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Inspired by an adult visual novel. While writing, I added pictures to illustrate the action. Try it yourself. Makes the storyline pop.
Cody had to piss like a Russian racehorse. He was actually strangling his dick through his jeans as he hurried to the bathroom upstairs. Once he got into the short hallway Cody unzipped, hauled his pecker out and strangled it purple as he pushed through the partially open door to the bathroom. He was concentrating so hard on not pissing himself he didn’t notice the shower running. Cody didn’t even look toward it as he fixed his sights on the toilet.

Until Mom squeaked. She slid back the shower door and peeked around it. The door to the room was always open a bit when Mom showered. She said it was to let the steam out. Cody was just happy that it made it easier to peep her hot fuckin’ body.

Cody stopped dead in his tracks. His beefy cock was squished in one fist at the base. Every inch of it exposed to his very naked and sexy Mom.

“Oh god. Sorry Mom. I have to pee.”

Instead of giving Cody his privacy, Illysette followed him. Cat was out of the bag, now. The sudden surprise and then the mind melting vision of Cody’s superb cock (it was not Lys’s first time seeing it) bobbing in front of him as he hustled to the potty lit her up in a way she hadn’t been in a long, long time. Without batting an eyelash she scooted up close to her hard-bodied son of sorts, pressed her tits into his back, caught one earlobe between her lips.

“Oooo, sugar. I think you opened Pandora’s Box,” Lys breathed into Cody’s ear as she reached around him to hold his sweet penis as he peed. She stroked him, long firm strokes that ended with her boy peeing on her hand as she wrapped long slim fingers around the head of his masculine penis. She used the urine to lube her masturbation. Cody shivered against her. When he was done – and more than a bit hard – Lys looked into his eyes as she turned him to face her.

“You can say no to this, Cody. Do you want to?”

He just shook his head, eyes poker chip round. He let her undress him. When she crouched to help him get the jeans over his feet his cock head brushed her cheek. Quick as a cat, Mom darted her tongue out to lick the pee slit and that sweet spot under the knobby head before returning to the shower with him. She rinsed her mouth as she watched her boy soap up. Lys took over for him as he began washing his mostly hard cock.

Trapping it between their soapy tummies, Lys used her body to masturbate her boy. Looking into his pretty, dark hazel eyes she leaned forward and up to trace his lips with the tip of her tongue. Cody’s own came out to tangle and play with it. Lysette squeaked again when he tugged one nip out sooo far. Her puss gushed at the same time.

Not letting go of Cody’s dick, Lys led him out of the bathroom and down to his room. No sooner had the door closed behind them than Lysette was kneeling in front of her son.

“Baby, please. I want your cock between my lips. Ohhh, please let me suck you off, Cody. I know, it’s weird, but please please please put your dick in my mouth. I’ve dreamed of this, Cody.”

“Holy hell, Mom! Are you serious? I mean, uhhh, well, yeahhhh.”

Lysette laughed a bit as she tickled the sweet spot under the head with the tip of her pink tongue. Her hands clasped both of her son’s ass cheeks, pulling him eagerly toward her mouth. Lys jacked him with long strokes that made a nice bead of precum appear at the tip. Illysette painted her soft, full lips with the slippery, salty stuff before opening wide and fitting all she could into her mouth. One hand jacked him off between her lips and the other fingered her frothing snatch.

“We’re going to have fun, sweetie. Pandora’s Box is open.”

His cock was gorgeous. Probably the biggest she had ever seen outside of porn flics. Cody could BE in porn flics with this penis of his. Long, about as thick as her wrist, veiny and masculine with a photogenic head plump enough to almost fill her mouth.

Illysette lovvved to give head. She was a cum bunny from the word ‘go’. She gave her son the Royal treatment, worshiping his meaty treat with her lips and tongue. Lysette wanted it in her throat. She could do that sometimes but had never tried with a cock this big. She forced her face down, inching bit by bit with her lips the way a snake eats a meal. When no more could fit, (there didn’t seem to be a reason why, it just would not go into throat further), she got up and moved to the bed.

Laying down on her back with her head dangling over the edge Lysette licked her lips. “More, baby,” she mewed, reaching for him. Illysette let Cody pry her lips open with the slippery head of his dick, lapping at it. When a bunch of it was in her mouth she held him still, savoring the feel of him all hard and heavy against her tongue. Then Lys grabbed her boy’s ass cheeks and helped him get started fucking her face.

She slurped and purred, lapped and moaned, taking all he wanted to give her. Lysette let him do whatever he wanted with her lips and tongue and steamy mouth. When she felt a splash of precum stream onto her tongue she used it to lube him from balls to spongy head then forced more of his dick into her throat. This position worked perfect. Pretty soon Cody was feeding almost every inch into her, Lys’s nose and eyes covered by his ball sac and her tongue reaching out for more.

“Mom, ohhh fuck, you are gonna make me cum.”

“I want you to, honey. Cum on my tongue, sugar. I want your hot salty cream in my tummy.”

No sooner said than done, Cody began pulsing. A couple of seconds later, he pulled out, wrapped his dick in his fist and jacked off over his mom’s pretty face. The first shot came out so hard that it splashed off the corner of her mouth, shooting over her head. Mom reached up and guided the rest of his semen into her mouth. She was digging frantically with the other hand between her thighs as he squirted her so full some of his jizz leaked from the corners of her lips. Lysette wiped it up with the head of Cody’s dick then licked him clean.

Easing down after her own crushing orgasm, Lysette toyed with Cody’s penis as it softened a bit. They laughed together before curling up on the bed. Lysette lifted one thigh as Cody slid behind her, inviting him. In a heartbeat the fat head of his cock was splitting her glistening puss lips. She felt so full! Omigod, what a great dick Cody had.

“God, sugar. Don’t stop, push it all in me. I want your glorious cock in meeee!”

Cody responded. He had been peeping her forever. Had a ton of wet dreams that went just like this. Mom was gorgeous, uninhibited as hell. She hardly ever wore anything ‘ladylike’. Way more ‘Boy Toy’ than ‘Mom and Wife’. He shoved into her over and over again as she fingered her clit in fast circles while he stuffed her box full. When his ball sack started slapping against her ass Mom lifted one leg straight into the air.

“Cum in me, darlin. It’s fine. I want you to. Cum in me or on me any time you want to now, baby. . Ohhh Cody, I love your cock!”

That did the trick. He’d fantasized this for so long that there was no stopping after Mom said that. His dick went balls deep into her snug pussy a few more times before it began throbbing as Cody’s hot cum splashed into Mom’s soaked cunt. She squeaked as her own explosive squirting covered them both in girl cum. Feeling him start to pull away, Lysette stopped Cody. She begged him to stay inside of her. To coax that, she Kegled her pretty ass off, massaging his boner with her talented vaginal muscles. Cody stayed.


“Big surprise, right baby?” Lys giggled. “Don’t look so shocked, you’ve been peeping me since you were eleven, Cody. Why do you think I started leaving the door open some when I shower? Wanna know a secret? I peep you, too. In the morning before waking you up I get some Mommy time. It got ohhh so much better when you started sleeping naked after starting high school. I can get wet in an instant just thinking about the first time I saw your ‘morning wood’.”

Cody blinked. After showering he found her in snow white bra and panties, sitting on the living room floor drinking coffee. Mom was the MILF of Milfs. He was not the only one who felt that way about her. He’d jizzed himself a hundred times imagining what had just happened between them. He only had a towel around his waist. Damn if she wasn’t givin’ him another hard-on! She looked gorgeous and sexy. And did she really say he could cum on her or in her any time!? Because now he wanted to do it all the time. Hell, he wanted to do it now, again!

“Surprise is the right word, yeah. What just happened, Mom?”

“A new wrinkle, honey. I’ve had it up to here with your dad, Cody. I’m leaving him. Going to move onto the Toy. I thought maybe you might want to come with me?”

“Seriously? I know y’all fight more than before but divorce?”

Lysette nodded. “It’s not just the fights, sugar. He’s seeing someone else. I even know who. Was pissed at first but after kicking it around a little, it doesn’t seem too bad. We really don’t get along anymore. It’s as good a time as any to make a clean break. Annnd, I’ve wanted your pretty penis in me since the first time I saw it, back when you were a Freshman, just starting to play football. Do you remember that? Me helping you with your first jockstrap? You laughed and said it looked like “porn panties”. She laughed so hard the coffee almost spilled.

Cody blushed. He did remember though…

“Hiya folks. How can I help you today?”

“Shopping for football stuff, Stu. How’s the missus?”

“She’s good, asks about you sometimes, too. I’ll tell her you said Hi. So, what’s on the agenda?”

Mom had shut up then, just looked at Cody with a little grin. She was gonna make him ask!

“Uhh, Mr. Stuart..I guess I need a, umm..a jockstrap,” Cody finished in a rush with a blush.

To his credit, the shopkeeper didn’t make things worse. Mom did. She couldn’t keep the mile wide grin hidden. She poured fuel on the fire.

“Do they come in different sizes?” she teased with a twinkle in her eyes.

Mr. Stuart played along. It was mortifying but they eventually got what Cody needed. When they got back to the house Cody scooted for his room. He had zero idea how these things worked and ended up putting it on over his underwear. That’s when he heard the knock on his door.

“Can I come in, honey? You decent?”

“Yeah Mom, I guess.”

Cody was not at all ready for his mother to almost collapse on the floor, laughing. He blushed apple red, wishing an earthquake or an alien invasion would happen just then. It didn’t.

“Oh, sweets. I’m so sorry! But that’s cute. Honey, it isn’t how that works though. Can I help you, please? If you wear it that way, your new teammates are going to laugh you into the bleachers, baby.”

With no clue what else to do, Cody nodded. He couldn’t look into her face. Until she told him he had to take his shorts off. That made him look, alright.

“Cody, hello? It’s Mom? Do you really think I haven’t seen you naked?”

“Oh jeeez. Ok.” He turned his back to her, took off the jock then peeled his underwear off, too. He heard her giggling some more. Blushed some more, too.

“Baby, I can help you but it’s gonna be way harder if you don't turn around,” she said as she came up close behind him, his porn panties in one hand.

Something in her playful voice suggested she did not mean putting the jock on.

To make matters much worse, he was getting an epic boner. Mom was so friggin’ hot. He’d been peeping her for a few years now. Had fantasies out the ying yang about them together. She reached around him, holding the jock’s waistband in both hands. Both of her big titties pressed into his back, her warm breath in his ear.

“Step into it, honey. Let me help you get things situated, ‘k?”

He had the hardest hard-on of his young life as she bent down, rubbing against him, while he lifted one foot then the other. She slid the jock up his legs, taking her time, warm palms smoothing the waistband against his muscled belly, then used both hands to position the cup thingie around his doo-dads. Discovering his erection as she did. It was only later that he realized she could see the whole thing in his dressing mirror. When he felt her hands cupping his balls, then trying to hide his erection with the rest of the jockstrap as she got it positioned right, he almost shot his wad. She slapped him on the butt.

“And that’s how you do that, Cody doll. Turn around, let Mommy see if we got it right.”

“Umm, it’s right, I think. Thanks, Mom.” He could hear the smile in her voice when she kissed his shoulder then said “alright”, turning to leave.

“That was not the first time I saw your penis, either. It was the first time seeing you that hard, though. It’s when I started peeping you back, too. Baby, you have a wonderful penis. Something to be proud of, sugar. I’m looking forward to seeing it much more often. You’re much bigger than your dad, you know.”

Cody did not know that. It made him feel good for some reason.

“So, you’re serious? We’re going to move and live on the Toy?”

“Would that be so bad, Cody? You could stay here with Dad. It’d break my heart for awhile but it’s ok if that’s what makes you comfortable.”

His eyes widened. “NO! Umm, nutz. Mom, I want to go with you,” he said with still more blushing. “It’s just, you know, what about my friends coming over and stuff?”

“Well, why should that change just because we moved, honey?”

He had no answer for that.

The next few days were a rush. Whenever Dad wasn’t home, Mom dressed in even less than usual. She was lots more touchy-feely too. Cody spent almost every hour before the weekend with a perpetual half a boner. It was cool, but weird as hell. He thought maybe if he returned the favor things might be a bit more manageable.

Cody began touching Mom. To his immense surprise, despite the sex from earlier which he still could hardly believe, she ate it up. The first time he came up behind her, putting his hands on her waist so he could give her a kiss on the cheek, she squeaked. Turning to face him, Mom pulled him into a hug that pinned his growing erection between their bellies. She smiled sooo big, gave him a playful little bump and grind, said “That’s my young man. Yumm.”

Cody almost creamed his jeans.

Thursday night was a nightmare. Mom and Dad fought like pissed off cougars. Cody was afraid neighbors would call the cops but it didn’t come to that. No properties were very close together in this upscale community, but his folks gave it their best shot. Later that night she came to his room.

“Cody, can you get a couple of your friends to help tomorrow after school? We’re leaving, hun and I could use the help moving what we need to. I know I said it’d be the weekend but I won’t spend another minute I don’t need to with your father. It’s time, sugar. Are you ok with that still?”

He didn’t even blink. “I think I have a stomach ache tomorrow, Mom. Maybe Pete and Dave will too. That enough help?”

“Perfect. I love you, Cody. Get some rest. Big day tomorrow. Can I help you relax?”

