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"The Search for Atlantis" is a celebration of curiosity and courage, a testament to the idea that every legend holds a grain of truth waiting to be uncovered. It is a thrilling adventure that will captivate anyone fascinated by history, mystery, and the unyielding human spirit.
Chapter 12 – Making plans.

As Nick walked through the door, he was greeted by the sight of Julie, Lindsey, and Eleanor seated around the dinner table, deep in conversation. An empty plate sat at the end of the table, waiting for him. Silently, he moved to the table and took his seat, the weight of his recent encounters resting heavily on his shoulders.

For a moment, the only sounds were the quiet clinks of cutlery against plates and the distant hum of evening settling outside. Julie was the first to break the silence, her voice a soft whisper filled with concern. “Nick?” she inquired, sensing his preoccupation.

He looked up, meeting her eyes. “We are returning to Atlantis in fourteen days,” he announced, setting a firm date for their departure. The others nodded in acknowledgment; they had already agreed to this plan.

Nick took a deep breath, knowing the next part of his news might stir more questions. “We are bringing someone else too,” he added. Before anyone could interject, he continued, “Today, I was approached by a man seeking my assistance. He explained that many years ago, he had to leave his sister behind when he departed from Atlantis.”

Julie laughed lightly, half in disbelief. “You know this is some scam artist trying to make money,” she suggested, trying to find a rational explanation.

Nick shook his head, his expression serious. “He is telling the truth,” he affirmed confidently.

“How can you possibly know that?” Lindsey interjected, her voice tinged with skepticism.

Nick smiled gently and turned to Julie. “Julie, turn your bracelet like this,” he instructed, demonstrating the adjustment on his own bracelet. Julie followed suit, adjusting her bracelet as Nick had shown her.

“Now close your eyes and think of Talise, what you want her to hear,” he directed. The table fell into a hushed silence, the tension palpable as they waited.

After a few long minutes, Julie’s eyes fluttered open. “You will be king,” she whispered, her voice barely audible.

Nick nodded solemnly. “And you and Lindsey will be my queens,” he added, confirming the new roles that awaited them in Atlantis.

Lindsey turned to Julie, her eyes wide with curiosity and a hint of anxiety. “What happened?” she asked.

“Talise told me about everything. Nick is right, this man Zaleon, he is Atlantean,” Julie confirmed, her voice firm with newfound conviction.

Nick nodded, adding, “He has been lost up here for a hundred years.”

“Fuck,” Lindsey exclaimed, the implications of this revelation dawning on her.

Eleanor, who had been listening intently, looked at Nick with a mixture of astonishment and concern. “A hundred years?” she asked for clarification.

Nick nodded again. “He looked to be maybe eighteen or nineteen, but he came from Atlantis here in 1926. He was only twenty-two at the time,” he explained, detailing Zaleon’s age-defying appearance and long separation from his homeland.

“Fuck, you’re saying he is a hundred and twenty now?” Lindsey asked, trying to wrap her mind around the concept of such a prolonged lifespan.

Nick nodded once more. “So, will he live here with us?” Lindsey queried, pondering the logistics of integrating Zaleon into their lives on the surface.

Nick shook his head. “No, I told him to meet us in the harbor in fourteen days,” he clarified, indicating that Zaleon’s stay on the surface would be temporary.

“Thank God,” Lindsey muttered, relieved yet overwhelmed by the enormity of their upcoming journey and the historical depth of the connections they were forging.

As they resumed their meal in a contemplative silence, Julie cast a curious glance at Nick. Breaking the quiet, she inquired, “How did you learn about the bracelet, that you can communicate with Talise that way?”

Nick put down his utensils and met her gaze. “Zaleon explained it to me, demonstrating that he was telling the truth,” he replied, his voice low but clear over the clink of dishes.

Julie nodded, her expression reflecting her understanding of the situation. “So he will return, and in doing so, he'll owe you a favor,” she summarized, considering the implications of such an arrangement.

Nick agreed with a nod. “It seems favors are like currency in Atlantis,” he mused, pondering the cultural nuances he was slowly learning.

“That’s what I gathered from Talise too,” Julie added, her tone thoughtful as she pieced together the snippets of Atlantean culture she had been exposed to.

