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Kevin and Linda take an erotic trip down Memory Lane
This story continues directly on from my previous story, “Remember Me?”

In the morning, I woke up from a deep sleep, where I had been dreaming, with crystal clarity and amazing detail, about my high school days. I was lying on my right side, and when I opened my eyes, I found myself looking at an unfamiliar window. For a moment, I didn’t know where I was, but then I remembered. I was in my hotel room, and I had gone to the reunion. I turned to lie on my back, and then the other memories of last night flooded back, the memories of Linda, and the sweet exhilaration, the intense excitement, and the exquisite pleasure I had felt, as she offered her lovely body to me when we made love.

Yes, that was the expression that went through my head when I thought about last night. Linda and I had “made love.” It was years since I’d had a one-night stand, long before I was married, but I had never before looked at a one night stand as being about, “making love.” Yet, when I replayed the events of last night in my mind, that’s the way I saw what Linda and I had done together.

I turned to my left, but there was no-one in the bed with me, although the rumpled sheets and pillow still had a faint trace of Linda’s light, sweet, stylish scent, and I realised the hissing I could hear was the shower running in the en-suite. I looked up at the door, which was open, with wisps of steam curling out, and I lay there for a few minutes, waiting. I heard the water stop, and the shower recess door opening, and a moment or two later, Linda stepped out of the en-suite, brushing her strawberry blonde hair, with a white hotel towel wrapped around herself, clinging to her curvy figure. She was obviously unaware I was awake, because when he looked at the bed, and saw me looking up at her, she smiled in surprise, and said, “We’ll, good morning, Mr Roberts. I hope you had a good sleep, because I slept like a baby.”

“Same here,” I said, stretching in the bed.

Linda gave her hair a few more strokes with the brush, and quickly checked herself in the mirror, then sat on the other side of the bed, turning to look at me. “I woke up, and you were sound asleep,” she said, speaking softly and smiling, “so I helped myself to the complimentary pack of toiletries in the bathroom.” She swung around and moved up on the bed, so she was now sitting next to me with her back against the headboard, and she said, mischievously, “I had a shower and got myself all freshened up, so when you woke up, I was thinking maybe you could make a mess of me all over again.”

“I like that idea,” I said, looking up at her from my pillow, “but maybe I should get freshened up too.”

“Good thinking,” Linda said, and she slid down on the bed, so she was lying on her right side, facing me, still wrapped in her towel, and she put her left palm on my chest. She leaned over and kissed me, with mint toothpaste on her breath, and added, “But don’t be too long.” Her blue-grey eyes sparkled, as she continued with, “Even though I promise I won’t start without you. I’ve done enough of that in the last few months to last me a lifetime.” She finished with a giggle, and I realised I was really beginning to like the sound of her laughter.

I slid out of the right side of the bed, a little self-conscious of my morning erection, and somehow in spite of the intimacy of what Linda and I had done last night, I felt slightly awkward about letting her see me naked, with a roaring horn.

Linda must have realised, because she said, “Okay, I won’t look,” and she covered her eyes with her hands, and said, with mock urgency, “Duck to the shower, Kevin! Quick! Before I take a peek at you!”

I walked naked to the en-suite, as Linda lay on the bed, covering her eyes, and smiling from behind her hands. Between a full bladder, and the arousing memory of Linda lying there with that fluffy towel clinging to her curvy form, along with the anticipation of what was going to happen after I finished my shower, I had to fight to aim myself at the porcelain, and then I jumped under the hot water. After a quick wash, I cleaned my teeth, and went back into the room, wearing a towel myself.

My cock was now like the bowsprit on the Cutty Sark, so I couldn’t do much about the bulge in front, and as I emerged from the en-suite, Linda was under the covers, with her towel lying on the floor. She was obviously naked in the bed, and she looked straight at my cock, and with a straight face, she said, “It looks like you brought me a present. I feel kind of honoured.” This time, I was one who giggled.

“I thought you gave it to me,” I said, smiling back at her, “You caused it, anyway.”

“Well, wherever it came from, I think we should do something about it,” Linda said, “I’d hate to see such talent going to waste.” Her voice was suddenly a little more husky, and I moved to her side of the bed, and sat beside her as she lay there. I leant down, to kiss her softly on her mouth, holding the kiss briefly, and then breaking it, solely so I could look into her pretty eyes.

“You made me come four times last night,” Linda whispered, our faces still close, “and I woke up still tingling, this morning.” She put her right hand behind my head, and pulled me to her, kissing me with a soft, slightly open mouth, and a tantalising touch of her tongue, controlling the kiss, and only breaking it when she was ready.

“You’re making me very greedy, you naughty man,” she breathed, as our mouths finally parted, “because I want you again.” She kissed me one more time, and as a warm feeling of excitement washed through me, she said, “It’s very comfy in this bed, you know. I think you should join me.”

“I like the way you think,” I said, and I got up, and walked around the bed, and after dropping the towel, I slid in under the covers, on Linda’s right. As I dropped the towel, Linda’s eyes went to my jutting tool again, and she gave me her mischievous smile, but said nothing, as I got in beside her.

“That’s better,” Linda said, and I turned on my left side, resting on my elbow, and lifted the covers so I could look at her naked body. Last night we had made love with the covers over us every time, and although Linda had let me see her in her underwear, she had seemed reluctant to let me look her totally naked. This time, I looked at her, lying there, with her triangle of light golden brown pubic hair contrasting with her fair skin, and for a couple of moments, I just lay there, taking it all in.

