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This is a new type of story for me.
It only happens when I'm really horny. So far....

I really, really want to suck a dick. I have never been with a man, and have never had an issue finding a women to fuck. But out of the blue one day, while watching porn, I just started to notice how nice the guy's dick was. I started to search out jerk material that featured nice, big dicks on muscular men. I then discovered dick worshiping videos where women lovingly stroked and sucked thick cock, savoring the oozing cum. Gay porn and well-endowed trans women started to become regular parts of my search habits. It was surprisingly hard to find straight porn that focused as much on the cock as it did the tits and ass.

But as soon as I had cum myself, the urge was gone, and a bit of shame would set in. I'd go weeks not thinking about it, but then out of the blue the urge would come back. The problem was, I had a girlfriend and didn't think of myself as anything but straight, so I felt like I had no way of exploring whatever this urge was. I tried anal play on my own, but after the initial thrill, it just stopped doing it for me. I flirted with the idea of bringing a strap-on into bed, but my girl was just so vanilla. I imagined bags packed and slamming doors if I ever made such a move.

My chance came when I was away from home attending a meeting for work. My company was national so each year a new city was picked to have an all-hands meeting. This year it was to be in New York City. I pretended to not give it much thought, but I knew that this would be my chance to explore things I would not dare in my home town. NYC felt perfect. It's so huge and dense that feeling like an anonymous person would be easy.

The weeks leading up to the trip were packed with anticipation. I suddenly felt nervous about my body and started working out more feverishly than before. Not that I had a lot to worry about. I had made my body into what I liked to watch. I was muscular with trimmed down body hair that showed off how well-endowed I was. Hell, if I could suck my own dick I would...and I've tried.

I scoured the internet for tips on the best spots, reading reviews as if I was picking out what restaurants I wanted to go to. Sadly there was no Michelin rating for cruising spots. I picked a few options, but it felt like they were all seedy joints that had as equal a chance of play as of getting robbed.

The morning of my flight, I kissed my girlfriend goodbye and went to the airport for my flight. Going on work trips always held a special feeling for me and it started in the airport. There was a sense that I was leaving my real life and entering a pretend one. I was no longer tied to anything "real" back home, so all things became possible. Of course, this had never led anywhere. Maybe some flirting or a night in a strip club, but nothing too serious.

My flight was uneventful and by the time I landed in New York, some of my excitement had already started to wear off. Crowded planes, crying babies, fighting for luggage on the carousel line and the back of a dirty cab just aren't sexy.

I found my hotel, a luxurious building in midtown, and checked in to my room. I got changed, intending to go out, but the courage was gone.

My quest suddenly seemed ridiculous. What was going to happen? I was going to go to some bar or porn shop and find some gross predator looking for someone lost and confused like myself to take advantage of? It would be different if I was in the scene, meeting people, and building trust. Or if I knew what I actually wanted and could have my judgement not clouded by desperation so I could meet some nice guy. But this urgent need to be get into impulsive acts was just going to get me into trouble.

Hopes totally dashed, I didn't even venture out into the city that night and chose to drink at the hotel bar. I had booked a separate hotel from the rest of my company, assuming I would want even more anonymity. But this just left me now alone. The bar was beautiful, and the drinks were good, but it was relatively empty. A few guys came in and out, but they seemed to be using the bar as a gathering point before heading out to somewhere better.

I was aware though of a tall, leggy, blonde at the other side of the bar who kept looking in my direction. I smiled, but didn't engage. It's not that she wasn't pretty. She had blue eyes that shone across the room, a nice set of small but fat tits squeezed into a pink dress, and high heels that made her calves and thigh muscles show ever so slightly.

But that's not what I was here for. I had that kind of pussy back home. I think it became clear that I wasn't in the mood because she eventually got up and left. The thought passed through my mind that she was a call-girl and I got a bit excited. Was that impulsive enough to satisfy this feeling?

No. No. Just leave that alone.

After a bit of the bar, I was feeling tipsy and run down from the day, so I hit the hotel spa and was happy to see that they had a dry sauna. I loved to spend time in a sauna. I'm not so hippy as to actually believe you might be "sweating out the toxins," but I had to admit that I did feel refreshed after stint in the hot room. I loved the feel of the wood on my body, and the strong smell it gave off. I loved the sound of the rocks hissing when you douse them with water.

