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First try by the virus to get Jim to share his precious DNA during his work trip to Shanghai. Things go right to 11.
Author's note: This is a harem impregnation story. If that's not your cup of tea, don't read it. There's not much else here. It's just all about one guy making a ridiculous number of babies, but without some of the baggage that often bothers me about that genre (he's not some evil rapist, he's not even trying to make all this happen, and there's at least a halfway plausible sci-fi explanation for it all). Also, if you don't read a story, please don't vote on it. Don't vote down a story just because the genre isn't for you. Kindly respect that others may actually be interested in this genre, and let them be the ones to rate it up or down.

I wanted each of the many women in this story to feel real and individual to me while writing, so I created AI-generated realistic pictures of their faces, and they’re freaking great. I highly recommend getting them (free) at before you read. Your feedback, support, and ideas fuel me to write more, so if you like it, let me know!


Jim was on a work trip in Shanghai looking out his hotel room window. He couldn't help but notice two stunningly beautiful women in the pool below. They were maybe mid-20s, lithe, shapely, graceful, and so full of youthful joy and energy, chasing each other around on inflatables, splashing and laughing. He couldn't help fantasizing a little, imagining them joyriding him instead of those inflatable rafts.

His fantasy awakened something inside him. No, not that. Something that was actually not Jim, but was literally inside his body. Earlier that year, a mutated strain of the flu had built an intelligent network of modified nerve cells within his body and become a separate sentient being. For its own reasons, the virus needed more of Jim's DNA in the human population. A lot more. In Jim, and in a precious few other humans scattered around the world who shared his rare combination of genetic quirks, the virus was able to take on its full form, an extensive parallel nervous system of infected cells throughout his body and especially in the gray matter of his brain, where it could watch his thoughts, borrow his senses, and develop its own intelligence by mimicking patterns in his brain.

The virus had already spread to everyone on the planet in a limited form, but it remained mostly dormant, watching, learning. The one action it had taken was to eradicate all other infectious diseases from the human population, mystifying scientists and making headlines around the world. The virus didn't want anything else around that could ever evolve into a competitor. Everyone knew that all infectious diseases from the common cold to malaria to STDs were now a thing of the past, but nobody knew why. The only remaining exception was a single flu strain that briefly made headlines, becoming known as the final flu. It was never fatal, usually completely asymptomatic, and present in everyone. Unlike all past flu strains, it was not mutating at all and seemed to pose no danger, so medical science largely moved on from it as a curiosity not worthy of major research funding.

For months the virus had been studying human reproduction and sexual attraction, observing and experimenting in other reproducing bodies, learning to optimize the process so it could be as effective as possible whenever Jim got around to doing it again. Just one of his babies was on the way in his wife's womb, and it would be many months before she could begin to make another. Didn't he know there were other wombs? Didn't he know he had millions of sperm just going to waste every day? What the hell was he waiting for? It had been months! The virus was growing increasingly impatient with Jim's apparent total lack of interest in spreading his precious DNA.

Then it saw his attraction to the women in the pool. This was it. Finally, he wants to breed with someone, it thought. It sprang into action. The viral network in Jim's body could signal the network in another nearby host with tiny muscle twitches beneath their conscious perception. From farther away like this, the twitches would need to be a bit less subtle, but would still do the job.

As Jim watched the two women below, one of them seemed to feel his eyes on her and looked up directly at his window. He felt a quick series of muscle twitches all around his eyes as they made eye contact, and then he saw her gasp as her skin flushed and her eyes went wide. Her friend, following her gaze, looked up a moment later and saw him too. The twitches came again and she too immediately flushed, gasped, and stared wide-eyed at him. He stood there in shock, locked in their gaze. Their expressions weren't the anger or disgust he expected and probably deserved as a voyeur. Slowly it dawned on him. They were… aroused? Their hips ground subtly against the inflatable rafts they were straddling as they stared, panting, up at him, their eyes smoldering. Smoldering and grinding, right at him. They wanted him? It seemed ridiculous. It was ridiculous. Even more ridiculously, somehow he felt they were now connected to him and would try to find him. And then what? Nothing, of course, he told himself. He was happily married. And probably imagining things anyway, he told himself as he forced himself to step back from the window. Of course you're imagining things, Jim, you idiot, he told himself firmly, you're not that attractive. Also, nobody is.

