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In a surprise twist, I end up going home from a concert with two gorgeous ladies.
A little background about me. I’m a white guy, 40 years old, I’m a couple inches under six feet tall and I have a little extra padding around my waist. I’m working it off slowly, but it’s difficult once you get past your mid-thirties. So if you’re already skinny, keep it that way. If you’re a little bigger like me, then work it out/off as soon as you can, because it’ll never get easier. That day, I was wearing a pair of blue jeans, a Stone Sour shirt, and my “Been there, done that” vest over the shirt. It’s a vest with about twenty-five different patches on it, all bands I’ve seen, and mostly rock/metal outfits like Godsmack, Avatar, Slipknot, Volbeat, and Skillet.


It was the first week of June, and I was headed off to the In The End concert. They’re a tribute band for Linkin Park. I got my motorcycle parked and locked up, because downtown San Diego is hardly the best place to leave something laying around that’s easy to steal. The block-long walk to the House of Blues was easy enough to handle, a scan of my phone and a metal detector later, and I was descending into the place that makes me the most comfortable and happiest I ever get: The pit of a concert venue.

I’d been to the House of Blues at least four or five times before, seeing bands like The Pretty Reckless, Theory of a Deadman, Corey Taylor, and Powerman 5000, so I knew my way around the place. The stage is in front, the bar in the back, a sound booth in the middle for coordination. To the right of the stage is the merch table, and to the right of that is a lounge-type place where you can sit down if you need to.

I’d gotten to the place a little later than I would have liked, so I couldn’t quite make my way up to the barrier. So I went to check out the merch table. After getting a peek at what was there, I decided to buy a lapel pin and a patch, so I hopped in line. A couple of attractive ladies were standing to one side, and about ten seconds after I got in line, they got in behind me. I offered to let them ahead of me, since they were technically there first, but they laughed and declined, saying that they hadn’t actually been in line, they were just kind of looking at the moment. So I didn’t push the issue.

The merch line wasn’t moving very fast, so I was looking over the crowd to see if I knew anyone. I figured it wasn’t too likely that one of the dozen or so people I’m actually friends with would be there, but you never know! I finally got to the table, bought my two items, and headed into the crowd to work myself a little closer to the stage. If you’ve never been to a House of Blues, they’re fairly small places, and even from the back, you can see decently well. That said, I got about twenty feet from the barrier when I settled in.

Glancing at my watch, I knew I had a solid twenty minutes before the opening act came up, a band called “Nuclearia.” They ended up being a pretty solid band, but we’re not quite there yet. A few minutes after I had picked my spot, those same two girls from before ended up a few feet away to my right. One of them was just a few inches shorter than me, and the other was a few inches shorter than her, so they were probably about 5’5 and 5’2, if I had to guess. Now, I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t imagine what it would be like to have a chance to be alone with those girls, as I’m a typical guy and have a pretty vivid imagination, but like a gentleman, I said nothing about it or to them, aside from the kind of casual greeting you give someone you saw not too long before.

The taller one was in a dark top and a black skirt that was probably a few inches shorter than I would have allowed my daughter to go out in, had I had one, and the shorter one had a denim jacket on over a dark shirt with long pants. I could now see that both of them were gorgeous. As much as I’d like to say they were both perfect tens, that’s just not true of anyone outside of movies, TV, and magazines. But they were definitely a solid 8 or 9, while I, at best, even with my Rollie Fingers-style moustache and six-inch rocker-style chin beard, am a 6. To add to it all, they both had a tanned complexion that indicated a Hispanic or similar ethnic background, though I didn’t hear any hint of accent in their voices that helped me figure out anything further.

They greeted me back, of course, and that was it for a few minutes. Then I noticed they were kind of looking me over, and one of the two pointed at me. I glanced down and realized that they were talking about the vest, which they confirmed almost instantly. I laughed and turned, showing them the two dozen patches I had on. They recognized most of the bands, apparently, and asked me about a few of the others. I explained what the vest was, and how the patches were all bands I had personally seen. I also told them that I was missing another two dozen or so, as I just hadn’t had the time to go hunting for more of the bands I hadn’t gotten onto the garment yet.

We had a pretty solid discussion about a few of them, telling them that Volbeat and Avatar were two of my current favorite groups, then I showed them the two Linkin Park patches I had on the back, and told them about when I went to see LP in 2009, which was unfortunately the only LP show I had the good luck to get to before Chester… Well, you know what happened to Chester.

