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Early the next morning, the lovers woke up to the tune of Cam’s phone.
Quickly she shot out of bed and picked it up.
Josh couldn’t make out the conversation since he didn’t speak Spanish but it sounded heated.
He could tell however that Cam wasn’t happy with the conversation.
Waiting until she was finished, he stretched a bit, pleased that his back ache was gone.
Cam was shouting now in the phone, turning around angry, her eyes red with tears.
Josh quickly got up and held her from behind in a comforting way as best as he could.
The conversation didn’t last very long after that and when she hung up she turned and buried her face in his chest, crying.
“What’s wrong?” Josh asked as gentle as he could.
“My mother” Cam cried “she threw me out because I forgot to call her last night.”
“She threw you out because you forgot to call her?” Josh asked surprised.
“Yes, because of that and the fact that I spend the night with you, not you specifically but anyone else who she didn’t pick out or approve of.”
“She called me a whore” Cam finished and her body shook wither crying.
“Think she won’t approve of me?” Josh asked quietly.
“Not unless you either marry me or are Hispanic, she won’t” Cam sighed between her sobs.
“I don’t think I can marry you just yet, you need to be eighteen right?”
Cam’s crying stopped abruptly “you would marry me?”
“In a heartbeat” Josh answered pulling her face up and kissed away her tears.
“You hardly know me” Cam said looking into his kind eyes.
“True, but whatever else I may be feeling, the connection I felt last night and even now is real and powerful, more than enough to have faith in you, that you and I are meant for each other.”
“I feel the same” she said quietly and a bit shocked at her own words.
“So what do we do now?” Josh asked.
“I call Ramon to pick up my stuff at my mom’s and find a place to crash” Cam answered.
“Why not stay with me?” Josh offered, pulling her back to the bed to sit down.
“You mean that?”
“Yes I do, either here in my room or in one of the three guest quarters” he smiled.
“A guest room would be great” she said and quickly followed with “not that I don’t want to stay with you but you are expecting a guest today and that way it feels more like dating, at least for a while.”
“I’ll arrange for it today” Josh said smiling and grunted when she power hugged him.
“I am so glad we found each other” Cam said.
“Me too Cammy, me too”

After an almost quick shower, Cam and Josh dressed and went downstairs to grab some breakfast, Cam calling Ramon while they walked.
Her brother first got angry with their mother but calmed down after a bit and agreed to do as Cam asked, asking where he should bring her stuff.
With a huge smile, Cam gave Ramon the address and she could hear him think on the other side of the line.
He soon figured out that it must be Josh’s place and asked why she was there.
Telling her brother the short version but including Josh’s first response to her troubles he laughed and told her he would be there soon.
Josh was prepping eggs over easy when she was done and smiled at her when she sat down.
“All arranged?” he asked.
“Yes, for now anyway” she said, her eyes still red but smiling again.
“Good, dig in” Josh smiled and sat down opposite of her.
Cam was surprised at the different flavors she tasted, even the bread tasted differently.
Seeing her enjoyment and surprise at the taste of her food, Josh explained that he had made the bread and that the eggs were spiced as he did back home.
Nodding her understanding, Cam attacked her food with appreciative vigor.
“That smells good” Angela said from the doorway, smelling the food.
“Want some? I have made more than enough” Josh offered and got up to set another plate.
“Yes please” Angela said and sat down next to Cam, introducing herself “Hi, I am Angela.”
Cam swallowed her food and looked at the gorgeous blond women next to her, her robe showing her fine figure in detail, her crutch ruining a bit of the effect.

“Hi I’m Camilla” Cam said after cleaning her mouth on a napkin.
“Angela here is my dad’s girlfriend and a good friend of mine too” Josh said with a naughty grin.
“I am” Angela replied and winked back at Josh.
“Cam is my really fresh girlfriend and she’ll be staying in the guest quarters near the pool” Josh said “hope you don’t mind Angela.”
“Are you kidding, with Jonas still working I could use a friend here, if you don’t mind sharing that is” Angela answered and winked at Cam.
Cam felt intensely happy when Josh said she was his girlfriend and curious when Angel reacted how she did.
“I could use a shop buddy among other things” Angela continued looking at Cam.
“When I am not working, I’ll be happy to show you around town, today even if you like” Cam said, taking a liking to the blond bomb shell.
“Not before I get rid of this cast I’m afraid, until then I’m stuck at the house, I can’t walk very far with this” she answered pointing at her cast.
“It also means my unpacking and decorating will have to wait, leave it to Jonas to hire all staff except a handyman.”
“A handyman? As in a carpenter or electrician?” Cam asked.
“Mostly to assemble the furniture, but I suppose a bit of that too.”
“My brother is an certified electrician and handy around the house, he’s coming by later today to drop off some of my belongings, I could ask him” Cam offered.
“He is also an excellent bartender” Josh joked getting a smile from Cam and a questioning look from Angela.
“I helped out last night behind the bar” Josh explained “he’s a good looking nice guy, trust me.”
“Good looking eh?” Angela smirked and poked Cam asking “Is he single?”
“Yeah, at the moment anyway” Cam answered with a flirty grin.
“He’s hired then” Angela said starting her breakfast “if he’s willing that is.”
“My brother always needs money so I’m sure he’ll accept” Cam said almost choking on her food when Angela’s robe became undone.