Still, he hurriedly left his room a little early to meet with some colleagues for dinner, just in case his crazy hunch was right and there was some unwanted attention on its way from those swimmers. He was still freaked out by what happened so he kept his head down, trying to avoid eye contact with anyone. Hurrying out of the hotel onto the sidewalk, he accidentally bumped into a jogger and they both fell. Her two jogging companions helped them up. Forgetting to avoid eye contact and instead trying to avoid staring at their amazingly shapely bodies in their tight running clothes, he forced his gaze upward to their faces as he apologized politely in his fluent Mandarin (the main reason his company often sent him here).

The virus had been disappointed when Jim hurried away from the swimmers who were trying to breed with him. Humans were so confusing. But still, now that it had acted it was worth trying again, maybe with a little stronger push of arousal on Jim's end. The virus couldn't create attraction out of nothing, but it could certainly heighten it, focus it. The more attraction there was to start with, the more the virus could do with it. So the virus was on high alert for any sign of his attraction to anyone. As Jim's eyes swept up the bodies of the joggers, it was certain that he wanted to breed with all three of them too, so it acted again.

Each of the joggers in turn gasped, flushed, and stared wide-eyed at him as they met his gaze. It was happening again. This time, up close, there was no mistaking it. The only difference was he didn't feel any muscle twitches. The timing, the feeling of it. It was utterly convincing. It happened exactly as he made eye contact with each of them. Those same sudden lustful wide-eyed stares. That intense sudden rush of desire he felt for each of them right when their eyes went wide. And wow, what a sight they were. Their sweet faces that had been radiating the wholesome pleasure of a good runner's high now gaped at him panting with wide-eyed lust, their toned, athletic, shapely bodies tensed up, seeming ready to spring on him and take him right there on the sidewalk. He froze mid-sentence, his mouth open, unable to speak, move, or even breathe in his own sudden desire. Still frozen, he saw their gazes become more intense, even predatory. One of them reached out a small trembling hand toward him.

He panicked and fled, not realizing he had dropped something. It was his room key, still in its envelope with the room number written on it.

They didn't seem to be following, but anyway he jumped in a cab, slamming the door behind him, and was soon safely speeding off toward the restaurant. When he arrived, being careful to avoid eye contact on the way in, he took a seat at a table with his colleagues, trying to focus on the conversation. Thankfully none of them were attractive young women, and he found that he seemed to have no effect on them, so he began to relax.

The waitress approached their table, a beautiful willowy woman with an incredibly sweet face, an impossibly narrow waist, wide hips, and long, slender legs. She introduced herself as Yuming. He managed to avoid eye contact, focusing instead on his menu. But his peripheral vision couldn't help but take in her every movement. She glided across the floor, graceful and fluid, her every step mesmerizing the men in the restaurant.

Eventually it happened. She surprised him, happening to approach from directly behind him when she brought their drinks. He instinctively turned to look, accidentally meeting her gaze before he realized it was her. Her skin flushed, her eyes grew wide, and he felt it again, that feeling that she was inextricably connected to him, with that inevitable driving purpose he couldn't yet name. It was still scary and confusing, and he wasn't anywhere near used to it yet, but he had to admit it was also so fucking sexy to see it happen to her.

He ordered his food, feeling his heart race as she leaned in close to take his order. The scent of her perfume was intoxicating, and he could feel his cheeks flush hotly. As she walked away, he couldn't help but steal another glance at her, noticing she was just as perfect from behind. Steve, one of his favorite colleagues, laughed at him and gave a low whistle. Jim shook his head and laughed too. Steve's family was pretty close with his, often at each other's houses. Well that was a little embarrassing, Jim thought, but there's no reason to worry Steve would say anything to his wife. Nothing had actually happened, just a moment of sexual tension. Sure, he'd ogled a waitress a little. That was nothing. It wasn't like he asked for her number or anything. He tried to put it all out of his mind. So far it was nothing, and it needed to stay nothing. Then everything would be fine.

