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Just part 5
“He's bought you, he's going to use you. You only have to hold out for another hour, and then you'll be taken away. There's no point in fighting. Your back already needs stitches, do you want a few broken bones too? He can do with you, whatever he wants,” I say quickly, and I hope to sound panicking, reaching over to my bedside table to put on the butterfly mask I sometimes wear for you. I don't want the basement-whore to see my face too clearly.

But I want her to see what her back looks like.

“He's going to fuck you, there's nothing you can do about it.” I pull on theadhesive-bindfold attached to her mask with velcro, and make her squint in the bright light.

“Don't look at me,” I say, turning her head to the mirror. Of course, she can see me there too, but at the moment, she's too shocked to think logically.

She stares at the bloodstained bedding and her own bloody body in the mirror. She screams something into her gag. Probably something about breach of contract, compensation, and so on.

I try not to smile.

You wanted it hard, whore. Now you've got it hard. I offer you excellent service for your money.

“Everything hurts me too, but it gets even worse when he gets the dog. That animal is really brutal and permanently horny. When he forces you to suck the dog's cock, you'll feel how quickly you have to swallow to avoid choking.” I notice how she starts to tremble.

Yes, now she realizes that she's no longer under contract here and that anything can happen. Even the thing she hates and fears the most.

I decide to motivate her a little more.

“Don't get me wrong, getting fucked by the dog is fantastic. His cock is big, and once he finds an entrance into your pussy or ass, he fucks so fast and hard that you get orgasm after orgasm. He's well-trained, and he can give you pleasure you've never known before, but sucking him is not that great. I hope Master will let the dog fuck me, and you'll just have to swallow his stinky cum.” I pause for a moment to let my words sink in.

“But don't worry, he'll be horny again in no time and can fuck you then too. In an hour, he'll easily have us both screaming with pleasure.” I notice how her eyes widen in horror and how she tries to reach your face mask with her hands to tell me something.

“I can't free you. He would kill me. Believe me, I wouldn't be the first,” I say closing the screen again. She's seen enough. Then I put my mask back in the drawer and get a blanket and another pillow to put under her stomach.

When I get back to the bed, she's crying.

Good. That will make you hot.

I lift her up on her knees and elbows and put the blanket and pillow under her belly to make it easier for her to hold the position.

She no longer protests.

The thought of the dog's cock in her mouth must be working overtime in her brain. She probably doesn't even wonder how we're going to force her to do it - she just thinks it's possible.


I hear you coming in again, and you stop in the doorway.

You feast on the sight of us.

Two slaves at your disposal.

You have won, and the second slave stretches her bloody ass towards you.

Total control, total power.

You want to fuck us, own us, and destroy us, but it would be over too quickly. Even your beast thinks you need to prolong it a little to savor it.

“Lick her,” you say to me, and come closer.

I push her knees apart and open her ass cheeks and pussy with my hands to get a better grip on her. She is wet with sweat. I lick her labia slowly and thoroughly, and my index finger penetrates her lightly. She doesn't want it, but her body wants it all the more.

She gets wet.

You stand to the side, massage your cock, and watch with satisfaction.

“Lick her ass ready for me,” you say, and she tenses up a little, but my finger on her clit distracts her. I slowly lick my way up to her ass.

I know what you're into. I didn't have Pari clean her for nothing.

Your cock gets harder and harder in your hand as you watch me lick her ass and stick my tongue inside her. You can hardly wait. She's still angry and will want revenge, but her cunt is mine, and it's juicy wet now.

She starts to moan, and you grab my hair and pull my face towards your cock.

“Suck!” you say, and I greedily open my mouth for you.

You fuck my mouth hard and determined, but I know you're staring at her ass. Then the grip on my hair loosens, and you position yourself behind her.

With a hard jerk, you pull her pelvis up, and the tip of your cock presses into her ass, which is still wet from my tongue.

She's hot, and now she wants it.

I watch as you help yourself with your hand and push your cock into her ass. If she was expecting you to do it slowly, she's wrong. You push and push and push until your own horniness forces you to move back and forth inside her. She tries to lie down on her stomach again, but it's too late. You're inside her, and your hands are holding her like in a vice.