I undressed in the locker room, wrapped a towel around my waist and opened the little door to the sauna. Ahh, there is the smell. And the oppressive heat slammed into my body in the best way. It had such a great sobering effect. This sauna was one of the largest I had been in and was meant to be co-ed, with entrances from both male and female locker rooms on either side. At the moment though, I was alone.

You never know the culture in a sauna. In some, people are totally open to nudity and just minding their own business. Others are strictly a 'towel on' affair. Seeing as I was the only one here, I decided it was my right to set the tone. I stripped off my towel but placed it nearby, just in case. I took a separate tiny towel and placed it on the wood seat for hygiene and sat down. I leaned back and enjoyed the sensation of sweat leaking from my pores. My cock hung lazily between my legs, and I periodically ran a hand over my chest, abs and face to wipe the sweat away.

As soon as I closed my eyes, I heard the door creak open on the women's side of the sauna. I peaked my eyes open to see a woman walking toward me, towel around her waist, and another draped around her neck so that either side hung to cover her breasts. She sat on the bench catty-corner to me but near enough that I could see her.

It was the blonde from the bar. Either she was a very high end call-girl to be able to afford a room, or she was actually a guest with nothing to do like me. I realized suddenly that she had made efforts to maintain modesty and made a move to my towel.

"Oh, no. It's OK," she said. "You were here first. I don't mind if you want to stay comfortable." Her voice was that of a old soul singer, and there was a hint of playfulness in it.

"If you are sure," I said, placing my towel back down.

"Positive. We are all adults here after all. I'm Susie by the way."

I nodded and gave a smile, "I'm Tony."

Susie returned my smile, then leaned back against the back bench to relax into her sweat. I kept my eyes straight ahead to try and be respectful, but I could feel my mind trying to pull me back to get a better look at her body. From what I had seen so far, she was looking good. My good angels won out and I closed my eyes and relaxed as well.

"You live in town, or here for business?" Susie said suddenly.

I opened my eyes and looked over to her. She had leaned forward a bit, letting the towels on her shoulders slump forward, giving me a view of her breasts. They were nice handfuls with puffy nipples, and hung naturally on her chest. I felt a little freer to look her over as she had been the one to draw my attention.

"I'm here for business, but don't live too far away. You?"

"I live in New Jersey, but as a treat to myself, I like to stay in a hotel in the city every now and again." She had already sweat enough that it was dripping off her to the floor and evaporating quickly on the wood. I watched a particular bead snake its way down her chest and disappear into the towel that was no longer wrapped around her waist but instead just draped artfully over her sex.

"That's a nice thing you do for yourself. By the way, I had seen you in the bar earlier, but wasn't in the most social mood," I offered as explanation. "I don't want you to assume I was being rude."

"Ha, thanks for clearing that up. I actually thought you assumed I was an escort trying to pick up a client." She laughed out loud and I watched her body bounce in response.

One of the best parts of these work trips is the anonymity allows you to be a bit more honest than you normally would be. So, it let me say with a laugh, "To be honest, that's exactly what I thought at the time! No offense."

She kept her smile. "None taken. But I am offended you didn't proposition me for my services if you thought I was on the job," she joked back.

The time with Susie went easily. We wound up sitting closer together and opening up. She was fascinating and funny, and flirted without pushing things too far. Don't ask me how, but we even ended up talking about tastes in porn and I let her know of my very *varied* tastes. I felt completely relaxed with her.

The mood shifted a bit and I think we both were recognizing that the time in the sauna was coming to a close soon.

"Tony?" Susie said after a bit. "Why are you really here?"

"I told you; a work conference."

She raised an eyebrow at me and waited.

Fuck it. Anonymity allows everything right? "Alright fine. I am here for work. But also, I just get into these moods sometimes where I need to do something impulsive. And lately.... I've started to get really curious about what it would be like to experience someone else's dick. If I could just give a blowjob, I think I could sort out what was kink and what was real."

Susie smiled. "Thank you for being honest. So why aren't you out there? New York is full of gay bars and cruising spots. Why are you here with me?"