Throughout dinner, his colleagues chatted about work, but Jim found it difficult to focus on anything but the waitress. He hardly spoke because her name was always on the tip of his tongue. Yuming. She seemed to be everywhere he looked, her presence permeating the air around him.

While trying to look anywhere other than at Yuming, his eyes accidentally met those of a tall young woman seated far across the room. He felt those quick muscle twitches around his eyes again, and her gorgeous face immediately blushed and her eyes widened, staring at him. The three other tall, slender women seated with her turned to follow her gaze and again his facial muscles went crazy as he met their eyes too, with the same result. It caught him off guard and happened so fast, before he could look away. He was stunned at how incredibly beautiful they all were as they stared wide-eyed at him from across the room. He guessed (correctly) that they were fashion models. It wasn't uncommon to see them out and about in Shanghai, the fashion capital of China. Jim forced himself to ignore them too and stared at his food. After a few minutes he noticed with relief that the four models were leaving the restaurant. He forced himself not to look as they left.

The waitress approached their table once more, this time accompanied by a shy-looking trainee who she introduced as Mei. Jim's heart skipped a beat as he saw her. She was like a petite version of Yuming with an angelic face, long flowing hair and a similarly extreme slender hourglass figure. Trying to avoid staring at her delicate, delectable body led him to accidentally meet her gaze for a brief moment, and she too immediately flushed and stared wide-eyed at him.

Jim could barely concentrate on the conversation with his colleagues as he felt an alarmingly intense desire welling up inside him. Whatever was happening, there was no denying it was real now. He had never seen women react that way to, well, anyone, much less himself. And he had never felt such a strong attraction to anyone as he did to every one of them. Yes, most of all Yuming, but every one of them, individually and intensely. It was becoming unbearable. An overwhelming desire to… what? Sleep with them? No, more than that, somehow. He couldn't name it yet even in his thoughts, but it was an alarmingly powerful and very specific desire towards each of these women.

He thought back on each of them and realized that vivid images of each of them were burned in his mind, each one flushed, panting, eyes wide and pleading, gorgeous, irresistible. The two swimmers as they ground their hips on their inflatable rafts. The three joggers crouched, panting, ready to pounce. The four models, impossibly hot and slender. He hadn't even gotten a look at anything more than their stunning faces, flowing hair, long necks and a few elegant bare shoulders and upper chests, but that was enough. He knew they just had to be hot. No, not just hot, absolute goddesses. And of course Yuming and the other waitress whose name he forgot (he had been thinking of her as mini-Yuming), both so sweet and delicate. His accountant brain had been counting as he went, and reported there were eleven of them. Eleven! It was insane. Why? Why him? And what exactly did they want from him?

Anyway, they were connected to him even now. He felt it. He felt certain they were all, right now, consumed with thoughts of him. They were all… wet for him. Right now. All of them. The thought hit him so hard. Eleven pussies wet for him, clenching with every thought of him, aching, craving to be filled by him. It was so urgent, so overwhelming, so undeniable.

They would find him. They would hunt him down if they had to. He just knew it. He felt exposed, surrounded. He panicked. He had to go, hide, get away. Barricade himself in his hotel room, or even cut his trip short and fly home. His colleagues wouldn't mind picking up the check since it was on the company card anyway. He excused himself, telling them he wasn't feeling well, hurried out of the restaurant, and hailed a cab back to his hotel. He didn't notice the four models watching him from a car parked outside the restaurant. They pulled out into traffic following his cab.

Meanwhile, when the two waitresses realized he was gone, they met in the back room and talked about how they could ever find him. Neither needed to explain to the other why they needed him. They couldn't even explain it to themselves. Yuming went back to Jim's colleagues to try to discreetly gather intel. While offering them dessert menus, she asked them as casually as she could what company they worked for. Then she returned to Mei and they combed through his company's website and scrolled through LinkedIn until they recognized his picture and found his email address. Mei sent him an email pretending that he had left something at the restaurant, and said they'd be happy to bring it to his hotel if he would just tell them his hotel name and room number.

