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My life with Steph (And her sister) Chapter 3 Awakening
We lay for a while not knowing for how long or even what time it was. The sun was still high in the sky so I guessed it was about one o’clock or shortly after. I looked at Steph, she appeared to be asleep a contented look on her face and her mouth turned up at the edges in a half smile. She opened her eyes as if sensing I was watching her, she has an uncanny ability to do this, as if she was reading my thoughts.
‘We should be getting back.’ She said.

‘Yeah I was thinking that myself, I don’t know how long we’ve been away but I bet your mothers starting to wonder where we are.’

‘Aye she’ll not be happy if we’re late for dinner.’

I kissed her once more before freeing my arm from beneath her, I retrieved our clothes from the fields and we hurriedly got dressed.

‘Jesus your back’s a mess.’ She said to me ‘Does it hurt?’

‘No, well not yet anyway.’

‘I’ve scratched it pretty badly, I’m sorry.’

‘Don’t worry about it, it was worth it.’ I reassured her.

I helped her clean herself of grass and bits of debris from the ground and we recovered the cycles
‘I think it’d be a good idea to nip into the cemetery and use the standpipe to get some of the muck out of my knees and elbows.’ I suggested.

‘Yeah, you could do with a bit of a scrub.’ She replied.

As we walked around to the entrance I said we should have an excuse ready in case her mother went of on one if we were late.

‘How about we tell her I got a puncture and we had to start walking back from the coast, then after a few miles or so another cyclist helped us fix the tyre?’

‘Yeah, that’ll do. Steph replied.

Excuses ready and cleaned up as best we could we headed back.

Steph’s mum was a bit miffed but only because she’d had to set the table and prepare the dinner herself, she seemed to accept our excuse as we weren’t really all that late anyway.

‘You’d better go and get washed up.’ She said to me ‘You look like you’ve had quite a ride, you’re pretty sweaty.’

I grinned and thought to myself ‘You don’t know how right you are!’

I went up to the bathroom and as I reached for the door it opened and Karen came out.

‘Ughh! You’re all sweaty; did you have a long ride?’

‘Yes.’ I said grinning again. ‘A Long hard ride.’

‘Where did you go?’

‘OH! We went all the way.’

‘Eh?’ She said with a puzzled look.

‘To the coast I mean, all the way to the coast.’ She obviously doesn’t understand innuendo.

She gave me a second glance as I walked into the bathroom; I don’t think she was as convinced as her mother.

‘Ooh look you’ve got a big scratch on your leg.’


‘There.’ She pointed and placed her finger on the back of my left thigh and traced a line up and around the inside toward my arse. I think she would have followed it all the way if I hadn’t stepped out of reach. She had a smirk on her face that convinced me she thought we’d been up to something else.

We had dinner and I stayed a short while longer, leaving for home at about 4:30. I had work on Monday and needed a good bath and a relaxing drink.

The next couple of weeks were filled with the normal stuff, work, going out at the weekend nothing spectacular apart from worry, I was petrified in case Steph was pregnant, she wasn’t due a period until two weeks after we’d done it. I was a wreck until she finally had a show. I begged her to go on the pill but she was scared her mam would find them. I said better that then get pregnant. She said we’d have to take other precautions i.e. condoms, which I wasn’t happy about cause I can’t stand using them, selfish bastard.

I was talking to Steph at work and she mentioned her parents wanted her to look after Karen the following Saturday night. They were going to an anniversary party in Morpeth and wouldn’t be home till quite late, probably the early hours of the morning. The two boys were on a football coaching weekend and would be gone from Friday evening until Sunday tea time.

‘I’ve told mum we had planned to go to the pictures but that you wouldn’t mind cancelling.’
‘We haven’t arranged top go to the pictures. ‘I Said.

‘I know silly, I just thought I’d say it so she’d be sympathetic for spoiling our plans.’

‘Why?’ I said puzzled.

‘Because I suggested you could stay over, if she didn’t mind.’

‘Ahhh I see, naughty girl, what have you got in mind I wonder?’

‘I’ll get Karen to bed by about nine then we’ll have a few hours to ourselves before they get home.’

‘I like the way you’re thinking girl, I like the way you’re thinking, I’d better bring a packet of three then eh!’

‘THREE! You wish!’ She laughed.

‘OK brilliant, when will I come over?’

‘Anytime you want really, whatever suits.’

‘OK, I’ll give you a ring when I’m on my way just so you know.’

Saturday came and it was another lovely day, I set of for Steph’s at 11:30 and it was already getting quite warm. I was really looking forward to some time alone with her, especially in comfort. I rang her from a callbox in town to tell her I’d be on the 12:20 bus so I’d be there for 1 o’clock.

Earlier at Steph’s

‘Mam! I’m going in the garden to sunbathe; Darren’s going to ring when he’s on his way.’ Steph called to her mother.

‘All right I’ll let you know when he does.’ Her mother replied.

‘Mam can I get my pool out?’ Asked Karen.

‘Ask Stephanie if she can reach it, it’s in the shed.’

Steph had the keys to the shed so she could get the step ladders out as she sunbathed on the shed roof. ‘I can’t reach it, its right at the back behind the bikes and everything, if you wait till Darren gets here he’ll be able to climb over and get it.’

‘Aww, how long will he be?’

‘He shouldn’t be long, he’ll ring soon.’

‘Can I go and meet him off the bus?’

‘Yes, but check with mam first.’

‘OK, I’ll go and ask then go get changed ready for the pool.’

Karen raced off to ask, while she was away Steph climbed onto the roof with a towel and book and her sun tan lotion, ready for a peaceful afternoon. She wore a black bikini with a broken gold thread running through it. Just as she settled down the phone rang.

‘It’s Darren.” Her mother shouted “He’s on his way now.’

‘OK.’ Steph answered.

Karen was soon back dressed in a navy blue one piece swimsuit with a pair of white denim shorts and a pair of flip flops.

‘Darren’s on his way now, he’ll be off the bus at about ten to one.’ Steph told her.

‘I know mam told me, she said it was ok to go meet him.’ Karen paced around impatiently until it was 12:45. ‘I’m away now Steph.’

‘Okay, straight there mind.’

‘I will.’

As the bus pulled into the stop Darren could see Karen waiting, she waved furiously, he could tell she was excited about something, but then again she almost always was. She ran and hugged him as he stepped off the bus.

‘Whoa! What’s this? Have I got a new girlfriend, has Steph bombed me out?’

‘If you want I’ll be your girlfriend, can I?’

‘Well only when Steph’s not here, don’t tell her mind.’

‘I need a kiss then, you always give Steph a kiss when you see her.’

‘OK come here.’

He bent to kiss her on the cheek, but she insisted he kiss her on the lips as that’s what boyfriend and girlfriends do. She pursed her lips in the way that young girls do and he quickly gave her a kiss.

‘That wasn’t a very good one.’ She moaned.

‘OK let’s try again.’ He said and this time gave her a longer but still brief kiss. ‘Better that time?’

‘Much better.’ She said with a smile. ‘Will you get my pool out and help me fill it please?’ Karen asked him.

