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Following my divorce, I found myself living alone for the first time in 10 years. At first it was great. I could do what I wanted, when I wanted. No-one to answer to, just chill out and have fun.
I moved to a new house on the edge of town, close enough for work but well away from my past.
After a few months though, I realised that there was one thing I did miss from my married life.
I hadn’t had any for ages and it was getting me well and truly down. Sure, my right arm helped a bit, but you can only do so much alone can’t you?
So can you blame me for what happened?
Sure, I know it was wrong, but given the circumstances, what would you have done?
Well, here’s what I did, and I’ll let you be the judge.

My new house was in the suburbs, and had a decent sized back garden which joined on to the next door neighbours. Clearly, the previous owners had been good friends with next door because there was a gate between the two properties. There had been some coming and going and I guessed it was probably
the children of the house, judging by the swing hanging from a tree next door.
My garden had a couple of trees as well, two apple trees surrounded by a few raspberry bushes.
It was one afternoon while I was looking at my ‘crop’ of fruit when I heard voices from next door’s garden. Just then I heard a call:
‘Hello there, I don’t think we’ve met?’ came a voice.
It was the man of the house next door. A big, booming voice coming from a big man.
I introduced myself: ‘ Hello, I’m Bob. I just recently moved in’
‘Pleased to meet you’ he said, ‘I’m John’
We stood and chatted for a few minutes, just getting to know each other and generally passing the time of day.
After a while, John called back towards his house, ‘Guys, come and meet the new neighbour’ he called.
From the house came two women, who I quickly realised were his wife and daughter.
His wife was called Liz, and she was a real looker. She had long blond hair, tied back in a pony tail. Although she was dressed very demurely, I could tell that underneath her perfectly respectable dress there was a great body. She smiled as she shook my hand. My much deprived cock perked
up a little at the sight of her. She introduced me to her daughter, Nancy.
She was also dressed very demurely, with her long hair tied back into a pony tail. She was very quiet, and compared with her Mum, she was over-shadowed.
They all invited me over for a drink and I unlatched the gate, and followed them through the garden to their house.
I then had a really pleasant afternoon as I got to know my new neighbours.
It turned out that John was a preacher at the local church, and had a very strict view on life. I remember thinking that explained the outfits his women were wearing, and the way his wife followed his every word with rapt interest.
Nancy it turned out was home on holiday from a religious college, where she was training to join the church. I soon realised that the particular branch of the church to which they belonged were very strict Presbyterian, with strong views on morality, and a very firmly heard view that women were subservient and should only speak when they were spoken to.
Oh well, I thought. He probably would be most upset if he realised that as John was chatting to me, I was desperately trying to stop fantasizing about fucking his wife!
After an hour or so, I felt it was time to go, so I made my excuses. I got back to my house and went for a shower.
When I came out, I went through to my bedroom and started to dry myself off. My bedroom had patio doors instead of windows, which led out into the back garden. It was as I stood in front of the doors that I noticed a flash of movement at the foot of the garden, close to the trees. I carried on drying myself, and watched out of the corner of my eye. I was pretty certain that there was someone in my garden, and that they were watching me. I was also pretty damn certain that someone was none other than Liz, my next
door neighbour. I slowly towelled myself down, and paid particular attention to drying my cock, which was beginning to harden by now.
I’ve never thought of myself as an exhibitionist before, but the thought of being secretly watched was a major turn on.
Now, I have to be honest here. I’m no great looking guy, what with being in my forties, slightly balding and with a slight paunch. But I do know that I’ve got a pretty decent cock. It’s about 8 inches long and, just as importantly I’m told, pretty thick. As I stiffened, I made sure I gave Liz the full show.
Then, gently stroking my now fully erect cock, I opened the patio doors and called down the garden softly.
‘Why don’t you stop hiding down there and come on up for a better look?’
I smiled to myself and turned my back to the window as I saw the bushes twitch. I picked up a dressing gown, wrapped it loosely round my body and turned as l heard footsteps as Liz came into the room.