Jim saw the email on his phone as he was almost back to the hotel. He was feeling strangely relaxed again, his fear almost forgotten somehow. The virus had been hard at work trying to calm him down and make him feel safe. Jim was in the habit of extremely fast email replies. It was a great habit in his line of work, and one he prided himself on. He didn't recognize Mei's name or think much about it. He just quickly fired off a very polite and grateful reply, switching to formal Mandarin to better express his appreciation and promising to be a repeat customer and tell his colleagues about their above-and-beyond service. He added his hotel information and fired it off, hurrying to finish this small, unimportant task in the moments before he needed to pay his cab fare.

Mei squealed when she got his reply, squirming in her chair in excitement. Yuming watched her, amused and curious as Mei clutched her chair with her eyes closed, gasped a few times, and shuddered. Then she got up and showed Jim's email to Yuming. Yuming squealed too. Again they didn't need to speak to each other. Yuming told their manager there was an emergency and they both raced out, not waiting for a reply, and not able to hide their excitement. He stared after them, frowning and shaking his head in disbelief. They couldn't wait two hours for the end of their shift. The possibility of being fired didn't matter at all to them. Only one thing in the world did, now. And they knew what hotel and room number it was in.

Jim, strangely now feeling almost calm, stepped into the elevator and turned around. Then he saw them. The four fashion models entered the hotel, saw him, and rushed towards his elevator, running impressively quickly despite their high heels. Thankfully the doors closed in time and he felt the elevator begin to rise. Thinking quickly, he pressed several additional floor buttons including two before his floor, so it wouldn't be obvious to them which floor his room was on.

Shaken and confused, he stepped off the elevator at his floor and walked quickly. When he turned the corner towards his room he saw the two beautiful swimmers from earlier at the end of the hall, both wearing hotel bathrobes. Their faces lit up with a predatory gleam and they rushed toward him. He fumbled through his pockets trying to get his room key out, and realized it wasn't there.

Then suddenly his room door opened. The three joggers he had bumped into earlier were there. They were nude. Completely fucking nude, in his room. What the hell?

"Hi, I'm Leizu," said the taller jogger who opened the door. "Thanks for leaving your room key for us. Please come in."

Jim froze in shock for a moment. "I did? Wha? I… How? Who? Huh?" His brain was overwhelmed by a wave of desire at the sight of their nude bodies and could not seem to form sentences. That feeling he had had in the restaurant — the one that made him panic and flee, the feeling that they were all wet for him, their pussies all clenching with thoughts of him, craving him — it was now a very present certainty. It could no longer be dismissed as a crazy hunch. He could see it now, smell it, almost taste it.

"Please," Leizu breathed the word. "Can we… have you?"

The swimmers had slowed as they approached and now stood very close to him, not quite touching, their smell washing over him as they froze, waiting for Jim's reply.

Decision time. The desire was intense. He wanted them so much. He knew he had to say no. He would, of course, say no. But why not just savor this moment a little more first. He'd definitely want to remember it later. He gazed over their trembling, gorgeous bodies, trying to memorize their shapes and the incredibly sexy, hungry, pleading look in each of their eyes. He wanted them so much. More every second. But it was time to tell them no. He'd tell them he was married and didn't want to cheat. He'd tell them that they were all so incredibly attractive, but he just couldn't. He'd say he wanted them so much, felt more attraction to each of them than he ever thought he could possibly feel before, and that he'd probably regret saying no for the rest of his life, but sadly he just couldn't have them. He gulped, took a deep breath, and opened his mouth to speak, locking eyes again with Leizu. Her eyes were intense, sparkling with intelligence and purpose, seeming to pierce his soul, watching his inner struggle. Pleading with him, needing him. But also strangely confident, like she was certain he would say…

"Yes," he heard himself whisper. What?

Instantly they were all over him, sweeping him into the room in a tangle of caresses and kisses so passionate that his brain seemed to melt. The swimmers cast off their bathrobes as soon as they got him through the door. They had nothing else on, and all five pressed their nude bodies against him, their hands and lips everywhere, untying his tie, unbuttoning his shirt, unbuckling his belt. In a matter of moments, they had whisked his clothes off and backed him onto the bed.

