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Bunny thought it would be fun to be a sponsor for the senior ski trip, especially since Jack, a handsome teacher she'd always wanted to get to know better was going to be her co-sponsor. The trip was everything she could have dreamed of - and that included a couple of nightmares.
Chapter One

Bunny Johnson was looking forward to the ski trip she had agreed to co-sponsor for the High School Seniors in the travel club at Smoky Hill High School in Tanner Oklahoma. She'd never been skiing herself, but it didn't look too hard and she loved snow and cold weather. Her position as History teacher and Drama coach for the school kept her very busy, and this was one of the only ways she was able to get away and have some fun. Besides that, she figured that chaperoning kids who would be graduating in just a few months, and who could be expected to be more responsible than younger kids, might not be that much work either.

The fact that her co-sponsor was Jack Kelly didn't hurt either. He was a hunk and she'd been wanting to meet him under circumstances that might let them get better acquainted. Now she was on her way to meet him, to work out the final plans for the trip. There were eight kids going, three boys and five girls, with only one boyfriend/girlfriend pair to have to keep a closer eye on. A parent had donated a huge motor home for the trip, but it was only going to be used for transportation. There were plenty of places in the monster vehicle for everyone to be comfortable on the drive out to, and back from Colorado.

Bunny arrived at Jack's house right on time and parked in the driveway. A huge dog ran from around the house and started dancing and barking loudly right beside her car door. The dog didn't look vicious, but it was big and it was barking. She didn't know what to do, so she just sat there. In just a few seconds Jack came to the front door and yelled "Twinkletoes, knock it off!" The dog immediately went quiet and sat down, wagging his tail.

She got out carefully. "Twinkletoes?" she said and Jack laughed as the dog bounded up and ran around and around barking madly. He obviously knew his name and loved the fact that this stranger knew it too.

Jack smiled and called the dog, this time saying "Twink ... here!" in a commanding voice. The dog went to the porch and sat quietly beside him. Bunny went up, they greeted and then he ushered her into the house. She made immediate friends with Jack's dog.

They got down to business right away, talking about rules for the trip, ways to ensure that the boys and girls didn't get TOO close to each other. They had two suites in the hotel, so all the females could stay in one, and all the males in the other. They didn't think there'd be too much trouble.

Bunny found herself looking at Jack's lips, again and again. They looked full and soft. Jack, for his part, tried not to stare at Bunny's chest. Her breasts were truly magnificent, though she wasn't all that aware of the fact. She'd had them for years, and pretty much took them for granted. She was a 36CC on a bad day, and she was having trouble getting her knockers into that size bra. It wasn't because she was fat. She worked out regularly and there wasn't an ounce of fat on her, but all the pushups and weights developed her pecks really well. That made her breasts stick out and up proudly, over a flat stomach and swelling hips. The fact that she was short just made her breasts seem larger.

In high school she was plump and pimply, and hadn't dated much. That insecurity had carried over into college. She spent a lot of time doing parts in plays and musicals, and didn't date anybody seriously. She also spent a lot of time in the gym, working out, transformed her body into what was politely referred to as a "masonry outhouse". She was much too busy in her first two years as a teacher to spend the amount of time it took to build a real relationship with a man. She owned two dildos and they were well used, but her pussy had never felt a real cock in it.

Jack was handsome, and he was also a geek. He'd finished first in his class at Cal Tech, but he'd never figured out how to approach women. Women had approached him more than once, and, to his amazement, his uncut dick had spewed its load into several foxy women. But the bald fact was that they were the pursuers, and not Jack. He never believed those women really found him attractive, and had always assumed that the guys they REALLY wanted to go out with were busy, so they came after him, rather than stay home on a weekend night.

One nice thing about women who approached you was that they weren't shy about telling you how to please them. As a result, Jack was a consummate lover, and he knew all the tricks of the trade to getting a woman off.

Still, he was painfully shy. The women in the school he ended up teaching science in weren't the kind to eye him up and down and suggest a quick fuck to take the edge off. Consequently, he'd been without sex for most of the three years he'd been teaching at Smoky Hill.

As a result of THAT, Jack had a wonderfully developed fantasy world. It included, among others, quite a few of the Junior and Senior girls ... and Bunny Johnson. He'd spent literally hours spurting thick wads of semen all over his apartment while thinking about Bunny. And he was very strict about stopping what he liked to call "fraternization" between boys and girls in the school. This wasn't from some high moral stand. He just felt like if he couldn't stick his dick in the girls, nobody else should be allowed to either.

As long as they were talking about the logistics of the trip, their conversation flowed smoothly. But when that was done, and they had nothing definite to talk about, both got uncomfortable. Each wished they could say witty things, and neither knew that the other felt exactly the same. With a sad glance at his lips, Bunny left, while Jack gave one last longing look at her breasts.

Both of them masturbated that night, thinking of each other.

The day of the trip came. All the kids stowed their stuff on the big coach and each found a place to sit for the trip. Jack was driving. Bunny spent some time sitting in the seat beside him, and some time patrolling the vehicle. She was at a loss of how to act, really. She was a teacher, but this wasn't teaching. She had seen all the kids, but only two had ever been in one of her classes. As a result, she had no relationship with them upon which to build ... as a starting point from which respect for her as an adult might develop.

The first problem she had was with Jerry, the co-captain of the football team and one of the cheerleaders, named Tiffany. They had figured out how to pull out one of the beds, and were lying side by side on it, talking. Bunny didn't think that was appropriate, even though they weren't actually doing anything with each other. After a loud argument, she ruled that they had to share the space with others, and that anyone using that space had to sit up. She saw some longing looks between boys and girls, but nothing that made her suspicous. All in all, the kids were well behaved.

They got to the resort that evening and got checked in. Jack had to park the big motor home some distance from the lodge, in the part of the lot reserved for RVs. By the time he found the set of suites they had been assigned, the kids had flown to the winds. Only Bunny was left in the room. They explored the suites and discovered there was a connecting door between them. That made Bunny feel better because she could contact Jack without having to go outside the rooms.

It was too late in the day to start skiing, but the kids lined up and got lift tickets for the next day. Then they all had dinner together in the restaurant at the lodge. After that the kids wanted to explore. Bunny and Jack put their heads together and decided the place was so small that they couldn't get lost, or in too much trouble. It was Jack's idea to let the kids go in a group, without adult supervision. He thought that would get the sponsors on the good side of the kids.

Bunny turned to the eight expectant faces. "OK, here's the deal. You guys can go explore, but you all have to stay together, and you all have to be back in the rooms by eleven. Deal?"

"DEAL!" shouted eight adolescent voices.

Bunny and Jack went to the lounge, where the lighting was dim and they could talk quietly. Both of them were excited about getting to spend some time with each other.

As they talked, they became a little more at ease with each other. Bunny remembered from a speech class she had taken that the best way to get a man to talk was to ask him about himself. So she did. Jack talked about all kinds of things Bunny didn't fully understand, but she sat gazing at that wonderful mouth and had a great time. He was talking about various gadgets when he mentioned a new brand of personal digital assistant.

"Hey!" she chirped. "I just bought one of those and I still haven't figured out how to use it. I don't suppose you could help me with that?"

"Sure" he said. "Go get it and I'll make you an expert in no time."

Bunny jumped up to go and Jack groaned inwardly as her breasts bobbed and shimmied. He felt his cock start to stiffen.

Bunny went to the girls' suite and looked where she thought she'd left the PDA, but it wasn't there. She thought back. She'd been playing around with it on the bus. She remembered putting it in a pouch on the back of one of the seats, so it wouldn't fall off on the floor. She hurried out to the parking lot, where the motor home was parked.

As she approached the coach, she thought she saw it move a little. That was crazy, she thought. But as she reached for the handle of the side door it moved away from her hand ever so slightly. She stopped, her hand still out, and her eyes widened as she realized the motor home was rocking, only a little, but definitely rocking ... back and forth.

Then she heard a sound, like someone in pain. It came again ... a girl's voice. Someone was INSIDE the motor home. It never occurred to her that it might be dangerous for her to investigate - that it could have been ANYBODY in there. Very quietly she eased the door towards the front of the vehicle open.

The sounds became more clear immediately.

"Awwwwwww" came a male voice.

"UH ... UH ... UH" came the rhythmic grunts of a girl. Bunny recognized that grunting female voice. It was Tiffany.

But it COULDN'T be Tiffany. Tiffany was with the other kids, exploring.

Very quietly Bunny stepped up into the big vehicle. Her light frame didn't make it move at all. As she leaned forward, to look down the central aisle of the coach, she saw movement up, and to her right. There was a mirror there that let the driver see back into the rear of the camper. She looked at that mirror and her jaw dropped open.

In the mirror, she saw Tiffany, stark naked, lying on her back with her knees spread wide open. Between those knees was Jerry Thomas, who was equally naked. They were on the pull-out bed, and Jerry was fucking her with long hard strokes of his very stiff adolescent cock. Every time he pounded that cock into the cheerleader, she gave out a lustful grunt.

"OH ... OH ... OH"

Bunny was about to yell out, when Jerry cried out "I'm gonna cum, baby, I'm gonna blow!"

Tiffany squealed "You can't cum in me Jerry, I'm not on the pill. Pull it out and I'll suck it for you."

Jerry, however, kept pounding away until he slammed in one last time and froze, his back arched and his face looking up at the ceiling of the motor home.

"Aaaaauuugghhh" he groaned.

"TAKE IT OUT JERRY!" squealed Tiffany again, and her hands began trying to push his chest away from her.

Bunny's voice was frozen in her throat as she saw Jerry's ass muscles clench as he tried to shove his teen cock even further up into Tiffany's fertile pussy.

Then, as if he'd finally heard his lover, Jerry pulled his spurting cock out of the girl. He jumped up and squatted over Tiffany's face as her hands scrabbled for his cock. She got it aimed at her face and a stream of cum splattered all over her chin. Then she pulled him further down and she could finally get her lips around the head of his cock. He groaned like he was in agony as she sucked the rest of his spend out of his prick. Meanwhile, Tiffany's other hand flew to her pussy and she began slapping and rubbing her gaping pussy, rubbing herself to an orgasm.

Bunny gulped as she saw that the hand Tiffany was using to rub her pussy was wet and sticky with the white stuff that had been left there by Jerry as he pulled his prick out of the girl. He had gotten at least one shot inside her and Bunny felt faint as she saw the girl's fingers pushing what fell out back up inside as she brought herself off.

Bunny retreated, her face aflame with what she'd seen. Her breasts felt swollen and tender, especially her nipples and she realized she had gotten turned on by watching the two teenagers mating. She didn't know what to do. The damage was done.

She had to talk to Jack about this. She crept off the RV and headed back to the lodge at a run.

Jack was sitting in the chair by the fire, relaxed, his head back, waiting for Bunny to return. He thought about her beautiful body and, for the hundredth time, undressed it in his mind. He usually did this at home, where the resulting boner didn't matter. His head jerked up when he heard her frantic voice as she all but ran towards him.

"Jack! Jack!" she panted as she slid to a stop in front of him.

"What's wrong Bunny?" he said, anxiously. He stood up.

"Kids ... Tiffany ... in the bus ... doing ... naked" she glanced around furtively to see if anyone could hear her. She was panting, trying to catch her breath. She had done more slipping and sliding in the snow than she had running, and she had pulled a muscle in her thigh, based on how it felt.

"What?" Jack queried.

"Come on" she gasped, pulling him toward the door of the lodge.

She tried to explain what she'd seen as she pulled him toward the parked vehicle. By the time they got there he understood she'd seen Tiffany and Jerry inside it, and that they were naked and having sex. Angrily he pulled open the door and stomped up the steps.

The vehicle was empty.

Bunny gawked. "They were HERE! Not five minutes ago they were right HERE!"

Jack frowned. "Well they're not here any more. Maybe they heard you." He moved further into the motor home and began examining things. He unfolded the bed and put his hand on it. "You're right Bunny, the sheet is still a little warm. They were here."

"OF COURSE THEY WERE HERE!" she said in an exasperated voice. "Why would I have come and told you something like that if it wasn't true?" She looked at the handsome teacher, her hands on her hips.

"OK, OK, I'm sorry." He didn't look very sorry to Bunny. "It just sounded sort of ... what were they doing?"

"What do you mean what were they doing? I told you. They were making love."

"I know that, but, OK, take your phrase ... 'making love'. That normally means something that's tender and quiet and calm. Was it like that?"

Bunny was too shocked by everything that had happened to think about how odd his statement ... and question was. If she'd have taken a minute to think, she might have wondered why this teacher would care whether the kids were "making love" or "fucking each other's brains out".

In point of fact, Jack cared because Tiffany was one of his fantasy girls, and the thought of Jerry on top of her had gotten him mostly stiff on the way over to the motor home. Then, feeling the warm sheet and seeing spots of ... something ... on the sheet, which he hadn't mentioned to Bunny, got him even more excited. He turned around. Bunny was standing there just looking delicious. His fantasy changed, with Bunny on the bed, under ... who? Was it Jerry or him who was pinning her to the mattress?

He shook his head. "What were they doing exactly? I mean if I'm going to question them I need to know exactly what they were doing." What he really wanted was more detailed visions of how Bunny would have looked, splayed out naked on that bed, getting her pussy pummeled. He went on "You know, like if I say he had his mouth on her nipples, and that didn't really happen, then he'll know we're bullshitting him and he'll clam up. What we need is a full confession so we know the best way to handle things." It sounded good to him.

Bunny, not being a detective, didn't recognize that particular brand of bullshit when she heard it, and it sounded reasonable to her too.

"Well, they were naked."

"Completely naked? Not even socks?" he asked.

"I don't remember whether they had on SOCKS for goodness sake. All I could see was that big, thick ... penis. It was all pushed up inside her."

Jack felt precum start to ease up into his cock. "OK, so they were mostly naked. And was she on top?" That was one of his favorite fantasies.

"No, she was on her back, under him. He was between her legs."

"Was she screaming, or yelling for him to stop? Was it rape?"'

Bunny's eyes went out of focus and she sighed. "No, she was loving it. He might have punctures on his buttocks where her fingernails dug in. She was pulling him that hard." Now Bunny felt moisture begin to invade between her legs.

"And what were they saying?" he leaned toward her.

"I can't remember. I think it was just noises. It all happened so fast. Yes, it was just noises and then he ... he ... he ejaculated in her!" Bunny's knees got weak and she had to sit down. "She yelled that she wasn't on the pill, but he ejaculated in her anyway."

Jack knew there was a spot in his shorts now as he felt precum leak out of his prick. "How do you know? Did he say something?"

"NO! I SAW IT JACK! I saw his sperm! It was all around his penis and it wouldn't all stay inside her."

Jack was envisioning his cock, plugged into Bunny's sweet pussy, pulsing his seed deep into her pussy until it squirted out around his cock.

He decided he needed to go beat off.

"OK, Bunny, um .. listen, I'll go and ... um find the kids. Yeah. I'll find them and we'll get to the bottom of this. I'll get back with you when I find something out."

He all but ran from the motor home as Bunny closed the door and began the slippery trip back to the lodge. Her mind was awhirl, and she was contemplating doing the same thing Jack was, though neither of them suspected the other was heated up too. She was so inattentive that she didn't see the black ice on the walk. The first moment she knew something was wrong was when her right foot took off to the right, and her left foot took off to the left and back a little.

Bunny had been a gymnast when she was in High School, and she had been able to do the splits quite well in those days. She had not, however, practiced doing the splits recently, nor had she done her flexibility exercises.

But, once again, she did the splits. It wasn't, however, anything like the last time her legs had lain flat on the ground, going out in opposite directions. There was pain, and a LOT of it. Bunny let out an agonized howl as tendons stretched to the tearing point and pain lanced through her groin. About the only saving grace was that she went down so hard she actually bounced when she hit the ice. That, and her natural tendency to lay over to get OUT of the splits, allowed her to get her legs back together. Now she was lying on her back, on the ice, in the dark.

She screamed.

People came running from all over. At night time in a ski resort, there isn't all that much to do except socialize, sleep or have sex, so people weren’t so busy that they ignored agonized screams of an injured woman. Soon people were trying to get her to stand up, but that hurt too much. The pain in her groin was agonizing, and anyone within fifty feet knew about it. Several guys ended up forming a bed of their arms and carried her into the lodge, where they put her down on a couch. Then the Resort Doctor showed up and, after examining her, including hearing her tearful tale of slipping and doing the splits, decided it was most likely that she had only strained something. It would take time to tell if anything was torn. He opted to have her rest that night, and re-examine her again later. If a hospital visit was then indicated, they could deal with that during normal business hours. Perhaps, given a few days without abusing her injured joints any further, she would be fine.

He looked in his bag for something to give her for the pain. All he found was some Demorol. He looked at her small stature, shrugged and gave her a shot. It would probably knock her out, but that wasn't all bad either. She needed some rest. He looked up at the desk attendant and said "Who's she here with. We need them to come get her."

Jack was right in the middle of a nice flog job on his aching prick when the phone rang insistently. If you are asking yourself "How can a phone ring 'insistently'?", well imagine it ringing ... and ringing ... and ringing ... and ringing ... and ... well you get the idea. So, with a sigh, he stopped spanking his monkey and answered the phone.

Three minutes later he was half dressed and kneeling at Bunny's side. The Demerol had kicked in and Bunny was feeling no pain, and I mean that in all its contexts. Her inhibitions were down and the pain between her legs was gone, and she was a happy, happy young teacher whose masturbatory fantasy had just appeared like magic in front of her. AND, he was shirtless!

"JAAACK" she yelled. "I broke my PUSSY!" She dissolved into gales of giggles and slapped her hand over her mouth.

Jack was very concerned. She was acting very strangely. He looked up at the Doctor.

"I had to give her something for the pain" said the physician. "I probably gave her a little too much. She needs to stay in bed for tonight and all day tomorrow and then I'll take another look at her. Will that be a problem?"

Jack shook his head. "Oh no, we just got here. I'll take care of her."

The doctor smiled. "OK then, and I'd get her undressed while the pain is still blocked. Moving her legs around when that wears off will be uncomfortable." He reached into his bag and pulled out a small brown plastic bottle. "Here are a few Tylenol with Codeine for tomorrow. If you need anything else, the desk always knows where to find me." He turned and left.

The crowd had thinned out once everybody knew there wouldn't be any blood, and Jack found himself with a thoroughly wacked out Bunny, and no help. Bunny still had her hand over her mouth and was trying to talk that way.

"Mfggb sptld mfugrl ta sey."


Bunny uncovered her mouth and looked around secretively. "The DOC-tor (she pronounced it dock-tore) said you have to take my pants off!"

"Can you walk Bunny?"

Bunny sat up and kept going right on over, flopping down on her other side.

"Nope" she pronounced.

"Then I'm going to have to carry you" he said. Not knowing any other way to do it, he pulled her up, draped her over his shoulder and stood up with her. His hand was on her buttocks and her face was in his back.

"Oooooooo" she whined. "You're touching my BUTT Jack. Don't BREAK it! Then I'd have a broken butt AND a broken pussy!" She said "pussy" in a whisper that was as loud as she could make it and began laughing again. It was hard for her because his shoulder kept her from getting a good lungful of air.

He got her to her room and, because she'd end up in bed anyway, he lay her down there. She flopped her arms out and began to tell Jack that she'd fallen down and that it had hurt a lot, but then the dock-tore came and made her feel lots better. She was in motor mouth mode and finally Jack had to put one finger over her lips to get her to be quiet.

"Bunny, the doctor said you need to stay in bed for a few days. Can you get yourself undressed, or do I need to help you?"

Bunny had gone cross eyed, looking at the finger that was touching her lips. She turned her head sideways, opened her mouth and lunged up with her head, getting his finger in her mouth. She sucked on it. Then she let go and dropped her head back to the bed. "Oops, I shouldn't have done that." she giggled. "I'm a bad girl." Then she lifted her head again. "You'll have to help me, cause I can't reach the hangers."

She was obviously out of it, but she didn't sound like she was in any pain. Jack realized what a perfect opportunity this was to get to see his dream girl naked. He reached for the buttons on her shirt.

Bunny lay there still as she felt buttons undone, zippers unzipped, shoes removed and so on. She knew when the only thing she had on was her bra and panties, and she knew that she shouldn't let him see her like that. But she wanted him to see her like that.

Jack was a little nervous. "Should I take your bra off Bunny?" he asked.

She nodded her head in an exaggerated "Yes" motion, like a child, but didn't help him in any way as he rolled her over to get to the back clasp. When it was undone he let her roll back to her original position, but left the bra covering her breasts loosely. He wanted to take it off in the worst way.

Bunny could see the longing and lust in his eyes. She was ecstatic that this man wanted her, but she knew she shouldn't let him do anything. Some perverse streak in her rebelled at being "good" and "proper".

"If you took my bra off you could see my boobs a lot better." She giggled.

"OH!" he gulped. "I'm not trying to see them, honest."

Bunny laughed, her hand came up and grasped the bra and she flung it across the room, baring her big bouncy tits. "OK, if you're not looking then I don't need that any more."

Of course Jack WAS looking. His mouth was open as he eyed her soft breasts, with their brown caps and stiff, long nipples.

Bunny's pussy itched, and she didn't think it was because of her accident. "You're not going to lick them and suck on them either, are you?" she asked. "Because if you did that I'd probably have an orgasm, and that wouldn't be right at all." She looked owlishly at him. "I'm a good girl, Jack." Then she frowned.

Jack knew a woman in heat when he heard one. Her statement answered several questions for him and opened several doors as well. This was territory he was familiar with.

"Oh, I might HAVE to do that Bunny," he said seriously. "I mean you fell down and the doctor didn't have time to do a full examination on you. You said you broke your pussy (he whispered the word, like there were ten people around who might hear him). What if you broke your titties too?"

Bunny's hands came up and cupped her heavy breasts. "They don't feel broken" she said firmly.

Jack put his palms over her nipples and pressed them into her tit flesh. She moaned softly. He ran his hands in circles, massaging her breasts, and then let his fingers play with her nipples, pulling them gently, squeezing them and rolling them between thumb and fingers.

"Ohhh Jackie, that feels sooo nice." sighed Bunny. She put her hand up by her mouth, like she was hiding what she was saying from someone. "But you're not s'posed to do that. I'm a virgin." she whispered the last word.

"I like virgins" said Jack, who noticed that his dick had bloomed to full hard. He leaned over and blew on a nipple. Bunny whined and arched her back. He reached out with the tip of his tongue and tickled her left nipple. "Does that hurt?" he asked.

"NOoooo" she moaned.

"Does this hurt?" he asked, and then covered the nipple with his lips and sucked gently.

"Oooooaawwww" cried Bunny.

Regretfully, a lot of his fantasy achieved, Jack stopped and stood up. "I guess they're OK Bunny."

"But I broke my PUSSY Jack! Is it OK?" She lifted her head, trying to look down at her panties. "Are you going to look at my pussy and see if it's OK?"

Jack smiled. She really WAS turned on. This was the Bunny of his dreams "I'd have to take your panties off Bunny."

Bunny started to spread her legs and winced, groaning as her injured muscles made themselves known despite her pain medication. Jack, in a daze, reached for her panties. She lifted her hips as he pulled, baring her soft brown hair.

"Jack?" she said softly.

"Yes?" he said.

"I don't want to be a virgin any more."

"I know, sweetie. You want me to help you?"

"Yes Jack."

Her bleary eyes watched him as he got undressed, and they seemed to clear a little when she saw his stiff prick. It looked huge to her, and she felt a little spike of fear shoot through her. She took a breath to tell him she'd changed her mind, and then clamped her lips tightly closed as her drug suffused brain decided this the time for her to do something she'd wanted to do for a long time.

"I can't spread my legs Jack ... it hurts." she moaned.

"That's OK Bunny" he said soothingly. "We can work around that. You just lie there and have a good time. Jack's going to make Bunny feel really good."

He started by kissing her lips with soft, gentle little kisses. He stared in her eyes as his hand fluttered across her breasts, feeling them, touching them, squeezing them. He told her how beautiful he thought she was, and how lucky he was and she responded to his advances, kissing him back harder and arching her back.

Then he kissed his way down to her breasts and used his mouth on them again, spending ten minutes just on them as she moaned and loved it. Soon her nipples were longer and harder than they'd ever been in her life. His fingers drifted to her pussy and teased her hair before he slid just one finger between her closed thighs and probed for her slit. When he found it she was wet. Her hips wiggled as his finger slid across her clit and dipped into her sexual furnace.

"Ahhhhhh" she moaned, her fingernails tracing lines across his back and pulling his head to her breast while he sucked.

He got up and crawled up on the bed with her. "I'm going to lie down on top of you Bunny" he said softly. "If you feel any pain, tell me, OK?"

"I'm scared Jack" she said, much sobered by what was about to happen.

"I won't hurt you baby." he assured her.

When he lay on her, he put his rock hard prick and balls into the crease made by her closed legs, and let his chest down on her breasts. He let his knees straddle her and fall to the sides of her hips, but he didn't put any weight on them. Then he kissed her and began pulling himself up and down, sliding his prick toward her pussy, and then away. His weight caused his dick to dig deeper between her legs and soon the tip of his cock was prodding her closed pussy lips.

They were slick, and at some point her vulva couldn't keep the pointed tip of his cock out any longer. He felt the tip slide between hot, slick pussy lips, and stopped as she grunted. He wasn't actually in her yet, and if she had her hymen still, it wasn't in any danger yet.

"You feel good" he whispered. "You feel hot and slippery and if I pushed you wouldn't be a virgin any more. Are you sure you want this Bunny?"

"Ohhhhh yess" she whimpered.

"It might hurt" he warned.

"I want this!" she said and her hands went to his back and pulled on him.

Instead of pushing in hard, though, Jack wiggled and dug his way into her hot depths. It took him another five minutes, while he kissed her and told her how good she felt, and while she told him how good HE felt, and asked if he could get just a little more in. She decided he felt a LOT better than either of her dildos.

She was tight, partially because she'd never had anything that large inside her, but more so because her legs were closed. But she was also ready for sex like she'd never been ready before, and he was hard as a steel rod. He groaned as he felt himself slide the rest of the way in her and his bone collided with hers.

Then all he had to do was make short jabbing thrusts and she fell to pieces. She babbled and cursed and cried and laughed as she had a wonderful shattering orgasm. Chemicals were released in her brain as a result of that orgasm, and those chemicals suggested to her that a nice hot load of semen would make her life even better. The brain that would have originally demanded he wear a condom, or at the very least, pull out of her, now wanted to feel his life-giving fluids injected deep into her body.

So when Jack panted "I'm going to cum, Bunny." her hands slapped on his back and she gurgled "Yesssss that'll make my pussy feel goooood Jack. I wanna feel that Jack."

It was then that Tiffany, Melody and Linda came laughing through the door, having used their magnetic strip cards to get into the suite they were staying in with their sponsor.

Chapter Two

Naturally the girls recognized who was on the bed and what they were doing. Tiffany felt much better about what she and Jerry had done earlier in the motor home. Melody and Linda, both virgins, were fascinated by the sounds their prim and proper sponsor was making under that naked thrusting man.

All three, including the two virgins, were well acquainted with what it meant when Jack said "I'm going to cum, Bunny" and his rabbit-like thrusts, and the grunts that went with them, made all three girls pussies get damp. Melody squealed "Oh my GOSH!" and then clapped a hand over her mouth as the other two girls shot her murderous glances at giving away the fact they were there.

Jack swiveled his head to see three students, wide eyed girls, staring at him as he covered Bunny's body. He wanted to curl up and hide. His first instinct was to pull out of Bunny and stand up. But if he did that they'd see his ... well, they'd see everything.

The part of his brain that dealt with fantasy started talking to the rest of him. "Hey, look, right now what have they seen? Your butt! That's it! They've only seen one thing they couldn't see if you were at the swimming pool and that's your lily white butt. If you stand up they'll see lots of other things, including a very naked Bunny. So here's my advice: DON'T GET UP!"

He spoke to the three girls. "Girls, I'm sorry you had to see this. Please leave so we can get decent."

Tiffany said "Oh, we can't do that, Mr. Kelly. I mean how do we know you aren't raping Ms Johnson?"

Jack had to admit she had a point. He tried blackmail. "Tiffany, if you don't leave, and take Melody and Linda with you, I'll be forced to notify your parents of what you and Jerry were doing out in the motor home."

Tiffany thought about that while the other two girls looked at her, their mouths open. Tiffany had to know whether he had just seen them go in the motor home together, or actually knew what they'd done. She'd asked her mother to let her go on the pill, but her mother had refused outright, saying it would make it too easy to have sex. Tiffany already knew how easy it was to have sex. All you had to do was flirt, get naked and open your legs and just about any boy would have sex with you.

"And what exactly would you be telling them we did?" she asked, almost in a little girl voice.

"I'd be forced to tell them you had intercourse." said Jack, thinking he now had the upper hand.

Linda squealed "Did you REALLY let him do that Tiffany?"

