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Wyatt is gifted an additional power. He begins to learn how to utilize its powers along the pen
Chapter 9

.............................The Braclet.............................

The next day was friday and Emily and Robyn were preparing for a girls weekend trip to tour more colleges for Robyn. Wyatt was super excited as he arrived at work to start the day and even more excited to take a little trip at lunch to the local gem store Robyn purchased his pen at.

Lunch came and Wyatt told Rachel he would be back in time for the afternoon appts. He walked out and enjoyed the stroll downtown. The town was a small quaint village with small shops and a feeling of community and old time flair. He arrived at the gem store and opened the old hardwood door with frosted glass.

Entering he was taken at the array of gems of all shapes and sizes and scents of the most calming smells ever. The store was narrow with a small counter in the back and behind it sat a very old woman with a floral bandana wrapped arpund her head and enough rock bead necklaces to last a lifetime.

Wyatt walked up greeting her politely " good afternoon."

"Well hello. What can i do for you? Looking for yourself or a gift?" The woman said with a big smile.

"My daughter gave me a gift from your store last week and i was wondering if she was aware what she bought"

"Oh yes, the pretty girl with a huge heart and personality. She picked out that pen with much love" she stated. "It has been in my store for a very very very long time. No one has noticed it or even looked at it. Do you have it on you now?" She asked very sincerely.

Wyatt pulled the pen from his pocket, holding it in his palm worried she may click it and stop time, not knowing if she realized it was more than a gem that held an ink cartridge.

"Yes, i carry it everywhere. Its very special to me." He held it tenderly.

The lights in the store seemed to make the pen glow brighter, the energy seemed to fill the room with an overwhelming feeling of calm and happiness.

"May i hold it. I promise to be careful" the old woman held her hand out almost in a test to Wyatt to see if he trusted her with the pen.

He handed it to her after a moment of thought hoping she wouldnt keep it or click it and stop time and realize just what she sold.

She held the pen and smiled "you've taken extrodinary extra care of this pen. It has not been used in any malicious ways but only used to help others. Your a very kind man Wyatt" she said as she looked at him staring in his eyes.

Wyatt froze. How did she know his name, how could she be speaking of such things. He stared with bewilderment, curiousness, questions.

He watched as she clicked the pen. He expected to feel the world stop but it did not. Wyatt caught himself holding his breath

"Wyatt ive clicked the pen to show you i am its builder and control who can harness its power. You see. The pen is showing me that your the chosen one and it has bonded to you. Your daughter is a very powerful woman and i want you to continue to learn more of her. She needs you as you will learn to need her." The woman explained then clicked the pen and gave it back.

Standing in awe and taking it all in the woman turned and grabbed something off her little wooden table full of gems, tools and ancient books in black leather bindings.

"I want to give you something Wyatt. Here, put out your left hand." she said looking up at him.

Wyatt extended his left hand to her, hovering it over the top of the counter.

She slid a leather bracelt that was woven with three strands of different colored leather thin straps. In the middle was a single small raw unpolished gemstone. It looked a very pale blueish green and felt warm as it touched his skin.

"Wyatt this bracelet can only be removed by me. It is now a part of your body, mind and soul. Now this stone will allow you to add to your powers along the pen. See the pen allows you to stop and start time as your aware, and you've found the good in its powers and not for evil. This bracelet compliments that pen in that when you give the stone a rub you will achieve complete invisibility. When you rub it again while invisible, you become visible." she explained as she adjusted it just right on his left wrist so the stone was placed in the middle ontop his wrist.

She continued "use it for good, and to help you in your quest, however, Wyatt i must stress the importance and danger of the bracelet. If your invisible and for some reason you pass, your body will never be seen or found as it will remain invisible. So, with that said exercise caution until you learn more. After you have shown good faith and no evil , come back when you feel the time is right, if i havent summoned you and i will add another gem. You will earn more power as you learn and show me your intent" she said as she released his hand smiling.