Without waiting for an answer she knelt in front of his bed, pulled him close and tugged his shorts down. His almost hard cock slipped between her lips. He thought about Dad catching them for a sec then blew it off. Her disenchantment with him must have been contagious - or hard dicks don't have consciences. Mom’s mouth was magical. She was swallowing his cum in just a minute or two. Cody wondered if she’d go kiss Dad now.

“Hey, Pete. Dude, I need you and Dave to help me and Mom move stuff to the boat. After class is ok but I’m gonna skip the day. If you guys want to do that too I think you’ll enjoy it. Aside from the manual labor and all.”

“You talk to Dave yet?”

“Nope, can you get hold of him? I tried but no answer.”

“No sweat. A long weekend sounds great. I’ll get him. He won’t mind skipping out either. Your mom’s a doll. Hope she shows off that hot body of hers.”

“Oh, you can pretty much count on it, partner. See you around nine?”


Cody woke up with butterflies flitting in his tummy. Was this really happening? Him and Mom on a boat, by themselves, fucking whenever he wanted her? Did she mean it? He went downstairs in his underwear to get something to drink from the fridge. Mom was already up, cooking breakfast, enough for an army.

“Can’t make my helpers work for starvation wages, Cody. Good morning, sweets.”

She wore tiny cutoffs and a teeshirt. At least half of her astonishing butt was showing. The guys were gonna love it. When she bent to get biscuits from the oven a little piece of hot pink panty showed between her thighs. Cody’s cock twitched. She loved showing off her body. She really loved it when there were others around to see it. Yeah, they’d have to work today, but it was gonna be worth it.

“Can I help?” he asked, moving close behind her, hands on her hips. She leaned her head back, pushing her butt into him as she kissed his cheek.

“I’ve got it, darlin. Thanks, though. What do you think? Still excited to go?”

He pushed tighter against her ass. “What do you think?” Mom giggled and wriggled her heinie against his thickening dick. There was a knock, then Pete and Dave came in, calling for them.

“Yo! Schoolboy Movers. Ready to get this show on the road?”

Lysette reached behind herself and squeezed Cody’s cock. “Go get dressed. I’ll give you cover,” she said with a grin. She went to greet his friends. They stopped dead in their tracks when she came out. It was obvious that she was braless beneath the t-shirt and it got their attention quick. Or maybe it was her legs? Whichever, they froze statue still.

“Hi, guys! Thank you sooo much. We really need your help. Cody and I are moving to the boat and it has to be done in record time. Come on into the kitchen. Got some goodies for y’all.”

Lys gave them both warm hugs. God! Ya gotta love high school jocks. Her puss tingled as she felt the two hard bodies against her. Dave, the quiet one usually, held her hips with both hands as they hugged and damn if she didn’t go from tingly to wet in a heartbeat. Illysette was hoping today would be great earlier. She was pretty certain of it now.

Cody came down, they all shared breakfast and then it was time to get hoppin’. They were a couple of hours into it when she announced that it was time to take some of the stuff to the boat.

“Cody, you and Pete finish up what you can. I’ll take Dave along. We’ll be back as soon as we can get everything aboard the Toy.”

“Ok, Mom. Drive careful. We’re almost done here. Be ready when ya get back.”

“I brought the truck, Miz Ames. Be easier to use it, right?”

“My hero!”, let me grab my phone then we can scoot. Get some of the boxes into Dave’s truck guys?”

By the time she came back downstairs, they were hard at it. Lys pitched in and then she and Dave hit the road. The marina wasn’t too far away. Things were going great. This was gonna work.

She took off her sandals and propped her feet on the dash. Poor Dave had a helluva time keeping his eyes on the road. People said Lysette had terrific feet to go with her terrific everything else. Apparently, Dave felt the same.

“You like?” she teased, wiggling her long narrow toes. There was a gleaming gold ring on the second toe of both feet and she wore dark nail polish that popped against her mid-Spring pale skin. She made an effort to thrill him a bit. When it got too distracting Lysette reached out to pat him on the thigh, pretty high up.

“Get us there first, darlin. You can drool over my feetsies all you want later on,” she teased with a bright grin. Dave gulped at that. Lysette chuckled. “You’re cute.”

They got to the marina and the first person they ran into was Dusty, the marina’s jack-of-all-trades and resident heartthrob. He was in his twenties somewhere, tall, tanned almost mahogany brown already, with a startling smile and a pleasant way about him that got a bunch of the marina visitors and residents paying attention.

“Hiya, Miz Ames. What’s all this?”

“Moving aboard the Toy, Dusty. Wanna help? Dave, this is Dusty. He’s the glue that holds this lashup together. Dusty, Cody’s friend and teammate, Dave.”

“That’s what I’m here for. Good to meet you, Dave. Miz Lysette, why don’t you go put the Toy’s gangway down? We’ll bring this stuff up. You good with that, Dave?” He got an agreeable nod in return from both.

Lysette dashed down the pier. She almost never had the gangway in place. She said it kept the riff-raff out if they had to climb a boarding ladder to get onto the Toy. By the time it was in place, the guys had the first of the load on the way.

“Put it anywhere out of the way, fellas. We’ll get things sorted and stored later. I’m going to go to the Den and get us ice and drinks. Be right back.”

Everyone at the marina knew Illysette, or at least knew of her. Her ‘Second Favorite Toy’ was the best boat in the marina. She was quite likely the prettiest boat owner in the marina. She got a ton of attention on the way from the folks around. Lysette had a kind word and bright smile for all of them. She was feeling better and better about her decision. By the time she got back all the goodies were aboard. They helped her with the ice and Cokes, sat for a bit to catch their breath.

“I didn’t think you’d ever get the Mister to live aboard, Miz Lysette. Good on ya. The Toy deserves residents. It’s a beautiful boat.”

“Oh, Jake’s not coming, Dusty. Long story. Another time maybe? Right now this is home for Cody and me.”

“Huh. Didn’t see that one coming. Still, you guys will be a welcome addition to the scenery, if you don’t mind my saying.”

“See?” she asked, turning to Dave, “This is a flirting class from a Master. Notice how he softened the effect by including Cody in that? Sneaky young fella.”

Dusty grinned, caught being cagey. Dave looked like he wanted to take notes. Everyone finished up. Dusty took their trash with him as the others headed back to the parking area.

“Be back in a bit, Dusty. Thank you for the extra muscles, honey.” Lys gave him a hug that Dusty returned enthusiastically. “Ready, Dave?”


Pete and Cody pushed to get everything packed up while the other two were gone. It wasn’t too big a chore. They didn’t need to take any furniture, it was mostly clothes, food, and personal stuff. Some pots and pans and dishes. Stuff like that. They had plenty of time to shoot the breeze.

“Dude, I am so fuckin’ jealous. Living with the MILF of Milfs on a boat? Holy cow. I’d give my left nut for that. Your moms is a sight for sore eyes here, can’t imagine what it’d be like to see her in a bikini all the time. I’d have priapism.”

Cody laughed. “Yeah, Mom is perfectly capable of causing permanent boners alright. But hey, feel free to come out to the marina. It’s almost sailing season, y’all could come out with us when we take the Toy here and there.”

“Yeah? I’d kill for that.” Pete showed a distressed grimace. “Sheesh, sometimes I forget she’s your mom. Sorry.”

“It’s cool, Pete. I know just what you mean. You know she’s not my real mother, right?”

“No! I didn’t. What’s the story there?”

“Mom and Dad got road-raged to death. Jake is my dad’s uncle. He and Lysette took me in because there were no other close relatives. So, I’m adopted, I guess. Never really got the skinny on the particulars but I’ve been with them since I was a kid.”

“Ohhh, yikes. If that had happened to me I’d have been creeping her like mad. She is so friggin sexy, dude. You ever do that? Peep her any?”

“Like, since I was eleven or something. The woman cannot be resisted. She is such a showoff. Loves being looked at. Hell, she even leaves the bathroom door open when she showers if Dad’s not home. I’ve spent half my life with a hard-on. You should see her naked, Pete. Omigod.”

“I want to see her naked! Holy smokes. I’d friggin’ pay to see her naked.”

Cody grinned. “Keep your fingers crossed, amigo. Never know what the day might bring.”

It surprised Cody that he never felt weird or possessive when his friends talked about how desirable and sexy Mom was. Just the opposite. He thought it’d be hot to see Mom get with his friends. One of those fantasies that sprung up one day watching net porn. She was designed from the ground up to be a sex toy. The perfect porn starlet. That got him thinking but the truck pulled back into the driveway with a horn toot to announce their return.

“Omigod! Y’all are done? Yippeee!” Illysette was thrilled. “Ok, Cody. Last pass. Go and make sure you have everything. I’m going to do the same. Guys, don’t leave. I still need you, ‘k?”

“Yep. We’ll get the last of this loaded while y’all do that. We can caravan out to the boat and leave from there after we get all this unloaded,” Pete said.

“Cool. I have a better idea but it’ll keep for a bit. Be careful. Don’t strain any muscles you might need later.” She gave the boys a sassy wink, took Cody’s hand and headed upstairs.

When they were upstairs, she pulled Cody into her room. “I have to ask you something, baby. You know we aren’t going to be like, I don’t know, a couple? Right?”

“I get that. I’m just a kid. A pretty happy one, though.” Cody grinned. “Mom, we’re both going to get with others. I know that. I’m good with it. We can share, can’t we?”

“Darlin, you are perfect! Yes, we can. Share and share alike. Go get your stuff. Let’s get out of here, baby.” She tapped a long slim finger against her plush lips. “You know I’m not your mother?” He nodded. “How ‘bout if we drop the Mom thing then? New beginnings and all. Would it bother you to call me Illysette? Or Lysette? Or Lys? You know, something more familiar and not so shocking when strangers see us together?”

“Illysette, I would be honored,” Cody said with a flourishing bow. “Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

“Oooo, I just adore you! Go. Get busy.”

“Ok, Lys. But I might still call you Mom sometimes, just for the fantasy value.”

“You are a yummy, bad, boy.” She gave him a quick kiss. “Now scoot. I can hardly wait to get you guys alone.”

Boing! Instant boner. This was gonna be a fucking blast - or a blast, fucking!


Dusty must have been busy. He was nowhere to be seen but Lys and the boys were up to the challenge. They had the stuff aboard in no time. She thought they might have been putting in extra effort to impress her. It worked. Seeing the three hard bodied high school jocks all glistening with sweat, muscles pumped from all the exercise, got Lys pretty damp herself.

She and Jake took Cody in not long after they were married. Both of them in college still. Illysette still had not seen her thirtieth birthday. It was not exactly a May-December thing. Two of the three, Cody and Pete, were seventeen, Dave, a year older. If she squinted her eyes a little, it didn’t seem too awful weird to be thinking about sex with them. Cody did not seem put out with the thought of her with other guys. Maybe??? Lysette got wetter by the minute. In any event, it was time to give the guys a little reward for all their effort. After getting all the stuff stored where it belonged Lys called for break time.

“Guys, I love you! Give it a rest. We’ve done enough for the day. Let’s soak up some sunshine, nibble a little. Y’all earned it, big time. Get comfy. I’m going to wash up and get changed. Be right with you, fellas.”

The Toy was absolutely perfect for entertaining while being just as pleasant as a live-aboard. Below decks was an amazing salon (the only nautical name for things she used, it sounded sexy somehow) with a separate restroom (she hated nautical speak for some reason and refused to call it the ‘head’.) Across from it was a gorgeous shower room with plenty of mirrors, enough room in the shower for several people under the waterfall shower head as well as separate nozzles in the walls. Almost a stand-up Jacuzzi. She did not bother to close the door as she showered. The stairs (ok, ok, ‘ladder’) from topside split the two rooms. She heard the boys coming below and her breath hitched. They went to the well-appointed kitchen (“Galley” as Jake always corrected her) and came back with Cokes and some snacks. When they returned to the salon all three stopped dead. Illysette was fully visible in the shower through the clear glass door.

“Oh. My. God.” Pete gasped. Dave, as quiet as always adjusted his junk with his free hand, wearing an appreciative smile.

Illysette was real ready for this! She slid the shower door open, gave them a few seconds to catch their breath. “You guys want to shower, too?”

She never saw them move so fast. Not even at practice or during games. Clothes seemed to just jump off of the boys. Lys giggled even as her puss began oozing a cool trickle down the inside of one thigh. It was a little crowded in the shower but not sardine packed. Every move though had one or more of them rubbing against her. She was in seventh Heaven. They took turns washing one another. It surprised Illysette to no end when it turned out to be quiet, reserved, Dave who was the first to soap his hands and begin washing her puss. Lys expected Cody, or Pete, who always eye-fucked her to pieces when he was over, (Lys loved that about him) to be the assertive one.

Cody wriggled around until he could wash her back – and butt. Poor Petey needed a little coercion. Must’ve been shock. Lys took his hands, poured body wash into them then guided him to her boobs. Lysette had the first of what she hoped might be many orgasms feeling that. It became a monster cum when Dave put first one, then two, of his thick fingers inside her spasming pussy.

“Omigod! Yesss, guys. I’m yours, fellas. Let me thank you for all your hard work. Let’s rinse off though. We could use a little more room?”

It was Cody who nixed that with a grin. He put a hand between her shoulders to lean her forward a bit. Lys felt his spongy cock head pry her slippery lips apart. Dave gave him room, moving his hand out of the way to rub her clit while Cody sank every bit of his slick meat into her. She was close enough to Pete’s face to kiss him and did just that as she reached for both his and Dave’s cocks at the same time. Her tongue tangled with Pete’s as she moaned into his mouth.

