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me and my wife going to see a friend and breaking in his house for him! this is the trip there and set up and what happened when we go there!
Breaking in our friend’s house for him.

Well, this is a story of our trip to visit our friend’s new house. We also needed to just get away and have some fun for a weekend.

Few days earlier we decided to get away and visit our friend out of state. It was an unplanned trip, but both had time off for once! We wanted to just plainly get away, relax and take a break from life. Well, he just got a new house, and we were going to help him move a few a months ago. But Bad timing on his closing and then our life and work got in the way to go down and help! ugh life sucks sometimes. Lol But part of Life is the good with the bad right? Well, He got the new house and moved in finely! We needed to get away as we have been so busy. So we just said let’s just go see the new house and have some fun for the weekend. She said sounds like fun! Let’s do it!

Well, we got packed up and jumped in the van and got on the road for the 5-hour trip. I was thinking on the way it’s a new house and being new it HAS to be broke in, right? So, I told her on the way there. Hey so why not us break it in! like every room?? She said what? What do you mean? I’m lost? I laughed and said you know BREAK IT INNNN? With a wink wink! She said OOO!! NO WAY! that’s not right! I said but it would be fun you know! Yes, it would be but no that’s just mean and not right at all baby! I laughed and said darn with a sad face as I was just kidding! She said stop it! i may break in one room with you but I dono! We will see lol. I smiled overly smiling and she said stop it! You are so bad. lol

Well with that all said it got me thinking. As I was just kidding before. But now she got my wheels to spinning and me thinking! I said, “you know why not? She said why not what? let’s try to do it and break in all his rooms for him! And have some fun with it? I have some ideas. She said what? as she was lost again. So, I told her ya you’re right! It’s not right for US to break in his new house! That’s his house and his job! Ya know. So, YOU or we must help him break it in right! She smiled and said DO WHAT now? I looked at her and winked and said and I mean BREAK IN EVERY ROOM for him! She was O! she said NO WAY! I said yes way! With an evil grin. Plus, we always have fun here, as well most of the time that is ! and I bet he is up to it!

Little back story our friend he was an old high school friend, and we hook up a few times a year and go hang out and just have fun. But on the side note they do mess around on most trips and sometimes we have had a threesomes and so on. But not main reason we go down to visit but differently a bonus! When they do its fun for me and her! Now my wife is pretty dam hot! But she doesn’t think so! Ugh but she IS! She looks young for her age! Long pretty brown hair down past her shoulders. The sweetest round ass. I so do love her ass! and she has some super nice big titties that I know he loves so much! But she has people check her out all the time when out shopping and so on, we have had friends of hers mess around and had some pretty wild sex Now and then. As they do hit on her all the time that leads to dirty talk then that leads to an ok well do something about it! Or prove it Talks! And they do sometimes. Sometimes they back out. Lol we have so much fun with the chats they have. The buildup is fun for her and me also. lol. But she doesn’t think she looks good, but I tell her all the time she does! And that they wouldn’t hit on you if they didn’t think you were sexy!

But she is shy most of the time and naïve, she’s soooo cute sometimes! (now I am not as shy lol) so I help push her boundaries sometimes. To just have fun with it! Go with it! or start something! or what to say sometimes on text or chats etc. It Really turns me on. And think does her also! She is not a go getter or starter at all! She likes the chase for them to come on to her and see how it goes. She thinks sometimes when we meet up, they don’t want to or when they don’t make moves fast enough, she thinks they don’t want to. I know I could help but rule for me is not to push her hard or tell them. But if she does start or make a move or say the right thing, THEY JUMP ON BOARD ASAP! Or about the time she gets to thinking they don’t want to do anything. Etc. so on. But then 95% of the time. That’s about the time they finely make a move or when we are all going to bed, they ask her to come to their bed etc. And then it’s game on! And then she or we do have a blast! I think sometimes they don’t realize its ok with us or have out permission that she is ok with it. I do give full permission to have fun with her, but it’s not always said, just assumed. So, sometimes it is slow to start.

