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Nate's parents are forcing him on a camping trip, if he knew what was coming, he might be a little less reluctant.
“Mom, dad, do I honestly have to go to this thing” said Nate “it sounds so boring, can’t I just spend the summer at home instead of spending a week in this dump”. Nate was very reluctant to go on a week-long camping trip that his parents were forcing him on. Spending a week without all the comforts of modern civilisation seemed like torture to him. “Yes Nate it’s good for you, who knows, you might meet some new friends here” replied his mom.

10 minutes later, they pulled into the parking lot of the campsite where Nate was going to spend the next week. He unpacked all his things, said goodbye to his parents and walked towards the tents. When he got to his tent, he found the guy he was going to share it with sitting inside. “Hi, I’m Oscar” he introduced himself. Just like Nate, all of the people there, 8 boys and 8 girls, were 15 years old.

Oscar was slightly taller than average, making him just a bit shorter than Nate with short brown hair and a lean but muscular build. “I’m Nate” he said, putting down his stuff. Nate was a tall boy with a muscular build he was proud of, which made him quite popular with girls, he had had a few girlfriends over the past years, although he never progressed further than making out.

Nate and Oscar got along well and spent the rest of the afternoon setting up their equipment. That evening, they met the others at the campfire, where they told stories and toasted marshmallows. Really, four 18 year olds, two male and two female, were supposed to be supervising them, but it was clear that this wasn’t what they were going to be doing. It didn’t take long for them to start making out and they soon moved to their tents where they fucked so loudly that everyone knew exactly what was going on, even though the tents were a bit of a distance away.

Nate got along with everyone else, and for the first time, he got the feeling that this trip wasn’t going to be that bad after all, what made it even better was that all the girls were smoking hot, especially Avery, a hot blonde with an amazing body, she was dressed very lightly due to the heat, showing off her D cup tits and juicy ass, she was way more sexy than than Nate’s past girlfriends.

They stayed up talking to each other for a long time, until one by one, they all went back to their tents to try and get some sleep. Nate slept a lot better than he thought, and when he woke up in the morning he was well rested. Nate, Oscar and all the others had breakfast together, again without supervisors, they were busy by themselves. Together they decided that they were going to walk to spend the day exploring the area once they were done taking a shower.

There were only two big showers at their tents, one for the boys and one for the girls. Nate and the other boys undressed and piled into the shower. One one side of the room there were Owen, a muscular boy with brown hair and about Oscar’s height, next to him there was his tentmate Lincoln, average height, with blond hair, aside from Nate he was the most muscular guy of the group.

Next to them were the tentmates Miles and Hunter, two lean boys, slightly shorter than average with brown hair. Opposition them were Connor, a skinny blond boy, who was about as tall as Nate, and his tentmate Austin, a red haired muscular guy, who was slightly taller than average, and Nate and Oscar.

Nate immediately noticed one more thing. Since they were all naked, he caught glimpses of their flaccid cocks, he couldn’t help but notice that while all of them were around 4 inches soft, his was twice as long at about 8 inches. This was the first time he saw another guy’s cock so he was surprised at the size difference, without a comparison he had always just assumed he was average. He had, of course noticed that most of the guys in porn were shorter than him, but had never thought much of it.

The size difference didn’t go unnoticed by the other boys, and soon most of them were staring at his soft dick. While this stroked Nate’s ego, at the same time he felt a little uncomfortable, all this attention was a bit weird. He tried changing the subject to the one thing he knew was sure to get their attention: Girls.

“The girls here are so hot, I’m glad I came here” he said. The other boys nodded in agreement “it was so difficult not to spend the whole day staring at their tits yesterday” said Oscar. “And the ass on them, they are so fucking hot” said Hunter. “I would for sure fuck one of them if I got the chance” agreed Lincoln. “You wish” laughed Owen and Miles at the same time.

Even though they all laughed, Lincoln had only said what they had all been thinking, which was made clear by the 8 hardening cocks in the shower room. Even hard, there was a considerable size difference between Nate and the others, their cocks ranged from 5.5 inches for Lincoln, Miles and Hunter, to 6.5 inches for Connor and Oscar, to 7 inches for Austin and Owen. Meanwhile, Nate’s cock measured in at 11 inches, and considerably thicker than the others.

Miles and Hunter slowly started to rub their cocks, following their lead, the others joined in, imagining what they would do to the girls if they got the chance. Soon they were all furiously jerking their cocks. It didn’t take long and the first one of them came. Hunter moaned as his dick jerked uncontrollably and shot thick white cum all over the floor in front of him. Seeing this show made Connor cum as well, as he shot his load across the room, he shot it so far that he managed to hit Miles who was standing opposite him.

This seemed to turn Miles on even more, as soon as the cum hit him, he too started to moan and was soon cumming his load adding to the cum that was pointing the floor white. For another few minutes, the rest furiously masturbated in silence that was only interrupted by the occasional moan, until Oscar started moaning more loudly and came, shooting the biggest load yet, nearly hitting Nate in the process.