“Oh god, boys. This is so nice. Cody baby, fuck me, honey.”

It surprised her a little that there was no reaction to seeing their friend buried to the balls in his mom’s puss. Lys figured they must have talked about it at some point. All the better. No awkward nonsense, just straight up lust between three horny teens and a very willing MILF. Illysette laughed happily then began thrusting her hips back into Cody’s as he teased her with long slow strokes of his wonderful cock. She turned her head to make out with Dave for a bit, too. Her hands never stopped jacking them off. Neither boy was as well endowed as her Cody but they had nothing to be ashamed of. Lys was a very lucky lady.

One that got even luckier in a minute.

“Ahoy there, maties! Permission to come aboard?”

Dusty was here. Her Guardian Angels were working overtime.

Cody slipped out of her, wriggled around. Pete ended up in his position as he wrapped a towel around his waist and ascended the steps to invite Dusty aboard.

Lysette was quivering. She bent way forward, turned on the shower heads in the walls to rinse everyone and slid her lips over Dave’s erection as she reached between her thighs to pull Pete into her throbbing cunny. In a flash she was cumming some more. Pete was almost frantic, his hands on her hips as he drove all of himself into her soaked snatch with horny bunny speed. Lys moaned and took almost all of Dave’s prick into her steamy mouth. He was leaking streams of salty precum onto her tongue as she did a sexy bump and grind that sank all of Pete’s cute penis into her liquid center. She felt a monster orgasm coming as they heard Cody and Dusty coming back down below.

Dusty had a satisfied grin as he and Cody watched the show from the doorway. Illysette could not believe how erotic she felt. Her boy was watching her get fucked silly. And he brought help! The familiar flush/sizzle that preceded a crushing orgasm spread through her tummy.

“Oh god, guys. Don’t make me wait. Don’t make me beg! Give me your cum. Hurry. I want it sooo bad.”

She was looking at Cody and Dusty with half-closed eyes as her legs began to quiver. A few seconds later Pete pulled out of her drenched pussy and squirted ropes of scalding cum on her back and heinie. Lys let her tongue go crazy on Dave and a minute later he came so hard and so much in her mouth that some of it leaked onto her chin before dripping off onto her breasts. As soon as she swallowed it all Illysette screamed as a bone-rattling orgasm shook her. If not for Pete’s strong hands on her hips she would have collapsed.

After catching their breath the three of them washed the goo off and came into the salon. Illysette was not the least bit embarrassed. This was a fantasy come true for her. She loved the idea of being the feature in a wild gangbang with a bunch of fit, horny young men.

As soon as they were all together with more room to play Lys turned to Dusty. “Gonna be a party-pooper?”

“Ohhh, not hardly.” Dusty stripped out of his clothes and the four boys surrounded her.

Lysette didn’t know whether to pee or go blind. This was incredible! Four buff fuck buddies with nice hard dicks and all for her! She felt like a lottery winner. What a helluva first day of their new lives. It was nowhere near over, either! Omigod.

The guys ravished Illysette! She lost track of who was in her puss or her mouth. They used the salon like a gymnasium, positioning her on sofas, tables, the teak decking, against the walls (yes, yes, friggin ‘bulkheads’, damn it). It took forever to wear them out a little. Lys laughed happily as they collapsed into various places, breathing heavily. All of them a cummy mess.

“Alright, back into the damn shower. We’re not messing up my new house! It’s gonna be crowded but I, for one, am not going to complain.”

The boys chuckled and did as Lys said. They washed one another with a minimum of fuss and no injuries then got out to dry off. “I’m going to have to get more towels if this keeps up, gents. Thank you sooo much for all of this, the help moving and all the rest, too,” she added with a sexy wink. “Take a break, I’ll whip up something to munch. Y’all are going to need your strength.”

“Hey, Miz Lysette? I have another idea if you’re interested,” Dusty piped up. “There’s a ‘Best Bikini Bod’ contest to kick off the weekend at the Pirate’s Den tonight. Free food, hot bodies and a ton of fun. The boys can come. They’ll just have to wear bracelets that show them to be underage so they can’t have alcohol. What do ya say? I can almost guarantee you’ll win. The defending champ is hot but you are head and shoulders better. Feeling competitive?”

How can I resist? Her exhibitionist muscles were flexing like crazy. Illysette lived for attention, this was a tailor-made opportunity! Lysette did not waste another second deciding.

Cody? Guys? It’s the weekend, why don’t you go talk Pete and Dave’s folks into letting them spend the weekend with us? You could tell them I’m taking the Toy out for a shakedown cruise or something. We could really do that too if Dusty can get the time away. The Toy really needs a crew of three. Cody’s getting pretty much up to snuff as a boat driver, but we could use your expertise, Dusty.”

“It’s early season yet, Miz Lys. I don’t see a problem with getting the weekend off,” Dusty replied. “I think it’s a pretty good idea on a lot of levels.” He wiggled his eyebrows, making her giggle. “I can help y’all get more practice, teach you some of what y'all might not know, give the Toy a thorough check ride at the same time. I’m in, for sure.”


The boys took off to get permission and some stuff they’d need in Lysette's car, leaving Dusty and Lys aboard. She didn’t bother dressing, so neither did Dusty. She got them drinks, spiking the Cokes with some of Jake’s good rum, then came and sat beside him.

“Whew! I’m going to be sore tomorrow but oh god it’s worth it. You guys are fucking animals!” She giggled and clinked glasses with him. Lys leaned her head against the back of the sofa. Her chest lifted, making her boobs stand out. Dusty winked at her then leaned over to lick one tingly nipple.

“Yummm. Gotta love horny young men. Keep that up, tiger. Got some other spots that deserve a lick or two, too.” She made Dusty jump when she ran the cold, sweating, glass up the length of his softened prick. “Be happy to return the favor.”

“Your wish is my command, Mistress.”

Lysette giggled more until he put his cold glass against her puss. She gasped, then again when he took it away, leaned down and lapped her from her t’aint to her clit. He alternated those until Lysette’s eyes rolled back in her head and her thighs quivered, a keening mew coming from her pursed lips. He took her glass, put it on the table then moved so he could lift her thighs, spreading them to expose her glistening pussy lips.

“Oh god, Dusty. Please! Yummm, stuff your sweet cock in me. I want it sooo bad. I don’t think I’m ever gonna get enough of you guys. Fuck me to pieces, darlin.”

Dusty pushed her legs up until her knees were on the cushion at her sides, spread wide as Lys held her ankles up by her ears. He licked her like crazy. Her puss, her asshole, the insides of her quivering thighs. Then he fed his cock into her, and she just melted. Dusty long stroked Lysette's clenching twat until he was good and wet then began pumping into her harder.

“Oooo, fuck. Dusty, do that. Take me hard. Give me every inch, baby. Pound my hungry cunt, sugar. That's it. Don’t be nice. Take me, Dusty. god..” To emphasize that she bounced up into him as hard as she was able in that position. Illysette felt his dick head poking at her cervix. Dusty was stuffing her full.

He leaned down to lightly bite one of her nipples as he drove himself balls deep into her juicy snatch. Faster and harder. Grunting as his nuts slapped her ass with every plunge. He grinned as she screamed. Before she could get off he pulled out of her, grabbed her hips and rolled her none too gently onto her tummy. He positioned her knees on the couch, ass high in the air then stabbed his cock into her some more. She squealed under him.

“That’s it, baby. Use me up. Ohhh, yummm.”

Her screams of pleasure were muffled as he forced her face down into the cushions. Lys’s head was reeling. Dusty was using her like he owned her and she fucking loved it.

He banged her twat roughly then pushed a fingertip into her tight little asshole. Getting it wet with her juices and his own precum, Dusty pushed into her up to the first knuckle of his forefinger. He fingerbanged her tight tush in time with the pounding thrusts into her sizzling pussy.

“Oh Lord, Dusty. Are you gonna fuck my butt?”

He told her to take a deep breath and hold it until he said to let it out, then do that slowly. The stunning blonde dolly nodded quickly before doing what he’d ordered. Dusty eased out of her sopping cunt, leaned down to tongue her asshole. When he had her lubed up, Dusty wiped the head of his dick on her slippery snatch then positioned it against her tiny brown hole. He pushed until the tip was almost piercing her then said, “Ok, sugar. Real nice and slow. Let the breath out.”

Which was a good thing because Lys was going to pass out, from pleasure or asphyxiation she wasn’t sure. The breath whistled from between her pursed lips and in an instant relaxed her sphincter muscles. His bullet shaped head slid into her butt, easy peasy, like magic. Lysette gasped. It was not the first time she had done anal but it was certainly the most comfy start to that she’d ever experienced.

“Ohhh god, Dusty. Where’d you learn that? Gimme a sec. You’re so big. Let me, ‘k?”

Illysette began pushing her hips at him while Dusty held still. As she sank further onto his piercing prick precum seeping from it lubed her some more. She pushed back harder, sinking more of him into her.

“Now, baby. Now. Ohhh, Dusty, fuck my ass, honey. Give it to me!”

So he did. Dusty lengthened his strokes letting her get loosened up before speeding up himself. In a minute he was balls deep in her. She seemed ready so he began pumping her harder, hard enough his nut sack slapped against her damp puss and exposed clit. Lysette moaned under him, her hips bumping and grinding. Dusty grabbed them, pulled her forcefully against his belly, drove into her as hard as he thought she could take it. The girl went ballistic. One hand reached between her thighs and she stuffed three fingers into her dripping puss, her thumb massaging her clit.

“Dusty baby. I’m gonna cum so fucking hard! Oh god don’t stop while I do..”

Illysette reached for one of his hands, put his thumb deep into her steamy mouth then sucked it hard as she got off. She almost never squirted but for damn sure Lysette did this time. It wasn’t like the porn movies, a massive flood, but it was enough to splash against Dusty’s crotch and thighs, dripping down onto her already soaked puss, lubing it so he could drive her even harder. The dark haired cutie began alternating between her butt and pussy. She threw her hips at him, trying to make Dusty cum as hard as she had. This was delicious! Lys wanted sex like this with the guys all the fucking time!

“Lysette, (the first time he’d never prefaced that with ‘Miz’) I am just gonna flood your tight little ass. Baby, hang on. I’m cummming…”

Dusty moaned as his spitting cock emptied his balls into her fabulous ass. Holy Christ! This woman should be in porn. She squirmed and squealed, fucked him back as hard as she could. It took a bit but she used her muscles to milk every drop of cum out of him. He leaned down to kiss a damp trail up her back as she collapsed underneath him. Her purring made him smile.

“All good, Miz..”

She turned to look over her shoulder, reached behind her to pat his hip. “I think we’re friendly enough we can do without the ‘Miz’, Dusty. How ‘bout you?” Lysette sighed as he slipped out of her with a slight ‘pop’.

“Again, wishes and commands, Lysette. Let me get something to clean us up. Relax, I’ve got you, baby.”

She got a warm flush that turned her not yet tanned skin pinkish. How sweet. Lys mumbled, “Uh huh. I’ll just lay right here if you don’t mind, darlin.”

Dusty chuckled. He got a wash cloth and towel. He came back to sit on the deck next to where she lay on the sofa. Using the warm wash cloth, Dusty blotted the cooling cum from her, patting her puss gently to clean it up, too.

“Go shower, Lys. I’ll clean this up some before it stains then join you.”

Getting up slowly, she made her way forward to the shower – again! “I think I need to add you to the crew, baby. You take such good care of me and the Toy.”


It wasn’t hard at all for the guys to get permission. Ever since they were snot-nosed kids they were always staying the night with one family or another. Dave lived with his grandparents which might have had something to do with how quiet he was all the time. Pete’s folks were just happy to get time to themselves. Pete was a little hyperactive. They probably heaved a sigh of relief as the boys headed back to the marina.

“Dude, I thought my eyes were gonna fuckin explode! Now I ain’t bitching but what the hell got into your moms? For that matter, when did you start getting into your moms? Ay yi yi.”

“New thing, Pete. Took me waaay by surprise. I’ll tell y’all how it happened one of these days. Just as soon as I believe it myself. Good stuff though, right?”

Ol’ quiet Dave suddenly piped up, “You got that nailed, Cody. God, your mom is a firecracker. It doesn’t make ya feel weird though?”

Cody and Pete both looked at their friend in surprise. Dave almost never volunteered conversation. He’d answer if someone asked him something but otherwise mostly kept to himself. He was an only child, like Cody both his folks had died. He grew up with grandparents who were cool and all but didn’t have anything in common with them other than a bloodline. Cody and Pete were his only close friends. Only friends at all when it came right down to it. He was the textbook definition of introvert except when it came to football, which was the only sport he played.

“Ho! The Sphinx speaks! Mark your calendar, bro.”

Cody chuckled, “I’ve known for awhile she wasn’t my real mother. They told me about what happened to my real parents when I was about ten. Not too long after that, I was creeping her every chance I got. The sex stuff just started though. She and Dad are splitting up. It’s been intense for most of the past year. She just finally had enough and decided to sow her wild oats I guess. Lucky me! Well, lucky us now, too.”

Pete asked the question Dave didn’t. “And you ain’t jealous or nothing?”

“Oh hell no. I don’t even know why. Blame it on internet porn, I guess. I’ve fantasized a zillion scenes with her, she makes it easy. So this is just one of those dreams come true things.”

“Dude, I am going to friggin stow away on your boat. I swear to God.”