"Invisible? Im not sure i understand." He asked

"Just try it once you leave the store. You will need to practice. One bit of advice Wyatt. While invisible, others will not see you, but can feel you, hear you and if you move objects they can see them moving. So exercise caution, you dont want to give someone a heart attack or shoot you by accident" she grinned.

Wyatt smiled as he listened very carefully. "Well i better be getting back to work. I really appreciate your help and for taking the time to help me understand this all better"

"Your welcome Wyatt. Have a good day. I look foward to your return"

Wyatt left the store walking with a massive smile as he pondered this new powerful gift he just received.


As Wyatt walked back to the office he felt like a superhero of sorts. He strolled along the sidewalk and as he approached an intersection noticed a younger woman, possibly in her late twenties carrying a holder with four large coffees and a small hanbag in the other crossing the intersection toward him. He noticed that the street wind was whipping at her skirt and she was obviously trying to hold it with her bag hand.

Wyatt quickly tapped the sone on the bracelet and he went invisible. It was a strange feeling, like a quick chill, but he hoped it had truly worked as he felt normal othrrwise. He had no way to test if he was invisible but only take the gem store lady word. He ran up behind the lady and carefully held her skirt down as she walked and got near the building she was going and the wind wasnt as strong .

The woman nor anyone around him saw anything. The woman just assumed her skirt finally held stopped being caught by the wind as she made it to the door of the building.

Wyatt stepped away smiling amazed that it truly worked.

As he stood invisible taking in that no one noticed him standing there, he saw Rachel's car pull up to the light and stop, thumbs tapping the wheel as she patiently waited for the light to turn, obviously on her way back from lunch.

Wyatt quickly stopped time, walked up and climbed in the back seat behind rachel. He was still invisible and made sure the door closed, everything all seeming normal as he started time. Rachel was singing to a tune on the radio as she waited for the light, seemingly in a great mood. As she sang Wyatt leaned foward and began lightly blowing his breath across the back of her neck that was exposed beneath the headrest.

Rachel paused singing, looked in the rearview mirror as she rubbed the back if her neck as chill bumps covered her arms. Wyatt felt as if she was staring right at him but she only muttered "im either losing my mind or all this entity summoning is possibly working."

Wyatt listened. He then blew across her hand as she rubbed her neck. She went pale, even more pale than her skin was. She looked again. "Who is there?" She stated knowing she was alone but it was her only way to cope.

The light turned green and she slowly accelerated going down the small two lane road through town about a block from the office. Wyatt slipped his hand between the seats and pulled at her seat belt, making it pull tighter, pressing her breast out in her blue scrub.

Rachel yelped and gripped the wheel. She chanted "this isnt real, this isnt real. I didnt really summon an entity, im not that smart" she gasped as she felt the belt release suddenly and her breast fill back out.

Wyatt smiled. He sat back not wanting her to have an accident. He waited until she pulled into the office parking lot. As she turned off the car and reached across tge center console to grab her bag and put her keys in it Wyatt reached with his left hand and gripped her pony tail and pulled her head back against the headrest.

Rachel was panting, in shock and unable to scream as she stared in the rearview mirror seeing no one there. "Who, what, what are you? Please, please dont hurt me, i was only dabbling in the spirit world" she rambled.

Wyatt grinned even bigger as he released her hair, and allowed her to gather her things and head into the office. Once she was in the office he stopped time, got out the car, and walked away from the building where he made himself visible and restarted time before entering the office for the few afternoon patients that needed to be seen.

He now felt with this new power the braclet offered along with the pen, he had a whole new world opened up to him..

Chapter 10

...................Afternoon office antics............

Rachel was in the exam room preparing for the next patient when i stepped in. "So how was your lunch?"

"It was good, i tried that new wrap place down on 4th " she said chipper not showing any stress of her entity visit.

