well I am shopping for a gift for someone.”

Tina raised an eyebrow. “Oh, that's very nice. Who is the lucky girl?”

Fuck. I hadn't thought about this. She is going to assume I am buying for a girlfriend and think I am taken. And she obviously would never guess I was buying sexy lingerie for my own mother!

“Just a friend,” I said quickly, not sure how else to explain it.

“Josh! I never knew you had it in you,” she said, looking at me with an impressed expression. “Ok stud. Do you know what your friend might like?” She put major emphasis on the word friend.

“It's not exactly like that..,” I started to protest, but she put a hand up to stop me.

“No need to explain. Let's just start with her measurements.”

I looked at her dumbly, and she nodded in acknowledgment.

“Of course. We actually have a guide we call the ‘boyfriend guide' for exactly this scenario,” she said with a laugh.

“She’s not my girl…” I started to protest.

“I know, I know. Its just a name for the guide.”

Tina had me describe my mother's figure to her, and I had to admit that it was a little arousing to spell out exactly how shapely and full figured my mom was to her.

Tina again had a slight tone in her voice, “Ok, Josh. She sounds like quite the woman.” She flipped through the guide and showed me a drawing of a female nude. “Does this look like her?” she asked.

It was almost as if someone drew my mother and placed her in the catalog. Her shapely body and firm breasts were so spot on I felt a bit exposed in agreeing. As if Tina, who had never met my mother, would put two and two together. “Yea, that's pretty spot on,” I said. “You're pretty good at this if you got all that just from a de***********ion."

Tina smiled and winked at me. "I'm a girl of many talents. Just give me a second and I'll pick some for you to choose between."

Tina disappeared into the back and left me to stand awkwardly in the store. I perused the various strappy panties and lacy bras until I heard her coming back.

"Follow me," she said, and escorted me to a more private section of the store that looked like a small lounge adjacent to what must be a dressing room. "Here we go. Which one of these two seems like a good fit for your mystery lady."

She laid out two sets on a display table lined with soft white linen. She then stood next to me, her arms touching mine, as we examined what she brought.

The one on the right was a simple affair. It was a sheer bra, bordered by frills that seemed to do its best just to accent the beautiful body underneath while staying out of the way. The panties of this set shocked me though. It had matching sheer fabric and lace that were attached to what looked like a set of pearls that from the look of it would go right up mom's slit and ass crack.

Tina turned her body a bit into mine and took the pearls between her fingers. "I am not sure the kind of girl she is," she leaned close, "but I can tell you that there is a reason these are very popular."

Oh my god, she was flirting with me. This would have been the moment for me to shy away, but not anymore. "Oh yea? Maybe someone should make sure you have a pair."

She looked up into my eyes. "Oh I do. And these pearls feel amazing throughout the day. A little thrill no one else knows about, until later of course." I looked down at her, she stared up at me with a sultry look in her eyes. Then just ask quickly, it was gone and she turned back to the table.

"Or this one, which is a bit more involved but gives its own kinds of thrills."

This was a very sexy, black, lacy bra that clasped in the middle with a small white bow, then up again at the shoulders with small bows. The fabric, while not see through, was almost so owing to the holes from the doily like fabric. The panties were the same design, with a small but not tiny triangle that was held in place by two lacy straps, again topped with a delicate bow. She turned it over, and I could see that the panties string would cover none of my mom's ass at all.

Tina fingered the material. "This one also comes with a garter in a matching pattern."

I tried to imagine mom walking out of her closet in just this, and how fun it would be to untie all those bows...but somehow I couldn't' figure out the garter portion.

I held it up, the confusion clearly on my face. "How exactly does this one work?"

Tina began to explain, showing me the leg loops, but then we heard shuffling behind us. I turned, a bit startled, honestly forgetting she and I weren't alone. The older matron of the store was standing in the curtain of the back area holding the same set of lingerie, but obviously a smaller size.