Unable to look away, Cam’s eyes flowed over Angela’s body, her face a bit flushed.
Angela didn’t notice at first until she saw Josh looking curiously at Cam.
Seeing the girl so fascinated with her partly naked body made Angela feel all tingly over and she let her robe slip of when she took a big bite, making it look like an accident.
Cam sat frozen at the bar, her eyes fixed on Angela’s naked body.
“Cold?” Josh grinned looking at her hard nipples and shocking Cam back to reality.
“No” Angela said and turned to Cam “could you?”
“Yeah” Cam stammered and got down to pick up the robe.
She stepped behind Angela to help her with her robe and when Cam was near her breasts Angela said “Feel ‘m if you like.”
Cam looked startled at Josh who smiled and nodded.
Very tenderly Cam caressed Angela’s breasts, feeling the soft firm skin, following the perfect pear shape until she reached the nipples, stroking them softly.
Angela was surprised at the tenderness of Cam’s touch and gasped in delight when she reached her nipples.
“Don’t stop” Angela whispered to Cam.
Cam moved in a bit closer and smelled Angela in her neck, her hands moving down Angela’s sides and up again on her stomach.
Both Cam and Josh could smell her arousal over the food and looked at each other, both a bit uncertain what to do next.
“You have the gentlest touch dear” Angela breathed “your caress is so erotic, I feel warm all over.”
Angela turned and pulled Cam in an embrace against the her naked front, uncovered by the robe and kissed her.
A surprised Cam stood there for a few moments before responding to the kiss, her hands moving towards Angela’s hips.

Josh watched the two women kiss for a minute or so before coughing loudly.
“Oh poor Josh” Angela crooned, breaking the kiss but not the embrace “feeling all left out.”
“That’s not it” Josh grinned “your food is getting cold.”
“Wow” Cam said softly “that was nice in a weird way.”
“Weird? How so?” Angela asked the small Latino girl in her arms.
“I never kissed a women before, never had sex with one either although Vanessa did try to get me to experiment with her but until now” Cam spoke softly looking at Josh before letting her sentence hang.
“We agreed to share Cam, if you want to try something new, I won’t be upset” Josh said “my feelings for you won’t change, promise.”
“You’ll want her even more” Angela said in low voice before kissing Cam again.
This time Cam responded with passion, her hands all over Angela’s naked body.
Josh knew right there that Cam would fit in perfectly with the life he was starting to live and loved her even more for it.
Clearing the plates and breakfast remains around the two kissing women, Josh had to adjust his boxers twice because of his rising manhood, the sheer sexiness of the situation arousing him.
He was about to leave when Angela grabbed his sleeve, holding him there while she gently broke the kiss.
“Josh, could you please bring the box marked Angel private two to my bedroom?” Angela asked.
“No problem Angela” Josh said and winked at Cam who smiled like a kid in the candy store back at him.
He jogged to the room they had dubbed storage and quickly found the box Angela requested.
Curious, he opened the box and found all of Angela’s bedroom clothing and toys.
With a big grin, he ran with the box upstairs and dropped it of in the master bedroom.
His mind filled with all the fun the women would have he went back to his room to start unpacking a bit more before Danni would arrive.

