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This is the next part in the Cleaning the Shed series. I recommend to go back and read the other parts before reading this one, but I am not your boss, so do what ever you please. However there are some references to earlier parts in this one. Also if you like the story, consider writing a comment. It really keeps me going in writing this.
Day 6

The ringing of her phone woke her. Groggy Emily felt around her bed to find the origin of the sound. Finally she found it and answered the call.

“Hello? Emily?”

“Yeah?” she mumbled. “Who is this?”

Her focus drawn elsewhere by a tickling feeling between her legs. It seemed Kenny woke up too. The little cockroach leashed to a ball inside her pussy, was crawling over her lower lips, probably in search of food. Her tits were sore, and her insides felt raw and stretched by the ball being inside her for nearly two days now. But she had nearly killed Kenny yesterday, so she saw the unpleasant feeling as her punishment. Not to mention, that thinking about that and Kenny’s movement made her horny again. With her free hand, she reached down to pet Kenny, while the voice on her phone kept talking.

“… at school at 4 pm.” She had missed the beginning of the sentence, but it had to be the janitor.

Kenny’s feet were tickling her finger.

“Ah sure.” With that the line was already dead. He hung up on her. Nice guy she thought.

Later that day, the janitor led her to the hallway of the biology wing. She had appeared at school exactly at 4 pm. The janitor had waited for her by the main gate and just motioned her inside. On the left-hand side there were multiple glass screens in the wall. For the last year or so the biology wing was being renovated and this hallway was closed off most of the time because of construction work. It was quite annoying, all their biology classes had to be in different classrooms. They walked to the first screen. Emily could see a small box with white walls behind the glass. In the back wall there was a circular hole about two inches in diameter, that was patched up by a gray metal plate from behind. The box was about 20 inches wide, 20 inches high a had a depth of 10 inches. They were built into the wall on her stomach level. Under the glass there was a push button with a small red led light besides it. Besides that the box was completely empty.

“What is this for Emily asked?”

“These are showcases, they are meant to exhibit various things for educational purposes. During the breaks the pupils can come and look at the exhibits. These in particular, will be used as terrariums to show different small animals and insects.” The janitor answered.

“Like my cockroaches?” Emily asked concerned. She thought about her little lovers locked inside this box, displayed to the other pupils for fun in the bright light of the day from the windows on the opposite wall.

“Someday for sure, but for now Mister Hadly from the biology department told me they will showcase an ant farm, tarantulas and something called Phylliinae. The insects will be delivered tomorrow, so you will help me with the boxes for tomorrow.” Emily had a bad feeling about this, was this the kind of tasks she was supposed to be doing from now on?

He opened a door besides the showcases and went inside, Emily followed him. Behind the door was a big room that looked like an empty storage room. The only natural light in there came from three windows in the ceiling, besides that, the room had no windows. About half of the room was filled with mostly empty shelfs and a few tables. On the wall besides her, Emily could see the boxes on the wall. The janitor had walked over to the first and removed the top, so one could look inside.

“You will fill them up with about an inch of soil from this bag.” He pointed to a big bag of flower soil that leaned against the opposite wall. “After that put some of these plants from the desk over there around the inside walls of the boxes, so it looks more like a natural habitat and not like a white wooden box. I will look after the details later myself. For now, I am the only one who has a key to this room because as the rest of this wing, the lock is new, and the spare keys have not yet arrived. That is why we need to prepare the boxes and not someone from the biology department. Get started, I have to work on the electric, because these lazy construction works haven’t set everything up properly.”

Emily started working, by retrieving the bag of flower soil and pulling it toward the backside of the boxes in the wall.

“What do you think you are doing?” The janitor asked.

“Filling the soil into the boxes?” Emily answered confused.

“Yeah but you don’t think I would allow you to do this dressed didn’t you? Undress, NOW!”

Emily sighed and did as she was told. She pulled her top over her head and let it fall into the floor. She undid her bra and dropped it onto her shirt. With a swift motion she pulled down her skirt and panties and stepped out of them. Without clothes on, the room was rather cold and she noticed how her nipples slowly started to become hard. Kenny had retreated inside her, probably hiding from the cold and the light.

“Good, now for the fun part.” The janitor produced a set of handcuffs with a really short link between the two sides. He held them out to her.

“Put those around your ankles.” Again, she did as she was told. With the cuffs around her ankles, she could only make small steps, this would make the work way harder.

“Turn around!” As she turned around, she felt a second pair of cuffs close around her wrists.

“How can I work with my hands bound behind my back?”

“Oh, you will see. This is only for now. I will open them up after you dragged the bag of flower soil to the boxes.” Out of nowhere it seemed, he produced a chain, with hooks and clamps on it. As Emily saw the sharp hooks, she started to panic.