“I don’t think y’all need to go that route. Looks like Mom – she’s asked me to call her by her name, you can too, I figure – is sort of fond of having you guys around. And that Dusty dude, too. Got a feeling we’re all going to spend quite a bit of time aboard the Toy.” He gave them a sly grin. “If y’all want to, of course.”

Dave rolled his eyes and snorted, surprising them again. Was the Sphinx coming out of his shell?

“Like the Stones sang, ‘Wild, wild horses couldn’t drag me awaaay…” Pete did a pretty good Jagger imitation.

Cody put the car in the resident lot. Pete and Dave moved the truck over from the public side to park next to him. It was early still for the marina’s busy season. Nobody was gonna bark about it and the security was better, fenced, with its own gated entry and good lighting. They grabbed their stuff, locked the vehicles and headed off for adventure of a sexual nature, each with fantasies dancing in their imaginations.

“Luuuuucy! I’m hommme!”

Cody’s mom stuck her head over the railing, “Get up here then. I want to pull the gang plank up before the revenuers get here to bust me for child endangerment!”

Dusty leaned with his forearms against the railing, a pleasant smile on his face. When they were aboard, he winched the gang plank into its stowed position. Lysette came over to the boys. Cody noticed she was walking a little gingerly and asked about it. Dusty glanced at her to see how she’d handle this, a small grin on his face as he finished securing things on deck.

“I might have pulled a muscle or two. Been awhile since I had so much exercise.”

None of the boys batted an eyelash. Pete volunteered to massage the ouchies away. Dave gave her a thoughtful tilt of his head before glancing at Dusty coming back to where they gathered on deck. Hmmm… Cody just took it in stride, neither suspicious nor concerned. He was a little sore himself.

“Go stow your gear, fellas. Pick a cabin – NOT the Master. That belongs to the Captain. You’ll have to mutiny to get that one. Mush, boys. Things to do, places to be.”

“Aye aye, Skipper. We hear and obey. C’mon dudes, wait til you see what the choices look like. The Toy would be a five star establishment if it was a hotel or something.”

Lysette went below after them, Dusty got her attention before she was down there.

“I’ve got to go tell the Boss I’m takin’ a couple of mental health days. I don’t think there’ll be any problem but you never know.”

He started for the boarding ladder when Lys had him wait. She chuckled to herself because there was no doubt she had a mean and vindictive streak in her makeup. Tapping one of her fingertips against her lips she plotted and schemed for a minute, then nodded decisively. Lysette had just the right lube to grease the wheels a bit. Served her asshole ex right as far as she was concerned.

“Ooops, didn’t think about that much. Hang on, let me put something presentable on and I’ll go with you. I have a plan.” She winked, then called down to Cody and the guys, “Be right back, boys. Gonna go spend a bit of Jake’s money.”

There were two entry/exits to the Master cabin. One through the salon and a separate one that led topside from inside the suite. She scrambled down to her cabin, changed, then came back up to join Dusty. His eyes popped. She wore tiny, fringy, cutoffs. A short, mostly unbuttoned jean jacket with nothing under it and gold, heeled and strappy sandals.

“Oh my, the guy who made the Daisy Duke comics had it all wrong. You are pure destruction on traditional themes, Lysette.”

“I am gonna steal you away from Harry and Veronica, Dusty. What a charmer. Let’s go thrill people, honey. I’ll tell you my plan on the way.“

The two of them caused quite a stir as they made their way to the marina’s office. Lys had to agree. She and Dusty made a cute couple. He was buff, tanned and gorgeous. She was a dyed-in-the-wool exhibitionist and walking wet dream. A match made in Heaven. Half a dozen people stopped them to chat and drool before they could get to the Boss’s office. It wasn’t too much different when Harry, chief cook and bottle washer, took his glasses off to clean the lenses as Illysette walked in with Dusty so he could see her better.

“Good gracious, Miz Ames. We have to discuss advertising campaigns, please. You look stunning.”

Lysette grinned. “If Ronnie catches you flirting like this she’s going to sink your dingy, Harry. How are you? And that stunning better half of yours?”

“We’re both good, thanks. Although I suppose my day just got lots brighter. What can I do for you?”

“I need the expertise of your resident roustabout, Harry. I’m getting the Toy ready for the season a little early. Cody and I are moving aboard. I need to borrow Dusty for the weekend to get his input on what she’ll need to be shipshape. I already know for sure that some electronics updates are in order. We’ll need first class wi-fi and nav stuff for certain. Dusty will probably add to the shopping list if you can do without him for a bit. What do you say?”

From behind her, coming out of a separate office, Lysette heard, “The miserable old coot says yes, Miss Lysette. How be ya?”

Harry’s wife, Veronica, smiled and came up to give Lys a warm hug. “Haven’t seen you in a coon’s age, Missy. Did I hear ya right, you and your boy are taking up residence on the Toy? There’s a good story there I bet. I won’t pry, though. Be a bit before things get poppin around here. Good time to snatch Dusty up before he’s busy as hell later on. Any idea where y’all are goin?”

“Not yet Veronica. Figured I’d let Dusty have some input on that if you guys could spare him. Could use his sailing expertise, too. Cody’s coming along fine but the Toy really ought to have a crew of three, especially since she’s been moored alongside for as long as she has. Don’t know if anything’s broken or worn out. It would suck damsel fish if we had to get towed in or worse, swim back.”

“Do the ol’ man some good to get his carcass out and about for a little and do some actual work. Get his heart-rate up some, maybe get some use out of him for a change.” So sweet that sugar would not melt in her mouth, she added, “Ain’t that right, hubby?” She gave Lys a sly wink.

“I’m outnumbered. I surrender. May be older than hell but I’m not so stupid that I’d go against the she-devil here. Have a good shakedown, I say.”

Giving the two her brightest smile Lys thanked them, invited them to come aboard for a barbecue after they came back then turned to Dusty who had not said word one since entering.

“First Mate, figure out what we need to do this, get it over to the Toy, ‘k? I’m going to head back before Cody and his friends pull a drain plug or something. Thanks again, you guys. I’ll give him back, I promise.”

She gave both of the marina owners a hug before leaving. “You’ve got our credit card info already. Send an invoice later. If there’s too much to move, give me a call. I’ll send the boys over to help, Dusty.” She left the office and took her time getting back. Had more planning to do. Maybe making a ‘wish list’ was more accurate. Oooo, yummm. Revenge and crazy sex. What a wonderful cocktail. But first, a bikini contest to win. Her smile was brighter than sunlight.

Lys climbed back aboard. There was an appreciative whistle from somewhere that made her grin as she ascended the boarding ladder, half of her heinie exposed. Mercy, how she adored attention!

“DON’T repel boarders, you scalliwags! I come bearing news.”

The guys came topside. “Cody, honey, we jumped the gun. Get the ramp back in place. Dusty will be along with some provisions and stuff we’ll need for the shakedown cruise. Show the guys how to do it, too. Going to make them earn their keep.” She caressed Pete and Dave’s cheeks as she went past, on her way below to figure out which suit to wear tonight.


She was having a tough time trying to figure out which suit she wanted to show off. Not only had she never been in one of these contests, she’d never even seen one. The boys came down when they were finished so she recruited them.

“Park, fellas. I need some help choosing a winning swimsuit. I’ll model, y’all vote, ok?”

“Ohhh, twist my arm. After someone pinches me so I know I ain’t imagining this.”

She grinned at Pete, went to her stateroom and stripped. It was a tough decision. Exhibitionist fantasy that she was, Lysette had a bunch of sexy swimsuits. She began sorting through them, trying each of’em on. They had not been used for months. Lys wasn’t sure if they’d fit the way they used to. Then she gave herself a soft face palm. That’s what the boys were for!

She put on a translucent, Arctic white dressing gown and decided to do her makeup and hair while waiting for Dusty to get back. He was the only one of them who had seen one of these so that made him the resident expert. Lysette figured he’d be able to tell her what might or might not work.

“Gents, I decided to wait til Dusty gets back. He’s the ‘local’ here. He’ll know best what might or might not be a winner. I still want your opinions though so don’t get lost anywhere.”

“I vote you wear that, Lysette!” Dave blushed clear to his toenails. “Sorry, that came out without thinking. But damn.”

Everyone looked at Dave. A minute later they were all laughing. “Boy, you are really comin outta your shell,” Pete said. “But I have to agree. If it’s an option, that is a winner, Miz..uhhh, I mean, Lysette.”

With a happy grin Lys sat down in the salon with them. The gown fell to either side of her hips, exposing long, lovely legs. Just because she could, Lysette pretended the tie had knotted. She let the dressing gown open all the way as she ‘fixed’ it. You could have heard a pin drop as their eyes bulged when she was exposed. Lys was damp in seconds. This was gonna be so damn cool. She got it fastened again then told them she was going to make herself beautiful and to let her know when Dusty returned. She did not bother to close her cabin door, a subtle invitation. Lysette wondered if anyone would take her up on it.

Cody did. “Lys, you are going to be the death of me.” He came up to her at the dressing table as she was experimenting with hair styles. His arms went around her, warm palms flat against her firm tummy. He kissed her under the ear, whispering, “I’m going to die real happy, though. Wanna fuck?” Then he licked a long damp trail with the tip of his tongue up her throat, not stopping until he could nibble her earlobe.

“Nope,” she teased, seeing his eyes widen in surprise. Smiling at him in the mirror, Lysette licked her lips with the pointed tip of her very pink tongue. “I have something else in mind for my boy.” She turned to face him, untied the gown again then sank into a crouch in front of him. Lys tugged his trunks down, leaned forward to sip at the head of his stunning cock.

“Baby, I absolutely want to be able to comfortably deepthroat that monster of yours. How do you feel about letting Mom practice?”

“Omigod.” He couldn’t think of a single argument against that idea.

She took her time, lapping and nibbling his thickening erection. While it was still soft enough to do it, she engulfed it in her mouth. It made her quiver as she felt Cody grow. One of her very favorite things to do. Lysette loved the feel, loved the power she had to make a cock hard between her lips. Her tongue tickled the sweet spot under the head, making it twitch as it spit out a shiny bead of precum that she licked away before going back to worshiping his dick.

“Yummm, sweetie. More please. I love the way it feels when a man’s penis grows between my lips. How heavy and warm it is against my tongue, feeling it throb there. Feed your magnificent cock to me, babe. Don’t be shy, push it in as far as you can. I really want you in my throat, honey.”

Now jizz wasn’t beading, there was a near constant stream of precum flowing into her mouth. Lys felt wonderful. Cody pushed, both hands mauling her tits as he forced his erection further into her mouth. When she gagged a little as he poked at her throat Cody started to pull out. Lys stopped him, her fingernails digging into his butt to coax him deeper. Thinking of the anal session with Dusty Lysette took a deep breath through her nose, held it a sec then let it out slowly as she tugged his hips. Just as it had before, it relaxed her muscles and the head of his prick slipped into her throat. Her eyes widened like a frightened faun as he began thrusting into her. More of his cock disappeared into her hungry mouth. Lysette took his hands from her titties and placed them at the back of her head.

“Help me, baby. Push. It’s fine. I want this so much more than you know,” she purred as she backed off for another full breath. “Fuck Mommy’s mouth, sweetheart.”

It was like getting the combination to the vault. Cody moaned, his cock suddenly throbbed. He pulled her head toward him as he forced his cock into her. Lys’s eyes watered a bit but she didn’t gag and she didn’t stop him. Purring and moaning came from her as her son fucked her face. Incredible.

“That’s it, Mom. Be my little cumslut. I’m gonna fill your belly full of hot, nasty cum. You like this don’t you? Getting face fucked like a tramp, feeling my cock dig into your warm wet mouth and throat? I know I like it. I fucking love treating Mommy like the cocksucker she is. Open wider, bitch. I want all of it in you. Wider!”

She was cumming like a freight train. Omigod, where’d this come from!? Lysette mewed the way a hungry kitty did and not just for the feel of his cock in her. It was the forcefulness and dominating, abusive direction Cody gave. She moaned louder and pulled him harder against her face. She didn’t get it all the way in but not for lack of effort. Hers and Cody’s. Lysette allowed him to use her mouth and throat any way he wanted to. When it was obvious that it was not going to work yet Cody pulled his dick out then slapped her cheek with it. Once, twice, three times, before fisting it as he stuffed some into her mouth. He jacked off between her lips, telling her what a shameless slut, what a tramp and harlot she was. Lys could not stop the machine gun orgasms that rattled through her.

As sudden as surprise he tangled one fist in her thick hair, yanked her head back. “Open the fuck up, whore. Eat my cum. NOW!”

Tears of gratitude came to her eyes unbidden. Lys opened her mouth as wide as possible, sticking her tongue out. He beat off with one hand, cock swollen and reddish-purple as the other pulled her hair even harder. She squeaked. Then he was filling her mouth with his steamy, salty cream. Lysette shuddered into a mind melting orgasm as ropes of cum splashed onto her lips and tongue while Cody growled what a cum guzzling slut she was.

When no more was spewing from the angry red head of his rigid dick he pulled her face to his crotch. “Clean it, cunt. Get every fucking drop you cocksucking tramp. Every drop or I’ll make you wish you did. Don’t waste a bit of it, bitch.”

Now tears were freely running down her cheeks. In the back of her mind, Lysette was glad she had not started her makeup yet. Oh sweet Jesus, where did this Cody come from? Lys was going to cum herself to death. The orgasm just would not stop! No one on Earth had ever treated her this way. She was dumbfounded how exciting and sexy being dominated, practically raped, could be. Lysette moaned some more as she lapped and slurped her boy’s weapon clean. Her chest heaving, Lys begged Cody for more.