"I need to try that for sure. So who is the next patient?" Wyatt asked as Rachel pulled up the screen with the file.

"Just a flu shot for an elderly then another vaccine for a college students admission exam." She chipperly said then went back to the file.

Wyatt stepped out and waited for the elderly patient to arrive. He greeted and did the quick speech of the shot then told Rachel to administer it while he went and filled out the days reports in his office.

Rachel gave the shot and the elderly woman left. Rachel went to cleaning the exam table and prepping for the next patient. Wyatt watched the elderly woman walk past his office door window. He then rubbed the gem on his bracelet making him invisible. Walking to the exam room he opened the door slowly and rachel, whose back was to the door spoke "ok doc, im almost all done withe the data files and ready for the next patient" she said as Wyatt entered and shut the door slowly.

Rachel looked over her shoulder and saw no one. The door was closed. She was certain she heard the door open. She shook her head smiling "must be that entity again"

Wyatt carefully locked the door, then stepped up behind her and knelt down. He gripped her ass cheeks and pressed his nose into her crack of her ass and inhaled as she froze with a gasp as she gripped the keyboard.

Rachel looked behind her, seeing no one there but her scrub pants with hand prints cleching into them and feeling something pressed directly into her ass crack. "What, the, who, who is there? Fuck im losing my mind." She said gasping as dizziness flooded her.

As looked back to the screen, head down taking deep breaths fighting every urge to scream. Not screaming so people didnt think she was nuts. How was she to explain if this was an entity. Wyatt released her and stood back. Rachel took a deep gasping breath and felt her rear end with her hands. "No one is here. Fuck i'm really losing it."

She turned and grabbed her phone and wrote a note to look up entities and their arrivals. As she set her phone back down on the counter she brazenly said "Who is here? Are you my entity i summoned? If so, then" she thought of something for her entity to do if it really was real.

"If your real, then, um brush my cheek. My left cheek of my face" she said smartly.

Wyatt raised his hand as he stepped closer. He rubbed very slowly and deliberately across her left cheek.

"Oh fuck. this can't be..." she stuttered.

"Now grip my right finger" she tested.

Wyatt then gripped her right finger and held it for a moment.

She jumped and shuffled back into the exam table "oh fuck, im really losing my mind.

Just then the standby receptionist knocked "the last patient is here. "

Rachel nodded "thanks, send them in, i'll get the doctor."

The receptionist left and Wyatt stopped time. He went to his office and sat down after reappearing from invisibility and then started time. Rachel walked in as normal as ever "ok doctor, the last patient is coming in." she said then turned to go to the exam room.

Rachel was typing in the file when the receptionist brought the patient in. "Well hello Kate. Ready for the last shot needed for college applications?" She asked as Kate walked in and sat up on the edge of the table.

Kate wore a short floral skirt with a blouse that hid her heavy tits well. Her black hair was in a long pony tail and she had on a pair of glasses that really accented her bright blue eyes.

"Yes i guess i needed one last shot to apply for any schools. Robyn told me i'd need it but i didnt listen" she explained with a chuckle.

Wyatt knocked then stepped in. "Well hello Kate, i see your here for a last shot." he greeted as he closed the door behind him.

Kate immedialtely blushed. She had a bit of worry he knew she and Robyn had fucked him after drugging him but she kept calm, well as calm as she could.

"Robyn said i would need it but i didn't listen and here i am" she said studying Wyatt for any signs he knew of the drugging.

"Rachel, got the shot all ready?" Wyatt asked as Rachel was drawing the vaccine into the syrenge

"Yes doctor. Almost ready, just need the alcohol swabs."

"So the arm is ok Kate? And the bruising on your ribs?" He asked since she was here.

"Oh yes. Much." she replied smiling blushing heavily.

Wyatt noticed her blushing and did his best to hide all he knew and that he knew she used him to take her virginity.

"Great. So any plans since Robyn is out of town with her mom this weekend?" He asked testing her to see what she may say.

