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My man Roger was fucking me from behind, with my big ass in his hands, his thick rock hard nine-inch erection all the way into me, while I watched in the mirror opposite. That was when I decided it was an opportune moment to tell him about one of my girlfriends and her recent visit to a new sex resort with her man.
.“$1,500 per day including all meals and alcohol, one of the benefits that had special appeal for them was the opportunity to fill out a form before they arrived to list any sexual preferences they had, the resort offers a matching service. They also had to email some up to date pics.”

In the afterglow I rang my girlfriend with the phone on speaker so she could tell both of us more about the resort. “Luxurious premises in sculptured grounds, a wonderful swimming pool, spa and sauna. Every night the floor show was so exciting, such a turn on. The last act every night was resort guests performing, couples sometimes a three-way. My man and I performed on our last night,” she told us.

“Did you make any new connections,” I asked, my subtle way of asking if my girlfriend and her man had sex with others while they were there. I knew the answer but I wanted to hear her tell my man.

“We made a list of of some of our preferences, five in all, and they all came to fruition, two young bi men to share, two bi women a little younger than us to share and some other very exciting combinations.”

Later the same day we looked up resort’s website, made our booking for a week commencing the next Friday. I filled out the form, with help from Roger to list our sexual preferences before we arrived, and attached two up to date pics, one of us front on, naked holding hands, my man flaunting a boner, me in heels, then a second pic, me with my back to the camera, flaunting my big ass.

We took great care and trouble while listing our preferences, both of us wanting each other to enjoy our visit to the max. My first preference with Roger’s full approval was two men for us, two jocks, early twenties, one jock for me, cunnilingus, to tongue fuck me, one jock for my man, to give him fellatio, a blow job, while we watch each other.

My second preference, again with Roger’s full approval was two females for us, two young women, barely twenty, one girl for me, I want to give her cunnilingus, to tongue fuck her, before she reciprocates for me. One girl for my man, I want to watch him giving her cunnilingus, to tongue fuck her, before she reciprocates for him, give him fellatio, a blow job, while we watch each other.

We also listed a drop dead gorgeous she-male to share, an FMM, and almost as an afterthought, a FFM, an older classy woman for us to share. We also decided we would both contribute to writing the story we wanted to share with XNXX fans, Sarah the first part and her man later on.

At a drinks session the first night we were surprised to meet a very classy woman wearing large, dark sunglasses. “Aren’t you …” I asked as I approached her in awe of her reputation and influence, admiring her still attractive slim body, collagen lips and her trademark gingery bobbed hair, her overall erotic look, always so aloof and so immaculate in her magazine pics, always with a self satisfied smile. Someone Roger and I had often fantasised about while looking at her in the trade press, both of us convinced she had a wonderful and kinky sex life with her power and influence in the technology sector,.

“Yes I am, though I want to be called Barb this weekend, I am trying to be low key. Was it my glasses and bobbed hair that alerted you?,” she told us after she removed her glasses and dropped them into her ever so exclusive designer handbag, all smiles for us.

Instant chemistry, she and I really hit it off, opposites attract, she must have been almost ten-years older than me. “Would you and your man like me to join me for dinner on my corporate card?,” she asked.

“Of course we would like to join you for dinner, after the floor show, we are told it’s a must see, reception told us, we think you will enjoy it.” All three of us did enjoy the show, by chance a precursor to that night and the next two long days, Barb sitting between us holding our hands.

That night a naked, voluptuous woman around thirty, was sitting in a chair moments before a slim older naked woman appeared, parted her fantastic thighs, before she knelt between them and commenced tongue fucking her, her arms wrapped around her thighs, both of them so comfortable with each other.

The show stopper for us was the young man, just past twenty, a blond Adonis who appeared wearing just a shirt, all the buttons undone, his formidable erection poking out at ninety-degrees, before he let the shirt fall to the floor, not a word spoken over the hushed audience as he slid his erection between the pursed lips of the woman in the chair.

“I did enjoy that, I can identify with that. You know I want that later don’t you?,” Barb asked us, holding our hands on the short walk to the restaurant.

We were quickly settled in a private booth, Roger on one side of Barb, me on the other. As we commenced the second bottle of French champagne Barb started to open up, fascinating tales of corporate intrigue, and back stabbing, name dropping celebrities behaving badly, take over bids, wild corporate parties. “The magazine gossips thrive on writing about my love life, my sex life or lack of it, the aloof ice woman. If only they knew. Can I tell you in strict confidence I am bi? Are you surprised?

“Can I tell you in even stricter confidence I came here to get laid before my corporate jet picks me up on Sunday night? Before I met you two I had only a vague idea who I wanted to lay me. Definitely a bi couple, younger than me, a sexy exciting, younger woman and her well hung man.

From that Friday night until early Sunday night the three of us spent almost our entire time in her corporate suite. It was so exciting for both of us undressing her just as she had asked, ogling her gorgeous, fuckable slim body and finally, just as we had always fantasised, her totally bald cunt above her beautiful thighs.

Barb was insatiable and dominant. I was the first to have her, make love to her, tongue fuck her, exactly as she told me to in her dominant, firm, incredibly sexy voice. My trophy fuck, though what a fuck, I do enjoy a sexual challenge and Barb was a real challenge, an unexpected huge challenge for me, recalling her telling us earlier, “I came here to get laid.” Lucky me, lucky us.

I wanted to show her my tongue fucking skills, my lesbian lover skills, bring her to orgasm, make her cum for me, make her so wet, while my man watched, turn him on as well. I wanted to satisfy Barb so she felt obliged to reciprocate, fuck me as a lesbian, like a lesbian, a bi-sex lesbian.

