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wyatt is gifted a pen with special powers. All characters are over 18
Chapter 11

.........................A Host is Needed.......................

Rachel had just removed her scrubs top and put it in her bag and was removing her bottoms when she felt a warm hand press against her ass cheek and squueze.

She froze "who are you? Am i in danger?" She tried to ask as calmly as possible.

Wyatt released her ass and reached and turned on the hot water making it steam. The rising steam began to fog over the mirror.

Wyatt used a finger to write ..."no".

Rachel gasped, putting her hands over her mouth to stiffle her scream as fear, shock and suprise hit her.

Wyatt stood to her side and grazed his fingers down her arm giving her arm a rush of chill bumps and causing her to jump.

"Are you here for me?" She asked staring at the mirror no sure she believed her own eyes.


"I have so many questions" she asked trembling.

"In time" he wrote keeping the answers short as possible to play what he thought an entity spirit would do.

"Did i summon you with my chants and spells? "

"Yes" wyatt wrote and gave an interesting smirk as he just learned something.

"Will you hurt me?"

"No" he wrote even though he left decent scratches on her earlier.

"Was that you in the exam room....that, that fingered me?" She bluntly asked as the redhead attitude in her came out.

"Yes" he wrote and then pulled her hands from her and put them on the counter being dominate.

"I'm to obey aren't i?" She said then continued "like my books said, im to be submissive to my entity spirit?" She muttered quietly, submissivley.

"Yes" wyatt wrote as the steam rising was acting like the perfect eraser to each word he wrote.

"Can i summon you anytime, anywhere?" She asked, her eyebrow raised with hope.


She felt a pang of defeat.

"Why not?" She asked

Wyatt thought a moment then wrote a few words slowly making it real.

"You need host energy"

"Host energy? What or who is that?" Rachel said as her butterflies began to tingle. Her knees weak as her mind tried to process all this.

"Wyatt" he wrote.

"Wyatt? The doctor Wyatt? Really? How?" She looked suprised and perplexed

"Special man. Open mind" he wrote not sure if she would buy it as he wasn't too well versed in the occult and the spirit world.

"But, but, I was at lunch, you, you were in my car right?" She asked questioning this.

"Yes. Host must be near." wyatt wrote very slowly letter by letter making each letter shaky and a bit sloppy. When he was in her car, they were very close to the office so he hoped she bought it.

"I see...yes, i think i may have read that in some situations an entity needs a special energy" she pondered. Wyatt was flabergasted , he couldnt believe he may have guessed correctly on the gamble.

"He protects us" wyatt wrote adding a little bit.

"Prove im not crazy....write the patients name we last saw...make me know im not losing my mind" she tested.

"KATE GREEN" he wrote in all caps to emphasize how real he was.

Rachel gripped the cpunter tighter. Her knuckles turning white. "Holy shit, you are real, im not going crazy. Fuck me." she stammered.

Wyatt reached and turned off the water. She looked at the faucet turn off and felt as if nails lightly caressed down her arm, side and over her ass cheek as wyatt walked away, turned the corner and very carefully left the restroom.

He became visible and went to his office waiting to see what rachels next move was.

Rachel pulled on her jeans and a comfy tee shirt. She gathered her things in her bag, cleared her head and left the restroom heading to Wyatts office.


Change of Plans

Rachel went to Wyatts office where he was just shutting down his computer and picking up his soft leather satchel with files to review over the weekend.

"Knock knock " Rachel said as she stood against the door frame.

"Rachel hey, you heading home?" He asked as he shut off the desk lamp.

"Actually, i have a favor to ask" she coyly said.

Wyatt looked at her with a natural inquisitive look. "Shoot, what is it?"

"Well, i just got a text from my power company. Seems my power is out and wont be on until tommorrow or sunday. I was wondering if i could crash on your couch, or maybe at least catch a shower at your home if you didnt mind and if Emily was ok with it" she sincerely asked.

"Rachel. Of course, you dont have to ask twice. You know Emily would kick my ass if i didnt let you stay with us. She loves you like a sister. I can give you the code to the front door lock so you can come over when you want if you need to go to your place and get clothes or whatever" he offered in a genuine tone.

"Wyatt, thank you. Perfect. Ill run home and get some stuff then head over. Ill call you before i arrive. I really appreciate this. " she said beaming as she really needed to be near the host so she could learn more of her newly found spirit.

"Ill see you whenever you get there. Im heading straight home. Here is the code in case im in the shower and i dont hear my phone when you call." he said giving her the door code.