"Nope, just gonna chill."

"Kate, this shot has to be in the upper hip. Sorry, it may sting a bit" Rachel said with a frown smiling face.

"Oh, ok, no problem. " she eagerly said excited to show her ass cheek to Wyatt. Kate got up and bent over the edge of the table.

"Just pull down your right side skirt waistband for me, i just need to get to that upper hip, butt cheek area." Rachel explained.

Kate pulled down her skirt hem top exposing both upper hips and ass cheeks with a bit of her ass crack exposed, revealing no panties.

Rachel stared then instructed "ok just look to the side and try and relax, this is a pretty big needle." She said as she began wiping alcohol on her pale fleshy soft upper ass cheek area.

Wyatt stared, his cock already eager to fuck this tight pussy.

"If you'll excuse me, i need to use the bathroom. Go ahead Rachel, you can administer the shot" he said as he left the room leaving the door slightly ajar.

As soon as he stepped out he went invisible then snuck back in the room. Rachel was rubbing the upper soft ass cheek with the alcohol swab stsring at her with what looked like a deep lust.

Wyatt stepped up behind Rachel and slid a hand down her scrub pants and gripped her asscheek. She paused and gave a low gasp.

Kate felt her pause and asked as she heard the low gasp "are you ok Rachel?" She asked as her head was nestled looking away waiting for the painful prick of the shot.

Rachel felt the warm hand push down deeper and fingers spreading her own ass cheeks and a finger forced into her clenched asshole.

"Oh god." she muttered

"Are you sure your ok? If your nervous about me getting the shot and it being too painful, i can take it. I like a bit of pain" she quipped.

"No, im, im, ok, just admiring your well toned form" she said making Wyatt really gain curiousity

He wiggled his finger deeper in her ass then pulled it out and shoved it down and into her pussy and began slowly finger fucking her causing her to have to truly concentrate.

She closed her eyes. Swallowed hard as she felt the warmth of the big fingers working in and out of her tender pussy, her mind filled with euphoria that her entity had found her.

She gave Kate the shot , and as she placed the bandaid on the injection spot wyatt pulled his finger from her pussy and moved around and stood to Kates side and let his pussy coated finger linger under her nose.

Kate inhaled smelling the heavy scent of pussy. Rachels deep scent was of lavender musk with hints of warm bread. Kate moaned "it smells so good in here. Wow" she said laying so relaxed enjoying feeling Rachel put a bandaid on her.

"Yes. The doctor likes to use natural calming scents" she replied not thinking Kate was smelling her freshly fingered pussy.

"Mmmm well he has great taste in scents. He is truly a sexy doctor" she slipped but thought it was ok woman to woman talk.

"Yes he is. Such a great man, incredible husband and father" Rachel replied smiling as she set the syrenge down.

Wyatt blushed himself. He then stopped time and stepped behind Kate and pulled her skirt the rest of the way down. He spread her ass cheeks and leaned in smelling her parted pussy lips, inhaling her wild musk sweaty scent of her pussy. He ran his fingers up and down her meaty thick pussy lips and rubbed the wetness from his finger under Rachels nose wanting to see if she liked the scent as well, wanted to see if Rachel was drawn to women as his suspicions had raised to.

He pulled her skirt up, then got behind rachel again, pulled her scrubs down and dropped his pants releasing his own hard throbbing cock. He bent Rachel and positioned her hands to grip rachels skirt pulling it up leaving rachel slightly bent over. He stood behind her and rubbed his cock up and down rachels smooth pussy lips and over her asshole. Up and down, pussy to ass, ass to pussy rubbing back and forth drawing her wetness out.

As he rubbed he started time and Rachel and Kate seemed to moan low groans at the same time. Rachel felt the entity rubbing her and her hands somehow now on Kates skirt repositioning it up after the shot. She quickly was able to slowly pull at the skirt to cover her moan.