“You will not pull the bag with your hands.” He attached one clamps on her right nipple. Emily screamed in pain. The clamps had little teeth for a better grip that now dug deep into her tender flesh. “You better be a little quieter, or somebody might hear you.” His rough fingers were shoved onto her pussy. “Ah there it is, you still have it in. Didn’t I tell you to only let it in until this morning?” With that he pulled the ball and Kenny from her pussy. It hurt as she was mostly dry and she screamed again.

“Don’t worry, I will not separate you from your lover for long. Open your mouth!”

She did as ordered and the pushed the ball into her mouth. Reflexively she closed her mouth around the ball. Kenny dangling from the string he was affixed to. The janitor lifted the string until Kennys tiny feet found Emilies face and crawled onto her cheek.

“There! All better,” he laughed. “Now for the rest.”

He attached the second clamps on her left nipple. Emily had to grind her teeth to keep herself from screaming out again. She had instinctively looked up avoid seeing him putting the clamp onto her nipple. A sudden new pain let her look down again as she drew in a sharp breath. She saw a third clamps attacked to her right pussy lip and had looked down just in time to watch as the janitor attached a fourth clamp onto her other pussy lip. The pain was horrific, but somehow, she managed not to scream again. She now saw that the clamps were all connected by the chain, which now formed a X shape in front of her. She also noticed that the hooks she was afraid of before, were attached to a second chain the janitor still held on to. He now pulled the hooked chain between her and the x-chain. As he did this, all the clamps were also pulled forward, making her wince in pain. Finally, he pinched the hooks into the bag of flower soil.

“Now you are ready to go. Pull the bag to the other wall and I will release your hands. Until then, you are not allowed to touch the bag in any form.”

Emily was shocked, she had to pull this heavy bag of flower soil just with her nipples and pussy lips? Surly this was impossible; she was at least 20 feet away from the other wall. Her most sensitive parts would be pulled out. Carefully she did her first small step backwards, as far as the cuffs allowed her to. The chain in front of her pulled tight. A second step. The pain in her nipples and pussy lips exploded, but the bag didn’t move at all. She tried leaning back, ignoring the stinging pain. Finally, the bag moves a little bit. She stopped. She had done it. Only a little under 20 feet to go.

The janitor chuckled. “You better hurry up.” With that said, he turned around and started working.

Emily discovered fast that it was way less painful if she could manage to keep the bag moving instead of stopping and starting over and over again. So with continuous small steps, she made her way to the wall, her nipples and pussy lips being stretched to their limit by the clamps and hurting badly in the process.

She was not sure how long it took her, but Emily managed to pull the bag all the way to the wall with the boxes.

“Good girl.” Emily jumped from the sudden voice of the janitor, pulling on her nipples and pussy lips even further one last time.

He released her hands, so Emily could take of the clamps. She undid the first and had to grasp for air, so great was the pain. But she had to remove them, or it would only get worse. She undid the other three carefully, but the pain seemed to get worse with every clamp she removed. She tried rubbing her nipples, but they were so sore, just touching them hurt like hell. There was even some blood.

“What are you waiting for? Go fill the boxes with the soil.” The janitor shouted.

Emily glared at him but did not as ordered. Slowly, without taking her eyes from the janitor, she took Kennys ball from her mouth and moved it down, until she finally pushed it back into her pussy.

Only then she tore open the bag and began scooping soil into the boxes.

“You are a real pervert, you know that?” He laughed again, before slapping her naked butt.

She was terribly aware, that she was nude and with the top removed, she could see the hallway floor through the glass of the showcase. What if someone came by? They probably would only see her arms but if they got low enough, they for sure could see her breasts. It took her two hours to fill all boxes with soil and decorate them with small plants. The janitor inspected her work and was satisfied as it seemed.

“You can go home for today, but I need you again tomorrow morning at six thirty. That’s the time the insects will be delivered, and you will help me with them. This will take a while and I already talked to your teachers and you are freed from classes for tomorrow.” This was a surprise, but if the janitor made her work like today it sure would take long, no matter what they actually had to do.

“Oh and one more thing. Tomorrow come without the cockroach. I have a better use of your insect hole in mind.”

She nodded in agreement and turned to leave. She wondered what he would come up with but there was no way to know for sure. She would find out tomorrow.



Day 7

The next day, early in the morning Emily and the janitor were waiting in front of the school. A truck pulled up to the side entrance of the school. The driver greeted them, and the janitor had to sign a piece of paper. After that, they started loading boxes from the back of the truck and bringing them to the biology wing. After the last box was unloaded, the driver left with the truck. Emily and the janitor returned to the storage room with the built in showcases where they had unloaded all the boxes. School would not start for another hour. As soon as they stepped into the storage room, Emily again had to undress herself as she had expected. Her pussy lips and nipples still were sore from the treatment the day before.

