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A secret is revealed, changing Henry's relationship with his sister. All characters are 18+
A few days later I finally got the “we need to talk” text from my sister I had been dreading. I had tried to reach out a few times in the interim, but Jill had not responded to my overtures. She told me to show up at a coffee shop halfway between my office and her apartment, 1:30 on Tuesday. The invitation was not a request, and it was obvious I was expected to clear my schedule to make room for the event.

When I arrived at the place I found it was surprisingly quiet, with numerous semi-private nooks and muffled acoustics that prevented conversations from carrying. While I understood the need to meet on neutral ground, the idea of being overheard in public discussing what had happened was more than a little concerning. I got there about ten minutes early, not sure what I was walking into. Jill joined me at 1:30 on the dot. She walked over to me with a controlled stiffness, and before I could say anything she brusquely explained what was going to happen.

“We’re going up there and you’re going to buy me a coffee. We’re going to sit in the back of the room. I’m going to talk. You aren’t going to say a fucking word until I’m done. We clear?”

I nodded. Jill strode over to the counter and began placing her order. I followed behind wallet in hand. I’m pretty sure she ordered the most complex, expensive item possible just to assert dominance. The back corner she chose was secluded and the sound from the rest of the café was especially dull. Jill sat glowering across from me and took a large swig from her coffee. I waited patiently. I’d been in enough high-stakes negotiations before to know when someone was trying to make me sweat, and I also knew the best thing to do in that situation was wait them out. Finally, she spoke.

“You’re a fucking monster. I talked with the girls after you left. You better get down on your hands and knees and thank them from the bottom of your heart if you ever see them again, because they’re the only reason you’re not in fucking jail right now. They said it was all their idea, that they saw an opportunity to make some money and took it. You know you busted their faces up so bad that they still can’t see other clients? And before you try getting all high-and-mighty on me, of course I fucking hate what they have to do. It’s not like when I had them my big plan was for the three of us to be running our own little family bordello one day, barely making ends meet by selling our bodies. It’s one thing for you to do that shit to me, I’m scum like you. I’m fucked enough to enjoy getting treated like that. They still have a chance to be normal. But you know what, I’m proud of them. Unlike you, they actually had to grow up and take responsibility for things. They’re doing their best to keep us fed and clothed, and yeah I cry myself to sleep every night because I’m not good enough to take care of them the way a mother should, but I don’t have another choice. What’s your fucking excuse you fucking pig? There aren’t any other girls in this town willing to cater to your fucked-up fantasies? Those are your fucking nieces, how could you treat them like that? No, they’re more than that. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the fucking tree.”

Jill leaned back, panting. It seemed like her initial anger was spent. Most of it was what I expected.

“Sorry, what was that last part?” I asked in genuine confusion.

Jill looked up at me, eyes blazing with anger. “Oh for fuck’s sake. You expect me to believe you’re actually retarded enough to believe what Mom and Dad told you about why I left. Those girls are your half-sisters, Henry. Dad was raping me.”

My ears were filled with a relentless ringing. My coffee cup clattered to the table, fell over, and spilled. Scalding hot liquid splashed all over my trousers, but I didn’t feel a thing. I was dimly aware that my breathing had become labored. My vision started to vibrate and went red. My conscious mind was confused. Sitting somewhere in the very back of my awareness, it was having trouble processing what I had just been told and how I was responding. But that part of me was no longer in control. With mild detachment, my rational faculties were aware that I was overcome with an anger like I’d never experienced in my entire life. Pieces fell into place, stray moments from my youth I’d never considered until now. I immediately knew she was telling the truth. I immediately knew that on some level I’d always known. I immediately knew I was filled with a white-hot urge for vengeance. I was vaguely aware of my sister’s sadistic expression changing to confusion as I jerked to my feet and stomped toward the exit.

She followed me, concern in her voice my rational side noted dimly, as I moved on autopilot. While it made those facile observations, the rage that was consuming me had already decided on a plan and was acting on it. I knew deep down that I hadn’t treated my sister right, especially with the way I had been using her lately. In that regard, I was in no position to judge. But that didn’t stop the visceral, blood-burning, stomach-churning anger that was welling up inside me.