‘Yeah sure, why not, it’s going to be a scorcher, matter of fact I might even get in with you.’

‘You can if you want there’s plenty of room. Have you brought some trunks or shorts with you?’

‘Yup, I’ve got some shorts in my bag.’

‘Goody.’ She grinned at him.

‘Will you give me a piggy back home?’ She asked.

‘Climb up on the wall then and jump on my back.’ Karen did so delighted.

‘Yeeha!’ She yelled ‘I’m gonna ride you like a cowgirl.’ She said as they set off. Darren grinned to himself; her innuendo meant nothing to her. As he turned into the pathway that led to the back of the house he caught sight of Steph on the shed roof, even from here he could clearly make out her curves. She lay on her front with her head up, she was reading a book but Darren found it hard to keep his eyes of the graceful hillock that was her firm young arse clad in black. As they neared the gate Steph looked up and raised her sunglasses. ‘Hi.’ She said smiling down at him.

‘Hi, emm how you going to get down from there after I’ve taken those steps away?’

‘You just dare!’

‘What do you reckon Karen?’

‘If you leave her up there then I could be your girlfriend all the time couldn’t I.’

‘Yes that’s a thought; I better let her get down in that case.’

‘Ooohh that’s nasty.’ Said Karen.

‘Just kidding pet.’

I said hello to Jean (their mum) and took my bag into the house; Karen slid of my back and made straight for the shed. ‘I’ll get the hose ready.’ She yelled.

‘OK I’ll just get changed then I’ll be out.’

We had the pool up in no time’ it was a large vinyl rectangle with an aluminium frame that slotted together. ‘This is going to take a bit longer to fill than I thought.’ I said to Karen.

‘We don’t need to fill it right to the top you know, I’m not bothered about actually swimming. I just want to lie down and keep cool.’

‘Okay just leave the hose over the edge and I’ll turn on the tap.’ I walked to the top of the garden to the outside tap and connected the hose. ‘Ready!’ I called to Karen.

‘Yes, turn it on now.’

As I walked back to the pool Karen was removing her shorts, she was bent forward with her back to me and I couldn’t help noticing her bathing costume cut deep into the crease of her little arse, it didn’t look as skinny and the tight material seemed to mould it into roundness, as she stood straight she prised a finger under the cloth and ran it round the leg easing the swimsuit out of her bum.

‘This bathers too tight.’ She moaned.

‘Haven’t you got another one?’ I asked her.

‘Yes but mum’s got them all packed away for our holidays. This is my school one I’ll be getting a new one for next term.

The six weeks school holidays started soon and the family were going away for two weeks to a holiday camp. Steph said she didn’t want to go because she’d miss me but it had all been booked before we met. I said it didn’t make much difference because there’s no way her mother would let her stay home alone, not with a horny hormone fuelled teenager sniffing round her daughter. I’d decided to take the week before they went and a few days after they came back as holidays but I wasn’t going anywhere, in fact I had no plans to do anything at all. I would be at a loss without Steph and most of my mates would be either away or at work.

I grabbed a folding deckchair from the garden shed and set it where I could watch Karen playing in her pool. I began to remove my t-shirt then thought better of it, I still had red marks from where Steph raked my back and shoulders and I didn’t want Karen or her mother asking awkward questions so I just settled down to read the morning paper. Steph’s voice interrupted my reading, she spoke louder than her usual speaking tone, she did this when she wanted as many people to hear what she was saying without making it obvious. ‘The pervert over the road is twitching his curtains again.’

‘What?’ I said as I looked up to where her head was just visible over the edge of the shed roof.

‘Him over the road man, he’s always staring from behind the net curtains in the bedroom, thinks I don’t know he’s there, friggin dirty old pervert.’ I glanced over to the house opposite but couldn’t see anyone. I thought to myself that I would do exactly the same thing if a gorgeous semi -naked teenager was displaying herself outside my bedroom window; in fact I’d be doing a lot more than just watching. The fellow she meant lived with his wife and daughter; he was in his late fifties and a bit fat, I conjured up a mental picture of him furiously bashing the bishop in his daughter’s bedroom while watching Steph and then his daughter walking in on him just as he shot his load all over the nets. I smiled to myself and went back to reading my paper. ‘Dirty old man better not be watching me.’ Said Karen and I smiled again. ‘I don’t think so pet.’ I thought to myself. I checked the level of the water in the pool and asked Karen if she had enough. ‘Not yet, when it goes over my bellybutton there’ll be enough.’ She was sitting with her back against the side and I could see another couple of inches would do it. I noticed the cold water had made her nipples erect and this actually made the slight swelling of her chest look more pronounced, I couldn’t help looking down at her groin where the swimsuit framed her young pussy. The shape of her vulva was clearly apparent with a crease where the swimsuit cut into her cunt. I glanced back up at the bedroom window opposite and communicated telepathically with the old guy. ‘You and me both pal eh!’ The curtain moved just as I looked. Sure enough Steph was right. The pool eventually had enough water and I turned the tap off. While I was near the kitchen I said to Jean. ‘I’m going to nip down to the shop for a few cans of beer, do you need anything while I’m there?’

‘Oh yes please Darren you can get me a loaf of bread if you don’t mind.’

‘Not at all, won’t be long.’ As I walked back down the garden path I asked the girls the same thing.

‘No thanks.’ They said as one. When I reached the pool Karen was lying against the side with her arms outstretched, head tilted to the sky and eyes closed. I couldn’t resist and scooped up a handful of water as I passed and splashed her face.

‘Arrrrrgggghh.’ She cried out as I ran for the gate. ‘Just you wait! I’ll get you for that.’ I laughed at her from the safety of the opposite side of the fence. The shop wasn’t too far so it didn’t take me long. When I got back Karen was still in the pool but she ignored me as I walked past. I gave Jean the loaf and put my beer in the fridge to cool; I thought I’d give it half an hour then it should be ok, nothing worse than warm beer on a hot day and nothing better than a cold one. I made my way back to my seat, my newspaper wasn’t where I’d left it’ I looked up at Steph and said. ‘Have you got my paper?’

‘No, but Karen’s got something for you.’ I turned to look at Karen and received a pail of water full in the face, before I could react another hit me from above. I just stood dripping wet. I made as if I wasn’t concerned and pretended I was going for a towel, Steph and Karen were in fits of laughter as I stepped onto the garden path, Karen was bent over giggling so she didn’t see me as I jumped into the pool and grabbed her from behind, left arm around her waist and right to sweep her legs up. In an instant she was upside down screaming as I began to lower her headfirst into the water. ‘Arrrghh no, no, please Darren no, I’m sorry, I’m sorry honest I’m sorry.’

‘Too late for that, you’re going to get dunked.’ She laughed and giggled while trying to plead for mercy but I ignored her and slowly began to lower her down. She grabbed at my legs to try and arrest her descent, her arms wrapped around my thighs and she clutched the legs of my shorts. She squeezed herself against me and I was conscious of the pressure against my penis if it hadn’t been all so innocent I might have thought more about it at the time and would probably have gotten a hard on, especially as I was holding her by the hips upside down and had an unobstructed view of her tight little arse. As I lowered her she tugged and my shorts began to come down. ‘Stop, leave go or my shorts will come down.’ I warned her.