Lindsey, who had been quietly listening, glanced down at the bracelet encircling her wrist. “Can we all communicate this way?” she asked, intrigued by the possibilities the device offered.

Nick turned to her, considering her question. “I believe so, but it might not work for communicating with Eleanor since she doesn’t have a bracelet,” he explained, outlining the limitations they faced.

Julie nodded, her mind racing with the potential applications of such technology. “That makes sense. So, it’s kind of like an Atlantean cellphone?” she suggested, trying to draw a parallel with something more familiar.

Nick chuckled at the comparison, appreciating Julie’s attempt to contextualize their extraordinary discovery in everyday terms. “Yes, kind of,” he agreed, his laughter mingling with the warmth of shared discovery at the dinner table.

As they continued their meal, the conversation ebbed and flowed around the mechanics of the bracelets and the potential communications with Atlantis. Each of them was keenly aware of the bridge they were building between two very different worlds, fueled by a mixture of technology, magic, and ancient customs that were as fascinating as they were complex.

Lindsey expressed a practical concern, her voice edged with the tactical considerations they had to manage. "How do we get to Atlantis without drawing curious eyes to the location? We can't just leave my father's ship floating over the spot where we dive; it'll raise too many suspicions," she pointed out.

Nick nodded thoughtfully, already having given the issue considerable thought. "I've been thinking about that. Once we leave, we're not planning on coming back, right?" he posed to the group, seeking confirmation on their one-way journey.

Everyone nodded in agreement, understanding the permanence of their decision.

"So, the sub can run for twelve hours, and it takes about one hour to get down to Atlantis through the gate," Nick continued, outlining the logistics of their underwater route.

Lindsey nodded, grasping the strategy he was formulating. "We'll start about three hours away from the cave site, take the sub down, and follow the seabed. Underwater, no one can see us," Nick explained. He then turned to Lindsey, seeking specific operational capabilities, "Lindsey, how fast can the sub go underwater against the current?"

She smiled, appreciating his ingenuity. "About three knots," she responded.

Nick calculated quickly. "So, if we're three hours away and travel at three knots, we'll cover almost ten miles. It'll be far enough that no one will be able to find the cave," he deduced, his plan forming more solidly with each detail.

Julie and Lindsey exchanged smiles, impressed by Nick's plan. But Eleanor, who had been quietly listening, voiced her concerns. "You want to go ten miles underwater in a small submarine, with five people?" she asked, the worry clear in her tone.

Nick nodded solemnly. "To keep Atlantis safe, yes," he affirmed, understanding the risks but prioritizing the greater need to protect their secret destination.

Eleanor's voice shook as she spoke, revealing her deep-seated fears. "I can't... no, I can't," she stammered, her claustrophobia clawing at her resolve.

Julie turned to her mother with a sympathetic gaze. "Mom, it's the only way. I know you have claustrophobia, but think of this, we're going to Atlantis," she encouraged, trying to ease her mother’s fears with the grandeur of their goal.

Eleanor shook her head, her decision firm despite her daughter's pleading. "No, I've thought about it, but it's in a cave, underground, under the sea. I just can’t," she admitted, the finality in her voice echoing her inner turmoil.

Nick nodded, his expression understanding and respectful of her limits. "Eleanor, then you won’t. You stay here, and when we don’t return, you will report us missing. They will find the ship and the submarine missing, and they will think we died under the waves of the Mexican Gulf," he explained, laying out a cover story that would protect their mission and keep Eleanor involved in a meaningful way.

Julie's eyes welled up with tears, the reality of leaving her mother behind hitting her hard. "Mom," she whispered, her voice choked with emotion.

Eleanor embraced her daughter tightly, her own resolve strengthened by the need to support her decision. "It’s alright. I will know you are safe," she whispered back, offering comfort and reassurance in the face of their impending separation.

As the day wound down, they decided it was time to call it a night. They had an early morning ahead of them, as they were scheduled to depart for Las Vegas bright and early the next day. Nick lay down in Lindsey’s bed, anticipating a restful night's sleep. Lindsey climbed in beside him and nestled close, her body warm against his. "You know," she began, "Julie's spending the night at her mother's house tonight. She wanted some quality time with her mom before we all head out in the morning." Nick nodded in understanding.

