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Neighbor brings his wife to my boat. Leaves her with me to have raunchy sex with.
Chapter 72: Nancy Was Desperate

I spent the afternoon tidying up the boat. The raging storm the day before had rearranged things, so to speak. Then I spent some time looking at charts, planning the next leg of my passage. At dusk I quit for the day and retired to the cockpit with a tumbler of scotch and some weed.

Half way through my smoke and drink I noticed two kayaks approaching. They seemed to be coming from the other boat at anchor that had showed life aboard when I first arrived. “Ahoy, Captain! Permission to come aboard?”

"Permission granted” I said as I put my half smoked joint in the ashtray and helped them tie off at the stern.

They introduced themselves as Nancy and Don. “We’re from the trawler over yonder. We’re doing the Great Loop, not quite half way through.” “Hi. I’m Sailor and I’m not nearly as adventurous as doing the Great Loop. With a 60-foot-high mast, I’d have to start after Chicago and end before Chicago. There’s that one pesky fixed bridge, too low for this boat. I drown my disappointment in scotch. Can I get you a drink?”

Nancy, a bohemian looking 30ish year old, asked for wine if I had any. “Red or white?” “White if you have it, please.” Don agreed on a scotch. As I climbed below, I told them to partake of the still burning joint if they so desired. While I was making drinks, I heard snippets of their conversation, talking sotto voce. “I thought I smelled weed; didn’t I tell you? And those cries of pleasure today. He seems cool, though. He has a good vibe.”

They started telling me about their adventures travelling the Great Loop. They started in Chicago, then down the Mississippi. They still had to finish getting all the way around Florida, then up the East Coast, through the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes. They were relatively novice boaters and regaled me with stories of their mishaps. As we carried on, drinking and smoking, I was observing their body language and interactions.

Nancy was very liberal. She didn’t shave her legs or underarms. Her hair was woven into dreadlocks. No bra. Several piercings, several tattoos. She was very easy going and seemed like fun to be around. Although not eye candy, she was definitely attractive enough to pique my interest. And showing hair on her body was just a bonus.

Don was more of an “A” type personality. Pretty wound up, driven, clean cut. He had made a ton of money as an investment banker and was easily 10 years Nancy’s senior. They didn’t look or act like they belonged together but opposites attract they say.

I kept their glasses full and a steady supply of joints at hand. Nancy turned the conversation toward me. “So, what’s your story, Sailor? Where’d you come from, where are you going?” “Ahh, you wouldn’t be interested. I’m just sailing around looking for any port in a storm.”

She probed deeper. “No, really. You’re all alone, right? What do you do for companionship? I mean, porn and masturbating can’t keep you alive forever.”

“Oh, you dear sweet thing. If you only knew.”

“If I only knew [i]what[/i]?”

I wasn’t sure where she was going with this. She had leaned in toward me, intent on exploring who I was and demanding an answer. “Well, darling. I get by. I mean, even a blind squirrel gets a nut now and then.” She wasn’t satisfied with my brush off answer. “So … what, you just rent a transient slip at a marina and pay hookers to come service you? Is that what you’re saying?”

A tad insulted, I responded “Well, honey, I’ve never paid for sex in my life. Not once. Never have; never will. I’ll go without before I’ll ever pay for sex. Sex is worth more than all the money in the world. But it must be consensual. I don’t condone rape or even hitting a woman. Well, other than the butt slap during raucous sex! Does that answer your question?”

“Not really. If you don’t pay for it, just how often do you get laid? I mean, you’re a reasonably handsome man. Your beard could use a trim as could your long hair. No offense intended. So, what … you just visit the local bars and pick up slutty girls to fuck? Is that what I’m hearing?”

“Let’s just say that I have a way about me, okay? And I feel like I’m on the witness stand. Is there a particular answer you’re looking for?”

“I’ll level with you. We saw the young girl from the catamaran come over this morning. Then we heard her squealing and screaming, obviously in ecstasy. When I heard her crying out that she was cumming, I knew that something fun was happening. I almost jumped in the kayak and paddled over to join you but Don vetoed that. He reminded me to respect your privacy.”

I looked at Don to gauge his reaction. He augmented what she had just said. “Look Sailor. I’m not sexual at all. I have no interest in or desire for sex. Sex never enters my mind. I just have a non-existent sex drive. Doctors have tried everything, therapy fails. I feel bad for Nancy but she seems to get by with her toys and such. Occasionally, she’ll disappear for a night or two and I don’t ask any questions. I’ve learned how to live with it.”

This was startling to me. Zero interest in sex. I knew that some people lived a sexless life, but I wasn’t aware of any medical diagnosis confirming such a condition. And poor Nancy! It made sense why she was probing into my sexual life.