"Tina, why don't you head to the back and try it on for our customer," the old woman said.

"Oh, but I can explain, and I think he..." Tina started to protest suddenly embarrassed.

"I had explained that this was a very important part of the job and one of the reasons I hire beautiful young things such as yourself," she said as she stepped forward and pressed the lingerie into Tina's hands. "Sometimes our customers need a bit of help seeing how it will look and move on a body. Now go and make your sure you customer is happy!" she commanded.

Tina looked to me, and I just shrugged and smiled back at her. "It would help a little to see how it all works," I said a little teasingly.

Tina smirked a bit, which I was thankful for. I had no idea if I was going too far or not. "Anything for my customer," she said and disappeared into the dressing room portion.

"Have a seat while you wait, young man," the old woman said. She then chuckled a bit, adding, "and take your time examining the merchandise. That little one needs to get used to how demanding customers can be sometimes." She didn't even look over to me to see my shocked expression before she left and closed the curtains tight.

Jesus. Was that old broad horny, sadistic or both? After what seemed like an eternity, Tina emerged from the dressing room and my jaw almost hit the floor. The lingerie fit Tina's tiny frame perfectly. Her tits were much smaller than my mom's, probably a B-cup, so the lingerie pushed her up every so slightly without making it look ill-fitting. The doily aspect to the fabric made it seem like if she just turned the right way I would be able to see hints of her nipples. While the one she showed me for my "friend" was black, the store matron had opted for the white, and I understood why. Her tanned skin stood in beautiful contrast to the whiteness in a way my mother's pale skin will to the black. The panties of the lingerie covered her mound but the strappy sides left enough open to put your imagination into overdrive. The little bows that were used to tie sections up added an additional layer of innocence to it all as well.

Then there was the garter-belt. It started up just above her navel and draped down towards her pussy. Tiny lines led down to the leg loops that accented her toned thighs. Despite it covering more skin than if it weren't there, it served to frame her lightly muscled stomach and alluring sex so well while also drawing attention to other details of her body.

She walked towards me, and gave a bit of a spin. As she did so, I got a glimpse of the string up her small but firm ass. She stopped a few inches away from me and held her arms out to the sides.

"So? What does the customer think?"

I was basically drooling but I tried to keep up my confidence. "I think I might need you to spin around again."

Tina smiled and turned, this time more slowly, letting her hands trace the lines of her body as she did so.

"Would the gentleman like to take a closer look? You help you decide?"

I stood up and took a half step forward as we were already so close. "It's really beautifully done," I said.

"Don't be afraid to feel the fabric," she said, taking my hand and running it along the outlines of the straps. "And pay attention to the detailing. These bows aren't stuck on for show. When you and your friend are ready, they can be untied with a simple pull to open the piece up."

As she said this, she teasingly tugged at the bow on one of the bra straps.

"That's good to know," I said back, touching the bow as well.

"Go ahead," she said, looking me in the eye. "Pull."

I smiled and looked at her a bit uncertainly. "Yea? Right her in the store?"

"Pull," she replied.

I did just as I was asked, aware of how close were standing. If I were naked, my dick would be poking into her stomach. The bow easily came undone and the strap came with it. I looked on with some anticipation, but the bra didn't drop in the slightest.

Tina laughed a bit. "The fit is made to be perfect and held with a clasp in the back and bow in the front." She shimmied a bit, making her small tits shake. "That means you need to undo all the little pieces," she said as she touched each little bow, "before your present is unwrapped. Otherwise, everything stays in its place."

She laughed and put formality back in her voice. "So? Do we have a sale?"

"Absolutely," I said.

Tina smiled and turned to walk back into the dressing room, giving me a wonderful view of her ass bouncing a bit. It didn't take her long to come back in with her normal work clothes on. I guess the piece was a lot faster to take off than put on.

She led me back to the front where the old matron looked on us approvingly. As Tina rang me up for the lingerie in my mother's size, I was struck with an idea.