‘Well they’ll just have to come down then wont they.’ I couldn’t leave go of her so I was stuck but so was she, we were both hysterical by now and Steph was howling with laughter atop the shed. ‘Okay, okay I’ll let you down if you leave go.’

‘Na, I don’t trust you.’

‘I promise.’

‘Steph! You heard him, he promised.’

‘I heard him.’

‘Right put your hands down on the bottom of the pool and take your weight and I’ll lift you up.’
‘You’d better mind.’ She said.

‘I will, I will, I promised didn’t I.’ my shorts were barely on my hips now and I was struggling to keep them from falling down. I had to bend my knees apart to keep them up. Karen let go and dropped her hands to the pool bottom. I wrapped my left arm around her waist again and reached down with my right to lift her up, as she came up my left arm cradled her under her legs and as I set her on her feet I couldn’t resist stroking her behind. I made it as innocent as I could so she hopefully wouldn’t notice.


Darren was holding me upside down and I could feel his thing pushing into my belly, I reached around and wrapped my arms around him and pulled tight, I pressed hard so I could feel it better. It felt firm and warm even though he was wet. It wasn’t like the ones in my dad’s magazines that he kept in a box under his bed. They were long and were standing up straight. I got hold of his shorts and pulled them a bit; I wanted to pull them all the way down so I could see it. When he let me down I felt his hand touch my bum, I got a tingle all through my body, it was really nice and I wanted him to touch me again. When I stood up I could see his willy through his wet shorts, he didn’t know I could see it, it was only where the material of his shorts touched it and I couldn’t really see it properly I got really excited. I tried not to stare so he wouldn’t notice and hide it.

Karen stood back from me and smiled, she seemed to eye me up and down and her gaze seemed to linger for a while, I wondered if she’d been aware of my cock pressing into her. I was glad I didn’t think about it at the time because if I’d gotten an erection there’s no way I could have hidden it now. I turned away and went back to my seat. Just as I sat down Steph asked me to hold the steps while she climbed down. I stood at the foot of the steps and held them as she lowered her foot onto the platform at the top. Karen stood next to me and held one side of the steps, totally unnecessary but she obviously wanted to help. As Steph appeared at the top I had a perfect view of her arse as it came into view, looking directly up I could see the beautiful shape of her bikini clad pussy with a crease that ran long and deep from front to back. I noticed the unmistakable stirring in my groin and felt my cock twitch as it woke up to my thoughts. I wasn’t the only one who noticed, Karen had followed my upward gaze and saw the look in my eyes as I stared at Steph’s arse, something obviously caught her attention down below and she quickly glanced from my eyes to Steph’s arse then my cock. A neuron fired off in her brain and made the connection. His eyes on Steph’s arse, cock! She looked back to my face and caught me glancing at her, she gave a wry smile. I tried to stay nonchalant as if nothing had occurred but it was hard trying to keep my mind off my knob and I knew the more I thought about it the harder it would get. Fortunately as Steph descended I shifted my stance to allow her passage, when she was down she was between me and Karen. I gave her a quick kiss and quickly returned to my seat, Steph handed me back my paper. ‘That was one of the funniest things I’ve seen for ages.’ She said as she turned toward the house.

‘Bring me a can of beer when you come back out please.’ I called after her. I watched her up the path with my eyes fixed intently on her backside, Karen watched me watching Steph.

Steph came back with a light blue semi transparent wrap around her waist that reached just past her knees, if anything it accentuated her hips especially when it swayed as she walked. She sat on the grass in the sun with Karen while I drank my beer. ‘When you finish that we’ll walk round to the shop and get some ice creams, ok.’ She said.

‘Yeah ok.’ She turned to Karen. ‘Go put your shorts and flip-flops on ready.’

Karen did so and as soon as I finished we walked to the shop, it’s actually a caf?hat sells all sorts. Karen walked in front and her wet swimsuit soaked through her shorts making an interesting V pattern on her bum. When we got to the caf? asked Steph what she wanted. ’99 for me what about you Karen?’
‘I’ll have a 99 as well, can I have hundreds and thousands on it and monkeys blood.’ She said to Mick the owner.

‘Three 99’s please one as described.’ I said to Mick, who completely ignored me as he roved his eyes over Steph.

‘Hi Stephanie, see you’ve been enjoying the weather.’

‘It’s lovely.’ She smiled back at him, aware that his eyes were on her tits.

He eventually dragged his eyes away and turned to me with a look on his face as if I were a dog turd.

‘What was that?’ He said. I repeated the order and he went to work, he handed over the cones and I paid him then we turned to leave.

‘Bye Ste-Fanny.’ He stressed the second syllable.

‘Prick!’ I thought his eyes would be all over her arse now. As we walked back Steph was again accosted, this time by a boy she new from school and two of his mates. They were sitting on a low wall smoking.

‘Whoa, looking good Steph.’

‘Hello Mark,’ Steph answered him. Again I was ignored. I knew that a lot of the local boys resented me especially the one’s who fancied Steph which was about 100% of them. One of the others started talking to Karen. The other looked at me with the same dog shit impression the Mick had. I ignored him.

‘What you doing tonight?’ Mark asked Steph.

‘I’m looking after Karen, mam and dad are going out.’

‘Why don’t you come to town with me, he can look after her can’t he?’ He said with a sneer directed toward me.

“What a fucking arsehole.’ I thought to myself.

Steph just looked at him nonplussed and said. ‘Why would I go to town with you when I can spend the night in with Darren?’ As she finished her sentence she removed the chocolate flake from her cone and slowly slid the whole of her ice cream into her mouth, then just as slowly removed it in the most provocative way, her tongue then circumnavigated her lips to capture the melted ice cream that gathered at the corners of her mouth. Her eyes never left Mark’s. ‘Know what I mean.’ She added. The look on his face was worth a thousand words. We walked off and as we did so I let my free hand wander over Steph’s arse. She normally wouldn’t let me do this in the village but this time she let it stay. ‘I can’t stand him.’ Said Karen. ‘He’s a right knob.’

‘Karen!’ Said Steph.

‘Well he is, he nearly slavered all over you, he’s horrible.’

‘He is though isn’t he; he thinks he’s God’s gift, what makes him think I would go out with him? Arsehole.’


Later that afternoon I emptied the pool and packed it away, Steph’s parents were ready to leave and they went through all the usual rules and regulations, they left a phone number for where they were going and said they would let us know roughly what time they’d be back depending on Taxi’s.

‘Right.’ Steph said to Karen ‘let’s get tidied away then you can have a bath while I make some sandwiches for later then we’ll sit and watch TV. Mam says you have to go to bed for nine but if you’re good I might let you stay up a bit later but you’d better not tell her mind.’

‘OK, I won’t.’ Karen seemed delighted. While we cleared away in the garden Steph went into the kitchen to prepare some food, I helped her while Karen had a bath; or rather I hindered her by touching her up. ‘Plenty time for that later.’ She said, ‘Did you bring your protection?’

