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The First Part of the Shaun Series

Hi. My name is Michael Gold. I am 12 years old, blond hair that reaches my shoulders, 5’3 and I have young boyish body with a bit of definition. My older brother’s name is Noah. He has blonde hair that reaches his shoulders just like me. He is fourteen years old. His body has more definition then me. He has a boyish look to him as well. Our story starts when I am in grade 7.
I woke up to my alarm, which was not really an alarm, but a set time where a radio station turns on really loud. I never really remember my dreams, which is something new, I always used to remember my dreams. My body is sweating, and in the back of my head I always think: ”Did I pee myself?.” Of course I didn’t because that would be silly. I don’t know why it would be silly, because I had no clue if I did pee myself or not. I could only find that out if I smelt my wetness which was either sweat or piss. It’s amazing that one could think all that in a matter of five seconds.

So I lift all the different sorts of blankets on top of me and get up. I am always in a certain mood when I get up. I like this mood, because I am very blunt and don’t care about others feelings.

As I head to the bathroom to empty my bladder I fix my boxers, because whenever I wake up they’re way to too high up my legs and my genitals are in full view of the passing family member in the hallway at that moment.

I lift up the toilet seat, pull down my boxers completely and release my golden flow. I start taking off all my clothes for the shower. Once all my clothes are off I turn on the shower and adjust the temperature. I get in the shower once I have my desired temperature and start relaxing. I would jack-off right now but it’s would take ages for me to reach my climax. Like most people, morning wood will stay morning wood and will never release sap. I start day-dreaming, singing, wasting 30 minutes of time and rushing after the shower.
I do whatever I usually do in the morning after that and head to school with my brother.

“Great…anxiety.” I am always anxious before school. And why? Because I have an anxiety disorder. It’s called social anxiety. My brother knows about my anxiety because we always talk about in family therapy. I can’t even explain it, nor do I want to. This feeling stays with me even when we reach school.

I think everybody is judging me, even those who I don’ know. Why am I so ugly? Why is everyone better looking then me? Those thoughts are only a few of the million I have every day. My brother would run off ahead with no trace of anxiety at all. Lucky bastard. I walked into school and Daniel was at his locker. Daniel had a big nose; he was skinny and very extraverted. He was social. I was very jealous of him so I would alter my mind to think that he was just annoying.

I walked to my locker and thought: “Is the way I’m standing weird and gay looking?” A key word…gay. I wasn’t sure of my sexuality. I had a girlfriend, we did nothing, she broke up with me. She gave this bullshit reason that I forget right now.

I opened my locker and took out my books for my first period. Science. As I walked to class I tried not to make eye contact with anyone. But always in the halls was Shaun. Shaun was Daniel’s cousin. I knew nothing of him, except that he was Daniel’s cousin.
At that moment I never knew how Shaun would change my life.

Daniel and Matthew:
It was nighttime. Daniel was sleeping over at Matthew’s house. Matthew was feeling horny and so was Daniel.

Daniel watched as my penis entered Matthew’s ass slowly. Matthew’s eyes rolled in his head.
“That feels…so good.” Matthew could barely speak.

Once Daniel was completely in Matthew’s ass tightened. All those nerves in his anal walls pushing so hard against Daniel’s five inch penis. Matthew felt so good. He was having that before-cum feeling all over his body again..and again..and again.

Juices were pouring out of Matthew’s ass as Daniel fucked his hard and fast.
Matthew was howling. “Oh my God!!” “Stop!” “Please…IT’S TOO MUCH.”

Daniel’s orgasm was approaching.

Matthew was screaming at the top of his lungs. “DANIEL!” “THAT FEELS SO GOOD.” “YOUR PULLING MY ASSHOLE INSIDE OUT!” “AHHHHHHHHH” Matthew said as he was getting fucked.

Daniel felt it coming. “Matthew...get off me……GET OFF ME!”
Matthew laughed with pleasured. “N-N-NO…it feels too GOOOOD.”

Daniel was screaming with him. “Stop…” “STOP IT NOW” Daniel’s body was imploding, exploding. “DON’T STOP…I’M CUMMING….I’M CUMMING!!!!!!”
Finally they stopped, the bed was soaked. And then it happened.

The window broke. And something jumped in. They were scared. They heard it below them.

Daniel tried running out of the room but was stopped by the creatures extremely long tongue that grabbed his ankle.

Daniel was screaming. Then the monster pulled him under the bed and you could hear him getting eaten.

Matthew started throwing up.

The creature started laughing. Its voice was extremely deep. “Hello Matthew.”

All of a sudden huge spiders came crawling up from under the bed attacked Matthew, going inside him and transforming him into a nest. The creature took Matthew and jumped out of the window.

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2013-04-05 02:25:21
describe the story or else don't write.

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2012-09-17 11:33:22
hahaha what the fuck? id rather eat my own shit before reading that again

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2012-02-14 18:46:55
write more about andrew and his uncle


2012-01-07 05:25:49
Hi this is Goldentigerman, the author of this story. I must say...this story is a piece of shit. I wrote this when I lacked the skills I have today.

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2011-03-14 16:45:42
WTF,you dweeb!! Get a freaking life,and while you're at it,learn how 2 write

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