Tiffany straightened her shoulders. "Yes I did, and I sucked his cock too! You gonna tell them I did that too Mr. Kelly?"

Bunny's muffled voice came from the general region of Jack's chest. "I hear voices Jack. I think the Doc-tor gave me too many drugs!" She giggled and that made her pussy squeeze and it squeezed Jack's limp prick right out of her.

"OHHH No!" moaned Bunny. "Now my pussy's broke AND empty. Jaaack? Can you please fix my pussy again? Jaaaack?"

Tiffany stuck the knife in. "Well, if you tell my parents about me and Jerry, then I guess I'll have to tell Mr. Stevens that you had sex with Ms Johnson right in front of the three of us." Mr. Stevens was the Principal at Smoky Hill High.

"Shit" said Jack, hanging his head. Bunny was making pelvic thrusts again, and every once in a while she called "Jaaaack?"

Linda said "What's wrong with Ms Johnson?"

Jack's arms were getting tired, but if he let them down he'd smother poor Bunny, whose diminutive body was buried under his. "She fell down and got hurt, and the doctor gave me some pain killers to give to her."

Melody said in awe "You can get pain killers that do THAT?"

Jack was in real pain now. "No! I guess I gave her one too many earlier."

About then the rest of the pain killer reached Bunny's brain and told her to go to sleep. She sagged, with a long sigh and her head rolled to one side.

Tiffany smiled "So even when you're an adult, you still get girls drunk so you can screw them. Mr. Kelly, I'm ashamed of you."

Jack couldn't take it any longer. He rolled over and fell on his back, heaving a sigh of relief.

All three girls scooted quickly to the side of the bed where they could get a good look at Mr. Kelly's prick.

All three were a little disappointed.

"That's it?" asked Melody.

"I hoped it would be bigger than Jerry's" said Tiffany.

"It's ... ugly" whispered Linda.

"Hey!" said Jack, wounded. "It looks a lot better when it's hard." He bit his lip at his outburst. He shouldn't have said that.

"So when will it be hard again?" asked Melody.

Jack knew things were getting out of control. He should never have taken advantage of Bunny, much less let these girls see him naked. He decided to assert himself as an authority figure.

"Now girls, it is totally inappropriate for you to be in here while I'm naked. And asking questions about my penis is even worse. I'm going to have to ask you girls to leave."

Tiffany looked at Melody and smiled. "I don't have anywhere to be. Do you Melody?"

Melody looked back at Jack's groin, which was now covered with his hands. "Nope, me neither. I'm not going anywhere." She turned to Linda. "How 'bout you Linda? Are you leaving?"

Linda looked unsure. "He said we have to go." she said meekly.

Tiffany snorted. "We just saw him fucking Ms Johnson ... AFTER giving her drugs that knocked her out. I don't think Mr. Kelly is going to be MAKING us do anything." She looked meaningfully at Jack.

Linda was leaning over, looking between Bunny's legs, which were spread just enough to reveal her two fat pussy lips weeping thick drips of Jack's semen. Linda's eyes were big.

"There's ... stuff ... coming out of her." she whispered.

Tiffany giggled. "That's because he came in her silly. It feels really nice when a guy squirts in you."

Melody was shifting from foot to foot, like she had to go to the bathroom. "I want to see it hard." she said, moving closer to the bed.

Jack had a sinking feeling that things were going downhill fast. He thought furiously, trying to think of some way to get control back.

"Um ...." he said. "OK ... how about this. If you see it hard ... THEN will you go?"

Tiffany looked at him. "Maybe" she said.

Jack didn't like the look in her eye. He decided to try another tack. "Well, um ... you see, it will take some time for me to be able to make it hard again. Maybe a LONG time. I mean it could be hours, maybe." He knew better. When he beat off thinking about Bunny in the past he was able to do it three times in an hour if he wanted to.

Tiffany knew better too. She walked to the bed. "Aw gee, Mr. Kelly, that's too bad. Maybe we could help you with that." She turned to Melody. "I know a way to get him hard right now." she said in a no nonsense voice.

"How?" asked Linda.

"I told you I gave Jerry a blow job. He got hard almost instantly."

"You're gonna put your mouth on Mr. Kelly's ... thing?" her voice rose.

"No," said Tiffanyl patiently. "I already have a boyfriend, and I wouldn't want to cheat on him or anything. So one of YOU two is going to have to give Mr. Kelly a blow job."

"WHAT?!" shrieked both girls.

"Not me!" said Linda, backing up.

"Me neither!" said Melody.

"You want to see it hard ... don't you?" asked Tiffany, her posture and voice doing what teen girls do to other teen girls all the time ... putting pressure on them to do things they don't really want to do.

"Yeah ... but ... with my MOUTH?"

"It's easy" gushed Tiffany. "You just treat it like a Popsickle ... lick it a little and suck it a little. It's fun, really!"

"I don't know." Melody said doubtfully. "It's got that stuff all over it."

"That's OK too. It tastes good. Jerry's tastes good."

Linda took another step back. "You TASTED his stuff?"

Tiffany tried to act like it was an every day thing. "Well sure, some of it leaks out when they get excited. And it tastes good." she said firmly. "Come on Melody, don't be chicken. And he won't be able to tell because he'd get in big trouble."

Jack heard all this talk about Melody sucking his cock and it affected him in ways he hadn't thought he'd ever feel. Melody was a delectable young thing, pretty, with shoulder length brown hair and nice handfuls for breasts, under the thick sweater she was wearing. And even though he'd just popped a nice healthy nut in Bunny, the idea of young Melody's mouth on his cock was delightful. He tried to fight it, but his cock twitched as it lay there on his pubes.

"SEE?!" squealed Tiffany. "It moved. He's excited about the idea!"

"No I'm not!" said Jack, trying to convince himself more than the others.

"You don't think you'd like the feel of Melody's soft warm mouth on your poor deflated prick Mr. Kelly?" cooed Tiffany. Young as she was, she knew boys ... and men by extension. "Are you afraid Melody will get you all hot and bothered again Mr. Kelly? Just think of her lips, sliding up and down your hard cock."

Jack's cock twitched again and the other two girls gasped.

"It's TRUE!" breathed Melody. She looked at Tiffany with new respect. "So it doesn't taste all yucky?"

"Not at all." said Tiffany.

After only a few seconds of indecision Melody shook her head. "OK, I'll DO it!"

Jack was horrified ... and fascinated. Here was one of his favorite fantasy students - Tiffany - egging on another just as fine fantasy - Melody - to suck his cock! He knew what would happen if this delicious young girl sucked his cock. Some shred of conscience struggled to the surface.

"You can't to that!" he insisted. "I'm your teacher!" He started to sit up.

Tiffany put both her hands on his chest and pushed him back down.

"That just makes it more fun." she grinned.

"You girls really can't do this." he moaned.

"What do I do first?" asked Melody. Once she had decided to do this she wanted to get on with it. This was something new and exciting and she was breathing hard already.

"Just pick it up with two fingers." instructed Tiffany. "And then suck on the tip a little."

Melody leaned over the bed and Jack covered his penis with his hands again.

"Come on Mr. Kelly." said Melody. "I just want to see what it looks like hard. Pleeease?" She put a pouting look on her face and then grinned. "We won't tell anybody ... honest!" She turned to her friends. "Right?"

They nodded. Linda's eyes were wide as saucers at the thought that she might get to see something she'd heard about, but never even imagined doing.

Melody was too cute, and the way she pleaded got Jack going again. He always enjoyed his fantasies about Bunny, but he'd also fantasized about this very thing ... having a young teen girl sucking his cock.

"Linda, you kiss him," ordered Tiffany. "While Melody makes him all nice and hard."

"Kiss him?" squeaked Linda. "He's a teacher!"

"He's a man." countered Tiffany. "You've kissed boys before." Tiffany assumed.

"Well yeah ... I kissed Rodney Whitehall ... but I've never kissed a MAN." she whined.

"Well this is your chance to see what that's like." said Tiffany, who had an answer for everything.

Linda moved over beside Melody, who had leaned over and was gingerly grasping Jack's soft cock with two fingers, pulling it up off his body. Jack was looking at that, and was surprised when Linda's face suddenly appeared over his. He looked into her blue eyes, surrounded by a halo of golden hair.

"Can I kiss you Mr. Kelly?" she asked shyly.

"Uhhh ... Well ... " started Jack, trying to think of something to say.

Melody leaned further and sucked the tip of Jack's cock into her mouth. She sucked hard. Her mouth was warm and her tongue slid along the bottom of his cock head.

Jack sighed "HUhhhhhhhh" and his hips bounced a little.

Linda took that as permission and she pressed her lips to the teacher's. She tasted sweet, like she'd just eaten a piece of candy. Jack was no longer fully in control of himself. His tongue flicked between her partly open lips and she jerked back.

"He put his TONGUE in my mouth!" squealed Linda.

"That's how you're SUPPOSED to kiss." said Tiffany, who felt her nipples spiking under the sweat shirt she was wearing.

"Oh." said Linda. It HAD felt kind of nice ... slippery and soft and warm. She went back down and this time she let her own tongue slip forward to meet his as it came out of his mouth. She shivered. This was fun!

Jack's hands wouldn't behave. They grasped the girl's waist and slid up to cup her hard teen breasts. Then they squeezed.

Linda pulled back from a kiss that had made her almost dizzy. She stared into his eyes.

"He's feeling my boobies." she breathed, talking to the others, but looking at him.

Tiffany giggled. "Don't tell me he's the first man to touch your tits!"

Linda sighed. "No, but it feels different. Can I kiss you again Mr. Kelly?"

Jack was beyond help now. "Ohhh please" he groaned as Melody sucked his knob.

Then Linda was kissing him again and his fingers fumbled with the buttons of her shirt. His hands slid under the cups of her bra and he felt hot flesh against his hands. Her nipples felt like they were made of stone. He sucked at her tongue and she shuddered under his hands, taking up her weight with her arms on either side of him as her knees felt suddenly weak. He pushed the bra up his fingers tweaked her pink nipples. Their hot kiss broke and he kissed her chin, pushing with his hands on her breasts to move her so he could nibble at her throat and then her upper chest. Her breasts came into view, full and lush, with those hard pink nipples. He sucked one in and she squealed, pushing the mound into his face.

"Ohhhh Mel he's sucking it. Nobody's ever sucked it before. Ohhhh it feels so goood!"

Jack was hard as a rock again. He could tell because he could feel Melody's hand wrapped firmly around the stiff column of flesh as she experimented with taking a little more of his shaft into her mouth. There were wet smacking noises from down there.

Melody pulled off and licked her lips. "You're right. It's yummy. It feels so soft, but kind of hard too, you know?"

"Oh I know." said Tiffany. "Let me try."

"I thought you said you didn't want to cheat on Jerry." pointed out Melody.

"I know, but with you two here it's not really cheating. I'm just showing you some stuff, that's all." said the teen, rationalizing her lust.

Tiffany's style was different. She'd done this before. She didn't so much suck his prick as swallow it, taking the tip deep into her throat and then sucking as she dragged her lips all along its length. Jack's mind flitted back to the image of Jerry fucking this girl and he moaned.

She smacked her lips when she pulled off. "Miss Johnson tastes pretty good too." she said. "I can taste her on his prick."

"EEWwwwww" came a duet of young female voices.

"So?" defended Tiffany, her voice rising. "Girls taste just as good as boys."

"You're a ... LESBIAN?" squealed Melody.

"No, silly. I love a nice hard prick in my pussy. But I like to make a girl feel good too, and I love having my pussy licked."

"You've actually ... done it?" squealed Melody. "Really fucked I mean? You weren't lying?"

"You mean you haven't?" countered Tiffany. "What about you and Lonny Tucker? He said you squealed like a pig when he popped your cherry."

"That BASTARD!" squealed Melody. "All I did was let him touch my boobs. He SAID that? He said he fucked me?!"

Tiffany didn't answer. Her mouth and throat were full of teacher prick again. When she pulled off this time there was a long string of white connecting the tip of Jack's cock to her lower lip. She leaned closer, slurping and sucked the string into her mouth.

"Oh that's gross!" squealed Melody as Linda craned her head, trying to see what was going on. She didn't want to lose the lovely lip lock Mr. Kelly had on her left nipple. She felt herself getting wet between her legs.

"No it's not." said Tiffany in a satisfied voice. "I told you it tastes good and he's yummy."

"But what if you get pregnant?" asked Melody, completely seriously.

Linda barked a laugh and looked at her friend's confused face. "You goofball! You can't get pregnant from eating it. Everybody knows that. Even I know that! What were you doing in health class when they talked about that?"

Melody looked hurt. "My parents opted me out of the sex ed part. They said I didn't need to know all that yet."

Tiffany sighed. "You have to get it in your pussy before you can get pregnant."

"Oh." said Melody in a small voice.

Jack listened to all this like he was in a cloud. Talk of getting sperm in girls pussies made his hips flex again.

"So what about Ms Johnson? Was he making her pregnant when we came in? He had it in her pussy."

"She's probably on the pill." said Tiffany wisely. "Right Mr. Kelly?"

Jack grunted, unwilling to admit that he didn't know.

"So are YOU on the pill?" asked Melody to the room at large.

"No." said Tiffany in an unconcerned voice. "But I don't let Jerry cum in my pussy. I make him take it out so I can drink all that yummy cum."

Jack knew she was lying. Bunny had seen her pussy with Jerry's spunk in it. He tried to figure out why she would lie to her two friends. He couldn't think though, because she was sucking him again. He was going to blow if she kept that up. He wouldn't last a minute. He'd been excited fucking Bunny, and now he couldn't contain it any longer. He pushed Linda away from him and sat up.

"What ...?" moaned Linda.

"You have to stop." growled Jack, a dangerous glint in his eye.

Tiffany wasn't dissuaded. "So, you're all hot to cum, right Mr. Kelly? Why don't you cool down and let Mel feel what it's like to get her pussy licked all nice?"

Melody put her hands in front of her crotch. "Ooooo nooooo, I COUDLN'T let him do THAT!"

"I will!" chirped Linda. If getting her nipples sucked felt so good, she just knew that getting her pussy sucked would feel even better. Her initial reticence at the idea of playing sex with her teacher had vanished as her youthful lust replaced it.

The little control Jack had gotten back fled as he imagined pretty Linda lying on her back, her legs spread, her pussy lips glistening as he prepared to lick and suck her to an orgasm. He knew it would be the end of his career. But what they had done already would do that too. What did it matter if he got a little taste of cherry pussy?

"Get naked" he huffed, his chest heaving. He got up off the bed and his prick bobbed in the air, ramrod stiff. He noticed for the first time that Tiffany had her hand inside her ski pants, which were unzipped.

Linda shrugged off her shirt, and reached behind her to unsnap her bra, which was up off her breasts. She sighed as the pressure went away and stood in just her ski pants and snow boots.

"Let me." growled Jack, his hands trembling as he directed her to sit on the bed. He laid her back beside Bunny, who still snored contentedly, her legs partially open. He reached over and pushed her right leg closer to her left and she mumbled in her sleep. Then he attacked the closure of Linda's ski pants. He pulled them and they stuck until she raised her hips off the bed. Then they were stuck at her knees because her boots were keeping them from moving. He tore at the boots, unzipping them and pulling them off to throw them aside.

"Easy Mr. Kelly." warned Tiffany. "Linda's never done this before. Don't scare her."

Then Linda lay there in just her panties, a wisp of light blue through which he could see dark, almost black pubic hair. Her eyes were wide and her hands had gone to cover her stomach through instinct.

"Don't hurt me Mr. Kelly." she moaned.

"Oh, sweet thing, I'm not going to hurt you. I'm going to make you feel better than you've ever felt in your life." he grinned.

His hands went for her panties and her hands fluttered down, almost gripping the waistband, but not quite. He pulled and her flat sparse pubes were displayed. Even with her legs closed he could see pink pussy lips peeking out from the bottom of that hair.

"Ohhhhh" moaned Linda, her hands going to cover her pubes. "This is so nasty! I don't know about this."

Jack picked up one of her feet and held it to his lips, kissing the sole.

"Let me ..." he said, his voice low and soft.

He kissed the side of her foot and began kissing along the inside if her calf. She drew her knees up toward her chest, not so much in an attempt to get away from him, but because there was a strange feeling in her belly that made her want to curl up. Jack crawled up on the bed and let his chest rest against her shins, pressing her knees to her breasts. He slid his hands to her hips and caressed them. Then he let them slide to her thighs and around them until his hands were between her knees. Gently he started prying her knees apart and lifted his chest so they could move.

"Ohhhhh" moaned Linda, her eyes wide and scared looking.

Jack kissed one knee, and then went to the inside as he pushed harder. Little by little her knees fell apart and he kissed his way to her inner thigh. Before she could say anything else he pushed hard, baring her teen pussy and dove, driving his tongue between tightly closed pussy lips. His upper teeth searched for and found her bud and pressed it as he fucked her with the tip of his tongue.

"OHHHHH SHIIITTT" squealed Linda. Her legs snapped closed on his ears and then, as his hands slid under her buttocks, they fell open, one bouncing off the bed, and the other smacking Bunny.

Then Linda made gurgling noises that sounded faintly like an attempt to curse, and say his name, but which weren't clear at all. Her loins bucked up into Jack's face without her volition as chills and thrills shot from her abused clitty to her belly and then up to her recently sucked nipples. She lasted a whole fifteen seconds before her whole body was rocked with an orgasm that left her limp and unable to speak at all.

Jack felt her orgasm through her muscles as her legs slammed closed on his head and then flopped open again. He had been highly aroused for some time now, and his prick was dripping.

He couldn't resist. He knew he shouldn't, but he just couldn't resist.

He lifted his face and his knees made a shuffle as he lined up his prick with her slot. Her pussy lips were no longer tight and white. Now they were throbbing, full of blood and peeled apart, just asking for a nice hard prick. Reflex took over as he felt warmth cover the head of his cock as it split her lips.

He slammed home in one lunge.

"OOOOOWWWWWAAAAHHHHH" screeched Linda. The only thing that saved them both from a horrible situation is that Linda had broken her own hymen in the process of learning to use a tampon. Her mother had told her it might cause some pain, and when that pain materialized she gritted her teeth and shoved the cardboard tube up inside her. Anything was better than using those thick, uncomfortable pads. And, when she lost her virginity to a real, live penis, she was soaked with her own lubricating fluids as her body produced the slippery stuff it knew would be needed for this very thing.

The pain of being stretched was overcome by the sudden feeling of being full in a nice way, like when you've had a good meal, and you have two more bites of a delicious dessert to go, but haven't got the room. It's worth the stuffed feeling to swallow those two last bites. Linda felt like that now, as her teen pussy was filled to overflowing with Jack's rampant prick. The tip dug into her cervix like a little boy jumping onto a big pile of leaves and the base of his cock smashed her over-stimulated clitty, extending the orgasm she had just experienced.

Linda's body knew what to do, even if she didn't. Her arms went around the teacher and crushed him to her as her hips wiggled, her pussy clasping and then relaxing as it tried to adjust to the invader in it.

"MISTER KELLY!" squealed Tiffany excitedly. She hadn't meant for things to go this far, but the sight of Jack's prick suddenly disappearing into her friend's pussy was so hot that her own pussy squirted in her panties. "YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO FUCK HER!"

"I couldn't help it." moaned Jack, the urge to move becoming unbearable. He pulled out and slid back deep again immediately.

"Ohhhh fuck." moaned Linda, the pain disappearing and streaks of pleasure blasting her brain. "Ohhhhhh fuuuuuuuuck" she moaned again.

Jack gave her another stroke and she squealed, her pussy jumping up off the bed to meet his prick as it slid back in her. Linda's prehistoric instincts kicked in and she suddenly wanted to be bred ... to do this thing that men and women had been doing for millions of years. As Jack's speed increased she was almost out of her mind with pleasure as her pussy now welcomed the slithering snake that kept attacking it.

"Ohhh fuck!" Now it was Jack who moaned the graphic description of what they were doing as his over stimulated balls coughed and a long streak of semen blasted into the girl's unprotected pussy. He stayed in her for one more shot and then forced himself to pull out. His prick bobbed up and another long stream of milky white leapt out of the tip and landed across one breast, nipple and most of her stomach.

"SHIT!" yelled Melody, staring wide eyed as another rope followed and her friend's belly was covered with strings of cum.

"Don't take it Ooooouuuut!" wailed Linda, who was on the verge of getting that wonderful feeling in her belly again. She reached for the spurting prick and aimed it at her pussy with one hand, while the other pulled at his buttocks, digging her fingernails in. With a sigh of release Jack slumped forward, re-sheathing his prick in her pussy as it gave up two more spurts of spunk. He had the presence of mind to stay deep and rub her clitty with his pubic bone as she squealed into her own orgasm and babbled about how wonderful it felt.

Eventually, though, it got quiet. Very quiet.

"You spermed her!" said Melody in a hushed voice. "In her pussy Mr. Kelly!"

"I knoooowww." moaned Jack, his chest heaving for breath. "I tried not to, but I couldn't pull out in time."

"I don't care!" said Linda firmly. "That was the neatest thing that ever happened to me!" Like many girls, she had instantly fallen in what she thought was love with her first lover.

"But you could get PREGNANT!" gasped Melody.

"Then I'll just have to marry Mr. Kelly." said Linda matter-of-factly. "Then we could do this every single DAY!" she said excitedly.

Jack's head was whirling. Here was a teenager, not even out of school yet, talking about MARRYING him!

"You can't marry HIM!" scoffed Tiffany. "He's an ADULT!"

"Can we do it again?" asked Linda, staring into her teacher's eyes. "I liked that. I liked that a LOT!"

Jack's mind froze as he realized just how much trouble he was really in. He said "I don't know," and pushed with his arms to uncover Linda's naked and sperm smeared body. There was a squishing sound as his prick pulled out of her. Her gaping pussy mouth was awash with his spend and everyone in the room except Bunny stared right at it.

"Oooo I'm a mess." sighed Linda. "I need to take a shower!"

She jumped up and ran for the bathroom, closing the door behind her by habit. The sound of water came through the door and then the singing voice of a happy teenaged girl. Jack flopped back down. He could feel the remains of Linda's body heat in the sheet as he lay, still breathing deeply.

"Wow." said Melody, her mouth staying open as she stared at Jack's dripping cock. "You really did it!" She looked startled. "And Linda LOVED IT!" she added in a gasp.

"I told you it was the most fun in the whole world." said Tiffany, her voice dripping with "I told you so" tones.

Bunny moaned and rolled over, bumping into Jack. Her arm went over his body.

"Jaaaack?" she whined.

"She's waking up!" whispered Tiffany, grabbing Melody and pulling her toward the door.

"What about Linda!" gasped Melody.

"Get her clothes!" snapped Tiffany. "Mr. Kelly, do something to cover for us while we get Linda out of here."

Jack was frantically rubbing at the sperm smeared on his stomach and chest from lying on top of Linda. His mind told him not to get the sheets dirty, but he couldn't let Bunny wake up and find him like that. So he sluiced the sticky stuff down into his pubic hair and, in a panic, rolled on top of Bunny and over her, pulling her with him so her back was to the bathroom door.

Chapter Three

Bunny's eyes opened blearily.

"Jack?" she asked, confused.

"It's OK, baby." he crooned to her, kissing her nose. He was shaking all over. He saw past Bunny's head as Melody and Tiffany pulled a stark naked and still dripping Linda out of the bathroom, both of them shushing her quietly. They pulled her around the corner into the entry way to the room, which put them almost out of sight of the bed. Jack heard Tiffany's whisper, too loud, telling the girl to get dressed.

"What's that?" asked Bunny, rolling her head.

"Just some noise outside the room." said Jack, hoping she'd swallow the lie. "Go back to sleep." he urged her.

Bunny snuggled up against him. She gave out a little "Ooooo" as her breasts and belly contacted the cold wet on his front, but it warmed by their body heat before she could really think about it.

"Ohhh it hurts." she complained. Her strained muscles and tendons hadn't yet healed much.

"Do you want me to get you another pain pill?" asked Jack.

"Noooo" she moaned, hugging him tighter. "Stay here with me."

"OK, baby ... OK." Jack said as he heard the door open and close softly. He sighed.

Bunny sighed with him and snuggled in closer.


Bunny slept for another hour in Jack's arms as he lay there trying to figure out what he was going to do. Things had gotten completely out of hand, and his future was completely uncertain. Eventually though, his own exertions caused him to drop off into an uncomfortable doze.

Bunny woke him when she started moving again. By now most of the drugs were out of her system, and as she opened her eyes she was much more lucid. She was lucid enough, for example, to now feel and concentrate on the sticky bond between her skin and his. Jack's bush had pressed against her own as they slept, and now her bush was spermy too. She lay there looking at Jack's sleeping face and took inventory. Her groin hurt like fire and she remembered slipping on the ice, and the terrible pain that had caused. She remembered the doctor giving her something for the pain, and after that the memories were hazy and dream-like. Part of that dream was Jack, on top of her, and a feeling of delicious fullness in her pussy. Now, as her hand slid along his naked back, to his naked hip, and she felt the sticky bond between them, she realized they had made love.

The only part of that that made her unhappy was that she couldn't remember feeling him making love to her. What she'd wanted for so long had taken place, and now she couldn't remember it! That and the fact that she was still horny. She remembered being about ready to cum, but couldn't remember actually doing it.

She was uncomfortable because of the mess between them. She thought about taking a shower, but when she tried to move the pain came back strongly.

She moaned.

Jack's eyes popped open in front of her face.

"Bunny?" he said.

"Hi Jack." she said softly.

"You OK?" he asked.

"We're all sticky." she pointed out. "I need to take a shower, but it hurts to move."

"You strained some muscles." Jack informed her.

"I know." she said. "I remember." She smiled at him. "That's not all I remember." She kissed his chin.

Jack blushed. He felt bad. It wasn't just because of his rape, for all practical purposes, of Linda, but of taking advantage of Bunny's practically comatose condition when he stuck his prick in her too.

"Sorry." he mumbled. "I tried to make you comfortable and you were so beautiful that I kind of got carried away."

"I don't mind." she sighed. "I can't remember much of it, but I've wanted to do that with you for a long time."

"Really?" he asked, surprised.

"Oh yeah." she sighed again. "I think you're a hunk."

"That makes me feel a little better." he admitted. "I could try to get you to the bathroom." he suggested.

"It still hurts a lot." she said. "Could you get a washcloth and give me a bath in bed?"

"Sure." he agreed immediately.

Jack went to the bathroom and realized it was a good thing that Bunny hadn't been able to get up. The room was still a little steamy from Linda's shower and there were damp towels lying around. He got one of them and a washcloth and ran them under warm water, ringing them out and hurrying back to Bunny. He began rubbing her skin, staring as her nipples popped out hard and long and she moaned with pleasure as the warm cloths slid all over her front. His hand dipped to wipe clean her sperm-covered pussy lips. She tried to spread her legs automatically and winced as it hurt.

"Did you say something about pain pills?" she asked, wanting to reach down and rub her pussy. She was getting hornier by the minute.

"Yeah," sighed Jack, his prick getting hard as he looked at Bunny's naked body lying on the bed. "The doctor gave me a few for you."

"Maybe I'd better take one after all." she admitted.

He left her long enough to grab the little bottle and tipped out just one pill this time. He gave it to her and hurried to the bathroom, where he got one of the plastic cups there and unwrapped it. He put a little water in it and took it back to her. She raised her head, took the water and then laid her head back down, opening her mouth to drop in the pill. She swallowed.

"I hope it works fast." she said.

"Does it hurt that bad?" asked Jack.

"No, but I want to spread my legs again. I'm still horny Jack." She looked at him with serious eyes.

"You're kidding." said Jack. He was still on edge at how much trouble he was already in.

"No I'm not." she said. She would never have believed she could be so forward, but being in the same room with the man of her dreams, stark naked, with his hardening cock almost within reach made it seem almost normal.

"You want to ... do it?" he asked incredulously. She wasn't doped up now, and yet she showed obvious interest in letting him do what he thought he'd only been able to do because she was incoherent.

"Uh huh." she nodded. "Don't you?" she asked, just the hint of hurt in her voice.

"Well ... sure!" he agreed. "I just thought ..." Actually, he didn't know what he thought. This warm willing woman was actually inviting him to have her and the thought made his prick bloom.

"What if somebody comes in?" he asked, knowing full well that could happen.

"Put the 'do not disturb' sign on the door." said Bunny. "Write a note that I'm sleeping and not to bother me."

Jack's mouth dropped open. If only he'd thought of that before!

He did so, reaching out gingerly and hiding his naked body behind the door. He heard voices in the hallway, but didn't look to see who it was. When he returned Bunny had managed to spread her legs a little bit. She was grimacing with the effort.

"Don't hurt yourself." he warned.

"I want you to make me feel all better." she moaned.

"Just put them back together." he counseled her. "That worked last time." He reached for her and helped her close her legs again.