‘Yup, I was going to bring three but I brought six instead, just in case you know.’

‘SIX! You wish, mind so do I.’ she laughed back at me. ‘I’m going to have a shower when Karen’s out of the bath just keep her amused and then we’ll have something to eat when I’m done.’

‘Yes miss.’ I replied.

I went into the living room put the TV on and sat on the settee. Karen appeared a short while later wrapped in a bath sheet with a towel on her head. She climbed onto the settee next to me and rested her head on my chest; I lifted my right arm and draped it around her shoulders so she could get comfortable she curled her legs up and snuggled in. We sat watching a game show while Steph took her shower. After a while Steph shouted from upstairs ‘Karen have you got my hairbrush?’

‘No but there’s one on the mantelpiece down here.’ We heard Steph coming down the stairs and she walked into the living room. I was amazed, she had on the shortest skirt I’d ever seen her wear, it was in fact a kilt, she had a white vest on top with no bra. She walked over to the fireplace, and I couldn’t take my eyes of her. She reached for the brush and stood in front of the mirror. Craning her neck to see properly she moaned. ‘This mirror’s far too high; I don’t know what dad was thinking about when he put it up here.’ She stepped onto the hearth to give her some more height but still had to stand on tiptoes and stretch to see her reflection. As she did so her vest raised up to expose her midriff and the hem of her kilt crept up to expose the cheeks of her bum and a tiny glimpse of her white briefs. I was transfixed; I could see the shape of her pussy lips. ‘Fantastic, she’s fucking amazing’. I thought ‘I wish Mark could see this, the prick.’ As I stared the law of cause and effect proved itself again, my cock sprang to attention. And sure enough Karen noticed and that neuron fired off again. Darren’s eyes on Steph’s arse his cock, bang! Her eyes followed the same route as earlier reinforcing the connection. Karen wondered to herself ‘That must happen all the time, I wonder if it’s just with Steph or with all girls. I wonder if it would happen if it was me.’

Steph caught sight of Karen in the mirror. ‘Why aren’t you ready for bed? Go and get dressed now!’ Karen jumped up and ran upstairs, fearful that her sister would go back on her word and not let her stay up later. When she was gone I said to Steph ‘Love the skirt, where’d you get that from, your sister’s wardrobe?’

‘You like it?’

‘Very much you look fantastic.’

‘Why thank you kind sir.’ She said and flicked the front of her kilt up to show me a glimpse of her pure white almost translucent tanga briefs.

‘Can’t we just send Karen to bed now?’ Just as I said that we heard her coming back down the stairs. By now my cock was almost rigid so I crossed my legs to hide it. Steph smiled at my obvious discomfort and sashayed away into the kitchen. ‘I’m going to sort out some snacks to have with the sandwiches.’ As she left I heard her say to Karen ‘What you doing with that on? Haven’t you got any clean pyjamas?’

‘It’s too hot for jim-jams.’

‘It’s a bit short isn’t it,’ I heard Steph say.

‘You can talk.’ Said Karen ‘Have you seen your skirt, I can nearly see your knickers and you haven’t got a bra on neither.’ I laughed to myself at the exchange. ‘Hoist by her own petard.’ I thought. When Karen walked in I saw what Steph meant Karen had on a very short baby doll nightie with matching knickers/shorts, I was taken slightly aback it looked very sexy for a ten year old. It was a very pale blue and seemed to be two layers of a nylon type material. You couldn’t actually see through it as such but you could see the outline of her young body. She gave me a smile with her head tilted to one side. ‘Do you think there’s anything wrong with this Darren?’

‘Eh, no it’s very nice.’ I said a bit awkwardly.

‘What’s on TV?’ She asked.

‘Nothing much really, not till later anyway.’

‘Can we play on the games console?’

‘Yeah why not’ I’ll put it on.’

‘It’s ok I can get it.’

The console was pushed under the TV, Karen got down on her hands and knees and reached for it, this had the effect of presenting her arse to me. I gazed at her little bum as she wriggled backwards out from under the TV. It all seemed a bit too deliberate and very, very sexy. My cock was still stiff from thinking about Steph and this wasn’t helping it deflate. Once she got the console out she stood and reached around the side to plug the lead into the RF socket, again she made a big show of her bum but this time her legs were squeezed together and I could just make out the puffiness of her pussy lips against the material of her shorts. ‘Was she doing this deliberately?’ I thought ‘If she is it’s having the desired affect.’ I tried to rearrange myself while she had her back turned but couldn’t do much with my stiffy. Once she’d finished she bounded over to the settee and threw herself next to me, as she did so her hand landed in my lap square on my cock. ‘Fuck.’ I thought.

‘So it does get hard for me.’ Thought Karen to herself, I picked the right nightie so he must have seen my bum wriggle; he must have looked at it like he looked at Steph’s.

‘Darren I can’t reach the plug behind the telly, can you get it?’

‘Yeah, ok.’ I said as I got up. Karen got up also and sat cross-legged on the floor, ‘What shall we play tennis or breakout?’ she said as she picked up a controller.

‘Either, you can choose.’ I said as I sat next to her. We played both games for a while, Steph came and joined us she played the winner and the loser sat out the next game. After about an hour or more Steph said I’m going to bring the food in here there’s a film on at 7:30 we can watch then you’ll have to go to bed Karen.

‘What time does it finish?’ She asked.

‘Twenty past nine.’

‘But you said I could stay up late.’

‘No I said you could stay up a bit later, you can go to bed at half nine. You’ll be ready by then anyway, you’re knackered already. Remember you were up really early this morning and anyway if it’s nice tomorrow I thought we might go the beach.’

‘That was a bribe if ever I heard one.’ I Thought.

‘OK then.’ She said she accepted it without any fuss which wasn’t like her. We sat and watched the film from the settee with Karen sat between us and the food on a coffee table in front, when it was over Steph sent Karen to brush her teeth and then off to bed.

Karen went into the bathroom to use the toilet and brush her teeth when she was finished she went to her parent’s bedroom and quietly opened the door and tiptoed in, from under her father’s side of the bed she slid out a large shoebox that had contained her mother’s winter boots but now contained a collection of adult magazines. She quickly rifled through them ignoring the old and well thumbed issues, Penthouse, Hustler, Men Only, Razzle, Playboy eventually she pulled out a copy of Escort. She slid the box back, left the room and went straight to bed. It was still quite light so she didn’t need her lamp on; she climbed into bed and began exploring the pages of the magazine. Karen didn’t bother reading she just let her eyes linger over the pictures of naked women, she studied their boobs and fairies (as she called a vagina), and she especially liked the one’s who wore stockings and suspenders without any panties. Some were licking their own boobs or pushing their fingers or other objects into themselves, the looks on their faces seemed to be a mix of enjoyment and pleasure or pain and suffering, it was really rather hard to tell. She at times touched her own almost non existent boobs but felt no sensations whatsoever. It was different when she touched herself down below; she got a tingling sensation and sometimes a feeling like she needed to wee. She was scared to push anything in too far so she just touched around the outside and sometimes slipped one finger a little way in.

