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me and wife and our friend breaking in rooms at our his house part 2
The next room to x off part 2

Well recap visiting a friend and helping him “break in his house” read part 1 for more background but we got 1 room X off the list so far and We just got done with dinner and cleaning up.

As we got back to the living room. He was sitting at one end of the couch and my wife was at other and she moved over to the middle when I went to sit down. His boy was on the other couch as we all watched a movie. My wife got up and went got a blanket as it was a little chilly off our bed and her short shorts and night shirt was not keeping her warm lol but when she came back with a large blanket and she laid down on her side head on my lap and she put her legs up on his and covered us all up. She looked up at me and said really? and patted my dick. yes, I was still hard! I just went (well?) with a grin. lol she laid back down. and back to the movie. about 20 min later I felt her hand go under her head and on my dick and grabbed it like wake up! I look around but couldn’t see any anything and I went back to the tv she then again squeezed my dick easy again as to say look around! saw again out of corner of my eye I could see the blanket moving as I could see now little movements as his lap and arms were covered up as she was laying with her legs on him and her sweet ass was beside him.

I think he was just rubbing her ass but not for sure as she was on her side with her legs bent up but feet over his legs. And her head was in my lap. she moved a little I think to give him better access to that sweet pussy as a few min went by she grabbed my dick and held it tight as she was in pleasure. I then knew he must be fingering her now. Nice and slow but she was enjoying it a lot. I could tell. This went on for a bit moving slow in and out or her I could hear him going at it as hear his finger going in and out of her nice and wet. now and then during the quite parts of the movie. He must be doing a good job as she started to bite the blanket and my leg to hold in the pleasure moans from what was going on under the blanket!

Then perfect timing! the movie got to a loud part an action seen and she burred her mouth into my leg as she was getting off from whatever he was doing to her right next to me. She moved to shut him down as she was getting off again and again! Most likely cause she was not going to hide her moans much longer. He patted her butt and stopped. He had a good smile on his face so looked like all were having fun! We all sat there for a bit, and he kept trying to play with her. She just set up and laid down the other way with her head now on his lap! So, her pussy was not in reach of him anymore. (but not sure if that was a good idea putting it next to me you know!) but she did it anyways. lol I also started to touch her and could feel how wet she was, but she looked at me said no stop baby and wait a bit! And laid back down.

I felt them adjust a few times and then they finally they got comfy, and we all just went back to movie. I then noticed he was laying way back and had a good look on his face I then noticed small movement under the blanket and figured out she was now slowly playing with his man hood. This went on for good 20 min or so and then they just stopped as his boy got up and said he was going to bed. He then he went to bathroom and then to his room and shut the door. We kept watching the rest of the movie and she went back to playing with him as I could see but now little more noticeable now as not trying to hide it as much! Then I had to go to pee, so I got up and went and when I came back. I turned out the lights and she picked up her legs so I could sit back down. And I covered back up and we went back to the movie 2 or 3 min later I glanced over again and noticed her head was down in his lap really low then was a min later I heard something strange and looked back and she had the blanked up to her cheeks and I could not see her mouth and I figured out really quick when I went to bathroom they pulled his paints down some to get his dick out and she was now sucking it right next to me. They did this for a bit. I was like dam it. I can’t see anything. Then my wish came true as finely the blanket slid down just a little and I could now see him in her! I can only see a small part as his head was in her mouth rest was still covered by her hand as she played with him. She was slowly sucking away and could see her rubbing it, stroking it, and playing with his balls under the blanket now and then in some long strokes.

They did this for a bit, and he reached down and gather up her hair to hold on to. and help her move up and down his poll. as he was enjoying this more and more, so it seemed. Then the movie was over he let go and started to flip channels and she was getting tired and just laid there licking it. And now kissing the head and then sucking on it now and then. She was slowly popping the head in and out of her lips. Then we could not find anything good on tv. So, we figured good time to go to bed. He pulled up his shorts and got up and went to the kitchen. She set up and leaned over to me and kissed me. her mouth was so hot from sucking his dick I asked did he get off? She said no but I think he was really really close! I said darn I’m sorry but I know you did though she said yes, I did like 3 times really good I and you know I don’t like cum in my mouth so it’s all good baby lol I said yes, I know but you do do it now and then and that been awesome right then. But I do understand. well anyway, You now got 2 rooms down! And she kissed me again! And we got up to get ready for bed.

