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After their fuck session in the lake, Nate and Avery have been enjoying lying in each other's arms.
After lying in the sun next to the lake for a long time, just enjoying lying in each other’s arms, Nate’s cock started to harden again. It didn’t take long for Avery to notice the 11 inches of hard cock pointing at the sky right next to her. Avery decided to give Nate a little thanks for the incredible fucking he had given her. She started kissing his pecs and abs, tailing them down until she reached his massive cock.

When Avery stuck out her tongue and touched his cock, licking all the way up, Nate let out a loud moan, never in his wildest dreams had he imagined that this camping trip would lead to him lying naked next to a lake, with the hottest girl he had ever seen, who he had just fucked twice, running her tongue all over his cock.

When Avery reached the top of his cock, she took the tip into her mouth and started to suck on it. She kept taking more of it in, until most of it was stuck down her throat, Avery had never had much of a gag reflex, something Nate was enjoying very much. He moaned in pleasure as Avery moved up and down his cock, sucking on it and licking the base with her tongue.

Avery was giving him suck a skillful blowjob that he couldn’t hold back from cumming for long. He exclaimed “I’m gonna cum” just before his cock started spurting cum down Avery’s throat as she greeedily swallowed every drop of it. “Oh my god Avery, you’re so incredible, how are you this good at it” said Nate. “I don’t know, I just did what felt right” said Avery, which made Nate even more amazed.

He wanted to properly thank Avery for that incredible pleasure, so he flipped Avery over on her back and spread her pussy lips to make way for his tongue. When he ran it up and down her clit, it made Avery gasp “Ohhhh Nate that feels soooo good, keep going, aaaaahhhhh”. Nate kept going, sucking at her clit until Avery came, squirting her juices right into his mouth and pushing him onto her pussy.

As soon as Avery calmed down, Nate kept going, he actually added his fingers, inserting two into her pussy, rubbing her G-spot as he kept licking her clit. Avery moaned even harder, thrusting her puss towards him, she needed him to keep giving her this incredible pleasure. Nate kept pleasuring her, and Avery came again and again, until Nate felt like he had properly thanked her.

He climbed back up and gave her a passionate kiss. Nate pulled her up, saying “I think we should start to go back to camp, I don’t want the others to wonder where we are”. Avery agreed and they pulled their clothes back on, before turning to walk back to camp. Just as Nate was turning, he saw two people fucking on a rock on the other side of the lake. When Nate looked more closely, he saw that the boy was Oscar.

Oscar had left the camp that morning with Lincoln, Amber and Savannah, although from the beginning it was clear that Lincoln and Amber had other things in mind than exploring the area. As soon as they left camp their hand were all over each other and it didn’t take long for them to find an excuse to go off into the woods together to fuck.

Oscar and Savannah continued walking through the woods, enjoying the peaceful nature. They got along very well, joking the entire time they walked. They spent several hours getting to know each other when they reached the lake. “Do you want to sit down here?” asked Oscar. “That sounds nice” said Savannah “I am a bit exhausted”. They sat down next to each other on a rock and kept talking.

After a while, Savannah said “Oscar, can I ask you something personal?”. “Of course” he replied. “Have you ever had sex?” asked Savannah, her face getting red. “No, I haven’t, have you?” said Oscar. “No, but I would like to” said Savannah, biting her lip and looking down at the bulge in Oscar’s shorts. “Right now?” asked Oscar, and without waiting for her answer, pulled her over on top of him.

When Savannah started to kiss him, Oscar grew more confident and grabbed her ass. Savannah moaned while she started to grind her pussy onto his cock. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and his hands under her skirt, rubbing her pussy with his fingers. Oscar pulled her skirt down with her panties, exposing her pussy that he then slipped his fingers into.

He kept finger-fucking her, especially after Savannah slipped one of her hands into his boxers and started to slowly jerk his cock. It didn’t take long for Savannah to climax, as her pussy clenched down on Oscar’s fingers, it squirted her juices, drenching his shorts. “Now you made my shorts wet” said Oscar playfully, to which Savannah responded “well then we had better take them off”.

Savannah pulled down his shorts, exclaiming “wow, it’s even more beautiful up close” when his cock jumped out from them. While Oscar pulled his shirt off, exposing his chiseled stomach, Savannah kneeled down at his cock and took it into her mouth, immediately swallowing his entire length. Oscar leaned back and moaned in pleasure as she kept sucking it, giving him the most amazing feeling he had ever felt.

Savannah’s mouth felt amazing around his cock, and Oscar could already feel the cum rising in his balls, as she eagerly sucked away at his dick. As soon as Oscar realized that he couldn’t hold out anymore, he exclaimed “Savannah I’m cumming”. Savannah gave his cock a few last licks before he came, his cock jerking in her mouth, firing shot after shot of cum down her throat. Savannah swallowed it, sexily licking her lips in appreciation.

Next, Savannah started to pull up her shirt, exposing her tits that were spilling out of her bra. She unclasped it, exposing her perfect C cup tits to Oscar. Seeing her entire beautiful naked body made Oscar’s cock get rock hard again instantly. “Wow, you’re beautiful” gasped Oscar. “I appreciate the compliment, you’re quite hot yourself” said Savannah as she lowered herself to his cock.

Savannah took it and rubbed it up and down her pussy a few times, before slowly lowering herself onto it, moaning as it slowly entered her. When it broke through her hymen, she moaned out in pain, before her moans returned to moans of pleasure as the last inches of his cock slipped into her pussy. She stopped briefly to adjust to him, and then slowly moved back up his dick, until only the head was still inside her.

As began to gather speed, Oscar started to meet her downward movements with upward thrusts, enjoying the extremely tight grip her pussy had on his cock and the view of her tits bouncing in time with their thrusts. As they fucked as hard as they could, Savannah’s moans got louder and louder, until she came, collapsing onto Oscar as her pussy tightened its grip of his cock and she squirted her juices all over him.

This even tighter grip on his cock pushed Oscar over the edge. He barely had time to warn Savannah and pull out before his cock started to spurt his cum all over Savannah’s tits. Oscar gave her a deep kiss and said “thank you, that was so incredible”. Savannah licked the cum off her breasts before they both got dressed again and walked back to camp, it was already getting dark.
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