In that moment I had an epiphany. I loved my sister. I wanted to protect and take care of her, and her children. The things I’d done to her, to my nieces, were all borne out of the fact that more than anything else I wanted her. I wanted her for myself. It was years of sublimated, unacknowledged love taking a dark twisted shape. Because my shitheel, rapist father had left me unable to express those emotions in any meaningful way.

Suddenly, my sister grabbed my arm and spun me around. I barely noticed her left hand flying toward my face before I was seeing stars. My ears rang from the slap, and I found myself impressed with how hard she could. The blow worked as intended. I snapped out of my blind rage, standing on a random sidewalk with my sister in front of me. She was breathing heavily, tears in her eyes.

“You actually didn’t know?” she asked.

I shook my head. “If I had, I would have killed him on the spot.”

“What were you going to do?” she asked.

“I don’t know. Something bad.” I admitted.

As suddenly as she had slapped me Jill wrapped her arms around me and pulled me in for a hug. For the first time in years, I felt actual warmth and love coming from her. We held each other on the street for several minutes. Finally, she broke the embrace.

“Come back to my place, we can talk more in private.”


Chloe and Eve tried giving us a smirk through their lividly bruised faces as we entered the apartment. I was still in close to a fugue state, but the glance their mother shot them left them chastised with down-turned heads. Jill guided me into her room. We sat down on the bed next to each other and stared at the wall for a few moments.

“How could he do that to you?” I asked eventually.

Jill shrugged. “He was a monster. I’m sure there were others. The first time he did it to me he didn’t even hesitate; I’m sure he’d done it before. I was so hurt and confused. He just, came in one night, right before bed. Didn’t say anything. Pinned me to my bed. At first I thought he was playing around. I remember laughing, fucking laughing, like it was some game. When he started groping my tits I figured it was just an accident. Then it kept happening. I was starting to get nervous, but I couldn’t really believe he would do that. I mean, who would immediately assume their Dad was purposely molesting them?

“Then he pulled his dick out. I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to do. I froze up. He pulled my bottoms, nearly tore them. That snapped me out of it. I tried squirming free, hitting him, I yelled at him to stop. He just clamped his hand down over my mouth and kept going. I remember my fists bouncing off his back, he didn’t even seem to notice. He was so much stronger than me. I tried clamping my legs shut, but he was already between them. It took him a few tries to get it in, I was flailing around. I’ll never forget how he felt jabbing his dick at my pelvis, trying to penetrate me. I was so much weaker than him. I was powerless”

Suddenly, my sister buried her face in my chest and started sobbing. Her voice was raw, even though it had been years ago it was clear how fresh the trauma was in her mind.

“When he actually got it in was the worst. He just slammed himself in to the hilt, didn’t even try to ease me into it. He was so much bigger than any of my boyfriends, so much rougher. But it didn’t matter because… because…” Jill took several ragged breaths. I put my arm around her and held her close through the hiccoughing tears. Finally she could speak again.

“It didn’t matter because I was so fucking wet. He slid right in like it was nothing, that was when I realized how aroused I was. I felt so violated and betrayed by my own body. Here I was getting raped by my father, and my pussy had never been so ready to take a dick. He noticed it too. Laughed at me. Told me I was a worthless slut and I should stop pretending I didn’t enjoy it. Then he just…used me. Like I was an object, like I was just a toy he was using to masturbate.”

The tears overcame her again and for several heartbeats I just held her as she cried.

“He was right. I really am just a whore. I was sobbing the whole time but that didn’t stop me from cumming. Twice. I came twice from getting used like a fucking fleshlight by my rapist father. The second time was so intense, I was gripping him so hard. I can still feel every vein of his throbbing cock cumming inside me. Once he finished he just… slipped out. Tousled my hair, kissed me on the forehead goodnight, and left like nothing had happened. I was awake the whole night crying.

“After that he started raping me a couple of times a week.” Jill was still clinging to my chest but had stopped crying. Her voice had grown flat and there was an emptiness in her eyes that broke my heart.

“At first I tried to stop him, tried fighting him off, begged him not to. It never worked. Eventually I gave up. It wasn’t worth getting slapped around by him, it was easier to just let him have me. If I heard him coming to my room I’d just take my pants off, wait for him on all fours, let him take me. At least that way I didn’t have to look at him. I could pretend it was someone else, someone who loved me. Someone I wanted to have sex with.”

