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Jen goes wild!
That evening, Jen brought up the day’s earlier activities in the mall. “Matt, were you shocked when I started sucking Jack’s cock?” She said it vulgarly, knowing Matt enjoyed her dirty talk, but still not sure about his feeling toward her having sex with other men. She knew that men could be a little jealous about that.

Matt thought about it. “I was flabbergasted. I had never even thought about you doing something like that. When you first started doing it I was in shock, but I had been hard for so long I couldn’t think straight with Jo sucking my dick.”

“I don’t know what has come over me.” Jen said. “Suddenly, I can’t concentrate on anything else but what to do next with my sex life. I’m horny all the time. And I find myself attracted to women, too. Am I losing my mind?”

Matt considered what to say. He loved his wife, so he didn’t want to be harsh, but he was feeling a little jealous. “I don’t think you are losing your mind. I don’t know exactly what to say. I can say that I don’t know if I’m ready for you to have sex with other men. I was conflicted when I saw you sucking Jack. I know you have let me fuck Jo, but I’m still a little protective of you, I guess. I also like the way you directed things, but I don’t want to be controlled too much. I really liked it when I was in charge that one day. Are you okay with that?”

“Hmmm. I guess I like it a little when you are in charge, but I really get off on being in charge of the sex and having everyone do what I want. Can you live with that?”

“Yeah, I think so. I think we need to discuss some of it before you just bring some stranger in, like you did with Jack. I was pretty shocked.”

Jen smiled. “But that would ruin the effect of being in charge, wouldn’t it?”

“No.” Matt responded. “It wouldn’t for me. You would still be in control of the situation; I would just be prepared for whoever was joining us. Now, what about when I want to be in charge of my little slut wife?”

Jen grinned. “I am becoming a slut, aren’t I? I didn’t think I would ever like to hear that, but now it turns me on to think that I love sex so much. What’s the harm? I just love to have sex and make other people have sex. Hmmm. I think I like being called a slut… only in private, of course.”

Matt laughed. “Okay, my little slutty wife, what’s next?”

Jen looked thoughtful. “I’m not sure. I’ll think of something. In the mean time, you could think of something for when you want to be in charge.”

“Okay. I’ll do that.”

When Saturday came, Matt had arranged to go over a buddy’s house once again to watch some football games. Jen stayed home, but was not idle. She immediately called Jo and her friend Suzy. She invited them over for some “girl-time” and asked them to bring their toys. They accepted immediately.

Suzy arrived first and they opened a bottle of wine. Suzy was a curvy beauty, about 5’4”, with nice tits and ass. She always complained about a little extra weight around the middle, but most guys never got past talking to her tits.

Jen and Suzy compared notes on dominating someone for sex. Jen had really only dominated Jo and Suzy had only dominated Jack to this point. They both loved being in charge, but not doing anything that really involved pain. They were both into just being in control, and making the person go outside their comfort zone on some things. Suzy told Jen that it was a couple of months ago that she started making Jack wear her panties each day after she had worn them. She had also had him expose himself in public a couple of times and had even made him eat her pussy at a restaurant. Jen was intrigued by all of this, but their conversation was interrupted when Jo arrived. As soon as she arrived, Jen realized what she wanted to do that day.

She gave Jo a glass of wine and let her sit and talk to Suzy for a couple of minutes, then said calmly. “Jo, assume the position.”

Suzy watched closely as Jo stood up, went into the den, removed her clothes, and kneeled down in front of the couch, her head on the floor and her ass up in the air. She loved it.

Jen and Suzy sat on the couch so that both were in reach of Jo’s ass. Jen reached out and ran her left hand over Jo’s ass, then down across her anus and pussy. “Doesn’t she have a beautiful ass and pussy?” she asked Suzy.

From the other side, Suzy ran her right hand over it and said, “Oh, yes. It looks good enough to eat! It feels so smooth, she must have it waxed.” Suzy bent over and ran her tongue across Jo’s asshole. Jo flinched and moaned.

“You know,” Jen said, “I have never eaten pussy. I’ve only had a slight taste on my fingers. I think it’s time I did that.” Jen stood up and started removing her clothes.

“Oh, yes” said Suzy. “Who’s do you want first?” Suzy emphasized the word “First” so that Jen would understand that she wanted Jen to eat her out, too. She also started taking off her clothes.