But that was why we were there! We were at that show to pay tribute to an awesome human being and a rock and roll legend. We talked about LP’s music and what it meant to us, and that was when I learned that this was to be the shorter one’s first rock show ever. I welcomed her to the world of rock concerts, and told her that I’d been to five or six shows a year since 2018, not counting 2020 or 2021 when COVID fully kicked in. She excused herself for a few minutes after talking with her companion, so I turned my attention back to the stage.

There was an empty space in front of me up until then, when another couple of taller guys came in and slid into it, partially blocking my vision and certainly blocking that of the ladies. The guys just as quickly moved away, and I gestured to the space, offering to let the girls have it before someone else did. They gratefully accepted and took their places in front of me with a flash of smiles and thanks. We talked a little more, where I asked what their favorite songs were. The taller one said she wanted to hear Breaking the Habit more than anything else, and One More Light. We mutually agreed, though, that they probably wouldn’t play that one. I mentioned that my favorites would be Faint and Somewhere I Belong.

That was it for a few minutes. We still had some time before the opener started, and I could see them leaning into each other, and one putting their arm around the other. I had sort of figured they were a couple by then, but seeing this just confirmed it for me. I’m a staunch LGBT+ ally, whether you’re a couple of young girls in love, or a pair of older guys that have been together for decades. Be yourself, no matter who that is. No one has the right to tell you who you can or can’t date. Not you friends, not your families, not the government, no one. So in closing of the rant, I can tell you that it didn’t bother me that they were a thing, and wouldn’t have bothered me even if they were guys.

Of course, they weren’t guys, or this story wouldn’t exist. We had a few more lighthearted conversations about different things, then the opener hit that strong riff to open their show and the crowd went wild, causing us to shift our focus to the stage. The show went just fine, and we all got into the music, though not to the same extent that we loved Linkin Park.

When Nuclearia ended, the shorter girl decided to head off and get something from the bar, offering to bring me back something if I wanted it. I declined, as despite being relatively thirsty, I didn’t have cash to offer her and I have never felt right about letting a lady buy something for me if I couldn’t at least offer to pay her back, regardless of whether she’d take it or not. She asked if I was sure, and I said I was, so off she went, leaving just me and the taller one to wait.

Another few conversations later, the companion came back with a cocktail, which the ladies shared, and before we knew it, we were jumping up and down as the band opened with New Divide. The band went for an hour and a half, playing crowd favorites like Castle of Glass, With You, and Breaking the Habit. They even brought out another guy, and did four shortened songs from Collision Course, which was the only way I heard Faint. They did it well, too.

As concerts go, we all know that all rock/metal concerts have one thing in common: Mosh pits. I’m not much for moshing, myself. I’ve done it, but it was exhausting and I was sore afterward, not to mention you can’t focus on the music while you’re in it, and that’s the entire reason I go, so I tend to opt out of the pits. That said, I’m a decently-sized guy, so I also tend to stick to the edge of the pits to make sure that if the crowd is getting hit, it’s me and not someone smaller than me. As soon as I noticed the pit starting up, the first impact came from some asshole who was treating the circle like a WWE ring and just bouncing off of the edges like Chris fucking Jericho.

As the girls visibly recoiled from the potential threat, I immediately moved, placing myself between them and the violent circle, and while they didn’t say anything, I got another smile of gratitude, and that was enough for me. It wasn’t the first time I placed myself between a mosh pit and someone smaller than me, and I’m quite certain it won’t be the last. My parents taught me to help protect others whenever possible.

The show went on, and the girls leaned into each other a few more times, and on more than one occasion, they bumped into me for various reasons, but always apologized. I assured them that they hadn’t hurt me, and unless they specifically tried to, they probably wouldn’t. I wear steel-toed boots for a multitude of reasons, especially at shows and work.

They ended up a little closer to me, and after one song ended and I had thrown up the horns, my hand moved back down to my side and inadvertently brushed against the back of the shorter girl’s hand. To my surprise, her hand shifted and slid around mine, giving it a gentle grasp. I turned my head, wondering if she had maybe mistaken me for her companion or something, but all I got was a shy smile before she looked right back at the show.