When she had him clean as a whistle, Cody pushed her roughly away from himself. He snarled, a dangerous glint in his feral hazel eyes. “Clean yourself, bitch.” Her adorably abusive boy left her laying on the carpet of her cabin, hitching breaths escaping her. One hand found its way to her soaked sloppy puss as Cody disdainfully turned his back on his abused mom and left her a shattered, very happy, puddle on her stateroom floor.

Dusty had not come back yet. Lysette was grateful for that. It took quite a bit of time for her to compose herself. She looked at herself in the mirror. Girl, your seventeen year old just taught you something about yourself. Who would’ve guessed that was going to happen today? Wow and wow some more. That was intense, sexy and illuminating. She might not wish for that as a steady diet but for certain Lysette was going to explore it some more. She peeked out the doorway. The boys were not in the salon anymore. Lysette was glad. She hurried to the shower for the umpteenth time. (She was certainly going to be the cleanest contestant tonight.) There was an unknown energy flowing through her still tingling body. Never felt anything like it. It was delicious. She washed, then went back to her cabin to pick up where she’d left off. Lysette decided on a hairstyle, fixed it just the way she wanted. After that she kicked around makeup. There would be lights, of course, but the Den was large enough that there would be some shadowing too. Dark eye makeup could make her look like a raccoon because of her complexion if the stage was lit wrongish. She decided on a lighter but startling coppery color that stood out against her pretty much untanned skin. Added ‘cumslut' red lipstick, not gloss, actual lipstick. She smiled as she thought of how Cody had used that term. It was the perfect complement to her gleaming white teeth. She put the dressing gown back on, tied it up, then went to find the boys.

They were on the fantail. There were comfy seats, a nifty barbecue set into a corner that also held a small fridge, a bar sized sink and storage for spices and the like. Cody could not bring himself to look at her. Apparently, he had startled himself as much as her. Lysette wanted to fix that pronto. She got a bottle of iced tea from the fridge, parked herself between Cody and Dave. Laying her head on Cody’s shoulder for a moment before giving him a warm kiss on the cheek, she took one of his hands in hers.

“Baby, you were magnificent,” she whispered breathily into his ear. “We really need to talk about that some. I love you and I am not hurt or bothered by what we just shared, ‘k?”

Like a light switch, Cody’s whole demeanor changed. He turned to her, gave her a gentle kiss followed by a very relieved smile. He gave her hand a squeeze that she returned. Neither of the other boys paid much attention. Except to her legs and titties. And in Dave’s case, her tootsies as well. Thank God for raging hormones.

“I wish Dusty would get his cute tush back here. I’m hungry enough to start fishing for dinner.”

“You rang?” Dusty came through the open sliding glass doors of the salon. The doors, when opened, made the fantail and its more intimate seating an extension of the main room. He sounded like that Frankensteiny Adams Family dude.

“Ah, the Prodigal Mate returns. Wonderful. The agenda is as follows: A) Help me and the boys figure out what suit I’m going to wear and B) Get me fed before I go all cannibalistic.”

“Not a problem at all, Skipper. First, let me show you folks the competition. These are the top 3 from the last go-round. They’re all regulars, enter a bunch of different contests, Best Bikini, Tiniest Bikini, Hot Legs, Wet T-Shirts, you name it.”

He sat on the edge of the small table in front of them and they gathered around as he pulled up photos on his phone.

“No comments from the peanut gallery, if you please. I readily confess to keeping weasel squeezin material on my phone. Meet Katy, Alicia and Paloma, y’all.”

A leggy, fun looking redhead and two brunettes, one lush and busty, the other with a Victoria’s Secret quality body. All three were gorgeous. Dave rubbed his crotch because all three also had wonderfully attractive feet, shown off to best advantage in very tall heels. Lysette was happy to see she had guessed right about the stage lighting. Bright smiles, each stunning in her own way, teenie tiny bikinis that left almost nothing to the imagination. Lys wondered. She didn’t have a suit like that and said so.

Dusty passed the phone to Cody and told him, “Drool, drool, pass. Just like smoking dope.”

“Not to worry, Lysette. The three of them are dancers at one of the topless joints near the university. You do what you know and understand, right? These girls know that guys will pay for skin, that’s all. Yeah, they’re all hot but the real advantage for them is they have wide recognition because of their ‘day jobs’ and because they’re frequent competitors. There’s a following of sorts, a built-in fan base.”

He chuckled. “None of them are afraid of bribery, either. Occupational hazard, lots of dancers will hook if the money’s right. Payout for most of these contests is around 500 bucks for First Place. Strutting around mostly naked and dealing out a strategic BJ or two is an easier way to make money than dancing is so they hedge their bets with sex when they can. Kinda have it down to a science.”

“This is not exactly inspiring, Dusty. Sounds like a stacked deck.”

“Simple Economics and Psychology, Lysette. The status quo is always toppled eventually for ‘New and Improved’. You are an unknown quantity, at least as far as the contests go. On top of that you’re blonde, stunningly beautiful, built for sin and, ahem, a little older.”

“You, young man, are wasting yourself. You ought to be in politics. But I think I love you.” All the guys laughed. “I reiterate, I don’t own a bikini like those and there’s no time to go find one.”

“I know you wanted the guys here to weigh in on this but if you three will accept the advice of an insider, I know precisely which bikini Lysette needs. You already have it, too,” he said, turning to face her. “I’ve seen you in it. The slinky black one with the silver embellishments. It does amazing things for your hips and boobs, makes your already long legs miles longer and the Brazilian bottoms are sexy and just different enough to highlight your own spectacular tail while being a bit teasy and frustrating. Everyone is going to look at you and want more.”

Lys smiled brightly enough to pierce fog banks. “Yep. Politics for sure.” She turned to Dave. “I have the perfect heels to go with that suit, too. You’re going to melt, Dave. Back in a few minutes. Don’t go away, gentlemen.”

The first thing Lysette noticed when she came back out to them were the delighted smiles. The next thing was Dave adjusting his doo-dads. He simply could not take his eyes off her feet. The heels were more than four inches tall and there was no hint of platform. They stressed her calves to perfection, lifted her tush and made her curvy feet into Modern Art.

She had fussed with her hair some, freshened her makeup and posed proudly for them, turning in a slow pirouette to give the boys the full effect.

“Yikes, Lysette. ‘And the Winner is...ding, ding, ding.’ I stand corrected. You’re built for sin AND porn. Sweet Jesus, darlin.”

Illysette gave him a grateful bow, almost spilling her titties out of the top of her suit.

“You beasts are terrific for my ego. So, who wants to take me clubbing?”

Just before they left, Cody retrieved the translucent white coverup she had been wearing. He helped Lysette into it, took his time getting the tie just right. It highlighted more than covered the black swimsuit, calling attention to her body. Guaran-damn-teed to get folks paying attention to her even before the contest began. The others high fived him.

“Niiice choice, Cody. Lys, you’re gonna slay tonight. I promise.”

It was a little tricky getting down the ladder in the heels. She could have used the ramp; it was still down but Lys felt like rewarding her supporters. Lysette let them get down to the dock first. Four pairs of eyes, and four at least semi-erections followed her every move. She felt like a succubus, one of those hypersexual demons of lore. They were mesmerized and she was getting wet. Not damp. Frigging wet. These guys really were good for her ego.

“Shall we?” she asked taking Cody’s arm on one side and Dave’s on the other. She leaned over to whisper into his ear. “I promise I won’t take the heels off when we get back, sweetie.”

They had more than a bit of attention paid on the way. There were nearly a dozen folks on their path to the Den and it seemed she stopped nearly a dozen hearts. Auspicious beginnings as the Chinese might say. Finding a table on the edge but near the front they got comfy while their resident ‘insider’ went to put in their orders for food and drinks. A peppy, cheerleader type waitress brought their stuff to the table when it was ready, along with bracelets for the three high schoolers to keep them away from the booze.

“Ohhh, dear. I feel an upset on the way, Dusty. Miss Lysette, you are fucking stunning, excuse my French. Where did you find that suit!?” The girls talked for a minute or two before Suzy, as Dusty introduced her, reminded the boys, “You can be out here on the patio all night guys but can’t come in the Den except to use the bathroom after 7 p.m. Show starts at 8. Good luck to you, Miss. I don’t think you’re gonna need it though. Get my attention if y’all need anything. Enjoy yourselves.”

Lys was starving. In a moment of clarity (and maybe exhibitionism?) she took off the white coverup so she wouldn’t drip ketchup or something on it. It had the effect of one of those ‘E.F. Hutton says’ commercials on everyone within eyesight. They all stopped. There were even a few dropped jaws. Her puss tingled. This was just what the doctor ordered. Well, this and food. Illysette dug in.

There was a DJ spinning danceable stuff to fill in the gap before the contest began. After their table had been cleared by Suzy with Dusty’s help, Lysette put the coverup back on, tied loosely. She coaxed and pleaded and threatened the boys with walking the plank if they didn’t all dance with her. The time passed quickly. She was having a blast. Oh Lord, if only Jake would show up! She laughed hard. To hell with that slug. Lysette had what she wanted. Attention and rampant desire, in spades. It would be a great date even if she didn’t win. Then the lights on the stage came up, the music changed and the MC for the evening, Garrett Hughes, owner of the Pirate’s Den came out.

“Welcome, one and all. Glad you showed up. We’ve got a terrific show for you. Hang onto your seats and guys, keep some napkins handy. I think you’re going to need them. Ladies, if all our contestants would please join me backstage, we’ll get this wagon train rollin’. Get your drinks or potty breaks now, folks. Y’all won’t want to miss a minute of this!”

Lysette had a beautiful, radiant smile and it was going full bore as she got up, took off the coverup then handed it to Cody. She gave them all light kisses to keep from messing up her makeup then strolled, almost as if she were on a catwalk, across the room to join the other girls backstage. She was shocked to find that there was not a hint of nervousness in her. All the pregame attention and exercise on the dance floor had done away with it. Lys sizzled and she was well aware of it. This was gonna be so damned cool!

After getting the rundown on how the contest worked (Lys was not the only newbie) all thirteen contestants were brought up onto the darkened stage. Hughes came out, moved to the front edge so his audience could see him.

“Ladies and gents, wait no longer. Here they are, your contestants for the Pirate’s Den Best Bikini Body! Let’s give these sizzling femmes fatale a rousing welcome!”

There was raucous hooting and hollering with thunderous applause. These sorts of events drew large crowds from the surrounding area to the Last Harbor Marina and the Den. There were several hundred fans applauding their butts off, loudly calling for their favorites to win as the stage lights came on to reveal the baker’s dozen of fine females dressed to thrill. Good-natured squabbles sprung up here and there in the audience.

“Ok, folks. That was the appetizer. Entree is coming up. Ladies, if you’ll please go backstage again, we’ll get crackin’ here.” The girls filed off the stage, flirting and waving to their admirers and supporters. Shortly after, Hughes got the contest started. “Without further ado, Contestant number one, please join me on stage.”

A delightfully busty brunette with a glittering thong suit made her way into the spotlight. Hughes introduced her as she preened and posed for the crowd. That pattern continued while the boys and Dusty waited for Lysette’s turn. She was the first of the newbie contestants to make her way up. Lys had known Garrett for a few years. She got the crowd roaring as she approached him, kissed his cheek then pinched a different cheek making the audience laugh when Hughes gave a cinematic yelp before introducing her. Her crewmates gave her a standing ovation and were joined by more than a dozen others rooting for Lys.

The MC worked through the other contestants who got much the same treatment from their own supporters.

“Okie dokes, time for the first cut. Get a drink while the judges tear their hair out trying to decide, folks. We’ll be back in just a bit. Drink up, get snacks, place bets, do what you have to while y’all wait. The girls will be back for Round Two soon.”

Hughes chased her down backstage. “Hi, Illysette. I didn’t realize you had entered. First time, right? How have you been?”

“Howdy, Garrett,” she replied, giving him a warm smile and a high five. “Heard such nice things about these events that I just couldn’t resist. Things are going better than I could have imagined. Will be even finer after I win tonight, darlin.”

He grinned. “Gotta give it up for a confident, lovely woman. Glad you’re here. Best of luck, Illysette.”

He moved off to schmooze with the others too while they waited for the first elimination votes from the judges. Five minutes later he was center stage announcing the women who had made the cut. That process continued for an hour or so then the lights went down again, the DJ cued up a dramatic drumroll and the final three came out to vie for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place. They were in shadow, but the boys could easily recognize Illysette and their mouths went a little dry. Dusty sat at the table with a self-satisfied expression, his arms crossed over his chest with an ‘I told ya so’ grin on his face. He winked at Cody.

“Lights, cameras, action!” Hughes announced. The stage lights came up again and Lysette stood in the center, holding hands with the two others, arms extended over their heads. The finalists waved and blew kisses to the frisky crowd until the MC got the noisy audience gentled down again. He introduced the girls by name.

“Here they are folks. Your finalists for the Pirate’s Den Best Bikini Body. Best of luck, ladies. Judges, if you please?”

Less than five minutes later, Lys stood in the center still, this time on the First-Place podium. One of the three girls Dusty had shown them earlier stood with her, taking Second and an athletic blonde with a gymnast’s body and a barely there bikini took Third. Lysette bent forward as Hughes hung the blue ribbon around her neck. A gold medallion hung from it between her breasts. Then he awarded the other two finalists. Someone handed each of them a bouquet of Spring flowers before Hughes made a big deal out of presenting them with their winnings in the form of over-sized checks.