Linda let me look for those few moments saying nothing, but looking at my face, and she said “You like looking, don’t you?”

“At you, yes, “ I answered, meeting her gaze, “I like what I see very much.”

“I feel a little self-conscious, lying here like this,” Linda said, in a soft voice, “but I’m glad you like what you see. It makes me feel good when you look at me.” She reached over with her left hand, and took my right hand in it, and placed it gently on her mound of Venus, and she added, “But you’re allowed to do more than look, you know.”

I let my fingers trail down along her pussy, feeling the warmth and the dampness down there, and I eased my first finger between her inner lips, now slick and slippery with her juices. Linda flinched a little, as my finger touched that intimate part of her lovely body, and she swallowed before speaking. “I’ve been lying here while you were in the shower, thinking about last night, and what was going to happen again when you came back out. That’s why I’m so wet down there.” She reached down with her left hand, and very gently pressed my hand into her own pussy, and she took a soft, but deep breath. “Last night was the first time I’ve made love with a man this year,” she said, gently biting her lower lip, and adding, “And we did it three times in one night!” She sighed, and went on with, “And I still want more.” Then, with another mischievous, girlish smile, she said, “I think you might be a bad influence on me, Kevin, you’re making me insatiable.” Somehow, the look on her face didn’t suggest that was a bad thing.

I leaned over to kiss Linda’s mouth again, while I gently fondled her warm, wet, slippery pussy with my right hand, and after we had kissed for a moment, I moved my mouth to her right nipple, kissing her there first, and then gently placing my lips around it. I sucked Linda’s nipple, being as gentle as I could, while I worked my finger into her wet pussy, and I felt her flinching again, and taking a ragged breath.

Linda swallowed, and whispered, “You’ll make me come doing that,” as she placed her right hand behind my head, to stroke my hair, and then she added, “I feel like I’m on a hair trigger with you. Your touch is so gentle, and so sexy, in two places at once!”

“I think you’re the one who’s sexy,” I said, as I took my lips from her nipple. I kissed Linda’s mouth again, and as we kissed, and I fondled her pussy, Linda moved her right hand down my back, to rest it on my buttock. She broke our kiss, and said, “Would you like to be inside me now? Because I’d really like you there.” As she spoke, she opened her legs slightly, and ran the first finger of her left hand down between her pussy lips, to touch my hand, as I gently worked my finger in and out of her pussy.

“I couldn’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be,” I said, and I kissed Linda’s mouth again, holding the kiss as I moved between her legs, and breaking it so I could look into her face as I entered her. I felt the sensitive head of my rigid cock against the warm, wet opening of Linda’s pussy, and I looked into her eyes, as I gently pushed inside. Linda tilted and lifted her pelvis, eager to assist me in entering her, and once again, our bodies were united.

I began to stroke gently inside Linda’s sweet, snug pussy, and with each gentle thrust, she lifted and tilted her pelvis to meet me, making me go just that little deeper. We got into a perfect rhythm, and I could feel the walls of her pussy, as they seemed to mould themselves to every contour of my hard cock, while Linda and I kissed passionately, hot and hard, tasting, exploring each other’s mouths, inhaling each other’s breath, stoking each other’s desire.

“I’m not gonna last long,” Linda said, breathlessly, as we thrust at each other in that bed, “All that kissing and touching, and just thinking about what you did to me last night,” she said, taking another breath, “got me so excited! I’m sorry! I can’t help it! I’m gonna come!”

“Don’t worry,” I said, hearing my own voice becoming more urgent, “Just do it!”

Linda wrapped her arms around my back, and her legs around my pelvis, holding herself to me, still meeting my thrusts, breathing harder, kissing me passionately between breaths, and she broke a kiss, to cry out, “I’m sorry, Kevin! I can’t help it! You fuck so beautifully! I can’t hold on!”

I felt Linda’s arms tighten around my shoulders, as she began to thrust her pelvis back at me, driving my cock deep inside with every stroke, and she tilted her head back on her pillow, closed her eyes, and made a long throaty gasp, and said, “Ohh, Kevin, that’s good!! Ohhh, Kevin!! That’s fantastic!!”

I had felt my own orgasm building up, and I knew I wasn’t far away from coming myself, but seeing Linda in the throes of her own passion, as her pussy worked my cock to perfection, feeling myself being driven deep inside her beautiful body, and then hearing her cry out my name like that, I had to give in. I could not hold on any longer, and my own orgasm burst, and one more time, I felt myself spurting my seed into this beautiful woman, as my entire consciousness was engulfed in pure, sweet pleasure.

I kept thrusting, as Linda’s pussy seemed to milk my orgasm from me, and she finished with three shuddering breaths, and opened her eyes, now just tilting herself to meet me, rather than thrusting back, while the final twinges of my own climax faded away. We were both breathing heavily, but I felt an incredible feeling of satisfaction, as I slowed, and then stopped stroking inside her, but I kept my now half-hard cock inside, not wanting the moment to end. Linda rested her head on her pillow, and looking up at me, she said, “Did I just say ‘fuck’?”

We both giggled, and she said, “I don’t swear very much, but sometimes I get carried away.” She lifted her head to kiss me, with a soft and moist kiss, and she said, “And that was, definitely,” pausing for another quick kiss, “one of those times.”

I rolled onto my back, and Linda turned over to lie with her head on my chest, and we stayed like that for a few minutes, talking softly, enjoying the afterglow of our hot sex, and then Linda said, “I’ll have to go and pick up my girls, soon.”