"You know what, because you were such a helpful salesperson, why don't you add on the one you tried on to keep for yourself. As a thank you of course." Fucking bold move, Josh.

Tina looked a bit surprised. "Oh? You're friend won't mind you buying lingerie for another woman?"

"No. In fact, I think she'd love it," I replied.

Tina smiled and looked over the shop owner who smiled back and nodded with approval. Money was money for her. Tina added it to the invoice and I paid her.

"You are full of surprises Josh. I wish I could have got to know this side of you when we were in school together."

'I wish this side of me existed back then,' I thought to myself.

Well now I feel indebted to you," she said, noticing that the old woman had gone to busy herself elsewhere. "Come visit me at my," lowering her voice, "other job sometime. It'll be easier for us to spend some time together. I'll DM you the details."

Other job? Damn she worked hard to pay her way through school. I guessed the other job had more lax rules about spending time on a customer without the pressure of selling something than it had here. I didn't ask further since her whispering made it clear that the shop owner might not approve.

"Yea, that'd be great," I said. Taking another bold move, I added, "And enjoy the gift. Maybe after we meet later we can unwrap it together."

Tina blushed and laughed. "We'll see."

I left the mall feeling like a million bucks. I ran a few more errands then rushed home excited to give my mom her gift and to tell her about Tina. She would be thrilled and proud to hear about how confident I was. At the end of the day, even while becoming a man, I was still a little boy wanting to make his mother proud.

It was late afternoon by the time I made it back to the apartment. Sitting there at my dining table, scrolling through her phone, was Candy. In all my excitement I totally forgot about my date with her tonight. Mom had never texted me the details, so I didn't know what to expect. Were we going to dinner or to the club? I stood just inside the doorway with the bag of lingerie still in my hand. Shit, would she expect I got this for her?

"Ah, you are home. Your auntie was not sure when to expect you," Candy said in her Eastern European accent. I was beginning to like the sound of it, and it certainly matched her dominant style.

"Shit, I'm sorry. I didn't know when you were coming. Let me grab some things to change, and we can head out."

"Out? Why would we go out? Your auntie told you why I called her, yes?"

I hoped she couldn't see me blush. "Umm, yes. She did."

"Umm, yes? Bruno, I am wondering if you have actually gained any confidence after all."

I nearly forgot about the fake name my mother had dubbed me.

She laughed a bit. "Tonight will fix that. Come, we go to the room. I have come for that cock and that cock only. No need for dinner. I am not your girlfriend to be seduced just to fuck."

Jesus. She was a blunt as they come. I suddenly realized something. "OK. But, did you let yourself in? Did my ...aunt... leave?"

Candy looked at me, slightly annoyed at the delay in getting me to the bedroom. "No, she is here in the other bedroom. She mentioned we could use hers. Now come."

Candy all but pulled my arm to my mother's room and I followed. I tossed the shopping bag to the side and gave a last look toward my bedroom door, wondering if my mom was listening on the other side. I was suddenly aware that this was the first time I would be doing something sexual without her there. Even when I was with Candy before, my mom had been in the darkened corner, watching.

Candy pushed me to bed and brought her lips to mine. She kissed me deep, snaking her tongue around mine, while I felt her hands unbuttoning my shirt. She pulled away to peel it off of me, then ran her hands down my chest as she lowered herself to my jeans. She unbuttoned and looked up at me as she pulled to undress me. "I have been thinking about this fresh cock since I tasted it last. I knew I needed more and your auntie was so obliging to arrange this day for us.

My cock sprang lose from its confines and Candy took a deep breath as she held it, almost as if to examine a specimen. "Excellent," she said to herself as she lightly stroked me. "Now, you free me."