Other pictures included men but never by themselves they were always with a girl and sometimes with two. The girls would have their finger around the man’s willy and sometimes even have it in their mouths, sometimes the man would have his head between the girls’ legs and the girl would have a strange look on her face. One picture showed a girl with short dark hair sitting back on a chair, a man was standing next to her and she was holding his thing in her mouth with one hand, her other hand was holding the back of another girls head who was on kneeling on the floor in front of her with her tongue licking the girls fairy. The girl on the floor had a maid’s outfit on and her bum was sticking right out from below the short dress, you could see her white panties which barely covered her fairy. Karen thought of Stephanie in front of the mirror earlier. Another picture showed the maid laying on a low table, the man had his thick, stiff willy in her fairy and the other girl was playing with her boobs. The girls in the book were pretty but her sister was much prettier and nearly all the girls in the book had massive boobs which sometimes looked too big. The men seemed to all have lots of hair with silly moustaches which she didn’t like, Darren wasn’t hairy and he didn’t have a pot belly either or a moustache. Karen was fascinated by the pictures and wondered about the looks on the girl’s faces, she was never disgusted by anything she saw only intensely curious. If she had taken the time to read the captions and stories she would understood a lot more. She wondered about Stephanie and Darren downstairs and whether they did any of the things she saw in the magazine.

She heard the third stair from the top creak and knew that someone was coming; she quickly pushed the magazine down between the side of the bed and the wall and pretended to be asleep. She heard her bedroom door open very softly and felt the presence of her big sister leaning over her to see her face. She breathed deeply and kept very still feigning a sound sleep. Steph left the room satisfied and Karen heard her say from the top of the stairs. ‘She’s sleeping like a baby.’ Karen waited until she’d gotten down stairs the silently crept out of bed. The house used a ducted air heating system to distribute warm or cool air around the house, she crept over to the vent which was at floor level and carefully pulled the lever to open it. She listened for any sounds from below. She could only hear the TV, and then abruptly it was turned off or down very low. She strained to listen, she thought she could hear quiet sounds but wasn’t sure, then she heard Stephanie say something to Darren but she couldn’t make out what, she heard them both laugh then Stephanie gave out a little squeal. Karen pushed her ear onto the vent. She could just hear muffled sounds she thought they might be kissing, then she heard Stephanie let out a little moan and she clearly heard her say to Darren ‘Don’t you mark my neck mind.’

Karen was curious and wanted to know more, she slowly stood up and very carefully opened the door just enough to squeeze through it was dark on the landing as she made her way along to the top of the stairs, pausing she looked down and could see a pool of light from the living room illuminating the hallway. The living room had an open archway leading directly to the hall which in turn led to the kitchen to the right, front door and toilet to the left and the stairwell directly opposite at 90 degrees. She slowly crept down the stairs careful to avoid the one she knew creaked, when she was about one third the way down she peered over the solid handrail. She could see into the living room but could not see Steph or Darren, another couple of steps and she would see the mirror above the fireplace. With great trepidation she moved down, now she could see the mirror and in it she saw them, they were kissing and cuddling and she could see Darren’s right hand roaming over Stephanie’s left boob. He squeezes and massaged her vest and Karen could even from here clearly see Stephanie’s nipple poking out. Darren let his thumb brush over the nipple before pinching it between thumb and index finger, Steph gave a little ‘Ooh!’ and squirmed a bit. Darren’s hand then moved down across her belly and slid underneath her vest moving back up he took the vest with him until his hand cupped the breast again, now he left her neck and his head moved to her chest , Karen watched as he began flicking Steph’s hard nipple with his tongue. He held her boob in his hand and squeezed and played with it his tongue would slide over and around the nipple then he would suck the whole thing into his mouth, Steph’s face turned up to the ceiling with her eyes closed. Darren’s hand began to wander again back down across Steph’s bare belly and over her skirt, her legs moved apart and his hand squeezed her pussy as it past. He slid his hand up the inside of her right thigh and groped her through her panties.

Karen was fascinated and watched intently as her sister began moaning and writhing under his touch she could see flashes of Steph’s knickers as Darren’s hand moved her skirt up and down with its motions his hand then disappeared inside the waistband of Steph’s knickers. Karen stared as the thin material moved like it was alive. Darren removed his hand and slid to the floor kneeling in front of Steph, Karen's eyes widened as he pushed Steph’s skirt up fully exposing her panties, he slid his hands under her bum and pulled her forward his head moved down to meet her cloth covered pussy. He placed his mouth onto the thin material and exhaled his hot breath onto her mound, she writhed again and her right hand now dropped to the back of his head her left hand went to caress her left tit. Karen thought of the images in her father’s magazine and compared them with what she was seeing. This was real and moving with sound, happening right before her eyes, they were acting out things she’d seen in the magazines and the scene was affecting her in a new way. Feelings inside her told her something exciting was happening, feelings similar to when she had touched herself.

Steph felt Darren’s hot breath flow through the material of her thin briefs, the effect was intense a well of heat swept through the sensitive area around her pussy then his tongue began poking and licking her through the cloth. Her own juices were beginning to flow saturating her panties from the inside then mingling with Darren’s saliva as they soaked through to meet each other. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled him onto her trying to drive his tongue through the fibres of the cloth; he sucked at the wetness then stiffened his tongue and rammed it into the soft folds of her pussy lips taking the sodden gusset with it. She groaned in pleasure and her free hand now began feeling the soft roundness of her exposed breast she teased at the nipple as little electric shocks fired through her body. Her hips began to push forward to maximise the pressure of her lovers tongue. Her right hand untangled itself from his hair and delved down to pull the gusset of her drenched briefs to one side; ‘Eat my pussy baby, lick me out please.’ She pleaded. He immediately slid his tongue in and began lapping at her juices.

Karen couldn’t believe what she was seeing as her excitement rose, she strained to catch the word’s that Steph uttered she held her breath and tried to still her pounding heart so she could hear better. ‘Eat my pussy.’ It sounded like, then ‘Lick me out.’ Her own hands now began to mimic her sisters as she explored her own body. Her left hand felt for her nipple through the nylon of her nightie, it was hard and erect like she’d never felt before, it tingled at her touch. Her right hand had slid between her legs and was rubbing the fabric that covered her virgin pussy. She didn’t know it but moisture was gathering within the slit of her labia and when she eventually slipped a finger beneath the covering of her shorts it slid between her lips effortlessly. She automatically began slipping her finger in and out using the wetness as lubrication, her finger pushed further in then out and up her slit when it reached a point so far up an intense sensation exploded through her and she had to bite her lip to stop herself crying out.

Darren eagerly lapped at Steph’s pussy, she was drenched like he’d never known before, her fingers spread her lips apart to afford him greater access and he greedily sucked at the juices she was producing. His tongue darted in and out and slid up and down flicking at her clit then diving back down to enter her hole as far as it could reach. She writhed and bucked; her left hand now took the place of her right on the back of his head and forced him deeper. He gripped her buttocks and pulled her tighter to him finding it hard to breathe he relaxed and gulped in air before slamming his face back into her pubes.