Lindsey turned to face him, her expression softening as she gazed into his eyes. "That leaves us alone tonight," she purred, a mischievous glint sparkling in her own. Nick felt a thrill run down his spine at her words. "It certainly does," he replied, his voice low and husky. Lindsey leaned in closer, pressing her soft body against his. She cupped his face in her hands, her touch sending shivers through him. "Make love to me," she whispered, her voice barely audible above the sound of their combined heartbeats.

Nick felt himself respond to her words, his heart racing as desire coursed through his veins. He rolled her over onto her back, pressing his body against hers. Their kiss deepened, their tongues tangling together in a sensual dance. He could feel her heat radiating off her skin, and the wetness between her legs as she eagerly welcomed him. With one smooth motion, he guided his hard cock into her warm, wet pussy.

Their lovemaking was a whirlwind of passion and desire, fueled by the promise of their upcoming adventure and the depth of their love. Their bodies moved together in a frenzy of need, their skin melding into one as they sought release. Nick's hands roamed over Lindsey's curves, possessively, as if he could never get enough of her. His thumbs brushed against her hardened nipples, eliciting a shudder of pleasure through her entire body. His fingers traced a path down her stomach, over her smooth thighs, and finally to her wet center.

Lindsey arched her back off the bed, her head thrown back in ecstasy as Nick's fingers found her clit. He circled it expertly, driving her wild with need. She moaned his name, the sound echoing around them, lost in the throes of pleasure. Her body trembled as the orgasm built, and when it finally crashed over her, it felt like the most intense thing she'd ever experienced. Her inner walls clenched tightly around Nick's cock, her nails digging into his shoulders as she threw her head back and cried out his name.

Their bodies seemed to melt together, their heartbeats synchronized as they climaxed at the same moment. Nick collapsed on top of her, their sweat-slicked skin sticking together. He buried his face in her neck, taking deep breaths to try and catch his breath. The air between them felt charged, heavy with the love they shared. They lay there, entwined, for what seemed like an eternity, their hearts still racing from the intensity of their lovemaking.

Finally, Lindsey rolled them over so that Nick was lying beneath her. She straddled his hips, her breasts swaying provocatively above his chest. She leaned down, her lips brushing against his ear. "I love you," she whispered, her voice husky with desire.

Her heart raced as she felt him harden again, filling her with anticipation. With a sultry smile, she whispered against his lips, "I was hoping for this." As he thrust upward, meeting her downward stroke, she let out a moan of ecstasy that vibrated through their entwined bodies. The friction was exquisite, and she arched her back, lost in the sensation of being so intimately connected to him.

His skin felt hot against hers, his muscles taut with need. "God, you feel so good," he gasped, his words tumbling out in between gasps for air. He pushed deeper, harder, relentless in his pursuit of their shared release. She wrapped her legs around his waist, digging her nails into his chest, urging him on.

Their bodies moved together in a rhythm born of desperation and desire, their breaths mingling, their hearts racing in unison. The bed creaked beneath them, the walls seemed to close in around them, trapping them in this intense, passionate moment that felt like it would never end.

But end it did, as their orgasms crashed over them in a wave of bliss. Her inner muscles gripped him tightly, her cries of pleasure muffled against his neck. His body tensed, his hips bucking wildly, as he let go, pouring himself into her. His cum filling her womb, he closed his eyes secretly wondering if she would become pregnant. They clung to each other, their breaths ragged and their skin flushed, basking in the afterglow of their shared ecstasy.

He leaned closer, his breath warm against her ear. "I love you," he murmured, his voice rough with the weight of his emotions. The words hung in the air, a tender confession wrapped in vulnerability. As they lay there, entwined under the gentle blanket of night, the world around them seemed to pause, acknowledging the significance of the moment. Slowly, they drifted into sleep, comforted by the warmth of each other's presence, their hearts beating in a synchronized rhythm of deep affection and quiet contentment.

The morning light filtered softly through the curtains, casting a gentle glow across the room when Julie burst in, her presence as bright as the sunlight. She paused at the doorway with a mischievous grin, taking in the scene before her. "My God, guys, it smells like sex in here," she teased, her voice playful and light, echoing slightly in the stillness of the early hour.