She reached for him then, pulling him to her for a kiss and he gently climbed on top of her for the second time, his prick straining. She was still lubed up with his earlier deposit and this time he slid into her almost effortlessly.

"Mmmmmm, yeeahhhh" she moaned.

He lay on top of her and rocked up and down, not really pulling out that much, but massaging her clitty in the process and her hands went to his back, her nails scraping lightly across the skin there.

"You squirted in me last time, didn't you?" she moaned.

"Uh ... yeah ... a little bit I guess." he admitted.

"You're a bad boy Jack. You shouldn't have done that." she moaned.

"You're ... um ... on the pill, right?" he grunted.

"Noooo, silly. I'm a virgin." she whined. "I WAS a virgin. Mmmmm, I'm not a virgin any more am I Jack?"

Jack's balls gave a little lurch at her admission that she was unprotected.

"Uhhh" he grunted, trying not to spew her full. "I guess you're not." He went in deep and stayed there, rocking his hips back and forth sideways to lessen the stimulation to his penis. That mashed her clit back and forth and sent an orgasm thundering down on her like a sudden rain squall.

She tensed under him and her nails dug in.

"Ohhh Jack ... honey ... it's happening ... Oh Jack baby, it feels so goood! Jack ... OH JAAAAAAACK!" she squealed as the pleasure rushed all through her body. Her hips bucked and there was no pain.

Jack's balls clenched and he knew he couldn't wait any longer.

"Gotta cum!" he warned her. He started to withdraw and her hands flashed to his buttocks, her nails digging in there. Her message was clear. She didn't want him to stop what he was doing.

With a tremendous feeling of relief, Jack unleashed his recently replenished and potent semen, sagging down on his beautiful co-worker as he packed her womb full. This time there was no interruption, and his rod stayed fully embedded where it belonged as it delivered spurt after potent spurt deep in her belly.

There was only heavy breathing for a while, and then her hands found his head and she maneuvered him for a kiss.

"I think I love you Jack." she said, kissing him again.

"I know I love you." he responded. "I've been in love with you for a long time."

"Why didn't you say so?" she whispered.

"Scared I guess." was his only answer.

"We've wasted so much time." she said, kissing him twice more. "We could have been doing this for months."

"But what about ... I mean you could get ... pregnant." he said.

"Well, of course I'll have to do something about that soon. Right now is probably a pretty safe time for me."

"Maybe I could use something." he offered.

"Yes." she said, as if she'd just thought of it. "I'm not used to the idea of ... doing this. I didn't think about that. Maybe they have something in the shop out front."

"I'll check." he said.

"Check soon." said Bunny with a coquettish look. "I want to do this again tonight."

"But we have kids staying in the rooms with us." Jack said, remembering with a guilty start that they'd already been caught ... something Bunny didn't know about yet. He wondered if he should tell her, but decided not to. He didn't know how to go about that.

"Well then, you'll just have to check in on me tomorrow, and make sure I'm all right." said Bunny batting her eyelashes at him.


At eleven O'clock Jack was in the boys' suite and Bunny was in the girls' suite. All the kids were there, where they were supposed to be. Tiffany and Jerry were standing in the open door between the suites, doing everything except kissing in an obvious fashion. If it hadn't been for what happened earlier in the day, Jack would have said something like "Keep it in your pants Jerry, and break it up. It's bed time." But he couldn't say something like that in front of Tiffany. In fact, he didn't know what he COULD say in front of Tiffany. She obviously wasn't threatened by his earlier suggesting that he might tell her parents about her sexual activity.

Bunny, not knowing anything about that, yelled for the girls to get to bed.

Heaving a sigh of relief when the two young lovers separated without comment, Jack closed the door between the suites. The boys talked for an hour, still excited about the trip and what they planned on doing the next day. They also talked about girls, of course, especially about the girls on the other side of the door.


Everything would have gone fine except for the argument.

Breakfast was a trial. The kids were all supposed to meet for breakfast each morning, to get any information the sponsors needed to put out, or for group activities to be identified and so on. Bunny was still in bed, though she felt much better.

Jack got to the dining room first and sat down at an empty table. He was soon sandwiched between Linda and Melody. Tiffany sat next to Melody. Linda was starry-eyed and tried to flirt with Jack. Melody wasn't far behind. She had experienced more with him the night before than she had in her whole dating life. There was friction between the two as they played out their transparent feelings.

When Linda tried to tell Melody to butt out, and that Mr. Kelly was hers, he tried to put his foot down before any of the others arrived at the table and everything went to shit.

"Look," he said, holding up his hands. "I know that what happened yesterday was exciting and fun and all that, but you two are much too young to be interested in a man my age."

Tiffany nodded. She looked uneasy about the passions she had unleashed in her friends. Playing around was one thing, but fawning over a teacher in public would bring the kind of attention to the group that could cause big trouble.

"Yeah." she said out loud. "I mean he's got to be almost thirty!"

"No WAY!" said Linda, grabbing his elbow.

Jack looked at her, his eyebrows raised. "Way." he said, feeling a little disgruntled at her tone of voice. It was obvious she felt that anyone who was thirty years old was fast approaching geezer status.

Linda looked hurt. "Really?" she asked.

"I'm twenty-eight." he said, feeling like that was an admission of some horrible thing.

"But that means by the time our baby is sixteen you'll be ... " Linda frowned. Math was not her strong suit. "like forty something!" Math wasn't really even in her hand, to tell the truth.

Jack saw a light at the end of the tunnel and reached for it. "I'll probably be thinking about what kind of walker I want to buy by then." he offered.

"EEEwwwww" chimed both Linda and Melody together, leaning away from the teacher.

Then Tiffany blew the whole deal.

"Yeah, he'd be WAY too old to be a cool parent. I mean it's one thing to play with a man as old as he is NOW, but I sure wouldn't want to marry one or anything."

Linda blinked. "Hey! That's right! I mean he DID fuck me really good." she said as if it were something like he'd suggested a good book to read.

"Keep it DOWN!" whispered Jack loudly. "You want to get me fired?"

"No." said Tiffany, acting like nothing was wrong or even dangerous. "But Melody wants you to pop her cherry for her."

Jack's jaw dropped.

Melody's eyes got huge and her mouth opened. "That's NOT what I said!" her voice offended.

"Yeah, but that's what you meant." said Tiffany. "Talking about how hot it was to watch him do Linda, and about how good it must feel for her to be so excited to do it again and all that."

Jack's stomach sank. "When exactly were you doing all this talking?" he gasped.

"They wouldn't shut up about it last night." said Tiffany. "Linda was talking about how great it was and all that."

"And everybody heard?" moaned Jack.

"Well, no, not exactly." assured Tiffany. "Ms Johnson took another pill and was knocked out again. And Susan and Ronnie didn't believe them anyway. Besides nobody used your name or anything."

"You told the other girls?!" Jack whined.

"Like I said, they didn't believe it. Linda said she made it with a grownup in one of the lodge rooms, and Melody couldn't keep her mouth shut and said she watched and sucked the guy's dick. Susan and Ronnie called them liars. It almost started a fight."

"Look," said Jack desperately, "You can't tell ANYBODY about what happened. I could get fired! I could probably go to JAIL!"

"Oh we won't tell anybody," said Tiffany smugly, "anybody else, anyway ... as long as you pop Melody's cherry for her."

Melody was flushing bright red. "Nobody said ANYTHING about anybody popping my cherry!" she hissed.

"You know you want to." said Tiffany calmly.

"OK, so maybe I want to, but not with HIM!" said Melody, flustered.

"Come on Mel." wheedled Tiffany. "Think about it. Linda had a good time, and you will too. And then you can learn enough to make your boyfriend happy and then he can keep YOU happy."

"I don't really HAVE a boyfriend." said Melody sullenly.

"Well, the next one who asks you out will be very happy and he'll want to stay around and make you feel good." argued Tiffany.

Jack couldn't believe his ears. Tiffany sounded like she was on a crusade to end virginity everywhere.

"Don't I have something to say about this?" he asked, looking around. The dining room had several other people in it.

Tiffany looked at him like he was a bug. "No." she said shortly.

"But he's supposed to fuck ME again!" pouted Linda.

"He can fuck you both." said Tiffany with certainty. "But only on this trip, because we don't want to get him fired or anything." she added.

Linda and Melody looked at each other.

"You wanna share?" asked Linda.

For some reason Melody seemed to have forgotten her objections about having Jack remove her virginity.

"Just for this trip, right?" she asked Linda back.

"This is insane." moaned Jack.

"No it's not." said Tiffany firmly. "You like young pussy Mr. Kelly. I know you do because I saw it when you did Linda." she said, her voice triumphant.

"Shhhhh" hushed Jack. Others from the trip were beginning to trickle in. In the lead was Ronnie, a bookish looking girl who wore glasses that seemed to slide down her nose a lot. Her young body was anything but bookish, though, with the strong lines of an athlete. She was wearing her ski suit and had her boots with her. It was obvious she intended to go skiing as soon as breakfast was over. As she approached, she looked closely at the four people at the table and a calculating look came into her eyes.

"So, you all are pretty cozy this morning." she said.

Linda let go of Jack's elbow and moved away a little. Melody did the same.

"We're just talking about poor Ms Johnson." said Tiffany, putting sadness in her voice. "She won't get to do any of the fun things we planned." She smiled a dazzling and obviously professional smile. "We were trying to talk Mr. Kelly into doing something nice for her ... you know ... to make her feel better?"
Ronnie blinked, but the guarded look left her face. She looked at Jack. "Oh ... that's nice. Maybe you could wheel her around in a wheel chair or something. I saw one in the hallway."

Jack was still tense. Nothing had been resolved, and it sounded like the three girls still expected him to perform for them sexually. But he mumbled that he'd do what Ronnie suggested, and then decided that wasn't a bad idea at all. If he was in public with Bunny, the girls couldn't very well get him in a compromising position.

The only problem was that part of Jack ... that part that rested between his thighs ... LIKED the idea of Melody lying naked on a bed somewhere, thighs spread, arms reaching for him, as that part slid gently into the warm clasp of a teenage pussy. And the consummate lover in him wanted another shot at Linda too. He had lost control with her and, while she didn't know it, she had enjoyed the session much less than he was capable of helping her enjoy it. The light at the end of the tunnel was Tiffany's idea that only on this trip would anything be done. That meant that things could return to normal back home.

Breakfast was made a little easier by the fact that Tiffany and her friends weren't as stupid as they appeared to be, and moved away from Jack, mixing with the others. Tiffany sat with Jerry, of course, and Jack noticed that Doug and Randy sat next to the girls they had talked about the night before. Doug tried to engage Linda in conversation, but she was too busy trying to talk to Melody to notice his attention at first. At the same time, Randy was inviting Melody to ski with him. That generated talk about how experienced everyone was, and which kinds of slopes they wanted to ski on. All in all, it was a typical bunch of kids, all with their own agendas, with boys pursuing girls, and girls trying to pretend that they didn't notice it all. Jack barely remembered to remind the kids that, if the 'do not disturb' sign was on the door, that meant Bunny was resting and not to disturb her.

Then, as suddenly as if a whirlwind had taken them all away, the kids were gone and Jack was sitting by himself. He looked around and sighed. It occurred to him that no one had thought to take Bunny something to eat, and he waved at the waiter.


Jack may have done the deed with Bunny, but he had no idea about her culinary likes. His answer to the problem was to load a tray down with variety of things to eat. He decided to enter her suite from the boys' side, since his key didn't open the girls' door. As he opened the connecting door he was greeted by the sight of Bunny crawling on the floor toward the bathroom. She was still naked, and her pale buttocks rose and fell from side to side as she inched along the carpet. Her vulva pooched visibly between her buttocks as each knee went forward. She looked over her shoulder in panic as she heard the door open.

"Oh Jack! Thank goodness it's you." she said. "I have to pee so bad I had to try making it to the bathroom."

"Poor thing." said Jack, meaning it. "Let me help you."

"I just rolled over and let my knees fall to the floor." she said. "I didn't want to try standing up."

"Does it still hurt that badly?" he asked.

"It feels much better, but I'm still sore. I was afraid I'd re-injure something if I tried to stand up."

He stood over her and reached under her to help her stand on her knees. He got handfuls of naked breasts in the process.

"Naughty boy." she giggled, and then moaned as the muscles she was using to giggle squeezed her overfilled bladder.

Once she was on her knees Jack told her to dig her toes into the carpet and he lifted with his wrists under her arms until she was standing, feet together.

"That's not so bad." she said, taking an experimental baby step. That step was followed by several more, each taken more quickly as she waddled toward the bathroom door. He got her into the bathroom and sat her down on the toilet. With a sigh of relief she blushed scarlet as splashing began almost immediately.

"This is so embarrassing." she moaned.

"Nonsense. Everybody has to do it every day of their lives." he said.

Bunny looked longingly at the shower stall.

"Do you think you could get me into the shower?" she asked.

"Of course." he said. The idea of Bunny standing naked under the running water made his prick begin to inflate. "I should help you, of course ... take your shower, I mean."

She looked up and grinned.

"You're horrible." she said.

"No, just horny." he responded.

"Good." was her reply. "Where are the kids?"

"They're all off trying to kill themselves." he said, helping her stand up.

He opened the door and she lifted one foot gingerly to step over the low threshold.

"This really isn't bad at all." she commented. "I'm sore, but I think I can actually walk again."

The shower was all that either of them might have hoped for. Jack shed his clothes and stood in front of Bunny as he turned on the water and adjusted the temperature. Then his hands slid all over her body as she kissed him hungrily. She was able to spread her feet about a foot as his hand dipped between her legs. His soapy fingers probed and she sighed as he hooked a finger up inside her and pulled to mash her clit.

"Did you get any condoms?" she asked after a long tongue-swapping kiss.

His face fell. "Not yet. Things sort of were crazy this morning. I can go buy some when we're done."

"I don't think I want to wait that long." she said, twining her arms around his neck. "I think I need to go back to bed now Jack."

He dried her as she danced on her toes, urging him to hurry, and her steps back to the bed were longer than before. She sat carefully, though, on the edge of the bed and he helped lift her legs up as she lay back. She tried to scoot over, but winced and then rolled instead, ending up in the middle of the bed. Her arms went out to him immediately.

"I should get the condoms Bunny." he warned.

"I don't want to wait." she said.

Jack took his time with her this time, sliding into her slippery sheath gently and then probing, his legs spread, knees dug into the bed covers beside her thighs. This position gave him an opportunity to use his abs to control both the speed and power of his thrusts, instead of letting gravity do that work, and he played her like a fine instrument. He leaned down and suckled her stiff nipples as he probed her deeply. After she'd gone stiff three times, each time whining her ecstasy, he pushed hard and his prick belched out its load of creamy cum, flooding her channel and running through her cervix into her womb.

"I could do this all day long." she sighed as his head drooped and a drop of sweat fell between her breasts.

"You need to get out of here and get some exercise to loosen you up." he panted.

"Are you complaining that I'm too tight?" she grinned.

"I like this position, but I want to be able to get between your legs some day." he responded.

"Mmmm I can't wait." she said.

He had to badger her and help her dress, and then she ate like a horse from the tray he'd brought her. Eventually, though, they made it to the hallway where there was, indeed, a wheelchair tucked in an alcove. She sat in it gratefully and he took her to the observation deck where they could sit behind thick glass and watch people skiing and riding the chair lifts and doing all the other things people did at a ski resort.

The doctor found them there and inquired as to how Bunny was feeling. When she described her symptoms he suggested that she come to his office for a more conclusive exam. He took the handles of her wheel chair and led her away.

That left Jack alone and unprotected.

Chapter Four

Somehow, the girls had radar that told them when they could get Jack alone.

He went to the combination convenience store and gift shop, where he was promptly greeted by name by a very competent and professional young woman who asked if the kids were all having a good time, and how was that nice Bunny, who had slipped on the ice. He was trying to figure out how to ask for condoms without raising eyebrows when he was suddenly surrounded by giggling teenaged girls.

"Hi Mr. Kelly" gushed Linda, taking his arm in hers. All three girls had just come in from the cold and their cheeks were rosy. There were melting flakes of snow in their hair.

"Melody and I have been looking all over for you." said the girl.

Jack darted a glance at the saleswoman who was smiling and he decided that asking for condoms was out of the question.

"Well, what can I do for you girls?" he asked in his best officious teacher's voice.

"Melody has some questions about biology." said Tiffany, with a hint of a smile on her face.

"Surely you girls would rather play than think about school." said Jack in an effort to get them to leave. If he could just stay in the gift shop while they left, he'd be safe.

"Oh, I want to play." said Melody, staring at him intently. "But there are still things I want to be ready for when I get back home. I don't want to put off ... learning ... until it's too late."

"Come on Mr. Kelly." said Tiffany. "You're supposed to take care of us on this trip."

Jack darted another somewhat panicked look at the sales girl, who was openly grinning now.

The clerk held up one hand. "You girls go along now. He'll be along in a minute. He and I have some business to finalize," she said.

Having been dismissed, the girls straggled to the door and clustered there, watching Jack. He turned to the woman, who reached under the counter and brought out a slim box.

"Here." she said. "I lost my cherry to my Algebra teacher."

Jack looked at the box, which claimed to contain six ribbed supersensitive condoms with reservoir tip, in three psychedelic colors. He looked up at the woman, incredulous.

"I've seen it all before, Jack. And don't worry. What goes on at Snow Valley stays at Snow Valley. I won't blow your cover."

"Uh ... thanks." mumbled Jack. "How much?"

"On the house." said the woman smiling. She looked at the cluster of girls. "They bring back some really great memories for me."

"I can't believe this is happening." said Jack, uncertain as to what to do.

"Well it is. Now, go on. Biology can't wait." She grinned wider. "And make it special for them."

Bob slipped the thin box into his pants pocket and had no choice but to go toward the three girls, who perked up excitedly as he approached.

"Where's Ms Johnson?" asked Linda.

"She's being examined by the doctor." said Jack, a little light headedly.

"Good, we can use the room." said Linda.

"I don't think that's a good idea." said Jack, trying to stave off the inevitable. "Somebody might come in."

Tiffany held up her hand, for all the world as if she was waiting to be called on by the teacher.

"We can use the motor home." she said.

Jack groaned. Of course she'd think of that. She'd already used it herself for the same purpose.

He looked around nervously as the three giggling girls herded him toward the big motor home, but nobody seemed to be taking any notice of them. Once inside he stood there uncertainly while Tiffany, in her matriarchal role ... or more accurately her role as a debaucher ... set about getting the bed open. She handled it with obvious ease.

Melody also stood nervously.

"I'm scared." she said in a small voice.

Jack's heart leapt.

"You don't have to do this Melody." he said, trying to smooth his rough voice. Despite his reluctance, the walk to the motor home and the image of Melody naked and splayed under him had gotten him half hard.

"I have to do it sometime." she said. "And I'd rather do it with you than anybody else."

Jack was both surprised and gratified in some sense.

"Why?" he asked.

"Because I like you and I know you'll be nice to me." she said simply. "I know if I tell you to stop, then you will."

"I don't know about that." admitted Jack. "It's pretty exciting to think about ... you know ... um ... making love to you."

Melody beamed. "That makes me feel all squishy inside."

Tiffany turned around. "OK, all ready."

Linda, meanwhile, had gotten a soda out of the refrigerator and was trying to open it without breaking a nail.

"This is frozen." she commented as the top popped open.

Melody's brow furrowed. "It's going to be cold in here." she said. "Can we start it and turn on the heater?"

Once again Jack thought he saw a way out. "We can't really do that. It would draw too much attention to the motor home. I mean just sitting here running ... with nobody at the wheel ... you know?"

And, once again, Tiffany blocked his escape.

"Oh pooh!" she snorted. "There's blankets and stuff. Once you get in the bed it will warm up. Haven't you been camping before?"

It was decidedly unromantic, all things considered. Both Jack and Melody were shivering by the time they dropped the last of their clothing, and both jumped for the bed not so much because they wanted to be in it together naked, as to get to something resembling warmth as they burrowed under the blankets. In the process they pulled the blankets up over their faces. A little light still came in where their heads made room for it.

But the proximity of their naked bodies, rubbing up against each other had the typical effect on them both. Melody, for the first time in her life, was in bed naked with a male. For Jack, the knowledge that the smooth warm body beside him belonged to the beautiful and desirable Melody, not to mention that she was a virgin, caused his prick to bloom to full hard. He put his arms around her as she snuggled up against him.

"Mmmm you're warm." she breathed in his neck. She reached up to move her hair out of her face, and he found green eyes looking into his.

"You are too." he said, squeezing her. He felt his hardon press against her abdomen.

"Is that your ...?" she asked shyly.

"Uh huh." he said.

"And it's already hard?" she asked.

"You're a beautiful girl, Melody." he said.

She smiled and wiggled against him.

"I'm still scared, but I'm all excited too." she said.

"I can't see anything!" complained Linda.

Jack reached up and pulled the blanket down enough to see Linda standing beside the bed, looking down.

"Well we're certainly not going to pull the blankets down just so you can watch." he said.

"But that's not FAIR!" she whined. "Melody got to see what happened to ME!"

"It's too cold." said Jack firmly.

"And I'm all horny!" Linda went on. "I want to be under the covers with you too."

"There's another bed." said Tiffany, significantly.

"Well duh!" said Linda sourly. "But Mr. Kelly isn't IN that one."

"No, but WE could be." suggested Tiffany. "It would be all warm. And I know how to take care of you."

Linda's face was pale in the cold air, but a hint of pink came to her cheeks.

"You mean ... you and me? In bed naked? Doing ... things?" She looked a little shocked.

"It doesn't make you a lesbian to have fun with another girl." said Tiffany patiently. "I told you I like a nice hard prick in my pussy. But I'm horny too and Jerry decided to go off and ski on that black diamond slope with Doug and Randy, so I can't do anything about that right now. Come on Linda, we like each other. Don't you want to feel good?"

Linda looked uncertain and Jack decided to return to Melody, who he had been neglecting. He pulled the blanket back up over their heads and looked into Melody's eyes.

"I'm back." he said.

"Good." she smiled. "I'm not so nervous any more. I think."

"I'll try not to do anything you don't want me to do." said Jack softly, kissing the girl on the lips gently. His hand slid from her back to her hip and then up under her arm to the swell of her breast. Her arm clamped down instinctively, trapping his hand, but then relaxed as she fought the impulse to keep a male hand away from her breast. He slid his hand over the mound and he felt her nipple, hard and protruding. He let his fingertips grasp it gently and he pulled on it, squeezing it a little.

"Mmmm" she responded. "It feels really different when you do it."

"You've let boys do this before?" he asked, massaging the hard little nubbin and making her wiggle.

"Twice." she whispered. "But not naked like this." she added.

"I'd like to put my penis between your legs." he said softly. "Not in you, but just against you ... down there."

"OK." She shivered as his hand went from her breast to grasp his penis.

She lifted her leg and he tucked his hard prick between her legs. He was both surprised and happy to feel that her pussy lips were already wet with desire as he pushed the top of his rod against them. He wanted to burrow the tip of his prick between those slick lips, but forced himself to go slowly. He had all but raped Linda. He didn't want to do that to Melody. He took half a second to realize that he had already resigned - if that was the right word - himself to having sex with this teenager.

"Oooo that feels strange." she whispered. Her hips moved, making her pussy lips slide along his prick. "It feels good."

"It feels good to me too." he whispered back.

There were bumping sounds from across the aisle and Jack realized that Tiffany was letting down the other bed. He knew that when it was down there would be only a twelve inch separation between that bed and the one he and Melody were in. It was possible to bridge that gap and make a super king sized bed, but he didn't know how to do that. It wasn't necessary anyway. He took the time to lower the blanket an he peeked to see Tiffany standing naked, looking at Linda, who was looking at Tiffany.

"Are you SURE this doesn't make us lesbians?" asked Linda.

"Do you still want Mr. Kelly to stick his nasty old hard prick up in your pussy again?" asked Tiffany, shivering.

"YES!" said Linda firmly.

"Then you CAN'T be a lesbian. A lesbian wouldn't want that at all." said Tiffany resolutely.

Linda reached hesitantly for the zipper of her ski jacket.

"Well, if you're sure." she said.

"Hurry UP!" snarled Tiffany. "I'm freezing here."

"Did you lock the door?" whined Linda.

"I did." said Jack, and then ducked back under the covers.

He began kissing Melody. These were not quick, or soft and gentle kisses. He kissed her hungrily and pressed his tongue against her closed lips. Reluctantly she parted them and he licked her teeth and the tip of her own tongue. Her mouth opened more and her tongue came out. His hand went to her buttocks and pulled her against him.

That kiss broke and she looked at him with wide green eyes.

"I never let a boy put his tongue in my mouth before." she said. "They always wanted to, but I thought it would be nasty. It wasn't nasty at all." she commented.

Her lips reached for his and they spent the next five minutes just making out under the blanket. Jack's hand went to her breasts again and fondled them, tweaking both nipples until they stood out, aching, tall and proud. Melody began moaning into his mouth during the kisses. Jack took the next step and slid his hand down across her flat belly, letting his fingertips find the fringes of her pubic hair and then the top of her split. He only went as far as it was necessary to go to find her clit and then diddled it gently.

Melody broke her kiss. "Ohhhh I like that. It feels so different than when I do it." she sighed.

Jack started sliding his finger deeper and then back up, rubbing her clit while searching for the virgin hole he knew was close by. He started dipping his finger into it, coming between his prick and her skin. He hooked that finger, letting it slide up into her a little. He could feel clearly the circle of thin skin that surrounded his finger tip ... her hymen. It contacted his finger on all sides and he knew from his education in things sexual that her hymen was attached on all sides, with a hole in the middle, rather than filling only half the channel, like some did. She jerked as he pushed his finger a little deeper.

"Does that hurt?" he asked softly.

"A little." she admitted. "It always hurts a little when I put my finger in there. I don't go very deep." she whispered.

"It will hurt more if I make love to you." he warned.

"I know, but I'm so excited right now that I don't want to stop." she panted.

"Why don't you lie on top of me?" he suggested. "You can control how much pressure there is if you do that."

She scrambled on top of him almost instantly, letting her knees straddle his hips. In the process his prick was sandwiched between his belly and hers again.

"It feels so big." she whispered.

"It's not all that impressive." he told her. "I'm pretty normal."

"Can I touch it?" she asked.

Jack wanted to laugh. Here they were, stark naked in a motor home in the Colorado mountains, a teacher and student. His hands had been all over her body and she was asking permission to touch his penis? He didn't laugh, though. All he did was say kindly. "I think I'd like that a lot, Melody."

There was a moan from across the aisle. Jack couldn't tell who it was, but it was a happy moan.

"Oh Tiffany," came Linda's sigh, announcing who had moaned. "I had no idea it could feel like that."

"I told you so." came Tiffany's muffled voice. "You want me to keep going?"

"Oh yes." sighed Linda.

Melody reached her hand between her stomach and Jack's as she raised her body off of his. He felt her hand fumble and then touch and then grasp his penis.

"It feels really big to me." she said.

"It won't hurt you." he assured her. "Remember ... you don't have to do anything you don't want to."

He got an idea and pulled upwards on her sides, moving her breasts up to where he could get to them with his mouth. That poked her head out from under the covers.

"Rub your pussy with the tip." he suggested.

Then he captured a stiff nipple and sucked.

Melody jerked and then dropped her body weight onto Jack's face.

"Ohhh I LIKE that!" she moaned.

That she liked it was transmitted not only by her moans of pleasure, but by the way she wiggled her pussy mouth on the tip of Jack's dick, which was now snuggly plugged into that pussy mouth. He could feel pressure already and knew she was stressing her maidenhead.

"Go slowly." he warned, letting one nipple pop out of his mouth and sucking in the other. His hands went to Melody's ass cheeks, which were soft and round under them.

"Feels good" she moaned, rubbing her groin against his more violently.

Across the aisle Linda cried out.

"OOOHHH Tiffy, honey, you're driving me crazy!"

There was the sound of slurping from that area as Tiffany kept doing what was driving Linda crazy.

"Mmmmm, what are they doing?" moaned Melody, pushing down. "Uhhhhh" she moaned, pain in her voice.

Jack felt the pressure on his prick increase.

"I think Tiffany is licking her pussy." whispered Jack.

"Ohhhh that's so nasty!" groaned Melody.

Her actions belied her voice, though, because as she said "nasty" she pushed extra hard and Jack felt heat envelope the whole head of his prick. She had significantly enlarged the hole in her hymen ... to the point that she didn't have much hymen any longer.

"Ahhhh" she cried, stopping suddenly. Jack sucked harder on her nipple, knowing that the sensations of that could help with her pain.

"I feel like you're splitting me apart." she whimpered.

Her knees widened, leaving contact with Jack's hips, and she pushed up with her arms, not thinking about the fact that that would only make her sink further onto the thing that was tormenting her sore pussy. She also pulled the nipple out of Jack's mouth in the process.