Now about me I like to hear her get off! or to watch her is even better! Threesomes are fun and all but I really love hearing her, seeing her get pleased, Cuming over and over again! That what I like! I don’t know why but it just is a super turn me on for me to hear her get off. Our friend is the same way also but not as much as me, I think. I’m here for the show! lol.

So anyway, I asked, “what no way?” so why Not Help break in his house? She said baby im Shure he doesn’t want to and with me! I said he’s a guy I’m SURE he wants to break it in! and woud lov e to with you! lol She said you know I don’t like starting things. I said I know baby. But let’s step it up a bit this time and make sure we have some real fun! And lots of fun while we are at it! Let’s make sure something happens in every room! She again said no. I could see now though she was thinking about it some. So again, I said so why not baby? You know he will love it and then you will love it and then you dam well know I will love it! Well, you know I’m loving It just thinking about it is hot. and looked down at my lap and my hard on showing through my pants! She said O of course you are! you pervert! Lol but I dono!

Well, I let it slide for a bit as I know if I push her it may backfire. So, I laid back some, but my mind was going 1000mph thinking of ways and how and where and all that playing out in my mind was driving me crazy. Well about an hour went by and we were just chatting about whatever comes up and I asked a sex question about our past and she talked about it some. I was like cool time to bring it up again and said so what do you think now about breaking his house in? she piped off he won’t want to. and we are not here that long. I said you I know that’s a lie he loves to fuck u! And he is like me You know he loves to get you off a lot! He Loves to hear you cum! Have you not seen him? He gets hard as hell when you do? She said ya I guess he does. So, I said well-baby I can tell him were here to help break it in and he will probably fuck you at the door lol. She laughed and said o no! NO WAY! No he won’t. I laughed and said ya right! lol I bet he would! I bet he wants your sweet ass right then and there! She laughed and said I doubt it! Lol I said I dono and laughed I’ll just text and ask him! She said O hell no you won’t! And we laughed about the thought of asking.

I then said Well you know we don’t have to tell him or ask him or even force yourself on him at all! but simply All you have to do is tease him just a little. That be easy! and I bet he will be all over you in no time! And it would be so fun to just tease and watch. She was. You know I don’t like to start or do that. I said I know, but you do like to tease! So, baby you got that skirt on I love by the way! Just don’t sit so super lady like. It’s That simple! or let him catch a glance when you sit down or get up or when just sitting there like oops! I forgot had a skirt on. Spread your legs or cross them. Flash here and there is all you need to do! Super easy! He and I know I would love that! She said, “You would love for him looking up my skirt? Really?” I said, “Well ya! You know I love to see up it! I also know he will love it also! I see him check you out much more then you think he does! So yes, I know he would love it! and that turns me on even more! She said well everything turns you on. I said no, not everything! Well ok most everything! but not everything! And we laughed! She said I dono, but you would want me to tease him like that? OoO Yes, I would. I tried to keep the talk fun. And gave her some more ideas to think about. Like brushing him by accident or bumping your tits or ass in to him and so on. Ya knows that’s super easy stuff to try or do baby and we don’t have to tell him at all that way! and just a very little show here and there and then just let it go from there! he will be horny as hell! I bet! If not already knowing we are coming down! You could even unbutton one more button on your shirt you know he loves your tits! And that’s easy and just watch him look at them. She said ya that be easy for sure but I dono.

I said, “Well you can even do things behind my back! Like hugs or little OR long kisses. When you got a second or two. And could even start when we walk in the house just give him hug and missed you and a sweet innocent kiss (I did the finger quotations as I said “innocent”) see what happens then? Or as you pass by him “accidentally “brush his dick or butt so on like I said but by “accident” now and then. You could also just bend over when setting stuff down or picking up things with your back to him. Or really for him to see the front let them sweet tittys swing! And many other things like that you don’t have to say or really do much of anything really you see. I could see her now thinking more and more about it. She said that be hard for me but i guess it could be easy, I dono. I said it’s not you just going up to him and saying I want to fuck you or making the “real first” move. But that would work ya know! She was like ya I guess so. I said and none of these ideas would be hard to do. And then your just flirting some but little glances up you skirt or seeing your big tittys he’s going to be all over you! I promise!! She said you will probably tell him! I said nope I won’t! (I wanted to tell him!) but I promise I won’t say anything. And if he don’t catch the hint, you will be teasing and turning me on to no end so that alone will be awesome!

