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A joke for the ppl who never heard it before.
The minister dies and the congregation decides, after some time, that his widow, should marry again. Since it is a small village the only available candidate is the local butcher. Although very reluctantly, since she was used to living with a bible scholar, she accepts.

After the marriage, on Friday night just after taking a bath - the new husband tells his wife, "Look, my mother always said that before the beginning of the weekend it was a blessing to have sex."

They do it and then on Saturday he tells her, "According to my father it is a blessing to have sex during the day before the Sabbath.

There they go again and when it is time to go to sleep he tells her, "My grandfather told me that one should always have sex on Sabbath night."

Finally they go to sleep and when they wake up the next morning he tells her, "My aunt says that a Christian man always starts the Sabbath by having sex. So lets do it."

Finally on Monday she goes out to the market and meets a friend that asks her, "So how is the new husband?"

"Well, an intellectual he isn't, but he comes from a wonderful family."

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2016-01-08 00:04:17
What the fuck does this mean

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2014-10-05 23:51:08
anonymous reader

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2014-08-21 00:45:40
Percfet answer! That really gets to the heart of it!

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2013-01-20 17:23:31
How can you cum from that? Honestly....,

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2012-02-07 06:30:33
Allegra, tnhaks for this post.I actually sleep very very well. I sleep between 8 to 9 hours each night. And when (sometimes) there are times that I don’t get to do that, I am certainly not at my best and that’s part of the reasons why I consider sleep to be so sacrament. Working with the subconscious mind especially requires a good sleep and enough sleep, or else we can’t create any kind of change (not just with sex). This is one of the main questions I ask any new client that I start working with. My desire is to succeed with them and a part of their success depends largly on the quality of the sleep.And I agree, the title was very intriguing Sigal ZoldanSigal Zoldan recently posted..

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