"AAUUGH" she groaned as she sank down. Her buttocks hit the front of Jack's thighs and he felt that heat all around his prick now.

"Ohhh fuck that hurts." she complained.

"Then get off, silly." he said.

"No." she said shortly. "I want to do this."

Melody looked down at where they were joined, as if she expected to see her abdomen bulging from the invader in her pussy.

"I can't believe it's in me." she moaned. Her pussy spasmed and rippled.

"Ohhhh believe me," gasped Jack. "It's in you."

Tiffany's blanket muffled voice came from three feet away.

"Did he do it Mel? Did he pop your cherry?"

"NO!" said Mel forcefully. "I popped my OWN cherry." Her voice sounded defensive, as if she blamed the pain she was feeling on Tiffany. "It HURTS!"

Linda giggled. "It won't hurt for long Mel. Tiffy? You stopped. Don't stop!"

Jack pulled at Melody's arms and brought her back down where her breasts crushed into his face.

"Mmmm that's a little better." she said as the pressure lessened in her tight slot.

Jack started sliding his hands all over her back and buttocks, stroking her, teasing her skin with his fingertips. She wiggled as he tickled her and looked down at him.

"You popped my cherry." she said accusingly.

"I thought you popped your own cherry." he corrected her.

She smiled a small smile. "It does feel a little better now."

"Just rock forwards and backwards a little bit." he suggested.

She did and her fact lit up as her clit was abused. That led to more rocking and soon her face was flushed. She threw the blanket off her shoulders and pushed up, sitting up while she rocked and taking him deep into her ravaged tunnel.

"Lots better." she moaned. "Lots, lots better."

Jack slid his hands around to cup her precious teen titties and he pinched both nipples, harder than he had before. Her eyes went half closed and she rocked harder. She looked good riding him, her long dark hair flying as she tossed her head.

"Ohhh yeah." she moaned. "Oooooo yeah".

It was about then that Jack remembered that, in his pants pocket, five or six feet from where they lay, there were six ribbed condoms in a slim packet. He was acutely aware of his naked prick stuck deep in this teenager ... acutely because she looked so good he was about to shoot.

"Melody," he groaned. "You need to get off now honey. I forgot to put on a condom."

"Don't ... want ... to ... stop." she panted back at him.

"I'm gonna cum, baby." he moaned.

If he thought that would cool her ardor, he was wrong. For some reason, that inflamed the girl. She went crazy, jerking her hips as her pussy rippled and squeezed as she had her very first orgasm with a penis in her pussy. Her fingers clenched and her nails dug into his chest muscles painfully. That didn't cool Jack off though, and he lay helplessly as his balls bunched and he felt the soothing flow of semen rush through his prick. It burst out into Melody's depths in five strong squirts that soaked her pussy thoroughly with dangerous sperm.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH" she groaned, slowing a little. "It feels so hot."

In the next bed Linda was gasping and bucking under the blankets, letting out strangled little "Eeep"s and rhythmic "Huh! Huh! Huh!"s. Somehow her hands had gotten outside of the covers, and were on top of a lump just a little lower than a pregnant belly would be, which was what Jack thought about as his prick weakly tried to shove even more sperm-laden semen into the girl riding it. It flitted through his mind to wonder if the motor home was rocking on its springs, and if there would be a crowd of people outside waiting to see who came out.

Melody's sudden flurry of kisses banished that from his mind.

"Ohhh thank you Mr. Kelly ... that was so cool ... I'm SO glad we did this ... I understand how Linda feels about you now, even if you ARE old."

Well, thought Jack ... a backhanded compliment from a freshly fucked virgin was better than screams and tears ... and threats.

"We just HAVE to do this again." cooed Melody.

Jack wanted to groan. That sounded just a teeny bit like a threat.

Linda's vocal symphony had subsided and now she just lay there limp, gasping for air. The covers raised up above her like an alien emerging from her stomach and slid down to reveal a very naked Tiffany. Her face was red and she was breathing hard too.

"Your turn." she panted.

Linda raised her head. "I don't think I can do it." she moaned. "I mean it was fantastic ... thank you and all that ... but I don't know if I can do that to you."

"You'd better get ready then, cause I'm so horny that if Mr. Kelly wasn't already taken I'd be where Melody is." said Tiffany darkly.

"What about Jerry?" asked Linda, trying to change the subject.

"I'll get him out here tonight, don't you worry about that." said Tiffany. "But I need something right NOW!"

It took a little more cajoling, but finally Tiffany was on her back, legs spread, and Linda gave a tentative little lick. She raised her head, a confused look on her face.

"That's not bad." she said. She looked around, like there might be an audience other than Melody and Jack, who were, in fact, watching interestedly. "It's not at all like I expected."

"PLEEASE Linda." begged Tiffany.

This time, when Linda approached, it was much less tentative and, within two minutes she was a confirmed and ardent pussy licker.

"Suck my clitty." ordered Tiffany. "Oooo I wish Jerry would do this."

Linda's attack grew a little more frenzied, and one of her hands snuck down to her own pussy, where it wiggled frantically. She said something, but it was too muffled to understand.

"OWWW!" squealed Tiffany. "DON'T BITE IT!"

Linda raised her head. Her face was shiny wet. "Sorry." she grinned.

Melody looked back at Jack. "Something's moving down there." she said, looking at where they were still joined. Jack had softened and most of his prick had been squashed out of her.

"What they're doing is pretty hot." said Jack. "I guess it excites me."

"You mean you're going to get hard again?!" asked Melody excitedly. "Ohhh I want to do it again. Please Mr. Kelly?"

Linda raised her head. "NO! It's MY turn! You HAD your turn ... now it's MY turn."

Tiffany half sat up and grabbed Linda's head and forced it back between her thighs. She didn't have to say a word. Still, while Linda licked and sucked and made it look like she was having a pretty good time doing so, her eyes kept going to Melody, to see what she was doing.

Melody was rocking again. That's what Melody was doing. And as she rocked, Jack got stiffer and stiffer. And though he didn't get as hard as he was originally, it still poked well into Melody's pussy and massaged her clitty very nicely.

"I'm so glad we did this." she said again.

Linda lifted her head long enough to bark "IT'S MY TURN MEL!" and then dove back between Tiffany's thighs.

"I'm just keeping him hard for you." said Melody, who had somehow taken long strides away from being an innocent, virginal girl and toward being a calculating, experienced woman, with just one fuck.

It took Linda a little longer to bring Tiffany off, most likely because she wasn't as experienced at it as Tiffany was, but finally Tiffany went rigid and wailed a long and very loud cry of relief. Linda bounced up and all but tackled Melody, who fell to Jack's side almost as if she'd been expecting that very thing. Jack's penis waved in the air drunkenly. To his astonishment, Linda dropped her head to take almost all of his cock in her mouth and sucked hard as she pulled up off of his member. She smacked her lips and tilted her head sideways.

"You taste different than Tiff." she said, looking at Melody.

Melody covered her mons with both hands.

"Oh, come on Mel" she wheedled. "You just HAVE to try that. Tiff's right! It tastes DE-licious."

Then she scooted up and held her pussy open with two fingers while she tried to stick Jack's prick in her. It bent in half on her first try.

"Help me." she whined to Jack.

He reached down and fisted his prick, squeezing the lower half in his hand while she sat on the upper half. Then he pulled his hand out and she wiggled the rest of the way onto him.

"It feels really different than yesterday." she commented. "I like being on top." she added. She began rocking, like she had seen Melody doing. "I wish it was harder." she said.

Jack almost lost what hard he had. He wasn't used to performing twice in a row, and with different women to boot. In self defense he pulled her down and started sucking her fat nipples too, gratified to hear her moan of happiness.

But the fact was that Jack Kelly was done. At least for a while longer than ten minutes. Linda rode him happily, but it wasn't the same as having a truly hard prick in her.

"This isn't working, is it?" she asked at last.

"Sorry." said Jack. "Like you said, I'm old. If I were your age I'd be hard as a rock."

"My age, huh?" she said, looking at him thoughtfully. Her head turned to Tiffany, who was idly stroking her clit with two fingers. Somehow it had gotten a lot warmer in the motor home and nobody needed covers over them any more. "Are you really going to bring Jerry out here tonight?" she asked.

"You bet!" said Tiffany.

"There ARE two beds." said Linda. "And Doug has been trying to talk to me all day."

"Now hold on just a minute." said Jack.

Linda had also advanced in her social skills. She looked down at the teacher whose prick, admittedly mostly limp now, was in her pussy.

"So are YOU going to come out here tonight and make me feel good Mr. Kelly?"

Jack closed his eyes helplessly.

"OK, OK, but you can't tell everybody. It HAS to be a secret." he said.

"Scout's honor." said Linda holding up two fingers in the Cub Scout salute. She looked over at Melody. "How about you Mel? You ready to go again?"

Melody just shook her head. "I feel wonderful, and if Mr. Kelly will do this with me again before we leave that will be enough for me. Besides, none of the boys have paid any attention to me."

"You're blind as a bat." snorted Tiffany. Randy Crawford has been following you around all day."

"He has not!" said Melody with dignity. "He's out on the slopes with the others."

"He wouldn't be if he knew you were in here naked." said Tiffany. He's had a boner for you ever since breakfast.

"You're TERRIBLE!" squealed Melody. "He doesn't even know I'm alive!"

"We'll just see about that at supper." said Tiffany wisely.

Chapter Five

All three girls, once dressed, had run off giggling, to see what was going on. Tiffany claimed to know where the black diamond slope ended and mentioned that Doug and Randy would be there too. Jack had a sinking feeling that everything was coming unraveled. He had visions of the motor home rocking on its springs as three boys lustily fucked three girls, squirting them full of babies in the process.

Bunny was already in the room when Jack got there, his now shrunken prick firmly in his pants.

"Where have you been!" she chimed. She was still fully dressed. "Doctor Richards says I just strained some muscles and everything will be fine in a week or two."

Jack knew that he might be ruining the best thing that had happened to him, but he couldn't keep it inside. He also couldn't let her be blind-sided by what he knew would happen eventually.

"We have a problem." he said. He frowned. "Actually ... I have a problem."

"What?" she asked, a concerned look coming on her face.

Now Jack didn't know just how much to admit. Bunny wasn't aware that three girls had watched him destroy her virginity and spurt her full of spunk. Admitting that didn't seem like it would make things any better.

At the same time, he had to explain how he could be blackmailed, and he needed Bunny on his side of things, so it needed to be something she could identify with.

"Well ... when I was taking care of you last night ... all three of them - Tiffany, Melody and Lindda - walked in while you were ... um ... unconscious. I ... um ... don't think they saw anything, except that I was still naked. They ... um ... were curious about what a man looked like, and they said they could claim that I raped you ... or tried to rape you. Things kind of got out of hand ... and I let them ... uh ... do some things. And somehow ... Linda kind of got under me, and she was naked too, and I sort of lost control and ... kind of put it inside her ..."

"You just STUCK IT IN HER!?" Bunny was scandalized.

"Yes." he moaned, ashamed.

"I can't believe she didn't scream." said Bunny.

"That's because she ... loved it." said Jack miserably. He didn't think it was a good idea to admit that she HAD screamed.

"Well, I guess I can understand that." said Bunny frankly. "I can't believe how much I've missed all these years. Jack, honey, once I had you I was hooked. I'm going to have a man in my life from now on. I hope it's you Jack." she said firmly.

"But I raped a student." he moaned.

"You idiot, that wasn't rape." said Bunny. "Girls in that situation don't get naked with a man if they aren't horny, and a horny woman expects to get her cookies off." She looked thoughtful. "And Tiffany had something to do with it too." She looked at Jack. "What about Melody?" she asked.

Jack tried to look somewhere else. "Um ... out in the motor home ... about half an hour ago ..." his voice trailed off. As Bunny's eyes widened he tried to defend himself. "They cornered me in the gift shop." he said. "They said I had to pop Mel's cherry for her or they'd tell that I'd done it with Linda."

"Oh give me a break!" snorted Bunny.

"I'm telling the truth!" Jack insisted. "I went to the gift shop to get the condoms, and then they showed up. The girl that works there even knew what they were doing. She GAVE me the condoms after she chased the girls out. She said her Algebra teacher took her virginity and she told me to make them happy!"

Bunny covered her eyes with both hands and groaned.

"You've GOT to be kidding me. First three girls catch you fucking me, and you fuck one of them. Then the cashier in the fucking GIFT SHOP figures out what's going on! And THEN you actually go and DO it to ANOTHER one!?" She pulled one hand off her eye and glared at Jack. "At least you got some condoms" she said heavily.

Jack didn't think it was the opportune time to mention that they had lain unused in his pants while he spunked two teenaged students, neither of whom was protected in any way, shape or form.

Maybe later.

"What are we going to do?" he asked miserably.

Bunny uncovered her eyes and sat up, wincing, until Jack helped her.

"We can't just take them all home." she said. "That would cause questions we couldn't answer." She looked up at Jack with something he thought might be accusatory. "And you can't just keep fucking them." she said sternly.

"I know." he said miserably. "But they keep threatening to tell."

"I'll have a little woman to woman talk with them about that." said Bunny decisively. She tried to throw her legs over the edge of the bed and groaned. "Later." she moaned.

"I'm sorry." said Jack, still miserable.

"If I know men - and I admit I'm a little shy of knowledge about men - but if I know men, I doubt you're nearly as sorry as you're trying to convince me you are." said Bunny. But her words were said more or less good naturedly. "But you can't keep doing it with them." she said firmly. "Besides the obvious ethical problem ... I don't want to share you."

Jack was astonished. Even after admitting he had screwed two of their charges, she was still interested in him. He couldn't believe it.

"You're taking this awfully well." he commented.

"I'm around High School girls all day long." said Bunny simply. "I know how they act, and what they do. You didn't have a chance, Jackie boy. Very few men would be able to stand up to three determined girls."

"But you were so freaked out when you caught Tiffany." said Jack.

"That's because it was happening on my shift." she said. "Now that it's done and I know what they're planning, I can do something about it."

"What should I do?" asked Jack.

"You just stay away from them until I get them together tonight." she said. "And get some rest. I expected to be made happy when you walked through that door. You did not make me happy Jack. You're going to have to work very hard to make up for that the next time you get me naked."

Again, her face didn't match the severity of her voice. Jack felt a wave of relief wash over him. Maybe he hadn't screwed things up beyond help after all..


The thing that surprised Jack more than anything else at supper was that the girls acted completely normal. They chattered and talked about the things that all kids talk about when they get together. Melody and Linda did, however, pay a lot more attention to Randy and Doug respectively than they had in the past. The boys basked in the attention. Only the occasional sidelong glance at Jack told him that the girls were teasing him by flirting with the boys. Or at least they thought they were.

Bunny acted normally too, which also amazed Jack. She chatted with all the kids about what they had done that day, and what the skiing was like and all the normal things a sponsor would be interested in.

Jack, on the other hand, was almost a wreck. He was so nervous that he forgot to eat until he realized that both Susan and Ronnie, the only two girls at the table who didn't have a man to talk to, were looking at him strangely. He tried, with limited success, to engage them in normal conversation.

Ronnie, as it turned out, was a snowboarder, and was quite accomplished at it, to hear her talk about her day. Susan had tried that, but had eventually elected to tube for most of the day instead. She wanted to ski, but wasn't ready for the harder courses that the boys had gone down, and the other three girls hadn't done any sporting activities at all that day, electing as they called it, to shop and watch guys. Susan somewhat sullenly remarked that she didn't want to ski alone, and made a jab at girls who came on a skiing trip and then didn't ski. Only Tiffany heard the remark, though. Her response was flippant.

"I'll ski tomorrow Susan." she said waving a hand.

"Yeah, right." said Susan stiffly.

"What's that supposed to mean?" asked Tiffany archly.

"Why don't you tell Jerry what you've REALLY been doing?" challenged Susan.

She got everyone's attention then. She was pissed off and it showed. She turned to Melody and Linda.

"In fact, why don't you two tell everybody what YOU'VE been doing WITH her!" She slammed her fork down on the table.

"Susan." said Tiffany, her voice full of warning.

"Don't you 'Susan' me!" said Susan. "This is supposed to be a skiing trip! You three go out and act like sluts, and I don't have anybody to ski with because of it!"

For Jack, the bell of doom was tolling louder and louder. He knew what Tiffany and her cohorts had told the other two girls about. He thought it was quite possible that Susan had put two and two together and was much better at math than Linda.

Bunny, on the other hand, was clueless, and her fear was that somehow Susan had found out what Jack had done with the three girls. Her reaction was to take control, like a teacher controlling students.

"Susan!" she said firmly. "I'd like to talk to you after dinner." Her rebuke was plain and Susan acted just like any student being rebuked by a teacher. She ducked her head. Bunny's stare then turned to the three girls who had just been called sluts. "And I'll speak with you three after that. Until then, all of you behave like adults. If you can't say anything pleasant ... don't say anything at all."

It was an excellent try, by an accomplished teacher. The only problem was her phrase "act like adults." That, in fact, was the problem in a nutshell. Three of the girls HAD been acting like adults. And in their minds, they weren't about to stop.


Her talk with Susan started off with no little trepidation on Bunny's part, but she masked it with an authoritative attitude. Bunny had told Tiffany, Melody and Linda to wait for her in their suite. She had told the other kids to "go play or something." Then she had taken Susan outside on the big porch that surrounded the chalet. Jack was still sitting at the table, his eyes somewhat glazed, when they all left.

"You want to tell me what that was all about?" asked Bunny.

Susan had not only had a chance to calm down, she had automatically gone into the quite normal "I'm not a snitch" mode that kids learn instinctively. Her response was intended to sidestep the question.

"They're just such sluts." she said defensively.

Bunny, though, had to know if Susan knew just WHO they had been sluts with. If there was any hope at all of controlling the situation, she had to identify every person who knew the damaging details of Jack's ... indiscretions.

"Why is it that you think they're ... sluts." probed Bunny.

Susan felt her anger well up again. She wasn't a completely plain girl. She had a girlish figure, and good teeth, and she liked her hair. But when girls like Tiffany were around, boys just didn't pay any attention to her. It wasn't fair. And for them to go out and have sex with a man was just the last straw. While she had expressed disbelief when Tiffany crowed about how they got some man to have sex with them, she was quite sure that it was true.

"They'll admit it!" she said sullenly. "They've already had sex with some man here at the resort!"

"Some man?" asked Bunny gently, feeling a rush of relief. If this girl knew about Jack, she wouldn't be so forthcoming. She would be more on guard.

"Last night, when you got hurt and Mr. Kelly was taking care of you, they snuck out and found some man to have sex with. They talked about it in the room. They were bragging!" She felt tears in her eyes, from the anger and unfairness of it all, and scrubbed at them furiously, not wanting to cry in front of a teacher.

"I see." said Bunny. Her sense of relief was so strong that she didn't know what to say next. "Maybe they were spinning yarns." she suggested. That's the phrase her mother had used when she was a girl.

"Probably not." sighed Susan. "They're so pretty and popular." She looked morose. "Besides, they went out today and had sex again today. I don't know if it was the same man or somebody new, but they were talking about it just before supper. It isn't fair!"

Bunny's eyes widened as she realized this girl was jealous.

"Look Susan," she started. "I know it seems unfair when some girls get a lot of attention, and others don't. But that attention brings a lot of things that a girl your age shouldn't have to deal with. I don't know if they really did what they claim, but I do know that if they did they'll probably be sorry for it some day. Having that kind of relationship is tough for a girl your age. It's tough for adults. You'll get your chance to find a man and have a relationship with him someday."

It was a good speech. It should have worked. And maybe, if Susan hadn't had so many daydreams about what it would be like to be pretty, and popular, and sought after like the three girls she was so jealous of, it might have worked. But to Susan, Bunny was just another adult, trying to tell her to be satisfied with her lot in life, which was to remain a virgin until she was an old woman. Susan, to put it nicely, didn't buy it. She stared at Bunny, and then did something that, later, would shock her.

"If that's so true, why aren't YOU married?" she blurted. Her anger fueled more incautious words. "You're pretty, and smart, and YOU don't have a man. Everybody knows it. Half the boys sit around and stare at you like they're looking at a dirty magazine. Why don't YOU have a man? A boyfriend even?"

Her brain caught up with her mouth finally and she closed it.

"I'm sorry." she said, horrified. "Really Miss Johnson, I didn't mean that. I'm really, really sorry."

Bunny, who had started to react to those harsh words like any woman would, took a breath. The girl's apology was sincere. She was frustrated and full of hormones. Bunny knew what that was like, and it tempered her response.

"I've been waiting for the RIGHT man." she said softly. "I know what you're going through. I had braces when I was your age. I had a flat chest too."

Susan's eyes went to Bunny's generous breasts with a look of disbelief.

Bunny went on. "I know it's not easy for you. But hopping into bed with some guy won't solve your problems."

Bunny felt a twinge of guilt as she thought about what had happened between her and Jack. She didn't think of it as "hopping into bed", mostly because she had been so infatuated with him for so long. But on one level, that's exactly what had happened. She had hopped into bed with a man she hardly knew, and she was elated at how things had turned out. Well, elated at how they'd turned out for her. Jack was in trouble, but like most women she was quite sure she could cure him of his inability to keep it in his pants.

But right now she needed to head off this confrontation. She could deal with Jack's problem later.

"I'm going to talk to the girls." said Bunny. "If they've been fooling around I'm going to put a stop to it." She said it firmly. She wanted to believe it.

"OK." said Susan, subdued now.

"And tomorrow maybe you can go skiing and this will all be water under the bridge. You should probably apologize to the girls, but if they claimed all this sex business, then they brought it on themselves. I'll remind them of that when I speak to them."

"OK." said Susan, now wanting only for this whole conversation to be over so she could go hide somewhere.


Bunny's talk with the three girls Jack had ... been involved with ... was more difficult for bunny, in some ways ... and easier in others.

In the first place, she knew what had happened. THEY didn't know that, but her firm footing on the facts of the situation made her feel much more in control. At the same time, she couldn't divulge to them HOW she knew those facts. That she had seen Tiffany getting royally fucked by her boyfriend was not something she wanted to admit. That was because, under normal circumstances, a teacher would have stormed into the motor home and stopped it.

Bunny hadn't done that. And, while Tiffany might not think about that immediately, if she found out about it, she would eventually reflect on that little fact.

And to admit to the girls that Jack had confessed to her about fucking the other two of them wouldn't do at all. Any normal female teacher would have immediately called the cops ... or at least ended the ski trip and gotten the girls back home.

Bunny hadn't done that either.

To add to the confusion, the three girls knew that Jack had royally fucked Bunny, while she was hopped up on pain killers. They made some assumptions about her being able to figure out that had happened, and since her public relationship with Mr. Kelly wasn't stormy in the least, they made some assumptions about her deciding that being fucked by Mr. Kelly was a good thing. Just like they had. They, as they thought of it, had some 'secret' knowledge of their own. It never occurred to them that Jack might have told Bunny about ... them.

So, when Bunny faced the three girls, she wasn't quite sure how to proceed. The girls weren't sure what to say, if anything. They sat, looking at her.

Bunny, thinking furiously, asked the first question just to be able to say something.

"So, is it true?" she asked.

For the three girls, that question was a mine field. It wasn't specific enough to just say "No" to. All of them had been in situations where a vague question like that got them in trouble if they just tried to deny everything. Both Melody and Linda were feeling particularly guilty, having just lost their virginities, which they had both been trained to protect at all costs. The guilt wasn't so much about losing that virginity ... it was more about feeling so happy they had broken the rules, and their eager anticipation about getting their pussies stuffed again as soon as possible.

Tiffany, who had broken many more rules, and was more accomplished at lying about them, knew the safest thing to do.

"Is what true?" she asked.

Bunny, though, was just as accomplished at female sparring.

"You know what," she said. It hadn't been all that long since that kind of statement had made her spill her own guts to her mother. "What you told Susan ... about having sex ... with a man ... here at the resort." Her pauses were punctuated by her moving closer to the girls, and staring each one in the face. Her voice left no doubt that she was quite sure that the girls HAD had sex ... at the resort.

Tiffany's first thought was that somehow, Bunny had found out about her and Jerry, that first night.

"We just fooled around a little bit," she said defensively.

The first crack had appeared in her teenaged armor.

"You call having sexual intercourse with a stranger ... fooling around a little bit?" asked Bunny heavily.

"It wasn't a stranger ... it was Jerry!" said Tiffany, defending herself.

The crack, as is often the case, widened a bit.

"You all three had sex with Jerry?" asked Bunny, hiding a smile. With Tiffany on the defensive, she felt like she had control.

"Of course not!" squealed Linda. "I wouldn't DO it with Jerry!"

Bunny turned to her instantly. "Who WOULD you do it with, Linda?" She got right up in her face. She didn't believe for a second that any of them would confess to being screwed by their teacher. She just wanted to put enough pressure on all three girls to ensure that they were too scared to do anything else on the trip, with Jack or anybody else.

Linda's eyes filled with tears. She had visions of this woman telling her parents that she wasn't a virgin any more.


Bunny blinked, and her mind jangled. That wasn't quite the way Jack had described things. Somehow she'd gotten the impression that she had been covered up, and that the girls didn't actually KNOW what had happened between the sponsors. Linda had made it plain that they had watched as Jack fucked her! Her mouth fell open.

Tiffany, disgusted with her friend for blabbing like that, saw an opportunity.

"You DO know that Mr. Kelly had sex with you while you were drugged ... don't you?" she asked sweetly. Her satisfaction vanished as she realized that she had put it in terms that would allow Bunny to deny that knowledge, which might suddenly involve police, and EVERYTHING could come unraveled.

"I mean you were all but begging for it," she added hesitantly.

Bunny's shock at finding out that these girls knew about her and Jack prevented her from thinking. She might have answered differently if she'd have taken time to think.

"I was NOT begging for it!" she snarled. "I was just confused ... you saw us?!"

Now it was Bunny's turn to realize that she had just admitted something that might come back to haunt her.

Tiffany smirked. She delivered what she thought was a solid blow.

"Oh yeah, we saw you. We went in there to check on you, and there he was, on top of you, pounding away, and you WERE begging for it!"

Bunny's mind clicked into defensive mode. She felt control slipping away and wanted desperately to get it back.

"It's one thing for an adult male and an adult female to have that kind of relationship, and completely another for three girls to BLACKMAIL a teacher into having SEX with them!" she snarled.

Tiffany smirked again. "He didn't have sex with ME," she said airily. "He only had sex with Linda and Mel."

"TIFFANY!" squealed both of the girls named together, their voices aghast. Both of them got physical with Tiffany, who threw up her arms to defend herself.

"STOP!" screamed Bunny.

Everybody froze.

"SIT DOWN!" ordered Bunny.

The girls sat, while Bunny paced. Heated looks went back and forth between the girls.

"This has gotten completely out of hand," said Bunny, more to herself than to the girls. "Something has to be done."

Tiffany, despite her cockiness, knew that if her parents found out that she and Jerry had done what they'd done, she'd be grounded for years.

"Come on Miss Johnson, we were just fooling around," she whined. "They were curious ... when we saw you and Mr. Kelly ... you know ..."

"You can't just go around having sex with men ... ESPECIALLY Jack!" said Bunny heatedly.

"Why not?" asked Tiffany, completely serious. "I like it, and they did too ..."

She was interrupted again by Melody and Linda, who vociferously denied anything of the sort, feeling that their only chance was to deny everything and blame it all on Tiffany.

"Oh shut up!" yelled Bunny. She wasn't thinking too clearly, and followed up with "You did too! Jack told me all about how you got him to ..." She clamped her mouth shut. She hadn't meant to say that at all.

"Oh DID he?" crowed Tiffany. "So you knew all along about what Mr. Kelly did?"

"He came to me for help!" stuttered Bunny helplessly.

"Why Miss Johnson!" purred Tiffany. "I had no idea you liked girls too." She grinned.

Bunny reared back, suddenly aware of the double meaning of her comment about Jack "wanting help".

"That's not what I meant!" she spluttered, now totally out of control of the situation. "I meant he asked me how to get OUT of this situation!"

"Mr. Kelly didn't like making love with us?" Melody's voice held tragedy, the kind of tragedy that only a teenager is capable of voicing. It was clear that she thought her first lover couldn't stand the thought of touching her again, and her hurt because of that 'fact' was palpable.

Linda was right behind her.

"B..b..but he said he loved it!" she moaned, just as hurt by the idea that her dream lover ... the man she had thought about marrying ... had lied to her.

Bunny had visions of girls screaming rape, and tumbled further down the slippery slope she found herself on.

"No, that's not what I meant. Of course he loved being with you girls. It's just that ... well ... you're girls."

"He sure didn't TREAT us like girls!" snapped Linda.

Tiffany just smiled. She was quite happy with the way things were going. She was certain she could control Linda and Melody, and if she could just keep Miss Johnson on the defensive she thought she could control her too.

"I might even be PREGNANT!" bawled Melody, the drama in her voice all but overwhelming.

"SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!" moaned Bunny, about ready to cry herself. How had this gone so wrong?

Tiffany stood up.

"Everybody calm down," she said calmly, as if nothing serious was wrong at all. "Things aren't as bad as they seem."

The other three women in the room looked at her as if she had sprouted a third eye.

"Come ON, you guys," chided Tiffany. "Melody you're not pregnant, and you aren't either, Linda. You just had some fun with Mr. Kelly and you know it. He was nice to both of you, and nothing has to be done about that at all."

She turned to Bunny.

"And you were under the influence of pain killers, and everybody knows those can make you act weird. Besides, you're right ... you and Mr. Kelly have every right in the world to ..." She started to say 'fuck each other's ears off' and then thought better of it. "... to be boyfriend and girlfriend," she finished. She saw some relief come into Bunny's eyes, and intentionally pulled that rug out from under the teacher. "Though, I suppose that letting the three of us watch you ... having intercourse ... might be frowned on by our parents."

"I didn't LET you watch!" babbled Bunny, fully on the defensive now.

"I know, but our parents would never believe that ... now would they?" She smiled sweetly.

Her meaning cut straight through Bunny's shock and loss of control. She was being threatened by a student, and she reacted instantly.

"You'd try to blackmail ME TOO?!" she said, outraged.

Tiffany held up a hand.

"Now Miss Johnson, there's no need to get all excited. That's not what I said. What I said was that nothing happened that was against anybody's own free will. Stuff happens ... right? Why do we need to do anything about it at all? That's all I'm saying."

"You've GOT to be kidding me," moaned Bunny. "High School girls can't just run around fucking teachers and think that everything is hunky dory about that!"

"We run around and let boys fuck us," said Tiffany, as if that made all the difference in the world. "What's the difference if Melody and Linda learned from a real man, or did it with Randy and Doug?"

"I do not fucking believe this," moaned Bunny.

"Come on, Miss Johnson, didn't you lose your cherry in High School?" said Tiffany. There was no trace of doubt in her voice that she thought she was right.

"No," said Bunny, her voice controlled but intense. "I did NOT lose my virginity in High School. I'll have you know that my virginity was completely intact until last night!"

"Really?" squealed Melody. "Me too!"

Bunny shot her a dark look and Melody looked down at her shoes.

"So," said Tiffany, trying to control the shock in her voice that came from being completely wrong. "Are you glad you did it?"

"That's none of your business," snapped Bunny.

"Come on, Miss Johnson," wheedled Tiffany. "We're all women here."

"We are NOT all women here," huffed Bunny. "I'm your teacher and you girls are just teenagers, and this has all gone horribly wrong somehow!"

Linda stood up. "I'm glad I did it, Miss Johnson. Mr. Kelly was really nice to me, and I had a really good time. I'm not sorry at all. As far as I'm concerned Mr. Kelly is the best!" She tugged Melody's sleeve. Melody looked up and saw Linda nodding at her. "Don't you feel the same way Mel?"

"Un huh," said Melody softly. She looked surprised. She looked at Bunny, who was looking at the girl quizzically. "I DO!" she said more firmly. "I really DO, Miss Johnson. I couldn't think of doing it with a boy, but Mr. Kelly made me feel beautiful and grown up and I love him for that!"

How all this affected Bunny could probably be broken down into three basic parts.

It was probably one part that both girls had abandoned their dramatic wails, and were speaking in voices that sounded genuine, and one part that the threat of someone yelling "RAPE" had abated significantly. But the other part was something more personal to Bunny, and that was the fact that she knew exactly how these girls felt. She, too, had lost her virginity to Jack, and she had loved every second of it. He WAS a kind and generous lover, and she had no doubt that he had made both girls feel like women during ... the act.

She looked at Tiffany, whose face showed much more anxiousness than she would have believed ... or been happy about.

"What about you?" she asked. "How do you feel about what Jack did with you?"

Tiffany's look of surprise flickered across her face, and was replaced by a tentative smile.

"Oh I didn't do THAT with him. That would be cheating on Jerry," she said, as if a teenage girl having sex with her boyfriend, and being true to him was somehow admirable. Her relief at being able to say that made her tongue looser than she had planned. "All I did was show the girls how giving him a blowjob was fun." She looked startled that she'd said that.

Bunny groaned. "You had oral sex with Jack too?"

Melody and Linda, feeling much better now that Bunny wasn't screaming at them any more, nodded brightly. Tiffany just covered her eyes with one hand.

Melody's anguished pronouncement that she might be pregnant sprang full fledged into Bunny's mind suddenly.

"You said you might be pregnant!" she gasped. "Jack said he got some condoms!"

"Oh ..." said Melody, somewhat sheepishly. "Well, um ... that was after Linda ... and we sort of got carried away in the motor home ... and he tried to stop and all ... but I didn't want to ... and ..." Her voice trailed off.

"That, girls, is why young ... women ... should not get involved in having casual sex!" grunted Bunny. "It's way too easy to get ... what did you say Melody? ... carried away?"

"Um ..." said Tiffany, her voice less sure than it had been. "I don't believe he ... um ... used one with you either Miss Johnson."

Now it was Bunny who covered her eyes with her hand. No matter what she threw at these girls, they somehow managed to turn it all around on her.

Finally Bunny was able to look at the girls again.

"OK," she said heavily. "But we have to do something about this. Jack is a man, and we all know how weak men are. It isn't fair to him for you to flaunt yourselves around him and ask him to have sex with you. Not only could he lose his job, it's illegal, and he could get in a LOT of trouble. You don't want that to happen, do you?" she asked hopefully.

None of the girls actually said anything, but all three shook their heads.

"No, of course you don't," said Bunny, trying to convince them all. "So, no more sex with Jack ... right?"

Bunny should have known better than to phrase things in that way. We can cut her a little slack, though, since she was still rattled by all the unintended disclosures about her own sex life. Had she been thinking a little more clearly, she might have said "So, no more sex on this trip ... right?"

The first thing all three girls thought of was that, while they had been planning on having sex again ... as soon as possible ... it wasn't with Jack ... at least not in particular. Tiffany, of course, had Jerry to satisfy her. And, after they left Jack alone in the motor home, she had convinced both her friends that they could have boyfriends by the time they left the resort. Tiffany had matched up Melody with Randy, and then promptly told Linda that Doug was the boy for her.

So, it wasn't completely a lie for the girls to promise that they wouldn't have sex with Jack any more. They just left out the fact that they might have sex with the boys on the trip.

And, since all of them were more or less uncomfortable with the subject under discussion, they were all eager to end the meeting and go elsewhere.

Chapter Six

It was surely just coincidence that all four women left the meeting with sex on their minds ... to the point that all four women intended to get involved in sex as soon as possible.

It was no coincidence, however, that only one of the women actually controlled her urge to mate. Bunny didn't seek Jack out immediately. Instead, she went looking for Susan, to make sure that Susan didn't blow things up, now that they appeared to be under control.

Tiffany, Melody and Linda, however, went looking for the boys. It was still relatively early, and if Jack wasn't going to be fucking them in the motor home ... well ... that didn't mean they couldn't have any fun.

The timing of things from that point on was not only interesting, it was actually fascinating, considering how things turned out.

First, after talking to Susan, Bunny felt free to go find Jack and report that things were under control. She found him in the boys' suite, more or less hiding. She made her report, and then announced that there were another probably two or three hours before the kids would show up at the rooms for bed. She dragged Jack through the connecting door, engaged in a torrid kiss. It wasn't until she dropped her blouse that she remembered to go lock the door to the girls' suite. Then, for good measure, she locked the connecting door too, and put out the "do not disturb" sign. Finally she turned to find Jack staring at her in appreciation.

"You, mister, are not going to spend any more energy on teenaged girls!" she barked. "I made sure of that. Now all that energy is for ME!"

She dropped her bra on the floor and pushed at her pants.

"Yes Ma'am!" said Jack, laughing.


Mel and Linda were still a little miffed at Tiffany. She had talked them into things that, while they ended up loving, they weren't at all happy that Miss Johnson now knew about. They snubbed her as a result. They found the boys together, watching the big plasma TV in the lounge. Tiffany, recognizing that the girls were still unhappy with her, simply took Jerry's hand and pulled him out of the room.

"We're going to go check out the night skiers," she said over her shoulder.

That left Mel and Linda on their own. Both had a sense of self confidence, stemming from the loss of their virginities, that translated into making them much more bold than they would have been only twenty-four hours earlier. Within minutes, Linda suggested to Doug that she loved to look at the stars. Doug wasn't stupid, and immediately agreed to take her to a nice dark part of the resort, where the stars could be looked at perfectly. Randy, finding himself alone with a girl he had lusted after on more than one occasion, stepped up to the plate to see how many bases he could get to before the game was called.

It had to be coincidence that the last two members of the group, Susan and Ronnie, walked into the lounge just after it had been vacated by the others.

"Where is everybody?" asked Ronnie. She was a light framed girl, with braces, who still wore her hair habitually in what her mother fondly called "dog ears". She was a tomboy, but had four brothers, two older and two younger, so she didn't mind that a bit. Boys didn't interest her quite as much as they would most other girls, because she was around so many of them, for so much of the time, that she knew more about boys than most girls would by the time they were twenty.

"I don't know where they ARE," said Susan heavily, "but I know where they'd better NOT be!"

"What in the world is wrong with you?" asked Ronnie. "What was all that stuff at supper?"

Susan had been happy, at first, when Miss Johnson found her and explained that she had, in fact, had a long talk with what Susan thought of as "the three sluts". Bunny had assured her that the problem had been dealt with. Then Susan thought about what that meant. She had just HAD to open her mouth around adults, and had, for all intents and purposes, dimed out the girls. She knew what that would mean the next time she saw any of the sluts. They would make her life miserable from now on, and it wouldn't just be here at the resort. They'd make her life miserable back home too. That made her pissed off at the sluts, because they had brought it on themselves, as far as she was concerned.

So, Susan shared all her frustration with the only other girl on the trip who wasn't a "slut".

She was a little miffed when, after she was done, Ronnie's reaction was less than supportive.

"What did you expect?" asked Ronnie seriously. "Sex is all most girls think about. Boy's too, for that matter."

"Well YOU don't think about sex all the time," said Susan.

"Who says?" laughed Ronnie. "I'm just reasonable about it, that's all. I know I'm not good looking. But there are lots of boys out there, and I'm sure one of them is going to be attracted to me one of these days. I'm just not in a big hurry about it like other girls are."

"But it's not fair!" insisted Susan. "We came on this trip to ski, but all they want to do is get laid."

Ronnie looked at her friend thoughtfully. "Can I ask you a question?"

"Sure," said Susan.

"If a cute guy came up to you and wanted to talk to you, would you stand around and talk to him?"

"Well, sure," said Susan.

"And if he wanted to make out, would you do that with him?" asked Ronnie.

"I don't know," said Susan. "It would depend on whether I liked him or not."

"OK, so this really cute guy comes up to you, and you talk for a while, and you like him a lot, and he wants to make out. Would you then?"

"I guess so," said Susan.

"And that makes you different from Tiffany and Melody and Linda ... how?" asked Ronnie.

"It IS different!" insisted Susan. "They let some man have SEX with them!"

"OK, so they found some guy, who they thought was cute or something, and he paid some attention to them, and they decided to make out with him, and ... well, you know ..." Ronnie shrugged her shoulders. "I guess I just don't see the big difference between doing that with a man and doing it with your boyfriend."

"But we came here to SKI!" moaned Susan.

"No, you and I came here to ski," corrected her friend. "The others came here to be horny. Don't you ever get horny?"

"Well of course I do," snapped Susan. "I just don't hop in the sack with every man I meet to deal with it!"

"Have you EVER hopped in the sack to deal with it?" asked Ronnie.

Susan looked outraged. "What kind of question is that!? I'm not going to talk about my sex life with you!"

"You're talking about Tiffany's and Melody's and Linda's sex lives with me," pointed out Ronnie. "Why can't we talk about yours too?"

"Well, have YOU had sex?" asked Susan angrily.

"Twice," said Ronnie immediately.

Susan hadn't thought she'd answer, and she SURE hadn't thought a girl like Ronnie would have had sex at all.

"Really?" she asked curiously.

"Really," said Ronnie calmly. "It wasn't that much fun, so I don't do it a lot."

"Who with?" asked Susan instinctively.

"You don't seem to have any trouble discussing MY sex life either," said Ronnie.

Susan clapped her hand over her mouth. "I'm sorry Ronnie, really. I shouldn't have asked that. I just get so frustrated."

"So you're a virgin, and you see all these girls around you who get to have fun, and you're jealous," said Ronnie.

Susan took a breath. "I didn't say that!" she snapped.

"But that's the real deal ... isn't it?" asked Ronnie.

"I don't think I want to talk to you any more," said Susan, frowning.

"Well, who else are you going to talk to? Nobody else seems to be around," said Ronnie maddeningly.

Susan used that as a distraction. "Yeah, where IS everybody, anyway?"

Ronnie, who was in pretty good touch with her own sexuality, and pretty comfortable with it as well, recognized that, if she pushed things, she might not have anybody to talk to, so she backed off a bit. She liked to snow board alone, but she also liked to be social when she got the chance, and she liked Susan, even if she was a little stiff about things.

"Let's go find them," she suggested.


Doug and Linda actually spent five or six minutes looking at the stars. Then Linda, in a completely transparent move, said she was cold, and asked if she could unzip their parkas and huddle for warmth.

Huddling for warmth involved a lot of stroking of each other's backs while they traded long, wet kisses, and when Doug decided her breasts needed some stroking too, Linda sighed and braved the cold to let his hands go where no other boy's hands had gone before.

"Mmmmm you feel so soft," said Doug between kisses.

Linda pressed her loins against his.

"And you feel so ... hard," she sighed.

"I've always thought you were the best looking girl in school," he tried.

"I know a place we can go where we wouldn't have to stand up," she offered.

Shortly after that she was pulling him, hand in hand, to the motor home.


For Melody and Randy, it was neither as seamless, or as comfortable. Randy, being a boy, thought he was the frosting on the cake, and when Melody finally returned his interest, it just confirmed in his own mind that he was irresistible.

Melody, while very interested in playing the sexual game with Randy, wasn't sure yet just how far she wanted to play. It was possible, though she didn't think about it that way, that she wanted to be wooed a little bit.

When Randy suggested they go back to one of the suites, therefore, Melody resisted a little. He was jumping way ahead of the game she wanted to play.

"Aren't you rushing things just a little bit?" she asked, demurely.

"Oh, come on Melody," he whined. "I heard about you and Lonny."

It was decidedly the wrong thing to say.

Melody's rage was instant and white hot.

"If you believe that SHIT," she yelled, "then you don't deserve to get even as far as HE did, and HE didn't get much farther than you already HAVE!"

Randy looked around. Her voice was drawing attention.

"Hey, take it easy," he said, hushing her. "No pressure. I mean you hear things, and sometimes they're for real. Come on, Melody, don't be mad at me. I think you're hot."

Thus is the reader provided with an example of what teenage boys think is smooth talking.

"I don't think I'm interested in being around you any more," Mel sulked. "I'm not that kind of girl. I've only been talking to you for ten minutes and you're already trying to get me in bed!"

Randy, who really DID think Mel was hot, and who had already thought through (several times) the fantasy he planned with her, felt the agony of defeat.

"That's not it at all," he whined. "I just want to be with you. I invited you to go skiing, didn't I?"

Mel realized that if she ran him off, she'd be alone, and that didn't appeal to her either.

"Well, that's true, I guess. But I want you to know nothing happened with Lonny ... NOTHING! You just remember that, buster!"

Randy held out his hands. "No problem. No pressure. So ... what do you want to do?" He had to ask that. In fact, Randy couldn't think of anything else to do BUT make out .. or ski, maybe. He just wasn't wired that way.

"Well, why don't we go somewhere and talk?" asked Melody, having a fantasy of her own, where he was intent, and patient, and lavished his attention on her. Teenage girls' fantasies aren't really any more realistic than their male counterparts' fantasies.

"OK," he said eagerly. At least they'd be together, and maybe he could work his magic on her, given enough time. "So, where do you want to go to talk?"

"Oh ... I was thinking that the motor home might be a good place. It would be quiet there ..."

Randy, who had listened avidly to Jerry describe how he had banged his girlfriend in the very same motor home, smiled. That fantasy plaid through his mind again.

"Great," he grinned. "Let's go."


Ronnie and Susan checked the lounge, and the balcony, and the pro shop and the gift shop. They even went to the ski lifts that operated at night, and rode to the top, and then back down again when they didn't see any of the other kids.

"We've checked everywhere," said Ronnie, exasperated. "Maybe they're in the rooms."

Susan's suspicions had been building as they looked fruitlessly for the others.

"They wouldn't go there," she said. "If they're doing what I THINK they're doing, they'd want more privacy." She frowned. "There's one place we haven't looked," she muttered. "Come on."


When Doug and Linda got to the motor home, they just went on in. To be completely honest, Linda thought she was just getting there before Tiffany and Jerry, which was why she took Doug directly there.

She was wrong, though. The motor home was already in use.

They figured that out as they stomped up the stairs and slammed the door behind them.

"Ohhhhh Tiffy, you feel so good, baby," came Jerry's obviously lustful voice.

"What was that noise?!" came Tiffany's fearful voice.

"Well lookie here," crowed Doug, surveying Tiffany and Jerry, who were both buck naked, with Jerry firmly in the saddle.

"LINDA!" wailed Tiffany.

"Sah-REE," sighed Linda. "I didn't think you'd be here yet."

Jerry hadn't missed a stroke. He was intent on busting another nut in his gorgeous girlfriend. He still didn't have any rubbers, and had promised to pull out again, but he knew he wouldn't when the time came. And the time had been coming when they were interrupted.

"Join the party," he panted. "We turned on the auxiliary heater."

"JE-REEEEEE," moaned Tiffany, embarrassed to have Doug looking at them.

"Oh, come on," he grunted, pressing deep into her. "It'll be a kick to do it with somebody else here too."

Linda turned around to find Doug blocking her way back out of the coach. She felt a burst of heat in her loins as she thought about doing the same thing Tiff and Jerry were doing.

"I'm cold again, Dougie," she murmured, ignoring the fact that the interior temperature of the coach was quite nice.

Doug pushed her past the two rutting teenagers and worked the catch to the other bed like he had done it a hundred times. The bed flopped down. He turned around to find Linda tearing off her clothes. He didn't stop to think that was a strange thing for a girl who was complaining of being cold to do. He just started tearing off his own clothes too. Two minutes later the two youths wiggled on cool sheets, kissing and groping each other as, at last, they were naked together.

Doug's hand dove between them, and between Linda's legs. His fingers found slippery, hot pussy.

"Ohhhh Linda," he moaned. "You have no idea how long I've wanted to do this."

"Shut up and kiss me," Linda moaned back.


Melody didn't want to look to anxious, so she led Randy in a roundabout way through the resort, and eventually into the parking lot. Randy, finally in temporary control of his libido, tried to think of things to talk about. He wasn't very good at talking, at least not to girls, but he tried.

As they approached the motor home, he commented: "Hey, there's a light on in there."

"Damn," muttered Melody. "I hoped they wouldn't be there."

"Who?" asked Randy.

"The others," she said impatiently.

"What others?" asked the unthinking boy.

"Who do you think!?" she almost snarled. "Tiffany and Jerry!"

"Oh," said Randy. Then he perked up. "OH!" Then he got worried that Melody wouldn't go in there if she thought Tiffany and Jerry were doing what HE thought Tiffany and Jerry were doing. At least that's what he'd be doing if he were Jerry.

"Maybe they're just talking ... like us," he said hopefully.

Melody stopped. This 'relationship' stuff wasn't as easy as it was supposed to be. She had hoped to be talked into things. Now, with the motor home already inhabited, she wouldn't be in total control. She turned to Randy.

"Just how bad do you want to get in my panties?" she asked calmly.

Randy, unprepared for such a question, went with the first thing that came to mind.

"Bad, Melody!" He at least had the presence to cringe a little after he said it.

"Then we do things MY way! Is that clear?" she said, leaning towards him.

"Yeah! Sure! OK!" he babbled.

Melody opened the door and felt the wave of heat waft out. She didn't know how they had heated the place up, but she was glad, remembering her defloration in much more frigid conditions. She stomped up the stairs too, pulling Randy after her. When she saw two young couples, with both males writhing on top of both females, she gritted her teeth and pulled Randy between them.

"Don't mind us," she said airily. "We're just going to go to the back of the bus to talk."

She felt Randy stumble as he gazed in wonder at his first view ever of somebody actually 'doing it' in real life. About the same time she heard Linda's delighted laugh.

"Yeah, right ... talk!"

"Shut up Linda," snarled Melody, glancing down to see Linda's feet shoot up into the air on either side of Doug's slim hips.

Melody's mood didn't improve as she pulled Randy to the back of the coach, where there was another bed that could be pulled out. She tried to figure out how to unlatch it, but couldn't.

"Let me help," offered Randy, who kept looking back down the aisle at the other two couples.

"You're here to talk to ME!" snarled Melody.

It finally penetrated into Randy's thick skull that Melody wanted him to pay attention to her ... and in a way that made it clear that he was paying attention ONLY to her. In a strange way, he understood that. He had been out with lots of girls who snuck looks at other guys, or other couples, playing the popularity game while they were out with him. And that tiny part of his reved up, hormone laden brain, spoke loudly to the rest of his consciousness. It wasn't a lofty kind of communication. It was more along the lines of "If you want to get her as naked as those other two babes out there, and if you want to be naked WHILE she's being naked ... you'd better make her very happy!"

He stopped, and stood up.

"Look," he said patiently. "I want to spend this time with you. Maybe all we'll do is really talk, and that's OK with me. But I'm not thinking of any girl but you right now."

Melody felt a rush of relief as something not horribly far off from what she fantasized was said to her. Her response was to kiss the boy who had said that wonderful thing to her.

Then she attacked the bed. It finally popped open with a lurch. She turned to the boy who had suddenly become her dream lover, and kissed him again.

"I don't want to be naked ... yet ..." she breathed into his lips.

"OK," he said eagerly. He heard that "yet" loud and clear. His prick heard it too, and sprang to attention in his pants.

Less than two minutes later he had his hand up her shirt, her bra unclipped, and she was moaning into his mouth as he squeezed her stiff nipples.


In the girl's suite, Bunny pulled her lips tightly up Jack's stiff prick, from the base to the tip. She swallowed a mixture of saliva and precum and smacked her lips. One of Jack's fingers was buried in her horny pussy, and he was rubbing the most delicious spot on the top of her newly used channel. She spread her legs more, and wiggled her hips as he rubbed her clitty with the web of his hand.

"Mmmmm I don't want to wait any more," she moaned, looking at the tip of his cock.

"Then don't," he gasped.

"But sucking you is so much fun!" she said brightly.

"Just do something," pleaded Jack.

"Am I better than those skinny girls?" she asked, squeezing his prick in her fist.

"What girls?" he moaned.

"You know just how to make me feel sooo good," sighed Bunny, and she swallowed him whole again.


"I knew it!" snarled Susan as she slid across the parking lot.

"What?" asked Ronnie.

"They're in the motor home!" puffed Susan, barely keeping from falling as she tried to hurry.

"What do you suppose they're doing in there?" asked Ronnie with a completely straight face. She had to work hard to control her grin.

Susan skidded to a stop and whirled to face her friend.

"You know what they're doing!" she said with acid in her voice. "They're having SEX! THAT's what they're doing!"

"You don't know that," chided Ronnie. As far as she was concerned, the vast majority of claims made by teenagers about having sex were blatant lies. If as many girls as claimed were having sex were actually having sex, there's be a whole lot more of them turning up pregnant, pills or no pills. And, since there weren't, the way she reasoned it, then they weren't having all that sex.

"I'll SHOW you!" grumped Susan.

"We can't just walk in there," said Ronnie.

"Why not? It's our travel trailer too!" said Susan stubbornly.

"It's a motor home, Susan," said Ronnie gently.

"Ohhh!" sputtered Susan. "I know that! You know what I meant. We have just as much right to go in there as they do!"

"What if they really ARE having sex?" asked Ronnie.

"Well, Miss Johnson said she told them not to do it any more! And if they are then ... then ... then ... we'll TELL on them!"

Ronnie frowned. Her opinion about snitches was pretty much like that of any other teenager.

"Let's just make sure before we go off half cocked," she said.

Ronnie looked around.

"Over there ... see that trash barrel? Let's roll it over to a window and peek in. Maybe they aren't doing anything. If we just walk in, and they ARE doing anything, and then they get in trouble, they'll know who tattled. But if we peek through the window, they won't know we're there, and then you can go get Miss Johnson."

"Good idea!" whispered Susan, getting caught up in the idea of spying secretly.

Together they rolled the steel drum across the snow and stood it on its empty end. Ronnie hopped up before Susan could, to keep her from looking first. Ronnie fully expected to see the teens inside, maybe drinking or smoking, but not having sex. Who had sex while somebody else was right there with you, anyway? It was just one more reason she didn't think she'd see anything worth looking at.

As she pressed her eye against the cold glass of the big picture window on the side of the coach, and peeked between the almost closed Venetian blinds inside, her breath caught in her throat as she realized Susan was right.

She stared in just as Jerry started spewing Tiffany full of boy juice.

Chapter Seven

"Uuuuhhhng" grunted Jerry as his prick unloaded millions of sperm cells into Tiffany's hot pussy.

Ronnie clearly heard him grunt through the glass.

"JERRY!" squealed Tiffany, pushing violently against his chest. "You aren't supposed to shoot INSIDE ME!"

Jerry just sagged, letting the weight of his hips keep his prick firmly embedded in Tiffy's pussy as his cock delivered three more potent streams of spunk into the girl's clasping pussy.

"I'm sorry baby," he moaned. "You know I can't help it."

Ronnie heard that exchange as well, and felt her own belly warm up. While she hadn't told Susan about it, the two times she had had sex were with her older brother, and she knew exactly what it felt like to have warm spunk bathing her womb. And she hadn't been completely honest with Susan either when she said she wasn't all that thrilled by the two times she'd had sex. She HAD been thrilled as her big brother pinned her to the bed and filled her to the brim with his thick penis. It was the fact that she liked that feeling all too much that had made her call a halt to his midnight visits to her bedroom. She knew she actually wanted to do it every night, and she also knew he'd never use a rubber with her. She wasn't quite ready to have a great, big, swollen belly, full of her own brother's baby. Not yet, anyway.

She heard more moans and her eyes flitted across the motor home, where Doug was lunging hard into Linda ... so hard that her breasts were flopping up and down as she thrust her hips up at each lunge.

"YOU CAN'T CUM IN ME DOUGIE," she panted.

"I won't," he groaned.

"YOU'D BETTER NOT!" she gasped.

"I WON'T!" he gasped, sagging between her thighs as his prick started spurting ... deep in her pussy.

"DOUGIEEEEEEE" wailed Linda, her pussy gobbling up every drop as it spewed and rippling to milk it as she had her own orgasm.

"I'M SORRYYEEEEEEEE" moaned Doug as he, too, sagged, ensuring that she couldn't dislodge him from his goal.

Ronnie started to pull back, just as Tiffany managed to shove Jerry off of her, and saw his still stiff prick drift away from Tiffany's swollen, red pussy. There was a long string of thick white spunk that went from the tip of his prick to her pussy, clear evidence that he had, indeed, shot off inside the girl.

"YOU SON-OF-A-BITCH" squealed Tiffany, staring down at that very same string.

Her leg came up and she shoved, catching Jerry's naked chest with her right foot. He flopped over backwards and she scrambled over him, getting her pussy over his head.

"YOU CLEAN THAT OUT YOU BASTARD!" yelled Tiffany, as she tried to sit on his face.

Jerry went crazy, trying not to get his own spunk on his face, not to mention in his mouth. Tiffany flew backwards and Ronnie lost sight of what was happening as she leaned further back. She realized Susan was pulling at the back of her parka and she was off balance. Arms flailing she jumped off the barrel, hitting on her heels and rolling backwards.

"Oh!" whispered Susan. "Are you OK?"

"Nice of you to ask," said Ronnie dryly.

"Are they having sex?" whispered Susan.

"Not any more," said Ronnie, just as dryly.

"What!?" cried Susan in a hoarse whisper as she climbed up onto the barrel. The barrel tipped and she waved her arms to keep her balance, until it settled.

Inside the motor home, in the middle of the motor home, both Jerry and Doug were fired up at the thought that they had spurted in naked pussies. The girls weren't impressed, but both boys pressed their advantage, saying that, since there had been an 'accident', it wouldn't matter any more. Both boys had displayed still hard pricks to their mates, and had more or less wrestled the girls into submission. That's what Susan saw happening as she peeked through the blinds.

