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The story of Josh in a new city continues as he makes more friends
Their limo had to wait before pulling up to the red carpet so they saw what happened to the people in the limo in front of them.
“It looks like the Oscars” Megan gasped when she saw the camera crew and photographers.
“Oh, that’s Brad Pitt” Josh said and pointed at him “he’s dressed like Neo, glad you talked me out of that one Meg.”
They made a few more observations before it was their turn.
An usher dressed as a squire opened their door and led them across the red carpet to the entrance. There their names were checked, passes given and a ticket for the lottery.
Making their way in they saw a big display with all the rooms, themes and part types available.
“Okay” Jonas said “I need to go to the sovereign room, care to join us for a bit Josh?”
“Sure” Josh said a bit overwhelmed by it all.

All around he could see celebrities in costume from either the music or movie business and he felt a little out of place.
Following his dad, Josh looked around in amazement, the thought of organizing something like this daunted him, not to mention the cost.
The sovereign room looked like a bar from Star Wars with low lit alcoves and lots of neon.
They made their way to a free table and ordered a bottle of Crystal from the touch display build in the table.
Jonas noticed that both Josh and Megan were a bit overwhelmed so he said “remember that these people may be famous, but they need to eat and crap just like you do.”
They both laughed and Megan hugged Jonas telling him that they would be fine.

A few drinks later they were all more relaxed and Jonas started texting on his new phone.
“I need to let our benefactor know where we are as well as a few business partners” he explained.
Within half an hour, their table was maxed out with friends from Jonas.
All were wearing excellent costumes, if a bit tame compared to Josh.
The men had chosen the obvious heroes like a Jedi and the women the more revealing outfits, like the brides from Dracula.
Josh didn’t mind, he kept silent and enjoyed the view the scantily dressed women offered him.
They were all beautiful and a bit younger than their partners, probably around the same age as Megan he figured.
The conversation soon turned to business and Josh started to take interest.
However shortly after it did, one of the women obviously grew bored.

Her partner noticed it quickly, which made him rise in respect in Josh’s eyes.
He whispered something to Jonas, who nodded and smiled before asking “Josh, would you be so kind as to escort and chaperone miss Bradley to the trance room and make sure she has a good time?”
Josh stood up, placed his hat on his head and said “It will be my honor father.”
His response and ominous looks despite his age made all eyes turn on him and he grinned at the effect he had, amplified by his amusement.
The woman in question was dressed like Xena warrior princess, the costume was a dead match except for the higher heels on the boots.
She was in good shape and her breasts had some obvious work done to them, she looked really good in the costume and Josh wasn’t bothered with his dad’s request.

He walked around the table, bowed in front of her and said “Your Highness” and offered his arm.
Miss Bradley actually blushed a bit and looked around the table at her girlfriends who were all grinning at her.
She got up, accepted his arm and they walked out of the sovereign room.
Once outside, she stopped and turned towards him, looking him over for the first time for real.
“Please call me Sondra” she said in a soft voice “and tell me, are you a good dancer?”
“Sondra it is” Josh replied “and yes, I am well versed in the classics as in modern dance.”
“My father’s ex wife owned a dance studio so she made sure I could dance well.”
“Excellent” she said and led him to the trance room.
Before they entered she stopped him again and told him “what happens in there, what you see and all, will stay between us okay?”
“Your wish is my command, my father ordered me to show you a good time so whatever you wish is fine by me, as long as its legal that is” he grinned.
“How do you feel about recreational drugs then, like x?”
“I am Dutch Sondra, I don’t consider that to be a real drug so it’s okay with me, I don’t use it though.”
She was obviously relieved and pleased by his answers and he held him a bit more intimate when they entered.

The room was not as crowded as the sovereign but quite a few people were dancing on the dance floor to the tunes of a DJ.
Grabbing two bottles of water from a tray, Sondra gave Josh one and took the other for herself, popping the cap and swallowing her x with a large amount of water.
Shaking her head, she let go of a cry of joy and stepped onto the dance floor.
Soon they were dancing to the beat and working up a sweat.
Josh didn’t hide the fact that he was gazing at all her assets and enjoyed the dancing with her.
Famous faces passed them and Josh’s eyes grew big at times, especially when he saw Fergie from the Black eyed peas, his secret wet dream.
However he never let his attention slip from Sondra and after a while he noticed the x taking its effect.
She danced wilder and closer to him, keeping perfectly to the beat and teasing him with her body like a pro. He responded in kind and soon they were dancing like lovers to the beat.
At one point she rubbed her ass hard against his groin and he knew she noticed his hard on.
She turned and smiled yelling “that’s a huge compliment you are giving me.”
“You are a very hot dancer, I can’t help but be entranced” he yelled back.
She laughed and continued the dance, making it even fuller with innuendos.