I nodded, feeling another twinge of sadness at the thought of Linda leaving, and I was about to ask her if I could see her again, seeing I had planned to spend a week in town, but before I got the words out, she said, “You know, I got married pretty young, so in my whole life, I’ve never asked a guy out on a date.”

I liked where this was going, so I smiled, and simply said, “And?”

“We-e-ll,” Linda started, stretching the word out, like she was working out how to continue, “I’ve never done this before, so go easy on me if I don’t get it right the first time.” She moved her arms to place them behind my neck, and said, “Maybe I could take you to dinner one night. Tonight, maybe.”

“You don’t have to take me,” I said, speaking gently, “We can just go to dinner, together. And I really would like to do that with you.”

“Actually,” Linda said, “I’ve got a better idea.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I like to cook,” she said, “so maybe you could come to my place tonight, and I could cook a roast dinner, and you can meet my girls.”

“Even better,” I said, and Linda looked at the clock radio beside the bed, and said, “Look at the time. I’ve got to go home and change before I go to my sister’s place and pick up the girls. If I turn up in last night’s evening dress, it’ll look a bit suss.”

She got up and began to put on her panties and bra, and then put on her red satin dress again, while I put on a pair of jeans and a casual shirt from my suitcase. I zipped Linda’s dress up for her, and after she tidied her hair, we walked down to the carpark.

Halfway to her car, I stopped walking, as Linda took another half a dozen steps and stopped, then turned to look at me. “What are you doing?” she asked.

“Watching you walk,” I said, “I just like the way you walk.”

“One foot in front of the other,” Linda said, smiling like I was acting weird, “I’ve been doing it for years. Everyone tells me I’m a natural at it.”

“I know,” I said, as I caught up with her, “but you’ve got the sexiest walk. I just like watching the way you move.”

“Are you on some sort of medication?” Linda asked, playfully, and then she said, “Come on. I’ve got two kids to pick up.” We walked to her blue Camry, looking lonely in the middle of the empty carpark, covered in dew, and after a long, lingering kiss, she got in. She gave me her address, and said, “See you at six.” I watched her driving away, and the sadness I had felt earlier was now replaced by a feeling of anticipation at the thought of seeing her again.

After breakfast, I drove over to the motel where my friend, Warren Baxter, had stayed, and we had coffee with his wife, Casey, before they packed their car. We had a talk about the reunion, and during the conversation, Warren said, “So, how did you get on with Linda Moffat, or Clayton or whatever, last night?” He smiled, knowingly.

I didn’t want to talk about her like she was a notch on my bedpost, so just said, “We just hung out together for while, had a few laughs, a bit of a talk. You know, just caught up on stuff.” I tried to sound casual.

“Yeah,” Warren answered, “and I suppose that bottle of champagne was just there to help the conversation flow more freely.”

“Come on,” I said, “She’s a nice girl these days. In fact, I’m going to see her tonight for dinner at her place.”

“You and Linda Moffat,” Warren chuckled, “Who would have thought?” He shook his head, and added, “You really are a dark horse, Kevin.” Just then, Casey reminded him they’d better get moving, so we finished up, and they headed off, leaving me with a few hours to kill before I went to see Linda again.

I drove back to my hotel, parked my car, and I walked up to my old high school, just two hundred yards up the street, and I walked in the gate. The place had changed a little over the years, with a few new buildings here and there, and the trees looked bigger than I remembered, but all sorts of memories came flooding back. It was a Sunday morning, so there was no-one around, and I thought if anyone rang the cops, I could explain myself pretty easily. I was a little too old to be a school vandal, so I guessed if I told them I was a former student, in town for the reunion, I wouldn’t have any problems.

I looked in a few windows, including the science lab where I’d had my biology classes, and I sat on one of the benches bolted to the concrete around the quadrangle, and I found the spot where I had scratched my initials and the date, back in 1985. They were still there, painted over a few times, I guessed, and I sat for a few minutes, remembering.

As I walked past the Home Economics block, I remembered that in the last couple of years of our high school days, Linda and her group of friends used to sit on the veranda outside there at lunch times. I stood there, remembering her as a schoolgirl, in her blue and grey plaid uniform skirt, and her white blouse, and I recalled how pretty she was, and how, back then, she wouldn’t have even looked at a guy like me, unless it was to say something sarcastic.

I wondered to myself, what the Linda of those far-of days would have thought, if someone had said to her, One day, you’ll go to bed with Kevin Roberts, just two hundred yards from this spot, and he’ll bring you to a screaming orgasm, and you’ll cry out his name in ecstasy. The thought made me chuckle out loud, but the memories of the hot sex with Linda in my hotel room gave me a rippling wave of excitement in my gut, as well. I thought about seeing her again that night, and it occurred to me that we wouldn’t be going to bed together with her kids in the house, but just the thought of being with her again was exciting enough.

Then, I thought of the beautiful, stylish and graceful woman she had become, and for an odd moment, I had both images in my head; the pretty, teenaged Linda of the 1980’s, with the face of a covergirl, and the poised, beautiful, and smart, adult Linda of today.

I thought about the way Linda walked, gracefully like a dancer, and the way she moved her hands when she was explaining something, the sound of her voice, and that girlish giggle, and I realised that I could very easily fall in love with her. She was beautiful to look at, fantastic in bed, and she worked in management in her job, so she must have some brains as well. What a package! I thought to myself, but we live nearly 500 kilometres apart, which is the only problem. I continued my unguided tour of the empty school grounds for a while longer, and then went back to my hotel room for a snooze.