Lindsey, still entwined in the sheets, stretched languidly, her body unfolding like a cat in the sun. Her skin was bare, catching the light in a warm glow that highlighted the gentle curves of her body. With a lazy smile, she pulled Nick closer, wrapping her arms around him in a possessive embrace. "Jealous?" she asked, her voice a sultry murmur that contrasted sharply with Julie's lighthearted banter.

Julie's smile didn't falter as she nodded, stepping fully into the room. "A little, but tonight I will get mine," she declared with a wink, her tone suggesting a playful challenge. Her eyes sparkled with anticipation, already looking forward to the evening's possibilities.

Nick rolled his eyes playfully at Julie's comment, his expression one of mock exasperation. "Work, work, work," he joked, his voice muffled slightly as he burrowed his face into Lindsey's neck, inhaling the lingering scent of their intimacy from the night before. His hands roamed gently over Lindsey's back, his touch both comforting and familiar.

Both women laughed, their laughter mingling and filling the room with a sense of camaraderie and shared secrets. Julie walked over to the bed, her steps light and teasing. She perched on the edge, her eyes dancing with humor as she surveyed her friends, her lovers. The atmosphere was thick with the remnants of last night's escapades, a tangible reminder of the passion that had unfolded in this very room.

Lindsey sat up, the sheets pooling at her waist, and reached out to flick Julie's forehead affectionately. "You know, you could always join us," she teased, raising an eyebrow suggestively. The suggestion hung in the air, bold and unapologetic.

Julie feigned shock, her hand flying to her chest. "And spoil the sanctity of your love nest? Never!" she exclaimed dramatically, but her grin belied her mock horror. She leaned in closer, lowering her voice conspiratorially. "But seriously, I am happy we can all share moments like this," she added with a wink, then she kissed Nick.

Nick chuckled, his laughter deep and resonant in the quiet morning. He extricated himself from Lindsey's embrace and sat up, stretching his arms above his head. The movement highlighted the lean muscles of his torso, the play of light accentuating the contours of his body.

"Alright, alright," he conceded, his voice warm with amusement. "Next time you can have me alone."

Julie gave them both a final, affectionate glance before standing up. "I'll leave you two to get ready. We have a big day ahead, remember?" she reminded them, her tone turning serious for a moment as she alluded to the plans they had laid out the night before.

As Julie left the room, closing the door softly behind her, Nick turned to Lindsey with a smile. "So, what do you think? Can you allow her a night alone with me tonight?" he asked, his voice low and teasing.

Lindsey laughed, a sound that was both light and deep, full of warmth and lingering desire. "Maybe," she said, her eyes twinkling with mischief. "But for now, let's focus on getting through today."

They rose from the bed, the sheets falling away as they began their morning routines, each movement a silent affirmation of their deep connection.

The morning sun streamed through the kitchen window, casting a warm glow over the breakfast table where excitement buzzed like electricity in the air. Plates of half-eaten breakfast lay forgotten as Lindsey, Nick, and Julie leaned in, their conversation animated and eager, revolving around their impending road trip to Vegas.

Lindsey, her eyes alight with anticipation, took the lead in the conversation. "So, we're taking the Land Rover?" she proposed, her tone suggesting it was more of a statement than a question.

Nick nodded, a playful grin tugging at his lips. "I guess your dad won’t need it for the next three to five years," he quipped, referring to her father's recent incarceration, a delicate subject yet handled with their typical light-hearted banter.

She smiled, shaking her head gently, her long chestnut hair swaying with the movement. "No," she replied crisply, the single word carrying a weight of finality and acceptance of her father's fate.

The conversation took a slight turn as Julie chimed in, her voice tinged with concern. "Are you going to go see him before we leave for Atlantis?" Her inquiry, while innocent, drew a small frown from Lindsey.

"I should, but I don’t know," Lindsey confessed, her enthusiasm dimming slightly as she pondered the emotional weight of a potential prison visit. Sensing her hesitation, Nick reached out, placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

"Tell you what, think about it. We have seven days in Vegas. Have fun and enjoy yourself. When we return, you can make up your mind," he suggested, his tone supportive, trying to lift her spirits.