She had to lie with her back on a table besides the wall. The janitor got some rope from one of the shelfs and bound her wrists under the table, pulling the rope up, he looped it around her stomach, pulling it tight, securing her to the table in the process. Next he brought the rope up to her breasts, binding each to a tight ball by putting the rope around the base of her tits multiple times, before knotting it under the table. A ball gag rounded up her predicament.

He walked around the table, lifting up her legs and touched her sweet pussy. Rubbing her clitoris. Opening his fly, he pulled out his hard cock, pushing it against her asshole. Emily squirmed against her bindings as the janitor slowly pushed his big cock into her ass. He would never fuck her in the pussy, not because she could get pregnant, but because he told her that her pussy disgusted him and was for insects only. Emily squirmed in her bindings, trying to get away from the pain in her ass. At least he could have used some lube. He fucked her for about 5 minutes, but it felt way longer. Suddenly he stopped and grunted a little as Emily could feel his hot cum spraying into her bowls. He pulled his cock out, walked around to her face, loosened the ball gag and stuck his dick into her face.

“Clean it!”

Reluctantly Emily took the janitors dick into her mouth, sucking on it and cleaning it with her tongue. She could taste his cum mixed with traces of her shit and nearly puked but managed to fight through it. After he was satisfied, he stuck the gag back into her mouth and secured it.

“Now for your insect hole.” The janitor took a huge plastic cone from a desk besides him. He pushed the tip against her pussy entrance. With slow rhythmical movements he worked the cone deeper and deeper into her, stretching her out. Emily screamed into her gag from the pain of her sweet little pussy being stretched. He fucked her with the cone for a few minutes, until nearly the whole cone was in her. Emily’s pussy felt really full and stretched at this point. She never had something this big inside her. Finally he took the cone out of her. But before Emily had time to relax, something new was pressed against her pussy entrance. She looked down as good as she could bound like she was. It looked like the janitor had pushed some kind of gray plastic tube into her. The diameter as about two inches as it seemed.

“You will love this next part.” The janitor exclaimed with a joyful voice.

“First I will use your womb to hatch some of the insect eggs that you just carried in here. For that I will push them directly into your womb, through your cervix.” Emily couldn’t believe what she was hearing. She strained as hard as she could against her bindings. Trying to flee from what was about to happen.

“Don’t freak out bitch. You did the same to yourself before, the only difference is that now I will do it. I am certain you will love it.” He went to one of the boxes and after opening it, pulled a small container out, together with a pair of tweezers. He walked around her inspecting the inside of her pussy. Emily couldn’t see what he was doing but after a while she felt something cold deep inside her. A pinching pain let her scream into the ball gag, originating from her lower stomach. The pain repeated itself multiple times, until the janitor seemed satisfied.

“Now for the fun part. You see, the tube serves a second purpose. It will directly connect to the showcase, displaying the inside of your pussy and your cervix to everyone in the hallway, looking into the box and I am sure there will be a lot of pupils inspecting the showcases today, they are brand new after all.” With that said, he pushed the desk Emily was bound to against the wall with the showcases. Her legs were leaning against the wall, spread open. The janitor pulled the small metal plate from the backside of the showcase and pushed the desk a little closer to the box. The tube went through the hole in the back side of the showcase. To secure the tube, the janitor screwed a nut over the tube on the inside of the box.

“For the finish I have a little surprise for you.” He pulled six wires up from under the box. At the end of each of the wires was a little pad secured. He stuck two pads besides each of her nipples and clitoris.

“You remember the button under the box in the hallway. If the button is pressed, the light inside the box is turned on for 5 seconds. While the light is turned on, electricity will flow through the pads, giving your nipples a sparkling feeling.”

He walked back to the boxed they just carried in here.

“Oh, I nearly forgot, may I introduce you to your new lover.” He pulled a clear plastic box out. Bringing it near to her face, Emily could see a giant hairy spider. She screamed into her gag, trying to get as far way from the spider as possible.

“This is a tarantula, but its not too big. Did you know there are tarantulas that can reach sizes of 10 inches and more? This little guy will live in the showcase your pussy is connected to and you will be his little house.” He opened the showcase and the tarantula box, turning it on its head, the tarantula fell into the showcase, now having an open way to the inside of Emily’s pussy. The janitor closed the showcase again. For a moment he left Emily’s field of view. As he returned, he pushed a metal cart with an old TV mounted in a downward position. Emily wondered if the janitor had built this only for her, because it didn’t seem to serve any other purpose. Only someone laying under the TV could see the picture. He pushed the button on the TV and with a humming sound it came to life. A black and white picture was displayed. It took Emily a moment to realize, that it displayed the hallway with the showcases with the showcase she had to be connected to right in the center. She could even see the spider move around in the case. The camera had to be zoomed in a little to accomplice this.