In the late afternoon, I shaved, and showered again, and headed over to the address Linda had given me, and I arrived just after 6pm. Her house was neat and modern, and she lived in a fairly new part of town, and I saw her Camry in the driveway as I arrived. I rang the doorbell, and Linda opened the door, wearing a short blue denim skirt, and a short-sleeved blouse with a swirling pattern of blue and turquoise. Her skirt followed the curve of her hips, and showed off her shapely legs, while the blouse showed a hint of cleavage, and the overall effect was to make her look hot, but in a casual kind of way. She invited me in, and after shutting the door, she gave me a warm and welcoming kiss on the mouth.

Linda took me to the family room, but I didn’t see anyone else around. “Are your kids here?” I asked.

“I forgot, “ Linda started, “Tomorrow’s a pupil-free day at school so they don’t have to go. They asked if they could stay at my sister’s place again tonight, and stay up watching DVD’s with their cousins.” She stepped closer to me, and said, “I wanted you to meet them, so maybe we can do that later in the week,” and as she embraced me, she went on with, “but it does mean we’ve got the place to ourselves tonight.” She gave me a meaningful look, and I felt that wave of excitement again.

“I’d love to meet them,” I said, smiling at her, “It’ll be a reason to see you again.”

Linda linked her hands behind my neck, and with her face close to mine, she said, “You don’t need a reason.” She kissed me again, and as I felt the warmth from her body, and I smelt the light, stylish scent of her perfume, and tasted her mouth again, my excitement just about went off the scale.

We ate the roast dinner Linda had prepared, in her dining room, and we talked a little more about life, and we laughed, shared stories about our kids, and we continued getting to know each other. Linda’s roast dinner was delicious, and after we finished our coffee, she packed her dishwasher, while I stood in the kitchen doorway, just watching her as we talked. Linda was a beautiful, sexy woman to look at, and I just liked watching her move.

After fixing up her kitchen, Linda showed me some pictures of her two daughters, and I saw they looked just like her, but with a faint resemblance to Eddie as well. That wasn’t a bad thing, because even though the guy was a prick, he was always good looking. Then, after a short while, Linda said, “Would you like to go for a drive?”

“Where to?” I asked, a little surprised.

“You’ll see,” Linda answered, a little mischievous, and a little mysterious as well. She picked up her car keys from a side table, and said, “Come on, I’ll take you somewhere.”

We walked to Linda’s Camry, and we both got in, and she started driving back towards my hotel. “Where are we going?” I asked, eager to know, but all Linda would say was, “Just a little sightseeing, that’s all.”

We drove past my hotel, without stopping, but Linda parked just up the street, outside our old high school, where I had visited earlier that day. By now it was well and truly dark outside, and the school was lit up by security floodlighting on all sides, with deep, dark shadows between the buildings. “Come on,” Linda said, opening her door, “Let’s go for a walk.”

We walked in the gate, and we started to look around the place again, and Linda said, “Does this bring back memories?”

“I does,” I said, as Linda took my right hand in her left hand, and we walked into a dark shadow between the admin building and the main classroom block. Then, I added, “But I never thought I’d be prowling around here in the dark, with you.”

Linda smiled at that, and bit her lower lip softly, and said, “You never know what life will bring one day, do you?” We wandered around for a few minutes, pointing out things to each other, like the unofficial “smoking lounge,” where the “tough guys” hung out, and Linda told me about a crush she had on a guy called Chris Lockhart, in the year above us, when she was in Year 9, the year she turned fifteen. She showed me where he used to hang out with his buddies at school, and she also told me he wasn’t interested in her at all, and I was surprised at that. “What was wrong with him?” I asked, considering how pretty she was back then, and with a little giggle, Linda said, “I learned to handle rejection at an early age.”

After a while, we found ourselves outside the Home Economics block, where Linda and her friends used to sit during lunch hours, and we sat on the veranda, just as they used to do back then. Linda put her left arm around me, and rested her head on my right shoulder, as we sat in the half-light reflected from the floodlighting at the front of the school. She kissed my mouth again, and surprisingly, she echoed my thoughts from earlier that day.

“Imagine,” she started, with her girlish smile, “If I was sitting here, back in our school days, and someone said to me, ‘One day, you and Kevin Roberts are going to go to bed together, and you’re gonna come your brains out, and scream out his name ‘cause it felt so good.” She looked at me, her eyes sparkling, and she said, “I would’ve thought they had rocks in their head, but we did it, Kevin, and you made me scream.”

“We were pretty good, though, weren’t we?’ I said, modestly, as I held her beautiful body to myself.

“I try to be a lady,” Linda said, “and I think I behave like one most of the time,” pausing to touch the left side of my chin with her right hand, “but you bring out the horny woman in me, Kevin.” She gently turned my face toward herself, and said, “It’s like there’s one special note on the piano, and you hit it.”

She went quiet for a moment, and then said, “Let’s do something, for old times sake.”

“What do you want to do?” I asked, wondering what she was leading up to, but eager to find out.

Linda stood up in front of me, in the dim light, and she reached under her denim skirt and slipped off a pair of pale blue satin bikini briefs, and she handed them to me. “Do you see where I’m going with this?”

