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Wyatt is gifted a pen that holds special powers
Chapter 12


Rachel was processing her thoughts, her head feeling dizzy from the wine and all the coursing emotions and feelings a whirlwind.

"I can ask him to turn on the television and put the remote in my lap" she offered.

"Your ghost is a he? How do you know?" Wyatt asked.

"I just do. Spirit..turn on the television and put the remote in my lap for Wyatt to believe me." she said trying to avoid that last question

Wyatt watched and as soon as her gaze went to the tv he stopped time. He quickly got up, grabbed the remote and began seaching for entity shows. He then went to where she sat.

He pulled her legging waistband away from her waist and admired the heavy wetness soaking into Robyn's panties. He reached in and pressed the panties deep between her wet sticky pussy lips, feeling his own cum coating his fingers. He made sure the panties were well wedged into her before allowing the waistband back. He then took the remote, and pressed it firm into her crotch, making it seem as if the entity had caused the panties to be wedged in her as a sign he was making sure she kept them on. Before he sat down, he wiped his cum coated finger under her nose and along her inner bottom lip.

Wyatt sat down, staring at the tv and put on his most suprised face as he started time.

"Oh my gosh Rachel...your so right" he said as he heard her gasp loudly and look to the remote and reach to pull it from her leggings that were pushed into her outer pussy lips.

"See.. i wasn't lying. My spirit is pretty smart" she said squirming as the panties were lodged so deep in her very wet pussy lips.

"I believe you. Are you ok? " he said acting suprised at why she gasped.

"Im fine. Im still just getting used to having a spirit around me. "

"I need to go get our dinner from the grill. Would you mind getting us some plates and silverware. There is also a salad and some cooked brussel sprouts in the oven that should be done."

"Absolutley. "

As Rachel put out the food on the table Wyatt became invisible. He walked in the house and went to Robyn's room where he opened her dresser drawers until finding her panties and bras. He grabbed a cotton bra and walked to the kitchen where Rachel had just put the salad on the table and was placing plates.

He walked up to her and gripped her hands stopping her. Rachel gasped feeling her hands held, knowing her spirit was here. She froze.

Wyatt pushed her tank top up so her full firm titties were exposed, her nipples instantly hardening. Her breath was fast, her eyes darting looking for her spirit. She saw a bra dangling mid air, as it was hanging from Wyatt's teeth as he held her.

He took Robyns bra, which was a 34a and Rachel being 34b was going to make for some interesting results as he put it on her. She had firmer bigger tits than Robyns that had to be squeezed into the bra. The cups biting into each tit heavily. He pulled the tank top back down, and the bra making it very evident she was wearing something too small for her as it pinched her tits out the top and sides, pressing into the tank top in a revealing way.

Wyatt took her left hand and positioned it on her left tit as if she was adjusting it and her right hand down her legging, pressing her fingers into the sticky wet panties wedged in her pussy. Rachel moaned "what are you doing spirit?"

Wyatt then clicked the time stop pen leaving her frozen like this as he walked away. He grabbed the chicken and plated it at the grill as he made himself visible and headed back into the kitchen. He set the plate on the table, took a good look at how he left rachel, then started time wanting Rachel to feel caught in a very uncomfortable position hoping to force her to open up more.

"Rachel?" Wyatt stood acting totally suprised at catching rachel with a hand in her leggings and a hand adjusting a bra she obviously didnt have on before or even fit into.

"Wyatt? I.., shit i can explain" she stuttered as she slowly slid her hand from her leggings, fingers evindently wet.

"Let me guess. Your ghost spirit?" Wyatt replied sarcastically.

"Yes! Yes ! Wyatt that's exactly what it is. I was just setting the table when he attacked me. He, he, well, i think he put a bra of Robyn's on me. I came over without one, ususally a tank top is good enough as im not too endowed, but, now this bra is obviously too small and i swear i didn't take it and put it on...please...Wyatt you have to believe me" she begged.

The look of desperation, worry and fear yet with a hint of excitement was making him very excited.

"Ok, ok, settle down. Lets, ...lets just sit and have some dinner and talk this over" he suggested as she tried to adjust the bra that was cutting into her breast.

"Good idea. " she replied sitting down hoping that the wetness hadnt shown through her leggings as she pulled her hand free.

