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A little fantasy story set in its own world. Hope you all enjoy! xx
Neeva could feel goosebumps down her arms as Kaisa applied some eyeliner to her. She was so nervous, but in a good way and Kaisa and the other girls had made her feel so welcome all afternoon. “There we go” Kaisa said as she finished off the eyeliner. “You look amazing” she added, taking in Neeva's beautiful face. She has big brown eyes and long black hair which she wore loose so it was a bit wild. Neeva had a wide smile with plump lips which Kaisa was now moving onto now with some lip gloss. “Don't be nervous either, you are going to do great, and I'll be there to help you too” Kaisa said with a reassuring smile. “Aww thanks” Neeva replied. Kaisa finished up with the lip gloss and took Neeva by the hand. “Okay, let’s bring you over to the couch” adds Kaisa, giving Neeva a quick look up and down. Neeva was feeling a little embarrassed as Kaisa looked at her naked body. She was a tall girl but not exactly buxom but had a nice round booty. She opted not to fully shave her pubic hair for this either so was sporting a bit of a bush, which was getting damp at the thought of what was to come. “Perfect” said Kaisa, guiding her over to the couch where the camera was set up for the pre-scene interview.


Kaisa was naked too, sporting her traditional wild curly blonde hair. She was a smaller girl than Neeva and was very toned with a perfect tan. Not being the only naked person in the room put Neeva at ease a bit and it helped her settle. She could still feel those butterflies in her stomach though and her hands were shaking a little in anticipation. She had never done this before and here she was with a beautiful girl fussing over her and making her look just right. Neeva was just hoping she wouldn't let anyone down today after how good they were to her. Sitting across from the couch was another girl, the director Carrie, a beautiful blonde woman who was older, probably in her 40s compared to Neeva who was just 22.


“So welcome Neeva! How are you feeling? Excited?” Carrie asked. Neeva knew the cameras were rolling so smiled back and nodded. She just added a quick “yeah” as she couldn't think of more to say. “Aw you seem a little shy, don't be! You look amazing, doesn't she Kaisa?” Carrie said. “Incredible!” Kaisa responded, spooning close into Neeva, just beside her left breast. “So why don't you tell us a little about yourself Neeva?” the director continued. Neeva plucked up a bit of courage and said “Hi, I'm Neeva, I'm 22 and I'm a law student and this is my first time doing something like this” she immediately giggled after, not being able to contain her nervousness. “Lovely, are you excited about what you're going to be doing today?” Carrie asked. Neeva blushed and smiled again; she had gone a little red too which showed up easily with her pale skin. “Well, your partner is going to love you! You look so hot!” Carrie said as Neeva replied with a quick “thanks”. Kaisa was playing with Neeva's left breast and was cuddling into Neeva who welcomed the attention. “Anything else to add before we get started?” Carrie asked, clearly seeing how nervous and excited Neeva was. Neeva responded “Well, I am ovulating today, which I hope helps, but I'm super ready and I just don't want to let any of you down”. “Oh, your partner will love that! Why don't you stand up with Kaisa there so we can take a look at you?” Carrie asked. Neeva stood up and did a little bit of a pose for the camera, her wide smile beaming as Kaisa felt around her body. “Our boy is going to love you Neeva, you're absolutely stunning.” said Carrie.


Kaisa then got down in front of Neeva's fertile vagina and started sniffing in at the hairs there. “Oh, she's definitely ovulating” said Kaisa, which caused Neeva to giggle. Kaisa then moved her mouth over Neeva's labia which caused Neeva to jolt suddenly. Kaisa began tonguing in at Neeva, which caused her right leg to slightly shake at the unexpected pleasure of this beautiful girl eating her out. Kaisa was lapping at the clitoris and then moving back down and in Neeva's now soaking pussy. She could feel the blood begin to circulate down there and that tightness in her stomach built up as she tried to contain herself. “You'll have to forgive Kaisa, she's a bit of a self-confessed slut truth be told!” Carrie said, clearly joking to try and put the girls at ease. Kaisa muffled a 'uh huh' as she continued to work on Neeva's pussy. “Anyway, whenever you're ready, your partner is in the next room there” Carrie stated as she moved back to behind the camera to help direct.