“Here?” I asked, unable to keep the smile off my face. Linda sat on my lap, facing my left, and just the knowledge that she had no pants on under her short skirt was making me more excited. I slipped my right arm up under her hair, and rested my palm on the back of her neck, and then I moved my left hand just inside her skirt, to caress the smooth skin of her left inner thigh.

“You’re getting warmer,” Linda whispered, looking down where my hand was, under her skirt, then moving in to kiss me again, and offering more of her sexy tongue action. She broke the soft, sexy kiss, and said, “I’ve got a better idea.” She stood up again, and said, “If you’re gonna do something, you’ve gotta do it with style.” She motioned to me, and said, “You stand up, too.”

I stood up, and Linda embraced me in the darkness, looking into my eyes, and she said, “I love oral sex. Giving and receiving.” She reached down and unzipped my fly, and reached inside, to fondle my hardening cock, while she kept eye contact. “Nice,” she remarked, looking me in the eyes, as she stroked my tool along its length, and then she knelt down on the grass in front of me, and undid my belt, then lowered my jeans to my knees. My cock was now hard, and Linda started by gently kissing the head, and softly, exquisitely, licking me there, a couple of times, before taking the head into her mouth. She stroked back and forth with her mouth, just taking the head inside, and I flinched, sucking air through my teeth, as the sensations seemed to spark through me.

After a few moments, Linda released my cock from her mouth, and stood up. She placed her hands behind my neck again, and kissed me, holding the moist, soft, sexy kiss, and I noticed her mouth seemed warmer than before. “If you want to come in my mouth,” she said in a breathy whisper, “that’s okay, but this kind of thing always makes me horny, so I might need you to satisfy me after I finish.” She kissed me again, quicker this time, but still soft and sexy, and she added, “I’ll leave it to you to work out the best way.”

Linda knelt again, and resumed her attention to my rock hard cock, once again starting with just the head, and then working down. She began to stroke her mouth along my length, while she used her tongue on the sensitive area just under the head, and I felt myself going weak in the knees, as my orgasm approached. I placed my hands gently on top of her head, as she moved it back and forth, working my orgasm from me with her lovely mouth.

The sweet sensations were building up inside me as Linda worked her magic, and I felt the head of my cock touching the roof of her mouth, as she went down on me in the darkness of the high school grounds, where twenty years go, we had been two schoolkids. “Linda,” I said, my voice sounding strained, as I tried to keep myself from speaking too loudly, “You’re gonna make me come!”

I took an involuntary gasp, as Linda continued on, undeterred, and suddenly, the sweet sensations exploded in me, beyond my control, as I began to come in her mouth. I felt myself erupting, spurt after spurt, as a shuddering orgasm passed through me, but Linda kept on, working my cock perfectly, right to the end. As my orgasm subsided, Linda released my now half-hard cock from her lips, gently kissed the head one more time, and then and she stood up in front of me. She looked really pleased with herself, as she swallowed, and after she used her right hand to wipe a little dribble from the left side of her mouth, she licked her finger, and said, “Not a drop wasted.”

Linda moved in to kiss me softly, with her lips slightly open, and her mouth, was warm, with a slightly salty taste. My knees were still shaking, and as we broke our kiss, I said, “I’ve gotta sit down, Linda. You made we weak doing that.”

“I like to make an impression,” Linda said, smiling, as she held onto me, offering gentle support as I stepped backwards, to sit down on the edge of the veranda again.

Linda sat on my left this time, and she hugged me. “So,” she started, speaking quietly in the dark, “You liked that, did you?”

“That was fantastic,” I said, wishing I had a better word to use, “Your mouth is so pretty. I never thought you’d be so good at using it like that.”

“I’ve got all sorts of hidden talent,” Linda giggled, “Once you get to know me.” She looked far away for a moment, and with a rather thoughtful note in her voice, she said, “That was another thing I haven’t done for a long time,” but then she brightened up, and added, “Good to see I haven’t lost my touch, though.”

We sat there like that for a few moments, until I recovered from the shattering orgasm Linda had given me with her mouth, and she reached over, and took my right hand in her own. Linda slipped my hand under her skirt, making eye contact, and she said, “Feel how wet I am?” I gently touched her pussy under her short denim skirt, and as I slipped my fingers between her lips, I could feel she was oozing fluids.

“I think I should help you with that,” I said, kissing her mouth again, as I fondled her pussy with my right hand. I put my left hand behind Linda’s back, and I took my right hand from her pussy, and gently lowered her onto her back, with her legs over the edge of the veranda. I moved down, kissing her mouth, as I lifted her head gently with my left forearm, and I said, “I haven’t done this for a long time, either. I hope I haven’t forgotten how.”

“There’s no hurry, if you need a little practice,” Linda whispered, smiling, with our mouths almost touching. The feeling of her warm breath on my face was making me even more excited. I moved my left arm from behind her head, gently, so her head didn’t drop on the veranda, and I stood up to fix up my jeans, in case someone came, and we had to make a quick getaway. Then, I knelt down, and moved between her legs, lifting her denim skirt back to expose her pussy.

Even in the dim light reflected from the security floodlights, I could see Linda’s pussy was glistening with her juices, and her labia were swollen with arousal. I put my face to her pussy, inhaling the sexy, piquant scent for a moment, and then I very gently kissed her left inner thigh, teasing her, because I knew very well where she wanted my mouth. Then, I turned to kiss her puffy inner lips. I kissed her there a second time, holding the kiss, reflecting for a brief moment on the very intimacy of what I was doing with Linda, once again inhaling, and then kissing her once more. This time, I held the kiss, easing my tongue between her inner pussy lips, tasting her nectar, and tasting the flesh itself, and then tilting my head to the right, so I could blade my tongue, and probe further between them.