The occasional cry made Josh smile while he unpacked, he started with his clothing as they were easiest to tidy up.
Making good progress, his room still looked half unpacked but at least it wasn’t a mess anymore.
Looking at the time, he wondered how long Cam and Angela would be at it.
The doorbell interrupted his reverie he walked down to open the door, expecting Danni.
Ramon stood there, a big box in his arms.
“Hey Ramon” Josh said smiling and was greeted with a similar grin by Ramon.
“Sorry about the mess I made for Camilla” he said, letting Ramon in.
“Nah, don’t sweat it Josh” Ramon kindly said “ever since our father died, our mother has become holier than the pope, it was bound to happen, best it happened when she met you and not some neighborhood loser.”
“Okay” Josh said relieved “follow me then.”
They walked to the guest quarters and Josh opened the door of the biggest for Ramon.
“This is the room she’ll be staying in?” Ramon asked surprised.
“Yeah, the furniture still needs to be put together except the beds, they came pre assembled.”
“It’s bigger than my apartment” Ramon grinned and slapped Josh on the back.
The slap stung Josh’s still tender back but not as much as he had feared.
“Say” Josh said “Cam told me that you do odd jobs from time to time, does that include moving and assembling furniture?”
“Sure, as long’s the pay’s good” Ramon answered looking around.
“Twenty buck’s an hour good?” Josh asked.
“That’s generous even Josh” Ramon said turning to look at him “you need some work done?”
“Yeah, I have at least a week’s worth of work and a garage to remodel, are you available?”
“Should I bring my own tools?” Ramon asked grinning.
“Yeah, ours are still packed, somewhere.”
“Want me to start on this room?”
“Now?” Josh asked surprised.
“Sure why not, I have most of my tools in the truck anyway.”
“Okay” Josh said and they walked back to the truck, Ramon grabbing his gear and Josh showing him where all the to be assembled furniture was stored.
Josh noticed two extra cars parked on the driveway and wondered to whom they belonged.
“Ramon” Josh asked “do you want to be paid all in one go or each day?”
“In one go is better, I am saving for a new amp for my baby so.”
They discussed the arrangement, set the times and Josh would give him the cash to get materials should they be needed.
Soon Ramon was hard at work in Cam’s new room.

Grabbing a soda from the fridge, Josh suddenly became aware of the fact that he was being watched.
“Hello” a young girl’s voice said from the other side of the kitchen.
“Hello” Josh answered turning around and saw a cute red headed girl in a two piece bikini.
Her figure was just starting to show and her breasts were small but nicely shaped.
“You must be Josh” the girl said “I am Lindsey, Megan is my mom.”
She walked straight to him, her hand extended.
Josh saw the family resemblance and shook her hand “pleased to meet you Lindsey.”
“I came in for a drink, can I have a coke?”
“Sure you can” Josh said and handed her a can.
“Is your mom here too?” he asked casually.
“Yes, she came with your dad, she likes him a lot and said that you were really nice.”
“Did she now?” Josh smiled at her and followed her to the pool area.

His dad, Megan and Danni sat at the bar, all in swim gear, talking animated.
“Hello all” Josh said walking up to them with a big smile.
Megan and Danni stood up at the same time, grinned at each other and Megan let Danni greet him first.
“Hello darling” Danni said and hugged him closely before kissing him.
“Hey dear” Josh said enjoying her almost bare body against him.
She was dressed in a skimpy silver bathing suit that really showed of all of her finer attributes.
It was in nice contrast to her dark skin and Josh really liked how it looked on her.
Megan hugged him next, kissing him just like Danni had.
“Hi lover” she whispered in his ear before sitting down again.
Like Danni, Megan wore a similar suit only red and like Danni, it did wonders for her figure.
Jonas grinned at Josh and handed him a beer saying “hey son.”
“Megan is going to be staying with us for a while if you don’t mind” Jonas smiled.
“Not at all but the main room I already gave to a friend of mine, well actually ..” Josh started before turning a bit red “she’s kinda my girlfriend now.”
All three looked at Josh as if he was joking but when they saw his shy grin, they laughed and congratulated him, wanting to meet her as soon as possible.
Josh sat down and said “It changes nothing for what we had planned Danni, she is aware of my eh activities and has no problems with it.”
“Oh I really need to see this girl” Danni joked “someone that stole your heart that fast must be wonderful.”
The conversation quickly turned to an exchange of experiences and the mood quickly turned sexually charged with all the stories.