Kaisa moved away from Neeva's intoxicating pussy and stood up, taking Neeva to the centre of the room. She then got down behind Neeva and bent her slightly forward while spreading her pussy and asshole. “Oh my god, you taste so good girl! That is gonna be one lucky boy who'll get to have that!” Kaisa said, moving straight back in with her amazing mouth. Neeva was in heaven at this girls’ touch. She could feel the wetness build up and up in her pussy as Kaisa went to work. Neeva bit her lip as Kaisa danced her tongue down and around her folds before ever so lightly tickling her clitoris. An orgasm was building up in Neeva, who was now moaning. Kaisa then slid her two fingers into Neeva's wetness and began pumping and playing, slightly flicking as she did. This put Neeva over the edge as an orgasm took hold of her and she could feel her vagina responding with more fluid, which Kaisa was greedily lapping up. “Hmmm, I think you're ready now” Kaisa said, with a sudden stop which Neeva thought was very teasing.


Neeva could hear some scratching from behind the door where her male star was waiting for her. This was it, she thought. Her ovulating pussy was on fire at the thought of what was about to happen and Kaisa had made sure she was more than ready. The musk of Neeva's fertility was in the air as Kaisa walked towards the door. “Ready?” she asked, and Neeva just nodded her head firmly in response. Kaisa then opened the door and a large, jet black labrador came barrelling into the room, his tail wagging furiously. Neeva's jaw almost hit the floor at seeing this amazing male make his way toward her. He was so big and had large friendly eyes and his tongue was out as he panted. She got down to say hello to the dog who almost toppled her over, causing her to giggle and laugh. “His name is Milo!” she heard Kaisa say as she and the dog got acquainted. He was walking around her in an uncontrolled way, his tail constantly wagging as he licked in and sniffed around Neeva's face. He was giving her kisses which was making her giggle with joy as she petted and played with him. “Awww, I think they're in love!” Kaisa said as she watched on.


Milo was a big dog but was definitely not fat Neeva thought. He was lean and powerful but seemed oh so friendly. She was enjoying his kisses and attention as she laughed along. “Good boy! Good boy! I'm so happy to meet you!” Neeva said. All that nervousness that had built up earlier was completely dissipating as the big male dog put her at ease. Milo was still stalking around her, almost as if inspecting and guarding her, which Neeva thought was cute. He almost knocked her to the floor, causing Neeva to laugh more and then he kind of stood over her, craning his head down to her neck as he licked and sniffed his way around her willing body. Her vagina was pulsing in anticipation now, she loved foreplay, and this was some of the best ever. The dog was taking in all the scents and pheromones of his new mate and could tell she wanted to breed. Neeva looked down and saw it then, the lipstick of Milo's bright red doggy cock was peeking out from its sheath in anticipation of mating this bitch. Behind the sheath, Neeva saw the poor dogs enlarged testicles, clearly crammed full of doggy semen which needed to be pumped into the mating parts of a fertile female. It all felt so natural, so right. She had forgotten about the cameras and the audience; it was just her and this sexy male dog who wanted to fuck her senseless.


Milo licked down around Neeva's sensitive breasts and nipples which caused her again to giggle in a sexy little way. The dog was clearly enjoying his new mate, taking in all her scents and tastes. Neeva felt so attracted to him, how purposeful he was being with her – priming her body and making sure she was just right for him. He moved further down towards her soaking, fertile pussy and Neeva naturally spread her legs to let the dog inspect her mating parts. Milo sniffed in and began lapping at full speed, which forced an audible moan of pleasure from Neeva. He was lapping right in at her, clearly enjoying the taste and smells of an ovulating pussy and hitting Neeva's sensitive clit as he did so. Neeva almost instinctively raised her curvy butt up, giving Milo as much access as the dog wanted to her. Milo didn't object and continued lapping away, causing an orgasm to wash over Neeva. She bit her lip as she felt the waves of pleasure spread from her well-licked pussy and up and across her body. Milo finally relented and took a break from this amazing pussy which had enraptured his doggy brain. He stalked around again, and Neeva could see more of his wild, red doggy cock peeking from its sheath. It was leaking precum in anticipation of mating her and Neeva instinctively knew it was time.