"Ok Kate. Let me get your skirt pulled up. " she said slowly sliding it up as she felt the entity pushing his cock into her lips then pulling away from her leaving her in a state of bizarre euphoria.

Wyatt stepped back and watched. Learning, observing taking in the sultry scene.

"Thank you Rachel" Kate said extreme blush on her face as she felt the wetness between her thighs.

Wyatt froze time and slipped out. He made himself visible in the hall then started time and reentered the examination room.

"Ok, so my nurse gave you your vaccinne? Is there any other questions or concerns today Kate?" Wyatt asked as Rachel stood leaning against the counter, her pale skin so red, matching the hair on her head as her mind was lost in how she was sure she felt her entity about to fuck her.

"Well, yes. I have one but am a bit embarressed to ask." she stuttered a bit as she sat, her knees pressed tightly together.

"Its ok Kate. You can ask anything, there are no embarressing questions." He calmly replied.

"Well, ok. You see i recently just became sexually active, i mean, i just lost my virginity with a boy and im, im now always really um, well wet and worried when i had sex that something bad happened." She honestly explained.

"I see. It sounds normal. If your comfortable i can perform a quick exam and take some swabs to check for any stds." Wyatt said really playing the part to make sure Kate knew he had no absolute idea that he knew what she and Robyn had done.

"Really? I think id like to have the test. Im probably just being over cautious. My mom put me on the pill to help with my periods, but it wasnt until i had sex that im really always super wet it seems." She explained but lied about it had started when she first saw Wyatt for her arm and ribs. Robyn got her wet when they were intimate, but Wyatt made her weak.

"Well, Rachel will give you an exam gown and let you change. She will then prep you for a quick exam and swab to test for any abnormalties and stds. Im sure your ok, i bet its just because your body is experiencing new things." Wyatt explained trying to conceal any hint of excitement.

Wyatt stepped out leaving Rachel to give her a gown and set up the exam table. Kate didnt even wait for Rachel to leave before she just stood up and pushed off her skirt and asked "Rachel, do i need to remove my top as well?"

Rachel turned to her taken by her thick pussy lips that were now on display. She swallowed then broke her stare as she looked back to Kates eyes.

"No, the doctor just needs to take some swabs for the test. Should i leave so you can finish changing?" She asked even though it was obviously too late.

"Nope, im all good, let me pull on the gown and hop up and get ready for the exam" she very excitedly said. Kate was beaming at the fact that Wyatt was going to be examining her pussy which only was making her wetter.


The Exam....

Rachel helped get Kates feet positioned in the stirrups of the exam table she had folded out from the sides. She had to do her best to not keep glancing at Kates meaty wet pussy as she got her legs in position.

"Ok, just lay back and get comfy, ill go get the doctor and let him know your all ready " she said as she rolled the small exam tray table near and got the doctors stool out.

"Sounds good. Ill be here " she said with a light hearted reply.

As Rachel stepped out Kate picked up her phone and texted robyn.

"Hey babe..guess where i am and what im having someone special perform?" She texted and reached and took a pic of her spread legs in the stirrups and her pussy spread on full display to send to Robyn.

Robyn : "oh your so naughty. I cant believe your so bold. Tell me everything when you leave. Fuck i love you"

Wyatt stepped in with rachel and stood at Kates left foot "alright Kate, are you all set for an exam. I promise it will be quick and you wont feel any pain" he reassured.

Kate smiled at him "yes doctor, im all ready for my exam." She said blushing and feeling her wetness increase between her folds.

Wyatt sat down on the stool, putring on a pair of latex gloves. He rolled in closer staring at the seeping wetness from the thick folds of Kates swollen heavy pussy lips. Rachel stood at his right side, ready at the small rolling table to pass him any exam tool he needed. She too took notice of the wetness and felt her own body shooting electric waves up and down her spine.

He extended both hands and with his fingers began pressing along her outer labia lips. "Any pain here kate?" He asked as he rubbed and pressed.