The taller swimmer climbed on top of him, straddling his hips while the others teased him from all sides, driving him mad with soft caresses and licks everywhere as they pressed closer, their smooth bodies rejoicing in finally making contact with any and every part of him.

Jim gasped as the tall swimmer centered herself on him, feeling her heat, her wetness, and her need. She leaned forward and kissed him passionately, her breath warm on his face. "Such a pleasure to meet you today," she whispered, her voice low and husky. "So silly of you, running from us. You know we can't do this without you."

Finally he managed to string together a few somewhat coherent words. "I'm sorry, what? And, why? And, who even are you?"

"I'm Xiu," said the tall swimmer as sat up straight on him, arching her body and grinding herself on him, pressing down on the underside of his hard shaft with her extremely wet folds and sliding sensuously along its length, as if that answered all of his questions.

He groaned at the exquisite pleasure. "I'm Jim," he said automatically, comically reaching out to shake her hand as she ground against him, producing giggles from the others. "Uh, don't we need a condom?"

Xiu's face lit up with a wicked smile as she grasped his shaft, circled it with her hand to spread her wetness to the other side, then lodged his tip in her delicious entrance. "Of course not," she said, "that would defeat the purpose." And she slowly pressed down, both of them gasping at the longed-for blissful sensation of sliding in the first inch.

"Purpose?" he stammered, his brain overwhelmed by pleasure and unable to process her obvious meaning.

She rose up again and then descended farther onto him, eyes going unfocused as she reveled in the feeling. She rose up again, and then slowly, deliciously, she pressed her body down and down until she was firmly against his, his entire shaft embedded in blissful slick sweetness. She squirmed around on him with him pressed deep inside, shuddering with what seemed like a mini orgasm.

She had been so hot for him since the first moment she saw him, just aching with need to feel him fill her. It had been torture, waiting for him, thinking constantly of him, so aroused and so worried he wouldn't return, or wouldn't want her. But now, right now, in this glorious moment as she finally felt him fill her completely for the first time, it was all so worth it, so incredibly perfect, all that she had been craving and more.

"What purpose?" he asked again, still not consciously understanding what he already knew deep down.

There was no reply. Her gorgeous lithe body writhed up and down on him as they both gasped in pleasure. She was chanting something under her breath. He couldn't quite make it out. She rose and fell in strong, full, luxurious strokes, the sensations absurdly pleasurable.

Then it hit him. He finally understood her chant, and with it the singular driving purpose that he had sensed in them and in himself without being able or willing to name it. She was saying, "knock me up," over and over again.

The shock of it momentarily freed him from the spell and he tried half-heartedly to break loose but was shushed and smothered with kisses and his brain again melted with pleasure and desire for them, and he was lost again.

He felt a strange mix of fear and exhilaration as he slowly again became aware of what was happening. He was moving now, not to escape but to thrust up into the wet heat of her body, feeling the incredible sensation of her inner muscles gripping him as she moved on him. Why did he want to escape, again? He couldn't remember. The pleasure and desire were just so overwhelming and were quickly bringing him to the brink. He found himself trying to slow down, to give himself a chance to savor and memorize every detail of this unbelievable moment before the quickly approaching ending.

The other four were furiously masturbating themselves and writhing against him, seemingly driven even crazier by the signs they could see on his face of his approaching climax. Xiu wouldn't slow down for him. His hands were on her hips trying to slow her thrusts, but she grabbed them and pinned them on the mattress, leaning forward over him as she slammed her hips down onto him, her ragged gasps hot in his mouth as she reached a much more intense second orgasm of her own, which finally tipped him over the edge as well.