You know You could sweeten the deal and take your panties off now and give me a show for the ride ! I was looking at her skirt that was way up her leg already and then he would know its game on! Ya know? she was no way. I said what’s the big deal if he gets a shot up skirt? He has seen you naked before! He will thank you I bet if he’s getting a peek now and then! I know I sure love it and still do today! If he doesn’t see, then poor him not getting to see lol. But you could show me at least ill look FOR SURE!! She said I’ll think about it. If you want me to, I said I do! I sure do! I was thinking its game on now! In my mind now. Few min later she said, “are you sure you want me to do this? I said more than anything I WANT you to have fun. And I know you don’t like making the first move, but this is making it but super small, and it will be so easy and just think of the thrill of trying to flash him like an OOPS and he may or may not catch it. What a rush to tease! She said ya I guess I could do that I guess are you sure? She looked around I was like we are in car WHOS LOOKING? but she wanted to make sure I guess, and she raised up and slid down her panties and off she said I may put them back on when there! I said o please noooooo! But with a smile! And said I understand but I hope you don’t! it would be such a turn on thinking you pussy exposed and so close to him and he not even know it! She was well kind of, I guess!

I then place my hand on her leg and rubbed her leg and slowly keep moving up her skirt as I did. I did this for a bit and when we passed a car or truck id move little more and she would always pull it back down to cover I laughed and said they can’t see you baby. and slid her skirt up so I could see that sweet, shaved pussy of hers and she pulled it right back down, but I again pushed it up and rubbed a finger over her lips I could feel them getting wet now, so I just keep rubbing her clit. Now and then dip a finger in to get it super wet and could see her start to loving the feeling I was giving her she laid the seat back some to give me better access and spread her legs some more for me as I played with her pussy. faster and faster, I rubbed her. I love driving by trucks and I would slow down a tad in case they needed a break from the normal boring view to see a better one! She now had her eyes closed and just enjoying the feeling I’m giving her she didn’t care about anything else now. So, it didn’t take long for her to get ready to explode. I was so turned on I wanted to stop and fuck her right now! But just then she got off super hard. And told me to stop to let her catch her breath! And we were only 45 min from his house and in town now. Not an easy place to stop and make love to her so we just kept going! and enjoying the view I was getting. She pulled down her skirt some, but I could still see her shiny wet pussy. Teasing me the rest of the way to his house!

I said well-baby you will be having fun ! See you already are! And you just tease him and let it go from there and if anything, I’ll be loving it! I now Could see her getting little nervous like butterflies. But also a little excited about the ideas. You will be having fun! I promise! plus you always do when we visit him! So, what’s the harm in some extra fun? I could see her mind thinking more and more about. , let’s just have fun with this and lets really break it all in for him! Lol I could tell she was thinking harder now about it. She said you sure. As she was kind of looking for ways out of it. But not really a whole lot of effort just nervous. I said I got you covered baby, and I will help you and will give you little hints on what to do if needed and I’ll watch out for issue or for his son and/or anyone else so your safe baby! That way you can just be my very sexy! Hot! HORNY ass girl! And just help him out in his time of great need! and I gave a sad but like we must help this poor man out look lol she was like stop it lol and slapped my arm and said we will see! But with a smile! Lol I’m just not sure but if you want me to ill think about it, I hope so baby and I do! I really do baby. I so want you to tease him a lot! Again, she said if you want me to. And you are so fucked up you know? I said yap I am, but I may be fucked up, but you know this will be fun!! Don’t you? she said ya I guess it could be.

So, I said SWEET! and said OK baby now I know some rooms some may be hard to do anything in or at all. Cause his kid will be there most of the time. But as you know he be glued to the tv and games as usual lol or at work. So, it won’t be too super hard, but I also know you or he may not 100% finish every time. That’s not what I’m asking for baby you know. She was well then what do you mean? I said so let have some ground rules at least. She was ok then like what.