"I just couldn't do it. I think I worked myself up in planning the places I would go and what would happen. It just felt so contrived and strange. And hey, don't sell yourself short. You've been great company." I stood up to make my way out and my dick flopped a bit, reminding me that I had been completely naked this whole time.

Susie looked at my dick, then back up at me. "Well, I've really enjoyed your company too. I know I am not exactly what you were looking for, but what would you say to a cold post-sauna shower back in my room?"

I looked down at her, in her bright blue eyes, perfect blond hair, and alluring body. It was clear I could have her easily. But then what? Cheating just for the sake of cheating?

"You are really beautiful and maybe in a different time I might have. But I have my girlfriend back home, and it wouldn't feel right cheating on her if I wasn't trying to discover something more about myself. I know it's just a bullshit self-justification, but it's the line I am trying to hold."

It sounded so stupid and convoluted coming out of my mouth. I was so full of shit, but that's the deal I made with my self.

Susie gave a small smile. "I understand. I actually appreciate you trying to set some rules for yourself," she said, standing up as well. As she stood the towel on her lap dropped to her side, and she held it with one hand. Between her legs hung a long and thick flaccid cock that swayed ever slightly. "But if you change your mind, I'm going up to my room, 3101. Go throw a robe on and join me. I think I do have something I would be able to offer you."

I then watched her delicious ass jiggle ever so slightly as she made her way to the women's locker room and disappeared behind the door.

My mind reeled a bit. Susie was one of the most gorgeous trans-women I had even seen. My cock twitched as I realized that she was my chance to get what I wanted. All my planning was not necessary. It just fell into my lap.

I made my way to the locker room and tossed on a plush terrycloth hotel robe, gathered my things and made my way to the guest elevators.

Soon, I was knocking on her door. Did I go too fast? Maybe she was still making her way up.

The door opened and Susie welcomed me in to her large suite. She too wore a terrycloth robe that was just open enough to see the outlines of her breasts. My eyes went down to see if I could get a glimpse again of her cock, but it was covered.

She handed me a glass of wine and took a sip of her own. "I knew you'd come. Follow me." She took my hand and led me to her enormous bathroom. She had a large steam shower, with a marble bench on one end of it. She reached in and turned the water on to the cold setting. "I hope you don't mind, but you know cold water is good after the sauna."

Sprays of freezing water bounced from the shower walls to pepper my exposed skin, giving me a bit of a thrill. I took a big swig of my wine, then felt a bit dizzy as I was probably a bit dehydrated from the heat before.

Susie took my glass and placed it down, then closed the gap between us. I did what felt natural and wrapped one arm around her to pull her close, and she titled her head up to mine. I looked down at her and waited, but realized she was waiting for me. She wanted me to decide. It was my move to make.

Fuck it.

I kissed her and like a switch had turned her on, she kissed me back and snaked her hand into my robe to grab my waiting cock. I gasped then kissed her back. Our tongues danced with each other and I reached up to grab a hold of her breast. I didn't know what to expect. Her tits were large and soft looking, but I assumed they might be fake. My hand was rewarded by a natural feeling breast that molded to my touch.

She responded to my kneading by stroking me even harder and kissing me deeper. She pulled away and stripped my robe off my shoulders and I did the same for her. The robe dropped, revealing her stiffening cock standing straight out.

She smiled at me and took a step into the shower where she let out a yelp before pulling me in.

The shock of cold was immediate, but Susie was on me so fast I barely had a chance to register it. She ran her hands over my body and gripped my cock again. She stroked me and I took a tentative hand and reached out to her. I wrapped my hands about her dick and gave it some strokes as well. I was surprised at how new it felt - holding a dick and stroking it. I had done this forever to myself, but the angle made it so novel.

Susie smiled at me and held my cock to maneuver me in a way that let her sit on the bench while I stood before her. She took my cock in her mouth and snaked her tongue around my head. The feeling was incredible. Her tits bounce as she bobbed her head and gave herself some strokes to keep hard as well. The sight was something I had never seen before in the flesh and I found it intensely erotic.