It crashed over him in a spectacular explosion of pleasure and he felt his seed spurt deep inside her. She clamped herself onto him, pressing him tight against her cervix, shuddering violently as she cried out "Yes, yes, he's doing it!" and squirming against him through the rest of her orgasm. The other four girls moaned and shuddered as they too reached their climaxes, their bodies twisting and arching as they writhed in ecstasy, overwhelmed by the power of the moment, seeing the purpose that drove them fulfilled for at least one of them, and knowing this meant it might be possible for the others as well, in time. Xiu was tenderly kissing all over his neck and face and thanking him over and over again while luxuriating in a few more slow deep thrusts.

His orgasm felt explosive and went on an on until it felt like he had completely emptied himself in her, but the virus made sure that only a single small spurt of semen actually came out. Given how hyper-fertile the virus had made the women, that would be more than enough, and the virus wanted Jim to have enough to go around.

Despite his mind-shattering orgasm, Jim was surprised to find that his arousal didn't fade at all. As Xiu climbed off of him with a look of utter joy and fulfillment on her face, the others had a brief struggle over who would be next. The other swimmer won, straddling his body and grinding her wetness on him. Incredibly he was still fully hard. In fact he was throbbing with need, feeling as if he hadn't had sex in a month instead of mere seconds.

The shorter swimmer lifted herself up, nestled his tip in her tight slick entrance, then paused and smiled at him, saying "Nice to meet you Jim, I'm Li" and holding out her hand to shake. He habitually complied, shaking her hand, and all the girls giggled again. Li kept his hand, bringing it up to rest on a small perky breast while she savored a slow descent onto him. She was smaller and more delicate than Xiu, and she was incredibly tight. As she began to ride him, the urgency somehow just grew stronger. Being surrounded by these gorgeous women, all of them driven by their overwhelming desire to bear his children, was awakening something primal in the usually mild-mannered accountant.

He looked up at Li's face, her eyes closed in ecstasy, her mouth open, just utterly overwhelmed with sensation. Her body moved in perfect rhythm with his, and he could feel her muscles tensing and relaxing around him as she quickly built toward climax. Then her orgasm began with a series of gasps and shudders, each wave of it shaking her little body as she drove on toward her goal, her eyes opening, unfocused in bliss, pleading with him. The three joggers went wild again with her, gasping in pleasure as they watched the scene unfold before them. Their hands moved faster and faster, their bodies arching and twisting.

Li was on the verge of collapse, her body shuddering with the force of what seemed to be an endless orgasm, moaning higher and higher as each new wave took her, her eyes still locked on his face. As she saw that his orgasm was approaching, she somehow found the strength to keep going, pounding harder onto him as he teetered on the brink in her spasming, squirming, clenching body.

"Do it," she pleaded. "Put your seed in me!"

Her words were like a fire in his veins, driving him to grant her wish, to complete her purpose. Their purpose. He couldn't deny how sexy it was to think of knocking them up, how much he rejoiced at the thought, no, the certainty of it. He thrust deeper into her, feeling the slick heat of her passage grip him tightly. Her eyes were wild, her body shaking as a final monstrous wave of pleasure rose, dwarfing the rest of her long orgasm.

Jim paused on the brink of release, holding her still and savoring the sight of this delicate, adorable stranger, her sweet face contorted in pleasure, her body fully impaled on him. Her baby would be so beautiful, so incredibly cute. Their baby. That thought did it. He flew over the edge into an explosion of pleasure. He gave one last thrust fully into her and felt his release spill deep inside her in another massive orgasm. Her body arched violently as she cried out, pressing him deeper, her fingernails digging into his shoulders.

After their last aftershocks subsided, Li fell sideways off of him and collapsed onto the bed, panting and shaking. Her face was flushed with both exertion and joy. Jim reached out to stroke her hair, feeling a sudden wave of tenderness for her.

Seeing stars, he closed his eyes a moment. He should be exhausted, utterly spent. He had never had two orgasms that close together, and only rarely had one anywhere near that intense. He lay still, feeling the afterglow, expecting to wilt, perhaps to fall asleep.

But his body seemed to have other plans. His lust was only growing.

"Can he go again?" someone asked. He opened his eyes. Two of the three remaining joggers were watching his face intently, skeptically. The third was already climbing onto him, gently stroking and then firmly squeezing his cock.