We got some drinks and went to our bedrooms. We went to our room, and she went back out to say good night to him as he walked by, and he grabbed her, and they kissed. I heard him say that was nice, and he wanted more, and he asked if she would cum And finish what they started? They kissed again and he went to his room, and She came over to me and I was in bed already. She kissed me and said he asked if I could come sleep in there, is that ok? I said do you want to? She was shy and said ya kind of if ok if you want me to? I said sure! BUT you have to have fun! Lol and you have to tell me what happened if yall do start or do something. Please try to let me know if you can. She said OK baby if you want me to, I will try! And thanks! Im not sure if we will do anything as I’m super tired now so I don’t know if we will or not right now. I said I understand just try let me know if you do start! if you can. She kissed me again grabbed my dick and said sweet dreams baby I said only of you getting fucked in all kinds of ways!! She grinned and said your terrible Lol And one more kiss and she walked out and pulled her shorts up far to show me her super sweet ass cheeks As she walked out of the room. I said tease! Lol she looked back and blew me a kiss and a grin as she walked out of sight shaking her ass at me!

She knows I like to watch, and he shut the door when they went in, I was like FUCK that sucked! and just a few mins later she left and went to kitchen for something and came back by. Said love you and night night! and left his door open this time and went to bed. I so love her! This drove me nuts, so I got up quick and quietly snuck over to the door they had the tv on. As I got closer, I could hear them settling in and some small talk. He asked if she wanted to watch something or not. I eased up and listened and then peaked around the corner and was happy to see them quite clearly and they were looking toward the tv and the way the lights where I knew they could not see me at all or very well so that was great. I could see her snuggled up to him and she was laying on her side as he was on his back. Covered up. (darn it) I was like at their feet and at an angle or at the corner of the bed id be looking right up her ass if was not covered. Damm it. Lol I slipped back around the corner so not to be seen and just listened to them talk about tv and other things they found a show and then said it’s been too long since last trip and that was fun earlier. She said yes it was I did enjoy it! Then heard a kiss and then more kissing I looked in again and they were making out. She was rubbing his head, and he had an arm on her back and shoulders. He was holding her head now and then as they kissed deeply. As I could make out her leg was over his legs or lap area.

This went on for a bit. I then heard her cough (usually a sign to let me know wake up something about to happen or already) but to not let him know it was a secret code between us! lol I later found out she started playing with him again as they were kissing. As I could see the blanket going up and down. This went on for a bit as I just peeked in now and then to see what was going on. Mostly I just sat and listened. ya I dono why but love to hear her making out or better yet her getting off is a super turn on for me. I then heard them moving so I looked back in and saw her on her back now lifting her butt up taking off her shorts under the covers and dropped them next to the bed then I heard him go o ya much better. They went back to kissing. She was on her back and he rolled over to her now I could now see most of them. They still had covers on but when the tv flashed bright I could see they were both nude already, but the covers were down to the hip areas now and she was not covered and could see him grabbing and kissing her big titties and back up to kiss her lips. He then ran a hand down to her legs and she moved one bending it up and over to give him full access and he started fingering her again as they made out and I could see the blanket and his arm moving and could hear his fingers going in and out of her again and a moan or gasp now and then in between kisses as he hit the right spots.

She raised her leg up more so he could go deeper, and I could see her starting to thrust into his hand now. he kissed down to her nice big tits. He loved to suck on them and play with them when he got to the nipple and sucked it in, I heard a gasp, and she grabbed the back of his head and hair and she was grinding into his hand and pulled him in to her boobs. I could tell she was getting close as the moans were getting stronger and in a pattern and then she pulled his head back up and kissed him deep. she was starting to get off. thrusting in to his hand with each orgasm. He was using his mouth to try hush her from her pleasure screaming. She had a nice full blown deep orgasm. He kept going. I think she got off 3 or 4 more times and some were super hard as she been super horny most the trip and from the actions from earlier she could now let go freely!!! And boy did she now! What a show! I Loved it.

He stopped playing with her, let her calm down and catch her breath. He reached up grabbed and squeezed her tits and sucked on them gently rubbing and squeezing them for a few min. Then she threw the covers off of him. And as he was laying on his back. And I say that he had a raging hard on as it was pointing up his belly filling up her hand. He’s a lot like me and hearing her get off super turns him on also. She stroked him a few times and kind of pulled him to let him know it’s time to stick it in her . He got up and got over her and I could see her hand grab his dick and guiding it to her super wet and waiting pussy. She was wanting his hard dick in her! She guided it to her lips and rubbed it up and down them a few times. getting the head wet and teasing him. and then he pushed some more! More or less forcing her to find the opening and as soon as the head found it and started to go in, he pushed it all the way in deep and smooth and I heard a O MY GOD!!! with a moan between gasps! and then he started to fuck away. In and out of her. she was gasping as it went in her. she had her legs up and over his back pulling him in deeper with her feet as he fucked away.