Steph thrashed wildly now, she could feel her orgasm building as Darren expertly tongued her, she began to rub her engorged clitoris to hasten the magic event. ‘Oh yes baby make me cum. I’m going to cum. Oh my god yes lick that pussy baby, lick me faster. Oh fuck yes, yes, yes!’

Karen’s hand was now fully inside her shorts as her fingers furiously attacked her clit, rubbing up and down she copied what her sister did without knowing it, she could see the back of Darren’s head and she knew what he was doing but she couldn’t see Steph’s hand. Steph began lifting herself forward out of the sofa, pushing at Darren’s face and saying things Karen had never heard before, she even said fuck which is something Steph never did, she had never heard her sister swear before. She looked a Steph’s face and the changing expressions on it were similar to the girls in the magazine. Her sister was beautiful and she had feelings for her that she’d never felt before, her eyes watched her intently looking at her exposed breast and flat stomach then down to her long lithe athletic legs as they draped themselves over Darren’s shoulders. She loved her sister and wanted to explore and taste her body as Darren did.

Steph orgasmed in a frenzy of ecstasy, she had both hands on Darren’s head now, forcing his face into her soaking wet vagina, she came like never before and actually felt her cum squirting out into Darren’s open mouth. He slurped greedily trying to let nothing escape, the taste was delicious, warm and bittersweet. He sucked at her labia and lapped with his tongue at her slit. She eventually relaxed her grip and he heard her say ‘Fuck me now, I want to cum again, fuck me I want your cock.’ This was not like Steph, she hated swearing and never ever said fuck, she was a different person somehow. Darren stood up and fumbled in his pocket for the packet of condoms eagerly trying as fast as he could to get them open. Steph sat forward on the edge of the settee and pulled at Darren’s shorts until they were at his knees his cock sprang upright, released from its confines. She then bent forward and took it in her mouth, she slowly drew the length of his hard cock fully past her lips until her nose nestled in his pubic hair, slowly she drew back and as his cock reappeared she wrapped the fingers of her right hand around the solid shaft and began to slide back and forth, her lips never left the tip as her tongue swirled around the base of his glans before she expertly swallowed his length again. Darren continued to fumble with the condoms, struggling to remove the cellophane wrapper in his haste. Steph’s attentions made the task doubly difficult and he cursed himself. ’Fucking stupid bastard things, for fucks sake why didn’t I open the fucking packet before we started, fucking idiot!’ He tore at the packet like a mad man until eventually he managed to locate the tear tape and the cellophane yielded.

Karen watched fascinated as Darren stood up and took something from his pocket, her finger slowed and she settled into a slow rhythmic stroking of her now very wet pussy, two fingers of her right hand eased in and out of her cunt drawing with them more of her juices, she was transfixed by what was transpiring in the living room mirror. Steph now sat forward and although Karen couldn’t see her face she knew what she was doing, she pulled down Darren’s shorts and moved herself close to where his penis was. Karen had to suppress a giggle at the sight of Darren’s pure white arse. Darren was fumbling like a fool and he let out a long moan as Steph took his cock all the way into her throat. She could see Steph’s head moving back and forth as Darren eventually succeeded in what he was doing. Karen watched as whatever it was he was holding flew apart and things dropped on the floor.

The Durex box disintegrated with the force of Darren’s tearing and pieces of cardboard and cellophane flew everywhere, fortunately he managed to hold onto a part of the carton which still retained one of the condoms. He offered the foil packet to Stephanie holding it near her face but not saying anything in case she ended the blowjob; she carried on sucking him for a while longer before taking the packet from his hand. She split the foil, pinched the end of the sheath and placed it against his cock-end then unrolled it onto his shaft. She lay back on the sofa legs akimbo, her right hand holding her panties to one side as she fingered her tight pussy with her left. ‘Fuck me now!’ She ordered.

Darren wasn’t about to argue and quickly kicked of his shorts, stooping forward he placed his hands under Steph’s buttocks and pulled her forward so the small of her back rested on the edge of the settee. He gripped his cock with his right hand and guided it toward her welcoming hole slick with pussy juice, the end of his knob easily entered her as he slowly pushed forward. Steph raised her legs straight up in the air as Darren leant into her and buried the full length of his rock hard cock into her tight fanny. ‘Ohhhhh yessss.’ She gasped as Darren rested his weight against her; she was bent almost double with Darren bracing his hands on the settee either side of her waist. He slowly began to fuck her wet hole with long deliberate strokes. ‘Mmmmmm, omifuckingod, that’s soooo good, oh yes fuck me, fuck my pussy.’ She moaned. Darren pulled out as far as possible without breaking contact before sliding in again, making sure she relished every inch.

On the stairs Karen watched open mouthed as she saw Steph finger her fairy and say to Darren ‘Fuck me now!’ The sight of her sister’s cunt was almost too much, she felt the urge to rush in and take the place of Darren with her own mouth and suck at her sister as he had. She plunged her fingers as far as they would go into her own pussy until she felt pain and quickly withdrew them; she felt the wetness sticking her fingers together and without thinking and with no hesitation transferred them to her mouth. She sucked at her own pussy juice wondering if her sister’s tasted the same. Now she watched as Darren positioned himself before Steph. ‘Oh my God, they’re going to do It.’ she wished she could see his penis but it wasn’t possible from this angle. She imagined it to be exactly the same as the one’s in the magazines upstairs. Steph raised her legs high and Darren leant onto her supporting his weight on his arms. He then began moving his arse back and forward as he pumped his cock into her sister. ‘Oh Stephanie.’ She thought to herself. Steph began moaning and talking dirty to Darren. Karen’s fingers moved back to her own pussy as she imagined now that Darren was screwing her instead. She transported herself mentally to Stephanie’s place on the couch and watched as Darren’s big cock headed toward her virgin hole, her eyes and mouth wide as she over exaggerated the size of it. She almost cried out as she envisioned it parting her little slit. She had no idea other than what she had gleaned from the books and her sisters’ reactions of what it must be like, but she knew it must be wonderful.

Darren continued to slide his full length in and out of Steph. ‘This girl is fucking amazing.’ He thought to himself ‘She is absolutely fantastic.’ ‘Oh baby, I love you.’ He said gazing into her eyes before changing his view to watch his cock disappear inside her again. He felt his loins filling with cum and tried to suppress the thought of shooting his load. ‘Too soon, plenty of time yet.’ He thought. He watched his cock continue its methodical pleasuring of his girlfriend, his eyes feasted on the tight curly thatch that formed a perfect heart shape above her cunt. He realised he’d never noticed that before, she must have shaved the shape when she took her shower. ‘Fucking fantastic.’

Steph squeezed her already tight pussy around Darren’s cock, gripping it to maximise the friction and increase the pleasure for both of them. Darren responded by pumping faster, gradually increasing the pace. ‘Oh yes.’ He said. Stephanie reacted to his quickening by throwing her head back and squeezing her tit with her left hand and gripping the sofa with her right. ‘Ooooohhhhh.’ She responded. Darren was now increasing the pace with every thrust, achieving maximum penetration as his cock fed her hungry twat. She began rolling her hips in unison with him, feeling another climax building. ‘Ahhh yes Darren, fuck me, fuck me hard.’ Darren did so now pushing hard and deep, forcing out a little grunt at the limit of every driving thrust. Steph sensed him getting close to his own climax but she didn’t want this yet. ‘Don’t come yet babe, not yet.’