“Suzy” Jen said, “did you bring that strap-on you were telling me about earlier?”

“Oh, yes. I brought it. Do you want me to put it on?”

“Not yet, but there will definitely be some fucking going on here later.”

Once undressed, Jen asked Suzy to sit on the couch. Suzy sat down and scooted forward, putting her ass on the edge, and opened her legs. Jen knelt in front of her and looked at her pussy. It looked very small. She was completely shaved, and with the outer lips still closed, it didn’t look big enough to fit anything larger than a pencil. Then, when Jen ran her fingers down the slit, the outer lips slowly opened like a blooming flower to reveal the already moistening and pink inner lips. She stared at it and looked up at Suzy.

“Well, what do you think?” Suzy asked her.

“It’s beautiful. Let’s give it a try.” Jen leaned forward. She got a good whiff of the smell of Suzy’s pussy at that point. It was different than the smell of her’s and Jo’s. She tentatively stuck out her tongue and touched it lightly to the center of Suzy’s pussy. She licked lightly and then tasted a little moisture on her tongue. She liked it. She leaned in a little more and licked from the bottom of the pussy to the top, dragging her tongue across the clit.

“Hmmm” Suzy moaned. “C’mon sweety, eat my pussy like you mean it!”

Jen grinned and turned to Jo, who was still in ‘the position’. “Jo, get behind me and eat my ass and pussy while I’m doing Suzy.”

Jo quickly scampered behind Jen. She had wanted to have free rein over this woman’s cunt for some time. She was going to devour her.

Jen leaned back into Suzy’s pussy and started licking in earnest. She licked up each side of this new delicious cunt, dragging her tongue up and over the clit. She pushed Suzy’s legs back so that Suzy could hold them in place, completely opening this new treat for her. Jen then started really getting into it. Jo was slowly tongue-fucking her asshole and had two fingers buried in her pussy, so she had to concentrate to work on the twat in front of her. She stuck her tongue into Suzy’s pussy as far as she could, her nose coming to rest on Suzy’s clit. She then ran her tongue up and onto Suzy’s clit, lightly sucking on it. She looked up at Suzy, who had her head back; eyes closed, pulling on her large nipples. Jen found that she really liked seeing the pleasure she was giving Suzy, and she loved the attention Jo was giving her pussy and ass. Jo was now slowing licking Jen’s ass and pussy while rubbing her clit. Jen kept up her attack on Suzy’s pussy and even started running her tongue down around Suzy’s asshole. She was finding herself completely overtaken with lust at the act of eating pussy. Of course, it helped to have someone eating her as well. She stuck her middle finger into Suzy’s now soaking pussy and got it real wet. She pulled it out to align it with Suzy’s tight little brown hole and aimed her index finger at the pussy hole. She pushed. Suzy moaned and rolled her hips back to make sure Jen had plenty of access to both her holes. Jen started finger fucking Suzy in both holes and then started sucking on her clit. Suzy started moaning and Jen picked up the rhythm of the finger fucking.

Finally Suzy went off. “Oh, fuck, Jen. You learn pretty fast. I think I’m gonna cum. Oh, fuck… yeah… fuck… yeah, just like that… oh, fuck… here I cum, baby… fuck… FUCK… FUCK!!!”

Suzy thrashed under Jen’s attention and was in the throes of a major orgasm. She even squirted just a little and Jen felt it roll down her chin and index finger all over her hand. She kept up a light sucking until Suzy pushed her away.

“Fuck, girl, you’re good. I guess having a cunt means you know how you like it, and I like it that way, too.”

Jen looked up and smiled. She didn’t answer, but just removed her fingers and leaned forward. She moaned and placed her head right on Suzy’s shaved cunt, turning her head to the side. Since she had gotten Suzy off, she was focused on the approaching orgasm that Jo was giving her. Jo had a finger in her ass, too, and was sucking every drop of pussy juice out of her. The woman was a human vacuum cleaner!

Finally, without uttering a word, but just moaning with her eyes closed and her face reflecting her tight concentration, she came hard. She jerked several times and Suzy held her head lightly, watching closely. Finally, Jo felt that Jen was done with her orgasm and removed her face and fingers. Jen immediately rolled over and collapsed on the floor.

“Shit, Jo, you are good. Why did I ever stop you from doing that?” She smiled at Jo.