Lindsey’s smile returned, nodding in agreement, grateful for Nick's understanding and the reprieve from making an immediate decision.

The conversation shifted again as Nick turned his attention to Julie. "Where's your mom?" he asked, noticing her absence, which was unusual given the family-like closeness of the group.

Julie's expression clouded over, her usual vivacity dimming. "She left early this morning. She didn’t want to say a long goodbye," she explained, her voice a soft echo of sadness. The mood at the table shifted, a somber cloud momentarily passing over the group.

"Will she come back before we leave for Atlantis?" Lindsey inquired, her tone gentle, trying not to pry but showing her concern for Julie.

Julie shook her head, a wistful smile briefly crossing her features. "No, but she promised to report us missing in three weeks when we don’t check in," she joked half-heartedly, trying to lighten the mood with a touch of dark humor about their risky expedition to go to Atlantis.

Nick sighed, his brows knitting together in a frown of disapproval. "I understand her a little, but she should have said goodbye," he stated, the disappointment evident in his tone. His words reflected a mix of understanding and the pang of unmet expectations from someone they all cared about.

Lindsey and Julie both nodded, the agreement unspoken yet deeply felt among them. They understood the complexities of their relationships, intertwined with the adventures they embarked on together.

The trio continued their breakfast, the conversation gradually steering back to the lighter topics of their upcoming trip. They discussed routes, stops they wanted to make along the way, and all the fun they anticipated in Vegas.

With the Land Rover fully packed and ready to go, Lindsey, Nick, and Julie climbed into the vehicle, their spirits high with the anticipation of the adventure ahead. The journey to Las Vegas was a mammoth one, spanning about twenty-five hundred miles, and Nick, ever the optimist, planned to conquer it in just two days.

"We'll take turns driving," Nick announced as he started the engine, the low hum of the Land Rover filling the early morning air. Lindsey and Julie nodded in agreement, both accustomed to the long hauls that came with their adventurous lives.

"By midnight, we should be halfway there, around Dallas," Nick calculated, glancing at the GPS to confirm the route. Julie, looking out the window at the passing scenery, chimed in, "It’s a long drive."

Nick nodded, his focus on the road as he navigated out of the neighborhood. The morning was bright, the sun casting long shadows on the road, promising a day of clear skies—perfect driving weather. Lindsey, seeking to add a bit of energy to their start, turned on the radio. The sound of an upbeat classic rock song filled the car, setting a lively backdrop as they settled into the journey.

As the miles began to unfurl behind them, the conversation flowed more freely. Lindsey, curious about a conversation Nick had mentioned earlier, turned down the music slightly and asked, "So what did Talise say when you asked her to make sure Zaleon was not punished?"

Nick, keeping his eyes on the road, explained, "As I mentioned before, favors are like currency in their system. I asked for a favor, which was to ensure he could return to his sister without facing any punishment. In return, Talise threw me a curveball—she wanted me to be her husband and king."

Lindsey laughed, the absurdity of the situation not lost on her. "So, Julie was right, she wanted you from the start," she said, glancing at Julie through the rearview mirror.

Nick nodded, a rueful smile crossing his lips. "It's kind of wild, isn't it? Shunned up here on the surface world, and now I’m potentially the king of Atlantis. But we can't tell anyone about it. We need to keep Atlantis safe."

Julie, who had been quietly listening, added her thoughts. "It’s like something out of a movie, Nick. You’re a hero in a hidden world while being a misfit in your own. It’s poetic justice in a way."

The conversation turned reflective as they considered the weight of what Nick’s new role could mean for all of them. The road stretched out endlessly in front of them, the landscape gradually shifting as they moved from state to state. Service stations, roadside diners, and the occasional billboard passed by as the hours ticked on.

As they approached Dallas, the city lights began to twinkle in the distance, marking their progress against the backdrop of the night sky. They planned on swapping drivers at a small, 24-hour diner just off the highway.

At a cozy roadside diner bathed in the warm glow of overhead lights, Nick flagged down the waitress as she came by their table. "Coffee, please, and a sausage platter," he ordered, handing back the slightly greasy menu.

"Same for me," Julie chimed in promptly, her voice light, reflecting her fatigue from the road yet still tinged with excitement for the meal.