When Josh finally told them about the morning with Angela and his Cam, their amazement turned to lust in an instant.
“I need to cool off for a bit” Megan said, her face showing her excitement.
She quickly ran to the water and dove in near her daughter.
“I suppose I had better find Angela” Jonas said “but I’ll knock first.”
Josh and Danni grinned at him while he slowly made his way back in the house.
“So” Josh said “no stories to tell Danni love?”
“Not as fun as yours no” she grinned wickedly “but I have been discussing our new venture with Sarah in more detail and we both agree that your ideas were worth looking in to.”
“Good” he said and leaned over the bar to kiss her.
Her warm lips welcomed his and their tongues quickly found their way.
“I am happy for you Josh” Danni said after a few minutes of kissing “and very happy for myself that you found such an understanding woman.”
“As am I” Josh replied leaning back.
“Sorry about the change of plans” Danni continued “but an emergency at work made me unable to leave my phone, I am sorry.”
“Don’t worry, we can do my dream date with you another time, I am just happy you are here.”
“Thanks, you are truly becoming one of my most understanding friends Josh” Danni smiled grateful at him “but don’t think that I won’t screw you senseless tonight.”
Josh laughed and hugged her before lifting her up and dumping her in the pool.
“Oh you bastard” Danni shouted from the water, Megan and Lindsey laughing loudly.

Josh quickly stripped down to his boxers and dove in near her.
When he came up, Danni splashed him and Lindsey joined the fun.
“Loose something Josh?” Megan asked in a wicked voice.
Feeling his cock float freely underwater Josh grinned and turned his back to Lindsey.
“You mind?” Josh said holding his hand out towards Megan.
“Oh now you are a prude” Megan taunted him smiling.
Danni watched the byplay and saw Lindsey swimming deep towards Josh.
She was about to say something when the grin on Megan’s face told her to stay silent a bit longer.
Lindsey dove up between his legs and blew out all her air just below his cock before grabbing it and puling herself up.
Josh was startled by the bubbles and surprised when he was pulled down by his cock.
In a flash he saw Lindsey pass him, her body slipping past his as he went under.
“What the” Josh started to say when he got up again only to be greeted by three women splashing water at him.
“She’s not as innocent as she looks Josh” Megan laughed at him as he desperately tried to escape the onslaught.
“I yield, I yield” Josh shouted after a few minutes “you ladies have won.”
A shout of triumph from Lindsey made them all laugh and Josh grinned at her, his face telling her he would get back at her.

Moving to the shallow end of the pool, Josh floated a bit relaxing in the afternoon sun.
Danni came next to him a little later and held his hand.
“This is wonderful” she said softly, her voice sounded relaxed and at peace.
“You don’t have a pool?” he asked.
“Indoors, but this is so much better.”
“You know you are always welcome to enjoy the pool” Josh smiled “among other things.”
She smiled at him and tightened her grip on his hand for a moment.
“This is what I enjoy” she said sitting up “your company.”
They enjoyed the moment for a while until Megan’s cheerful laughter came from the deep end.
She was still playing with her daughter and held her bikini top just out of reach of her.
Josh and Danni smiled at the scene and waved at Jonas and Angela coming from the house.
Angela was wearing a next to nothing bikini two piece and a plastic wrap around her cast.
Both seemed to be in an excellent mood and Josh was relieved that they understood each other.
They sat down next to Josh and Danni, looking at Megan and Lindsey.
Danni introduced herself to Angela and was rewarded with a hug and a kiss.
“You’re in a good mood” Josh smiled wickedly.
“You have no idea Josh” Angela smiled like a wolf after a good meal.
“That good huh?”
“Better than you think and Ramon said to tell you hi and thanks” she smirked.
“Skank” Josh joked at her and Angela retorted with “Pimp.”
They all laughed and Megan came up to them with Lindsey, both smiling as well.
Introductions were made and with Angela’s easy going nature the ice was quickly broken between her and Megan.

When talk moved to dinner, Josh excused himself and walked back to the house.
Almost out of earshot, he still heard Lindsey say that she liked his penis, it had no beard.
Grinning he went to his room and found Cam taking a shower.
“Hey gorgeous” he said stepping into the shower.
“Hey hot stuff” Cam answered and wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him.
Their embrace became tighter and Josh cupped her ass cheeks, massaging them.
“Lift me up” Cam whispered and Josh pulled her a bit up.
“A little higher.”
He could feel her pubic hairs teasing his cock and knew what she wanted.
With a little maneuvering of his hips, he managed to get his cockhead in between her lips and slowly let her sink on his cock.
Cam’s cunt was extremely wet and warm, her juices running down his balls and legs almost at once.
“You missed me?” he asked softly.
“This hard part most definitely” she grinned and wrapped her legs around his hips.
“So you are not turning gay on me?”Josh asked innocently and started to fuck the lithe Latino woman in his arms.
“Oh, I am deffo bi” she said, her breath coming faster “and I’ll be seeing more of Angela, maybe even with you there but this, this is what I love most, your cock in my cunt.”
“It is where I belong” Josh said and increased the speed.
They both were panting quickly and with the sound of the water and their love making they didn’t notice Lindsey walking into the bathroom, holding Josh’s boxers.
“Oh yeah, come on stud, make me scream” Cam encouraged Josh and was about to say more when she saw Lindsey.
Lindsey quickly made she silent sign and confused Cam did so.
When the little girl started to play with herself looking at them, Cam lost it.