After an hour or so of continuously dancing, she requested a break and a drink.
Josh got them two fresh bottles of water and they sat down in an alcove.
“You really are a great dancer Josh, I can’t recall the last time I had such a good partner.”
“Thanks, I must say that I learned a few new moves from you tonight, you are an excellent dancer as well.”
She smiled warmly at the compliment and moved in a bit closer.
“So tell me, what is a Dutch young man like yourself doing at a party like this dancing with a woman old enough to be his mother?” she asked him with a sly smile on her face.
“Having a great time and being the envy of every man here” Josh replied smoothly.
“The envy? You really think so?” Sondra asked a bit surprised.
“This will remain between us okay, and don’t get mad” Josh said moving his head closer to her.
Sondra nodded her agreement and waited for him to continue.
“Of all the women on the dance floor, save one, you were the hottest, sexiest and most desirable woman present, not to mention the best dancer.”
She sat back and took a good look at his face.
“You really mean that don’t you, me being the most desirable woman” she said softly.
“Save Fergie” Josh said with a loopy grin “she has been my wet dream for ages.”
Sondra grinned at that and continued “so you find me desirable, how much so?”
“If these curtains could close and you would be willing, I would show you now.”

Thinking his reply over for a moment, Sondra got up and closed the curtains to Josh’s surprise.
“Show me” Sondra said and sat down next to Josh again.
It took Josh a second to gather his wits but then he leaned over and gently kissed Sondra on the lips, going from soft barely touching to wildly French kissing in seconds.
Sondra responded in kind, not used to his youthful passion.
His hands moved to her waist and he pulled her in closer.
He broke of the kiss and pushed her down on the couch so she could lie on her back.
Lifting her leather skirt he saw a flimsy g-string and took it off, lifting her fine ass.
When he started to move down with his head she asked in a surprised tone “you’re not going to undo your pants?”
“Not yet” Josh answered her in a husky voice “first I am going to eat you till you cry my name.”
Sondra’s eyes grew in surprise and she let her head fall back saying “God, it has been ages since someone ate me.”
“Enjoy then” he said and moved closer to her sweaty shaven cunt.
As soon as his tongue flicked through her slit, she came up grabbing his head and pushing it harder against her cunt gasping “oh yes”, yes, eat me, make me cum.”
As with Megan, Josh decided to make it special and took his time working her cunt.
She wasn’t really wet yet but it didn’t take her long.
His tongue teased her clit, his teeth gently biting her lips and softly sucking on them, making them puffy and sensitive. Every now and then he entered her with his tongue, savoring her slightly bitter taste. Josh could feel her body respond to his administrations and moved to his hands. He entered her now wet cunt with his index finger, teasingly pulling it in and out, touching her g spot lightly.
Sondra’s legs were like a bench press on his head when he started to finger her and when he entered her asshole she bucked up crying “oh shit.”
Thumb pressing on her g spot in her cunt, index finger in her ass he worked his magic. His tongue darted over her cit, sucking it up, biting it and when he pressed his thumb and finger together and pulled, she came like a hurricane.
“Oh god, Josh, Josh, oh god” she cried muffled by a pillow she had grabbed.
He kept her coming for a minute before removing his fingers, the aftershocks still making her perfect body shake.

Taking a napkin, he cleaned himself up a bit and removed most of the juice she had squirted between her legs.
Seeing as she was still a bit out of it, Josh popped his bottle and drank a bit, smiling at her.
“Shit” Sondra said after a few moments “that was the best I have ever had, god that felt good.”
“I am pleased you liked it” Josh said with pride in his voice.
“Liked it? Loved it is more likely, you’ll need to do that again and soon, oh wow” she sighed.
Sondra got up with a bit of help from Josh and drank some water.
“So what will your pleasure be Josh?” Sondra said “want me to suck you or fuck you?”
A beeping sound startled them both and Sondra took out her phone, reading a text message.
“Hmm, it seems my hubby is in need of me so I need to make it quick”
“Take out your man meat and stand in front of me” Sondra commanded.
Josh stood up and released his cock from the confines of his pants.
“Oh” she purred “big and shaven, nice” before she took his cock in her mouth.

Her technique was different from what he had experienced before; she kept his cock head in constant turmoil with her tongue while she jacked him with one hand and fondled his balls with the other. Sondra kept this up for a few minutes when she started to alternate the suction on his head. He could feel his balls getting ready and he warned her saying “oh shit, I am about to blow.”
Instead of releasing him, she increased the pace, keeping it up when he came, sucking the cum out of his dick as hard as she could. He held her head, pushing in his cock as deep as he could, the orgasm weakening his legs.
When he was done, she sucked him for a bit more, giving him a good view and playing with his cum on her lips and tongue.
“Take a picture with your phone” she said in a horny tone.
He did as she asked and got a good shot of her with her tongue on his cockhead and his cum on her lips.
“Now enter my number” Sondra continued and gave him her cell number.
Josh did just that, coupling the picture with her number.
She cleaned his clock with her mouth and stood up.
Josh redid his pants and held out her string.
“Keep it” she said “as a memento from a wonderful first meeting.”
He smiled and pulled her close to him, kissing her for the last time before they had to go.
“You don’t mind your own taste eh” she said when they walked back.
“Nope, and I love yours so expect a call soon” he said smiling.
Sondra smiled at his remark and hugged him, planting a chaste kiss on his lips.
“I am giving a pool party in three weeks, consider yourself invited as a special guest, a very special guest” she grinned “give me your card and I’ll send over an invite.”
Josh reached for his cards, took one and wrote his new cell number on the back with a smiley.
When she looked at his card and saw all his former companies listed, she reassessed her opinion of him, not only handsome and young but smart as well.
She liked the fact that Josh wasn’t just a boy toy but a smart kid with all the right moves, he would get far in this town she figured.
“This is my stop Josh, he’s having dinner at the sphere so enjoy the rest of the night and thanks for making it so much fun, till we meet again” Sondra said giving him a last hug and walked towards the elevators.

