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A story about a man helping his lady pick out a dress.
It was a nice day today. The sun was up this afternoon and the clouds in the sky covered it up every now and again. A breeze would pass by sometimes, enough to have a light jacket. It made the waiting bearable. It’s not that she was late, he was just eager to see her again and got there a bit early.

Clif was leaning against his car in the parking lot of their favorite store that sold everything from clothes, home stuff, and food. Touche’. Not too fancy, but they always had great deals, and she had a credit card that gave a bunch of discounts.

He stood about six feet tall with a slim, but athletic build. The breeze would sometimes blow the tuft of his salt and pepper hair to the other side. It didn’t matter though as he watched the clouds pass by trying to make sense of the shapes into something he knew. His light grey jacket that almost matched his hair kept the breeze out, thank goodness he wore the khakis today.

Glancing at his watch, he looked up and saw the ever-familiar sedan he could pick out in a line of a million. She’s here. He couldn’t help but smile every time he saw her. She parked next to his car and opened her door.

After stepping out she reached back into the car to grab her purse, but not quick enough before Clif was able to get a quick little spank. She turned around with a little blush on her cheeks and a smile.

The form fitting jeans, a loose teal sweater, cute boots as black as her beautiful hair, and what looked like a new lipstick just hit him with awe. Nothing compared to her smile that brought the whole ensemble together. Smiling back, they hugged. Her perfume was nothing short of magic as he held her close and butterflies were in his chest.

“I’ve missed you Yuen.”

“I’ve been missing you more,” Yuen replied with a smile.

Clif held out his elbow, and as Yuen wrapped her arms around his and they began to walk, he asked, “So what’s on today’s agenda?”

“I’m looking for a dress, something between a casual formal,” she said.

Yuen had a bounce in her step that Clif was quite fond of, and found it to be cute. Walking into Touche’ the smell of fresh popcorn and the coffee shop greeted their nose in a most welcoming way.

Yuen pulled Clif along to the dresses area and thank goodness they were there this week, there was another sale. If there was something she loved more than shopping, it was the sales.

Rummaging through the rainbow of dresses, a plethora of nods, shakes, and scrunched up faces, Yuen settled on five, Clif was happy to hold them. She was cute while she shopped. Her brown eyes lit up the room as she smiled, and it warmed Clif’s heart.

Making their way to the fitting room, Clif sat on the pleather chair that served more of a slip and slide as Yuen went into the nearby changing room. A few minutes in and Yuen came out wearing a slender blue dress that showed her figure in all the right places. Clif blushed a bit and glanced away for a moment. Yuen was gorgeous, but this was a whole different level. As he looked back at her, she already had her hands around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.

“You’re cute when you’re shy,” she whispered in his ear, before she softly blew in his ear.

The dress, her perfume, a soft touch, and the blowing in the ear. Yuen knew exactly what she was doing, and Clif could feel his erection pushing against his pants.

Walking back to the changing room, Yuen looked back and signaled him to come help with the next dress. A quick look around, no one was watching, Clif gladly followed.

Locking the door behind him, Yuen’s was facing the mirror. He grabbed her by the shoulders, twisted her around and pressed his lips against hers. She let out an audible moan before they smiled and embraced each other. He put his finger against her lips and smiled as he mimicked a “Shh”.

Yuen pointed to a chair and motioned for Clif to sit down and not look before trying on the next dress. As shy as Clif was around Yuen at times, so was she while getting dressed.

Facing the wall, Clif took a side glance at the mirror as Yuen removed the dress. Her shoulders first, over her bra, Clif was getting harder. As she bent over taking her legs out, Clif saw how wet Yuen really was, her panties were soaked in her pussy juice.

Still facing the wall and taking a glance, Yuen slipped into the red dress, zipped it up and asked Clif to turn around. Wide eyed and dazed, Yuen was absolutely stunningly sexy in the red dress. It hugged all the right places, and her lipstick brought it all together. She blushed a bit and looked away as Clif could do nothing else but stare, mesmerized.

Yuen looked in the mirror and realized that the outline of her panties showed through the dress.

“I won’t be wearing these if I get this dress,” she whispered and pointed to her panty lines. She motioned for Clif to close his eyes tight. She tapped on his shoulder for the okay to open his eyes and motioning to hold out his hands. Clif could feel the soft panties in his hands, soaked from her wet pussy.