Jo grinned back. “I don’t know, Mistress, but I will do it whenever you want. You have a great tasting pussy.”

Jen laughed. “You are an ingratiating little slut, aren’t you? Well, if everyone is satisfied for now, how about some snacks and some more drinks?”

They all agreed.

After they sat and talked about the latest movies they had seen and books they had read, Jen had an idea that she wanted to work on. It was the reason that she asked Suzy to bring the strap on and for Jo to bring her toys.

Jen turned to Suzy. “Put on your strap on and let’s have some fun.” Suzy dug it out of her bag and worked the straps until she put it on. Next Jen turned to Jo. “Do you have that nice life like dildo?”

“Yes, mistress. I still have that dildo.”

“Get it out. And while we’re at it, has either of you ever been double penetrated?”

Suzy looked at her and smiled. “No, I haven’t. Jo?”

“Oh, yes, I was double- penetrated once, but the guy in my ass had no dick to speak of, so it wasn’t all that thrilling.”

Jen looked at the two of them. “I want to try it. Suzy, you get on the floor and I’ll ride your dick and then Jo, you get behind me and fuck me with that dildo.”

The two women complied. As soon as Suzy lay on the floor, Jen crawled over top of her to mount the strap on dick, but turned toward Jo first.

“Jo, come suck on this dick and get it wet for me.”

Jo crawled over and sucked on it like she was giving a blowjob. She made sure she slobbered all over it, leaving it wet and glistening. Jen just loved Jo’s tight little body and mouth, so fucking hot!

Once the ‘dick’ was wet, Jo lowered herself slowly, easily impaling her pretty little cunt on the 7 inch fake dick. She could see Suzy watch closely as her pussy lips opened up to accept it.

Suzy smiled and looked up at Jen, that tight supple body lowering itself onto her fake dick. She loved that view. She could see that Jen’s cheeks and chest were a little flushed. Her tits were so fucking nice and bouncy. She reached up and pinched one of the nipples, prompting a moan from Jen. Then she watched as Jen’s inner lips finally accepted the last of the dildo and she was sitting pubis to pubis on top of her.

Jen could see that Suzy loved watching this. She leaned over and mashed her tits against Suzy’s, briefly kissing her on the lips. She found that she really enjoyed mashing her tits against Suzy’s. It was interesting to feel soft tits against soft tits. She rose up a little and started bouncing up and down on the dildo and then felt Jo put her hand on her. She could tell that Jo wanted her to be still for a couple of seconds, so she stopped, still slightly bent over. Then she felt Jo rub some lubrication over her ass, slowly working first one and then a second finger into the tight little hole. It felt good to have her ass played with. Finally, she felt Jo’s dildo slowly being pushed against her asshole. She tried to relax and finally she felt the head pop in. Once it popped in, Jo kept up the pressure and pushed until about 5 inches were buried. Jen moaned. She felt so full with a dildo in each hole. She loved it! It made her feel crude, nasty, and wanton.

“Oh, fuck, I love this feeling!”

Jo laughed. “Me, too, mistress!” Jo held the dildo in place while Jen started slowly rocking back and forth, dragging the two dildoes in and out of her pussy and ass.

Jen kept rocking, rocking, getting close to a very fast orgasm. She knew that just the thought had made her hot and horny, and now she was experiencing it. It felt fantastic. She closed her eyes and moaned, her movements causing the dildoes to go in and out, and also causing her clit to rub against the bottom of the one on the strap on. She opened her eyes and looked at Suzy. Suzy was smiling at her and suddenly put her hand down, pushing between them, searching for her clit. She tilted her pelvis a little to allow Suzy room to do so. As soon as Suzy hit her clit and gave it a couple of tweaks, her orgasm washed over her.

“Oh, fuck… fuck... cummmmmminnggggg!”

Jen jerked and moaned and jerked. Jo loved watching it from her end. She could see Jen’s asshole clenching around the dildo she was holding and she could see her beautiful cunt split open underneath it with the strap on dildo buried there. She watched as some of Jen’s cum eased out around the lips of her cunt. Yum! She wanted to taste it.

Suzy looked up at Jen and smiled as Jen settled down. Jen smiled back and leaned over, crushing Suzy’s lips with a strong kiss. Suzy loved it.

Jen finally relaxed and finished kissing Suzy. “Wow, that was something. I need to call Matt!”