Almost lost in the moment and about to cum, I remembered what I came for in the first place. I put a hand on Susie's shoulder and beckoned her up. "I need that cock in my mouth," I said. I told her to stand, and she did as I asked. We shared a kiss and I imagined that I tasted the strange sweetness of my own pre-cum in her mouth.

I knelt before her and was face level with her cock. Her length and girth were perfect, and her head stood prominently with a perfect helmet shape. If you had to draw a perfect cock, this is what you would end up with. I started slow, holding it at its base and kissing its tip. Susie looked down at me, smiling and patient. I kissed down the length of her cock and on a whim gave a lick to her testicles.

Susie let out an appreciative moan as I then slid my tongue up her length and slowly edged her tip into my mouth. I closed my eyes and focused on the sensation. I was surprised at how soft the skin was, and how spongy her cock was in my mouth. I had half expected it to be rock hard. I could taste a bit of her pre-cum in my mouth and I let my tongue roll around her cock to try and lick up as much as I can. I then let her more and more into my mouth, knowing I couldn't handle her full length. I took my time and let my tongue explore. I brought a hand up and fondled her balls as I took her in.

Slowly, I moved my head to start sucking and held the rest of her shaft in my hand as I did so. I loved the feeling of her filling my mouth with her cock, and she groaned with delight. I felt her hand go to the back of my head, but more as a gentle guide. I fell into a rhythm and tried to experiment with going faster or deeper.

I took her out of my mouth and looked up into her eyes. Reading my mind she gave me the approval I was seeking. "You're a natural cock sucker," she said, then closed her eyes and gently ushered my head back onto her cock. I sucked enthusiastically and felt around to fondle her legs and ass. I could feel her legs tense.

"Oh, Tony. Fuck. I'm going to cum," she said with urgency and made a move to help me up. I surprised her by resisting and only sucking faster. She moaned and groaned in delight and surprise until finally I felt her start to buck and make a final groan before shooting her load into my mouth. The force of the cum surprised me as it shot to the back of my throat and I felt my mouth get full quickly. The cum kept coming, filling me with a salty and mildly sweet taste. I tried but eventually opened my mouth while still jerking her to let the cum spill out onto me. The last of her cum wound up coating my hand.

I looked up at her as she emerged from her blissful moment to lift me up and kiss me deeply. We swapped spit and cum back and forth until she moved her head back.

"That was incredible. I can't believe you haven't sucked cock before." She kissed me again. "Come take your reward."

I wasn't sure what she was referring to until she reached to a small bottle on the shower shelf and pumped some lubricant into hand. She coated my cock then bent herself over the bench, with one leg up. Her cock hung down and her asshole stood open before me. I wasn't about to tell her, but anal was going to be another first for me.

I was so horny I spent no time in hesitation. I lined myself up with her hole and eased myself in. She gasped and breathed in a controlled manner. With each breath I sank deeper. and the feeling of tightness was unreal. I moved in a slow rhythm while gripping the sides of her ass. I increased my speed slowly hoping to prolong the moment.

With each thrust in her ass, Susie groaned louder until I eventually couldn't help it. I pounded her ass, unable to stop myself, but she moaned gratefully. Soon the pressure rose up and I came hard into her, waves of shock and pleasure going through me and threatening to buckle me at the knees. I am not sure if I had ever cum more in my life. I pulled myself out of her and could see my cum seep out of her ass.

We kissed and I fondled her breasts affectionately, both of us feeling warm and content in our orgasmic glow.

We washed each other, resisting the urge to go again when she saw my cock start to rise.

I offered to stay the night, but she declined, preferring to sleep alone.

"I hope it was everything you wanted it to be," she said.

"It was that and more," I replied.

We exchanged information, and she asked me to look her up if I was ever in NJ, but part of me knew it was just something you say.

I left to my room and laid in bed, processing everything that had happened. It all felt so strange, as if Susie was some guardian angel for guys who want to ease in to sucking dick.

One thing was for certain, this wouldn't be my last time.


2024-06-11 23:38:13
Bravo. What a great story. One of these days I hope I get a nice stud that wants to have a bit of fun with a Tgirl.....just like this couple.....xo


2024-06-11 21:29:21
WOW! A dream cum true.

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