Now, look, I’m fucking 40. I haven’t had much a sex life over the past five years, mostly because I didn’t go out looking for hookups and the like. I take care of myself on a semi-regular basis, but dealing with the beginnings of ED was starting to do in my confidence, if I am being genuinely honest. But that wasn’t a problem tonight, as within two minutes of her holding my hand, my dick was throbbing against the confines of my jeans, begging to be let out.

I shared a look with her, then with her taller companion, who was also giving me a flirty smile. Had they been talking about me? Even without the music going, it was impossible to hear a conversation three feet away unless they wanted you to hear it. But I just let it ride for the moment, enjoying the show. Before I knew it, the taller girl had ended up on my other side and taken my free hand. I was in disbelief, full and clear.

As we figured the show was starting to wind down, we, as a group, started to make our way toward the door, heading up the stairs and out into the cold air of the night. Once we were outside and could hear each other, we started talking about what out plans were. I told them I had only planned on going home and to bed, which made them giggle and agree. I told them that I wouldn’t be able to take them to my place, as I share a house with several other people for money saving reasons, and that was when the taller one told me that they had a hotel room, since they were from Los Angeles.

As it turns out, their hotel was just around the corner at the Kimpton Alma, a solid hotel and only a few minutes’ walk from the House of Blues. So without any further discussion, that was just the way we went. A few minutes later, we were getting out of the elevator on the third floor and moving toward the north end. As much as I wanted to ask why I was so lucky to be able to leave with them, I wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth or ruin any chance I had, so I was silent for the most part.

We got into the room and locked the door, and the girls went in to make themselves at home. Each kicked off their shoes and perhaps for the first time, I got a real, good look at them. They every bit as gorgeous as I had suspected, if not even more so. The shorter one was taking off her jacket while the taller one went to the mini fridge for a bottle of water, and I was standing at the door like an idiot, wondering if I was going to wake up any minute.

I finally got my feet moving and went over to the chair that sat beside the bed. My boots came off, followed by my socks, and then I doffed my vest, hanging it over the back of the chair as I watched them come down from the high of the show. I mean, I knew that I was there for a reason, and it most likely wasn’t to just talk before going home. And yet, I didn’t want to assume anything and just get naked, especially without prompting, but that was when the two shared a look, and the shorter woman made her way over to me, climbing into my lap and straddling my legs.

It was then that I noticed she had already gotten rid of her pants, because her bare thighs were on my own jeans. But that was all I had time for, as she was pressing her lips against mine and leaning into me. I hadn’t even kissed anyone in months, and if it were possible, I got even harder in my jeans to the point that it was actually painful. But I managed to ignore it for another moment, long enough to rub my hands against her sides, pushing up her shirt. Her arms went up and the top came off, thrown to the side. She tugged off her own bra a few seconds later, then grabbed me by the head and tugged me down to her chest.

I wrapped my lips around one of her nipples first thing and gave it a firm suckle. Her nipple hardened in my mouth immediately, and she let out a moan that would have made the most celibate person touch themselves. She leaned backward, still holding me by the back of the neck, and I moved to the opposite side to make sure I wasn’t neglecting her in any way. For a minute or two, that was all I did: Bathe her chest in affection. I’ve always been a man who likes a woman’s chest over her backside, and I’ve especially enjoyed the smaller size of breasts, which was exactly what she had going on.

She finally tugged me away from herself, and that gave me the chance to undo my belt and jeans, relieving much of the pressure on myself. I sighed in relief, and she giggled, promising me that I would feel even better soon. Considering that most of my interactions with these girls had been through the taller one, I was a little surprised at the fact that the shorter one was the one seeming to lead our little activity. She dropped to the floor, and then her hands were on my jeans and boxers, tugging them down while I lifted my hips from the chair to help facilitate.

Then she was leaning into my lap and taking hold of my dick, stroking it gently and appreciating that it was already firm. As I watched, I could feel the way her tongue slid over the side while she paid it attention, and for whatever reason, her tongue briefly focused on the little indentation underneath the bottom of the head of the shaft, causing me to groan aloud. I very nearly came right there, but luckily, I had some control over myself. Then her other half was on the floor beside her, and there were two hands on my cock, along with the lips of the shorter girl creating a vacuum effect against my head.

Taller girl was already completely naked, I realized, and her small chest and stature were similar to that of her friend’s, and the definition of perfection in my head. I groaned again as the two worked in tandem to take care of my shaft, ensuring it was perfectly hard. The shorter girl had to retreat at that point, if for no other reason than her clothing. I could see her taking it off while the taller girls pushed up on my own shirt, leaving the three of us entirely unclothed.