The sight of Lindsey playing with herself while watching her fuck Josh was too much and she came screaming.
Josh kept his speed up while Cam shook in his arms, moving her back against the wall to stabilize her and to allow him to continue.
“Oh god, keep it there, harder harder” Cam screamed looking at Lindsey.
Lindsey was so aroused that she kept on fingering her young pussy even after her orgasm, her view of the two lovers so clear and close, it kept her horny and active.
Josh was really pounding into Cam, his face showing his tension and when he came, the joy.
“Oh god” he yelled as he blasted his cum into Cam who was almost suspended on his cock, his strength in his arms weakened by his powerful orgasm.
He rested his hands against the wall, Cam stuck between him and the wall, her feet of the ground still suspended on his cock.
She pulled his head up by his hair and kissed him passionately while moving her hand to tell Lindsey to leave the room.
As quietly as she could, Lindsey left the room still very much aroused by what she had seen.
Gently Josh let Cam down by pulling her of his cock and stepping back.
“That was amazing” Josh smiled lovingly at her.
“Yes it was” Cam said, smiling likewise at him.
“Feel up to get some food and cook it with me?” Josh asked while caressing her breasts.
“Sure” she said, teasing him back by jacking his still hard cock.
“Oh” he moaned when she increased her grip and speed.
“You like that, you like it hard and rough?” Cam said getting in a better position.
“When you’re doing it, I do” Josh said standing on his toes as she jacked his cock higher.
“Come for your girlfriend then, give her the cum she deserves” Cam urged Josh on.
Her hand moved like lightning on his cock and despite his climax just a minute ago, she felt him coming again.
“Oh shit, here it comes” Josh cried out and Cam aimed his cock at her face.
Again he shot a massive amount of cum her way and she caught some with her mouth, letting the rest land on her face and chest.
She kept jacking him until no more cum came and when he was spend, she lovingly licked and sucked him clean.
“Why?” Josh asked out of breath.
She smiled at him and got up, giving him a loving hug.
“So your mind will be on dinner, not one me” Cam said “and for letting me be the first to experience someone else in our relationship.”
“I love you” he whispered.
“Love you too” she smiled, hugging him a bit tighter.

Cleaned and getting dressed again, Josh was done quickly with jeans, shirt and boots.
He sat down and watched Cam dress herself.
She had borrowed some clothing from Angela, a black stretch dress with open shoulders and short sleeves, a pair of stay up hoses and a V shaped hip slip.
Her black sneakers looked out of place but not so much it bothered him.
Tying her hair back, she made a pony tail and applied some lipstick.
Josh looked at her transform herself and felt lucky to have her.
She saw his look and struck a pose, smiling wickedly.
“I know” she said walking towards him “I make everything look good on me.”
“That you do” he said and kissed her on the cheek.
Grabbing his phone and wallet they headed out only to meet Angela in the hallway.
“You guys ready?” she asked and both nodded.
“Oh, you look great Cam” Angela said looking her over.
“She’s a gem Josh, better take good care of her”
“I will” he replied to Angela and was surprised when she gave Cam the keys and papers to her car.
“Take mine and be careful okay”
Both agreed and grinned, racing down the stairs.

