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For a Lovely Lady

I love the way you laugh, so full of joy,
I love your quiet slowly-spreading smile,
I love the way you lie against my chest
And sit half-dreaming underneath a tree.
I love to hold and kiss your open palm
And stroke it softly till I hear you sigh.
I love to kiss your forehead and your lips,
And even more the way you kiss me back.

And having said all that, if you should ask
If having said all that means I love you,
Well, I'm not sure. My mind is quite confused.
You feel so right it almost seems too good.
So much I see of you looks wonderful
That I can't help wishing that I saw more.

anonymous readerReport

2011-01-04 16:59:02
Beautiful poem, reminded me of how I felt about my beloved!

For 20 years he transformed my world into Bliss; just sitting in his company and sometimes not saying a word, taking a walk together, so many little things meant so much! I never before experienced love and did not know the power true love can have. He loved me more than his own life and our love I would not give up for a zillion+ dollars. However, nothings eternal, he died.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-09-06 03:26:20
Very nice Otz - subtle, complex, many layered - great.


2009-08-23 11:55:46
I love every word you've composed.

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