Next came Owen, shooting a considerable load from his big cock, a lot of which ended up on Lincoln, who was standing next to him. This pushed Lincoln over the edge, as he too came, adding more cum to the 5 loads that were already on the floor. This left only Austin and Nate, who picked up the pace a little more, eager to release the pressure from their balls.

It took a while, until Austin finally came, he threw his head back in pleasure as he came his cock spurting cum, leaving Nate the only one left rubbing his dick. He kept going, trying as hard as he could to cum quickly, again all eyes were on him and while it made him feel good that he had the largest stamina, but he didn’t like that all the others were watching him.

As hard as he tried, it took him nearly as long as they had already been masturbating to finally cum, but when he did the wait was worth it. Going over the edge had never felt so good to him, as he came, shooting the biggest load of his life all over the floor, his big balls contracting as his cock jerked, painting the floor with even more thick white cum, the by far biggest load of all of them.

As soon as he was done, some cheering came from the door. When the boys looked over, they saw all 8 girls, completely naked. They had been so focused on their jerk-off session that they hadn’t noticed the girls they were fantasizing about watching them. “Nice show boys” shouted Hailey as the rest cheered in agreement.

Seeing this spectacular view, the boys cocks were starting to get hard again, but before they had a chance to do anything the girls suddenly turned around and walked off, shaking their asses as their went, they seemed to get a lot of pleasure from watching the show and then torturing the guys.

“Come on” groaned Lincoln, and this time instead of laughing, the rest groaned in agreement, but it didn’t change anything, the girls just kept walking away. The only thing that stopped the boys from chasing after them was the hope that they would get another opportunity to fuck over the course of the week.

Once everyone getting dressed, they all met back in the centre, and agreed to split up and explore the area, they hoped to find something interesting to do over the next few days. When splitting up, Avery walked right over to Nate and seemed very keen to explore alone with him. Nate could already feel his jeans tightening, so he had no objections to some time alone with Avery, at the very least it would mean a good look at her incredible body.

Once everyone was done splitting up, Nate and Avery left together and headed downhill. From the beginning, it was clear that Avery was flirting with him, and Nate was more than happy to play along. They had been walking for about half an hour when Avery tripped over a root, and fell right towards Nate, grabbing onto his crotch to stop herself from hitting the ground. She giggled when she felt his considerable bulge, and Nate felt great having this hot girl’s hands feeling up his cock through his jeans.

Nate decided to play along, adding more tension as he picked her up, putting one hand under her D cups and the other one on her ass to lift her up, getting a good feel of her assets in the process. Avery got a little red as she brushed herself off, saying “it’s always nice to have a strong pair of hands to lift me back up”. They continued on down the hill, pretending to bump into each other the entire time.

All the walking paid off when they reached the bottom of the hill and found a beautiful glittering lake. “You know, I’m a little warm, what do you say, should we cool down a little?” said Nate. “That’s exactly what I was thinking” replied Avery while pulling her shirt off, exposing her bra, which gave Nate an even better view of her massive tits.

Nate followed suit and while Avery pulled off her shoes and jeans, he quickly stripped off his shirt, shorts, and shoes, leaving him standing there in just his boxers that had a huge tent in him from his rock hard cock, Nate was worried they were going to rip. Nate took a second to admire Avery’s spectacular body that was on display, if he was not mistaken, there was a big wet spot on her panties, Nate knew enough about women to tell him she was extremely turned on.

He turned and ran towards the water and was nearly there when he heard Avery shout “are you honestly going in there with your boxers, they’ll be wet all day, just take them off, it’s not like I haven’t seen it before”. Nate started grinning and stopped to pull them off, exposing his rock hard cock, before he kept going and jumped into the water.

Nate had barely resurfaced when he saw Avery jumping through the air towards him. He had a perfect view of her big tits and completely smooth pussy, while she was staring at the tip of his cock that was poking out of the water. She hit the water right next to him, splashing Nate as she dove in. When she resurfaced, he playfully splashed back, before swimming away, at just the right speed so that Avery could catch up to him.

When she got hold of his foot, Nate flipped over and pulled her towards him. She got right up close, so close that his cock was rubbing in between her legs, and he leaned in until their lips met. Nate didn’t know that anything could feel so good, as he got completely lost in their kiss, shivers running down his spine, as they wrapped their arms around each other, the only thing that mattered was them, the whole world around them just disappeared.

Avery wasn’t the first girl Nate had kissed, but none before her had even come close to this feeling, he didn’t know how it was possible, but he was enjoying every second of it. Avery felt exactly the same, she had had quite a few boyfriends in the past, but with none of them had she shared the same instant connection as with Nate, she would have given anything for this moment to continue on forever.

Their embrace kept getting tighter, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths, their heads each other’s bodies. When Nate started to rub his hands up and down Avery’s clit she started to moan in his mouth, making his cock that was sandwiched between their bodies even harder. They both felt amazing, feeling each other’s hands all over their bodies and they both knew exactly what they wanted next.