‘Ngggghhhhh.’ was all the reply he could manage.

‘Not yet, not yet.’ She insisted, she began to lower her legs to one side and Darren had to move his left arm to let them pass, still buried in her he rested his hand on her left hip. Steph twisted over and raised herself on her knees her arse now pushed him back into a full standing position, she buried her head into the cushions of the settee. Darren’s cock slid out during the manoeuvre, he braced his legs and grasped his rod with his right hand he squeezed the base tight to stifle the urge to come. As he looked at Steph’s beautiful round rump a vision of her sister filled his mind, he imagined pulling her nightwear pants down and impaling her with his solid cock, he wanted to punish her for teasing him earlier. Satisfied he could carry on he guided himself into her once more. It somehow felt even tighter and deeper than before as he rammed home. Now he gripped her hips and was able to pull her back onto him to meet his thrusts, each time he powered into her now she made involuntary groans as he hit maximum depth. In his mind he was fucking her sister, making her cry out in pain as he threatened to rent open her tiny tight cunt, he imagined grasping her arse cheeks and prising them apart so he could feast on the sight of her bum hole. ‘Little fucking cock teaser.’ He said in his head.

Steph pulled him back to reality. ‘Ooh, ooh, omigod, ah, yes, oh, oh, mmm, arggh, oh fuck, yes, yes God yes. Come on baby make me cum, COME ON HARDER!’ She drove him on her voice muffled by the cushions. Her fingers gripped the covers off the sofa so tight they were white; he pounded into her faster and harder feeling his balls boiling with seed he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. He gritted his teeth to retain control for as long as possible.

‘Ohhhhfuckyes, baby yes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhmigod.’ She didn’t need to tell him, he felt her pussy tighten even more squeezing his cock hard as she came again.

He was almost on the point of release when she suddenly pulled forward letting his cock spring free, instantly she span round and grabbed at his thick heavily veined member wrapped in its silver sheath. She pulled at the base of the condom removing it and stuffed his cock into her mouth. Immediately he shot his cum deep into her throat, she instinctively swallowed the first load but as the second erupted it entered her windpipe, before she could react another great stream of cum exploded forth. It was too much and she gagged and coughed violently pushing back against Darren’s hands which were now holding the back of her head. As she managed to withdraw another blast hit her full in the face, she was retching and unable to breath, jumping up she ran for the toilet at the bottom of the stairs.

Karen sat entranced gawping open mouthed as Darren fucked her sister, his arse moved in a graceful sawing motion steadily gaining speed and as it did so she could hear them both ooing and ahhing in pleasure, she noticed Stephanie begin to lift her bum and push her hips forward to meet Darren’s forward thrust. Karen was amazed at the way Stephanie spoke ‘Ahhh yes Darren, fuck me, fuck me hard.’ She heard her say. Darren gained pace and with every long stroke Karen heard ‘ungh, ungh, ungh.’ Then, ‘Don’t come yet babe, not yet.’ She heard Steph say. Then she began to twist over and was soon on her knees, Darren again entered her but this time he was very forceful, driving hard into her from behind, Karen was shocked at the ferocity of it, she was concerned for her sister until she heard her muffled cry ‘Ooh, ooh, omigod, ah, yes, oh, oh, mmm, arggh, oh fuck, yes, yes God yes. Come on baby make me cum, COME ON HARDER!’ She cried out as she climaxed then quickly spun round. This was the first time Karen saw Darren’s cock it looked huge and was covered in what she knew was a condom or ‘blob’ as the kids called them at school. Steph ripped it off and from a slightly sideways view Karen could see her pounce on it with her mouth wide open, almost as soon as she had it in Darren grasped the back of her head as his arse clenched and his hips bucked. Steph’s face was buried in his pubic hair then all of a sudden white fluid spewed out of her mouth as she almost choked.

‘SHIT, SHIT, SHIT.’ Karen realised in horror that Steph was running for the hall, if she wanted the bathroom there was no way Karen could hide. Steph went straight to the toilet and landed on the floor with her head down the pan coughing and spluttering. ‘Oh my Christ thought Karen she was barely fifteen feet away, she quickly glanced back at the mirror and got a full frontal view of Darren’s fantastic cock, she wanted it as much as she wanted her sister. Then she realised he was turning toward the hallway and was bound to see her as he came out. It was only because he was staggering like a drunk and trying to pick up his shorts and underpants that she could take her time to silently creep up the stairs. Steph was helpless on the toilet floor her eyes were caked with a mixture of tears and spunk.

Karen snuck back into her room and carefully closed the door behind her before sliding under her covers. She was in a turmoil thinking of all the things she’d seen and heard, Fuck, pussy, cum, cock her hands went straight to her pussy parting her lips and touching the button that gave her so much pleasure earlier. She rubbed and flicked it madly with her index and forefinger until she felt herself shudder uncontrollably. Squirming under the bedclothes she pulled her knees up and curled into the foetal position. She lay still trying to hear any sounds from downstairs, all she could hear were garbled mumblings that she couldn’t define. She put on her bedside lamp and reached for the magazine and this time took in some of the printed words, she matched up the description of the book and what she’d heard downstairs. No more fairy and willy, now it was pussy or cunt and cock, she knew what cum was.

After a short while she heard the familiar creak of the loose step, she hid the magazine and replaced it with a girl’s magazine from under her pillow and feigned sleep once more. She heard the faint swish of her bedroom door opening ever so slightly, a pause then her sister leaned over and gently removed the magazine from her loose grip and switched of the light, the door clicked shut.

Much later Karen woke in the darkened room and raised her head of the pillow, she heard Stephanie’s faint breathing from the opposite side of their shared room, she turned over softly to look at her sister in the dim light that filtered through the curtains near the head of Stephanie’s bed. Her sister slept with her face to the wall and Karen could see the back of her head and just make out the slight rise and fall of her blankets. She held her breath and strained her ears as low sound emanated from downstairs; she recognised it as the TV with the volume turned down. Karen glanced at Steph’s bedside clock; the red led display said 12:13am. She guessed that Darren was still awake and watching something. She watched Stephanie and listened to the TV she realised that her parents may not be home yet. An idea came to her as she stared at Steph, she wouldn’t have much time if she was going to go through with it but she struggled to build the courage. Eventually she plucked up the necessary bravado and quietly said ‘Steph?’ no reply, a little louder ‘Steph?’ still nothing, she slipped out of bed and made her way to her sister. Leaning close she once again called her name ‘Steph?’ no response; she remembered what her sister had said earlier ‘sleeping like a baby.’ She smiled to herself and turned to leave the room.