One thing about him I can’t last long in her sweet box it feels so damn good to me I lose it too quick, but he was good and could go for some time. he fucked her fast and hard and then slow down and slow stroke it in and out or pull almost out and then ram it back in and you could hear her enjoying it every time. They would stop now and then and kiss deeply and then back to making love with my wife. I could see most but not at the best angle as they were more sideways now, I was looking at their sides if they just turn some it be an awesome view for me. but this was still great as I could see and hear them go at it. This went on for some time I not sure but think she got off again it sure sounded like it but not for sure. But he slowed down and stopped and they laid there kissing. I don’t know if he came in her or not? but he pulled out of her and got off of her to laid down beside her, to catch his breath. she rolled over and grabbed his dick in one hand as she kissed him jacking him off as he was now simi hard. I don’t know if went soft due to timing or something else. I dono But she was working it back up for him! they kissed for a bit then she moved and bent over and sucked his dick up in her mouth I could see this well as the head slipped passed her lips going deeper and deeper and back up to the tip. but her hair keeps getting in my way as she sucked him getting him hard again and he reached down finely and pulled her hair up in to a ponytail or a handle and started to help her suck him off again pushing her head up and down and making her go all the way down and back up again!

She got him nice and hard again and this time she got on top of him cowboy style and slid that dick back into her. She went up and down on it a few times. Then would grind on him. Rubbing her clit on him. Making her self feel good she was setting straight up on her knees and his dick was deep in her. As he was rubbing her tits playing with them and the nipples rolling them in his fingers. She rode him for a bit, and I could tell she was about to get off again. Damm nice as she started rubbing her clit harder and harder on him with him deep in her, she was rubbing on his pubic bone getting her off! Faster and faster she grinded into him! Then she collapsed over him. Moaning and little screams as she jerked hard on him over and over again as she was orgasming on his dick as she pushed hard and harder into him forcing him deeper and deeper into her. She got done and just laid down on him moving a little with some small jerking as she was still getting over a supper deep orgasm!

After she calmed down. He then rolled her over and got back on top of her feeling fresh and after hearing her get off again I’m sure he’s hard as hell now! I know I sure was. and he lined up and guided his dick to her waiting pussy and when the head found the opening and started to go into her, he thrusted in fast and hard and started fucking her hard and fast. Her face was buried into his neck and shoulder as she was still recovering from getting off her self as he pumped away with new energy! Muffling her screams of pleasure! I could see him start to lose a rhythm and then a hard push and then another then fast as hell. I knew he was about to cum in her then a few more hard pushes. and then a long and super hard push and he held it in her! I knew he was Cuming in my wife right then! He gave a few more pushes and small grunts as he emptied himself into her! Milking all he had into her pussy. You could see his ass tighten up and release as he was surely unloading in to her everything he’s got!

He then stopped and just laid on top of her kissing. Each were trying to catch their breaths. he then rolled over. As his wet dick pop out of her super wet pussy from her and his cum. You could hear how wet they were. He was still kind of hard and laid there with his dick pointing up his belly shining from their combined juices. They laid there for a few min saying how fun that was and how he’s been dying all night getting so close and not being able to finish! she said, “Well was it worth the wait? He said hell ya it was! She then started to get up i guess to go clean up and get his cum out of her. I got back away from the door and back in bed as she went to the bathroom. And then came back to our room to get a phone charger and I said so how was it? she asked, “did you see? I said o ya!! and heard it also it was awesome! Thanks, baby, for opening the door! She smiled and said I love you and kissed me and I grabbed her pussy it was so super wet and hot still I could tell he came in her. But I asked anyway did he cum in you? She said, “what do you think?” As she grabbed my hand holding it to her pussy. I said I think he did! She said yes, he did and let go of my hand and kissed me again! She said I’m going to sleep is it still ok to go back in there he wants to wake up next to me? I said yes but now I want to fuck u so bad right now! she said o no I’m worn out! I said I bet it sure sounded like it! lol she said yes it was hard to be quite! But we will tomorrow my love she said and kissed me and said good night. We said our I love you’s and she went back to his room. I got back up and listened. They got in bed and snuggle up. They kissed some. Then said I’m going to go to sleep he said ya me to. good night ! and then it got quite only a little moving now and then. Guessing they were getting settled in. I looked in again and he was spooned up to her. They went to sleep. I watch and listen for a bit. I knew I needed to go to sleep also. but didn’t want to miss anything. lol but I made my self go to bed. As could tell they were asleep now breathing deep and hard sleeping.

I liked to never went to sleep. I wanted to jack off so bad, but I didn’t and finely went to sleep myself. I woke up at every little noise thinking. Are they at it again? don’t hear anything I’d go back to sleep. I keep waking up and now and then I would go to bathroom to just look in and see if there going at it or not, they were now back-to-back sleeping and out hard, so I just keep trying to get some sleep.

Check back for part 3 and more rooms to check off? If she can?
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