“Can I pick’em or what?” Dusty grinned, clapping Cody on the shoulder. “Mom did good, kiddo. C’mon guys, let’s go get her.” They made their way toward the stage and Lysette happily but carefully went from the stage to being supported on Cody and Dusty’s shoulders as they paraded her around for a bit before returning to their table. People constantly reached out to touch her. Illysette hoped the wet spot between her lovely thighs wasn't too noticeable.

“Omigod! Ohhh, Dusty. You’re a wizard!" She hugged his face between her boobs. "Cody, I won, honey!!” Lys leaned over, cupped his cheeks in both warm palms and smooched her boy loudly.

She was laughing and waving to the roaring audience as she sat atop her supporters’ shoulders. Pete and Dave, mile wide smiles on their faces helped her down when they got her back to their table. She jumped up and down, arms overhead, almost bouncing her boobs out of the bikini top as she basked in the approval of the huge crowd, waving the bouquet and her First-Place check in the air. Then she put those on the table and drew the four boys into a happy group hug. She was flushed and her nips were so hard they could have blinded someone if she poked them in the eye with’em.

Hughes came over after he was finished up to congratulate her. “Not too shabby, Illysette. Congratulations. Tell you a secret, you were my choice to win, too. Just ravishing.”

She wrapped him in a fierce hug. “Awww, Garrett. You’re a doll. Thank you so much. This is just wonderful, but it was a group effort.” She introduced Cody, who Hughes hadn’t seen for some time then Pete and Dave. Of course, he already knew who Dusty was. “I would not be here without these guys. Thank you so much for the opportunity to shine and make them proud of me.”

A whole receiving line of well-wishers came by to compliment her but mostly to give her hugs that smooshed her pretty body against their own. Lys gave them just what they wanted and relished the sneaky gropes she got in the process. She didn’t take her seat until everyone who wanted to had congratulated her. Illysette plopped into her chair and let out an explosive sigh.

“I can hardly believe it. Thank you so, so much, guys. Dusty, prescient First Mate of mine, what are the chances of getting a pizza or two and some beers to bring back to the Toy?”

“I can make that happen, Skipper. No sweat. Bask in the glow awhile. Be back soon.”

She sat between Cody and Pete, a warm hand on their thighs. Lysette stretched her legs under the table to put her feet in Dave’s lap. His eyes did that thing like the dog in ‘The Mask’. He unbuckled the ankle straps of her heels, took them off and massaged her feet for her.

“Sexy shoes, Lysette. Not very comfy though, I’ll bet.” He looked happy as a clam.

“Ooo, another prescient in my crew. I’m a lucky girl. But I promised. They go back on when we’re aboard the Toy again, honey.” Lys gave him a wink and wiggled her toes in his lap.

It took forever for their food order but she didn’t mind. A trickle of well-wishers still came by the table to drool or congratulate her. She was shivery with delight. What a day! Lys wished she could buy a Lottery ticket before midnight somewhere.

Dusty finally showed up again with their food and drinks. Cody took the pizzas from him, Lysette picked up the beach coverup but didn’t put it on, Dave carried her shoes and Pete just ogled her with his mouth watering as he snagged the big check from the table before they made their way back to the Toy. They ran a gauntlet of still more well-wishers along the way but finally got home. Lys opted to use the gangway this time and the boys followed along like happy ducklings. She could feel four pairs of eyes on her ass. It made her smile bigger still.

They took their food and drinks onto the aft deck and dug in. Dusty got ice and a cooler from the galley for the beers. Chatting happily, they ate til they were stuffed then relaxed into the comfy chairs. Lysette wiggled her toes at Dave.

“Put the shoes back on, sweetie. A promise is a promise.” His hands shook as he did what she asked making the others chuckle. “Cody, when you’re done why don’t you get the Jacuzzi filled and warmed up? We deserve a break today. Apologies to McDonald’s.”

“Aye aye, Cap’n. On the way. It’ll take a little while.”

“We can figure out something to do in the meantime, I’m sure, honey,” she replied with a promising smile. “First things first. As Master of this seafaring vessel I am declaring it officially clothing-optional.”

After turning down the lights in the salon to give them some concealment she was the first to get naked (except for Dave’s shoes). It was getting late enough, and the Toy was large enough that for someone to see them they’d have to really make an effort. Cody came back to find four naked people basking under the starlight. He joined in an instant. The aft deck looked like the aftermath of a Black Friday sale at a clothing store. Stuff was strewn everywhere. They chatted, drank more beer and waited for the tub to heat up. It was comfy and sweet.

“Fair warning, plans are to be underway by 0900 tomorrow. Hangovers and exhaustion be damned. Until then, let’s play, fellas.”

Lysette began the night’s festivities by easing her tush into Dave’s lap, her calves over the arm of his chair, putting her feet on display for him. He leaned over, lifted one leg and kissed her toes in the heeled sandals she wore just for him. Lysette purred. He got a hard-on pretty quick. Feeling playful, Lys wriggled in his lap until his erection poked from between her thighs.

“Ohhh nooo! Guys, I just grew a penis!”

And that’s precisely what it looked like as she wet a fingertip in her mouth to tease the head. Everyone chuckled. “Dusty? Come over here, sugar. You deserve a reward for your guidance." She reached for his stiffening dick as he came closer. She began masturbating both him and Dave. When Dusty was up, she leaned her head back and guided his cock between her lips. Cody rose, went into the salon and came out with a pair of cushions from the sofas there. He laid them on the deck.

Lysette growled playfully then hopped off Dave and laid back on the cushions. She took Dusty in her mouth again, cocked her knees up and spread them before motioning Dave over to slip his pecker into her. He lifted her legs to put her ankles on his shoulders so he could continue his foot worship as he screwed Cody’s mom. She giggled around Dusty’s erection. With both hands she motioned for Pete and Cody to join them. Wrapping her warm slender fingers around their dicks, Lys masturbated them. She almost wished there were cameras out here to catch this. Her tongue worked overtime – and magic – on Dusty’s cock. She let him control the action. He fucked her mouth with slow, patient, gentle thrusts. Dave was a little more excited. She took her mouth off Dusty to ask him to cum on her, not in her. Lysette planned to share her pussy with all four of her guys. No use making someone take sloppy seconds. A few minutes later his warm cum splashed onto her tummy. He offered to switch places with Cody, who declined and urged Pete to get in the saddle. Pete put his hands under Lys’s knees, pushed them back, tilting her shaved puss up before stabbing his own boner into her. At about the same time Dusty squirted thick salty cum in her mouth. Lys swallowed it all then licked and slurped his cock clean. He traded places with Cody. Once Lysette had gotten the boys off, she got up, grabbed a dish towel from the small sink, wet it and wiped her tummy and chest clean.

She figured the hot tub ought to be good to go by now and led them to it, naked but for the sexy sandals. By the time they got there, Dave was hard again. My oh my, how this young man adored tootsies. She took the heels off before climbing in, positioning Dave across from her. The others climbed in with them except for Cody. Illysette began using her cute feet on Dave’s throbbing cock. Cody gently tilted her head back against the side of the tub and eased his cock between her lips. The guys were being so gentle and careful with her. It was adorable. She was surprised she had not reached orgasm yet but it was fine. They were helping her fulfill a number of her fantasies, she could wait. They had lots of time before they had to get the Toy pointed out to sea.

Cody called Pete over and they took turns pushing their dicks into Lysette’s steamy mouth. Dusty sat on the side close enough she could masturbate him at the same time as she satisfied the others. While Cody waited for his turn in her mouth again, Lys jacked her boy off, keeping his massive pecker hard. This was incredible. She had never been with more than two guys at once. Illysette had always wanted to be the center of attraction in a group grope, now it had happened a couple of times in one day. She set her sights on a new goal: Being the main attraction in a blow-bang. There was time. Dave stood up, came across the pool to her, strangling his throbbing pecker. Pete let him in and he jizzed into Lysette’s mouth. He leaned down to kiss her softly before taking his place again with her feet in his lap.

Illysette was amazed and thrilled. There was no hint of competition. Each of the boys was careful not to foul the hot tub with cum. They were gentle and easy with her. It was the perfect cap to a perfect day. Tears of happiness flowed down her cheeks.

After Pete got off on her tongue the boys left her there to go clean up the mess on the fantail. Dusty must have been in the same mood as she was. He didn’t cum, either. Didn’t look put out at all about it. She watched them go then cried a little harder. What a fortunate woman she was.

The boys came back when they were finished cleaning up, helped her out of the tub and used a fluffy towel to dry her before leading her forward. Her cabin had a King sized bed in it. She invited them to share it tonight with her. It might be a bit intricate fitting the five of them onto it but it was doable. Dusty set an alarm, gave the boat a quick but thorough safety inspection, making sure the various detectors and their alarms were active then joined the others in her stateroom. It was cuddly but not in the least uncomfortable. Lysette fell asleep with her crew in no time. But not before offering a prayer of thanks to the powers-that-be.


Illysette woke early, before sun-up. The four horsemen were still snoozing, soft snores radiating throughout the cabin. She eased out of bed and went to the galley to make coffee. When it was done, she put on a pair of sunlight yellow panties, threw a different beach cover on and went topside.

The sky was lightening but the sun had not yet made its way over the top of the mountains in the distance. She sipped, one elbow propped on her bent knee. After pulling the beach cover up over her hips a little she pulled the other bare foot snug against her crotch. Lys rested her chin on the backs of her fingers, mulling her good fortune.

Dusty found her that way. She had not heard him come up so he just watched the lovely woman for awhile. Not for the first time, he wished he had a camera when she was around. Just flipping gorgeous. Not a bit self-conscious, she did not seem to mind the ‘upskirt’ pose. He didn’t mind it either. Carrying his own coffee mug, Dusty came to the bow to join her. Illysette gave him a bright smile.

“Good morning, studly Dudley. Come sit with me.” When he did, she gave him a quick peck on the cheek. “You guys tried your best, but it looks like I wore y’all out. Don’t worry, I won’t tell everyone.” She giggled and her eyes sparkled.

“There you go, thrashing norms again. First the Daisy Duke thing, then trouncing all the MILF fantasies ever dreamt and now, poor Rodin, the dude who carved ‘The Thinker’ statue is kicking himself in the ass in the afterlife for not using you as his model. You look lovely and thoughtful. Everything ok?”

“Sugar, if it could get any better I’d have a helluva time trying to figure out how. You’re sweet. How come you aren’t off the market already? I saw the way cute li’l Suzy was eyeballing you last night.”

“What can I say? It’s like that ‘Brandy’ song, ‘...but my life, my love and my lady is the sea…’ I have a goal that I’m working toward. I’m studying for my Master’s ticket. Don’t know exactly what comes after it. Once I have it, I can captain bigger boats. Maybe hire out to some celeb or whatever to run their hundred footers around the Seven Seas for a bit. In the back of my mind is an ‘Any Ocean, Any Tonnage’ license. Then I could skipper a cruise liner or something.”

“Wow! Had no idea. When did this start?”

They discussed that for awhile. He took their mugs below to refill them and found the guys still sawing logs. When he came topside again they talked some more, about Lysette’s life this time.

“This whole thing was not a spur of the moment idea, Dusty. Jake and I have been at one another’s throats for awhile now. He’s got a work wife. I know her. I even like her, maybe a bit less since finding out she was banging hubby, but Athena is a nice girl. I can live with it. I just can’t live with him anymore. Anywho, I had the resources and the motivation to make a change. I asked Cody what he felt about it and well, here we are.”

“Gotta say, I was pretty surprised about everything.” He looked into his cup so he would not embarrass her any. “It’s not every day I run into, let alone take part in an incestuous relationship like you and Cody have.”

She chuckled. “It’s not quite as taboo as you’re thinking, honey. Cody was Jake’s nephew’s son. His parents were involved in a horrific road rage incident when he was small. They both died in the resulting accident. There were no other close relatives. Jake and I discussed it then took Cody in with us. We had Court permission but never filed for formal adoption or anything. Were still in college, married less than a year. It was tricky but we managed. As Cody got older I started seeing him differently.”

Lysette put her mug down, placed her hands on the deck behind her and leaned back, tilting her face into the sunlight that was getting stronger. Click! Another photo Dusty wished he had. The woman was photogenic as hell. He probed for more info.

“I was a good girl. Until recently, at least. Not gonna fib, I was, I am, a bit of an exhibitionist. About a year after Jake graduated then went to work Cody started peeping me whenever he could. I thought it was cute, I didn’t mind too much because I liked the attention, the sort of pseudo-taboo nature of it and since we’re not really related, I bought into it. Made things easier for him, showering with the door open when Jake was at work, wearing skimpy stuff around the house, things like that. Then, when he was in his first year of high school there was a funny incident but I’m going to let him share that if he wants to so I don’t embarrass him. After that, I started thinking about him in a..uhh, more mature way. Things were great until Jake got ants - and Athena – in his pants. One thing led to another and now Cody and I have a very different relationship.”

“How’d you end up with this amazing boat, Lys? The Toy is just magnificent.”