Wyatt served up the chicken then sat and looked at her "ok, explain what happened. Tell me everything you remember. "

Rachel served her plate up and took a big swig of wine. "Ok, i was here setting the table when my spirit appeared and um, well, he raised my tank top and put a bra on me that was and is way too small, and then this is embarressing"

"Its ok rachel, i need to know everything so i can figure out how to help" he replied in a caring understanding way.

"Well, he pushed my hand into my , my, panties" she said but didnt mention they were not hers or how extremely wet she was.

"I see. Ok. Well, what do you think it means? " he asked wanting to hear her thoughts and let her think she has some control.

"I think because i have been summoning a spirit for so long. I don't want a boyfriend but, you see" she paused and took another hefty swig of wine almost emptying her glass.

Wyatt stood as he listened to pour her more.

"I just thought my practicing of light afterlife i could get a spirit entity, you know, maybe to come visit me." She said blushing heavily as she spoke and as she tried to adjust the bra easing the pain as it was pinching her breast sides and lower cup of her breast.

"That makes sense. I dont see nothing wrong there. It seems you have succeeded and should embrace it no?"

"I guess. " she shyly said as she fidgeted more with the bra he had put on her.

"So you think this bra is Robyn's?" He tested to see what she would say but also had an idea to push her along.

Wyatt stopped time as she figeted with the bra under her tank trying to get her breast to fit in the small a cups. He got up, walked over and pushed one strap of her tank top off her shoulder aling with the same shoulder strap of the bra. This revealed her upper left shoulder and upper bare breast.

He sat back down and looked to his plate as if taking a bit waiting for her reply. He restarted time.

"Yes it's hers, ..oh shit" she said quickly fumbling at the pulled down tank trying to get it up but the small bra being pulled down only added to her confusion.

"Rachel...what are you doing? Are you trying to remove that small bra?"

Fumbling with the straps she sighed "' , i wasn't even wearing" she spoke but was cut short as he stopped time again.

He got up walked over and pulled the other side of her tank top down, and unsnapped the tight bra, releasing her right breast as her hands were froze on her left strap.

He sat back down and made sure to be in the same position he was in as he started time. He acted even more suprised and shocked.

"Rachel!!...what are you doing?" He asked as he saw her jolt trying to get left strap up taking a split second to realize her entire right tit was out and the bra now unclasped.

"Oh fuck. I swear its the spirit, it has to be, how else would this happen...fuck i'm so embarressed" she said wrapping her hands over her breast as she was standing up.

"I need to go take care of this. I'm so sorry" she blushed as she walked to the spare room to get the small bra off. She closed the door and took a deep breath as she pulled her tank top off and tossed the tiny bra on the bed.

After adjusting her tank, being braless now, she put her hair back into a pony tail and went back to the table where Wyatt sat patiently waiting.

He immediately noticed her braless tits under her tank top, her small perk nipples standing out as she smiled sitting down.

"Im so sorry about that. I hope that helps you really understand now i am learning about my spirit that i seemed to have summoned." She explained taking a drink if wine and eating her dinner.

"Its all ok. I was just worried, but to be honest im glad you decided to just forgo the bra." he said with a wink.

After dinner they watched a bit of tv and as they settled into a movie.

With enough wine into her, Rachel began to open up wanting to tell Wyatt of him being a host for her ghost entity.

"Wyatt, i know this is gonna sound silly and youll think im truly crazy after learning im into the after life and think i have an entity or spirit or whatever, but, well, ive been told i have to have a host nearby for my spirit to come to me" she began then sipped her wine.

"What? What do you mean?" Wyatt asked acting suprised.

"Well, i have learned i need a host, or a person that has the energy to allow him, my ghost to appear, near me or withing a range. Im still learning that part. The weird thing is, and please dont think im totally looney, but, your that host." She confessed as she gulped another massive swig of wine.

Wyatt played along acting suprised. "Ok, wow. Well that's gonna take some time to absorb" he said rubbing his chin as he pondered it.

"Wyatt, remember at work when we examined Kate?"

"Yes, why?" He answered sitting up on the edge of the couch curious if she knew of what happened with Kate.