"Perfect. See you in a bit" rachel said and bounced out with such a pep in her step.


House guest

Wyatt was prepping chicken to grill, assuming Rachel would want to eat with him. His mind was running through countless scenarios of how to work this out correctly, how to be Rachels entity and yet seem as normal as ever.

Wyatt was on the phone with Emily telling her of Rachels issue and as he suspected, Emily insisted Rachel be given a place to stay. He was just saying good by and hanging up after getting the details on the first day of college hunting she and Robyn were doing when the door bell rang and Rachel stepped in using the code he gave her.

"Hello. Anyone home" she announced walking in carrying a back pack with a few change of clothes and her toiletries.

"In here Rachel, prepping some dinner" he called out.

Rachel walked in, wearing a pair of black leggings and a pink tank top. Her legs were beyond shapely and even being so petite, her body was well appprtioned with her firm b cup breast riding so perfect in their bra in her tanktop. She had her red hair tied up in a ponytail and a pair of sunglesses perched up on her head

"Smells delicious. " she said setting her bag down and leaning against rhe opposide side of the massive kitchen island.

"Thanks. We are having chicken and veggies. Can i offer you a glass of wine or something else to drink?" He asked politely.

"Oh i'll have a wine. I need it after today. Losing power was not on my to do list trust me,." She said as she took the glass of wine he poured.

"Yea sometimes thats how it goes. You gotta just roll with it. So, if you want you can put your bag in the spare room. You know where it is. I told Emily you were staying with us and she insisted you stay in a bed, no couch ok?" Wyatt teased waving a knife at her.

"Yes sir! She laughed and walked to the spare room, wine in one hand and her bag in the other. As soon as Rachel was in the hallway away from the kitchen he immediatley rubbed his stone gem and went invisible. He wanted to put all his plans in action right away.

He quickly walked down the hall and found Rachel just setting her bag on the queen size bed. The spare room was directly across from the master and had a window looking out the back yard, a dresser, a walk in closet and its own private bath. She looked around smiling. Feeling excited hoping her entity was right about Wyatt being a host.

She sipped her wine then set it on the dresser as she began walking toward the bathroom door. As she reached to turn the handle she felt a warm strong hand engulf hers and hold it on the door handle and her pony tail pulled hard to the side. She gave a gasp just as she felt a warm breath on the back of her neck and a massive hardness press directly into her ass cheeks.

She groaned "it's need a host" she muttered as she felt the entity bite the back of her neck as it released her hand on the doorknob and slid up under her pink tank top, pulling her bra down to take a breast in his hand and squeeze the small firm mound.

"Mmmmm fuckkkkkk" she purred feeling all this , seeing her tank top moved and her bra ripped down but saw no one. She was lost in all her fantasies of truly having her own real entity.

Wyatt licked and bit the back of her neck, squeezed her firm tit mound then lifted the back of her tank top, unclasped her bra and ripped it fully off and released her stepping away wanting her to crave him, to be in a frenzy for her entity. He held the bra in front of her. It suspended in air. He then pulled at it hard until it ripped and he dropped it letting it fall to the floor. He was trying to send a sign she wasn't allowed to wear a bra. He then stepped away and headed out the room.

"Wait...dont stop..." she spun around but Wyatt was gone. He went back to the kitchen, became visible and went back to prepping waiting for Rachel to come back.

Rachel stood with her heart pounding, her skin over her shoulders a bit tender as her bra had been ripped from her and left on the floor. She bit her lip thinking. She then thought the entity didn't want her to wear a bra.

She adjusted her tank top, grabbed her wine and walked back to the kitchen.

"You ok Rachel? I thought i heard you say stop?" He pressed.

She had to think quick. "No. I just scolded myself to stop stressing. I sometimes do that. I'm sorry. Maybe i better have another glass of this" she said gulping the wine as Wyatt smiled looking at her seeing she was braless and thst her small perk nipples were standing at full attention.

Rachel quickly changed the subject worried Wyatt may catch on something was really wrong with her.

"So patient Kate, she was pretty worried about having gotten something from her first boy huh?" She brought up work as it seemed safe.

Wyatt was a bit startled, worried Kate may have confessed to Rachel as girls seem to do about having used him as her first.

"Yea she was. You know she and Robyn are super close. Im suprised Robyn didn't tell me Kate was seeing some random boy, or letting one take her virginity" he said putting it all on a random boy.