She went into the bathroom to use the toilet and as she was sitting debating her plan she noticed the laundry basket in the corner, her heart skipped a beat, reaching over she dragged it to her and removed the lid. Lying on top of the pile inside were Steph’s panties she reached in and pulled them out. They were damp to her touch and her heart raced as she unravelled them, moving them close to her nose she inhaled the damp scent of her sister, her head swirled with the intoxicating aroma, she held them as close as possible picturing her sister’s pussy, she snaked out her tongue and touched the cloth the taste was unlike anything she had tasted before, it was totally different to the taste of her own wetness from earlier. She licked again longer this time then she crushed the fabric over her mouth and nose and sucked at the moisture. Her mind made up she got off the toilet but didn’t flush she washed her hands quickly and before she could change her mind went downstairs. Halfway down she looked into the living room and saw Darren sitting in the armchair facing the telly.

As she reached the archway he noticed her and said ‘Hello sweetheart is something wrong?’
‘I need a drink.’

‘Do you want me to get it for you?’

‘No its ok, I can manage.’ She went into the kitchen with her heart racing, getting a glass out of the cupboard she filled it then went into the living room. ‘What are you watching’ she asked.
‘It’s a film, Bullitt.’ He said. She walked over sipping her water ‘What’s it about?’ she said standing between him and the TV.

‘It’s a police film’ it’s almost finished.’ He noticed her outline where the light from the TV shone through her nightie. Karen bent forward from the waist without bending her knees to put the glass on the hearth once again presenting her bum to Darren. His eyes immediately fell on its small form with its baby blue covering stretched tight his thoughts from earlier filled his mind. Karen didn’t know it but her plan was working and Darren’s cock twitched in his shorts. She straightened up and stretched her hands over her head faking a yawn and twisting toward Darren as she did so mimicking the effect of Stephanie in front of the mirror but this time exposing the front of her pants.

‘Tired?’ Asked Darren.

‘Mmmmm.’ She replied.

‘You should go back to bed.’ He said, he understood what she was trying to do and thought best get her back upstairs as soon as possible. She turned to fully face him and placed her hands on the arms of the chair leaning forward at the waist, she knew he could see down her top not that she had anything to see. ‘It was funny this morning when you got soaked; did you know I could see through your shorts?’

‘No I didn’t realise.’

‘I could see your thingy.’

‘Thingy?’ He was well aware of what she meant bet had decided to see how far she was prepared to go with this; hopefully he could discourage her before it got out of hand.

‘You know, your willy.’

‘Could you? Well I can see through your nightie.’

‘Where.’ she said.

I couldn’t resist and reached out to where her nipple was, like a fool I rubbed my thumb over the material covering it. She was obviously excited and I realised I’d done a stupid thing. She immediately clasped her hand to her chest and pressed the material tight, the nipple was immediately apparent.

‘Eeeh yes you can.’ she said ‘Touch it again it tickled.’ Like an idiot I reached out and this time rolled the nipple between my thumb and finger. I realised I had to stop this and said again ‘You’d better go to bed now your parents will be in soon.’

‘Can I have a kiss goodnight?’

‘Okay.’ I said and bent forward to give her a peck on the cheek.

Before I could react she jumped into my lap and threw her arms around my neck, she planted herself squarely on my semi hard prick. She pursed her lips and fastened them onto mine. Twisting her bum she nestled my cock between her buttocks. I felt it grow instantly, my hand rested on her waist and my heart began to beat harder, not understanding why I let my hand slide up to her chest and covered the slight swelling that was her tit I slid my thumb over her nipple again. She squirmed and pulled closer shuffling on my lap I began to respond to her tightly puckered lips by opening my mouth slightly, she responded in kind and my tongue slid across the surface of her lips, my hand left her nipple and descended to her waist then on to her hip where I felt the material of her shorts under her nightie. My hand continued and eventually reached the soft flesh of her leg. My mind was screaming STOP! But I couldn’t, my hand continued over her thigh and made its way down to her knee where it pushed her left leg away slightly then reversed its direction up her inner thigh it began a slow slide back up toward her pussy. She crushed her chest to mine tightening her arms around my neck in scared anticipation, my tongue was about to enter her mouth, my hand was about to enter her shorts and my brain was about to explode. STOP THIS NOW! It screamed at me, my mind raced, her parents could walk through the door at any second, I have the most perfect girlfriend upstairs in bed, I could end up beaten to a pulp, and I could go to jail and be raped up the arse by a massive hairy con. STOP!

I broke the embrace and eased her away from me. ‘Ok, time you went back to bed.’ I said in as calm a voice as I could muster. I could feel my cock still pressing hard into her. I gently pushed her away and she slid of my lap to stand in front of me, I thought she was about to burst into tears, the look of rejection on her face was painful to see and I honestly felt sorry for her. She looked from my eyes to the bulge in my pants; her mouth began to form words. I thought ‘My fuck, she’s going to ask me to show her my cock, then she’ll ask to touch it and then I’ll stick it in her mouth.’

Before she could say anything I stood up put an arm around her and kissed her on the top of her head, I squeezed her gently and reassuringly. ‘Go on, off to bed; I’ll see you in the morning.’

‘G’night.’ She replied with a smile that almost broke my heart. As she left the room I noticed the titles running up the T.V. screen. ‘Fuck it, I’ve missed the ending!’ I said under my breath. I reached down and picked up the glass of water and drained it, my left hand was in my shorts trying to get my cock comfortable.

As Karen slowly walked up the stairs she glanced across at Darren, he had his hand in his shorts feeling his cock; she smiled to herself somewhat in disappointment but otherwise in elation. She realised that he almost lost control and that if she was clever she could make him succumb, eventually.

My hand was on my knob squeezing it slowly, there was only one way I was going to get rid of this. I put the glass in the kitchen and went straight to the toilet for a wank. I sat with my shorts round my ankles and started massaging my cock. I pictured Steph’s arse at the top of the steps from earlier but the image was soon replaced by Karen’s little crack as I held her upside down in the pool, I changed my thoughts back to Steph standing in front of the mirror and increased the pace of my hand. This image was soon replaced by one of her sister crawling out from under the TV. Again I tried to concentrate on Steph as I fucked her on the settee, my hand was now at full speed as I neared the peak. Karen jumped into my mind, her firm arse with my hard cock snug between her bum cheeks a few minutes ago. I banished the thought and replaced it with Steph, my cock in her mouth as I exploded my spunk into her. I was slouched back against the cistern my hand a blur as I pulled myself of furiously, my cum shot out and struck the wall to my left, then again landing on my left leg and splashing on the floor, more this time hitting my belly and the remainder running down over my hand and soaking my balls. My eyes were closed tight and I realised as I subsided that Steph was no longer sucking my cock, it was Karen’s face in front of me covered in hot white sticky cum.

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Seriously! WTF!!! I wonder how some people can actually get off picturing some underage female doing unclean things. it's just sooooo wrong! whatever happened to the good old hot adult pornography?!

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2010-11-16 07:32:39
Seriously! WTF!!! I wonder how some people can actually get off picturing some underage female doing unclean things. it's just sooooo wrong! whatever happened to the good old hot adult pornography?!

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2010-11-13 08:00:05
What the fuck? This story is wrong on so many levels

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2010-11-13 07:59:58
What the fuck? This story is wrong on so many levels

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