Linda spread her thighs a little wider, and lifted her pelvis just slightly, to give me better access to her pussy, and she began to gently stroke the back of my head with her hands, as I dipped the tip of my tongue in the pool of pussy juice between her inner lips. I felt her taking a sharp breath, as I explored those hidden recesses, and I used my tongue to sweep some of her sweetish, tangy juices into my mouth, spreading them around so I could experience the sexy flavour.

I swept my tongue down Linda’s pussy slit, to probe gently at her opening, and I felt her body shudder and flinch, as I tasted her there. Although I had just come in Linda’s mouth, the scent, and the taste of her pussy, along with the sheer excitement of going down on her, was beginning to cause my cock to stir again, but I wanted to make her come with my mouth before going any further.

I withdrew my tongue from Linda’s pussy, and moved my face up, to kiss her gently at the bottom of her triangle of pubic hair, looking up at her as I did so. Once again, I inhaled her scent, fainter there than when I kissed her inner lips, and with a dreamy quality to her voice, she said, “You’re doing just great, Kevin, but if you want to keep on practising,” and she paused, to sigh the words, “I’m all yours.”

I moved my head back down to Linda’s open pussy, and using the first two fingers of my right hand, I parted her pussy lips to expose her swollen clit. I very gently licked underneath her clit with the very tip of my tongue, and Linda took a sharp intake of breath, and flinched. “Careful,” I heard her say, “That’s very sensitive.”

“I’ll be gentle,” I said, with my face between Linda’s thighs, and I licked at her the underside of her clit again, this time trying to be even more gentle than before. I heard another gasping intake of breath, and a shudder went through her entire body, and she said, “Kevin, if you do that again, you might have to come up and get me off the roof!”

This time, I moistened my lips with some of the fluids oozing from Linda’s pussy, and I placed my lips around her clit, and the fleshy part of her inner lips that join onto her hood, and I began to move my mouth back and forth, as gently as I could, with just the tiniest amount of suction.

With only a few gentle strokes, Linda began to squirm and moan, as I worked her clit with my mouth and tongue, so I moved my hands up around her thighs, under her buttocks, holding her in place. I relaxed my lips around her clit, so I could spread more of her juices on them, and once again, I began to move my mouth back and forth on her clit, there in the darkness of the empty school grounds.

As I gently sucked at Linda’s clit like that, tasting this very special part of her body, with my face buried in her pussy, she took a deep, shuddering breath, and tried to lift her pelvis, but I kept her in place with my hands. I relaxed my mouth a little, without releasing it from her clit, and Linda’s body also relaxed once more, with a long sigh.

Again, I started to work on her clitoris with my mouth, and after a few moments, Linda’s breathing became ragged, as she squirmed her pelvis, and then began to thrust herself into my face. She began to make a warbling, moaning sound, and simply cried the word, “Kevin!” in a wavering voice, then continued on with that warbling moan, as I kept on gently sucking her clit.

Suddenly, Linda made a gasping sound, squeezing her thighs around my head, and thrusting her pussy hard into my face, as two spasms went through her entire body, lifting her bottom from edge of the veranda, and she finished with a throaty, shuddering, “Ohhhh!” sound, and then relaxed.

Linda’s whole body seemed to go limp, and after I was sure her orgasm had passed, I released her clit from my mouth, and moved up to sit next to her on the veranda. She lay there, looking up at me, with her arms around her own chest, and her legs pulled up, so her feet were flat on veranda, and she said, “I can’t move.” She gave a shuddering sigh, and added, “That was so good, my heart’s still thumping.” I moved down to kiss her mouth, and I placed my right palm gently between her breasts. It was true, her heart was pounding in her chest, and as our mouths parted, Linda said, “I can taste myself on your lips.” She took one more long sigh, put her arms around me, and, added, “I thought you were out of practice at that.”

“So did I,” I said, smiling down at her, and feeling quite pleased with myself.

“Just hold me till I get back to normal,” Linda said, as she squeezed me a little tighter with her arms, “I feel like I’m buzzing all over.” I lay down next to Linda, on her right side, and I held her to myself for a few minutes, whiled she nuzzled her face into my chest. After a while, she lifted her face to look at me, and she said, “I love oral, Kevin, but it’s never been like that before.” She swallowed, and said, “You hit that special note again.”

She began to snuggle closer into me, as we lay there on the veranda, and as she wiggled her pelvis, I felt my cock, now almost fully hard again, brushing against her body, through our clothes. “What’s that?” Linda said, looking at me as she reached down with her left hand, to touch my tool through my jeans.

“Tasting you, like that,” I started, “Going down on you and everything, and holding you close. I think that’s the effect it had on me.”

“So,” Linda said, looking at me as she stroked along the underside of my cock, through my jeans, “This is not over yet, is it?”

“Not if you want to keep going,” I answered, and Linda got up, to kneel next to me on my left side. She undid my jeans yet again, and exposed my erect tool, gently caressing it a few times with her left hand, and then leaning down to kiss the head.

She looked at me, and then, with her lips just inches from the head of my cock, she said, “Are you up for round three?”

“I don’t want to boast,” I said, looking down at my cock, standing proud, and I spread my hands, “but I rest my case.”