"Yea i knew that she and Robyn were very close. Well, you saw how much discharge she was having. I'd be worried too" Rachel said happy Wyatt had no idea about her entity encounter just moments ago.

"It was alot for sure. Im sure she has no stds, i think it is just pure sexual hormones going crazy. " he said as he sprinkled a bit of smoke seasoning on the chicken.

As he turned to put the seasoning in the cubboard he pressed the pen in his pocket stopping time, needing to add to Rachels confusion and need.

Rachel was now frozen, standing at the kitchen island staring straight ahead. Wyatt strolled around and pulled her tank top up and revealed her firm little mounds of pleasure. He latched on and tugged a nipple with his teeth , sucking deep and firm as his hands slid into her leggings and began rubbing her inner pussy lips with a hands finger and rubbing clit with the opposite hand finger. She was getting wetter and wetter and her body temp was rising.

He began to finger fuck her smooth silky soft bare pussy with long strokes of his two fingers while continuing to rub her clit and bite and tug at her nipple. Hr felt her inner pussy muscles clenching his fingers, her wetness running into his palm as light quivers pulsed in her clit.

When Wyatt felt she was good and wet and most likely all senses heightened he stopped, adjusted her tank top back down, corrected her legging where they were and went back to the chicken. He started time.

Rachel froze, eyes wide. Her nipple was burning with stinging goodness. Her pussy was slick and sticky leaking making her think she peed herself.

"You know how it is when your body is wanting more. It will keep it nice and ready as we saw with Kate" he added hoping to really throw her off as he knew she was beyond wet now

"Um..yes..yes for sure. Especially a womans body it seems...." she said and took a big swig of the wine wanting to desperately rub the stinging pain in her nipple, needed to wipe the running wetness in her smooth pussy folds.

"Yea i guess for women, being on heightened arousal can be a bit ......uncomfortable, especially if always...wet" he paused his words and emphasized wet to her. Wyatt carried the chicken outside to put on the grill as rachel replied .

"Yes it can. Poor Kate was def on a heightened arousal. Wyatt, would you exuse me, i need to use the ladies room" she said as she was about to explode with so many sensations.

"Yes of course. Ill be right here at the grill if you need me. Make yourself at home rachel. "

Rachel walked to the small half bath down the hall across from Robyns room. She closed the door and immediately pulled her tank top up rubbing her nipple that was over stimulated, tender and swollen. She pushed her leggings down and took toilet paper and rubbed the heavy slippery wetness that had began flowing from her lips. She assumed it was her entity but how come she didnt feel it as it happened.

She finished up and stepped from the bathroom rubbing her hands that felt very dry. She hadnt brought any lotion and there wasnt any in the bathroom. She saw Robyns door open and thought maye she had some she could use. She walked in her room taking in the layout heading to her dresser that had perfumes, lotion, pictures and other various things. Behind it was a mirror and had your typical set of pictures around the edge.

To the right was a hamper of dirty clothing and the bed and nightstand just adjacent to the dresser. She picked up the lotion and began rubbing some in her hands as she slowly looked around her room.

Wyatt left the grill as he rubbed the stone and went invisible. He walked toward the hall and as he got near robyns room he saw rachel rubbing her hands as she slowly looked around robyns room. He entered seeing the lotion bottle and assumed that was what she needed.


Robyns room

Wyatt went over to the hamper as he had a plan to add to his learning of Rachel. He stopped time so she wouldn't notice the clothing being rummeged through as he searched for what he was after, Robyns worn panties. He picked out the pair nearest the top assuming they were the ones she wore last day before the weekend.

He smelled the panties inhaling a very thick scent of pussy and light piss traces. He tossed them to the side of the bed, so Rachel would see them. Wyatt wanted her to notice them for his next plan.

He resumed time and stood behind her as she slowly walked along the bed. She saw the pair of panties laying at the edge on the floor and then looked to the hamper.

She bent over and grabbed them, wanting to toss them in the hamper for Robyn. As she picked them up and stood up, she felt her left hand with the panties gripped hard and she was bent over the bed feeling her leggings being shoved down her thighs, her bare ass exposed, the leggings pulled off entirely.

Her hand with the panties was gripped hard and forced to her nose, she smelled the scent of Robyns pussy as she felt her legs forced apart by something pushing her feet apart.

Wyatt pushed his own pants down with his free hand and gripped his hard cock. His tip was oozing precum as he began rubbing it up and down her smooth outer pussy lips, rubbing with a pressure drawing her wetness out.