What she DIDN'T see happening, was what was going on in the back of the big coach. Randy, once he got his hands on Melody's big, round titties, overcame the remaining vestiges of her resistance as he worked her shirt open and his mouth attacked her spiked nipples. As, for only the second time in her life, Melody felt a male sucking at her stiff nips, she melted.

From that point on, she helped, rather than hindered, as, piece by piece, their clothing seemed to drift off their bodies, until they were just as naked as the other two couples in front.

Melody had a glimmer of rational thought as Randy climbed on top of her.

"I've only done this once," she whispered.

Randy grinned.

"And NOT with Lonny Tucker!" she whispered harshly.

He leaned down to suckle at a nipple again.

"I don't care who you did it with," he whispered back.

"Go slow ... OK?" she pleaded.

To his credit, Randy DID take it easy on her. He had only had sex once before himself, a hurried affair with a cheerleader in the back seat of his father's car. Neither of them was much impressed with how that went. He did a lot of thinking about that event afterwards, and decided that slow and measured would probably be a lot better than jack-rabbit-jerk, which is what he had done with the cheerleader.

He realized how correct his assumption was as he eased into Melody's honey pot. As her pussy slowly accepted his rod, it felt fabulous, and the urge to slam forward was easily fought off.

"Mmmm that's nice," moaned Melody in his ear.

That made him feel even better.

"You feel good," he whispered back.

About then, the shrieks of the two violated girls further up reached them, as both girls complained mightily at being fertilized.

"You shouldn't cum in me either," moaned Melody.

"I'll try not to," he groaned back, his balls already tight. Slow and measured sure felt good, but it didn't seem to stave off popping a nut.

"I'm serious," she moaned. "You could get me really, really pregnant right now."

"Ohhhh Mel," he groaned, feeling his prick leak. "I'd better take it out now, then."

"Already?" her voice rose an octave. "We just started Randy," she complained.

"I'm about to cum," he pleaded.

"Well don't!" she said sensibly. "I want more first. I'll suck it if you wait."

She thought that would help. Really she did. All boys loved to have their cocks sucked ... right? And the truth of it was that that was basically true. Randy would love to have his cock sucked. Nobody had ever done that for him before, and he'd had lots of fantasies about that too. The only problem was that her promise made him so excited that he lost it right then and there.

He tried. He jerked it out of her. And, in fact, a long stripe of cum rocketed out and laid a line from her fuzzy mons to right between her naked, heaving breasts. The only problem was ... it was the third shot his prick had spurted. The first two were snug as a bug in a rug ... inside Melody's suddenly vacated pussy.

"Noooooooo" she complained, reaching for his cock. It had felt too good, and she really WASN'T done yet. "Put it back in meeeeee," she whined.

Randy had beaten off hundreds of times. And, truth be told, all he usually had in him was three strong spurts. His brain had registered all three spurts he had already given, so it seemed perfectly fine to do exactly as she wanted. He leaned forward, and, as his prick produced a FOURTH spurt, let her guide him back into the furnace that was her sex. He had just hit rock bottom, and her naked legs had just wrapped themselves around his buttocks, when an unbelievable FIFTH spurt followed the other four down the pipe. That one got delivered right in the mouth of her gaping cervix.

"Ohhhh Mel, that feels so good," he groaned, beginning to slide in and out of her suddenly sloppy pussy.

"Ohhhh Randy," moaned Melody. "Will you be my boyfriend?"

His frenzied kiss, and frantic rutting against her abused clitty was his response.


Susan's shock at actually seeing what her mind had fantasized, caused her legs to jerk, and the oil barrel tipped, causing her to flail her arms in an attempt to stabilize things. That didn't work, though, and, at the last second, she tried to jump backwards to the ground. Her feet slipped on the ice and she landed hard on her butt.

"Owwwww," she cried softly, trying not to be overheard inside the vehicle.

"I guess you were right," commented Ronnie dryly.

Susan rolled over and got to her hands and knees, feeling the ice bite into her bare palms.

"Help me up," she complained.

Ronnie took her elbow and helped her to her feet. Susan immediately started back towards the lodge.

"Come on!" she said in a loud, angry whisper. "Those guys are in SO much trouble!"

Ronnie didn't actually want to go tattle on the other kids, but she found herself walking along beside Susan anyway. She tried to calm the girl down without success. Susan led her to the door of the girls' suite, complaining all the way. The "Do Not Disturb" sign was out, but she ignored it. She had her card ready and swiped it in the slot beside the doorknob, still whining about how unfair it was for the others to 'get away' with what they were doing. The light on the door went green and Susan pushed the lever down, barging straight in.

It was the noises that entered the two girls' conscious minds first. What they had just seen in the motor home had been, more or less, noiseless. They had both heard words spoken, but the rasping breath of people in the act of making passionate sex hadn't been audible through the windows of the coach.

Not so in the room they walked into.

It sounded like the locker room of a track team after the hundred yard dash. There were gasps and grunts and moans and groans, some in a high, soprano register, and others deeper, sounding almost animalistic.

Then their eyes took in the beast that was making all those noises. It was the two-backed beast, and it was thrashing in the middle of the big bed in the room. Bunny's legs were waving in the air, on either side of Jack's buttocks, which were bouncing up and down like one of those little rubber balls connected to a paddle by a rubber string. He was pounding poor Bunny from this direction, and then that direction, alternating between rabbit-quick thrusts, and long bone-bruising strokes.

Their gasps weren't the only sounds in the room.


Jack's response was more broken by his need to drag in air to keep his body going. Bunny had already had two orgasms, and her reaction to them had been both violent and thankful. Now he was right on the edge of an orgasm that already felt like it would squeeze his whole body out through his prick, leaving him an empty bag of skin.

"I ... can't ... fuck you ... forever ... baby" he gasped. "I'm ... about .... to cum ... NOWWWWWWW!"

"MISS JOHNSON!" screeched Susan.

"OH WOW!" yelled Ronnie.

Bunny, feeling Jack's first long spurt of warm semen in her pussy, was right in the middle of a moan of happiness when the girls' voices intruded on her ecstasy. She lifted her head, and looked around Jack's arm, which was as rigid as the rest of him as his prick delivered the balm she craved so desperately. She saw the two girls, eyes wide, and mouths open even wider and, rather than feeling shame, she felt a burst of anger that her happiness was being destroyed. These girls were supposed to be out having fun ... not ruining hers!

"SHUT THE FUCKING DOOR!" she howled at them, as Jack's head began to turn to see who had come in. His mind couldn't help but flash back to when the other three girls had walked in on him ... doing basically the same thing he was doing right now. That led almost instantaneously to remembering what he had then done with those three girls. As his prick gave another mighty spurt, his eyes fastened on Ronnie, who, of all of them, was the only one to see the true irony of the situation. Her look of amazement was in the process of turning to a grin, and by the time she realized the teacher's eyes were fastened on her, that grin blossomed into full glory.

While, to Ronnie, her grin was one of amusement, based primarily on the fact that Susan was going to have a cow any second, what Jack saw was a smile of invitation.

He groaned as his cock gave its last convulsive lurch in Bunny's pussy, delivering the last dregs of what his balls could churn up into her welcoming receptacle. He had always thought Ronnie was cute, and the smile on her face hit him right in his nut sack.

"Miss JOHNSON," wailed Susan, her plans of exacting revenge on her fellow students suffering almost instant crushing. Her wail was one of disappointment ... as if Bunny had personally let her down.

Bunny heard that disappointment, but by now, her fairytale romance with Jack was taking on aspects of something written by the Grimm brothers. Basically, it pissed her off. She shoved Jack roughly, and he rolled, flopping onto his back. His prick pulled out of her with a slurping sigh, and a string of his semen flipped up into the air and landed across the front of his thighs.

Bunny bounded to her feet, wincing at the residual pain in her strained muscles. She put her hands on her hips, having no concept of how silly she looked, standing stark naked, a thunderous frown on her face, as she snarled:

"We're consenting, fucking adults, and haven't you ever heard of KNOCKING?!"

"B..b..but it's our room!" whined Susan.

It was about then that Bunny realized what she must look like in front of the two students. Her anger disappeared as quickly as it had flashed into existence, and she was suddenly horrified. She felt a stream of Jack's cum sliding down one thigh and realized her hair must look like she'd just seen a ghost.

"Ohhh Damn," she moaned. "What have I done?"

She turned around and headed for the bathroom, mostly because it was the only place she could go and close a door behind her to hide.

That left Jack, lying on his back, exhausted, his slimy penis lying wetly on his abdomen. He drew in a breath and, raising his head, said to the two girls: "Don't go anywhere. We need to talk." Then he got up and went to the bathroom door and knocked.

"Come on, Bunny, there's nothing we can do about it now."

"I'm NAKED!" came her cry from inside the bathroom.

"I'm naked too," he said through the door.

"Well PUT SOMETHING ON!" she screeched through the door.

He turned around to see Susan still standing, frozen, just inside the door, which Ronnie had thankfully closed, finally. Ronnie herself had moved to the bed, where she had sat down gingerly on the edge to wait and see what would happen next.

"I'm sorry girls," he said automatically. "We didn't think anyone would be coming back this early."

Susan's voice trembled as she spoke. "You were ... you were ... you were FUCKING her!"

Jack sighed. "Yes, I suppose I was." He looked around. "Be right back," he said.

He went into the boys' suite and found a robe folded on a shelf in the closet. He put it on and tied the belt before returning. Both girls were right where he'd left them.

"Sit down, Susan," he said, for lack of anything else to say.

She unfroze and scooted sideways to a chair at the writing desk and edged into it, ramrod stiff. As if the act of moving unfroze her brain as well, she remembered why she and Ronnie had come to this room in the first place.

"They're fucking in the motor home too!" she said, her voice a little breathless.

"Great," said Jack without any conviction. He was quite sure now that his career was over. This thing would blow wide open now, and his activities with the girls would surely come out in the process. He'd probably end up in jail as well as jobless.

"It is NOT great!" said Susan heatedly. "Miss Johnson said they promised not to ... " Her voice trailed off as she said the name of the naked woman hiding in the bathroom. Suddenly she was bawling.

"Hey," said Jack, stepping toward her, unsure of what to say or do. "Come on, Susan, nobody's going to hurt you."

Susan's emotions were complicated, and so muddled that she couldn't decide what she felt. She was angry, and shocked, and unhappy for a variety of reasons. At the same time, her mind remembered seeing the stiff pricks of the boys and the looks of ecstasy on the girls' faces while they did something that Susan had fantasized about doing for years. That she was, in her own opinion, too chicken to engage in such activities, didn't help matters. She was convinced both that she shouldn't do such things, and that she would love doing them if she just had the courage. Seeing the adults doing the same thing just compounded her anxiety. That Ronnie had seen right through to her inner being, when she had said Susan was jealous, just added heat to the boiling emotions ... and hormones ... that raged inside of the girl.

Any counselor will tell you that we see most vividly in others, the things we are most unhappy with about ourselves. For Susan, the fact that everybody else seemed to be having just the kind of fun she couldn't successfully figure out how to get involved in ... well ... it just made her unhappy.

Ronnie, for her part, was remembering what Mr. Kelly's penis had looked like as it slithered out of Miss Johnson's pussy. Her brother was circumcised, and Jack's was the first one she'd ever seen that still had the little hood of skin attached to the tip. She had intuitively seen that, during sex, that hood of skin would move and ball up inside a woman, and THAT just HAD to feel great. Seeing the kids having sex had reminded her of just how much she had loved having sex with her brother, and seeing the adults having sex had stoked that fire.

Ronnie, with a jerk, realized that she was horny, and that, if given the opportunity, she would be sorely tempted to get herself good and laid.

Of course the next thing she thought of was her self image. Her shiny metal mouth, and the thin appearance she was so unhappy with, made her sure that getting laid in THIS setting would be impossible. She didn't mind masturbating - she did it frequently - but it was pretty hard to do that when you were surrounded by classmates.

Her eyes strayed to Mr. Kelly, standing there in his bathrobe. She licked her lips unconsciously.

The door to the bathroom opened, and Bunny stuck her head out. Then, dressed like Jack, she slowly eased her way into the room. It was obvious she had been crying. Her eyes were still red and swollen.

No one said anything at first.

Surprisingly, it was Ronnie who broke the silence.

"Well, this is kind of strange, huh?"

Jack, perhaps in an effort to get the attention off of him and Bunny, said, "The girls tell me that the other kids are down in the motor home ... uh ... apparently having sex."

Bunny covered her eyes with both hands and groaned.

"You said they weren't going to do that any more," said Susan, pouting with her voice. Jack's attempt to change the subject had actually worked. "It's not fair!" she added hotly.

"I know how you feel," said Bunny, uncovering her eyes. She remembered their discussion clearly.

"How can you say that?" whined Susan. "You said you didn't have a boyfriend. You said you didn't do this! You lied to me!"

"I didn't lie to you," said Bunny, feeling like a liar. "This just happened between Jack and me. I told you I was waiting for the right man, and he IS the right man."

"But you said THEY wouldn't do it any more," insisted Susan.

In defensive mode, Bunny grasped for the part of their earlier conversation that addressed Susan's main complaint. Her voice got a little stronger. "But it's night time, Susan, and nobody is skiing right now."

"That's not what I meant," said Susan. She suddenly looked surprised. "I mean ... uh ... I mean they shouldn't be doing that."

"She's jealous of them," said Ronnie calmly.

"I am NOT!" said Susan, so heatedly that it was obvious to all of them she was lying.

"Oh, admit it, Susan," said Ronnie, enjoying the uproar she was getting to witness. "You're a virgin and they're getting all the action and you don't think it's fair that you can't get laid."

"WELL?" yelled Susan. "IT'S NOT!" she blurted. She looked surprised again at her outburst. "I mean I don't want to do that! Who says getting laid is all that great anyway?"

"Just about everybody but you and me," laughed Ronnie.

"THAT'S NOT FUNNY!" shouted Susan.

"Calm down," said Jack. "Susan, I know you're upset, and you probably have a right to be upset ... what exactly do you want to happen?"

Susan blinked. No adult in a position of authority had ever actually asked her opinion in quite that way.

"Well ... um ... " She was at a loss for words.

"Do you want us to cancel the rest of the trip and go home?" he asked.

"NO!" she yelped. "I never said THAT!"

"Do you want to have a group meeting and lay down the rules that way?" he asked.

Susan thought about what that would probably be like. Everybody in the group would blame her for whatever happened, whether rules were made or not.

"No ..." she said weakly.

"Do you want me to go down there and bust them?" he pushed on.

"They're probably all done anyway," Susan hedged.

"She wants to get her cherry popped," said Ronnie, stifling a giggle.

"Ronnie, don't be flip," chided Jack. "This is a serious matter to Susan."

"I AM serious!" said Ronnie, feeling wonderful that, due to barging in on them in the act, she was on a more or less even footing with the sponsors. "The only reason she's not down there right now WITH them is that we didn't bring enough boys on this trip!"

"That's NOT true," said Susan, but there was a notable lack of heat in her voice. Part of her confusion about things was that she really DIDN'T know what she wanted to happen. She went back to the single emotion that she was sure of. "It's just not fair ... that's all."

"What would be fair?" asked Jack.

Jack was feeling much better now than he had been a short time before. The girl wasn't screaming for either her parents or the police, and that was a good thing. Ronnie obviously wasn't upset. He wondered idly if what Ronnie said about Susan was true. Did she in fact, just want to get her cherry popped? Could it be something as simple as that?

"Don't you have a boyfriend?" he asked Susan.

"If I had a boyfriend would I be on a ski trip without him?" she asked morosely. "I'm too ugly to have a boyfriend," she said, feeling sorry for herself.

Ronnie snorted.

"Come on, Susan," said Jack. "You know that's not true. Don't make yourself sound like some whiny little girl."

"Yeah," said Ronnie. "At least you don't have a radio antenna stuck to your teeth, and you've got boobs I'd just kill for." She grinned as Jack darted a look at her.

"Don't try to help," he said, his voice level. "It's not working."

"Why is everybody so up-tight?" asked Ronnie throwing up her hands. She unzipped her parka and shrugged it off onto the bed. "Nothing has happened here that isn't completely normal. Kids having sex happens all the time. Adults having sex happens all the time. I don't know about teachers having sex ... does that happen all the time Mr. Kelly?" She used an obviously falsely innocent voice for the question.

She ignored his dark look and went on.

"Anyway, all Susan and I need is a handy, naked guy - he'd need to be cute too - and we can solve our problem too. Then EVERYBODY would be happy!" She was still being satirical, and it was clear to everybody.

Bunny had been sitting quietly, trying to figure out what in the world to do about how horrible things were. She, too, was worried about her job. Later on she'd be worried about other things, but right now she was worried about her job. So far, at least with the other three girls, she had what amounted to an understanding. These two could cause problems, though, and the fact that they hadn't already done that was uppermost in her mind. Things had become so bizarre, that what popped into her mind wasn't all that surprising.

"Jack," she said softly, not actually meaning to say his name.

"What?" He naturally turned toward her when he heard his name.

She blinked at him, but instead of addressing him, she turned to Susan.

"Is that true, Susan? If you had a man ... a boy ... to pay some attention to you on this trip, would that make you happy?"

Susan was astounded. BOTH adults in the room were actually asking what she really wanted!

"I don't know ..." she said in typical teenage female fashion. "I mean I wouldn't feel so left out ... but ..."

"Yes!" said Ronnie, almost laughing. Watching these adults trying to placate a High School girl so they wouldn't get in trouble was really kind of funny. "That would make her happy. Why? Have you got some boys hidden away? For an emergency, maybe ... when Mr. Kelly is busy?" She giggled at her own boldness.

"Maybe," said Bunny. Her voice was calm, but inside she was shaking. What she was about to try could go even more horribly wrong than anything that had already happened. That she was even contemplating it seemed to be the craziest thing she'd ever done in her whole life.

"Who?" asked Susan, taking the bait.

"No! This is crazy!" muttered Bunny. "Never mind."

"Nooo!" cried Susan, already hooked. "That's not fair!"

"You're going about this all wrong," said Ronnie disgustedly, to Susan. "You have to threaten to tell somebody that Mr. Kelly was boffing Miss Johnson. There HAS to be some rule about teachers not having sex on a field trip. THEN they'll do what you want. Don't you know anything?"

"Thank you so much, Ronnie," said Jack, throwing up his hands. He turned to Bunny, to find her looking at him. The slight rise in her eyebrows, along with her darted look at Susan, was all it took for what she had been thinking about to burst into his consciousness.

"You can't be serious!" he gasped.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?!" yelled Susan, completely out of patience. A carrot had been dangled in front of her, and she was one hungry rabbit.

Ronnie was an "A" student. She was that way because she was intelligent, and not because she had figured out how to take tests. That intelligence had seen the way Bunny was acting, and the look she had given Jack. The fact that he was the only almost naked man around didn't hurt either.

"She's talking about Mr. Kelly!" she giggled.

"What?" asked Susan, turning to her friend.

"She's talking about Mr. Kelly popping your cherry!" squealed Ronnie.

"No she's not!" said Susan, with complete confidence.

"He's a man ... he's cute ... he's almost naked ..." prompted Ronnie.

Susan turned around to look at Jack. In her eyes was a myriad of confused emotions. She remembered what his naked buttocks had looked like between Bunny's thighs as she barged into the room. What he was doing looked almost violent. She felt a tingle in her loins, though. Bunny's legs were replaced, in Susan's mind, with what she thought her own legs might look like, squeezing against that bobbing butt, and her nipples tingled.

"You want to do THAT to me?" she whined, pointing inanely at the bed where the vision in her mind was taking place.

Jack put out his hands, palms facing Susan.

"NO! SUSAN! I wouldn't!"

Susan's reaction was pure teenage girl. Ronnie had pointed out something that Susan had noticed plenty of times. Jack Kelly WAS a cute guy. Lots of girls in school giggled about him, around the lockers. Susan, always a practical girl, had never given serious thought to "hooking up" with a grown man, and certainly not Jack Kelly. At the same time, that part of her brain that she didn't control had let itself have the average teenage fantasy about being paid romantic attention by a man like Jack. That part of her brain rebelled instantly with what it perceived as rejection.

"Why NOT?!" she yelled. "WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!"

Jack was as wide-eyed as a deer in the headlights.

"NO! That's NOT what I meant, Susan. Honey, there's NOTHING wrong with you! I only meant that it's a crazy idea and I would never do anything to hurt you."

"See?" crowed Ronnie. "He's already calling you 'honey'" She grinned with the joy of causing trouble under circumstances where she was quite sure she could get away with it.

"Ronnie! Would you please shut UP?" moaned Jack.

"So I'm not GOOD enough for you! Is that it?" asked Susan, her voice almost growling. She was sure he was rejecting her, and it was making her crazy.

"NO!" Jack yelped. "LISTEN to me. You're a beautiful girl. ANY man would love to be with you. It's just that I'm older. You don't want to do something like that with an old geezer like me."

The desperation in his voice gave Susan a feeling of power.

"Oh, I don't know about that," she said, looking him up and down like he was a side of beef. "You ARE kind of cute."

"That's the spirit," counseled Ronnie. "You have him on the run, girl. It's obvious he's playing hard-to-get. Now chase him down and get that robe off him and let's have some fun!"

"This has gone far ENOUGH!" yelled Bunny. She stood up, her hands on her hips again. "You girls will do whatever you feel the need to do. If that's complain to your parents, or the school board, then fine! Do it! But I won't see you mocking a great guy, who got caught up in a terrible mess. Now, get OUT of here and let us get dressed!"

Susan had enjoyed the brief feeling of power that had washed over her. And, that little part of her mind that had always wished a man like Jack would sweep her off her feet kept whispering that it wasn't over until it was over.

"I don't want to leave!" she said firmly. "I want to talk about whether or not Mr. Kelly will make it fair!"

Ronnie, hearing conviction in Bunny's voice, and knowing that this was the right time to get out of things with her own situation completely intact, stood up.

"Come on, Susan. We've had our fun. Let's go."

Susan turned on her. "No, we're NOT leaving. You said it yourself. This is my chance to find out what all the hooplah is about!" She looked at her friend defiantly. "Besides ... you said 'US' ... you said 'Let's have some fun'. You've already done it before, and I'm not doing it the first time alone!"

Ronnie was actually startled for the first time.

"You're serious? You'd let Mr. Kelly pop your cherry?"

"Why not?" asked Susan. "I'll never get a chance like this again."

"That's for sure," said Ronnie giggling.

"I told you girls the fun is over," said Bunny, taking a step toward them.

"But it was YOUR idea!" said Ronnie triumphantly. "You can't back out on us now."

"Miss Johnson, do you like your job?" asked Ronnie, her voice level.

"Blackmail won't work!" said Bunny heatedly. "It didn't work for the other girls and it won't work for you!"

There was a pregnant silence in the room as Bunny realized she'd said WAY too much.

The next sound was her groan of disgust.

"What other girls?" asked Ronnie. "You mean those girls?" she asked, her eyes widening as she pointed vaguely in the direction of the camper. "You mean they know about you and Mr. Kelly?"

Susan's head was swiveling now, between Bunny and Ronnie.

Ronnie's eyes lit up.

"That's IT!" she said the next time Susan looked at her. "That's why they're down there acting like sluts ... they KNOW about Mr. Kelly and Miss Johnson and they threatened to tell if she didn't let them do what they want!"

Susan shook her head. "But she promised me they wouldn't ..." Her head swiveled back to Bunny.

"Of COURSE she promised you, you idiot," said Ronnie smugly. "She'd tell you anything just to get you off her back. You weren't supposed to catch them." She giggled. "ANY of them," she added, including Bunny and Jack with a wave of her hand.

Susan's frown got deeper and deeper until she was scowling.

"This is not fair," she growled.

She didn't shout it this time. She didn't have to. She sounded deadly serious. She walked to Jack and got as close to him as she could without actually touching him.

"Mr. Kelly?" she said almost formally, "I want you to take us to bed."

Jack swallowed.

Ronnie blurted "Leave me out of this!"

Susan turned at the waist to face Ronnie. "You're going to do this with me," she said calmly. "Both of us at the same time."

"No I'm not!" said Ronnie.

Susan's veneer of confidence cracked a little.

"OK, you don't have to actually DO anything, but you have to be there with me. Come on, Ronnie, this is my chance. Don't mess this up for me. Everybody else on this stinking trip is getting to have sex but us, and I'm tired of it always being that way."

Ronnie looked around the room. Her own feelings were now somewhat puzzling to her. That she was horny was plain to her. But there were so many things that could go wrong with Susan's plan. The very first thing she thought about was all the other kids coming back to the room while something was going on. Still, the idea of playing with that handsome sheathed penis called to her like the siren song.

"OK, here's the deal," she said suddenly. "I'll be right back. I have to take care of something. You go ahead and get started and I'll be back."

Susan's face betrayed her complete lack of agreement with this idea and Ronnie held up her hand.

"I SAID I'll be right back. Take my word for it, Susan, there is something that needs to be done, and I'm going to go do it, and then I'll be back and I'll be here with you ... I promise ... OK?"

"But ... what do I do?" asked Susan, now helpless again.

"Miss Johnson will get you started," said Ronnie firmly.

Bunny jerked and opened her mouth.

Ronnie cut her off too.

"It was YOUR idea in the first place. You're a teacher ... so teach! I'll be right back. Really!"

Without another word she grabbed her parka and ran out of the room.

Chapter Eight

What Ronnie had to do was make sure that her primary fear of being discovered ... and then being blackmailed ... would not happen. She wasn't sure how this was going to work out, but she knew the psychology of teenagers, so she was going to take her best shot.

She went straight to the motor home, relieved that the light was still on, and that the generator was still humming softly. She was afraid that the door would be locked, and snorted derisively when she found it open instead. How stupid were these kids anyway?

She stomped up the steps and slammed the door behind her loudly on purpose, also stomping down the short hallway. She heard a flurry of squeaks and yips from the girls, and a couple of curse words from throats with deeper voices. She saw, for the first time, Melody and Randy on the third bed at the very tail end of the motor home. A sheet was over them, but Randy was on top of Melody and her head was flailing back and forth as the sheet moved up and down where his buttocks were. They were making enough noise that they hadn't heard her come in.

She walked into the foot-wide separation between the two beds, and looked at the startled faces of her classmates.

"Here's the deal," she said calmly, addressing them all. "MELODY!" she yelled. The two faces at the end of the coach suddenly swiveled toward her, mouths open in shock. "Listen up!" she yelled. "A security guard came to the room and told Miss Johnson and Mr. Kelly what you guys were doing down here. He was patrolling the parking lot and thought somebody was being raped, based on the sounds he heard. I guess he peeked into the window or something. Anyway, he came to the room to see what Mr. Kelly and Miss Johnson wanted to do. They said they'd take care of it, and I'm telling you right now that they sent me down here to tell you not to leave the motor home. I think they're deciding whether or not to just bring all your stuff down here and take us all back home. But they said that if you're not here when they get here, they're going to have you all expelled.

"FUCK!" shouted Jerry.

Ronnie wasn't at all sure about the next part of her plan. When she had suggested to Susan that the girls in the motor home had caught Jack and Bunny having sex, Bunny had put her hands in her face, rather than denying it. So Ronnie took the chance that she was right.

"And Tiffany?" she said, addressing the leader of the group, "Miss Johnson told me to say this specifically to you. I don't know what it means, but here's what she said. She said she's really pissed off that she cut you a break, and then you broke your promise, whatever that means. I've never seen her like this."

Ronnie looked at them all again. "Any questions?" she asked, putting enough cockiness in it that she looked like a student above reproach who was enjoying the downfall of a whole bunch of more popular students.

Ronnie bent over, like she was trying to look under the sheet that Tiffany had pulled over her and Jerry.

"I'm supposed to leave now, so you guys can get dressed and stuff ..." She tried to lift the sheet and Tiffany kicked at her. "but I can stick around if anybody wants to just chat or something." She grinned.

"Get OUT!" Yelled Tiffany, perilously close to tears.

"OK, party pooper," said Ronnie gaily. "Should I tell them you'll be here? Or do they need to alert security that you're all going to be on the run?" She grinned again.

"I SAID GET OUT!" screamed Tiffany.

Ronnie left, feeling like there was every chance that the six kids would stay right there in the motor home for at least an hour. She hoped that would be enough.


When the door closed behind Ronnie, Susan suddenly felt very alone, and very vulnerable. She realized she was standing only inches from Jack, and took a step backward. Jack saw the tension and unease in her eyes and jumped on it.

"Really, Susan, you don't have to do anything," he said soothingly. "We can just forget the whole thing."

Susan was angry again almost instantly. Why did adults think they could push kids around forever?

"Take off your robe!" she ordered, putting her hands on her hips.

"Susan!" warned Bunny, trying to come to grips with what was actually happening.

"You take that robe off right now or I swear on my Grandma's ashes I'll scream my head off!" said Susan tightly. Her face swiveled to Bunny. "You too, Miss Johnson!"

"Susan ... please!" begged Bunny.

Susan simply took a deep breath and opened her mouth like she was going to scream.