Cam was in heaven when she sat down behind the wheel, dropping the top and driving them to a local mega store.
Once inside, Josh was staring at the size of the store, nothing like this existed back home.
Smiling Cam took his arm and pushed their cart into the sea of isles.
“So what are we going to cook tonight?” Cam asked Josh.
“Well, there’s Megan and Lindsey, her daughter, Danni and Angela, dad and us, so for seven.”
“I’m thinking simple dishes then so how about a soup first, steak and a salad followed by desert?” Josh suggested.
“Fine by me, I like meat” Cam said and led him to all the places he needed to go.
Half an hour later they stood outside with all their groceries packed.
Next to the megastore stood a small mall and after dumping the groceries in the car, Josh took Cam there for some extra shopping.
When they passed a tattoo shop, Josh stood a while in front of it, looking at all the designs.
“Thinking about getting one?” Cam asked looking as well.
“Yeah maybe” Josh said “I just don’t like needles much.”
“Same here or else I’d have a few already, that and the price, if you really want one, I know where we need to go.”
“Good” Josh said, gave her a kiss and they moved on only to stop a few stores later at a jewelers store.
“What would be a ring that you’d like, in general” Josh asked Cam.
“What kind?” Cam asked, eyeing a cobra shaped ring.
“Engagement” Josh said, his face close to the glass.
Cam looked at him in wonder asking “why do you want to know?”
“So I’ll know what to look for in a few months”
If the mall wasn’t so busy, she would have done him right there.
She felt her eyes get moist with emotion and with a level voice said “something simple and honest, a small stone, preferably white like that one” and she pointed to a simple ring with a small diamond in its setting.
Josh nodded and mumbled “Aha”, the price tag telling him it wasn’t a real diamond.

After a few more glances, they left and Josh entered a shoe store, walking straight to the women’s department.
“We need to get you a decent pair for this outfit” he grinned looking at her sneakers.
“These are nice” she said pointing at a pair of shiny black pumps with thick high heels.
“Try them “ josh said and called a salesperson over.
A few moments later Cam was trying on different pairs and Josh excused himself to check at the men’s side.
He quickly ran out when he was out of sight back to the jewelers store and bought the ring she had shown him, guessing her size.
Cam was still fitting when he came back and had set apart two pairs, one regular style pump, the other more of a small boot, ankle height.
“What do you think?” she asked, showing them both.
“I like them both, let’s get them.”
Cam smiled and was about to protest when Josh pressed his finger on her lips saying “You’ll need quite a few pairs when you accompany me to business dinners and such.”
Thinking it over and feeling all a flutter inside Cam nodded and put her sneakers back on.
They made their way back to the car and once they sat Josh turned to her.
“Cam, this last day with you has been one of the best days in my life and I know we hardly know each other besides the ,eh, physical side but in my heart I know you are the one for me.”
Cam’s face was a picture of happiness and she leaned over to kiss him saying “I feel the same Josh.”
Before she could however Josh said “Like you staked your claim on me, I would like to do the same” and produced a small jewelers box.
“Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?” Josh asked softly “as soon as I am legal to marry you that is.”

Frozen in mid movement, Cam stared first at the box and then at Josh.
He actually meant every word he had said and now he proposed, with ring she thought.
She knew he felt deeply for her, just as she did for him but this still surprised her.
Not knowing what to say, she opened the small box and saw the ring she had chosen with a small card. It read “temporary claim staking ring”.
Feeling tears come up, she looked at the kind face of young Josh and said “Yes, I would love to be your wife.”
Crying she put the ring on, the size a perfect fit for her ring finger and kissed him.
After a few minutes of holding and silly smiling at each other, she felt composed enough to drive back home.
Glances were shared but neither said anything until they reached his home.
“Josh” Cam started “I love you and I will marry you but don’t buy another ring for me okay, this is the one I will treasure, I don’t care if it isn’t a diamond or even if it isn’t gold, it is special.”
Josh smiled, opened the small box and tore the temporary piece of the card.
“Done” he smiled at her and leaned over for a kiss.
She smiled and kissed him back, her hands reaching for his cock.
“Oh no you don’t” Josh smiled and quickly got out of the car.
“But I want to” Cam said with the cutest pout on her lips.
“Tomorrow afternoon, evening and night I am all yours, now we need to cook.”
“God, I am steaming already” she playfully said to him, showing her breasts over her dress.
Josh swallowed and almost took her up on her offer when the front door opened and she quickly hid her breasts again.