“Isn’t it great, this way you can see who is unknowingly watching your insides. Also, you should be able to hear them, the wall is not terrible sound proofed. Which in return means, that you should try so keep quiet or else someone might hear you. By the way you don’t need to fear that someone other than me could walk in here, as I told you, at the moment I am the only one with a key.”

Emily screamed, tried to beg for mercy through the ball gag, but only muffled sounds came out. In frustration she shook herself as hard as she could, trampling with her feet against the wall.

“Where is my head today. I nearly forgot to secure your legs.” He grabbed her left leg and forced her ankle between two steel rods on the wall. He pushed a third steel rod through openings in the other to, trapping her leg between the steel rod and the wall. The steel rod was secured by a padlock. He repeated the same procedure on her right leg, so now her legs were spread open against the wall in a 120-degree angle.

After that, the janitor started to unload the rest of the boxes. After about half an hour he said.

“School is about to start. I will return later to look how you are doing, until then, have fun.” He winked at her and left the room. Emily could her that he locked the door behind him.

Emily tried to struggle against her bounds but soon realized that she had no chance to escape. Her view went back to the monitor. She could see the spider in the box, it seemed to have been frozen until now but started to move now. Carefully it unfolded it legs and slowly moved around the box. Please don’t find the tube, Emily repeated in her head over and over again. But she was out of luck, after the big spider had circled the whole box, it moved to the tube leading directly into Emilys pussy. Emily watched the dark shape of the spider disappear in the darkness of the tube. It took a moment, before she could feel the spider touching the inside of her pussy. She screamed into the ball gag and started shacking as hard as her bounds would let her but to no avail. The spider was inside her, in her pussy, probably directly in front of her cervix and nothing was keeping it from just ramming its small fangs into her tender flesh over and over again or spinning a web over her pussy entrance or laying thousands of eggs into her uterus. Of course, the most of these things were highly unlikely but her brain was in panic mode.

As she could do nothing about her situation, Emily just had to lay there and feel the big spider moving inside her pussy. Her hairy body brushing against the sensitive flesh of her inner pussy walls. This was nothing like her cockroach lovers. They made her pussy feel full by their numbers, an ever-shifting mass with dozens of feet caressing her inner pussy giving her a pleasurable tingling feeling. The Tarantula was totally different in this respect. It was alone and only moved from time to time, also it was giving Emily the creeps. Which was funny considering cockroaches used to give her the creeps too, still gave them to her. But wasn’t that why they made her horny in the first place? The fact that so repulsive creatures violate her most intimate part had made her horny as hell. Was this any different? She listened to her feelings. Yes, she was scared and disgusted, but her pussy was burning hot and if she could feel it probably overflowing with her juice. Like this Emily tried to convince herself that this wouldn’t be as bad as she feared. Unfortunately, it didn’t really help.

As she lay there trying not to focus on the giant spider sitting in her pussy, the first pupils started arriving at school. Emily froze as suddenly a person walked through the camera picture. Right past her showcase. Over the course of ten minutes more and more pupils passed the box to which she was connected to. She could hear their muffled footsteps and voices in the distance. They just had to stop, crouch a little and maybe shine a flashlight or something into the box and they would look directly into her pussy. This thought made her shudder. She didn’t dare to move just one inch, in fear of being discovered.

The school bell rang, informing the pupils that the first lesson had started. Relieved Emily took a deep breath. Only something over five hours to go she thought.

Luckily for the rest of the school hour the spider seemed to be fine just sitting in her pussy. Her vaginal walls in the meantime started to ache and there was no hope of soon relieve. For the past few days her pussy had been never fully closed and the hooks she had used to make the entrance for her little cockroach lovers a little easier had somewhat prepared her for this she realized, but the tube that now was stuck in her pussy was bigger than anything that had been in her up until this point. The bell rang again. Time for the first small break between lessons. Emily hoped that nobody would have enough time to look up the new showcases. After all the short break was only five minutes.

But she was wrong. It didn’t take long until she could hear the first pupil coming towards here. Their voices growing louder as they talked with each other. From what Emily could understand they were looking at the showcases. Her heart began to race. It was a group of three boys. Emily could see them now on the monitor, they could not be older than sevenths or eights grade. It was a cruel contraption she now realized. With all her might she tried to lay as still as possible. The voices of the boys came muffled through the wall, but Emily was to concentrated on not moving to understand what they were talking about. But they seemed disappointed as they came to her box. Emily realized why, the spider was inside of her and could seemingly not be seen by the boys.