Kaisa seemingly sensed this too and said “time for you two lovebirds to make babies I think! You are such a cute couple!” Neeva blushed as she sat up off the floor. Kaisa offered her a hand up, which Neeva took and stood up. Milo was immediately in at her curvy butt, sniffing and licking in at her waiting pussy. “Aww he can't get enough of you girl” Kaisa said, taking Neeva over to where the mat had been set up. Kaisa invited Neeva to get down onto the mat and Neeva obliged, getting down onto all fours. Her legs were spread, and her pussy was positively on fire at what was about to happen. Milo immediately darted back in, his amazing tongue getting more of that pussy he craved. He stopped and would stalk around her, his tail wagging non-stop. He stopped at her face and gave Neeva a few more kisses, which Neeva reciprocated by kissing him back. “Okay boy, come here!” Kaisa said and Milo darted back to where Neeva's mating parts were on display. Kaisa could see his poor penis throb as it excreted more precum and said the keyword to the randy dog - “Okay Milo, fuck!” With that Milo jumped onto Neeva's back and his cock was going buck wild searching for her fertile pussy. Neeva was gritting her teeth now as she felt Milo search with his humps. She could hear Milo whining on top of her as he tried to get his penis into his mate and Neeva just said, “I know boy, I know!”. Kaisa, seeing the difficulty, which was mostly caused by Neeva's amazing ass, got down and took Milo's cock in her hand and safely guided it towards Neeva's pussy.


As soon as Milo felt that warm, wet contact of a pussy, he started pumping like crazy. Neeva felt the air almost forced from her body as this new, wild, red-hot penis began pounding into her. It felt so good, his penis was massive, and it was growing bigger as he fucked her. It was so warm as well and she felt another orgasm flow through her. Milo was whining as humped this amazing pussy which was gripping and flexing around his penis. Neeva could feel that slight pinch as the doggy cock kissed her cervix which turned her on even further, causing an almost never-ending orgasm. She whined too as she let it roll through her body. She then felt a larger ball at the entrance to her vagina and knew it must be the knot. Milo was desperate to force his knot into his bitch so she could be bred properly, and Neeva felt the same way. She was trying to time thrusting back onto the knot, but the timing was off. That's when she heard Kaisa say “aww he needs to knot his bitch, let me help” and she then went under the mating couple and adjusted Milo's stance. This did the trick as with a big thrust, Milo lodged his knot deep into Neeva's pussy, which forced a low yell from Neeva at the unexpected size.


Neeva was in heaven at this point, flexing her pussy around Milo's massive, hot doggy dick as it lodged in her pussy. She could feel the knot growing bigger, hitting her g-spot and then felt one massive pulse as Milo began cumming in her ovulating pussy. Neeva could feel warm jets of semen flood through her cervix, looking for a fertile egg to hunt down. Milo's balls were now resting against the entrance to her pussy and were trembling as they flexed and pulsed, sending waves of doggy cum into his fertile mate. That pulsing of the knot against Neeva's g-spot just wouldn't stop as another orgasm rolled over her. Her pussy would respond in kinda, flexing around Milo's cumming penis and causing it to pulse inside her again, sending more and more cum up and into Neeva. Neeva's eyes were rolling at this non-stop pleasure and Milo's tongue was lolling out of his mouth as he came repeatedly into his bitch. “Look at you both!” said Kaisa, “you look so happy! What an amazing couple!” She then got down to where Milo's cock had lodged itself in Neeva and moved his tail for the camera. Kaisa made an 'awww' face towards the camera and then gave each of Milo's trembling testicles a kiss as they pumped more semen into their girl.