She stood and let me come to her. She was wearing a simple tank top that came over her head easily, revealing no bra underneath. I once again marveled at her enormous tits. Needing no encouragement, I brought her nipples to my mouth and sucked and bit at her liberally. "That's it," she whispered. "Follow your feelings. Do what feels right." As I sucked she put her hand to the back of my head, pressing me to her. Her other hand was busy stroking my cock.

I released her tit and stood tall against her. I wanted her to see me as a man and show her the hesitant boy was gone. I looked her in her eyes as I yanked roughly at the button of her skirt. It burst open and I pushed it to the floor. No panties. Of course. Candy was forward and upfront with everything she did I guess.

I kissed her deeply and brought my hands to her pussy. She was already slick and I slid my fingers along her opening, enjoying her moans. We stood there, sucking, nibbling and kissing at each other, while our hands worked each others organs. I slide my fingers into Candy, starting with two fingers because I knew she'd handle it. Candy gasped and pushed her body against mine, grasping my back as if for leverage. I curled my fingers and stroked the inside of her, working her like a puppet. Her moans got louder and louder until she finally pushed me away.

"Oh, you dirty boy. This is what kind of man you have been hiding." Candy pushed me to fall on the bed on my back, then seemed to leap onto me. "Taste me," she commanded, and brought her pussy to meet my face.

I was all to eager, but out of the corner of my eye I saw slight movement at the door. I held Candy still and craned my neck to see my mom watching. From her vantage point she would have a clear view of my hard cock pointing to the ceiling and Candy's ass.

Candy turned her head to see what had stopped our momentum.

"Skyler?" she said, with a bit of confusion. She then looked at me and smiled. "Ah, I understand. I don't think Auntie was fully ready to share you, Bruno. I had suspected there was more between you two." She turned to the doorway. "Come, Skyler. I am not so greedy as to stand in your way. I think Bruno has proven he is man enough for us both."

Not waiting for my agreement, because apparently neither woman seemed to think it was necessary, my mom walked slowly to the bed and undressed herself as she did. She climbed onto the bed and was shoulder to shoulder with Candy. It was striking in someway- the similarity between their bodies. Both pale skinned, redheads, with big tits and ass. Candy was just a younger version. I wondered if this was why mom had set up us to begin with. At least unconsciously.

Candy resumed her climb and presented her pussy for my mouth. I gave the wet slit some licks, then as I felt my mom take my cock into her mouth, I dove in aggressively. Like my mother the night before, Candy's taste was intoxicating. It dawned on me that that I loved to eat pussy. Candy moaned with pleasure and I returned the moans, feeling my mother's expert mouth on me.

I closed my eyes and focused on the feeling, especially when she began to fondle my balls while she sucked. For my part, I took all that pleasure and channeled it into grateful Candy's clit. She grabbed my hair as she rode my face, until I could feel her press harder and harder into me. I used my strong arms to hold her thighs and kept up my pressure. I am sure my efforts are what help keep me from blowing my load early. Hearing Candy's moans, mom had started to suck and rub my shaft at the same time. It was as if they were vying for my attention.

Candy bucked a bit on my face and I did my best to hold her still as I ate her. Eventually, she succumbed to my tongue and was shaking on top of me and groaning with guttural pleasure. Her juices spread over my chin and I lapped her up happily as the last throes of her orgasm caused her to twitch on top of me. "This boy is an expert fuck," Candy said breathlessly as she dropped to my side on the bed.

Mom raised her head off my dick to look at us both. Her pale skin was mottled with red patches from the effort. "J---Bruno. I think it's time. I need to fuck you before you cum." Again, she wasn't asking. I watched as my mom lifted herself to straddle over my cock, one hand reaching down to angle me at the edge of her waiting pussy. She rubbed me along her length, slowly submerging my head into her. She kept me there, teasing my tip with her pussy. The feeling of warmth that engulfed my dick was incredible.

I couldn't believe I was about to lose my virginity to my mother. I was pumped before to fuck Candy, but am glad that mom stepped in. It felt right. It felt like the pay off for years of her unknowingly, then maybe knowingly, teasing me with her provocative dressing in the house.