Now she could hear what the boys were saying. “Tarantula” one read out loud.

“But where is it?”

“Maybe it is hiding in the plants or something.”

One of the boys tapped against the glass. The sound made the spider twitch, what in turn made Emily twitch.

“Do you see the hole in the wall? Maybe it is inside there.”

They crouched down. Emily thought she would die. They were looking directly into her pussy. Her life was over.

“It is too dark, I can’t see anything.”

“Me too.”

“Look there is a button with a sign press me.”

Emilys heart rate accelerated, as did the tingling in her nether regions. How would it feel like to have electricity running through her nipples? It would surely hurt, but how much, she didn’t want to find out but there was nothing she could do about it.

At this moment the school bell rang again and saved Emily. The boys hurried back into the classroom, but Emily doubted, that she would have this much luck again.

For the next couple of minutes Emily just lay there in fear of the big break that would come after this lesson was over. Until the spider inside her pussy moved again, resulting in another shiver running through her nether region. Again, she could feel the hairy beast moving inside her, brushing against her pussy cavity. There was no way to tell what the giant spider was doing inside her and it drove Emilys mind insane.

The big legs of the spider felt like cotton swabs scraping inside her pussy. Emily was not sure but it felt like the spider was rubbing the bottom of her pussy. Dragging her legs over her flesh again and again in a fast pace. The feeling was very strange but somehow also pleasing. Was this how a vibrator felt like? Emily tried to just enjoy the feeling while trying to ban the knowledge from her mind what was causing the sensation in the first place.

It was somewhat working. Her arousal started to build again. She was close to orgasm when she heard voices coming closer. Fear gripped her again. There was nothing to see on the monitor yet but the voices definitely were coming closer. How could that be, it was the middle of the second lesson all pupils and most of the teachers should be in the classrooms. Those were voices of man and at least three of them. It didn’t take long for them to appear on the monitor.

It was Mister Hadly the biology teacher followed by the principle and two other man in their late forties to fifties. It was obvious if Emily thought about it, the show cases were brand new. Of course, the principle would take a look at his newest investment. It was just that his newest investment involved her naked tied to a table with her stretched open pussy on display and a spider sitting inside.

By now she could make out what the voices were saying if she concentrated hard enough.

“As you can see here, we added these display cases to expose the students to educational material even during the breaks. For now they will mostly be used as terrariums, but a use for a different topic in the future is possible. The faculty staff has already had lots of interesting ideas regarding that.”

That had been Mr. Hadlys voice.

“Interesting, but how can you make sure that the exhibits don’t escape their enclosure? We won’t want a bunch of termites or ants nesting in the walls, would we?” One of the man Emily was not familiar with, said as the group stopped right in front of her display case.

“These cases are made from metal, the wood you see is just for decoration. There is no chance one of the exhibits can escape. While not air tide, I was assured that not even an ant could escape this.”

With that the principle knocked on the glass, making the spider in Emily’s pussy jump and Emily in turn.

“I like the little sign explaining what lives in the case.” The other stranger said, referring to a little sign besides the display case Emily couldn’t read on the TV picture.

“And what does it say should be in this case?” The other stranger asked while leaning in to read the sign. “Theraphosidae, a spider? But where is it.”

Emily’s anxiety went through the roof as both strangers leaned in closer, studying the inside of the display case, searching for the spider hiding inside her. Frozen by fear she tried not to move an inch.

“It seems to be in hiding, but for that we have this button.” Mr. Hadly exclaimed.

“As I understood it, it will shake the container connected to this tub right here. You see the spider housed in this case belongs to a kind that likes to hide in dark spots. But shaking the hiding spot, the spider should flee into the open. Let’s give it a try.”

Emily couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Shaking the container? She was the contained. Her thoughts however were rudely interrupted as Mr. Hadly pressed the button, sending a shock of electricity through her nipples. Even though on a certain level she had known what was coming, she still hadn’t been prepared for it. Unwillingly convulsing, she suddenly felt a sharp pain from between her legs. Yelping in pain into the ball gag, Emily guessed that the sudden movement had spooked the spider. It had probably bitten into her tender pussy flesh. A searing hot realization pierced her thoughts. If she could hear the conversations on the other side of the wall, even if it was muffled, they most definitely had heard her right now.

The voices again said something, and Emily had to use all her willpower to ignore the pain in her pussy and focus on the voices and the TV screen in front of her.