The couple stayed like this for about 15 more minutes, contently playing their little flex and pulse game. Milo was drooling a bit as he rested on top of Neeva's back, so content and happy. Neeva would whisper sweet nothings to this amazing male who was cumming inside her and the two were in a state of complete bliss. Neeva felt Milo's cock begin to soften and the knot began to deflate a little. Milo eventually then moved back and dismounted from his girl and Neeva felt a little sad and empty. She felt a little of his semen leaking from her pussy but that empty feeling was quickly gone though as Milo went straight back in with his tongue, cleaning up her pussy and trying to seal his doggy cum inside his bitch. “That is so sweet!” said Kaisa, watching the scene as Milo went attentively and purposefully in with his tongue at Neeva's well fucked pussy. Satisfied he had done a good job; he then went around to Neeva's face and gave her more licks and kisses to say thank you. Neeva was blushing and responded in kind, but then saw his wild penis. She immediately went to it and could see it trembling due to how sensitive it was after such a long cum. Neeva said a quiet “thank you” and then kissed the tip before licking down and around this amazing cock. She took it into her mouth, and it tasted a little salty and bitter, but she liked it. Neeva gently lapped at the penis with her tongue while lightly sucking it. Milo's hind leg was bucking at this amazing treatment which turned Neeva on even more, knowing how much he liked what she was doing for him. She licked up and down, making sure her mate was clean and once satisfied, sat back up. Milo got in beside her and began licking and sniffing in at her. Neeva felt so strongly towards this amazing dog and was petting him and kissing him back. “You two are so in love!” Kaisa said, giggling. Neeva just smiled in response and went back to playing with Milo.


“Cut!” shouted Carrie and a big cheer went up from everyone. Neeva, who had been so nervous had forgotten about the shoot in a way. She was too busy being enamoured by this canine who had just mated her. “You did so well Neeva!” Carrie said and then continued “I think Milo thinks so too!” Neeva smiled, putting her arms around the dog and said “he was amazing too” before giving him a kiss on his nose which caused Milo to smile and lick her back. “Want to do an after interview with us? The viewers love that” Carrie asked. Neeva nodded and got up to walk to the couch with Milo following right behind her, looking up at that incredible ass and that pussy he just fucked into next week.


Neeva and Kaisa sat down on the couch and Milo jumped up into Neeva's arms. “Well, aren't you two just made for each other!” said Carrie. Neeva giggled and nodded, hugging Milo and leaning down into him. “A bit lost for words?” Carrie asked and Neeva again just smiled and nodded. “I think she’s in love!” Kaisa said, which caused Neeva to blush. “I think he is too! He can't take his eyes off her!” Carrie added. Neeva composed herself and then just said “I can't deny any of that!” and the three of them laughed. “So how was it, Neeva?” Carrie asked. Neeva found her voice and said “Incredible, the best experience of my life!”. “So, I take it you'll be back?” Carrie asked and Neeva just nodded and added an “oh yeah!”. Milo was getting in at Neeva's vagina again, sniffing and licking. “I think your ovulating is getting to him!” Carrie said and Neeva gave a knowing smile and raised her eyebrows in a flirty way. “Well, we are a young couple in love so best let nature take its course” Neeva said. Kaisa then butted in and said what they were all thinking “wanna go again?” she asked. Neeva opened her mouth in feigned shock and then turned to Milo “What do you think boy? Wanna mate me again?” Milo's ears pricked up and he jumped off the couch, tail wagging and he began to pace in circles. “I think your boy needs your pussy” Carrie smirked. Neeva stood up and Milo went straight in and began licking her fertile pussy again. He was lapping away, and Neeva was in heaven. She had never had such a thorough, attentive lover before she thought. She turned around and walked towards the yoga mat. Milo was right behind her, his face buried in at that incredible ass and pussy lapping away and taking in all of his fertile mates’ scents and pheromones. Neeva felt so content and happy. It was love at first sight, she thought, as she felt her lovers incredible tongue lap away at her ovulating pussy. It was going to be a long day.

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