Jack's hands flashed out, one behind Susan's pony tail, and the other covering her mouth in an iron grip that actually caused her pain as her lips were crushed into her teeth. She began struggling and Jack ended up hauling her onto the bed and throwing her down underneath him. She started trying to bite his hand and kicked.

"Calm DOWN!" he said urgently. "I'm not going to do anything to you ... just don't scream ... please? Please, Susan, calm down!"

He lessened the force on her mouth and she stared at his face, inches away, her eyes wide. Her hands came up and gripped his wrist.

"Jack tried to sound as sincere as he could. "I'm going to let you go now. Please, Susan, don't scream. If you scream things will get out of control, and people will come to see what's wrong. You don't want that ... do you?"

She shook her head with miniscule movements. He relaxed his grip some more, and she drew in a deep breath through her mouth. Jack tensed, ready to clamp down again if she tried to scream, but she only mumbled.

"Will you take your robe off?" she asked, his hand making her difficult to understand.

"OK, I'll do that," he sighed. "Are you OK?"

She nodded, and pulled his hand away from her mouth.

"You hurt my lips," she said accusingly.

On impulse, Jack leaned down and kissed her gently. He left his eyes open, and saw that hers were open too.

"All better?" he asked, feeling stupid, until she actually nodded and smiled.

He rolled off of her to find Bunny hovering over them both at the edge of the bed, her hands out, as if she had been prepared to enter the fray. He couldn't tell if she would have entered it on Susan's side, or his. He got up and, because it was just easier to get it over with, untied and shrugged out of the robe, letting it fall to the floor at his feet. Susan stared at his penis, her mouth open.

"Wow," she said softly.

Bunny sat, half on and half off the bed, close enough to Susan to be able to touch her, though she didn't. Susan looked at her.

"Is it really fun?" she asked.

Bunny blinked, but didn't say anything.

"Come on Miss Johnson," whined Susan. "I just want to ... I just want to ... you know ... understand stuff."

Bunny stared at the girl, still lying on her side on the bed, her eyes darting between Bunny's face, and Jack's groin.

"You're really a virgin?" asked Bunny softly.

"Yes," said Susan, staring at Jack's penis.

"Can I talk to you?" asked Bunny.

"If you're going to try to talk me out of this ... save your breath. I've been too chicken to do this for years, and this is my chance." said Susan firmly.

"I'm not trying to talk you out of it," said Bunny. "I just want you to understand that it may not be what you expect."

"What do you mean?" asked Susan.

"It's like this," said Bunny, relaxing a little. "I like Jack. I like him a lot. And because I like him a lot, the things we did since we got here were ... I don't know ... a lot nicer than if ..." she trailed off, unable to explain how she felt about giving up her virginity, and all the emotions that had involved.

"What she's trying to say," said Jack, sitting down on the other side of Susan, "is that making love the first time is awkward, and uncomfortable, and even painful, sometimes. And it's even more like that if you don't know the guy. If you like him, or are in love with him, then that helps a lot. Just because you don't want to be a virgin any more doesn't mean you'll like what happens."

"But it looks like it's so much fun!" moaned Susan.

"It CAN be fun," said Bunny, thankful to have been given time to martial her thoughts while Jack talked. "It can be wonderful. But it needs to be at the right time, and with the right person, and under the right circumstances. Otherwise it can be awful."

"Was it ever awful for you?" asked Susan.

Bunny flushed. "Well ... no ... I mean I was a virgin too, until we got here ... and we didn't plan to do this ... but like I said ... I really like Jack a lot."

Susan looked crestfallen. She looked over her shoulder at Jack. "Couldn't we at least make out or something?" she pleaded. "Everybody else gets to do stuff, but I never do."

There was a discreet knock on the door and Jack almost killed himself diving for the bathroom. Ronnie came through the door backwards, looking out into the hallway.

"Can I come in?" she asked, not looking into the room.

"Nothing's happening," giggled Susan.

Ronnie turned around and looked decidedly disappointed.

"Where did you go?" asked Susan.

"I went to make sure none of the other kids will come back here for at least an hour." she said grinning. "I told them a security guard saw what was going on and reported to you," she said, looking at Bunny. "Where's Mr. Kelly?"

"He ran for the bathroom like a scared little boy when you knocked," laughed Susan. "He's naked."

"Really?" said Ronnie, making it obvious she thought that was a good idea. "Anyway I told them you had ordered them to stay there until you came for them. I told them you and Mr. Kelly might just bring all their stuff to the motor home and take them back home tonight, and that if they weren't there when you come for them, they'd be expelled."

Bunny dropped her face into her hands again and moaned.

"Hey, they bought it ... I'm sure. So we have an hour to play, and then you can go down there and yell and scream at them."

"We've been talking about that," said Susan softly. "When you had sex the first time ... did it hurt?"

"It was uncomfortable," admitted Ronnie.

"Did you like the guy?" asked Susan. "Who was it?"

"I can't tell who it was," said Ronnie guardedly. "He'd get in trouble. But yeah, I liked him ... at least most of the time."

"They think I should wait until I find a boy I really like," said Susan.

Jack stuck his head out of the bathroom door. Everybody ignored him.

"OK, so fine," said Ronnie. "But you can still play around, and learn some things. I really like oral sex. Maybe he could do that to you."

"OK," said Susan eagerly. She looked around for Jack. When she saw him she said "Come on out, Mr. Kelly. It was only Ronnie."

"I feel stupid," he said from the doorway.

Ronnie simply went to the bathroom, took him by the hand, and pulled him into the room.

"Be nice to her," she said to him, not trying to speak softly. "She needs to have a good time."

It was quite awkward, at least initially. Susan didn't feel comfortable just disrobing, and Jack didn't feel comfortable just mauling her. Finally Ronnie suggested that they both explore his body for a little while, since he was already naked. They got him on the bed, with Ronnie on one side, and Susan on the other, and Ronnie began giving Susan lessons on what a man was like.

Bunny watched, open mouthed, as Ronnie described the places on a penis that were the most sensitive, and how to touch a man, and in minutes Jack was hard as a rock. When Ronnie suggested that this was a good time to learn how to give a man a blow job, and sucked the knob of Jack's penis as an unspoken example, Bunny stood up.

"Look ... you're obviously doing fine here, and I feel really strange just sitting here. I'm going to get dressed and sit outside, where I can make sure that nobody comes in here ... OK?"

Ronnie waved one hand negligently at her as her mouth slid off the tip of Jack's cock, and her lips flowed back down while Jack groaned. Bunny put on a sweat shirt and sweat pants and took a magazine with her. There was a bench in the hallway, underneath a panel of huge picture windows that, during daylight, showed off the spectacular mountains. She sat down, wondering if everything might be salvageable after all. She sighed as she admitted to herself that one reason she had left was that seeing the two girls playing with Jack had made her both horny and jealous at the same time. The last thing she wanted to do was surrender to her lust, getting naked WITH the girls, and forcing Jack to have to attempt to satisfy three women at the same time. She wanted to giggle suddenly, as she realized how bizarre the week was turning out to be. Not even in her wildest dreams would she have imagined Jack deflowering women right and left on a ski trip.

Trying to act normal, she opened the magazine and began leafing through it.


Susan watched in awe as Ronnie took Jack's penis into her mouth, like it was the most normal thing in the world to do. Jack groaned and his head came up off the bed and then flopped down again. Ronnie pulled off with a slurp and a smile.

"Guys love it when you do this," she said, fisting the prick and waving it around. "Go ahead ... try it."

"OH ... I couldn’t," said Susan, her eyes wide.

"It's fun. He tastes good." cajoled Ronnie. "Just kiss it first," she suggested.

Susan stared at the example in front of her, of something she'd never seen before. She watched as Ronnie's hand gripped it and then slid downward. The skin on it moved, and a shiny knob was exposed. She reached out a single finger and touched that knob.

"It's so smooth," she whispered.

"Go on, it won't bite you," giggled Ronnie.

With no little trepidation, Susan leaned forward slowly. She sniffed automatically, but didn't smell anything in particular. She closed her eyes and touched her lips lightly to the surface, pulling back and licking them. She looked at Ronnie, who grinned at her, and then did it again, pushing her lips more firmly against it.

"Lick it," urged Ronnie.

Again, almost fearfully, Susan stuck her tongue out and barely touched the knob. Her tongue slipped to one side as Ronnie pushed it toward her lips, and it bumped into her nose. Jack raised his head again, looking down at her. She touched her tongue to it again, fascinated with the smooth, texture that was both hard and soft at the same time. Her lips opened tentatively, and she let them slide around on the surface. When Ronnie tried to push it at her again she put her hand up and made Ronnie surrender her grip. The feel of the thing in her hand was just as amazing, and she automatically gripped it and stroked, like she had seen Ronnie do. She gasped as the skin slid back and forth, covering and then uncovering the tip.

"If you're not going to suck it, then I am," warned Ronnie impatiently.

The goading worked, and Susan suddenly took the whole knob in her mouth. Jack groaned again, and Susan felt a thrill shoot through her as she felt power over a man for the first time in her life. She liked the feeling instantly, and she liked the feel of his skin in her mouth too. She took more in, sucking tentatively, her cheeks caving in. Everything else she had sucked on like that in her life, had been some kind of food item that either collapsed into her mouth, or which she then bit off, but this was completely different. This thing held its shape. This thing was warm and firm and smooth and she suddenly felt a tingling in her loins that made her feel like she was going to pee her pants. Jack moaned again, and his hand caressed her hair gently. She pulled off and looked up at his face.

"Am I doing it right?" she asked, breathlessly.

"Perfect," he panted.

"He can do the same thing for you," said Ronnie. "He can do all kinds of things to you that feel really good."

What Susan felt the most at that moment was a crystal clear understanding of a lot of the things Ronnie was alluding to, and the fact that, what she would have been completely embarrassed to even think about just a little while ago, seemed much more within the realm of possibility now.

"I'd have to be naked," she breathed.

"It's much better that way," said Ronnie.

"You too?" asked Susan.

"Aren't we getting kinky!" smiled Ronnie.

"I just don't want to be naked alone," said Susan, sliding her hand up and down that amazing thing.

"OK," said Ronnie simply.

Once the decision had been made, both girls just started hastily getting rid of their clothing, until all Susan had on was her panties. She froze then as Jack stared at her breasts. Like most girls, she didn't think she was either beautiful or desirable, and she had fear in her eyes as she imagined his inspection. She might have quailed at that moment, if she'd been alone with him. But Ronnie was thoroughly turned on by now, and wanted some satisfaction. She crawled up to Jack's face and kissed him.

"I know I'm skinny," she said, staring into his eyes," but I'd really appreciate it if you'd lick my pussy Mr. Kelly."

For his answer he gripped her with a hand under each armpit and dragged her over his face so he could get to her nipples. Her cone-shaped breasts pointed down and she sighed as he latched onto a puffy nipple and sucked it in. His hand slid down her side to her hip and she raised one leg like a dog at a fire plug as his hand slid around and between her legs to cup her sex. He diddled her clit for a few seconds, and slid a finger deep into her pussy as she moaned. Then she scrambled to her feet, placing one on each side of his head, and began a slow squat until her pussy contacted his mouth. She settled with a sigh as he began to work on her pussy.

"Ohhhh you're much better at this than ..." she clapped a hand over her mouth, and started jerking her pussy against his chin.

Susan, left alone, for all intents and purposes, set about exploring Jack's penis and balls. She kissed and licked and sucked different places, trying things to see how they felt, and decided that what she liked the most was having almost a throatful of hard prick. She took him in until she felt her gag reflex kick in, and then eased off, loving the feel of his skin sliding between her lips. Though she didn't know it, she was a natural at cock-sucking, because she just loved the feel of it all.

Susan was so engrossed with her new game, that she didn't know how much time had passed, but suddenly Ronnie was making the same sounds that Susan had heard the girls in the motor home making. Then she jumped up and turned around.

"Swap with me," she panted. "I have to have more."

Susan's curiosity as to just what that meant was blown out of her head as she got up and began to crawl toward Jack's head. Ronnie, now standing with a foot on either side of Jack's hips, squatted again. Reaching for the prick Susan had just been sucking, she held it up straight and, with unerring accuracy, squatted until that prick began to magically disappear into her pussy. With a groan of satisfaction, Ronnie sat down hard on Jack's groin and let her head hang forward.

"You're FUCKING him!" gasped Susan.

"Ohhhh yesss I am," moaned Ronnie. "And he feels soooo good." She lifted her head and started a rapid hip movement that looked violent to Susan. She was frozen in place until she felt Jack's hand slid to her buttocks and cup one cheek.

"Ohhh yeah ... ohhh yeah" panted Ronnie, setting up a chant that got louder and louder until she went rigid, her eyes closed tightly. Then she relaxed, and started all over again. "Ohhh shit Mr. Kelly ... you feel fantastic in me," she moaned.

Jack moved his hand to seek out Susan's pussy, since she was frozen there, knees wide spread on the bed near his head. She was so interested in seeing what Ronnie was doing close up that she had put her own feelings on standby. He woke them back up as his fingers found her wet cleft and began to explore her untried channel. He found her clit, and was surprised to find it was bigger than some he had seen on women much older than she was. He had fun trying to pinch it, and it kept slipping between his fingers as her belly muscles spasmed from the feelings he was flooding her with.

Ronnie had another orgasm and then stood up, making a wet, sucking sound happen as Jack's boner pulled out of her.

"Time to get off before that monster goes off," she panted.

The combination of Susan's expert sucking, and Ronnie's tight-pussied fucking had inflamed Jack to the point where he WAS about to go off. When Ronnie suddenly vacated his prick, he moaned in frustration. He wanted to jerk off ... to finish ... but at the same time he didn't want this fun to end. In the back of his mind, perhaps, he knew that there was another tight pussy in the room, a tight pussy that had never had a prick in it. Like any man, his subconscious wanted his aching prick to be the first to invade that tight flesh.

He decided that Susan's pussy needed eating first, though. If he was going to plunder her pussy, she needed to want it badly, and the way to get her there was to get her lust inflamed.

He sat up and pushed her over backwards. She fell back, her knees bent and her feet caught under her buttocks. She yelped as the tendons and muscles in the front of her thighs complained and she tried to ease that pressure. The only way she could do that was to roll back and move her feet to her sides, which opened her up completely, as Jack rolled onto his stomach between her thighs. With no warning, his lips sought that big rubbery clit and he sucked it in hard.

"OHHHAWWWW," Susan groaned as she felt electric jolts shoot from her pussy throughout her body. She had never imagined that sex could feel like this. Her own attempts at making that spot feel good by rubbing at it seemed puny by comparison. Her hips bucked convulsively as she mashed her pussy into the face between her thighs. When he added stimulation to what was happening by sucking on a nipple, she about came unglued.

"Oh fuck! What's happening? Oh mama. Oh FUCK!" she squealed, her body shaking like a German Shepherd had hold of her.

Jack added a finger into the mix, gently, at first, worming it into her tight hole, feeling his way to get deeper. To his delight he found no obstruction to his invading digit, and he plunged it deeper into her, feeling for the cervix he knew would be deep inside. He found he could just barely touch it with the tip of his finger, and he rimmed the little mouth.

Susan did come unglued then. The stimulation was just too much for her unprepared teenaged brain and, in the midst of the strongest orgasm she'd ever had, she fainted.

Jack felt her go limp all over, and the transformation from flailing happy girl to dead weight was stark enough that he raised his head to see what had happened.

"Susan?" he said softly. When there was no answer he crawled up until his face was over hers. He slapped her cheek gently. "Susan?" he said plaintively again.

Ronnie leaned over from where she had been punishing her own clitty while she watched Mr. Kelly initiate Susan.

"She actually passed out!" she squealed.

"Wow," said Jack, amazed. "I never actually knocked a woman out before."

Ronnie laughed. "You should pop her cherry while she's out. She's too chicken to do it while she's awake."

She had said it as a joke, but Jack's brain didn't receive it that way. His prick was still achingly hard, dripping, and ... poised right over Susan's virgin pussy lips. He relaxed the muscles in the small of his back and his hips dropped until his leaking prick mooshed up against Susan's portal.

"Uhhh, should I?" he groaned, feeling the heat of her pussy beckoning him.

"I was just kidding," said Ronnie. "You can put it back in me if you want," she said.

"Should I?" gasped Jack, unconsciously leaning forward so his glans pried open Susan's pussy mouth.

"Sure," said Ronnie patiently. "Your prick feels really good."

Jack's muddled mind heard a woman telling him he should shove his prick into her pussy, so he leaned some more. There was a moment of intense pressure, and Susan's body surrendered, as the head of Jack's prick popped inside her pussy mouth and wiggled another two inches up into her virgin tube.

Ronnie finally noticed what was happening.

"NOT HER!" she wailed.

She scrambled over, intending to put her hands on either side of Jack's hips and pull him out of the unconscious girl. In her haste, however, she got her legs tangled up and fell against Jack's buttocks. Susan's pussy made a farting sound as all the air in it was forced out around the invading penis that suddenly filled it to capacity.

Susan groaned, the distress of her body wakening her. She felt like she'd eaten too much, almost like if she just threw up, everything would be fine. Then she realized it wasn't her stomach that was stuffed. With her eyes still closed, her wakening mind took inventory. Jack, knowing he had gone too deep, too quickly, pulled halfway out, and Susan's mind catalogued that feeling, telling the girl what was happening.

Now Jack's little head took over, though. His prick had been panting for release, his balls egging it on, for quite some time now. It was just natural, once his penis was in a woman, to shove and pull and jerk and probe and wiggle and do all those other things his prick just loved.

Thus it was that, as she regained consciousness, Susan's mind ran the gamut from "GET THAT THING OUT OF ME!" to "Oh MY! THIS FEELS GOOD! to "OH MAMMA, DON'T LET HIM STOP BECAUSE I'LL JUST DIE IF HE DOES!"

By the time she was fully awake, Susan was suddenly transformed from a limp body, to an energetic participant, almost the exact reversal of what had happened as he ate her pussy. One instant she was limp, and the next she was lunging up against him, her fingernails scraping his back, her vocal chords once again yelling "Oh FUCK ... OH YES! ... OH FUCK YES!"

Both of them were lucky. Jack was lucky because by missing the trauma of initial penetration, Susan was placed in a position to welcome an orgasm much sooner than she would otherwise have been. Susan was lucky because Jack's overstressed control gave up sooner than he should have if he'd have been a patient and considerate lover.

What that means is that, as Jack's prick gave up and began spitting long pussy-drenching streams of cum, Susan's second orgasm snuck up on her and almost knocked her out again. Jack, in the throes of lust, stayed right where he was and gave the teen every drop his balls could produce.

Ronnie, recognizing the sounds Jack was making, based on the sounds her brother had made as he pumped HER full of spunk, sagged onto her heels in disappointment. Then, as teenagers often do, her mood changed instantly and she was happy for her friend. Susan might be up tight, but this was probably going to help combat that. Ronnie reached between Jack's ass cheeks, feeling for his balls, and massaged them gently, encouraging them to completely empty themselves into the willing girl under the teacher.

She lay her breasts on Jack's back, rubbing them against him as her hand continued to fondle his balls. "You just remember, Mr. Kelly, the next load is for me."

Chapter Nine

Bunny had been sitting outside the room for half an hour, her mind in complete turmoil. Her man, as she now thought of Jack, was in that room, having SEX with at least one, and possibly two teenaged girls. That made her belly tight, and she felt jittery all over. She was quite aware that what she was feeling was jealousy. Other emotions conflicted with that, however.

Bunny had never had a single thought about the sexuality of another woman. When she saw Ronnie's mouth lovingly suck on Jack's penis, however, she had felt amazed at how erotic that looked. The initial burst of emotion when she saw that was what caused her to leave. Since then she had been thinking about that, and what else might be going on in that room. One of the things she kept thinking about was the unbridled joy with which Ronnie had entered into what would usually be considered a completely bizarre relationship. It wasn't just that Ronnie was obviously attracted to Jack. Bunny could understand that perfectly. It was that Ronnie was completely comfortable with another girl being involved ... so comfortable, in fact, that she was willing to teach that girl what she knew about sex!

Sound penetrated the door across the hall from where Bunny sat. It was Susan's voice, and, quite clearly, Bunny heard: "Oh FUCK ... OH YES! ... OH FUCK YES!"

Bunny looked up and down the hall frantically, and then relaxed when she saw no one else was around who could have overheard that obviously sexual cry of ecstasy. She jumped to her feet automatically, and winced as her sore tendons complained. She checked the hall again, to make sure no one would be coming along when she opened the door to tell them to keep it down. Trying to look casual, she crossed the hall, swiped her key card, and watched the light on the door handle turn from red to green.

She pushed the door open just in time to hear Ronnie say: "You just remember, Mr. Kelly, the next load is for me." The first thing she saw, was Jack, levering himself up off of Susan's naked body, his knees spread, his buttocks moving toward her, with Ronnie's hand just coming out from between his thighs. She peered into the semi-darkness between them, which magically brightened as Jack's body came up off the girl. That let her see his semi-soft penis slip out of Susan's pussy, dragging with it a long rope of something thick, and white.

Bunny stood, eyes wide, frozen as Jack rolled to his back, and Ronnie's mouth swooped toward his messy, spermy cock, slurping in the soft organ with a drawn out "Mmmmmmmm" Bunny could see her cheeks go concave as she sucked and pulled her mouth off of his prick. She smacked her lips, and swallowed audibly, and then looked up at Jack's face.

"I hope that doesn't get caught in my braces," she said. Bunny could almost hear the grin on the girl's face. "You shouldn't have spunked her like that Mr. Kelly," the girl went on, almost casually. "I don't think Susan is on the pill or anything."

"You CAME in her?!" gasped Bunny.

Ronnie's head jerked around and her body tensed, but then she relaxed as she saw it was Bunny.

"You might think about closing the door," said the naked girl.

Bunny jerked and moved so she could slam the door shut. She jumped at the sound.

"You CAME IN HER?!" gasped Bunny again.

Jack raised his head wearily. "I couldn't help it. She felt so tight and hot and ..."

"You IDIOT!" hissed Bunny, suddenly angry beyond anything she could control. "You were supposed to pop her cherry! Not ... not ... not ... that's supposed to BE FOR ME!" she ended up wailing.

"But you're not on the pill either!" whined Jack.

"I don't MIND having your baby, you idiot!" she snapped. "I'm going to marry you and have four or five of your babies!"

"You are?" He sounded confused. He was pretty sure he hadn't asked her to marry him on this trip. Not that he found the idea abhorrent or anything. Quite the opposite. Being able to come home to Bunny every day, and spunk her pussy every night sounded like a really good idea, now that he thought about it.

"Well, I am as soon as you wake up and ask me," she said, her eyes shooting daggers at him.

"Will you marry me?" he said, his voice in a whine.

"Don't ask me while you're with two naked girls, one of whom you probably just knocked up!" she squealed. "Have a little romance, Jack!"

"I don't feel good," said Jack sadly.

"I feel WONDERFUL, Mr. Kelly," sighed Susan. "I want to do that again!" Then SHE looked confused, and her eyes went to Bunny's. "Except that I won't let you any more, because you're going to marry Miss Johnson ... right?"

"I don't KNOW!" moaned Jack. He wished he could just crawl under the covers and not come out until it was time to go back home.

Susan was still looking at Bunny, who scowled angrily.

"Can he do it to me just one more time before you marry him?" she asked.

"You girls have had enough of him for one day!" snapped Bunny. "Now, get dressed and get out of here. Go ski, for pity's sake. I THOUGHT that was what we all came here to do!"

"You don't have to have a cow!" said Susan, her eyes getting teary. "I just wanted to have some fun, and now you're ruining it!"

Ronnie had stood, watching the whole thing, and was trying not to laugh. She went to Bunny, and took her hand.

"It's OK, Miss Johnson. We understand. We'll share him with you." She smiled brightly. "Especially after you marry him."

She laughed out loud and darted away from Bunny, who scowled at her and took a step toward her.

"Just kidding," said Ronnie, snatching up her clothing. "Honest."

Bunny stood there fuming as the two girls hastily dressed. Susan kept shooting looks at Jack, who was still lying there helpless and naked, one arm over his eyes.

Ronnie stopped on the way out.

"Um ... you really should go down to the motor home and yell at them ... at least a little," she said. "I mean they're expecting it."

Bunny felt helpless, but realized that, as much trouble as this girl apparently liked to cause, at least she thought with a clear head sometimes.

"OK," said Bunny. "Thank you."

"And Miss Johnson?" Ronnie went on. "He cums a LOT. If you weren't serious about having his baby, you should do something. He could knock up four or five girls as much as he cums." She ducked out of the door and closed it before Bunny could reply.

Jack lifted his arm. "Are they gone?"

"Yes." Bunny felt suddenly weak. Everything had gotten so mixed up. "Get up and get dressed. We have to go yell at some kids."

"OK," he said meekly.

She waited, watching him move as he got dressed. He was graceful, even in his obvious embarrassment. Neither of them said anything until they were outside.

"Did you really mean that?" he asked. "About marrying me?"

"I'm having second thoughts about it now," she said, darkly.

He stopped and took her arm.

"Please don't." She looked to find him with an earnest look on his face. "I mean ... I know I've really fucked up on this trip, but that's not really me. I haven't even had sex for the last three years! And I certainly don't go around deflowering students all the time. This seems like a dream somehow."

"You could have fooled me," she said. Her words sounded more harsh than her tone of voice. He was such a cutie when he begged like this. And she knew he was right. This had not been an average situation.

"I never thought about marrying you," he said. She looked at him sharply and he gripped her arms. "I didn't mean it that way. What I meant was that it never occurred to me that you would ever even think about marrying ME."

"I do not hop in bed with every Tom, Dick or Harry who comes along, Jack," she said heavily.

"Yes, I know that," he assured her. "But I sort of ... took advantage of you ... you know, that first time."

"Jack," she sighed. "I've wanted to do that with you for months."

"You HAVE?" He looked stunned.

"Yes, but I was too shy to do anything about it."

"But ... that means," he said softly, "that you really ARE interested in me!"

"Men can be so dense sometimes," she sighed again.

"I've wanted to be with you for ... ever since the first time I saw you!" he said.

"You've pined over me for years?" Bunny felt her insides melting.

"YES!" he said excitedly. "I just thought you didn't know I existed."

"Well, that's changed," she said wryly.

"Would you really have my baby?" he asked softly.

"Not if you keep dumping all that sperm in all those girls," she said just as softly. "There won't be enough left to get me pregnant."

He dropped to one knee in the snow.

"Bunny Johnson, I love you. I can never be happy without you. Will you marry me?"

There was clapping, and they turned to see an older man and woman treading carefully over the icy parking lot. The woman was beaming at them.

"Say yes, honey," said the woman. "You've found one that knows the proper way to ask." She grinned as her husband pulled on her, embarrassed by her speaking to strangers like that.

She looked down at him. "Yes, I'll marry you."

"Even though I did all that other stuff?" He sounded like he couldn't believe it.

"I volunteered you for part of that, myself, as I recall." She smiled at him. "The question isn't whether I'll marry you," she said. "The question is whether we can salvage our careers after this ski trip."

"All the girls seem to be pretty happy," he said. "And I don't think any of the boys will complain."

"But will the girls STAY happy?" she asked. "We're about to go yell at three of them, and the other two are probably trying to figure out how to get into your pants again before we leave."

"We've only got three days left," said Jack. "Surely we can come up with some way to keep them happy for three more days."

Bunny looked at him. It was obvious he was talking about doing that without fucking the socks off of Ronnie and Susan, but she knew better than that. She'd tasted his prick, in more ways than one, and she knew how good he was with it, even if he couldn't control where it spurted. Both of those girls had left the room wanting more, and they weren't likely to give up on that notion, especially if they weren't convinced that the other girls had been cut off too.

"I've got an idea," she said. "It's a crazy idea, but it might work."

"What is it?" he asked. "Your other crazy ideas have kind of worked out OK."

Bunny looked to see if he was being sarcastic, but decided he wasn't.

"If, during the next three days, you had to bed Ronnie and Susan again, could you keep from cumming in them?"

"No," he said truthfully. "Not in you either. It feels too good."

"Would you wear a rubber?" she asked.

"Yes," he said immediately. "I have six." He was trying to be helpful.

"Let's go yell at some kids. Follow my lead," she said.


The six kids were dressed when they got there. They were sitting in pairs, which they probably shouldn't have done, but they were kids, and they had just been very intimate with the other in each pair. They WERE smart enough not to say anything when Bunny and Jack entered the motor home. Tiffany and Melody were next to each other, with their boyfriends on the outside. Linda and Doug were sitting opposite them. The beds had at least been folded up into seats again.

"I thought I you agreed not to have sex any more," Bunny started out angrily.

"We promised not to have sex with ...OOF!" Melody finished with a grunt as Tiffany elbowed her hard in the ribs.