“Ladies… I might be on a bit of a hair trigger tonight,” I warned them. They giggled, and the shorter one answered. “That’s okay. You can cum in me, first, and her second.” Oh, man, I almost blew it again right there. I hadn’t been packing protection that night, as I hadn’t expected any action, and if they had any, they weren’t going to be using it. In hindsight, it was a stupid decision, but what else could I have done in the moment? I did ask if they were on birth control, and the shorter one said she was. The taller one admitted to not being protected, but that it was a safe week for her and that she wanted to feel what it was like to have someone fill her up.

Yeah, I wasn’t going to say no.

As the shorter girl, who’s name I still didn’t know and hadn’t asked, climbed up into my lap, her friend stayed down low and held my cock in her hand, rubbing the tip against Short Girl’s lower lips. I grunted a time or two, and then SG was sinking down a little at a time, taking me into her body. She let out the most adorable little moan, and it timed perfectly with the groan that emerged from my own lips.

She was like a warm, moist, velvet glove. Her body contoured to my length like it was almost a perfect fit. I’m completely average when it comes to length, but I am a little more girthy than the average man. It filled her out nicely, and she was definitely squeezing her walls against my length as we began the main course of the night. I was still shocked, as I had expected Taller Girl to be the one in charge of the duo, but it really seemed like it was SG, instead.

As SG came to a stop in my lap, fully impaled on my dick, I could feel it throbbing inside her. If she couldn’t feel it too, I’d have been shocked. She leaned into me a little more firmly and kissed me again, right as she began to move her legs and drive herself up and down my length. It had been a while since I’d been laid. It had been even longer since I’d had a woman in my lap, riding me like that. This girl couldn’t have possible been older than 22, maybe 23 at best, a little better than half my age, and yet, she was engulfing my dick in her heat and had already asked me to release inside her.

Her partner was behind her a few seconds later, her arms around SG’s body and reaching down into our mutual lap. I could see and feel her working over her friend’s clit, helping her to get higher on the pleasure scale. I know how hard and rare it is for a woman to orgasm solely from vaginal penetration, and I encourage any attempt to make sure everyone enjoys themselves. AS SG’s moans grew a little louder, her movements became more… fervent. Needy.

It wasn’t long at all before she was speedily moving in my lap, taking me inside her repeatedly. She had her head hanging back some, and I’m pretty sure her eyes were closed as she moaned under the combined onslaught of my shaft and her friend’s fingers. My stamina is limited at my age, and I could feel my end approaching. But SG hit it first, thanks to TG’s fingers. SG pushed herself down into my lap, squeezing me almost violently and giving off a shuddering, breathy moan as her orgasm ripped through her body like a tidal wave. The rhythmic clenching of her walls sent me over the edge, as well, and before I could even warn her, the first geyser of cum fired into her depths.

She let out a little squeal at the sensation, then ground her hips against my body as I fed her canal several more jets of my thick, pent-up cum. I’d almost forgotten what it was like to have a warm, moist channel holding onto me as I filled it with cum, and the way my own semen made it feel like I had a shorter recuperation period. SG sat on my lap for a long moment, savoring the sensations. She kissed me again a moment later, a passionate, lasting kiss that felt almost like gratitude. Then she was getting up and off of me, sliding back onto the bed and sprawling just a little.

TG took her place, albeit on her knees, and began to give me a little oral attention. I don’t know if she was doing it to clean me off some, or if it was to try and coax my cock back to life, but both of those things happened. I haven’t had simultaneous erections in ten years. Holy shit, I was a lucky man. She giggled and kissed me, although it was a little more chaste, then beckoned to me with a single finger as she moved backward to lay alongside her partner.

Rising from my seat, I climbed up onto the bed with my dick hanging down, still semi-firm. Looking down over her at her well-maintained pubic region, I decided that I needed to taste her. So I did. Her legs spread a little wider as my tongue slipped over her feminine lips, letting out a moan to rival that of her partner’s. I spared a little glance over at SG, and realized that she was furiously touching herself, working her body up toward a second climax as I dined on her partner.

As I spent several minutes between TG’s legs to make sure that she was ready, I started to wonder if she had ever even done this before. She had been following SG’s lead almost the entire time, doing as she did and helping to facilitate the two of us getting it on. Now, she was laying there with her mouth hanging open, breathing heavily as I worked her vaginal lips over with my lips and tongue.