“What's she saying?” You ask me needlessly, because she's unintelligible.

“She's saying fuck me harder, master,” I reply, and you grin.

Then you start pumping into her, and I don't know whether she comes or cries.

I don't care either.

The sight of your cock disappearing into her ass and her body twitching beneath you makes me extremely hot. I want to lick her again. I want to lick you too, and I want to enjoy your ecstasy.

The evening is a complete success.

You grab my hair again and pull my head onto her ass. The color gives the impression of dried blood, and the welts are barely visible.

But I'm the only one here who knows.

“Lick her ass.” I do. I lick the “blood” off her ass, but make sure it looks irregular enough so you don't notice that her skin is unharmed. But you are already too aroused to notice anything other than your pumping, cumming cock. With a jerk, I turn my head so that my cheek is on her bottom and my face is facing you.

I open my mouth.

You pump the first load of cum into her ass, and the next one lands in my mouth and on my face. I don't swallow; I let you see it.

You shoot twice more on my face and on her body, leaning with your hand on my head pressed against her ass.

It's incredibly sexy.

As you let go of my head, I lick your cum from her ass and smear more of it as what you shot into my mouth flows out.

Only when the mess satisfies you do you let me lick your cock clean and swallow what I can get. Then you give me two light little slaps on the cheek.

You watch the scene, and if you weren't so tired, you'd fuck us again.

When your eyes fall on the dog leash, you grab it and tighten it. The woman on the bed has completely given up. She tries to move in your direction, but her mind no longer controls her body.

This satisfies you more than if she had crawled towards you.

“You'll buy these too. Got it?”

“Yes, Master,” I say happily.

“Take the whore away,” you say contentedly, and I know you couldn't wish for a better slave.

As you leave the room, I turn to the woman.

“Tomorrow will be better,” I say reassuringly, imagining the information entering her brain.

“Get yourself looked after, and maybe get your back treated. It looks bad. If you get the deepest cuts stitched up, there won't be any scars.”

I can't imagine her horror. After three days in my hands, there shouldn't be any permanent damage, and now she not only has to have stitches, but she's going to have another visit with us.

“If you do everything he says tomorrow, maybe he won't hit you again. Maybe he'll just let the dog get to you. He likes to film it. But then you'll have it behind you. After the dog, he won't want anything more from you.”

I get dressed. The food coloring from the whip will come out easily in the wash.

“I'm going to untie you now and get you dressed. Don't try to pull yourself loose or take the mask off, and you'll save yourself a lot of pain. It's over for today. You're not needed anymore.

If you have enough brain to understand that it is better for you now to do as I ask, the rest will go smoothly.“

I'll put one of your bathrobes on her. It looks like a trench coat on her. I could just as easily take her to the car naked. Because if people see us like this, there'll be trouble. The mask is enough to make people suspicious. So nobody is allowed to see us.

She no longer resists. Then I let the handcuffs snap shut again behind her back. Pari waits downstairs because she can't know if my husband won't accompany me to the elevator. As I get out of the elevator in the underground car park, I put a finger to my lips.

Now my prisoner must no longer hear my voice.

Pari takes her from me and slowly leads her to the car. Then she waits inside with her.

I take some perfume out of my handbag and spray some on my upper body. When I get into the car, I'll smell like a completely different person.

We drive back in silence, and I leave any further contact with the prisoner in Paris' experienced hands.

Pari will shower her, then we'll leave her in the cage until 8 p.m., and then she'll get out and rage on top of that because I broke the contract with her injuries.

The adventure will be canceled, and neither of the two idiots will win.

When she finally stands in front of the mirror in her apartment, looking for wounds, she'll realize that exactly what she never would have thought of had happened.

We fucked her brain hard enough to break her.

My job is done.

Now I need a bath and a good massage from Pari.

They were interesting days. I should actually be paying, not being paid, for these unforgettable experiences. I am satisfied with my performance.

Life feels sometimes so good.
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