“Fifth anniversary present, believe it or not, Dusty. Jake’s a finance maestro. Real, real good with making others money. He opened his own shop, and it thrived right off the bat. My Second Favorite Toy was both my present and a business investment for him. He didn’t want the headaches of running or maintaining it or anything. Didn't really like taking it out, even. Jake did like using it as a business expense and a way to impress his clients. Win/win. I got a very nice baby yacht, and he got what he got out of buying it for me. You won’t believe this, I find it hard myself, but I’m the sole owner and Jake actually paid me to use it for his business-related stuff! Wrote the money off as a business expense and all.” She laughed, glowing in the strengthening morning light.

“And the money to keep a craft like this up?”

“Not gonna fib about that, either. Mostly Jake’s, but one of the upshots of marrying a guy good with money was learning about it myself. I began investing with his advice after I graduated. His expertise and my interest in independence combined and I made a pretty penny. Still do. Not to be catty or anything – well, maybe a little – but I’m about to come into some more money following the official divorce stuff.” She giggled. “Sometimes the stars just align, darlin. Still, at some point I’m going to have to start thinking about lucrative employment. Not for awhile yet, though.”

He could talk to this woman all day. What an interesting critter. But if they were going to get underway by zero nine, he had to get busy. He said as much.

“Oh jeez. I lost track of the time. I like being with you, Dusty. You’re right, though. Get the Toy ready, I’ll go roust the layabouts. Thank you, sweetie.” She gave him a warm kiss that made his toes curl.

The boys were still out of it. Talking about Cody had gotten Lys a little frisky. All three of them were still naked in her bed, Cody nearest the edge. She grabbed the opportunity, and his beautiful cock, with both hands. Taking her time, Lysette gently licked him awake, relishing how his penis inflated and grew. When his eyes opened in surprise she stopped a sec to hold a finger against her lips, shushing him.

He grinned and let her have her way with him. Lysette didn’t do anything heroic, just sucked her boy to a nice creamy cum on her tongue. She swallowed it all, wiped up what had leaked with her fingers before sucking them clean.

“Get the guys up, baby. I’ll go make breakfast. We’re running a little behind so chop, chop, bub.”

She made her way aft to the galley to whip up some omletes for her crew. The boys joined her, she got them situated and went to let Dusty know it was breakfast time. They ate on the fantail again, fending off the early birds. Literally. The gulls must’ve smelled food. They all laughed while munching and shooing the aggressive, noisy birdy bandits.

“Okie dokes, work mode, y’all. I’ll clean this mess. First Mate, get this tub fired up. Go with him, Cody. Pete and Dave, you have the lines. Dusty will give you the instructions you need. Arrgghh, maties. Let’s go be pirates!”

To Lysette’s immense surprise, they were underway by nine. Dusty really knew what he was doing. He also had a knack for teaching the same. Soon enough he handed the con to her and had the boys ‘going back to school’, showing them the ropes of what needed to happen while they were at sea.

Lys got them out of the channel and into open water. The day was gorgeous, the water smooth and the weather forecast called for more of the same. She was happy because this really was a shakedown cruise. They needed to know her Second Favorite Toy was sea worthy and not having to contend with rough conditions made that easier. Dusty rejoined her on the bridge.

“Sailing, sailing, over the bounding..” Lys gave him a soft punch on the shoulder. “Goof. But you have a good voice.”

“Secret passion, Skipper. Used to play in some bands in high school, got a taste for performance.”

They discussed destinations. “Do you know where the ‘Pillars of the Sea’ are, Lysette?”

“I’ve been there a time or two, yeah. That sounds like a winner. We’ll head there, anchor overnight, check the Toy out, go explore more tomorrow?”

“Sounds like a plan.” He plotted their course then fed it into the navigation console. “Let’s give the autopilot some exercise. One of us should be on bridge watch just in case but it should work out fine. Want to see how it behaves. Be a good opportunity to get Cody involved, too.”

“Make it so, Number One.”

The three of them took turns on bridge watch. When they were far enough out to not have to worry, Lysette got out of her clothes. The boys hurried to copy that. They slathered sunscreen over one another with a minimum of fooling around. A yacht full of happy naked people steamed across the dark blue Pacific.


Lysette went below to get a suit when she heard Dusty’s “Land Ho!” announcement over the ship-wide comms. She was not sure it was very necessary, most of the folks they’d run into out here would be doing the same sort of sexy stuff as she and her crew. The Pillars were far enough out to sea that casual boaters would not take the time. Folks visited them precisely for their privacy, not in spite of it. Besides, it was early yet, kids were still in school, vacations not yet scheduled, some boats might even still be in off-season storage.

The Pillars of the Sea were a sprinkling of volcanic, or maybe tectonic? islets springing up out of the ocean. There were a couple of dozen of them, maybe more. None of the individual islands were too big in area. They were all very tall, some barren, some with small coves and beaches teeming with lush vegetation. Perfect place to explore looking for those hidden gems. Dusty had zeroed in on a beauty. He anchored the Toy after finding an area that was out of the way of any potential boat traffic.

The Toy had a handy drive on/drive off stowage platform aft where they kept a Jet Ski for fun and emergencies. He shuttled Lysette and the boys to a white sand beachlet on it.

“I’ll catch up, guys. I’m going back to the Toy to see if anything’s bent, broken or missing. I’ll bring lunch with me when I join you.”

Cody and the guys stood with Lysette, watching him go. “He’s pretty serious about this boating stuff, huh?”

“I think it might be in his DNA, Cody. I’ll let him tell y’all about it if he wants to. C’mon, let’s go explore Gilligan’s Island.”

And a beautiful island it was. Gleaming white sand beach, palm trees, lush shrubbery everywhere. They spotted lizards of several kinds, a gazillion birds, way fewer than a gazillion bugs. She wondered if that’s what the birds and reptiles ate. Her bikini was as Arctic white as the sand. Lys chose it to make her early season tan stand out a bit. It worked fine if the reactions from the boys were any indication. They could not keep their eyes off of her. Lysette was thrilled. After wandering a bit, learning that they had the place to themselves, the foursome waded into the jade colored water to cool off. The guys swam but Lys chose not to get her hair wet yet. It was so pleasant watching them frolic in the surf.

Pete made her squeal just before they came out. He had captured a baby octopus from a rocky patch and put it on her shoulder when Lys was not paying attention. It got a lot of laughs. She made him return it to its own neighborhood. They had brought along a huge beach bag filled with drinks, towels and what-not. Finding a spot under a shady palm tree (and after making sure it was not a coconut palm – no concussions allowed on this jaunt, if you please) they spread out a pair of large towels, parked their butts and got comfy. There was a slight breeze, a cloudless sky and very low humidity. It was almost as though the day had been designed just for them.

Lysette was digging her feet in the sand, sliding her tootsies back and forth to cover and uncover her toes. It was not to intentionally get Dave’s attention but that’s what happened anyhow. He was not the first person to note how pretty her feet were, but he was the first one she’d met with such a strong fetish about them. It was a novel experience, and she was learning to love it. Reaching into the bag-of-many-things she found a bottle of baby oil and tossed it to him. He smiled so big!

Taking a hand towel from the same bag (Lys made a mental note to get napkins before the next cruise) he wet it at water’s edge, came back and sat down facing her. He took his time cleaning the sand off, laying them in his lap to keep them clean. Then he warmed the oil in his hands and began massaging them. Lys watched for a minute, smiling because he was so intent. She laid back with her arms under her head. It made her boobies pop and Pete was all over that! He began caressing them through the suit, so she sat up to let him remove it before taking the same position again. Cody watched them play with his mom, a cute smile on his face. Lysette sighed, relaxed as could be. Oh mercy, this was hot.

Dave tossed Pete the bottle of baby oil. Once he began massaging it into her exposed skin Lys put her feet down on Dave’s thighs and lifted her hips. Dave got it right away and peeled her bottoms over her hips then down her long legs. She let him take them off, careful not to get her tootsies all sandy, ruining his good time. Pete went to town, getting her all slick and shiny.

She was all lubed up with no place to go when Pete put the oil away, stepped over her, one leg to either side of her head before feeding his cock into her mouth. He was a lineman, not quite so obviously muscular as the other three male members of her entourage but Lysette didn’t mind. She was not bothered in the least, in fact. His cock was just as delicious, his body just as hard. Besides, she liked him. He was always paying attention to her when he was around.

Dave didn’t stop working her feet over as he and Cody watched Lys suck Petey off, though both got boners from the show. Neither interfered, nor did they join in. They just watched and Lysette thought she might die. This was what turned her on. She wanted, needed, to be looked at, admired, desired. Cody beat off as he watched, Dave wrapped her slickened soles around his own meat. Another new thing for her. He held them snug against it, jacking himself off with her tootsies. Cody yanked a little quicker.

Getting more into it, unable to resist that, Lysette reached for Pete’s hips. She pulled his dick further into her mouth, urging the boy into her throat. He leaned in some more so he could fingerbang her at the same time. She gasped around his nice cock. Taking one foot away from Dave, she used the toes of one to masturbate him while tickling and massaging his nuts with the other. It was a spur of the moment idea. Dave really liked it.

Almost as if they had planned it that way each boy got off within seconds of one another. Her feetsies were covered in Dave’s jizz. Pete was flooding her mouth and Cody had somehow managed to shoot his warm cum onto her tummy and titties from where he sat next to them. Lys’s delightful orgasm was only seconds more behind them. Oh Lord, how does this get any better? They laid back in the sand, on the towels, wherever and panted as the foursome recuperated. Cody was the first to recover, getting up, offering Lysette his hand. She let him pull her up, lead her to the water again. The others followed, grinning as they washed one another off, planning their next sexy assault, no doubt. Illysette felt like the luckiest little slut alive.

They saw Dusty heading back their way while they were washing up. He drove the jet ski as close as he dared then hopped off to pull it toward shore. Pete went to go help him. They brought lunch goodies and a cooler full of drinks over to their picnic spot. Lysette played hostess, making sandwiches for them, dealing out pickles and chips, took drink requests then served those too. There were some beers, but nobody got into those yet. The pesky bird bandits showed up out of nowhere. It became a race to see which species got fed first. Illysette was beside herself with happiness.

Dusty had not seen the island yet, so the boys gave him the grand tour after lunch. Lys took the opportunity to work on her tan. When they got back it was obvious how comfy she was, so they left her alone. The boys got better acquainted with Dusty in the meantime. Lysette sort of half listened, lethargic and snoozy. When they heard her begin to snore softly the guys rigged a sort of tent over her to keep their captain from being lobsterized before moving further away so they wouldn’t wake her.

The conversation resumed. Dusty asked them about their lives and plans. They quizzed him some more about his plans to become a ship captain. That sounded exotic and cool.

“I’ve got most of the required administrative crap out of the way, the testing and all. I’m at the point where it’s just documenting actual Captain in command time.”

“Does being the skipper of the Toy help? The way you’re doing on this trip?” Cody asked.

“Uh huh. Will need more than a weekend though. Once the season starts in earnest I’ll have more opportunities. Harry and Veronica know about my goals, they support them as much as possible. Letting me have time off when they can spare me. In season, lots of itinerant crew show up at the various harbors and marinas. Many of them can do my job at the marina so the Bosses let’em temp to give me some leeway. It’s super nice of them. I’ve worked for worse folks, for sure.”


Fun as things had been, Cody was thinking they might all get burned to a crisp. He got the Jet Ski back in the water, shuttled Dave, Pete and the cooler back to the Toy in a couple of trips. On the third he found Dusty and Lysette sitting next to one another on the beach. They had the bag of goodies all packed up and were ready to go. The water toy was one of the larger models, Dusty suggested they make this the last trip.

“It’ll be pretty cuddly, but we can make it work, no further than we have to go. You guys game?” Dusty pointed out.

“I don’t mind. You ok with being cuddly, Cody?”

Then she registered his diabolical smile. “Sure. I even know how we can make a bit of extra room if you don’t mind holding the magic tote on the way, Lys.”

She gave him a squinty eyed glance. That smile was cagey. “OhhhKaayy?” Dusty was curious himself.

“You drive, Dusty. Mom, hop in the middle with your bag. I’ll be tail end Charlie.”

They saddled up but before taking off he had Lys stand on the running boards for a second. Lysette did, both she and Dusty looking at Cody for step two. Which was him pulling out his already stiffening peter, easing Lys’s suit out of the way then putting the head against her puss. Dusty laughed. Another great picture but he wished the camera was drone mounted so he could get a video of this coming evolution.

“Too cool. Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ll please take your seats?”

Lysette was still not too sure what was happening but would not dare pass up another opportunity to get Cody’s prong inside of her. She held the bag with one hand, Dusty’s shoulder with the other and eased herself down. Cody filled her up nicely. She gasped, put the bag on her lap. Cody held her hips and told their pilot they were good to go.

Dusty let the horses run a little. He picked a path that took advantage of the light chop around the islet, taking his time getting them back to the Toy. The quick, sleek watercraft bounced across the small waves. Lysette had to bite her lips a bit to keep from screaming as every jolt drove her boy’s hard-on up into her. She was juicing like crazy as Mother Nature (and her sneaky son of sorts) screwed her senseless via the motion of the ocean and Dusty’s ability to find the bounciest trail home. It was such a fun ride. What a creative crew she had. When they finally eased onto the drive-on platform at the back of the boat she found herself having a bit of a difficult time getting up the swim ladder. Her legs (and mind) quivering with the erotic sensations Lys had just experienced.