‘Fucking hell!’ I thought, it was not Liz, it was Nancy!!!!!
She came in, eyes down at the floor and looking painfully embarrassed.
‘i’m so sorry’ she said. ‘I came over for some fruit and saw you. I didn’t mean to look!’
‘It’s ok’ I said gently. The poor girl was obviously upset.
‘ it’s not’ she replied, ’ my father will kill me if he finds out. He’s very strict and will probably get me thrown out of college!’
‘ for goodness sake’ I replied, ’ its no big deal. On a scale of 1 to 10 it can’t be worse than about a 2, and anyway, I won’t tell’
She looked up at me for the first time; ‘You’re kidding aren’t you? My Dad would call that a 9’.
I laughed, and closed the patio doors. I pulled the curtain closed, and turned around to face her.
‘ I work to an entirely different scale’ I said. ‘For example, you came up here when I offered you a better look. That better look would still only be about a 2 on my scale’
She sat down on my bed and looked up at me.
‘Do you mean I won’t get into any more trouble?’
‘No’ I replied, as I untied my gown, opened it and let it drop to the ground. My cock bounced up to attention, just inches from her face.
Her eyes widened as she tried to take it all in. 8 inches of rock hard cock bouncing around in front of her eyes. She stared, and I saw a flush begin to spread around her neck and throat.
‘You can get up and walk out any time you like’ I said, ‘butI rather think you’ve never seen a cock before, and you are enjoying what you see’
She never took her eyes off my cock as she shook her head.
A droplet of cum was beginning to seep from the end of my cock as I said to her:
‘It would only be a 3 if you were to touch it’
She looked up at me, confused but clearly excited.
Then, joy of joys, she reached up and gently touched me.
My cock twitched hard at her touch and she recoiled quickly.
But just as quickly she came back for more and grabbed me firmly. Gently she began to stroke my knob. She may never have had a cock in her hand before, but by fuck she was a quick
learner. I whispered a few words of encouragement, and showed her how to grip my cock and then she started to wank me off. She looked up into my eyes as her stroke steadily brought me closer and closer to the edge.
‘3 is nothing, ’ she said as she licked her lips and started to lick the end of my cock.
‘Oh my God’ I moaned, as her tongue flicked up and down my cock, her hand keeping up a steady rhythm.
‘Suck it!’ I cried out and she put the head of my cock into her mouth. It was her first time and she must have scraped her teeth along my cock because I felt a sudden sharp pain.
It was enough to bring me back from the edge of orgasm. I looked down and saw this pretty little thing with her mouth firmly clamped around 8 inches of rock hard cock. Gently, I placed my hand on her head and started to guide her movements. As she got the hang of it, she began to give me a fantastic blow
job. A few words of encouragement and she soon brought me back to the edge of orgasm.
‘ I’m coming !’ I cried out.
She just kept on sucking and stroking and soon the accumulated load of cum filled her mouth as I shot into her in spurts.
Holding her head by her pony tail, I fucked her mouth hard until every drop of cum was out. I looked down at her.
She looked up into my eyes and smiled, as my cum dripped down her face.
‘Wow!’ she said, ‘If that’s only a 4, I cant wait to climb the scale’
I sat down beside her on the bed and kissed her on the lips my cum tasting salty from her mouth.
‘ You can be sure that I’ll be there when you do!’, I gasped.
She stood up, straightened her dress and opened the curtains and door.
‘I have to go now’ she said. ‘but I’ll be back tomorrow and you can show me a 5!’
She skipped off across the garden, through the gate and back to her ever so strict parents.

Well, that’s what I did.
What would you have done? Be my judge if you feel you can be.
But ask yourself, when she comes back tomorrow for a ‘5’, what will you do?

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2010-08-10 16:01:57
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2009-12-06 16:50:49
not cute story need another one

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