It was always supposed to be her.

Candy watched us and pushed her body close to me, her tits pressed against my side as she stroked my chest with her hand.

Mom looked me in the eyes and slowly lowered herself to take me in fully. I watched her eyes close at the pleasure of my full length and I let out a deep moan at the immense pleasure that seemed to permeate through my entire body- even down to my bones. As mom slowly worked herself on my cock, I reached up to grope her wonderful tits, enjoying their subtle bounce. Her stomach was nice and tight, flexed from the effort.

Candy moved to my mom to enjoy her tits as well. She took my mom in her mouth and sucked at her as mom rode me. Mom picked up speed and moaned from both our efforts and I took to gripping her thighs to make sure my entire length bottomed out in her at every down stroke. The room filled with moans and I had a brief moment of wondering what the neighbors must be thinking.

My mom slowed her fucking of me when she heard my moans grow louder and more insistent. "Not yet," she said, climbing off of me. As soon as my dick was out of her, it yearned to be back. Mom came to kiss me, and run her hands along my sweaty body.

Then, with just a look between them, Candy and my mother assumed a position on all fours in front of me, offering me a view of their ample asses. Candy has a slight edge on my mother there, but both were beautiful. "It's only right. I was your first, but Candy came to fuck as well."

I lined myself up behind them. I had seen enough porn to know what was needed here. I positioned my cock against Candy's waiting pussy and eased myself in. She moaned gratefully and moved in rhythm to my fucking. Her ass bounced with each thrust.

"Harder," she begged and I obliged her. I pushed deeper and thrust harder until she yelped with pleasure. "Yes! Yes!," she yelped. "Fuck me like a man."

Mom muffled her yelping by leaning in for a kiss. I watched them tongue at each other and took that opportunity to switch back to my mother's waiting ass. I entered her and felt her push back to take all of me in again. It seemed she loved to take my full length and I loved to watch her body take me all in. I switched between them until I felt myself close while in Candy. My fucking became more insistent and sensing the moment, Candy moved forward to force me to exit her. She moved to present her pussy to my mother while I moved enter mom again. She knew this is where I should finish.

I felt like a mindless stud horse, needing to have my release. I fucked mom hard, and she groaned thankfully into Candy's body as she licked at her.

"Yes, baby. Yes, go in mommy. Fuck your mommy good. Cum in her like a big man." She rubbed at her clit hard as she begged me. Her words pushed me right to the edge and I gripped her body as I felt her insides tighten around my cock. We both let out roars of pleasure as we climaxed. I dumped load after load into her as I saw pops of color and a warmth spread across my body like. This was like no orgasm I had ever had before.

We three collapsed on the bed, sweating and grunting with exhausted pleasure.

As I came to, I felt too numb to move but was aware of the various hands that caressed my body lazily.

Candy was the first to rise on one elbow. "So... Bruno is Josh?"

Shit. I didn't realize it at the time, but in the throes of passion mom clearly gave us away.

" Josh," my mother panted, likely having no energy to care about the consequences.

There was silence for a period, until Candy finally said, "You are a lucky man, Josh. As I said before, your mother is an incredible woman. You are blessed to have her as a first, but I pray for any girl who comes after her."

She untangled herself from our limbs and without another word got dressed and left. She got what she wanted and that was that. She was very consistent in her ways. I was already planning on visiting her club in the future.

Neither mom nor I moved for several minutes, stuck in the post orgasm glow.


"Yea, mom?"

"You were amazing," she said and I could hear emotion in her voice.

"What's wrong?," I asked, concerned.

"I am just sad it took me so long to help you, because look what was underneath all that worry. You are a bull of a man. Your body does incredible things."

As she said this her hand drifted to my cock. To my surprise, it responded to her touch and started to grow. How could I have anything left after all that?

"See? It can do incredible things," she said as she climbed back on top of me for a second round.
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