“How would you like to do this?” Linda asked, and she used the tip of her tongue to tease in and around the eye of my penis, and then moistened the head with her lips, and blew gently on it. I shuddered at the sensation of Linda’s breath, cool on my moistened cock, and with that mischievous tone to her voice, she said, “We are sensitive there, aren’t we?”

I reached down with my left hand, gently caressing Linda’s right buttock under her short skirt, as she knelt down at my cock, and I slipped the first finger into her warm, slippery pussy. “This veranda might not be very comfortable,” I said, “With you on your back.” I ran my right palm along the hard surface, and then gently patted it.

“That’s very considerate,” Linda said, lifting her head away from my cock. She reached down with her right hand, around her own right thigh, and she gently took my hand from her pussy, and lifted it to her mouth, licking her juices from my fingers, and smiling back at me. She wiped my fingers clean with her lips, taking her time about it, looking me in the eyes while she did it, and then only speaking after she had taken my hand away from her mouth. “Would you like to take me from behind?” she asked.

“That’s a good idea,” I said, smiling back at Linda, and she stood up, with my left hand in her two hands. She helped me to get up, as well, and then she embraced me as I stood, and said, “If you do it from behind, you can go nice and deep.” She gave me a soft, sexy, open-mouthed kiss, and she added, “Right now, I want you deep inside me, Kevin.” Her voice had a kind of yearning note to it as she added that.

We both stepped off the veranda, and Linda held me to her, kissing me deeply, exploring my mouth with her tongue, as she wrapped her right hand loosely around my tool, stroking it gently a couple of times. She broke the kiss, and, smiling mischievously again, she said, “Let me assume the position.” She turned and bent over, so she was now head down, with her palms on the edge of the veranda, and she spread her shapely legs, presenting herself to me. I moved in behind her, and I lifted her short denim skirt, turning it back to expose her beautifully-shaped bottom, and her swollen pussy, oozing with her juices. I started by caressing both of her buttocks, and her lovely thighs with my hands, and then I bent down to kiss her in the centre of her right buttock.

I fondled both buttocks again, just enjoying the feeling of Linda’s smooth skin over her firm muscle, and I heard her say, “I just love your gentle touch, Kevin. It’s making me even hornier.” I ran my right hand down to her pussy, easing my fingers between her slippery inner lips, and then I tasted her juices from my first finger.

The wetness I felt, as I fondled Linda’s pussy, told me she was not exaggerating about how horny she was becoming, so I decided it was time to enter her, and to give her the deep penetration she had asked for. I used my right hand to guide the head of my hard cock to the pouting, oozing opening of Linda’s pussy, and I pushed inside, taking three or four strokes before I was fully in. I felt her flinch as my cock entered her, and although it seemed to go in easily, the fit was beautifully snug once I was inside.

“I’ve got you right where I want you, now,” I heard Linda say, as I began a steady rhythm, thrusting at a moderate pace, just to get things started, and she took a deep breath, and added, “Ohhh, that is nice!”

I looked down at my cock, watching it slide inside Linda’s pussy, and with each outward stroke, the walls seemed to stick to it, welcoming it back inside with the next inward thrust. I rested my hands on her hips, and Linda began to tilt her pelvis backward with every thrust, taking me deeper inside herself.

The sweet sensations were starting to build up inside me, as the walls of Linda’s pussy followed the contours of my hard cock, stimulating me towards the orgasm I was now beginning to crave, so I decided it was time to get serious. “Do you still want me to go deep?” I said, as I thrust a little harder, going just a little deeper inside Linda’s body.

“Yes,” she answered, “I want you as deep as you can go.” She tilted her pelvis back a little more, and I felt myself not only going deeper, but the sensitive head of my cock was now pressing harder against the front wall of her pussy. I moved my hands to the front of her hips, and gripped her a little harder, holding her in place so there would be no lost motion between us, and I began to thrust harder. I picked up the pace with my thrusting, and I heard Linda taking a deep breath, and saying, “That’s the way! Nice and deep.”

I began to push myself with each thrust, driving my cock further inside, going as deep as I possibly could, and Linda shifted her hands, so she was now resting on her forearms on the edge of the veranda, clasping her hands in front of herself. She took another deep breath, and said, with a voice that was higher and louder than before, “Kevin! There’s a special place there, inside me,” and she took a gasping breath, adding, “and you’re touching it!” She bowed her head, and said, “It’s so good! It’s almost too good!”

My own orgasm was building up inside me, as I kept on driving my rigid cock into Linda’s welcoming pussy. My whole attention was focussed on fucking this beautiful woman, and fucking her deeply, the way she had requested, but when I heard that, I thought she must have meant I was hitting her G-spot. Even so, this was no time to ask what she meant, so I kept on plunging my cock into her, deep and hard, and fast, and then I heard her beginning to breathe harder, signalling that her orgasm was close.

Linda lifted her head back, and started that warbling moan again, “Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh,” and then she snatched a quick breath, and then, speaking quickly, in a wavering voice, she said, “Don’t slow down, Kevin! I’m gonna come!!” I kept on thrusting, holding this beautiful woman by the hips, driving my cock into her pussy like a piston, and as I felt her pussy spasm around my cock, Linda clenched her fists in front of herself, and twisted her forearms, and cried out, “Ohh, Kevin!! I’m coming now!”