Vanessa opened the door in her maid’s uniform and cried out in surprise when she saw Cam get out of the car with Josh.
Hugging each other they started to speak Spanish so rapidly that even if Josh had spoken the language he would not have been able to follow them.
Grabbing the groceries he walked past the girls and said to Cam “don’t forget your shoes and to return the keys to Angela.”
He stopped and placed a quick kiss on Vanessa’s cheek saying “thank you for introducing us.”
Vanessa looked surprised and when Cam flashed her ring the screaming started again.
Josh smiled and walked to the kitchen, starting on dinner.
He had bought everything fresh so he could make all the courses from the ground up.
Starting with the fresh vegetables, he cleaned them and was almost done when Vanessa joined him in the kitchen.
“Josh” she said when he didn’t notice her “will you be true to her and make her happy?”
Surprised Josh turned around and saw the serious face of Vanessa looking at him.
“You have my word on both of your requests Vee” Josh said his hands still washing the salad.
“I plan to marry Cam and love her as she deserves.”
“Why do you ask anyway?” Josh continued, moving on to rubbing the meat.
“She is dear to me and has been hurt before” Vanessa said walking towards him.
“I know its quick and sudden but we have a connection I cannot explain, I just know she’s the one for me” Josh smiled shyly at her.
Vanessa smiled at his sincere smile and hugged him like a brother.
Placing a kiss on his lips she said “I believe you and wish you all the happiness in the world.”
“Thanks” Josh said “and excuse me for not hugging back, I would like to but my hands are covered in spices.”
She grinned at him and held him tighter, even a bit too sexual.
“You know that she’ll be shared right?” Vanessa whispered.
“With you among others I am sure, we discussed that already and agreed as long as it was in the open and not hidden from each other”
“Yeah she just told me that I would be in for a surprise next Wednesday.”
“Why don’t you sleep over tonight, the interview with my dad is tomorrow morning right?”
“It is” Vanessa slowly said looking at him.
“I am quite sure that there is room in Cam’s new bedroom” Josh smiled wickedly.
“Go and ask her” Josh suggested to the surprised Vanessa.
She looked at his grin and smiled back like a predator on the scent of prey.
“I shall” she said and left, looking for Cam.

Almost done with the preparations, Josh was about to start boiling the water when his dad came in for a beer and some wine for the ladies.
“Looks good son” Jonas said proudly.
“I need to thank you for your wise and interesting actions last night and today.”
“Oh, how so?” Josh asked unsure of what his father meant.
“The way you handled Angela, responded to the way Megan and I acted and in general, the amount of new contacts you managed to acquire.”
“I saw the connection between you and Megan dad, no worries there and I figured you would do your own talking with Angela so I just played for time until you could.”
“But it was an interesting night, made a lot of friends there” Josh said grinning.
“That you did son.”
“Oh and dad, this may seem odd but yesterday I met the girl of my dreams, she is gorgeous, smart, talented and willing to share and I have fallen for her like a brick.”
“I asked her to marry me and she said yes” Josh finished, looking at the reaction of his dad.
Jonas just laughed and said “It was the same with your mother Josh, I just knew she was meant for me, always trust your instincts and eh congratulations.”

Vanessa and Cam stopped their kissing when they heard the conversation in the kitchen.
Making no sound they heard Josh tell his dad about Cam and his reply.
Cam was so happy she almost squealed with joy if Vanessa hadn’t forced her tongue back in her mouth.
“You are so lucky” Vanessa whispered between kisses and Cam just nodded emotional.
Hiding in the supply closet, the girls kissed and played with each other until they had to postpone until later that night..
When his dad left, Josh looked up and said “thanks” to no one in particular.
Feeling happy and looking forward to his evening with Danni, he wasn’t surprised when she came in the kitchen, holding a wine glass.
She had changed into a simple cocktail dress with high heeled boots, looking hot and elegant at the same time.
“You collect interesting people don’t you?” Danni said smiling at him.
“I don’t collect them, I just meet then and connect and sometimes you find a good friend.”
Josh walked over, cleaning his hands with a towel and kissed her.
She sat down the wine glass and responded to his kiss, embracing him tightly.
Her lips were so soft and thick and she was such a kisser that Josh couldn’t hold his cock down.
“I came in for a little snack” Danni smirked “but it seems that it’s not so little anymore.”
“You have that effect on me my dear” Josh said with a grin.
“Thank you” she said and blew him a kiss, walking away with her hips swinging.
Josh considered relieving himself quickly in the bathroom, his nuts thick and ready for action.
He was still thinking it over when Lindsey came running in and diving under the table.
“Please don’t tell mom I’m here” she whispered.
She was hardly done when Megan came running in shouting “Gotcha.”
“You got me alright Meg dearest” Josh smiled and pressed his cock against the counter.
“Hey lover” she said and leaned over the counter to kiss him.
Her gentle tongue played with is for a moment before she pushed up her breasts and said “next time we make love, I’ll let you fuck me between my tits, I found out Saturday that it is a huge turn on for me, huge.”
Josh groaned and pulled her head closer kissing her deeply again.
“Soon then” he said after the kiss “real soon.”
“You don’t mind me hooking up with your dad do you? He really is a great guy.”
“Nope as long as I get to taste you as well, it’s fine with me” Josh said smiling.
“Good, maybe you two can do me together sometime, I just might like that” she grinned.
“Now, where did my little brat run of to, hide and seek in a house this big is no fun for an old girl like me.”
“You’re not old and I’m sure you’ll find her soon enough” Josh said kindly.
“Ah sweet talker you, oh and Lindsey, she’s a chip of the old block if you know what I mean, great girl and apparently a great hider” Megan said and continued her search.