There was a dual powered, battery and wind-driven, desalination rig aboard the Toy. Dusty had had it running the whole time they were underway. He switched it to battery power before coming back to them on the beach earlier so the freshwater tanks were full when they got aboard. They took turns in the shower while Dusty put dinner together in the galley. He was still chuckling over Cody’s sexy idea. Why didn’t I think of that? He fully meant to try it out one of these days. That looked like such a blast! Dammit, he had to get a decent camera. Hanging out with these folks was just one photogenic moment after another. He wondered how Lysette felt about that.

After showers and dinner, they made their way to the Jacuzzi again. The group cuddled, laughed and relaxed with one another, watching the late afternoon sun sink. Dusty had them watch carefully for the last second green spot as it settled below the horizon. They managed to catch it, too but Mother Nature was not through with them yet. In a delightful and surprising rarity at this latitude, once the sky darkened enough, they were treated to an intricate, beautiful display of the Aurora Borealis. Amazed, they oohed and ahhed as an entertaining light show took place in the later evening sky.

The Toy’s anchorage gave them a view between two of the islets which were connected by a wide saddle. It perfectly framed the dancing curtains of blue, green, purple and orange. As a bonus, what must have been a fairly large meteorite shot across the spectacular event leaving a streak of ice blue fire in its wake. It was a captivating and enchanting moment.

“How did the Northern Lights get way down here?” Pete wondered aloud. Dusty answered him.

“The Aurora is created by solar events that interact with the Earth’s atmosphere. Has to do with sunspots and storms and such. Astrophysics isn’t my strong suit. As I understand it, solar storms kick out waves of some sort of energy that excites molecules in the upper atmosphere or something. If there’s a major outbreak of those more of those molecules get all excited. That extends their reach, I guess.”

“Or it’s a sign that Mother Nature is pleased with us. See, Pete? If you hadn’t put that poor baby octopus back where it belonged, we might have missed this!”

Pete and the others grinned at Illysette. The sunstorm must’ve been exciting some of their molecules, too. All of a sudden, Lys climbed out of the tub, giving the boys a come-hither gesture with her finger she led them forward to her cabin again. The view was just as mesmerizing as the natural phenomena. Lysette was born to be naked. Her curvy body, entrancing tush and endless legs were magnetic as she made her way there with the boys hurrying to follow.

Along the way, she let them in on her idea. Lysette had another fantasy these studs could help her realize. Already, they had helped her to satisfy so many of her daydreamed urges that it was hard to believe she had waited this long to get the ball rolling. It was just in her nature. Horny, hot and willing? Sure. But Illysette was also loyal to a fault. Even after learning about Jake’s second life, she chose to remain faithful. Until they began fighting, she always gave their relationship the benefit of the doubt. If using Dusty to help with that a little was a bad thing, it was not the worst thing that could have occurred. Once the dam broke though, Illysette was determined to make the best of things. She had a very healthy imagination and a huge, but til now frustrated sexual appetite. Lys was ready to binge. Life goes on.

“Mom, that is like the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard you say.”

Cody’s mind was reeling. As schooled by internet porn as he was, it still never really occurred to him to imagine Mom screwed airtight. But that was exactly what she had just asked them to do with her.

For some reason, Cody slipping up and calling Lysette ‘Mom’ had awakened a decadent, overpowering feel of wanton desire in her. Maybe it was the hint of taboo. Maybe it was just being able to give voice to something a little depraved and unusual. Maybe it was just knowing that these young men would bend over backwards to satisfy her every urge. Whatever, Lysette was thrilled at where her decisions were taking her, and by extension, them. She really might be a succubus. On the other hand, it worried her a little.

“But you’re not freaked out? I get it if you are, Cody doll. This has been a lot to..umm..swallow. No pun intended. I’m sort of upending your whole life.”

He moved closer to her, put his arm around her waist. “Mom or Lysette or temptress from another world, nothing about this bothers me. If we’re getting your fantasies and desires met you have to realize that you’re doing the same for me, at least. I’m guessing at least some of the guys feel the same. You told me right from the start, “Cody, you can say no.” If I’m ever blown up by something, I will. That does not seem to be on the horizon though.” He grinned before kissing her ear. “You’ll have to negotiate your own deal with the other guys though.”

They found spots on her large bed, relaxed and talked about it some more. She owed the other boys that. From the start she had been herding them along to some degree. Lysette wanted their relationships to continue but only if those yielded positive things for them. It was important to her that they understood they too could refuse her if they wanted to.

“I mean, after all fellas, technically I’m sexually abusing minors, right? At least a couple of them. Not to mention how uncomfortable things could become if what we share were to get out. At the end of the day, I’m not a very traditional mom, or even adult. If any of this is too much, please guys, tell me no. It’s fine. I will respect your boundaries even as I explore my own. The upshot is I’m using y’all a little. Or maybe a lot. You all have a say in that.”

Dave broke the tension. “Is this the point where we take a vote now?”

Everyone cackled. Things went right back to normal. Or as normal as could be, anyhow.

Copying Meg Ryan’s line from Top Gun Lys said, “You big studs. Take me to bed or lose me forever!” She added action to words, moved to the center of the bed.

Dusty had a different idea, though. He had her roll onto her back before tugging her closer to the edge of the bed. When she was in place he pulled Lysette’s legs toward him, folding her almost in half then burying his face in her fully exposed crotch, her ankles under his arms. He began tongue fucking her puss then her ass, alternating a few times before she put his pecker between her lips with a soft moan.

When he had her nice and wet, he stood up. She did not stop blowing him. Pete glanced at Cody who just winked back at him so he knee walked over to her and placed his dick head firmly against her tiny brown bud. She released Dusty for a second, held a breath and when he pushed Lysette exhaled slowly. As she had learned with Dusty earlier, Pete’s cock slipped right in. She squeaked then gobbled Dusty back up. The boys watched her get fucked for a minute or two. Pete was able to start banging her butt in earnest, so Dusty pushed her legs back over. He had Pete tug her back to the center of the bed and lay under her. His cock was still thrusting into her heinie, Lys’s legs spread wide. Dave got into the mix, kneeling between her thighs to push his cock into her dripping puss. Cody got behind her head to feed his prick into her mouth.

Ohhh, mercy sakes! They were doing it! She was doing it, getting plugged airtight by three sexy young men. Lys went ballistic. She did everything she could do to fuck them back. It was heavenly. Latching onto her stiffened nips, Lys rubbed and tugged and pinched them as the boys fed their dicks into her willing body.

Dusty didn’t mean to say it out loud, but did, “Fuck, this is incredible. YOU are incredible, Lysette. Oh damn, I wish I had a camera.”

Releasing Cody, beating him off in front of her face as Dave and Pete ravaged her ass and pussy, Lysette told him, “We can go one better, honey. My phone will shoot video if you’re interested,” pointing to where it sat on her dressing table before engulfing Cody’s meat once more. She did not know how it was possible but the idea of a video of this got her even wetter.

Dusty, a wide smile on his face, left them to get his own phone first then came back and got hers. She helped him get into it. A minute later he was shooting a porn flic. Then he took some stills with his phone. Cody got into the act and called out, “Switch!”

So they boys did. Pete eased out of her pooper, went out to wash his doo-dads, returned to take the phones from Dusty who then inserted himself into her well lubed snatch as Cody positioned himself to spear her ass. Lys tugged Dave by the dick until he was able to fuck her mouth at the same time. Because Dusty had gotten into her first, it was a bit tricky for Cody to butt fuck Mom but that got worked out soon enough. She had been stretched and lubed well by Petey. Even as big as Cody was, it was not a huge challenge. Mom took every inch of him, balls deep, into her clenching anus.

As before, Lysette was amazed at how well the boys worked together. Everything went seamlessly. They were banging her brains out with so much ease and coordination that you would have thought they had been screwing one another forever instead of the day and a half or so it had actually been. Lysette’s orgasmic screams and whimpers, the way her muscles quivered and shuddered as the boys tore her up were all captured for posterity by Pete. Though she was cumming in rapid fire, over and over and over again, the boys held back. There was another call for switching positions with Cody taking over as photographer, Dusty in her butt again, Pete in her juicy snatch and Dave still getting sucked off.

Cody directed as he got pics. This was another of his fantasies. He had always imagined her as a porn starlet. Now he had his chance. Lysette readily accepted his directions as did the others.

“Mom, they’re not going to last much longer. Money shots would be cool, but it’ll make a huge mess. You want cum in you or on you?”

Taking Dave out of her wet and steamy mouth, she replied. “That’s why God made washing machines, honey.”

His smile made her feel warm all over. She went back to slurping on Dave’s precum leaking pecker.

“Okie dokes, guys. I want to try something. Let’s see if we can all cum together, or at least close together, ‘k? Let her up. Mom, kneel right there, let the guys stand around you. We’ll all choke our chickens and glaze your pretty body.”

He put Dusty’s phone down, shot the video with hers as he began beating off with them. In just a little bit Pete was shooting all over her titties. Lys rubbed his warm jizz into them then lapped his cream from her fingers as Dusty and Dave both got off, drenching her belly and boobs. That sight pushed Cody over the edge. Later they’d tease him about the shaky video of his own cum splashing onto her face and mouth. Illysette screamed while a heart stopping cum tore through her body and tears leaked from her eyes.

Cum dripped from her, some getting onto the bed cover, but she worked hard to rub most of it into her skin or to eat it from her fingers. It was not as bad a mess as it might have been. One after another, tinier aftershock orgasms wracked her body. Lys thought she might die happily just now. It was waaay better than anything she had imagined about this fantasy of hers. Bit by bit, things eased until she flopped onto her back. One by one, Lysette brought the boys to her mouth. Her lips were puffy and a little sore, but she gently licked and sucked the guys clean. There was not a moment’s hesitation as she did the same with Dusty’s even though he had just taken his cock out of her ass. That surprised her. It only made Director Cody happier. Well, Dusty too, she supposed. Lys giggled around his boner.

Then, yep, they were back crowding into the shower. Lysette washed up pretty quick so she could go over to the bathroom, brush her teeth and gargle half a pint of mouthwash. She looked at herself in the mirror. A very satisfied cum bunny looked back at her. She sat in the salon, watching the boys finish up showering. On the spur of the moment, she went to get her phone then shot stills of the excited boys cleaning up while rehashing what had just happened. Now, it was time for the booze to flow.

The guys found her in the galley mixing up a pitcher of margaritas, blender whirring as it crushed up the last of their ice. No worries though, the fridge would make more, and she even had ice trays she could and did put in the freezer. She was humming, singing under her breath, dancing a little. The exhausted young men wondered where Lysette got her energy.

Lysette shooed them into the salon, following a minute or two later with the pitcher and some large red plastic party cups. She kicked back on one of the couches. Mostly because it hurt a little to sit on her abused heinie. She smiled and massaged her equally, but temporarily, battered puss. Probing her puffy bottom lip with her forefinger, Lys smiled at her guys.

“That tears it. I’m keeping y’all. Ohhh, jeez fellas. You just drained me!” She laughed happily. “Can we see the video?”

Dusty nodded. “We can see it better if Cody will let us use his laptop. I’ve got memory sticks in my gear. Between us, we can figure it out.”

“Oooo, make it so, Number One.”

Dusty went to his so far unused cabin, got a 32-gig card that would fit his phone. He joined Cody in the Master cabin where he was taking the computer from the small sitting area, hunting around in his gear for what else he needed. While he did that Dusty stripped the bed, asked if and where there were more bed clothes. Cody pointed him to the linens storage. He stuffed everything in the washer. Figured they’d have to wait a bit for the tanks to refill again. It was a looong shower. He brought the clean stuff back to remake the Skipper’s bed.

The two of them returned to the salon, transferred the material from both phones onto the memory card, then plugged that into Cody’s laptop. A little more futzing around and it was ready. Everyone gathered onto Lys’s couch, she made room for them (but still did not sit up, ouch, ouch, ouch). Cody fired it up, Lysette stretched her legs over theirs and they watched the first ‘cumming attraction’. He had made the stills into a slide show. They all had a great time ooohing and ahhhing, sipping their drinks. Then it was time for the video. It was not technically perfect, but for a first effort, with no planning and no real gear, it was more than fine.

She held her fingers over her mouth in shock at how wanton and shameless she was with them. It was a teeny bit embarrassing. Lys had never done this before let alone been recorded doing it. Pretty soon though the exhibitionist genes won out and she got into it, even asking them to replay certain scenes. Everyone was pretty thrilled with the outcome. Pun not intended there, either.

“Oh god. If it weren’t for the fact that it’s evidence of a sex crime, this would be amazing. I’ve never been recorded having sex, although it has been in the back of my mind forever. What do you guys think? Cool, right?”

There were nods and appreciative comments and huge smiles all around. Dusty promised to take the product and run it through some postproduction to dress it up a little.

“I didn’t have any clue you knew about that stuff, Dusty. Keeping secrets, are we?”

He winked. “Don’t ask, don’t tell. I actually shoot a lot. Got into photography pretty young. The ocean and the beach will do that to a guy. Found out I have a knack for it. Thought it’d be a good fallback career if I sink someone’s boat or run down a whale one of these days. I’ve actually been looking forward to seeing if you’d model for me. Got to admit, I was not expecting our first shoot to be pornographic though.”

She smiled at him. “Work your magic, then. Guys, this time it’s me that got worn out. I’m heading for bed. Feel free to join me if you want. I like being close to y’all. No alarms, Mate. We can shove off when everyone’s bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow. Good night, my darling co-stars.”

Lysette walked gingerly to her stateroom, rubbing her heinie as she went.

(End Book One)



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