You must get him inside you! She was shocked and said WHAT? I laughed and said yes. Somehow get him inside for at least lets just say at least 30 seconds! That’s it! Even if it’s just you sucking him off, or him eating you out, or him fingering you, or the best thing is getting his dick deep in you! That is the goal but that ultimate goal is for one or both of you to get off, if possible, per room!

Just have fun baby! Tease him! play with him. just go with the flow! That alone will be fun for me!! but hopefully fun for you also! And my hope is for You to get off in each room! If you can. That’s my goal for us!

So again, to x off a room is for you two to get him in inside of you for at least 30 sec! So, if you must do a quicky! it has to be at least 30 sec! that will call it done and X that room off the list of rooms! And not his tongue in your mouth that don’t count lolol she was like “o dam” with an evil grin. like that was my plan. dam it. We laughed.

Now you can do it in front of me! I looked over and staired and gave her a shit eating grin lol or behind my back. I would like a heads up if you can. so, I can try and watch and or listen or at least know something was happening or about to! but if not able to I understand just do what you can! But you must tell me when done and tell me what went on soon as you can! Remember Details baby! She said yes, I know that!

You could now see the look of excitement start to build in her face as we talked and got closer and a nervous look while she was thinking about it the thought of him not wanting to or getting caught and all. but you could tell she was liking it more and more as we talked about it, and she thought about it. It was not

Now another rule is his kids’ room is a pass and its ok to not break it in as he will be in it most the time and kind of creepy even for us lol so that’s a pass agreed. And she was like Yaa that’s a no go there!

So, I told her now you are going to have fun for sure! and you know that! But you will also have to be the flirt and tease or just straight up take charge if needed and go get some! She again asked: you sure you want me to do this and have him fuck me? I was like HELL YA I DO! Again, just tease the shit out of him!! For me!! Now I’m SURE he will catch on quick, and we know he loves messing with you so I bet once you start a few of them he will catch on! then it be easy to knock out some rooms! She said I’ll try. Maybe. I said I sure hope so!

Well, we decided not to tell him what we were planning. She didn’t like the take charge kind part. But would do what she could. And I hope she will take the simple steps that we talked about. We knew it was about the only way to get things started fast. We talked about some ways to help like the little touches or hugs or touches or kisses now and them a tease or talking dirty grabbing his package or butt again or bending over in front of him and me. also I hope. If she would just Do that or some of them that would not be too hard to do! P.S. this talking sure got me hard as hell just thinking about it and the super fun time we are about to have. Me thinking of what all she would or could do! or what he would do to my wife! If I would catch them or not. Me watching them out of corner of eye or they trying to hide it out of sight. or right out in front of me etc. This was driving my mind crazy! I had butterflies myself! I was about to blow just thinking of it.

I like them doing things and trying to catch them messing around. like behind my back and or catching them that turns me on to no end. And I think he don’t mind me watching but does a bit better when he thinks I’m not watching but I also know he don’t mind and will fuck her right in front of me sometimes. and think he likes it when I do watch them. I dono. But I love seeing them for sure! me hearing them messing around trying to figure out what the sounds are I’m hearing or what they’re doing or who’s doing what to who and listing for her to get off. Usually about gets me off. And I’m not the only one as he loves to get her off also . You can tell he loves it to. As when he usually gets her off, he gets hard as hell and ready to fuck like hell! shes just that awesome sounding. She just has no clue how big a turn she is for us! But anyway.

Well, we finely got to his house, you could tell she was scared and nervous and I didn’t know if she was going to go through with it or what she would do for sure. She said she was going to put her panties back on. I saw her pick them up and I said o baby just leave them off baby. And I started to look for the house and park, so I didn’t see if she did or didn’t put them back on. We got there and I said we are here baby let’s just go and have some fun. She said I’ll try! With a smile And we got out. He greeted us at the door. I carried in some of our stuff as we were staying a few days with him. I went in with hands full and she came in behind me with just a suitcases and stopped by him and gave him a hug and heard missed you and nice house! I caught it out of the corner of my eye as she gave him a quick kiss and smiled and walked off! like hey hello and a light tease and left him at the door! lol I loved it he was like WTF? Hey now I want more! But shocked at the same time. I could tell he wanted more! Well, I set my stuff down just as they separated as if I didn’t see them (again that was the plan was for her to do it and not get caught by me to make him feel more at ease. But at the same time, I want to see and or hear everything!) But that’s a good start baby good start I love it! She stopped by me and , “are you sure about this? I just gave him a kiss and he didn’t seem interested? I was like bull shit he looked like WOW. Come back here and kiss me again but better and longer to me!