I didn’t let go of her the entire time. As my vision blurred I realized that at some point I had started crying.

“Did Mom know?” I asked.

I could feel Jill nodding against me.

“Yeah. Yeah, Mom knew. I told her. After he’d been doing it for a while, once the shock wore off and I really came to grips with how fucked up it was, I told her. Asked for her help, asked her to stop him.”

Jill’s voice was trembling.

“She slapped me. Told me she was ashamed of having raised the kind of slut who would seduce her own father. She was so angry. So angry at me. She yelled at me for close to half an hour asking how I could do this to her. In the end she told me that even if I was fucking Dad she was still his wife and the woman of the house and I better not get any funny ideas.”

I could feel the veins popping in my forehead as a new surge of anger and hatred washed over me. My hands clenched into fists.

“She was the one who kicked me out.” Jill continued, “When I found out I was pregnant I told her, I didn’t know what else to do. Somehow even after how she responded to the rapes I expected… something from her. She didn’t say a word. Just dragged me to the car, drove me to a Planned Parenthood outside of town, and told me I shouldn’t bother coming back home. Then she drove off. I tried calling her but she didn’t respond. Fuck, I even tried calling Dad but when he found out what happened he hung up on me. That was the last time I spoke to either of them. I wound up calling this guy I used to hook up with, he was older than me, in college. I crashed with him for a few weeks until he found out I was pregnant and kicked me out, too. I ran through a bunch of guys like that for a while. Eventually I realized it was easier to just charge men for my body instead of trying to date them.”

We sat there on her bed together for several minutes. I held her to my chest as tightly as I could. She buried her face in it and wept uncontrollably. It was as if decades of unshed tears were finally coming free. Eventually, wiping her soaked cheeks dry, she looked up at me.

“All these years, I thought you knew. I thought you agreed with them. That I was a worthless slut for letting Dad do that to me, that I was disgusting and deserved what happened to me. That’s why I always kept you at arms length. I thought you felt the same way they did. Hell, I felt the same way they did.”

In an instant I was holding my sister’s face in my hands, staring intently into her eyes.

“Hey, don’t ever say that. What Dad did to you, the way they treated you, that wasn’t your fault. It was inexcusable. And despite that, you did everything you could to build a life for your daughters. I’m so proud of you, Jill. I love you.”

As the words left my mouth I could see all the tension leave my sister’s body. In some ways I think she expected me to reject her after what I’d found out. It was the only response she’d ever gotten. I didn’t have much time to think about it, however, because no sooner did the relief sweep over her than she deftly straddled my lap and planted her lips on mine.

I responded with equal vigor. We we hungry, starved, for each other and no further words need to be spoken. As she probed my mouth with her tongue she began running her hands up and down my back, pushing up my shirt with trembling hands. We broke our kiss for a moment so she could pull the garment over my head, then pressed into one another with renewed fervor as our lips locked once more.

Snaking my hands awkwardly between us I started undoing the buttons running down the front of her dress. She moaned into my ear as my hands worked the fastenings on her chest. As I finally reached the buttons lower on her abdomen she shrugged her shoulders, mouth still planted by my ear, letting the top half fall off of her body. Wrapping her torso in a bear hug I deftly unhooked her bra, which she let fall to the floor.

With her breasts exposed she leaned back once again, pushing them out at me invitingly. Keeping my arms wrapped around her slender waist I dove in, pressing my face between her luxurious pillows. She laughed as I rubbed my head between them, which quickly turned into a moan when I stuck out my tongue and licked my way over to her right nipple. As I took the entire aroused areola into my mouth, Jill spread her legs wider, driving her crotch down onto mine. As she ground her panty-clad pussy on my member, it suddenly struck me how overwhelmingly hard I had become.

My sister noticed too. Putting her hand on my chest she pushed me down onto the bed so she could hump me more effectively. Our eyes were locked the entire time, pure lust throbbing in our gaze. She rolled her hips to provide both of us maximum stimulation. Even though I was still wearing pants and she had on her underwear, I could have cum right then and there. As best as I could I reach under her dress and began fumbling with my pants. At first my sister made it difficult by continuing to grind against my trouser-trapped member, but eventually she scooted back far enough for me to get the button open an zipper down. As soon as I had she reached into the fly of my boxers and pulled out my manhood. We broke eye contact as she looked down at it like a starving man might look at a spitroast pig.