Josh wandered around a bit, looking at all the celebrities and beautiful women before entering what looked like to be a fantasy inn.
His stomach let him know that some food would be welcome and at the bar he ordered a fantasy sandwich.
He washed it down with a beer and turned to look around.
Megan was right, there were quite a few standard costumes, Legolas being favorite.
Glad he followed her advice to try something different, he felt original.
Continuing his sightseeing, Josh walked into the garden that was connected to the inn.
Despite it being indoors, it looked real enough, the magic of Hollywood he thought to himself.

He was halfway through when he heard an altercation.
Moving quickly to where he had heard the sound come from, he entered a lover’s alcove and saw a Jedi slap an elf princess in the face.
Josh saw that the guy was rather big so opted for a bluff instead of a physical confrontation.
Besides, he didn’t want to come up on charges if he did beat up the guy.
“Sir, you will release her immediately or I will be forced to arrest you on assault charges.”
The man let go of her wrist at once and looked startled around, squinting at Josh.
Only then did Josh notice a red and angry palm print on his face and saw glasses lying on the ground near a bush. Moving in closer with a determined stride, Josh quickly kicked the glasses further under the bushes, hoping that the guy would have bad eye sight.
“Please explain yourself” Josh followed up in keeping with his act.
“This whore told me she couldn’t make it tonight but instead she was here with someone else.”
“Is she your wife or girlfriend?” Josh asked sternly knowing where this would lead to.
“No, she’s a call girl okay” the man almost shouted, getting angry again.
“Sir” Josh asked in a no nonsense tone of voice “are you freely admitting that you came here with a paid date, in other words a solicitation?”
The man then stopped and looked surprised at Josh.
Josh turned his attention to the girl who had sat down while Josh grilled the man.
Her lip was think and bleeding, her make up running from her tears.
“Would you like to press charges miss?” Josh asked her.
She didn’t reply, just shook her head no.
“Very well then, I suggest that you remove yourself from this area and leave this woman alone or I will press charges, now move buster” Josh almost shouted against the big guy.
Unsure of himself the man walked briskly away, cursing under his breath.

Josh moved closer to the girl and offered her a tissue.
“Are you alright miss?” Josh asked softly in a kind voice.
“I’ll be fine officer” she replied “thank you for coming to my rescue.”
“I am not a cop miss, just a guest like you but he was too big for me to take so I thought I’d bluff my way with him.”
Only then did she look up and saw his face and costume.
A faint smile appeared on her face and she said “thank you for your bravery then.”
She opened her purse and got her phone out, starting to send a text message.
“Could you wait with me for a little while?” she asked “until my boss gets here?”
“Sure” Josh said and sat down next to her “I’m Josh, what’s your name?”
“Melody and I am pleased to meet you Josh.”
When she was done texting, she gave him a good stare and asked “how old are you?”
Turning a bit red Josh answered “seventeen.”
That made her smile reach her eyes until she grimaced from pain from her hurt lip.
“Very brave indeed” Melody continued “are you alone here tonight?”
“No, I am with my dad and his date but they were discussing business so I decided to wonder around.”
“Good thing you did, for me at least” she sighed and tried to repair some of her makeup.

They spend a few minutes in silence when finally her boss arrived accompanied by a huge man dressed as Morpheus, only bigger and blacker.
Josh got up, nodded at the new arrivals and said to Melody “I hope the rest of the night will be more fun for you, take care.”
She smiled at him mouthing thanks one more time.
He was about to walk out when the big guy said “hold on sport.”
“Could you tell me what happened?” he asked in a deep voice.
Josh nodded and moved with him out the lover’s corner onto the main path.
Giving him the short rundown, the guy grinned and finally laughed out loud in such a fashion that Josh couldn’t help but laugh as well.
“Well done sport” he said “my name is Burt and I am a pro bodyguard, should you ever need help in that regard, give me a call, I am liking you a lot” and gave Josh his card.
Josh did the same and wrote down his new number on the back.
“Just in case you need help” Josh joked and both laughed again.
“I’ll better see to Melody, thanks again sport” Burt said and moved back into the corner.