I seen him watch your ass as you walked away! So, yes, he liked it! And yes, I AM SURE I want you to!!! She was ok, I’ll try if that’s what you want! It was a good start your doing good baby! And slapped her ass as I walked off looking around. I could tell she was trying not to hide how nervus she was, but I could tell. But she was doing good!

So, the game was on now!! I was so happy! She is going along with it! So, we said hello and made small talk as we all sit on the couch, and he sit in front of us. I had my hand on her leg as we sat there and on purpose. or by accident (wink wink) I keep pulling her short skirt up more and more its above her knees anyway so not too hard to pull up to see more stuff. She kept pulling it back down but them about the 3rd time I moved it up she started to pull it back down and I stopped her and looked at her and what she was doing it without even thinking about it. I could tell. Ugh the good girl in her just flows out. She smiled and looked at me like sorry lol. But also, same time saying that’s enough. I gave the ok look and stopped pulling the skirt up to much more. She had her legs together, so I put my hand between them to let her know to open them up some as I slid my hand down between them more and more, slowly to as to not make it obvious. She did let me open them up about an inch or 2 as we sit there talking. I know he could not see much if anything, but I did see him move over a little to get a better look at her! I about laughed as I plainly seen it but he was trying to be sneaky about it. We talked for a few min I removed my hand and pulled her leg over as I did A little more each time and she didn’t put her legs right back together this time! O Yes! I could see him looking right at her crotch trying to get a peak! and I think she seen this also. But played it off like she didn’t know.

Now as we sit there she adjusted some on the couch. Giving him a better look now and then. I bet he was close to seeing her panties or shaved pussy! I didn’t know if she put them back on or not. But I was not for sure what he could or could not see but I see his eyes keep looking down and then away as if to, not get caught looking. He was looking a lot! , we did this for a bit, he said, “well yall want to see the house? She was like sure! it does look good! And was the first to stand up she spread her legs wide apart when she went to stand up! If he didn’t see her pussy, he’s fucking blind! lol but he may be checking out her tits as when she got up, she bent way over picking up her shoes at same time to set out of the way. She bent over quite far, and the loose shirt showed lots of cleavage and boobs for sure so I’m not sure what he was looking at, but she was letting them show as she did unbutton a button or 2 before we got there. I didn’t catch that till just then as she was getting up! He is a tit man so he may be just looking at them lovely beauties! Lol I said Shure let go look see! (In my mind I said yes lets go look to see how much fun we were going to have and what rooms and my mind was thinking of what could happen in them and so on! My mind was going 10000 mph now with ideas I was loving it.

Well, it had a decent size living room with a couch and a love seat in it and went into a dining room off to the side was a kitchen you could be in and see the front room and dining room from there just over the counter / sink area.

There was his boy’s room up front off the living room and back past the kitchen was the bathroom and guest bedroom and then a master bedroom. that also had a bathroom in it. They also had a small laundry room that then went into the garage. So, I was thinking this is a nice house and man what fun this week. is going to be! As we walked into some rooms, I hugged her or touched her and in one room I felt her ass and I didn’t feel any panties on under her skirt. I kissed her and said awesome as I grabbed her ass! She smiled and whispered just for you baby! Then in one room she bent over to look at something and dam near showed us her ass as I was next to him and shit, he may have seen she didn’t have panties on. As he is shorter than me, I didn’t see anything but knew I was close to seeing a full moon! I also seen her brush his hands or touch his shorts brushing his dick. (by accident of course wink wink) I could see it getting a little hard in his shorts now he was ready for some fun already! As we walked the rooms and the teasing, she was doing good. I was sure it was driving him nuts as it was me!