Josh smiled and continued making his vegetable soup, tasting and adding spices when needed.
He had forgotten that Lindsey was hiding beneath the table so he almost dropped the meat when a hand suddenly felt up his cock.
“Sorry” a small voice whispered from beneath the table.
“It’s okay love” Josh said, recovering from his scare.
“Can I ask you a secret question?” she said, moving her head up from beneath the table.
“Sure” Josh answered sitting down in front of her.
“Why is your cock so big, there is no one here but me so is it big for me?” she asked innocently.
Josh blushed at the question and had a hard time coming up with an answer.
When he didn’t reply straight away Lindsey said “Is it because my mom was here? I know she likes being fucked by you, she told me that you were an excellent lover for your age.”
“But you didn’t fuck her and it’s still big” she finished waiting for his answer.
“It is Lindsey, it is still big because I didn’t come yet so it will take some time getting back to normal again” Josh explained.
“Won’t you get blue balls then?”
“Maybe, sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t” Josh answered with a smile.
“I could help you” Lindsey offered smiling naughtily.
“How?” Josh grinned back at the naughty imp.
“You could go in the bathroom and masturbate while I talk dirty to you” she suggested.
Thinking it over, Josh realized it was a kinda hot idea so he agreed and went to the bathroom.
Lindsey quickly joined him, looking out for her mom and locked the door behind them.
“This is so sexy” she whispered when Josh took out his cock and slowly started to jack himself.
Moving closer to see better she whispered “Oh, I would love to have that cock in me, ramming down my wet pussy or deep in my young and underage mouth.”
Licking her lips she looked at Josh’s face before staring at his cock again.
“It’s such a nice cock, made for girls like me” she said sitting down on the edge of the bathtub.
Josh watched her as she started to rub her small tits and pussy beneath her clothes.
“I would love to let you shoot me full of your sperm, in my mouth or on my face.”
“Yeah or between my tits so I can play with it, spread it all over” she moaned softly.
This girl knows her dirty talk Josh thought and felt his balls getting closer to release.

“Josh, can I do it for a moment?” Lindsey asked with her eyes set on cute.
“Sure” he groaned and moved closer to her, letting her small hands jack him.
“Oh this is so nice, so soft and it smells really delicious”
Before he could stop her she had his cock in her mouth and sucked hard on it, her tongue teasing him like a pro.
“Lindsey please, I didn’t agree to this” Josh said about to pull her off.
“I know but I’ll bet you liked it anyway didn’t you” she smirked “mom always says it’s better to say sorry afterwards than to let a chance slip.”
Josh sighed and didn’t stop her from continuing, her mouth doing excellent work.
She stopped again and said “If you want you can fuck me, I am not a virgin anymore.”
“Or if you want to fuck me good at a later time, you can come in my mouth now.”
Josh looked in amazement at the young nubile girl and said “okay, suck me now and we’ll see.”
Lindsey smiled and with even more enthusiasm she started to suck him off.
With two hands around his shaft, she jacked him in her mouth, her tongue pressing heavily on his cockhead. All the while she kept her eyes on his face, watching him as he watched her.
Josh refrained himself of thrusting in her mouth, frustration starting to build as he almost came twice but her inexperience lost the moment.
Lindsey stopped for a moment and said “Sorry, I just like teasing men, are you ready to blow your load?”
Josh nodded and Lindsey smiled, pressed with her thumbs just under his cockhead and did something wonderful with her tongue and mouth, making Josh come in an instant.
Moan was all Josh could do as he watched the little girl suck all his cum out of his cock.
She kept pressing and sucking until he was done, a little saliva and cum dripping down her chin.
“You shoot a lot Josh” she said pleased “and you taste great, I could do this all night.”
Cleaning up in the sink, Josh smiled at Lindsey “that was a great blow job, after dinner if I have a moment, I’ll repay the favor, just follow me to the bathroom, sneaky of course.”
“You betcha Josh” she smiled and pushed him out of the bathroom, needing some time for herself.
Unbelievable Josh thought to himself, that girl teased him twice out of an orgasm and made him cum when she wanted, such skill at that age.

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