Nancy spoke up. “We have an understanding. I’m allowed my sexual freedom and, in exchange, I support him in whatever his hobby is. Currently, it’s this boat and the Great Loop. Don’s been talking about getting his pilot’s license next. We’ll see where that takes us.”

“Wow. I’ve heard of open marriages before but never one like this. Now I’m starting to understand your earlier comments. You’re horny, right?”

“Extremely. I haven’t had a decent orgasm in weeks. Sure, I get off with my toys but, as I’m sure you know, masturbating just isn’t the same as having someone else get you off. Oh, what I’d give to have my pussy sucked!”

“That almost sounds like a challenge! But I’d feel awkward licking your cunt with your husband sitting mere feet away.” Almost before I finished speaking, Don blurted out “No, no. Have at it. You have my carte blanche permission. Please, please take care of my wife. It would make me happy and satisfied to see her smile again. Please, Sailor! If you have any interest, you have my total support. I’ll even leave and go back to our boat alone if Nancy’s okay with paddling home alone.”

They’d thrown down the gauntlet. She was horny and hoping to get laid. He was supportive but had no interest in sex for himself. The ball was definitely in my court. I gulped down my drink and poured another as I contemplated my response. I lit a joint and savored it as I examined Nancy through much different glasses.

I was taking my time, exploring every facet of my situation. When I reached for my drink, I offered the joint to Nancy. She took it and turned to Don. Talking quietly, she whispered at him “Don, honey, why don’t you go to our boat and turn in. I’ll be over in the morning.”

Apparently, I had a fuck buddy, house mate for the night.

No sooner had Nancy got Don situated in his kayak and on his way, than she was on me like white on rice. She made a beeline for me like an eager beaver. She straddled me, sitting on my lap, her arms around my neck. It started with gentle kisses, soon escalating into a heated make out session. She was a passionate kisser and her lips and tongue were pleasing.

We kissed for what seemed like an eternity, coming up for air and diving right back in. Her kisses were wet and sloppy, just how I like them. I reached up under her loose top and found her mid-sized breasts. Her nipples were hard and erect and her areolas were crinkled and in play. I manhandled her boobs as we continued kissing. The next time we broke for air, I lifted her top up and started mouthing her tits. She tipped her head back and moaned with delight.

“Oh, Sailor. You have no idea how good that feels. I haven’t had my boobs sucked in ages! It’s really turning me on. Shit, it feels so good. I love it when you take the whole areola in and suck on it like a baby nursing. It’s a female thing and it sends an electric vibe throughout my body.”

I’m certain that she could also feel my cock rising to the occasion underneath her. While I was working on her breasts, she reached her hand down between her legs to bring my dick into the equation. Still imprisoned in my shorts, all she could do was rub on him and use her nails through thin fabric. Doing so caused him to stiffen up, aching to be freed.

Eager to get my cock liberated I agreed. “Yes, sucking your tits has turned me on, too. But I’m ready to suck on something else. Let’s go below and work our magic on each other.”

Like dumbstruck teenagers, we were instantly nude, pressed against each other, our bodies melding into each other. As we kissed, our hands were roaming, trying to touch every inch of skin. The hair covering her body was soft as velvet, adding a new dimension to the sensual delights. My hand slid down her torso confirming a large, bushy vulva.

When we broke for air, she instinctively lay on the bed. She spread her legs wide open and reached down to pull her pussy lips open. Her crotch had dark skin, covered with thick curly hair, framing the deep pink of her labia. She had pulled back the cloak, exposing her long, thin clit. This was like an engraved invitation and my face was buried there for over an hour.

I couldn’t get enough of her cunt. She had a raunchy, earthy smell and taste to her. Like her velvet body suit, it was enticing. Her clit was long and hard, but not very big around. The extra length helped as I successfully used my lips, my teeth, and my fingers to bring her to multiple orgasms.

We lay next to each other, regaining our senses. With my eyes closed, I felt her hand gingerly wrap around my hard dick. It twitched and jerked at her touch and she stroked him up and down. When she settled atop my pelvis, it felt like she fit in the saddle perfectly. I cupped her ass cheeks as she slowly lowered herself onto my shaft.

“Oh, Jesus Christ. You have no idea how fucking good that feels. It’s been way too long since I’ve had a real cock. You fill me up in a way no dildo can. Give me your hard cock. Fuck me, fuck me, I need to feel you fill my entire pussy. Just fuck me, Sailor.”

When my strokes were hitting her cervix, I used my thumb to rub her clit. The combination of my dick thrusting deep up her cunt in unison with my thumb moving on her clit sent her over the edge.

She threw her head back and screamed “Oh, my God, Oh my God!” Then in a long, whispered hiss “Yeeesssssss!!”

A short “toot” from Knot Working’s air horn confirmed that Nancy’s orgasm was duly noted.
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