"Oh my god, it's a steel rod," she reported, producing moans from the others.

It was the tall jogger Leizu on him. The one who had helped him up when he fell this morning. He remembered noticing her stunningly sexy body shape in her tight running clothes and forcing himself to look up at her face to avoid ogling her. Now that same tight, toned, exceptionally feminine body was nude above him, just as amazing as he had imagined it. She guided his throbbing shaft to her entrance and teased his head around her wet folds. He could not be more turned on. Despite the two recent intense orgasms, he even thought he might blow prematurely at this teasing and at the anticipation of taking her. She locked her piercingly beautiful, soulful eyes on his. This was so important to her, so special, so right. She lodged the tip and pushed slightly. He felt resistance. Shockingly, this brazen stranger seemed to be a virgin. His first virgin.

She closed her eyes and pressed down harder. He felt her hymen give way and he slid an inch inside. She paused a moment, wincing. The virus, fearing that her pain would prevent her completing her purpose, quickly removed all pain and overwhelmed her with a wave of pleasure.

"Go on," she gasped, arching her back. "Take me."

Gently, slowly, Jim thrust halfway up into her, feeling her body grip him urgently, deliciously as he claimed her virginity. The tightness was unlike anything he'd experienced before, but she seemed to be in no pain. Instead, she moaned blissfully, further fueling his desire. Her head was thrown back, her eyes clenched shut as she savored the unfamiliar delight of being filled. Her body trembled, her muscles tensing and relaxing in response to his slow, gentle movements.

The other joggers watched in awe, their own arousal reaching new heights as they witnessed this beautiful woman surrender herself to him. Leizu's body was a work of art, every curve and toned muscle on display as she savored his penetration, stretching, writhing, luxuriating in the sensations. Her breasts heaved with each breath, her nipples hard and erect.

She began to move, her athletic body taking long, deep strokes onto him, and soon he felt her inner walls begin to spasm, her orgasm building within her. He pulled her tight, smooth body to him, kissing her neck, her shoulders, her breasts, as he sought to draw out every last ounce of pleasure from her. She cried out his name, her body shuddering with the force of her release. Her inner muscles clenched tightly around him, milking his cock as she came, and bringing him to the brink.

Halfway through her orgasm, she felt him seize up inside her and her eyes flew open, locking onto his with a look of ecstatic pleasure and joy. "I feel it," she breathed. "He's putting his baby in me!"

As Jim teetered on the edge while continuing a few more deep thrusts into this beautiful stranger, he felt an even higher wave of pleasure wash over him as he reveled in the sensations of gliding through her formerly virginal tightness, the feeling of conquest, and the desire to breed with her, all of these incredible feelings rising together to a new combined peak. Finally his hips bucked one last time, pressing as deep as he could inside her, and he cried out as he came, his seed spilling into her womb. Her face was radiating joy, her eyes welling up with happy tears as she collapsed onto him, kissing his neck and face all over and whispering, "thank you, thank you!"

It seemed to be contagious. Her joy spread into him too. It just grew and grew as he thought about what was happening, right now inside Leizu and also in Xiu and Li. Suddenly it was a joy far more powerful than the simple physical pleasure of the orgasm, which was still giving him aftershocks as he clung tightly to Leizu's shaking body. Pure joy. At this moment, his seed was in three of them and that deep, driving purpose was being fulfilled. The joy filled him completely, leaving no room for fear, guilt, confusion, doubt. Those feelings didn't make sense to him anymore, and he couldn't remember the thoughts that led to them. Why was he ever trying to run from them? Why did he want to tell them no? In this moment of pure joy, he really couldn't remember. This, right now, deep inside Leizu with his seed seeping into her womb, was beautiful, perfect bliss.

"Fen, you're up next," said Leizu after giving Jim a last, tender kiss and climbing off.

Xiu was there first with a wet towel to clean off the blood from Leizu's cherry. "Still rock hard," she reported, giggling in wonder.