“And does it work every time? I could hear the shaking of the container. Are you sure nothing breaks with such a heavy vibration?”

She would break it this was repeated too often Emily thought. Especially with the spider attacking her inside every time.

Emily could see the spider on the monitor, to her relieve it had left her pussy and was now crawling all over the display case.

“Please don’t worry, the contraption is absolutely safe. See.” Another shock rattled Emily as her nipples were burning. Stupid teacher, could he just stop pressing this stupid button already? She was not sure how much longer she could endure those shocks. Not that it would matter, as she could do nothing to get out of this situation anyway.

The people kept watching the spider, making Emily terribly aware that, as much as she had hated the spider sitting inside her without it, there now was a direct line of sight into her. Probably directly onto her cervix. And those were grown man, they would know how a cervix looked like, unlike the dumb school kids that had inspected her tube before. She started to panic, praying for them to just continue on their tour and leaving her in peace. She was even willing to take the spider back into her pussy if they would just leave without discovering her.

“I wonder how the response from the pupils will be. Especially from the girl. They are normally not very fond of spiders.” One of the voices said.

Emily could only agree, what she wouldn’t give for Kenny being in the box instead of the spider. Or any other of her little lovers. At least they made her orgasm a lot.

“This is the first day we have the spider in there, but I heard from other schools that had similar displays, that the interest from the pupils was quite high.” The principle answered.

“What are you planning for the other cases then?” One of the voices asked.

“Mr. Hadly can answer that I believe.”

“Thank you principle, For the next two cases we have planned some black ants as well as stick insects.”

“Should we continue?” The principle suggested.

“I am sure you would like to see our new physics equipment you paid for.”

Collective laughter sounded through the wall as the four people, much to Emily’s delight, continued along the hall.

Emily could relax a little, enduring the pain in her pussy from the spider biting her. It hurt like hell. What had the stupid janitor thought in putting her in this position. He had said that it was a small spider for its species, but it still hurt so much. She didn’t want to even imagine how bad a bigger spider would have been. On the other side, it probably wouldn’t have fit into her pussy in the first place.

Luckily the spider didn’t seem too keen on climbing back into her for now, which Emily was really grateful. On the other hand, she now had more time to realize, that her tits started hurting from being bound. At least the burning in her nipples had lessened. In return, her lower region started to have some cramps. It reminded her a little about her period but not as strong for now. She didn’t expect her period for some time, so it had to be something else. Probably the spider bite or just her nerves.

Just laying there, she dreaded the next bell, that would release the other pupils back into the hallway, where they could shock her nipples and look directly into her pussy. But of course, the bell came and with it the shouting and screaming of pupils filling the hallways.

The short break came and went. Luckily the spider was now visible, so only one pupil shocked her by pressing the button. She was beginning to accept the feeling of her pussy being on display. The chance of anyone actually finding out was minimal. If only the cramps in her stomach would stop. If her hands were free, she thought she even could enjoy this little perverted game. But bound as they were, there was no way for her to stimulate herself. Oh if she could just masturbate. She started using the little wiggle room she had to move her hips in a way, that the tube inside her went forth and back. It wasn’t much and she was sure she could never come from this little movement, at least not if her clit didn’t feel it, but it was better than nothing. So she kept doing it.

Another hour of lessons went by without any significant events, but with each passing minute Emily got more and more restless. She dreaded the next part. The big break. Just as she suspected the bell would ring, she heard a different noise. It took her a moment to identify it, but as soon as realization hit, her blood ran cold. It was the sound of a key being turned. She couldn’t see the door from here, but she could hear the quiet creaking of the hinges as the door was opened. Was it the janitor or someone else? Did the spare keys maybe arrive earlier than expected? What if one of the teachers found her here like this? Being expelled would then probably be the smallest of her problems. A thought entered her mind she hadn’t considered until now. Wasn’t it a crime to show yourself nude to minors? Sure, they could only see a small part of her nude form, but it was the most intimate part. Her fear gripped mind allowed her only one action, pressing her eyes shut and trying not to move.

Footsteps echoed through the room, getting louder. Her stomach cramped even worse.

“What a twisted pervert you are.” A male voice whispered.

She couldn’t place the voice right away, but she risked opening her eyes anyway. The frame of the janitor stood towering over her, and Emily had to admit that she was never this relieved to see the old pervert.

His rough hand grabbed her bound boob, kneading it with his strong fingers.

“How are you holding up? Enjoying the company?”

Emily tried to curse at him, but the gag muffled her curses.

“I came to look how you are holding up. And of course, to watch the main event. The big break is about to begin, but first.”