Lindsey offered the waitress a warm smile and nodded, "Me too, please." The waitress returned the smile with a nod and turned on her heel, her sneakers squeaking slightly on the tiled floor as she retreated to the kitchen to place their orders.

As the clatter of the busy diner filled the background—a symphony of clinking dishes, sizzling griddles, and muffled conversations—Nick leaned back in his booth, his gaze thoughtful. "So, I've been thinking," he started, breaking the lull that had fallen over their table.

Lindsey raised an eyebrow, her mood lightening. "Ouch, that had to hurt," she teased, earning a playful smirk from Nick.

"Smart ass," he retorted, the corners of his eyes crinkling with amusement. Their laughter mingled with the ambient noise of the diner, a brief escape from the weariness of their journey.

Nick's expression turned serious again as he leaned forward, lowering his voice a bit despite the din around them. "I think when we get to the cave, we should salvage the gold coins I threw over the railing of the ship. It’s best to leave as little evidence as possible for others to find," he suggested, his strategist mind mapping out their next moves.

Julie nodded in agreement, her brow furrowing slightly at the thought. "That’s a good idea," she said, the wheels in her mind turning. "How many coins did you throw overboard?"

"Thirty-two," Nick and Julie said in unison, a testament to how closely they'd been involved in planning their expedition.

"Wow," Lindsey exclaimed, impressed by the number. "Even if we can only find half of them, it significantly reduces the chances of others finding them."

Nick nodded, pleased with the consensus. As they discussed their plans, the waitress returned, balancing three plates laden with sausage platters and steaming mugs of coffee. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee and savory sausages filled the air, drawing their attention momentarily away from their conversation. They thanked her and dug in, the comfort of the meal soothing their travel-weary spirits.

As they ate, Julie, glancing at the clock on the wall which showed it was nearing midnight, broached another practical concern. "So, do we keep going or find a place to sleep for the night?"

Lindsey, who had been quietly sipping her coffee, set her mug down with a clink. "It’s my turn to drive, why don’t you both get some rest in the back seat while I take over?" she suggested, ready to take the night shift to cover more ground.

Julie smiled, her fatigue evident in her eyes. "I could use some 'Nick time,'" she said, a playful hint in her voice, referring to the rest she would get, but also alluding to some private moments with Nick in the relative privacy of the back seat.

Lindsey chuckled at Julie’s dual meaning, standing up and stretching her legs. "Guess you’ll fuck before you sleep," she joked, her tone light but not without a trace of envy for their comfort with each other.

"Before we go, I have to use the ladies' room," Lindsey added, picking up her purse from the seat.

"Me too," Julie said, rising to join her.

As the women headed toward the restroom, Nick pulled out his wallet, leaving enough cash on the table to cover their meal and a generous tip. He then stood and stretched, his body stiff from the long hours of driving. He too decided to visit the restroom, making sure he was ready for the next many hours in the car.

Once they all regrouped, they left the diner, the bell above the door jingling softly behind them as they stepped out into the cool night air. The parking lot was dimly lit, the Land Rover waiting patiently for them under a streetlamp. They piled in, Lindsey taking the driver's seat with a sense of duty, while Nick and Julie settled into the back, preparing for a few hours of sleep—or whatever else might pass the time—as they continued their journey toward the lights of Las Vegas.

Lindsey pulled the car out of its parking spot and began to navigate through the busy downtown area. Her heart raced with excitement as she glanced over at the backseat where her best friend, Julie, was busy pleasuring their soon to be husband, their king, Nick. She could hear the soft moans and gasps coming from the back as Julie expertly unbuckled Nick's belt and reached around to grasp his growing erection. With a devious grin, she bent down and engulfed his throbbing member, her lips sliding up and down his shaft as she worked her magic.

Nick let out a long, low moan, his hands finding their way to Julie's hair, tangling in the soft strands as he held her close. "God," he managed to croak out between breaths. "Don't... cum in my mouth." Julie said.

Julie had a plan. She continued to suck on him, her cheeks hollowing out as she took more and more of him into her mouth. Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock, teasing and taunting him. Despite his protests, he couldn't help but lose control, his hips bucking upwards, pushing deeper into her warm, wet mouth.

