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Morning sex with nubile teen. Then watch her boyfriend and uncle take advantage of her.
Chapter 71: Pirates Own Their Wench

At sunrise the next morning, I was woken by someone calling my name. “Oh, Sailor, Oh, Sailor. You aboard?” I struggled to my feet responding “Yup, hold on a second.” I climbed up the companionway to see just who had interrupted my date with the sandman.

It was Christie, in a kayak, at the stern of my boat. “Permission to come aboard?” Now, why on God’s green earth would I refuse? “Of course. Let me assist.” Before I could even get to the cockpit, she was standing in it, beautiful as ever. I rubbed my eyes, wondering if this was just a dream or if I had died and gone to heaven.

“Welcome, Christie. Come below while I make some coffee.” We climbed below and she sat on the bed as I prepared a pot of my morning nectar. “What brings you here so early?”

“I’m just hungry for some breakfast” she said with a look that gave me her real meaning. She was sitting upright on the bed, her back against the wall, her legs flat on the bed. Her very short sundress wasn’t enough to hide much as she seductively spread her legs to reveal her clean-shaven pussy.

“My goodness” I exclaimed. You certainly don’t waste any time, do you?” “As I told you last night, I’ve only had Steve and Clive’s cocks to keep me entertained since we left Miami. It’s been a few weeks and I’m in need of an infusion, if you catch my drift. They’re both on the small side and neither of them is clued in to my needs. They just want me to bend over for a quickie or get a quickie blowjob. I don’t think either of them has touched my clit in ages. I sensed something in your vibe that excited me.”

“Hmmm … I see … very interesting. I’ll be happy to try to help but I don’t want to jeopardize anything you’ve got going. I don’t need any jealous boyfriends coming after me. But first, I need my coffee.”

I poured two mugs, half coffee, half Kahlua. She took one mug saying “You won’t jeopardize anything, Sailor. Steve is just a summer fling. He’s harmless. I’ll break up with him and his lecherous uncle in a couple of months. I’m already bored with their tiny dicks and lack of any interest in getting me off.”

I sat on the settee across from her, able to enjoy the view of her privates. We talked aimlessly, drinking our spiked coffee. As we were finishing the second mug, you could tell that she was getting impatient. Almost subconsciously, she had been frequently rubbing her boobs, squeezing them and pinching her nipple. It was like a nervous habit, repeated over and over. After she’d rub her boob, she’d rub her cunt, just once, then smell her hand. I don’t think she knew that she was even doing it, or what affect it was having on me.

Watching her absent-mindedly rub her tits and cunt, my cock was getting very interested. He was now making a pup-tent in my boxers. There was even a small dot of pre-cum visible. One last pussy rub, smell of her hand, and a glance at my pup-tent triggered “I see you’re about ready. I’ve made sure my snatch is ready. What say we get on with the business at hand?” She lifted her butt and slid her sundress up and over her head.

The vision of this tantalizing nymph, stark naked, lying on my bed waiting to get fucked was beyond belief. Her body was exquisite, flawless. It was evenly tanned, evidence of nude sunbathing. I hesitated, forming a permanent memory to call up in the future.

“Well, are you awake? What’s the holdup, Sailor? I’m ready for whatever you want.” She spread her legs wider and reached down to pull her pussy lips apart. I could see it glistening in the early morning sun. “Sorry. I’m just stunned at your beauty and my good fortune.” “Come have me and cash in on your good fortune, then. Let’s go, Sailor.”

We proceeded to enjoy each other’s sex organs for hours. I got to eat that clean pussy, I got to pound that cunt, I had her ass. She was very talented and knew all the right moves, all the right spots to stimulate, the perfect positions for maximum enjoyment. I made certain to pay special attention to her clit, making her squeal with delight a half dozen times, at least. She succeeded in draining my nuts a few times; in her mouth, in her cunt, in her ass. I had enjoyed a trifecta!!

As we lay exhausted next to each other, we noticed that it was now noon. She ventured “I’m hungry. Why don’t we both go to Knot Working and rustle up some grub?” This was a good idea. It meant that I didn’t have to cook or clean dishes, a dreaded task.

When we boarded Knot Working, Clive and Steve were in the main salon. They had a platter of sandwiches made and were busy eating. “Bout time you came back” said Clive in an annoyed voice. “We’ve been missing you. We even heard you squealing from the other boat. Made me realize that I hadn’t gotten my rocks off yet today.” Steve added “Yeah, cunt. Why didn’t you tell us you were leaving to go fuck Sailor man? We could have used you here.”

Just as we sat down to enjoy a sandwich, Clive jumped up and grabbed Christie’s arm, pulling her up. “Bend over, slut. You haven’t taken care of my cock yet today.” He brashly turned her around and lifted her sundress up. He already had a hardon and unceremoniously jabbed it into her pussy. She gasped at the force he used but just bent over to take his abuse.

Then Steve got up and stood in front of Christie. He pulled out his hard cock and, putting his hand on the back of her head, rammed it into her mouth. All I could do was watch these two horn-dogs take advantage of her holes, pumping until they came. “That’s better” said Clive as he sat back down as if this was a regular occurrence. “Now don’t run off without telling us first. After all, it’s my boat you’re on and you’re just a guest. The captain’s word is law. It’s my way or the highway, bitch.”

I felt empathy for poor Christie. A young, nubile vixen, trapped aboard this pirate ship with two heartless pirates each claiming their wench. I wanted to rescue her, deliver her from this prison, free her to share her incredible talents with worthy folk. It was an impossible task. Their boat was much faster then mine. They’d overtake me within days. Who knows what they’d do to reclaim their personal whore.

Christie and I sat in silence eating our sandwiches. We gave each other furtive, sad glances. With my eyes, I said “I’m sorry.” Her eyes flashed back “Rescue me!” When we finished our food, Christie announced that she was going up front to work on her tan. She grabbed a towel and scurried out to the bow of the boat. Not wanting to be trapped with the pirates, I followed along.

She spread the towel out and removed her sundress. She lay down on her belly as I examined her backside. Her ass was perfectly formed, very sexy. Shortly, she turned over, spreading her legs to make sure her tan was even, flawless. I was having trouble keeping my desire in check.

Suddenly, Clive hollered “Christie!! Front and center! Now!!” She jumped up and trotted back inside. I could see through the portholes that they were repeating their earlier rape of her cunt and her mouth. When she returned, she lay back down. I could see his cum dripping from her slit. She was nearly in tears.

“Christie, I feel sorry for you, I really do. But there’s little I can do to help you. It’s hard to see them take advantage of you this way. Maybe you should take me back to my boat now.” She frowned, dejected. “I guess so. I was so hoping that you’d be able to help improve my situation. I guess I’m just stuck here until our passage ends. Only another two months, thank God.”
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