Almost halfway back to the inn, Josh heard his name being called.
Turning around he saw the woman that accompanied Burt walking briskly towards him.
She was a stunning sight, commanding in her presence and from a distance looked a lot like Beyonce. Her white semi translucent dress flowing around her and her long dark brown hair held tight by a tiara.
Josh waited until she had reached him, noticing the differences with Beyonce as she came closer to him.
“Thank you for waiting Josh” she said a little flushed.
“No problem miss”
“Do you know who I am?” she asked looking him up and down, taking stock.
“Nope” Josh said “but I know what you are.”
She raised her eyebrow at his statement and laughed when he continued to say “absolutely gorgeous.”
“Sweet talk will get you everywhere Josh” she replied grinning “do you need to be somewhere or do you have a few minutes?”
“I have all the time in the world so sure, what can I do for you?” Josh replied confidently.
This day had done wonders for his self image and he felt really good about himself.
She considered his statement and mulled something over in her head.
“Well then, I am going to steal you for more than a few minutes, come with me” she said in a way that showed that she was used to being obeyed.
Josh followed her to the elevator, noticing the stares of some of the men to her.
Once in the elevator, she produced a key and turned it in a lock, the elevator display suddenly showing several floors more.
She pressed the semi top destination marked The Den.
“Josh, let me start by thanking you what you did for Melody, it was uncommon and chivalrous and really appreciated.”
“Did she tell you she was a call girl and that she worked for me?”
“No, but going by what that idiot said, I figured as much, still doesn’t give him the right to treat a woman like that” Josh answered.
“I agree, unfortunately it’s more common than I would like” she replied smiling sadly at him.
“My name is Danni by the way, I completely forgot to introduce myself, so sorry dear” Danni said “but I am also known as the Hollywood Madam.”
Josh blushed a bit and grinned when he said “Burt didn’t look like a madam, true.”
Her laughter filled the elevator and she moved a bit closer, leaning with one arm against the elevator wall.
“When we arrive in a moment, don’t be alarmed, there is security because of a rather large fetish party with some famous people so they will frisk you.”
“Just follow me and pay as little attention as you can muster to what you will see okay?”
He nodded and was a little startled when suddenly she moved in closer and sniffed in his neck.
She grinned and looked at him with new respect saying “you smell of sex Josh, care to tell me?”
At that point the elevator came to a halt with the customary ding, saved by the bell Josh thought.

In a small, soft lit hallway, two security guards stood in front of a big door.
“He’s with me boys” Danni said as she walked towards the door.
They quickly checked him for weapons, smiling when they looked at his prop gun.
Satisfied, they opened the door and a thick curtain was moved aside for them to enter.
The music and sounds of people having sex greeted them.
Lit in an intimate way, the circular room was filled with people in various degrees of sexual intercourse.
Josh was reminded of porn movies when he looked around, getting aroused by what he saw.
When he didn’t follow quickly enough, Danni took his hand and moved him to another door marked with a big star.
“Sorry about that” Josh stammered a bit flushed when they were inside the room.
“No worries Josh, I can imagine what such a spectacle would do to a young man such as yourself, no harm done” Danni assured him “please have a seat.”
Josh took one of the chairs and sat in front of the big desk.
Danni walked around, sat down with a sigh and removed her shoes.
“Much better” she smirked at him.
“Are you besides chivalrous also discreet and trustworthy?” she asked still smiling.
“My word is my bond and I can be discreet up until a point” Josh answered.
“I believe you, what is your point if I may ask?”
“Anything with violent intent, criminal or abusive elements” Josh answered seriously.
He wondered what she was thinking of as she leaned a bit closer over her desk.
“And in case you are wondering, no, I do not consider your line of work criminal, you are not a pimp forcing streetwalkers.”
She smiled when he said that “You know, you are very astute, it was my next question.”

A soft knock on the door interrupted their conversation and was followed by the door opening.
A well proportioned woman came walking in, dressed in a transparent latex bodysuit carrying a tray with a bottle of whiskey and 2 shot glasses. She sat it down on the desk between them and winked at Josh when she left, closing the door after her.

Danni grinned at Josh’s expression and reached for the bottle to pour them both a shot.
“Bottoms up Josh” she said and downed the shot glass in one go.
Josh did the same and was pleasantly surprised by the smooth quality of the whiskey.
Her respect of him grew a bit when she saw he held his liquor well.
“Back to business” she said, pouring them another shot.
“Can I trust you to keep the conversation we are about to have absolutely secret?”
“You have my word” Josh answered and watched Danni for clues.
“Did you know that besides a lot of beautiful women, I also have several young men working for me?” Danni asked leaning back into her chair.
“No but it would make sense if you catered to the entertainment business” Josh replied.
“True, do you know what fantasy play or role play is in the sex industry?”
“Maybe, I have a healthy imagination but I am not sure” Josh answered carefully.
“I take it it’s a bit like a mother son fantasy played out?”
“That’s precisely it, if you are interested, a young man like you can make a lot of money like that” Danni said letting the statement hang in the air.
“Run my credit” Josh said and gave her his card.
Danni gave him a surprised look but did as he asked.