He opened his fly and pulled out his already hard cock. Stroking it a few times directly over her face before reaching down to her and undoing the buckle of the gag. Emily used this opportunity to move the muscles of her face a little. Having her mouth open this long took a toll. The janitor pushed his dick into her face, but she did not hurry to take it in her mouth. First she reduced her stiffness, before taking on his.

“Come on, you know what to do or do I need to punish you?”

“A… And how would you do that?” Her voice was a little rough and she had to clear her throat first before speaking.

“I don’t see what you could do to me that’s worse than this.” In an afterthought she added, “I hate spiders.”

“Don’t be too sure about that little slut. Just because you are unimaginative, doesn’t mean I am. Now open your mouth!”

But Emily didn’t want to please this man, that had tied her up and put her into this ordeal. So she pressed her lips together as he pressed his dick onto them. A sudden pain made her gasp. He had gripped her left nipple and squished and twisted it hard. It didn’t take long before she let out a little squeal of pain. The janitor used this opening to shove his cock into her mouth. She had lost so reluctantly at first, she started sucking.

After a few minutes, the janitor seemingly was not satisfied with her performance, as he grabbed her head and started thrusting into her mouth. His tip hitting her throat, causing her to gag with every thrust. Laying there, having her mouth violated, pushing tears into her eyes, she wondered how it came to all this. Tied naked to a desk in her school, her pussy stretched open for everyone to see and a giant spider climb into and the old disgusting janitor fucking her face. But on a certain level, she felt that she deserved it. She deserved it from that moment onward she had let cockroaches crawl into her most sacred place. She had violated herself first, or at least had given herself willingly to the cockroaches. Her pussy some kind offering to the creepy insects, that normally lived in trash and old dirty pipes. And besides all that, it made her incredibly horny. Maybe she was hating the situation she was in, but she loved the feeling it gave her. How the janitor made her his plaything. This dichotomy was confusing, but she didn’t care. All she could do was enjoy the tingling feeling in her lower region.

Wait, there was a different feeling there. Oh no. Her belly cramped again as she felt like a liquid was flowing out of her. She screamed into the janitors penis. As good as she was able to, she glanced at the TV above her. It was difficult and she had trouble recognizing anything on the low resolution of the camera. After maybe a minute however, she could swear, she saw some dark spots coming from the tube in the wall. The tube connected to her pussy. To her horror, the spider seemed to have noticed as well and crawled over to the tube.

First Emily wasn’t sure what was happening, but after observing the spider as closely as she could while being face fucked, it dawned on her. The eggs the janitor had stuck into her, must have hatched. The little baby insects fought their way out of her pussy into freedom, just to be found by the giant spider which was eating the little ones now. She had given birth to insects, just for them to be eaten by her tormentor. More tears formed in her eyes, and she started to alternate between screaming and sobbing around the dick in her mouth.

The janitor misunderstanding her feelings, slowed down a bit, but ultimately had no mercy. His thrusts got deeper and after about three to four pumps later, shot his load into her mouth. All she could do was swallow, while he pulled his shaft from her lips. Seemingly not sure how to handle the situation, he just put his dick back and left her there crying naked and bound.

Right then the bell rang and the sound of hundreds of people leaving their classrooms filled the halls.

Through her tears, she watched the spider following the trail of baby insects, leading it directly back into her pussy. She could feel the hairy spider rubbing against her insides. Imagining it sitting inside her, waiting to eat her babies, she sobbed even harder, trying her best to keep it to a quiet level, as pupils were walking past the wall she was strapped to. Which proofed easier than expected as the janitor had forgotten to gag her again.

Some pupils stopped and looked at the showcase but lost interest quick as no spider could be seen. To her own surprise, Emily started wishing, that someone would press the button and shock her again. Then at least she had the hope, the spider would flee again. Even if it would bite her.

A different kind of shock rocked her, as she felt something pressing against her cervix. The spider was clearly moving inside her, way more than the last time she had been inside her.

Finally, someone stopped before the glass window. To her horror, she recognized the three people standing right in front of her showcase. Standing there were Sara, Becky and Vanessa. Her so called friends.

“Ugh, I hate spiders.” Said Sara, as she apparently just had read the little de***********ion besides the box.

“Yeah, they are so creepy with their many legs, aren’t they?” Becky responded.

“I don’t know, this one is behind glass so it should be fine.” That voice belonged to Vanessa.

“Could you imagine, that thing escaping and crawling around here? By the way, where is it anyways? I can’t see it. Oh gosh, what if it already did escape!”

“Don’t say things like that Becky. I would hate to be on the same side of the glass as a giant spider. The thought gives me shivers.”