We walked the house and went back to sat down and watched tv and just bs talked for a bit. He was checking his phone a lot (I think he was using camera to zoom in and taking pictures of here crotch and tits as he was “checking his messages on his phone” as she was letting little more show as we go. He got up and went to the bathroom. I thought he was going to go rub one out lol, but I doubt it. but I also knew I so wanted to! and we decided we need to unload the rest of our stuff and go to the store for some drinks and snacks we liked to eat and drink. So, we walked out while he was in the bathroom. We unloaded the first load out of the van and put our stuff in the guest room. As he came out of the bathroom, he was watching us and talking to us as we set down our first load. I looked at her and winked and nodded whispered said “go ahead baby I got this.” She said you sure. I still dono? With a shy look. With a wink and a quick kiss, I said yes baby, I’m so sure I wish you would fuck him right now I’m so sure. I whispered in her ear, and I grabbed her ass hard and slapped it as I left. And I got a HEY NOW and a giggle! AS I went out for another load of our stuff. She stayed behind in the guest room talking as she bent over to unpack a few things with her back to him like I told her to do! I bent over to check her out as I left the room and could see that sweet ass of hers with no panties on as I left! I was so proud of her I got a quick glimpse of that ass and could see her pussy also so nice! and I know she was nervous, but I told her earlier don’t be and just do it! And she did it! WOW. So proud of her, I hurried to van leaving the door to house cracked open so I could get back in fast. Not to have to turn handles so not to make any noise in case she did start the challenge?!

I grabbed a few things fast and hurried back in and walked quietly back into house shutting the door as close as could without it closing so not to make a sound and walked quietly back to our room. I could hear them kissing. as I turned the corner more, and I could see my wife with her hands over his shoulders and his hands were squeezing her ass with her skirt pulled up some so he was touching her ass, and they were in a deep long kiss! I stayed around the corner just out of sight watching. Now didn’t know this was going to start this fast. I just hoped so!) or how long they would go at it. But this was to be an awesome start to the awesome weekend.

I then saw her take one hand and slide it down his back and then to his hip and then to his dick area. I could not see her hand for sure as he was in front of her and I’m looking at the back of her and his hands on her ass! but I could tell by her arm movements she was lightly stroking him now. I watched for a good min or 2 and thought they would know I should be back by now.

so, I went back and shut the door to the house and walked super fast back to the room. They were just standing there when I came in. he quickly turned around as to look at something and I could tell he was adjusting his shorts to cover his boner! I had already put mine up in my waist band and was covered by my baggy shirt! Lol She looked at me and nodded and grinned. so, I knew they messed around some. She didn’t know I saw them lol.

Well, I set our stuff down and said, “Well let’s go to town and get a few things. He said he was going to stay and clean up some. and we asked if we could get him a few things and he said no all good. So, we left. She was smiling so much.

I asked what you smiling about baby?? And she said Well, after you walked out, he was standing there, and I went over to put something down and bent over with my back to him.” Like you said for me to do. He walked up behind me and put his hand under my skirt and grabbed my ass and just brushed my pussy with his finger. And heard him say o that’s nice! I stood up with a hey now look and he grabbed me by the waist and spun me around and kissed me. And then he …. I cut in and I said ya I seen yall kissing and him playing with your ass! she was like really? You saw us? I said ya I was fast and I was quite as I left door open when I left came back fast lol and watched yall for a few min. It did look like you were jacking him off. I just couldn’t see if you had his dick out or not? she said Well kind of but just through his shorts I felt his hard on when he kissed me after when he spun me around, I could really feel it as we kissed and he grinded it into my belly me. so, I helped it to get a little harder till we heard the door shut. YA, I figured you start to wonder where I was, so I went back and shut it and she was like O?? OK smart lol.

So, you watched For a few. She said he was getting super hard. He heard the door shut and he pulled back and then you walked in. ya that’s what I thought. I said See this is going to be fun! She said maybe but I dono how I’m going to do it all. I said don’t worry baby just 1 room at a time and its obvious he will try! So that makes it easy. And it’s all in fun anyway baby so just enjoy it! I know I am already! If we don’t, we don’t but fun is fun right!?