A few moments later she was laughing out loud saying “And here I thought it would be nice for a young guy like yourself to make a few bucks beyond his allowance, only to find out he’s rich enough to get a black card and is an European ranked business man.”
“Well, there goes that idea out the window” she grinned while wiping a tear from laughter from her cheek.
“I still might be interested though” Josh said “my sexual preference goes out to mature women.”
Danni reached for her shot glass, saluted Josh and drank it down.
Again he followed her example, smiling when he poured them both a fresh one.
“You are an intriguing man, Josh” she said her voice filled with wonder.
“How experienced are you?”
“Compared to whom?” Josh asked “I know I can please a woman with tongue and cock but I can’t say how well I perform compared to others.”
“But” he continued “I have had a good sex education back home and the two ladies I have had the pleasure of today didn’t complain and asked for more so, I think despite the fact that I have had only three lovers so far, I am quite capable.”
The frankness in which he answered her question made Danni reevaluate Josh again.
“You’ve had sex at the party tonight?” she asked, almost certain that he had.
He nodded and reached for his glass “Here’s to all the beautiful women that like young men.”
Smiling Danni followed suit.
“So, how do you suggest I reward you for your gallant behavior tonight?” Danni asked.
“How many real friends do you have?” Josh countered her.
Danni played for a bit with her finger just in her mouth, nibbling on it while she figured out how to answer him.

After a minute of deep thinking she answered “Not a lot, four perhaps.”
“Make it five and you have rewarded me more than enough.”
His answer shook her to her core and for the first time in a long time, she didn’t know what to say.
“I figure a woman in your position has a huge number of acquaintances but very few friends, you have nothing that I really need except a good friend, someone to do stuff with, talk to when you need a honest opinion or a shoulder to cry on when needed” Josh continued “you are a strong, independent woman who runs a multimillion business dealing in things that cannot be out in the open.”
Josh sipped a bit from his drink, wetting his mouth before continuing “I know and I don’t judge you for your line of work, you seem like a nice woman and you care for your girls so your heart is in the right place, further more you seem to think like I do which is something I like a lot in you so what do you say?”
A tear flowed slowly from her eye, her face sad and happy at the same time.
“You are a very interesting young man Josh and it is my pleasure to call you a friend.”
“Good” Josh said and walked around her desk, pulled her out of her chair and gave her a comforting hug.

“Got plans for next Sunday evening?” Josh softly asked.
“Not really” Danni answered relaxing in his firm embrace.
“Then I hereby invite you to a home cooked dinner at my place, how does that sound?”
“It sounds wonderful, you really know how to win someone over don’t you?” she whispered.
“Have I won you over already then?” he asked in a sly voice making her laugh.
“After I have tasted your cooking I’ll let you know” she smiled and locked her eyes with his.
“I am going to kiss you now, you very special man” she whispered and locked her lips on his.
She kissed him gently, slowly parting her lips and tenderly explored his mouth.
Josh followed her lead, letting his hands explore her body in a gentle fashion.

They were interrupted by a knock on the door followed by a deep voice “Its Burt ma’m.”
“Come in” Danni said and broke the embrace, sitting back down again.
Josh walked back to his chair when Burt entered.
“Ah” he said when he saw Josh “I am sorry but its business related.”
“That’s fine, what is it Burt?” Danni asked.
“Its Roger ma’m, he finally called, he’s in the hospital with acute food poisoning.”
“You’ve got to be kidding” Danni sighed “of all the days.”
“I know, she said she’d sue the restaurant but demands a replacement for tonight.”
“There is nobody else, everybody is spoken for, damn” Danni said after a quick glance at her PDA.
“Who are we talking about and what is needed?” Josh asked.
“I can’t ask you to do this, not like this Josh” Danni said frowning at her PDA screen.
“Just tell me what you need, perhaps I can help” Josh offered her gently again.
“It’s an elaborate fantasy session, she wants to be taken by her son while her friends are watching and cheering her on.”
“How long would it take?” Josh asked.
“Two hours at the most but that’s not the biggest issue, my girls were free to cheer you on till an hour ago, now they have prior engagements.”
“How many girlfriends are we talking about?”
“Three or four, why do you ask?” Danni asked and looked at Josh, seeing him thinking hard.
Josh turned to Burt and asked “I take it Melody is out of regular service at the moment?”
Burt grinned at Josh, liking how he thought and said yes, he had changed her for a standby.
“That’s one, you could be two Danni and maybe I can get you two more” Josh thought out loud.

Josh took out his phone and started a text message “I am need of some voyeuristic assistance for an hour or two, are you available within the next thirty minutes?”
When he selected Megan and Sondra he heard Burt grin behind him saying “He has Sondra Bradley in his phone, can you believe it?”
Danni looked at Josh and said with a big grin “you did her tonight didn’t you?”
“Guilty as charged” he smiled back at her.
A few moments later two replies announced their arrival.
Josh smiled when he saw the reply from Megan, asking if she needed to keep her hands to herself and the reply from Sondra was even more in the spirit, asking if she could film him.
“I got you two more spectators who are definitely in the mood for a show” Josh grinned “so who are we talking about?”
Danni smiled in amazement at Josh, wondering what she had done to have this kid walk in her life just when she needed someone like him the most.