Rachel groaned and gasped, inhaling the heavy musk of Robyns pussy making her pussy even wetter. She felt the distinct pressure of a cock being pushed into her pussy.

Wyatt pushed his cock in her pussy, burying it fully as he began fucking her with a raw hunger. Her pussy was tight and so wet, so warm, so intense at how it quivered. He held her wrist with firmness making her gasp and have to smell Robyns panties as he pumped her pussy so steadily.

Rachel moaned, her eyes closed as she began shaking as a wild intense orgasm ripped through her body. Wyatt felt her pussy tightenen and a wave of slippery wetness erupt around his cock causing him to slam her pussy harder and erupt his own cum deep into her well gaped fuck hole.

He stood for a moment letting her feel dominated, controlled and now owned. He pulled his soaked sticky cock from her pussy and before she had a chance to leak any of her own pussy cream or his cum he took the panties and worked them over her feet and pulled them up until they cupped her pussy mound tightly.

"What...what are you....i cant wear these, why"

Watt pulled her leggings up, then pulled his own pants up. He then gripped her arm and picked up up and guided her to Robyns bathroom. He turned on the water to make steam.

Rachel watched the steam and knew this was a way for her to communicate. Her body trembled , she felt the heavy warmth of fresh cum in her, felt her knees shaking as the after shock of having sex raced through her.

Wyat wrote slowly in the steam in the mirror.

"Wear them"

"Ill make a so wet"

"Wear them or else" wyatt warned.

"But they are Wyatts daughters right?" She asked knowing but had to ask for her own sanity.

"Yes...wear them "

He released her arm, stopped timed and left heading back to the grill. When he was at the grill he started time. Rachel felt the entity was gone as the water ran steaming.

She turned off the water and debated whether to take off the panties as her pussy slowly leaked into them making the cotton crotch a sticky wet mess. She adjusted her hair, wiped her face and cleared her throat regaining composure as she walked back to where wyatt was at the grill cooking and sipping his beer..


To confide or Not:

"There you are. You ok?" Wyatt asked.

"Yes, im good, just needed to use the ladies room and find some lotion. I got some from Robyns room, i hope that wasn't too intrusive of me" she stated as she stood near the grill, feeling the panties of robyns against her leaking pussy, the slight thrill adding to everything sje was experiencing and trying to figure out.

"Of course. You know she won't mind, if you need any clothes while your here, feel free to borrow what you need from Robyn or Emily" he said wanting so badly to add even worn panties.

"Thanks so much Wyatt. I didn't bring too much actually, i was a bit flustered not having power i kinda just left with the bare minimum"

She explained feeling her face flush.

Wyatt shut the grill and they walked inside and sat in the living room after pouring rachel a full glass of wine.

"Your bag seemed kinda small, i figured you must've just grabbed the basics" he said curious.

The wine was going down easy, helping rachel calm down and come to terms she had really allowed an entity into her life and now was being dominated by it.

"Def just the basics. " she replied then crossed her legs sitting on the couch as wyatt sat to her side on a chair. She continued "Wyatt, do you believe in spirits, like ghost and stuff?" She asked conteplating how much to divulge.

"I never really gave much thought to them. I suppose they are real, you always hear folks having different experiences and stuff." He said smiling.

Rachel took another big gulp of wine, almost finishing the glass. "Would you think i was crazy if i said i think i have a ghost " she said honestly as the alcohol was giving her the courage to open up.

"Of course not. Everyone has their beliefs. " he simply stated.

"You dont believe me do you? I can prove it...really i can " she said as she felt the heavy wetness in her pussy leaking out slowly.

"I believe you Rachel, i do. " he said calmly allowing her to lead this conversation.

"Watch...really. we go. " she said as she set her wine on the coffee table. "Spirit...come let my pony tail down from its tie" she said smiling actually excited and proud she had her own spirit .

Wyatt listened. He couldnt believe how excited and yet proud she acted. He slid his hand to his side pocket and clicked the pen stopping time. He stood up, went to rachels ponytail and pulled the hair tie and let her red hair flow to her shoulders. He then sat down, and clicked the pen.

"Oh wow!!! That was so cool" he said sitting up acting suprised as rachel felt her hair on her shoulders. She was a bit confused how she didn't feel this but yet it had happened as she requested.

" not crazy and i have a spirit..i told you"

"What else can it do?" Wyatt asked intrigued at what she thought and was actually thinking?
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