"No, none at all" she said trying to stay calm.

Wyatt slid his fingers between her lips and spread them apart, getting a very clear view of the intense sticky creaminess coming from inside her pink pussy hole. She was producing a thick whiteish trail of grool lubrication from inside her pussy like Wyatt had never seen.

"Well, your body is most definetly self lubricating. Is there any pain as i exam your inner vaginal walls?" He asked as he slipped a single finger in her tight pussy hole.

Kate gave a small gasp, feeling his finger in her only making her want that cock more, to feel that deep fullness of when she rode him with Robyn. "No, um, no pain at all"

As his right hand with his fingers were in her pussy slowly working around deeper he let his left reach to tap his pen in his exam coat pocket stopping time.

Wyatt pulled his finger from her, removed his gloves setting them on her stomach then reached and spread her pussy so wide as he leaned and began licking and smelling her heavy rich musk pussy. His cock was aching, her wetness so slippery. So soft, so sticky clinging to his tongue.

He moaned into her sexy wetness as his fingers slid deeper, rubbing her tender g spot as his chin pushed in past her outer thick lips. He was lost in carnal desires as he pulled his right hand away, leaving his left fingers to spread her lips. He reached and pulled Rachels soft nurse smock pants down revealing she was pantiless and her bald smooth pussy seemed to ache for attention.

As he licked and sucked at Kates swelling clit he worked his wet pussy juice coated fingers into Rachels narrow little pussy lips, thrusting forcefully into her growing damp wetness. Wyatt was suprised feeling how warm and very intesely wet she was.

He sucked and flicked Kates clit steadily as he now fingered Rachels pussy with a steady thrusting set of plunges. The room filling of pussy musk scents all making his cock unbearably hard.

Wyatt licked her clit back and forth feeling it swelling, feeling her inner pussy contracting and releasing on his finger as waves of distinct sticky wetness leaked from deep with in. Rachels pussy was also getting extremely wet as his finger was now a steady rythmetic sloshing in her gooey wetness.

Deciding to calm down so not lose all control he pulled his fingers from Rachel and smelled them. She was delightfully scented like a soft natural pussy with hints of vanilla soaps. He pulled her smocks up ensuring she was as he found her. He then put his gloves back on and inserted his right hand fingers as he was performing the internal exam.

He clicked the pen and Kate moaned loud followed by Rachel giving a low moan as she reached for the counter to steady herself. She was now worried her entity was here as the doctor examined a patient. And she was dripping wet.

Kate quivered as suddenly a wave of wetness flooded, she had felt as if her clit was so engorged and was about to orgasm. As she tried to hold back it just released and a wave of slippery viscous wetness flooded from her onto wyatts palm.

"Oh so sorry doctor. I..i..dont know what is wrong, " she remarked so embaressed but so aroused as her body orgasmed.

"Its ok Kate, sometimes a womans body has natural reactions when receiving these exams. It is perfectly normal" he said as he pulled his creamy coated gloves from her pussy.

Kate was beyond red in the face, her body aching with such lust as her pussy felt on fire and flooding wetness. "Im so embaressed. I know you say its normal but still, i feel like something us wrong with me being like this" she stated as her pussy lips swelled more and stayed parted open with the juices oozing from in her body.

Wyatt nodded listening acting the professional even though he was over the moon knowing he was giving her such pleasure, even if she felt a bit guilty and embarressed.

"Are you ok if i continue? I just need to swab your cervix and we will be about done" he explained.

"No, im fine. Im really ok. Please continue. I just want to make sure there is nothing medically wrong with me" Kate said as her body trembled as the last wave of orgasm subsided.

Wyatt grabbed the speculum and applied the jelly lube. He then began to slip it in past Kates outer lips. "Ok, this may be a bit cold and you may feel some pressure, but i promise to be gentle" he said as he worked it in, opened it to expose her tiny cervix hole staring back at him. He took the swab samples and rachel took the swabs to put in the proper bags for testing.