Emily could agree. It gave her the shivers too. And if it was your pussy that was on the same side of the glass as Sara had put it, it was even scarier. Couldn’t she just have cockroaches in her pussy? Was that too much to ask? Most women wouldn’t even go that far.

“You two are scary cats, it is probably just in the small hole there see.” Vanessa was pointing to the tube connected to Emilies pussy.

“There is even a button here, maybe just press it and see what happens.”

“You press it!”

“Really Becky?”

“Omg, you two.” With that Sara pressed the button.

It came so quick Emily was not prepared. Her body shook and just barely she managed to hold in a scream of pain. Not only her nipples were burning, her violent shaking against the tube inside her pussy, had hurt quite a lot.

“Wah, did the whole box just shake?” Sara shouted.

“I am not sure. It sure sounded like it.”

“Iiiii, do you see that there in the corner? There are legs coming from the tube.” Becky screamed.

It had actually worked. The spider had left her pussy again. By now the cramps in her lower region had reduced in frequency. But from time to time one came as an insect hatched.

“Where is Em? She is absolutely terrified of spiders. Even more than you Becky.” Vanessa suddenly said.

“No idea. She wasn’t in class this morning.”

“Maybe she is sick?”

“I mean she did behave rather strange on Saturday. You remember, she went to the toilet and when she returned she looked really pale and went home pretty quick.”

“Yeah I also thought she looked pale. Do you think she ate something wrong?”

“Maybe. I have to admit, I feel a little bad, that she had to suffer through detention alone.”

“Would you have liked to join her Sara? No, it was her own fault in getting caught.”

“Well no, but still…”

“Maybe if her tits weren’t in the way, she would have been quicker and could have escaped as well.”

With that Becky and Vanessa giggled.

Emily couldn’t believe what she was hearing. Anger and hurt rising inside her.

“Don’t say that, that’s mean.”

“Come on Sara, it’s just a little joke.”

As no reply came forth, after a little break Becky talked again.

“This is getting boring, let us see what the boys are up to ok? I am sure Brendan already misses you Sara and who knows, maybe mister tall and broody is there as well V.”

“I don’t know who you mean.” Vanessa replied.

“Come on V, we all see how you look at him. Or do you think we wouldn’t notice how you keep staring at his forearms? You are just lucky boys are oblivious to such things.” Again Becky’s laughter could be heard.

“Maybe try making it a little more subtle whenever you imagine him railing you. But I am sure he is well equipped. Don’t you think so Sara?”

“Oh, I know he is.”

“Ah, Sara you slut.”

“No not like this, but I may have dropped something about little V here being interested in Randy. So Brendan assured me that little V here has nothing to fear. Only maybe that he is too big for her.” Again, the laughter of Becky and Sara could be heard through the wall. Emily couldn’t see Vanessas face via the video camera, but she was sure, that her face would make a tomato envies right now.

“Legs go. I want to see this. I am sure Randy is with Brendan.” Sara finally said and to Emilies relieve pulled the other two girls away.

Other pupils came and looked at the now visible spider, but Emily didn’t mind them much. She just tried to make it through the cramps and her mind was thinking about what her so called friends had said. Maybe she should have made them pay for leaving her. Maybe she still could. She should plan some kind of revenge. And plan she did, as she was bound up, she had a lot of time to do so, especially as the rest of the school day went by without any other greater events.

Emily was nearly surprised how fast the janitor turned out again. Probably still spooked from the earlier experience, he just freed her. He put a sheet of metal through the tube. It seemed it had an opening for that the whole time, Emily simply hadn’t seen. But on the other hand, she didn’t really have a good angle to look at the tube. Besides that, her mind had been occupied with different things, like the giant spider.

Carefully the janitor pushed her away from the wall, pulling the tube out of her. The tube scratched over her tender flesh, and she couldn’t keep herself from screaming again. Luckly everybody was still in the last lesson of the day and couldn’t hear her.

“Go home and tomorrow just go to school normally. Just come to me after school.”

With that the janitor went over to the door and waited. Ogling her, as she moved her stiff limbs and got up from the table. Looking down on her, she could see the red markings the rope had left on her skin. Her tits seemed a little swollen too and she winced as she put on her bra and top. All her erogenous zones were really sensitive it seemed. The janitor waited until she had dressed and walked past him. He closed the door behind her. He probably had to get rid of the evidence of this little perverted session. Emily was not really in the mood to think about it. She was spent and had a headache. This had been too much for her.

At home she directly went into her room. Her thoughts shortly went to Kenny who was inside a plastic container in one of her drawers. The thought of putting anything into her pussy right now, made her shudder. She would make it up to him tomorrow. For now, the only thing she could do was fall directly onto her bed and try to take a nap.
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