When Danni just stared at Josh not replying, Burt answered for her “Sarah Basco.”
Burt saw the name didn’t mean anything to Josh so he explained “Sarah is one of the most powerful producers in the current mainstream porn industry, back in the early nineties she was a famous porn star herself, still a looker in my opinion.”
Josh looked back at Danni and noticed that more was playing then she let on, she was still thinking too hard.
It took Josh a few moments to consider all the options and match them to the reactions he had seen before saying “you are planning to expand your business aren’t you?”
Both Burt and Danni looked shocked when he said that.
“How did you know?” Danni asked surprised.
“I’ll tell you in a sec but can we first make sure that my two lady friends are picked up and escorted here?”
“Take my picture and send it to them, tell them to meet me at the elevators” Burt said.
“Okay Burt” Josh said and took a shot of Burt smiling.
“Sending now” and he added the message to the picture before sending it.
Burt said he would be right back and left.

“Please tell me how you knew Josh” Danni asked as soon as the door was closed.
“Your tension level shot up when her date was ruined, you cannot expand too much in your current activities before the authorities take notice and she is a big shot producer with experience in the field, it wasn’t that hard to be honest.”
“I guess” she slowly said “but you are right, I am looking to expand.”
“So in what way, shoot some vids of your girls to improve their market value or offer your customers a personal porn shoot?” Josh asked curiously.
Danni stared at him with a blank face again, this was the third time this boy had surprised her.
Silently she thanked the heavens for letting their paths cross.
“I wanted career options for some of my girls who wanted to stay in the industry but out of the call girl corner, offer them a save second career.”
“That’s a sweet idea, I thought more of extra business while you thought of your girls, good for you Danni” Josh said a bit embarrassed.
“No, you just came up with two brilliant ideas I hadn’t thought of.”
“I’d be happy to partner with you if you want or if you don’t mix friendship with business, just use my brain for whatever you need, consider it free of charge” Josh smiled warmly at Danni.
“I believe you, you would really give these two brilliant marketing ideas to me for free, you hardly know me and you already treat me as a dear and trustworthy friend, sorry if I get a bit emotional but it is a very rare thing in this town, a man like you” Danni spoke while she got up and walked towards him.
She hugged him with all her might and said “I know I am going to sound like an idiot right now, but at this moment I really wish I could keep you for myself and run away with you, leave everything behind.”
“Not like an idiot, but as a woman in dire need of a good friend” Josh whispered and kissed her gently.

The stood in embrace when the door opened and Burt came in together with Megan and Sondra. They both turned their head at the same time and said simultaneous “Hello.”
A second later, Danni was just a bit quicker with pinching him saying “jinx.”
Their laughter was joined by Burt with a deep rumbling laugh and both Megan and Sondra joined in.
Josh kissed both women welcome and Megan quickly whispered to him “you are so going to tell me everything later tonight” to which he smiled and nodded.
It was apparent that Sondra and Danni knew each other so only Megan needed an introduction.
The three women were chatting quietly amongst themselves, stealing a glance at Josh from time to time.
Burt was on the phone and Josh was left with nothing to do.

After a few minutes it was clear to him that the women were discussing the upcoming fantasy set for Sarah and their roles in it.
Melody had joined them in the mean time and looked a lot better, although her left eye was bruised and her lip still thick.
When Burt finished his call, he sat next to Josh saying “thanks sport, it has been a while since I’ve seen Danni laugh like she just did, I am glad she’s met you.”
“Likewise big guy” Josh replied, his eyes still on the four women talking.
“Come, I’ll take you to the room that has been prepared” Burt said after a moment “Sarah will be here within ten minutes.”
“You still sure you want to go through with this?” he continued “I can understand if you feel you’re not up for the task.”
“Are you kidding?” Josh grinned at the big man “I get to have sex with a former porn star while being cheered on by four beautiful women? It is something even my vivid imagination hadn’t conjured up yet.”
Burt laughed and they left the women to their own preparations.
They walked through the big orgy like it was a regular party to the prepared room.
Burt opened the door and followed Josh through.
The room was sparsely decorated, a big bed stood in the middle and a bar with a few mood lights were its only companions.
“Okay Josh, the idea is that she comes home with her friends after a night on the town and on a dare she needs to take your cherry. The others will assist her in whatever way she wants, which will depend on her mood, but not take away her spot as main lover.”
“Now, you’ll need to be asleep when they come in, only to wake after she has started to have sex with you so don’t wake too soon.”
“Oh and a last thing, she likes to be called mom and compliment her on her looks, tell her you fancied her for a while now, that sort of thing, she loves dirty talk and compliments.”
“The girls will be coming from the adjacent room, the bathroom is there as well should you need to go, if you do, go now before they are there.”
“Thanks Burt” Josh said and quickly went to the room next door for a leak.