Well, we got back to the house, and we brought in our items and the rest of our stuff, and she asked if she could use the shower as we had been in the car all day? He was sure the towels are in cabinet. So, she went to take one and we sit and bs some more. I got up to get a drink and I say my wife come out of the bathroom and dam she was so sexy right out of the shower and looking good! She came into the kitchen and kissed me I could tell she not wearing a bra now she just had a night shirt on ready for bed and some loose shorts that barely covered her ass. Damm sexy with wet hair! I patted her on the butt and said you so sexy baby! and then noticed she also did not have panties on again! I said wow I’m really turned on now! Damm it. Lol she just smiled and said just wait! I was like WAIT. Wait for what for me to eat her out fuck her like I so wanted to right now or wait for what she’s about to do? What am I waiting for dam it lol.

She started to lay things out to have a quick dinner and I went and sat back down. She asked him where a few things were kept and then he finely just got up to go show her. I heard him tell her. Dam I like you’re out fit! she said thanks. I heard her go MmMmm, so I don’t know what he did but guessing touched her. And I looked back, and she just grinned at me. I grinned back and nodded and mouthed go for it!! And turned back around to the tv. I then adjusted on the couch so I was looking at the tv but side view I could see them as they cooked.

For a bit I watched them prep and cook and I could tell they keep brushing each other. I guess they got to a waiting part I saw her lean over to look at us in the living room as his son was playing x box and I was watching him play but keeping an eye on them. She locked eyes with me and grinned an evil grin! and turned around and grabbed him and they started kissing and making out some and then I saw her slid down out of sight! and I saw him grab the counter and the look of pleasure I knew she had him in her mouth sucking him off. She did this for a good 4 or 5 min. I could tell he was enjoying it! Just then a timer went off I saw her come back up and kissed him and started stirring something. again for a few minutes he was really close to her as she was cooking. He is hugging her from the back. I wasn’t for sure but pretty sure he was fingering her now as I could see his arms were around her, but I could not see much past her tits. As the counter was in the way but I could see his arm moving some and some muffled moans now and then. And she would lean back and kiss some and go figure the timer on the stove went off again, so they broke up. As she moved stuff off burners etc. I saw them both looked at us to see if we could see them or anything. I just played dumb like I was watching tv. I was hard as a rock. but acted like I didn’t see anything at all lol. I was slowly rubbing my dick through my pants. As They went back to cooking and I think he kept grabbing her ass and pussy as I heard her say hold on! or wait! and giggles or 2 with stop it’s a slap or 2 on his hands now and then lol all in fun you know.

I went back to watch the game he was playing, and he was surprisingly good and then I noticed I didn’t hear them make any noise again for a min or 2? So, I turned around and they were kissing again. But couldn’t see anything else going on. I looked back at the game and guess longer than I thought as I looked back outside of my eye, and she was now bent over the counter. And he was behind her I knew he was fucking her. They were trying to be quite and not be seen and all. But I could tell he was deep into her and I could see her moving as she was bent over leaning on the counter sink area. She was moving forward and back as he was thrusting in and out of her. I can also here her gasp for air assuming when he would shove his dick in to her hard and deep and then back out. They went at it for a few min and then his son got killed on his game and said ugh and started to get up and I was about to warn them but they at same time seen it and could tell he pulled out of her and turned facing away from us and she just stood up. I could tell she was pulling up her shorts. And there boy just went to his room got something and back out to his game again and knowing nothing about the fucking and fun going on just 15 feet away! But I saw it! I looked at my wife and blew her a kiss and she blew one back and brought over some more pop to refill my cup. She kissed my ear and whispered to me “he was fucking me from behind.” To let me know. I said I saw that it was awesome! Did you both get off? She said! I did really fast when he fingered me, it only took a min or so! I guess I was little more turned on then I thought! and he was super close I think both times, but the dam timer keeps going off! Lol oops. I said, “Well then you got 1 room down! and she giggled and kissed me again with a yes, we did! She went back to finish dinner. I don’t know much past that for a bit nothing stood out she said later nothing really just a touch here and there that’s about it. Well, we all sit down at the table and ate dinner and I thought of what I saw mostly as I ate. but when I got done, I helped clean up and washed dishes. As they all went to bathrooms and back to couch and started watching tv

Look for part 2 and more rooms we need to x off the list!

Hope yall liked the first one.
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