Kate was taking deep breaths to stay calm and try and quell her arousals. Wyatt slowly removed the speculum and set it on the tray. He noticed Rachel had turned to properly store the samples so he took advantage of this and stopped time once more.

He stood up, dropping his pants releasing his throbbing hard veiny cock and pushed it into Kates very swollen, sticky slick pussy lips. He moaned watching his cock slide in her very meaty thick pussy lips, spreading them so wide as he inched deeper into her pussy. He felt the clenching and warmth if her inner walls as he thrust bottoming out fully with his cock and began to pump his cock fucking her as he gripped her ankles for support.

He grunted and groaned as he fucked her with vigor, with a hunger to absorb her bodys display of want. He watched her big tits shake in her blouse as he rocked the table, heard her pussy squishing with each deep thrust as his cock forced out more of her very thick creamy wetness. He noticed her wetness was becoming a frothing grool, it was so white and thick as he pumped and as he was about to just pull out his own body erupted and waves of his own cum spewed deep into her body. He held her ankles and left his cock deep in her as the eruptions continued of thick ropey cum filled her pussy.

He gasped as he slowly pulled his cock from her pussy and saw the slow dribbles of his cum seeping from her mixed with her own thick creaminess.

Wyatt quickly put his cock in his pants and buttoned his exam coat to hide his hard cock as he sat back in the chair and restarted time.

Kate groaned "oh, fuck...." she said feeling as if she had the most intense orgasm again and was yet full of a very strange warm wetness. She wondered if the speculum could feel like Watts cock. She had that same feeling she had from ridining his cock

Wyatt stood up "are you ok? That didnt hurt did it? "He asked removing his gloves.

"No, not at, i , your done already with the test?" She finally asked to cover her confusions.

"Yup all done. Now, ill see myself out and Rachel will get you cleaned up. The jelly lube we use on the speculums can be messy" he said.

"Rachel, she is all set, would you please clean her of the lube and help her get out of the stitrups.." he said smiling then stepped out.

"Thanks doctor" Kate said as she was riding a wave of euphoria and feelings reminencent of her pussy feeling when she fucked wyatts cock.


Rachels Curiousity

Rachel grabbed a few soft cloths from a bin and sat on the stool. She was instantly glued staring at the amount of creamy grool coming from Kates gaped pussy. Maybe the doctor used too much, maybe Kate truly does get aroused easily.

"Ok, lets get you cleaned up and youll be on your way. That wasnt too bad though was it?" Rachel stated as she took a rag and began wiping along her outer lips.

"No it wasnt bad at all. Can i be really honest Rachel?" Kate asked as she laid there, hands crossed and fingers interlaced on her stomach.

"Sure, absolutely" Rchel said as she stared at the slow ooze of the thick grool and lube mixture leaking slowly from her pussy.

"Well, i, it really turned me on and i, i feel like i had an orgasm, a heavy very intense orgasm, i feel so full if you know what i mean" she explained.

Rachel wiped her lips clean, amazed at how much was coming from kates body.

"I can see how turned on you are. Dont worry though, its normal to get aroused as the doctor said"

"I know, but fuck he is so hot. Thanks for cleaning me up and listening to me blab" Kate said as Rachel finished and helped her get her legs from the stirrups so she could dress and head home.

Rachel finished up and told Wyatt she was going to start closing up then change before heading home for the weekend.

Wyatt smiled nodding ok. He then had a thought. If Rachel tried and summon her entity while at home and he was no where near, would she start to question anything? Could this be a cause for harm to her true beliefs and cause Wyatt to not be acting pure as instructed by the old lady? He pondered the questions then quickly decided to set a few things straight and make rachel realize how her entity was connecting to her.

He stood up, went invisible and left his office heading to the ladies room where he knew Rachel would be changing for the day before heading home.
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