Cleaning himself up a bit, he undressed and folded his clothes so they would still be wearable and slipped naked in to the cold bed.
The first sign that the show was about to start were the giggling sounds from the room next door.
Pretending to be deep asleep, he heard the door open softly and the women enter.
“Go on, remove the blanket and let’s see this body you have been bragging about” he heard Danni say.
“Yeah show us his cock” another voice said, probably Melody, he wasn’t sure.
He felt his blanket slowly being pulled away until he lay naked on display for the five women around him.
Several gasps escaped them as most of them saw Josh naked for the first time.
His young and trained body, with his good looks and shaven cock elicited a few lewd remarks.
“Oh, I definitely would do him” he heard Megan say and he had to stifle his grin.
“What are you waiting for, suck his cock” Sondra said smacking her lips loudly.
“But he’s my son, I can’t violate him like that” a timid voice answered.
“No backing out now” Megan said firmly “I need to see your mouth around his cock.”
Josh felt a small body move onto the bed and warm hands were placed on his stomach, for balance and to cares him.
He moved a bit so she would have better access, making a mumbling sleeping noise.
Shorty after, he felt a warm mouth engulf his flaccid cock and a hand pulling his skin back.
A small soft tongue darted over his cockhead before he felt his cock disappear entirely into her mouth.
“That’s it girl, you suck him good” Danni said with just a hint of envy.
Her warm mouth and smooth tongue made his cock get hard in no time and she was forced to let go of his entire length, keeping a good two thirds inside.
Josh moaned a bit and stretches as if he was still asleep but having a good dream.
“Wanna bet he’s dreaming of you now?” Melody said in a raunchy tone.
Josh could feel her head shake no with is cock still in her mouth.
He waited a bit longer before moaning again and saying sleepily “you’re the best mom.”
The mouth on his cock was quiet for a second and then intensified its administrations on his cock, with more enthusiasm.
“See, I told you” Melody said “if I had a boy like yours, I’d be fucking him silly.”
The other three women voiced their agreement in various ways, all making clear to Josh that they would love to be in Sarah’s place right now.

Josh was deciding when to wake up when Sarah gave him a clue, her mouth left his cock and she said “hold him down girls while I finish this, I think he’s waking up.”
The other women climbed on the bed and moved his arms and legs gently into a spread eagle position and sat down on them.
He could feel the warm skin of all of them as well as the heat from their pussies.
The two holding down his legs had placed their wet slits on his leg bone, pressing down harder than needed and the two sitting on his arms had clasped his arms between their legs with his hands directly beneath their pussies.
Josh got even harder, his cock twitching a bit before Sarah had climbed back between his legs.
The four women urged Sarah on and soon she was assaulting his cock again, her mouth bobbing up and down while her hands held his balls.
“What, what is happening here” Josh said groggily and moved his head to see Sarah sucking him.
She was a petite gorgeous brunette, in perfect shape as far as he could tell and with enlarged breasts and full lips.
“Mom?” he managed to say surprised “Oh god, Mom please don’t stop.”
“Oh he’s awake now” Melody said “lets hold him firmer.”
“Hold me?” Josh looked around and saw the four other women naked around him.
“I am dreaming” he whispered and closed his eyes for a moment.
Melody and Sondra sat on his legs and were rubbing their slits over his leg, masturbating and holding him down at the same time.
He looked up into the faces of Danni and Megan and smiled briefly at them.
“Mom” Josh said again “is this for real?”
Sarah stopped for a moment and looked at his face with the tip of his cock still in her mouth and nodded yes.
“Oh god mom, I have been dreaming of this for ages, this is even better than I thought.”
She really knew how to suck a cock and Josh could feel his orgasm coming closer.
With both his index fingers he started to play with the slits of Danni and Mega and bucket his legs a bit for Sondra and Melody, lifting them up and increasing the pressure on their clits.
Danni spread her legs a bit more so he could reach more of her and go harder or deeper, with Megan following her example.
“Oh mom, suck me, suck your little boy, make me shoot you full with my cum” Josh yelled while he bucket under her expert cock sucking, his fingers deep inside both women and both his thumbs on their clits.
The smell of female fluids became heavy on the air as all four used Josh to get off.
“Mom” Josh yelled even louder when he was about to come “mom I am coming mom.”
A loud moan signaled the arrival of his orgasm and Sarah quickly let go of his cock, jacking him hard. His cum shot up on her breasts and stomach and she aimed his cock at Danni and Megan, blasting them with his cum as well.
She kept jacking him until nothing came out anymore and then took his cock in her mouth again for a warm sensitive licking.
“Wow mom” Josh gasped “that was amazing.”