Afterwards while we showered together she told Roger to come and talk to her while we continued showering, motioning for him get naked for her. “You know I wanted to fuck you Roger, I want to fuck you even more when I look at the size of your erection. Is that just for me, or Sarah and me. You must be nine-inches, and so thick. Do you mind if I fuck him Sarah? I would love you to watch.”

And Sarah did love to watch Barb fucking me, commencing by expertly wrapping her collagen lips around the tip of my erection. Using her tongue at the same time, before she had me on my back, so dominant, so good, using me for her sexual gratification, her cunt muscles like vices on my erection as she talked dirty to me, to Sarah and me, such language from a classy woman, her language adding into our mutual turn ons.

“Come and kiss me while I am fucking your man Sarah. Now kiss your man for me while I bring him to orgasm with my cunt muscles. Now kiss me again while I cum. Fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, I am so wet,” she groaned as she orgasmed just before I did.

Instead of being jealous of Barb, after all we came to the resort for new levels of sexual activity, I was in awe of her. That night after a Jacuzzi with Barb, her suite had lots of extras ours didn’t, Sarah and I both made a point of licking and kissing her gorgeous, small firm ass, with a pillow under her hips, separately and together while she lay on a bed, both of admiring every inch of her naked body as we teased the insides of her thighs.

Before we left that night Barb sat on Sarah’s face while Sarah held her ass, sliding her bald cunt lips along her tongue while Barb sucked my erection.

The next day over lunch in her suite, oysters and French Champagne, Barb showed us some pics of her infamous parties on her laptop, as we asked over and over, isn’t that ..?” Then an exciting series of pics of Barb naked, exciting for both of us, enjoying being tongue fucked by another woman. “Isn’t that ..?”

“Yes, she was so good, her husband, a major customer for our technology has no idea we were lovers.

After lunch the three of us were naked, in the dress optional area of the pool, drawing admiring glances, tacitly agreeing we were going to have three-way sex after we showered together shortly. Barb with her trademark dark glasses, both women with floppy black hats Barb pulled from her third travel case. So sexy, a naked women in just a floppy black hat and sun glasses.

Barb told us she wanted Roger to fuck me from behind while she watched and kissed and licked me. “Before you fuck her, lick and kiss her big ass for me Roger, magnificent,” she smiled before she tongue kissed Sarah while I continued licking and kissing her ass. “I want to do that to your magnificent big ass later Sarah. Now fuck her for me Roger.”

Barb was tongue kissing Sarah while we lay sideways on a bed, at the same time watching me tease my erection for her, before I slowly slid my thick, nine-inches into her. While we built up a rhythm, Barb was alternating licking and sucking Sarah’s nipples, they were like bullets, then passionately tongue kissing her, Sarah returning her kisses as Barb teased her nipples with a fingertip, so sensuous, so erotic.

Sarah and me love another person or persons, female and or male watching us fucking, performing for them. Barb was the ultimate another person. What a fuck that was.

The remainder of that day and night, then the next day was almost a blur as Barb encouraged us to new levels of three-way sexual pleasure.

Barb was a pornographer’s delight for both me and my man.

Roger tongue fucking Barb while I sat on her face, bringing me to a tremendous orgasm with her tongue.

Roger watching Barb peeing while he showered, gaining a fresh erection, much to her delight.

Roger tongue fucking me while Barb sat on my face, bringing her to a wonderful long, orgasm with my tongue

Roger fucking Barb from behind while I kissed and licked her.

Barb sitting on Roger’s face while I sucked his erection

Me sitting on Roger’s face while Barb sucked his erection.

Barb sitting on Roger’s erection while we tongue kissed, then licking each other’s nipples

Barb dressing for us in her lingerie, sharing her lingerie with us, a garter belt for Roger.

For Barb’s ultimate sexual pleasure, or at least we hoped her ultimate sexual pleasure, Roger and me planned to make Barb squirt for us, really, really squirt, we had both made her so wet, and watched her trickle rather than squirt to date, we love a sexual challenge, making Barb squirt for us was to be our challenge before her corporate jet flew her away from us.

Barb was naked for us, legs spread, leaning against a table, as Roger watched me kneeling in front of her and commence tongue fucking her. Almost immediately she was so wet for me, as Roger was tongue kissing her, his hand on one of hers, sliding her hand along his erection, by then I had lost count of his erections that weekend.

Barb was whispering, groaning, “Fuck my cunt, fuckamycunt, fuckamycunt, I am so wet Sarah.” I loved her commentary, an extra buzz.

“We intend to Barb, soon,” I whispered, sliding my middle finger into her, curling it inside her, finding her g-spot, almost incredulous that this was the first time all weekend I had found her g-spot. Then a second finger into her. I had her so close to squirting, so close. “Not yet Barb, not yet,” I whispered, Roger and I both enjoying my control over her, her body trembling.

Roger was tongue kissing her so passionately now, Barb returning his kisses, his hand on one of hers, sliding her hand along his now rock hard erection, harder and faster than before, so much faster.

Roger and I quickly changed positions, I was tongue kissing Barb, as Roger slid his big thick, middle finger into her, finding her g-spot. Just as Barb began to squirt, just a trickle, before Roger slammed his erection into her, twice, then withdrew so Barb could squirt over his groin, his erection.

I can still recall the noise she made, a primeval scream as she squirted and orgasmed for us.

That night after the floor show I reminded Roger we still had four days remaining at the resort. We decided to spend the Monday morning tanning by the pool while we relaxed, already anticipating what new sexual experiences might come our way.

Both of us recalling our first preference on the form we filled in before we arrived. Two men for us, two jocks, early twenties, one jock for me, cunnilingus, to tongue fuck me, one jock for my man, to give him fellatio, a blow job, while we watch each other. So tempting.
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