"We're sorry," said Tiffany. "We came here to talk and I guess things just got carried away." She tried to look hurt. "Isn't it illegal for security guards to peek into people's motor homes or something?"

"That doesn't matter!" snapped Bunny. When Melody had almost said Jack's name, Bunny had realized two things. One was that, in fact, she had made them promise not to have sex with Jack ... not the others. The other was that Tiffany was fast on her feet. She had stopped Melody from alerting the boys that they weren't the only ones fucking these girls. She thought quickly.

"OK, I'm going to shoot straight with you. It doesn't matter whether it's legal or not, because no one is going to take anything to court. I told them we'd handle this privately. I have no wish for your parents to find out that Jack and I didn't supervise you closely enough."

She was offering them something that would make what she was about to say believable. At least that's what she hoped.

"The damage is done. I know kids, and I know you three girls can't control yourselves. We COULD just take you home, but that would cause questions to be asked. So, we're going to lay down some new rules."

She looked at them all, and they just looked back.

"First off, every one of you boys will carry at least three condoms in his pockets at all times. Jack will get them for you. Second, you WILL ski while you're here. There will be no ... talking ... during the day... period. At night, you can come here, since you obviously can't use the rooms. The boys WILL wear a condom while you ... talk. Is that clear?"

She expected them to laugh. The boys looked like someone had just told them they were all adopted ... from little green men in a flying saucer. Melody and Linda sat with their mouths open. Tiffany looked thoughtful.

"OK." Tiffany spoke for them all, and nobody else said a word. "We behave ourselves during the day ... and talk to each other only after supper, right?"

Bunny nodded.

"And only in the motor home." Tiffany nodded her head as she said it. "What about Susan and Ronnie?"

"They'll see you during the day," said Bunny. "At night, Jack and I will keep them busy." She looked thoughtful. "That reminds me. If you're NOT going to be here ... talking ... we need to know, so we can make sure Susan and Ronnie see you acting normal then too. I'll need to know when you're coming to the room, so I can make sure they're there to see you. Who has a cell phone?"

All three girls and Doug raised their hands.

"Tiffany?" said Bunny. "You'll call me and let me know where you are, occasionally, so I can make sure the girls see you."

Tiffany nodded.

"And call me when you're coming to the room. I'll try to make sure that, at least one night, those two come in AFTER you do. That should allay any suspicions." She looked thoughtful. "In fact, tonight will be the first time that happens. As soon as we leave her, you six get back to the rooms while we go find the other two girls. We'll delay them, so that you're all in bed when they get back to the room." She folded her arms. "Are we agreed then?"

There was a chorus of "Yes" that was almost enthusiastic as it began to sink into their heads that they had been given free rein, for all intents and purposes.

"Any girls turning up pregnant after we're back at school would make for some VERY difficult questions," Bunny reminded them. "The boys HAVE to use a condom while they ... talk."

All three girls looked at their partners, who nodded almost frantically. Jerry was grinning.

Bunny turned around to find Jack, slack-jawed, staring at them all. She pushed him toward the door.


"You really think they BOUGHT that?" he asked as they walked back to the lodge.

"Absolutely," said Bunny smugly. "I told them exactly what they wanted to hear. They'll believe it because they want to believe it."

"But can we just let them fuck like bunnies?" He sounded incredulous.

She looked at him. "I want to fuck like a bunny," she said, smiling.

He finally got it, and grinned. "You knew what I meant."

"We can't stop them. At least they'll use protection now."

"What are we going to do about Susan and Ronnie?" he asked. "How will we keep them busy?"

"YOU are going to wear a condom too," she said, taking his hand. "Except with me."

"Ohhh man!" he groaned.

"Don't tell me you didn't have fun with those two," she chided him.

"Oh, I'll be honest about that. I just can't believe that you'd LET me have fun with them."

"I want to walk down the aisle to meet you when we get back," said Bunny. "If this gets this trip over without us losing our jobs, then I can do that. I know it's selfish of me, and irresponsible too, but they'd find a way to have sex anyway. They've already proven that."

"Not Ronnie and Susan," objected Jack.

"Maybe not before you ruined them," said Bunny, pushing him. "But I know what they felt, and I know they won't go along with the other thing unless you keep them happy too."

"You were right. This is a crazy idea," he said.

"Let's go find Susan and Ronnie, and get them on board with this. They're going to have to play along," said Bunny. "We just might be able to pull this off."


Ronnie and Susan weren't so easy to buy off as Bunny had thought. That's because Ronnie was being her usual self.

"So they get to do whatever they want, and we three have to share Mr. Kelly?" She didn't sound impressed.

"I was just trying to find a way for everybody to be happy and feel like things were fair," said Bunny anxiously.

"If we're going to have to share Mr. Kelly, I think we ought to be able to sleep with him ... all night," said Ronnie.

"How in the world are we supposed to do that?" asked Bunny, exasperated.

Ronnie thought about it. "Wouldn't they like to spend the night together too?" she asked. "I bet they would. You could give them permission to sleep in the motor home one night or something."

"Why would I do that?" asked Bunny.

"Because Susan and I found boyfriends too, and we get to do the same thing they're doing. Except that we want to do it in the room, and not in the motor home."

"Where are you going to come up with boyfriends?" asked Jack.

"There are boys running around here, said Ronnie. All Susan and I have to do is talk to them and they'll talk back. If Tiffany or the others see us doing that they'd believe it."

"What if the boys WON'T talk to us?" asked Susan, sounding worried. It was her experience that boys weren't anxious to talk to her.

"I'll teach you how to do it," said Ronnie. "It's easy."

"Easy for you, maybe," said Susan.

"Trust me," said Ronnie. "I've got four brothers. I know how boys tick."


The next day, after breakfast, all the kids were happy and excited, with the possible exception of Susan. They were happy and excited because they knew they would get to have sex that night. Susan still didn't believe a boy would talk to her just because she wanted him to.

But, as the Tiffany, Melody and Linda pulled their boyfriends out to the slopes, Ronnie got Susan ready to ski and pulled her out to the bunny slope. They stood, watching people on the slopes for a while, and then Ronnie made her selections.

She maneuvered Susan to the bottom of the slope, and waited until the two young men she had seen practicing came toward them, and stopped ten or so feet away.

"You guys are pretty good," she called out. "I wish I could do that."

The two boys, brothers named Tim and Tom, looked over at the girl who had spoken. They were there because their parents had dragged them there, and they both knew they weren't good at all.

"We're just learning, really," said Tim.

"We've been trying," said Ronnie sadly, "but we just can't seem to get the hang of it. It looks like so much fun when you do it."

"Ronnie, I can ski pretty well," whispered Susan in her friend's ear.

"Fake it," said Ronnie under her breath.

"I don't suppose you would ... help us," said Ronnie, sounding tragic.

Tom looked at the girls. They weren't gorgeous or anything, but then he and Tim were both geeks, and girls didn't usually show any interest in them at all. He looked at his brother. "Might be fun?" he said, not sure at all.

Ten minutes later, the four of them were snowplowing slowly down the slope. Ronnie fell down and Susan instinctively jumped sideways to stop and help her. She walked up the hill sideways.

"Don't stop, you dope!" hissed Ronnie. The two boys were still sliding down the hill, unable to stop like Susan had. "Fall down instead!"

"Oh!" said Susan, feeling foolish.

She helped Ronnie up, and they started down again, toward the boys, who were waiting for them.

"Fall down now!" whispered Ronnie.'

Susan yelped, flailed and tumbled. Ronnie made it look like she was trying to stop to help, and tumbled too. They both sat up to see the boys trying to come up the hill to help them.

"NOW you can walk down sideways," hissed Ronnie.

Both girls did that.

"We have the walking sideways part down OK," said Ronnie much more breathlessly than she had to, as they approached the brothers. "It's the skiing part that's giving us trouble."

"I think you did pretty good," said Tim. "Tom and I fell down all the time when we first started."

"We put the skis on and tried to learn to get around," said Susan, catching on. "That part isn't so hard. We can teach that to you if you can teach us how to not fall down."

An hour later, all four teens were gliding down the bunny slope, not quite out of the snowshoe phase yet, but moving much faster than before.

Ronnie suggested a break, and they sat on the porch of the lodge, drinking hot chocolate. Within another thirty minutes, they were chatting easily, as the girls said where they were from, and the boys did the same.

"We have to go check in," said Ronnie. "Our sponsors are real strict about that. Maybe we could ski, together, some more later?"

"Yeah, sure," Tim gushed, smiling. He was having fun.

"Give me your room number and we'll call you," suggested Ronnie.

Chapter Ten/

"I can't believe we DID that!" said Susan as they walked back to the room.

"I told you it was easy," said Ronnie. "All you have to do is appeal to their instinct to help, and they like to do that."

"We weren't even skiing, really, but it was fun!" said Susan.

"When we get back home, we're going to get you a real boyfriend," said Ronnie. "You just wait and see."

"What about you?" asked Susan.

"Oh, there are some boys I like to be around, sometimes," she caged. "I just don't talk about it a lot. They're kind of geeky."

"So are Tom and Tim, but I don't mind," said Susan. "They're kind of nice, really."

"It's all in finding the good points in a guy," said Ronnie. "Most of them have at least one." She grinned.

"I know which ... point ... is good on Mr. Kelly," said Susan, not blushing at all. "I can't wait to see it tonight."

"That's what I was talking about," said Ronnie.


Ronnie and Susan spent some time with Tim and Tom that afternoon too, but this time it was tubing, and they all had fun because almost no skill was required.

At supper, when the whole group was assembled, Ronnie didn't have to say a thing, because Melody brought it up first.

"Who were those guys I saw you with this afternoon?" she asked. Everyone looked at Ronnie and Susan.

"We met them skiing, this morning," said Susan, eager to forward the plan. "They're from Wyoming."

"You spent all afternoon with them," said Melody.

"They invited us out tonight too," said Ronnie.

"That's nice," said Linda. She felt relieved. She hadn't been sure that Miss Johnson and Mr. Kelly would be able to keep their promise to keep the girls busy.

"I don't think it would be a good idea for you to be alone with them," said Bunny. "Maybe you should bring them to the suites. Jack and I can chaperone."

"Awwww, come on, Miss Johnson!" complained Ronnie, looking pretty convincingly outraged. "You don't chaperone them!" She pointed her fork at the other couples.

"We know them," said Bunny firmly. "We don't know anything about these boys you met."

"Well ... all right," said Ronnie grumpily. "But they have to stay away and do something else! We don't want them there making fun of us."

"Hey," said Melody, looking hurt. "We wouldn't do that. We're HAPPY for you!"

"Don't worry," said Tiffany. "We won't bother you. We'll keep in touch with Miss Johnson, and we won't come back until they're gone. How's that?"

"OK," said Ronnie. "Thanks. This is the first boy to be interested in me in a long time," she said, looking woeful.

Bunny almost laughed, and had to cover her mouth with her napkin. Ronnie was a consummate actress, but she had almost overdone it.

When dinner was over, Bunny reminded Ronnie and Susan loudly to bring the boys to the suites in an hour or two. They ran off happily, while the others hung back.

"That worked out pretty well, huh?" said Tiffany, looking pleased.

"Instead of you calling me, I'll call you," said Bunny. "OK? I'll call you when the coast is clear to come back for the night."

"Deal!" said Tiffany, happily.

"It may be hours," warned Bunny.

"No problem. We have a lot of ... talking to do," said Tiffany.


Ronnie and Susan DID go find Tom and Tim, and spent an hour with them before begging off, saying they had to be back in their rooms for curfew. They also arranged to meet the boys the next day. That was because they now wanted to, and not just as a cover. Both boys were fun to be around because they were shy, and not overbearing like the boys they had come on the trip with.

Then they scurried back to the room, where Bunny had decided to drain Jack's balls as dry as she could get them before the girls got there.


When the two excited girls carded the door and slipped into the room, Jack had, in fact, just donated every drop of spunk he had, to Bunny's thirsty womb. Until she had felt a hard prick in her pussy, she had always thought about having children in an ephemeral sort of way. It could happen some day, maybe, at some vague time in the future.

But, after feeling Jack's hot semen splashing deep in her belly, and deciding that she would marry him, her biological urge to become a mother had kicked into overdrive so suddenly that she hadn't actually come to grips with it yet. All she knew was that she wanted to feel that hot, wet feeling up in her belly as often as she could get it to happen, and that if, by doing that, Jack made a baby in that same belly, so much the better.

"I love that, baby," she sighed, feeling his prick jumping in her pussy as it spurted.

"Awwww Bunny," he panted. "Do we have to wait until we get back to get married?"

"Hey!" said Ronnie, walking over to the sweating naked adults. "You better save some for us!"


Bunny sat, in a chair, naked and not knowing whether she felt odd or not, because there were three other naked people in the room too. Her natural modesty had urged her to put something on, but when the girls gleefully stripped, and crawled on the bed with Jack, she felt, somehow, that she'd be out of place if she did put something on.

"You're sure the others are busy?" Susan was just naturally nervous about all this.

Ronnie, who had been playing with Jack's spent penis, just having fun examining it under circumstances that were remarkably unashamed, snorted.

"When we peeked at them, they were all having so much fun that there's no way in the world they'll be doing anything else."

She leaned down to suck Jack's limp cock into her mouth.

"He just had that thing inside Miss Johnson!" gasped Susan.

Ronnie pulled up, sucking, and stretched Jack's cock out, making it appear to be too thin somehow. It popped out of her mouth and flopped to lay sideways on his balls.

"I know," she said, picking it up with two fingers. "But it still tastes good."

"I'm horny!" said Susan, apparently forgetting her objection, spoken only seconds before.

"Well, you're going to have to settle for something besides this," said Ronnie, grasping the limp penis at the base and flopping it from side to side. "It doesn't look all that dangerous right now, does it?"

"It will get hard again ... won't it?" asked Susan anxiously.

"Oh yeah," said Ronnie, answering for Jack, who was still breathing deeply, recovering from pumping Bunny full of spunk. "Don't worry, you'll get your pussy stretched."

The certainty in her voice made Jack feel good, and he sat up, reaching for breasts and tickling the girls as they giggled and crawled all over him. He levered Susan over and latched onto one of her nipples with his lips.

"Mmmmm," she sighed. "I can't believe how good that feels."

Soon she was whining and gasping as he kissed his way down and nuzzled into her pussy, licking and sucking. He gave her an orgasm that way, and then did Ronnie, while Susan lay limply, half watching. After Ronnie had stiffened and squealed, he got up on his knees to reveal that he was stiff again.

He didn't ask. He just crawled back on top of Susan and pushed into her.

"Jack!" called Bunny. She appeared at the side of the bed, a foil-wrapped package in her hand.

"Ohhhh," he sighed, loving the feeling of Susan's clasping, hot pussy around his prick. "I forgot."

"You can't forget," chided Bunny.

She made him pull out, and put the rubber on him herself, while Susan slowly rubbed her clit. Then he slid back into her.

"It feels different," she complained. "I don't like this as much."

"Too bad," said Bunny. "You'd like Jack's baby growing inside you a lot less, believe me."

"I guess so," sighed the girl.

It was much more gentle than the time before, and there was almost no pain, and soon Susan was bucking up against her teacher/lover with gusto, telling him how much she loved what he was doing to her. She shuddered through an orgasm and, almost without missing a stroke, he pulled out of her and filled Ronnie's pussy up, getting a groan of satisfaction from her. Ronnie's moans were hotter, somehow, perhaps because she was more accustomed to doing this, and when she wiggled and squealed, Jack squirted into the reservoir of the condom. He had been making love for fifteen minutes by then, and was limp himself as he flopped onto his back.

Susan leaned over him, to lift and look at the latex-wrapped thing that had just made her feel so good.

"There's a lot of stuff in there," she commented, squeezing the fluid-filled tip.

"That's what he would have put into you," said Bunny. "That's exactly why you must always make a man use one."


In the motor home, there was no Bunny to enforce the rules. When the three young couples got there, they chose the same beds they had used before, and wasted little time crawling into them. Only Melody insisted that the disrobing be done in a slow, and to her mind, romantic fashion. The others simply got naked and writhed against each other, trading long, hot kisses as their hands went everywhere. They weren't worried about getting caught, this time, and that left them free to enter into ... things ... with much more enthusiasm.

For Doug and Linda, the reason his prick entered her bare was simply because they both got so carried away that neither of them remembered the condom that was in his pocket. Linda remembered when, after ten minutes of ecstasy, he started making sounds she was now able to recognize as the precursor to what she would call a "rest period" after this night. By then, though, the thought of making him stop to put on a rubber was excruciating. She just decided he'd have to use it next time. It was for that reason that his healthy, virile sperm flowed freely into her womb as he gasped and bucked on top of her.

Randy and Melody didn't forget, but Melody, in the process of installing her first condom ever, didn't realize how even a tiny little sharp spot on a fingernail can weaken thin latex, or that putting it on too tightly stresses the stuff as well. When, after two lovely orgasms, she felt exactly the same thing she'd felt last time, she didn't know the condom had burst until he pulled his spent prick out of her.

Tiffany also remembered, and she knew exactly how to properly install the protection Jerry produced. Her problem was that Jerry had the same drive that a lot of men have, and which they can't explain. Jerry hated the idea that his spunk would be wasted. It wasn't that he actually wanted to knock Tiffany up. Had someone asked him, he'd have said "Of course I don't want to make her pregnant!" At the same time, though, he couldn't stand the idea that, when he spurted, it would be in a bag, instead of the girl he 'loved'.

It was for that reason that, as he positioned his teenaged prick to penetrate his girlfriend, he pulled the rubber off and slid into her bareback. She figured it out when, after an orgasm of her own, she felt the tell-tale wet heat inside her.

Tiffany yelled at Jerry as he fertilized her. But Tiffany was the perfect match for Jerry, because she had a quirk of her own that was similar to his. She had always demanded that he wear protection, but that was because she was expected to say that. She even expected herself to say that. But, deep down inside, she was just like Jerry. Her body was made to bear children, and something deep inside her whined each time his spunk was wasted by being contained.

It was probably for that reason that she always forgave him for "forgetting" to pull out. It was probably for that reason that, fifteen minutes later, when he was stiff again, and argued that he'd already cum in her, so what did it matter - that she let him fuck her again, this time agreeing to his bare prick spurting in her nubile womb.


Back in the girls' suite, the bed was crowded. Jack, to his unending surprise, had been able to get stiff again after cumming twice inside and hour and a half. The two girls had watched interestedly as he mounted Bunny. She had become inflamed, both with lust and jealousy as he fucked the two teenaged students, and her unease with being naked was gone. Now, as they watched, she teased Jack, showing them how to inflame a man beyond reason as he rocked gently, his stiff prick sliding in and out of her pussy.

"You're making a baby in me, Jack," she cooed, stroking his back with her fingertips. "I'm going to be pregnant before we even get married."

"Ohhhhh," he groaned.

"Aren't you glad I made you use a condom with them?" she murmured. "If I hadn't you'd have made them both pregnant too. Your big, strong penis would have spurted babies in both of them, Jack."

"Ohhhh fuuuck," he moaned.

"That's all men want to do, is fuck us girls pregnant ... isn't it?" she panted.

"Damn, Bunny!" he groaned.

"You wanted to fuck them pregnant ... didn't you Jack?" she insisted.

"They're right here, Bunny!" he objected.

"They need to know the truth about men, Jack," grunted Bunny, thrusting her pussy up onto his skewering prick. "They need to know how nasty men are. Tell them the truth, Jack. You wanted to fuck them both pregnant ... didn't you?"

His drawn out, and agonized sounding "Yeeeeeessssssss" was punctuated by his prick, sending millions of sperm into his lover.

"He's squirting in me, girls," she panted. "Just the thought of making your bellies swell up with his babies is making him spurt!"

There were twin sighs of "Oooooooooo" on either side of them as the girls stared, wide-eyed, hearing that sex is usually intended to be very serious business indeed.


Tiffany finally called Bunny, even though it was supposed to be the other way around. That's because it had been long enough that Tiffany tought the three couples had probably already abused their newfound freedom, and that Miss Johnson had probably tried to call, but it didn't go through. They had a good thing going, and she didn't want mis-communication to screw it up.

There was a mad dash in the girls suite to get dressed, and get Jack back on the other side of the connecting door between the suites. Actually, Susan and Ronnie just threw on their PJs and got into bed, pretending they had already gone to bed. Bunny turned out the light and then went to sit in a chair in the boy's suite while Jack got a couple of sodas and tried to make it look like they had just been sitting up talking and waiting for the kids.

It was only because the noses of the three couples were so inundated with the smell of their own orgy, that they didn't notice the smell in the room as they crept silently in. Even the boys were subdued, having been wrung dry by their girlfriends over a three hour period.

Bunny apologized for having dozed off, and for not calling.


Everyone slept late the next morning. It was a little early for it to be because three of the females were pregnant already, but we can blame it on that.

That day, after having engaged in great sex, everyone on the trip, with the exception of Bunny and Jack, was finally ready to take skiing seriously. For the girls, each had a male companion to keep her company, and by supper time, they were all tired with the exhaustion that comes from honest expenditure of energy.

That didn't mean they were too tired for sex. But the urgency to strip and fuck as quickly as possible wasn't there. Still, when Bunny called Tiffany and her friends away from the table, and suggested that coming in late had disrupted the sleep of the others, and that, since there were beds in the motor home they might just want to sleep there all night, the girls felt a surge of energy wash through their young bodies. Sex, under usual conditions, had to be snuck. Getting to spend all night, sleeping with a lover, had been just a fantasy up until now.

"What about Ronnie and Susan?" asked Tiffany.

"They aren't paying nearly as much attention to you all as they were, since they met Tim and Tom. You guys can say you did some night skiing, but I don't think they'll care."

This time it would be Bunny who would call the kids in the motor home and get them up to get ready for their last breakfast together.


The game Ronnie and Susan wanted to play this night was to have Jack in them bareback, and when he was ready to squirt, to pull out and squirt in Bunny. With some misgivings, Bunny agreed.

Ronnie was first, and Jack made sure she had two bone-wrenching orgasms before he let himself go. He didn't judge too well, and one healthy spurt of semen splashed into Ronnie's young pussy before he could close off the base of his prick and pull it out of her. Bunny was ready, and he finished in her. Ronnie felt it, but didn't say anything. She just rubbed herself to another orgasm, causing her cervix to flex and suck up all that gooey spunk into her womb.

Though Jack went soft, he made sure to rub against Bunny's clitty enough to get her off too, and then he relaxed until Susan, who tasted his prick with TWO women on it, and decided it wasn't bad at all, got him stiff again half an hour later.

He did a better job with Susan, only leaking prodigiously in her, and took it out before he actually spurted, saving it for Bunny, who was again spread and ready to receive his baby makers. Had he known that Susan arrived at the resort with a fat egg already drifting down her fallopian tube, and that the very first sperm he had shot into her had fertilized that egg, he might not have worried so much.

But he didn't know he was already a father, and he tried to be careful, if that's what you could call it.

Jack fell asleep cuddling Bunny, with Ronnie pressing against him from behind, and Susan on the other side of her. It was a tight fit, but it was also a king sized bed, so it worked.

If Bunny hadn't have had to get up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, when Jack woke up and rolled on top of her, making the bed jiggle and move as he delivered up a fresh batch of hot spunk, he might have realized it was Ronnie he was fucking, instead of Bunny. That she didn't say anything, both when he started, which didn't surprise her, and when he spurted, which did. By the time Bunny got back from the bathroom, where she had dozed off for a few minutes, sitting on the pot, everything was quiet in the bed, and she just crawled back in.


Much the same thing happened in the motor home, except that the girls all insisted that the boys wear condoms this time. Well, the first and second times anyway. When they fell asleep, exhausted this time by the exercise of passion, as well as muscles, and when the boys all woke up in the night and crawled on top of their women, there were no condoms involved, and all three girls went back to sleep with their wombs awash in hot semen. There wasn't a sound to be heard in the motor home at two in the morning, but there was furious activity going on inside each of the girls as sperm cells wiggled their tails and swum all over the place, frantically searching for an egg to implant in. The two eggs those sperm found, resisted all of the efforts of the little wrigglers. That's because they had already been penetrated before this night. In fact, "egg" is the wrong term for what those sperm found, because there were already a couple of hundred cells in the little bundles that would swell the girls' bellies over the next nine months.


On Saturday morning, when everyone had packed their gear into the motor home, and were relaxing as Jack pulled it out of the resort and pointed it toward home, there were only two females on the bus who were not pregnant.

Ironically, Tiffany, who was, in more ways than one, responsible for the orgy that the ski trip had turned into, was one of the un-pregnant girls.

Had Bunny not seen Jerry pounding into her pussy, and been injured, requiring drugs to be administered that lowered her inhibitions, she and Jack would never have been so flagrant, or been caught, and Linda would still be a virgin, instead of a mother to Jack's baby. Melody would not have demanded, though she didn't know it at the time, to lose her virginity, and never would have let the boy fuck her, who then knocked her up.

Had none of that happened, there would have been more skiing and less fucking, and Susan would have gone on being the mousy girl who was left out of things, but who was used to that. Ronnie wouldn't have been reminded of how nice it was to feel her brother's prick gliding in and out of her pussy, and would have kept her legs closed too, though in her case, the damage would be delayed.

Ronnie was the other female on the bus who was not pregnant.

But, as they say, a small stone, dropped into a large pond, will send ripples to the far bank, and the fact is that, when Ronnie got home, all that sexual activity caused her to visit her brother the night she got back, and his spurting prick found the egg that hadn't dropped far enough for Jack's sperm to reach. So, in a way, Tiffany's actions got Ronnie pregnant too.

Where is the justice in this? you ask. How can it be that Tiffany, the one responsible, more or less, for the events that ended up creating life in the bellies of five other women on the trip came away scott free?

Well, the justice is that Jerry, wanting one more time to feel his girlfriend's hot pussy wrapped around his spurting prick, got her into the back of the bus on the way home. He did it while the others were dozing, fully dressed, on the beds which had been pulled out in the middle of the coach, and while Bunny and Jack were up front, planning their wedding.

He didn't even get her naked. They just pulled down their clothing enough that he could slip in and let the light bouncing of the back of the coach do his work for him. He spurted in her once too many times, and by the time the kids climbed off the bus ... only Ronnie wasn't riding double.

Of course, as was already said, her brother took care of that, that night.



There might have been a scandal, had not Melody's father gone out one night during the next week, to see why his daughter wasn't coming in on time from the double date he had let her go on. He figured double dating was the ticket to keep her belly flat. What he found was his daughter, in the back seat, Randy's butt rising and falling lustily between her spread thighs, while in the front seat, Doug and Linda were similarly engaged. There were no condoms in the car.

That led to two weddings, and Doug went to work in his father's dry cleaning business when he graduated, to support his wife and the baby he - and everyone else - thought was his. Randy joined the Army to support Melody and the baby that he WAS the father of.

When Tiffany turned up with tight pants, nobody was surprised; not even her parents.

Susan's situation was a bit more tricky, at least at first. She had already been accepted to a college on a hardship scholarship, and had been offered a spare room in her bachelor uncle's house. He was a consultant, who was gone from home more often than he was home, and had thought having Susan in the house would be a great idea. Her parents, though, of a decidedly conservative bent, tried to cancel all those plans, almost consumed with embarrassment when their plain Jane daughter ended up pregnant and refused to tell them who had gotten her that way. Her uncle insisted that her condition changed nothing, as far as he was concerned, and she was eventually allowed to spend the remainder of the summer with him.

She was very appreciative, and he was very lonely. It was a beautiful match, especially when she crawled in bed with him one night to express her appreciation. Since she was already pregnant, and since he was never in any one place long enough to get a relationship going with a woman, it worked out perfectly. She stayed with him, getting her bachelor's degree, and, pregnant again, went on for a Masters. By the time she got her doctorate, she had four children and she never left her uncle's house.

Ronnie's parents had strong suspicions, seeing as how all the Senior girls who went on the ski trip all ended up pregnant. Ronnie wouldn't say who had gotten her that way either. What saved Jack and Bunny were two things. The first was that the baby Ronnie delivered had flaming red hair ... the same color as her brother's. The DNA test her father insisted on, with an eye toward suing somebody and getting rich quick, fizzled when it confirmed that his own son was the father. Both were kicked out of the house. Her brother got a job in the Postal system in Missouri, with great benefits, and everyone thought they were married.

As for Bunny and Jack, they got married, quietly, so it wasn't odd for her to start school the next year with a bulging belly. Had anyone paid enough attention, they might have noticed that the baby was a month early, even though it weighed eight and a half pounds.

Jack and Bunny didn't sponsor any more trips - of any kind. There is a pair of skis mounted on their bedroom wall, over the headboard, but the only slopes Jack slides around on now are the ones associated with Bunny's milk-filled breasts, and the belly they like to keep full of a child.

The End


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One of my favorite lines ever was “Which goes to show that the fantasies of teenage girls aren’t anymore realistic than those of teenage boys.” Laughed out loud at that.
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