During his orgasm he had forgotten about Danni and Megan but resumed his manual labor on their cunts now that he had come.
“Oh god, that was so sexy” moaned Melody when she came from riding his leg.
Josh actually could feel her fluids spray on his legs thinking that she was a squirter.
“You did good son” Sarah said “you have made mommy proud with your cum.”
Josh was transfixed on her face when she slowly scooped his cum from her breasts and stomach and brought it to her mouth, licking it of her fingers.
Even if Josh wasn’t able to go again straight away, the show Sarah gave would have made him hard again.
“You want to be an even better son?” she asked in very sultry way.
“Yes mom, anything, please tell me, I am the best son ever, I love you mom” Josh whispered back in a horny teenager way.
“Shit” Sondra exclaimed when she came, sliding down his half raised leg, leaving a trace of her juice on his leg.
“Sorry Sarah” she said “but that was so awesome.”
Sarah grinned at Sondra saying “thanks girlfriend” before looking at Megan and Danni, both red headed and near orgasm.
“How close are you girls?” she asked when she saw the movement of Josh’s arms.
“Very” Danni said in a wild voice and Megan just nodded, moaning softly.
“Fist them both son” Sarah said and showed Josh how to hold his hand.
Megan looked panicked but Danni grinned in anticipation.
Both women gasped when Josh did so, a new experience for him as well.
He could feel his hand slide past the bones until both his hands were swallowed by their cunts.
The warm wet feeling was intense and it made him even more aroused then before.
He moved his hand around and pushed up and pulled down like a huge cock.
Danni came first with a torrent of fluids streaming down on his arm.
“Oh fuck” was all she said before Josh felt her cunt convulse around his wrist.
Megan just yelled at the top of her lungs, her cunt clamping down on his wrist like a vice.
In both girls he could feel the orgasm pulse through their nether regions, it was so sexy he almost came with them.
They sat on his hands for a bit more before both fell backwards at the same time laughing and screaming their joy, Josh still inside both of them.

Sarah moved on all fours until her face was above Josh’s.
She really was small, he thought but damn, what a looker.
“You need to relax your hands now son or they’ll be stuck” she whispered to him, her lips floating above his so close he felt the warmth of her breath on him.
Josh smiled and did as told, Melody and Sondra helping Danni and Megan up again.
“I’ve never been fisted” Melody said in a pouting voice.
“Come with me” Danni said and moved to the side of the room.
Sarah and Josh softly kissed, her breasts hanging above him, teasing his chest with her hard nipples.
“Caress me” she whispered, her tongue playing with his lips.
Josh dried his hands as best as he could on the bed and started to explore Sarah’s body.
Her skin was soft and her body felt wonderful above him. Soft moans escaped her lips when he went over sensitive areas and she purred when he came to her breasts, massaging them and gently playing with her hard nipples.
“You are so beautiful mom” he said to her softly “I love you so much.”
Sarah smiled and buried her face in his neck, licking and nibbling while covering his face with her soft long hair.
She moved down a bit to get deeper in his neck and he felt her breasts flatten on his chest.
With a deliberate slow movement, she positioned her wet cunt directly above his cock and moved just enough down to engulf his cockhead.
Amazed at her skill and delighted with the warm feeling of her cunt around his cock, Josh moaned loudly followed by “Oh mom.”
Suddenly she bit him in his neck rather hard and he bucket up beneath her, his cock going all the way into her cunt in one go.
“Oh that’s it baby” she purred, biting on his ear “fuck your mommy, fuck her hard.”
He moved his arms to her lower back and pulled her down as far as he could, his cock inching a bit deeper.
Releasing the pressure he moved his cock out as far as he could before pulling her down hard again.
This time a gasp escaped her lips and she said “That’s is son, only faster.”
Josh did as requested and soon they were fucking each other so hard, their pelvic bones almost hurt from the impact.

Meanwhile Danni was fisting Melody, who was on her hands and knees and Sondra was giving Megan head. Their noises didn’t reach Josh or Sarah, they were fucking each other as hard as they could. There was nothing tender or gentle about it, they fucked each other in a frenzy of passion and lust.
Josh could feel the bed beneath him getting wet with all the juice she was producing and the lack of friction made him go faster and deeper.
After a slight adjustment with is hips, her legs slipped down his sides and he pounded her even deeper, bumping into her cervix each time.
She moved her head up to look at his face, her sweat dripping on his face, mingling with his own.
“Harder still if you can son” she whispered between moans.
“Yes mother” he panted back and licked some of the sweat from her face.
He grabbed her butt cheeks and rammed her ass down on him each time he trusted his cock in her. Using all his strength, he rammed her cervix with all his might, their pelvic bones crashing into each other. This will leave a bruise Josh thought in a single moment of clarity.
Sarah’s breath grew more ragged, her moans had stopped and now she seemed to be gasping for air, her intake hoarse and her exhales higher in pitch.
Her eyes were closed and her forehead rested as much as it could on his.
Josh started to get worried and even more excited when he felt her go limp on top of him.
She then gasped softly before her entire body went rigid and her cunt shrank in size, her muscles stopping his cock in its track with sheer pressure.
Her cry was so loud that Josh’s ears were ringing and her body convulsed on top of him, deep in the thrall of her orgasm.
After the initial shock she started gasping for air, yelling “oh fuck” in rapid succession.
Her cunt relaxed and tensed so fast with each of her orgasmic waves that Josh came as well.
When she felt his cum shoot in her she almost came again yelling “oh yeah give it to momma baby.”
Josh felt his cum shooting in her convulsing cunt, the beautiful woman on top of him looking at him with pure and unadulterated lust and he felt wonderful, at peace even.

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