Stunned for a moment, Clif watched as Yuen leaned it to blow in his ear while undoing his belt and unzipping his pants. She pulled out his now erect cock, her warm hands wrapped around his shaft. She was on her knees before he knew it as she wrapped her tongue and mouth around his tip licking up his pre-cum.

Clif could smell her sweet pussy from the panties in his hands as Yuen started to bob up and down on his cock. Each time taking it in deeper and deeper. He moved her hair out of the way to watch her lips slide up and down his shaft. Every now and again she would look up into his eyes as he took short breaths between her moaning.

Moving her head up and down faster, Clif was feeling his throbbing cock about to cum. Holding the sides of her face, he lifted he head, “My turn.” With a smile he stood up and swooped around Yuen to push her onto the chair. While holding the back of the chair, Clif took a moment to take in her ass and soaking pussy.

Grabbing her cheeks he spread her pussy and started lapping up her sweet pussy juice. Yuen took in a deep breath before letting out a subtle moan. Clif handed her his overshirt for her to breathe into.

Licking her clit, Yuen was getting wetter and Clif could not get enough. Dragging his tongue from her clit to her taint, and stopping short of her ass made her moan into the shirt even louder. Rubbing his thumb outside of her asshole he flickered his tongue along her lips, kissing gently, before sucking her clit a bit more.

Clif couldn’t quite spank her because of the noise, but with each lick he squeezed her ass and opened her legs a bit more. Getting to be too much, Yuen turned her head, “Clif, I want you inside me.” Clif stood up cock in hand brought it up to Yuen’s face. She took it in her mouth again before spitting on the tip. Clif bent down to kiss her as they tasted each other’s juices on their tongues.

Getting back behind Yuen, he rubbed the tip of his cock along Yuen’s pussy enjoying each moan she made. Slowly sliding in the tip, Yuen let out another moan. He pulled out a little, and pushed back in a little deeper this time. And again. Each thrust was a little deeper accompanied by Yuen’s moans. She looked back when she felt her pussy take in his entire shaft. Clif leaned in to kiss her.

Holding on to the back of the chair, Yuen felt each thrust as Clif squeezed and opened her ass. Every now and again he would rub his thumb along the outside of her asshole making Her squirm each time. She could feel the sweat and her cum start to drip down her legs as she moaned into the shirt.

Before getting too caught up, Yuen turned to Clif. “Sit down, it’s my turn,” she said with a smile.

Pulling out, Clif sat where Yuen was bent over. Lifting the dress, she sat on Clif’s lap as she slid down his cock taking it all in. It was much easier this time. Clif loved how tight she felt around his throbbing shaft as she started bouncing gently, up and down.

They kissed, Clif could taste a mix of their sweat and sex juices as their tongue’s danced. Wasting no time, he slid the top of her dress down and massaged her breasts. He loved the way Yuen moaned as she bounced on his cock and played with her chest. He buried his face between those luscious mounds before kissing her nipples. First licking around them, a bit of sucking, and some nibbling. He took his time as Yuen twitched before moving to the other.

Yuen began twitching her leg more as she moved up and down, faster and faster. Her breath was getting shorter.

“Clif, I’m going to… going to…”

She bit onto his collar bone and grabbed his back as she came. Soaking his cock with her pussy, Clif could feel it drip between his legs onto the chair.

The bite, the twitching, and the grabbing was too much for Clif. A few more thrusts, some light moaning.

“Yuen, I’m going to cum too,” he said while trying to hold it.

Yuen pulled off his lap, and back on her knees she took Clif’s cock in her mouth, bobbing up and down and wrapping her tongue around his shaft.

“I’m, I’m…”

Clif blew his hot load in Yuen’s mouth. It was salty and a bit sweet as it hit the back of her throat, she swallowed. She wanted all of it. She bobbed her head up and down some more making sure to massage all of his cum out. She watched his face as she licked every last bit up and presented Clif with an open mouth. With a smile, Clif leaned down and kissed Yuen, tasting his cum and hers.

Not even a moment for a breather, they heard the receptionist knock at the door asking if Yuen was okay.

“I’m fine, just had some trouble with the zipper.”

They smiled and quietly giggled as they cleaned up. Yuen luckily packed some tissues in her purse for occasions such as these.

After getting back into their normal clothes, Yuen turned to Clif, “So which one?”

“The red one for sure. It looks great on and off you,” he said with a smile and one more kiss before leaving the dressing room. Arm and arm they giggled walking back to the cars.

Yuen loved getting Clif’s opinion while shopping, and Clif loved shopping with Yuen. Always an adventure.
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