Finally, with a soft moan, she pulled back, her lips leaving a trail of saliva along the length of his shaft. He let out a groan of frustration, his eyes fluttering shut as he tried to catch his breath. But he didn't have to wait long before Julie was crawling up onto his lap, her naked body pressed against his. With practiced ease, she guided his cock towards her wet, waiting pussy and, with a firm thrust, impaled herself on him.

Nick's eyes shot open, a gasp of pleasure escaping his lips as he felt her tightness envelop him. Her hot, wet walls milked his cock, sending waves of pleasure coursing through his body. He gripped her hips, his fingers digging into her soft skin as he began to thrust upwards, meeting her movements with equal fervor.

Lindsey glanced at them again in the rearview mirror, her heart racing as she watched them writhe together in the backseat. She could feel the heat rising in her own core, the wetness growing between her legs. As she continued to drive, she reached down between her legs and began to rub her clit, her breath coming in short, sharp gasps. She wished she could join them in the back, but for now, watching them was almost as good.

Nick's thrusts grew faster, deeper, his moans filling the car as he felt himself getting closer to the edge. Julie met each of his thrusts with a moan of her own, her nails digging into his shoulders as she arched her back, pressing her breasts against his chest. She could feel the tension building inside her, the familiar tightness coiling in her belly.

"I'm going to...," she panted, her words coming out in staccato gasps. "I'm... going... to..." Her words trailed off as she felt the first waves of orgasm wash over her, her body shuddering with release. Nick followed suit, his cock twitching inside her as he shot his hot cum deep inside her, filling her up.

Their passion spent, they collapsed against each other, their heavy breathing filling the car. Lindsey, her own need for release growing unbearable, pulled the car over to the side of the road and climbed into the back with them. She joined their embrace, her body pressed against Nick's back, her hips grinding against his still-hard cock.

Nick moaned, his hands finding their way to her hips, guiding her movements. "Lindsey," he groaned, his voice hoarse. "You've been such a good girl, waiting for us." She bit her lip, her breath coming faster as she felt the tip of his cock pressing against her entrance. With a gentle push, he entered her, filling her up.

She wrapped her arms around him, her nails digging into his back as she arched her hips, meeting his thrusts with equal force. The sensation of being surrounded by their love, their passion, was overwhelming, and she felt herself spiraling closer and closer to the edge.

As she neared her peak, she looked over at Julie, their eyes meeting in the mirror. "I love you," she whispered, her voice trembling with emotion. "I love you both so much."

Julie reached out, her hand finding its way to Lindsey's breast, squeezing gently. "I love you too, Lindsey," she whispered back, her eyes filled with love. "Always."

And with that, Lindsey felt the familiar tightness building inside her, the wave of pleasure washing over her in a tidal wave. She cried out, her body shuddering with release as she came apart in their arms. Nick almost followed close behind, he gave her a few extra hard thrust, her body in extasy, her eyes widened when she heard his cries mingling with hers as he spilled his seed deep inside her.

At last, spent, they collapsed against each other, their hearts racing, their bodies covered in a sheen of sweat. The car was silent save for their ragged breathing and the soft sounds of their kisses.

Finally, as they began to come back to themselves, they looked at each other, their eyes filled with love and gratitude. "I don't know what I'd do without you both," Nick whispered, cupping Julie's cheek in his hand. "I love you so much."

"I love you too," Julie replied, her voice husky with emotion. "You're my king, my lover... my everything."

Lindsey looked at them both, her heart swelling with love for this beautiful, perfect couple. "You're right," she said, her voice barely above a whisper. "I don't know what I'd do without either of you. I love you both so much."

They stayed like that for a long moment, just holding each other, their bodies still connected in the most intimate of ways. Finally, Nick pulled away, his hands finding their way to Lindsey’s hips as he gently guided her off of him. He leaned forward, kissing her tenderly before turning to Julie, his eyes soft with affection.

"Are you ready to go on?" he asked, his voice gentle.

Lindsey nodded, wiping the tears from her eyes as she tried to catch her breath. She reached over and took Julie's hand in hers, giving it a squeeze. "Yeah," she managed to choke out. "Let's go to Vegas."

Nick climbed into the driver’s seat, he put the car in gear and pulled back onto the road, driving them onward to Las Vegas.
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