Nate let go a little so that he could free his cock. He took it in his hands, while Avery held onto him, shivering in anticipation. Nate rubbed his cock along her pussy until he found her opening. Just before he pushed in, he warned her “this might hurt”. “Just fucking put it inside me, I don’t care how much it hurts, I just need you to fuck me right now” Avery replied.

Nate went ahead and started to slowly push the head of his cock into Avery. As soon as he did, Avery clawed her hands into his back and started moaning, partly in pain, partly in pleasure. After pushing in the first bit of his cock, Nate felt a barrier stopping him. “Just push it in, take my virginity, I want all of you inside me” screamed Avery. Pushed on by her words, Nate broke through her barrier and kept slowly pushing his cock into her pussy.

Nate felt incredible, the sensation of her incredibly tight pussy gripping his cock was beyond anything he had ever felt before. Avery felt very similarly, it did hurt a little but not of what she felt was pleasure, his cock was stretching her pussy in a way she didn’t know was possible, filling her up with his huge warm cock, this moment was just perfect, an incredible combination of incredible pleasure and comfort, she felt completely at home in Nate’s arms.

Nate kept slowly easing his cock into the depths of Avery’s pussy, until it was completely embedded in her. Nate left it in that position for a few seconds, giving her some time to adjust to his size. While he waited, he started kissing her neck and rubbing her hard nipple, causing a sharp intake of breath from Avery. He then slowly started to move his cock in and out of her pussy, the friction caused by her insides made the feeling of pleasure even more incredible.

Feeling Nate’s cock rubbing her pussy walls, stretching her pussy to its limits over and over, combined with his kisses and massaging of her nipples made Avery go over the edge, as she came in the greatest orgasm of her life, her tight pussy clenching down on Nate’s cock, as she thrust her self against him, an earth shattering moan escaped her lips and her entire body trembled in pleasure. Once Avery’s orgasm had subsided, Nate continued slowly thrusting in and out of her, enjoying every bit of her wonderful pussy.

Nate continued fucking her with a slow and steady pace, just enjoying holding her as they both experienced incredible pleasure. It didn’t take long for Avery to cum again, even harder this time, her pussy clenched down so hard that Nate was unable to move his cock for quite some time. When he finally managed to keep going, Avery moaned even louder than before, her moans echoing around the lake, pushing Nate to pick up the speed a bit.

Fucking her harder and faster made Avery cum even more quickly, she came again, clawing his back so hard that there were sure to be marks on Nate’s back but he didn’t care, all he wanted was to fuck Avery for as long as he could, he didn’t want this incredible experience to stop. He could however feel his own orgasm coming closer as he kept thrusting in and out.

When Avery came again, her pussy clenching down on his cock, this pushed him over the edge. “I’m going to cum” he yelled as he felt it rising inside him. “Please pull out, I’m not on the pill” said Avery, so as soon as her pussy stopped clenching down on his cock, Nate pulled out.

He was just in time, his cock had barely left her pussy when it started shooting cum, an even bigger load than that morning in his most intense orgasm ever. He moaned in pleasure as his cock kept shooting cum into the water, as they held onto each other, amazed at what had just happened.

Both Nate and Avery knew that they were far from done. They swam to the edge of the lake, kissing and caressing each other’s bodies the entire time. “How are you still hard after this” giggled Avery. “How could I not be, you’re so fucking hot, I wanna keep fucking you all day” replied Nate between kisses.

He picked her up, marvelling at her glistening body, he wanted to fuck her now even more than before. Nate laid Avery down on one of the flat rocks next to the lake and climbed over her. It wasn’t the most comfortable place but at that moment they didn’t are at all, all they wanted was to fuck again.

Avery wrapped her legs around Nate and started to kiss him again, while Nate’s cock found its way to Avery’s entrance, as if a magnetic force was drawing them together. It was a lot easier for Nate to push his cock in this time, Avery’s pussy had gotten even wetter from all her orgasms.

This time, Nate fucked her harder and faster than before, his balls slapping against Avery’s ass every time he thrust into her. As Nate kept fucking her, the intensity of Avery’s moans grew, she started to thrust against him until she came, her legs pushing Nate’s cock all the way into the depths of her pussy, as it squirted juices all over Nate’s abs.

Feeling her juices drench him and the intensity of her orgasm just made Nate even more eager to keep fucking her, between her orgasms he was thrusting in and out of her as hard and fast as he could. Avery kept humming over and over again, her juices drenching Nate’s abs again and again, Avery’s moans ringing in his ears.

Seeing as Nate had just cummed, he managed to hold out for longer this time, but at some point he couldn’t keep himself from cumming anymore. Nate pulled his cock out of Avery’s pussy and gave it a few last rubs, before he came again, shooting his hot cum all over Avery’s tits and stomach, painting them white.

Avery ran her fingers through the cum on her body and licked them sexily “I love the way your cum tastes Nate” she said before proceeding to lick the rest of his cum off her body. Nate laid down on his back and Avery cuddled up to him, both of them were exhausted but unbelievably happy, as the sun shone on them, Avery slowly stroking Nate’s soft cock as he caressed her tits, both of them enjoying this perfect moment.
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