Fen was tiny, adorable, and dead sexy. She fixed him with a fierce, intense gaze that contrasted sharply with the cuteness of the rest of her face and body. He realized she was the one who had looked so predatory and ready to jump him when he ran away from her outside the hotel this morning. Now she had him at last. He ran his hands over her perky little tits, tiny waist, and wide hips as she settled over him, grinding on his shaft to confirm to herself that he was somehow still hard, coating his underside with her extremely wet, tiny pussy.

Afraid his erection wouldn't last, she wasted no time notching it into her entrance. She pushed down and he felt himself slide slightly into incredible slick tightness, then hit resistance. Another virgin. This time, the virus was ready and made sure she felt no pain when she pushed harder and he popped through her cherry.

"Oh god, it's so good!" she cried out, the feeling of being filled overwhelming her. Her slick passage tightly clung to his shaft, and as she began to move, he was blown away by her passionate, wild energy.

As Jim would find out later, the three joggers were actually college soccer players from Shenyang, in town all week for a pan-Asian tournament. Despite her small size, Fen was their star striker. She was clutch, driven to win, a natural predator, and right now she was on a breakaway, the championship-winning goal in her sights, with just one man to beat.

Her taught body wildly rode him, her slick walls gripping his cock, milking him with each thrust. She was a living, breathing fantasy, and he was stunned to find himself quickly building toward a fourth orgasm. He clung to her tiny waist for dear life, urging this wild, fierce hellcat on, rooting for her as she drove harder toward her goal. She was unstoppable. A force of nature. And he was about to combine his DNA with hers. The thought of their baby inheriting something of her drive and spirit hit him hard, his whole being embracing the idea, loving it, needing to breed with her, right now. Incredibly, within seconds of this thought he was blasting over the edge into another powerful orgasm.

Fen gave a triumphant cry as she felt him spurt deep inside her, clutching his body tightly and pressing him as deep as she could. He felt the waves of pleasure wash over him as she shuddered, still clinging tight to him, her ragged breath hot in his ear.

Xiu was ready again with a wet towel, cleaning him off as soon as Fen climbed off. Fen lay beside him, radiating joy and gazing at him, then scooting closer to give him a sweet, soft, long kiss. Their first kiss, he realized, a small part of him almost laughing at the absurdity of the thought, but a much bigger part only caring to gaze tenderly at this incredible woman who he somehow knew would now bear his child. The joy was filling him again. Another moment of perfection, pure bliss, accomplishment, completion of his purpose. "Jim, you are a superhero. Thank you," Fen breathed.

"Fen, wow, you too. Holy shit, that was incredible. And… I'm just… I'm so happy." he replied, words failing him utterly, but the look in his eyes got it across, and she already understood his joy anyway. It filled her too. They both shed some happy tears and kissed again.

"Ok, enough of that nonsense, lovebirds. Chyou, you're up," Leizu said.

"Can he go again?" Fen asked, sounding doubtful.

"Worth a shot, right?" Chyou said as she straddled him.

Jim was amazed at how ready and eager he was for the last jogger, Chyou. His desire only seemed to grow stronger with each girl he claimed. He realized as she positioned her smooth, slender body over him that there was still nothing repetitive about this. It was in no way a blur. They were in no way the same as each other. He wasn't even comparing them to each other. Their eyes wouldn't let that happen. It was so meaningful to each of them, so important.

Chyou pushed slightly onto him, gasping and staring wide-eyed. Despite the fact that Jim had just done this same thing four times in the same position with four other girls, it was still just so personal, so meaningful, and so overwhelmingly, incredibly sexy to feel Chyou for the first time, to savor that anticipation and then those first slow, delicious thrusts. He watched her eyes lose focus, far away in the blissful sensations of him filling her. And that feeling of conquest. It was so powerful, each time. Chyou was his. It didn't matter that four others had just become his. Chyou had been a stranger this morning, and now their bodies were fully joined, and it was all new and mind-blowing. He realized this would never get old, never feel repetitive, never blur together. And even more, it would never fail to drive him wild to know that each of these girls wanted his baby more than anything. His cock lurched deep inside of her with the thought.

He realized he might never get enough of this. But Chyou was the last girl in the room. As she began to ride him, he found himself hoping this wasn't about to be over.
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