“I need you, Henry.” She said, breaking the moan-filled silence between us.

“I need you too, Jill.” I replied, “I’ve always needed you.”

Leaning down she kissed me once again. There was still hunger in it, but now there was something more. Love. With this feeling between us finally acknowledged, we were able to kiss as lovers for the first time.

Her delicate hand never stopped stroking me as she let her tongue explore my mouth. I could feel her pelvis shifting. It was clear that she had pulled her panties to the side when her wet, naked slit made contact with the underside of my rod. We moaned into each others’ mouths as she began sliding up and down it. Every time the tip of my cock prodded her wet clitoris she shook with pleasure. Her pace was slow and deliberate. It was clear she was savoring the feeling just as much as I was. It was a good thing, too. Had she picked up the pace I would have been cumming in no time. As it was I was able to stave off my own ejaculation and let her build herself up. After so many times of me using her body to get off, I was finally an instrument for her own pleasure.

I have no idea how long we lay like that, mouths planted together, tongues lazily penetrating one another, her wet snatch sliding up and down my throbbing engorgement. I could have continued like that forever. But eventually I could my sister had worked herself up to the limit and now needed release. Her pace quickened, and the speed at which she rubbed herself against me picked up. She gripped me tightly as she slid herself up and down my length with a violent need. Then, just as I felt I could no longer hold myself back, she broke our kiss and let out a deep, throaty scream from the depths of her being. Jamming her clitoris down on my meat, I felt a surge of fluid escape her and drown my loins.

She was trembling and breathing deeply in my ear as she clung to me for dear life. Was it a single overwhelming orgasm? A cascade of smaller ones? I didn’t know. All I knew as we held each other was that I never wanted to be parted from this woman ever again in my entire life.

Eventually her breathing settled down and her grip on me loosened. I leaned down and kissed the top of her head. She cooed happily, then looked up at me with glassy eyes.

“I need more. Make love to me.” She said.

I nodded and gently rolled her onto her back. All of her muscles were still lax. For a moment I looked down at her naked form, drinking her in, imprinting the sight of her in all her sexual glory onto my mind. Standing I slid my pants and boxers off of myself, then reached forward and finished unbuttoning her now soaking dress. Letting that fall off of her I pulled her twisted panties all the way off, leaving her legs lying open. She was utterly, completely exposed to me, yet she made no movements. In her post-orgasmic face was nothing but serene contentment.

Gripping myself in my hands I slowly moved forward. Resting myself on her vulva I looked at her face once more.

“I love you so much, Jill. Be with me forever.”

She gazed at me with a pure, liberated love and nodded.

I pushed my hips forward and buried myself inside her until my balls rested on her ass. She groaned as she took me, her cunt wet and ready to accept my entirety. Holding her hips I rested inside her for a moment, letting my throbbing cock savor the entire length of her birth canal. Her walls massaged me gently, an almost unbearably perfect fit. Then, slowly, I withdrew most of my length before plunging back in again.

I’d fucked my sister numerous times before. Taken her in every way I could imagine. But in the past there had always been an urgency. We were on the clock, and if I didn’t finish in time I’d either pay for it or leave disappointed. It was fast, and hard, and selfish. Not so this time. For the first time, I was making love to her. Taking her at a slow, luxurious pace in an act that was just as much me giving myself to her as it was me taking from her. It built up naturally, unhurried. My thrusts varied not as I built myself to orgasm as efficiently as possible, but in response to the signs of her body. I was finding the angles and tempos that worked best for both of us. Shaking up my technique periodically so that it never got stale, both of us learning each other to our very depths.

Our passion slowly grew to a fever pitch. Jill wrapped her legs around me and grasped my shoulders in her hands. I bore down on her like a jackhammer, letting my veiny girth brush her g-spot as I played with her clitoris with my hand. We came together, her velvety walls milking every last drop from my surging cock as I sprayed her insides with incestuous seed. Once I was done I stayed inside her as long as I could, letting her use her cunt muscles to play with me as I deflated. Finally, when that became too painful, I fell to the bed beside her. We were both breathing heavily. Gently, she kissed me on the lips before burrowing into me. We fell asleep entwined as lovers.


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