"Well, as you examined her, i think because you were there, and as the host, my spirit was able to touch me, feel me. It was very real what i felt" she confessed and explained hoping she wasnt sounding like a crazy woman who had it in her mind she was possesed by an entity.

"Ok. Well, that is definetely alot to take in. Tell you what, i think we should both get some rest, and in the morning go out for breakfast and just spend the day taking it easy." he offered as he stood up and took her empty wine glass from her.

"Your right. I think a good nights rest will do me good. Thank you for being so understanding Wyatt. "

"Of course. If you need anything just hollar. Good night" he said as he walked down the hall to his room and shut the door.

Rachel went to the spare room, readied for bed and climbed in leaving robyns panties on as the spirit had instructed. She normally slept nude, but tonight she decided to obey her spirit. She set her cell phone on the night stand and turned off the light. .


Saturday morning:

The sun shone in the room as rachel gave a moan as she woke to feeling her pussy being fucked and her breast groped and pulled. Wyatt had gone invisible and entered the spare room while she was still asleep and pulled the covers back revealing her all naked body except for the very damp panties she still wore that were now pulled to the side.

She looked at her legs suspended spread wide, her knees in the air as her entity was fucking her missionary. She moaned and reached for the hands on her breast feeling the fingers that groped her. "Fuckkkk yessss" she cried as the invisible cock that was spreading her pussy so wide drove deeper and harder, the room filling with the sounds of her sloshing pussy.

Wyatt pinched her nipples harder making rachel scream in ectasy "ahhhhhh yesssssss trwat me like a filthy slut.." she exxlaimed getting wilder and wilder gyrating her hips grinding back onto Wyatt's hard throbbing cock.

Hearing her getting so vocal and letting her self go was only turning wyatt on even more. He released a tit and gripped the panties he had pulled aside, ripped them off and pressed them into her nose as he slammed his cock harder.

"Mmmmm mmmm yesssss make me smell that sweet pussy...make me your bitch.." she cried as she gripped the panties inhaling them as her body trembled as a wave of squirt orgasm rushed wyatts invisible cock in her pussy.

Wyatt stopped, holding his cock deep in her. Her outer lips spread so wide only seeing a deep red stretched hole. He grabbed her phone from her side and opened the note window. Rachel was inhaling the cum and pussy soaked panties of robyns as she watched in amazement as her phone floated up and was being used. The phone twisted and the screen faced her. "You like pussy?" He wrote.

"Mmmm yes...yes. It's one of my secrets" she rocked her hips as she placed her feet on the matress to rock up and down on the cock buried so deep.

"Even Robyn's?" He wrote as he slammed his cock as he took a free hand and slid it under her ass cheek and found her puckered asshole coated in a sticky stream of grool.

"Mmmm fuck yessss....i've wanted her for so long. And now smelling her sweet pussy...mmmmmm fuckkkkk" she was so lost in ectasy.

Wyatt shoved his finger deeper in her asshole as his cock began erupting. Filling her with shot after shot of the heaviest cum load yet.

"Mmmm fuckkkkk yessssss use my asshole....make me Robyns slut....fuck i want Wyatt and his daughter mmmmm " she confessed as the totality of the even overtook her. She was confessing things to what she thought only a spirit that would keep her dark secrets.

Wyatt pumped his cum then stopped. He pulled from her pussy, taking his fingers and scooping leaking cum shoving them into her mouth with a hand and the other he wrote "confess to wyatt...tell him you crave pussy, that your a dirty slut" Wyatt wrote then left her on the bed in a sweaty cum coated mess.


Standing to the side, he watched as Rachel took the panties and wiped her gooey oozing cum filled pussy. She sat up panting as she licked and sucked the panties, her eyes closed, her body trembling with the after glow of being so thoroughly fucked. After a moment she stood up wanting to shower before heading to meet Wyatt for breakfast in the kitchen , hoping he hadn't heard her cries of pleasure.

Wyatt grinned , stopped time so he could safely leave the room by opening the door, then closing it, needing Rachel to fully believe he was truly a ghost entity. He went to his room, became visible then started time. He dressed in a pair of dark blue sweat pants and a tee shirt then headed to the kitchen. As he passed the spare room he heard the shower running and smiled knowing rachel was having to clean all that cum from her body and also figuring out how to confess her desires.
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