She bowed her head, as I kept on thrusting into her pussy, and she made a long, throaty, shuddering, “Ohhhhhh!!” sound, and once again, witnessing Linda in the throes of her orgasm, as her pussy tightened around me, I gave in to the need for my own release, and I felt myself delivering my seed deep inside her, as a wave of pure, sweet ecstasy swept through me. I felt Linda starting to go limp as her own climax passed, but as I began to spurt, she cried out, “I can feel you coming, Kevin! Oh, God! Ohh God!!” as another two shuddering spasms went through her entire body. I kept on thrusting deep, riding my own orgasm, until reality returned, and I finally withdrew my cock from Linda’s pussy. She dropped to her knees, resting her head on the edge of the veranda, turning to the left, and she sighed, “Ohh, Kevin.”

I crouched down next to Linda, on her left, and I smoothed down her short skirt, and put my arms around her shoulders, holding her to me as she got her breath back, and after a few deep, gasping breaths, she turned to embrace me, resting her head on my right shoulder. “I felt you coming inside me,” she sighed, and she took a short but deep breath, and added, “When I was coming,” breathing again, “It felt so good, I could hardly stand it,” pausing for another breath, “but then I felt you coming, and I knew we were doing it together, and I got so excited, everything just started up all over again.” Then, she sighed deeply, swallowed, and said, “I never thought it was going to stop.”

I stood up, helping Linda to her feet, and she wrapped her arms around me, and said, “Now, I’m the one who’s gone all weak.”

“Do you want to sit down?” I asked, but Linda said, “No. I just want to stand here and hold onto you for a minute, until I get back to normal.” We stayed there in the darkness, with Linda holding onto me for support, gently kissing each other, and resting her head on my chest between kisses, until we got our breath back, and Linda looked up at me, and said, “I can’t believe we just did that.”

“I can hardly believe it, myself,” I said, but it was impossible to keep the smile off my face. Linda let go of me, and she picked up her blue satin briefs from the veranda, and she put them on in front of me, and as she pulled them up under her skirt, she giggled, and said, “I think I’ll have to change these when I get home.”

She sat back on the edge of the veranda, looking around herself with a kind of disbelieving smile, and she said, “All those times I sat right here with my friends at school, years ago. I never thought you and I would come here one night, and screw each other senseless like that!” She burst out laughing, and she got up again, to walk across to me, and I said, “Like you said before, you never know what life will bring.”

“It brought you to me,” she said, a little more seriously, and she kissed me again, softly, on the mouth, only this time it wasn’t sexual arousal I felt, but a surge of something else. I wasn’t sure I even wanted to admit it to myself, but I realised I might be falling in love.

Linda and I walked back to her car, talking quietly together about the hot sex we’d just had, and how it had affected us, and we drove back to her house. That night, I slept with her in her bed, but there was no lovemaking. We were both so satisfied after our hot session in the darkened school grounds, that we just went to sleep, with me on my left side, wrapping my arms around Linda’s sweet body, as she lay with her back to me.

It was a different story in the morning, when we woke up together, and we started the day by uniting our bodies in a sweet sexual embrace, making love one more time, before Linda went to work. Then, in the afternoon, I came back to her place for dinner, after she finished work, and I met her two girls.

Linda and I spent the rest of my week in town together, as much we could, and after a few days, she suggested I give up my room at the hotel, and stay in the spare room at her place. During that week with Linda, I realised I loved her, but that was okay, because she fell in love with me, too.

In the final Sunday morning, before I left to drive back home, Linda and I talked about how we felt about each other, and how we were both married to people who no longer wanted us. Linda told me that she’d been in a bad place for a long time, but when she met me, I made her feel like she didn’t have to be there any more. She said she had almost backed out of going to the reunion because of the way she felt, but she was so glad she decided to go anyway, because she had met me again. I told her that for nearly a year, I had felt like I was broken inside, but she made me feel like the broken part of me was healing.

We decided to take our chances, and two weeks later, after she arranged some time off work, Linda came out with her daughters, to see me, and we began a long distance relationship. Then, on the very day Linda’s divorce was finalised, I asked her if she was prepared to give up her newly-regained freedom to marry me, when my own divorce was finalised. Her reply was, “Only if you get up off your knee, and look me in the eyes, and ask me like a man.” Naturally, I complied, and Linda said, “I was only playing with you. I would have said ‘Yes,’ even if you’d asked me over the phone.” We began a long distance engagement after that, until Linda could get a job transfer to my city, and the rest is history.

Now, my life feels like it’s complete again. Linda and I bought the biggest house we could afford, so we’d have room for my two kids when they stay over. Wendy, my lesbian ex-wife, thinks Linda is, ”a babe,” but I said she could look but not touch. She’s okay with that, and we’re on good terms again. After all, we’ve got two kids together, and nothing will ever take that away.

Yesterday, Linda and I got married. We kept it simple, with close family members, and of course, her kids and my kids, who are now just our kids, along with Wendy, because she’s the mother of my kids. It’s kind of like the Brady Bunch, but more complicated. We sent Eddie an invitation, but he couldn’t make it, because his boyfriend took him to New Caledonia for a holiday. Linda and I are both forty years old now, and we can truly say we’ve known each other since we were six, even though for twenty of those years, we didn’t know each other at all.

Like I said before, there was a time when Linda and I weren’t friends, but now we’ve got a lot more in common, and as I look out my back window, at my beautiful new wife playing with our four kids in the backyard, I just know everything is going to be all right.


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I really enjoyed that story was fantastic!!!
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Excellent follow up to part 1 enjoyed them both.Well done

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