As SG started to shudder and jostle again, letting out a series of grunts, groans, and moans, I kissed my way up TG’s body, starting with her barren pubic region and careening across her navel. I had apparently missed the small buildup of a clearish substance around her lower lips. I started to pay attention to her chest, but she quickly planted her hands on my cheeks, pulling me upward. “They’re sensitive,” she said. “Not right now.” So I substituted that intention with a pair of fingers between her legs, which she welcomed with a slight nod and a moan.

Her insides felt about as warm and inviting as SG’s had been, soft and pliable. She let me finger her for a few minutes before her mouth was moving, despite no sound coming out. She had apparently orgasmed under my touched, and as her breath came back a moment later, she met my eyes and tugged on my hip to get into position.

As I nestled in between her legs, the underside of my dick rubbed against her clit and her lower lips, slightly swollen from my previous attention. It didn’t take much rubbing before she was practically begging me to take her, and with a little help from my hand, the tip of my shaft pressed against her opening.

She was a little tighter than her companion, but she relaxed fairly quickly. It took a few slow in and out movements before I was actually inside her, but then my length was in her depths, the tip rubbing lightly across her cervical opening. I knew I wouldn’t be able to pierce it, but as I said earlier, my mind can sometimes be a bit vivid.

As my hips began to move, my length slid through her unprotected canal with a bit of resistance. There was definitely a hint of taboo, worry, and excitement there, despite her assurance that it was a safe week. I knew the risks, but honestly, how often does a guy my age get the chance to hook up with two ladies at the same time, let alone woman as gorgeous as they were?

She stared up at me for a moment as I started to make love to her, and she smiled a little shyly. “I’m not a virgin, but you’re only my second.” I sort of assumed her first time was with a guy who lied to her, but whoever he was, I was glad it had led her to me in that moment. She groaned again as I pushed into her depths again and again, starting to move her hips against mine in the process. Then I saw SG sliding up beside us.

She kissed my cheek and encouraged me onward. “Fuck her,” she said. “She needs it.” Then SG’s hand slid down between us, not unlike TG had done before, and started to rub against her clit to make sure she felt every little thing. Taller Girl was moaning beneath me as we double teamed her, growing closer and closer to her orgasm as the seconds ticked by. After a few minutes of sex, even after I had cum once already, I knew my stamina wasn’t going to last much longer.

“Cum in her,” SG reminded me. “She wants to feel it like I did.” I protested a little, but as I started, SG lifted TG’s legs up, planting them on my shoulders so that TG was essentially pinned beneath me while allowing me deeper access at the same time. TG’s moans took an upward tick at that, and suddenly I felt my end coming up that much sooner as I closed my eyes.

When I opened them again, SG’s head was next to TG’s, looking up at me. She was still touching herself, her expression twisting into a glorious indication of how much she was enjoying her own touch and the situation. My gaze switched over to TG, and her eyes were practically pleading. So, I did what any other guy who do in my situation: I increased my speed. I knew it was going to be over soon, and I wanted to go out with a bang.

Both of SG’s hands were busy, one on her own clit, the other on TG’s, and both girls were moaning almost nonstop as I briefly railed Taller Girl. All at once, my balls churned and drove me deep into TG. Between the risk, taboo, and the eyes of both girls, I don’t think I’ve ever cum that hard before. TG practically writhed beneath me as I pumped multiple spurts of my virile cum into the depths of her belly. I shuddered, jolted, groaned, and bucked a little at a time as her clenching body milked me for everything I was worth.

When it came to an end, I groaned aloud and pulled back, leaning down to kiss the side of her neck a few times. A little bit of aftercare can make all the difference in sex, and I wanted to make sure that she had a good time like I did. I rolled off to the side as TG laid there, a lithe, moaning mess as a little bit of my cum oozed from her lower lips. Then SG was between her legs, cleaning it up and going to town on her. Both girls were moaning before long, and TG had yet another climax at the hands of her partner.

I wasn’t sure at that point if I’d be going home or what, but after a moment, the girls sidled up to me and laid on either side, snuggling into me for a night of rest. SG kissed my cheek, but TG turned enough to kiss me on the lips and look into my eyes. “Thank you,” she told me, then settled back in.

“You’re welcome,” I said as I closed my eyes and smiled, and despite rarely being able to sleep on my back, I was out soon after.


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