Jo extracted the dildo from her ass and Jen leaped off Suzy to grab the phone… and almost fell over. “Whoa! Fuck. I’m dizzy!” She grabbed the counter to keep from falling over. Suzy laughed, but Jo immediately starting sucking the strap on dildo and licking all of Jen’s juices off it.

When Matt answered, Jen knew exactly what she wanted. “Hey, baby. What’s going on over there with football?”

“Not much. All the games are laughers. Why?”

“Well… I was thinking. I have a couple of friends here and I thought you might want to come home, and bring John with you.”

There was a slight pause. “John? Why?”

“C’mon, Matt. You know why. I heard he has a large ‘member’.”

Now there was a longer wait. “We’ll see. I don’t want to talk about this right now.” He hung up.

Jen turned to her friends. “Damn! I think Matt is a little unsure of bringing John back here. I heard that he has a big dick, and I think he is worried about me having sex with him. Matt’s not small, but I think he’s still a little jealous about seeing me with another man.”

Suzy and Jo said nothing, just looked at her.

“Okay, let’s take a break and have some alcohol. We’ll find out soon enough if he’s bringing John back with him.” She sauntered into the kitchen and got some more drinks and brought them back. All three stayed naked while they drank.

It was only about 15 minutes later that they heard the garage door go up. Jen looked at the other two. “Let’s just sit here naked and see what happens.”

The kitchen door opened from the garage and Matt came in. He could see into the den sitting area and saw the three naked women. He stopped and his eyes widened. He stopped so suddenly that John almost ran into him. He moved forward enough to let John in behind him, but he was very cautious.

“Jen, what the fuck?”

Jen stood up and walked over to Matt. John watched her every move; her nicely bouncing tits with large protruding nipples, her gorgeous legs, and her pussy with its little landing strip. She went to Matt, pulled his head down and gave him a deep, wet kiss. “Hey, baby, aren’t you glad to see me?”

“Uh, yeah. Ummm. What’s going on here?”

“Well, me and Jo, who you know, and Suzy, who you saw at the mall the other day, were just fucking and sucking each other and wanted some dick. So we called and asked you to come home and bring another cock.” She turned to John. “Hello, John. It’s good to see you again. These are my fuck-buddies. Jo is my slave and Suzy is a friend. Do you want to stay and join us?”

There was a long blank period. Matt just stared, moving his gaze from the women to John and back. John stood, mouth agape, trying to take in the scene.

Finally, John spoke. “Uh, well, if Matt doesn’t mind, I’d love to stay. But I won’t do it if he doesn’t want me to.”

Matt and John had known each other since the third grade. Matt knew John would back him up anywhere and now he saw that he wouldn’t let him down here. If Matt was too uncomfortable with him here, he’d leave. The three women shifted their gaze to Matt.

Matt finally relented. “Okay, I guess it’s okay if you stay.”

The three women turned back to John. “Okay. As long as Matt thinks it’s okay, I’ll stay.”

“Yippee!” Jen leapt into Matt’s arms, wrapping her legs around him and kissing him. It required him to reach around and hold her up by her delectable naked ass and the movement was not lost on John, who was staring at this and the other two hot naked babes.

Jen finally got put down and turned and grabbed Matt by the hand. “Let’s go into the den and get more comfortable.” She looked over her shoulder at John. “You, too, John.” She led Matt over to the middle of the room, both men following her gorgeous ass. “Okay, girls, I’m gonna strip Matt, you two strip John.”

Matt looked over at John. John just shrugged his shoulders and smiled. Matt could see that he was overjoyed at the prospect of these two naked beauties stripping his clothes off. Matt looked down and watched as Jen got his shoes out of the way and started dragging his pants down. She soon had him naked from the waist down. She kneeled in front of him.

“Hello, Mr. Cock. You look like you are ready for some action. You’re already chubby and getting real hard.” She reached up and stroked it.

Matt moaned at the way Jen spoke to his cock and then stroked it. He was now hard as a rock. He looked over at John and John was now completely naked and he did indeed have a pretty good size cock. He was not shaved, but trimmed closely, like he was, so that it made everything nicely visible. It was not that much larger than his, but it was longer. Suzy and Jo were already enjoying giving it a few licks.

Jen decided to take charge before the other two got out of control. “Okay, girls, leave him alone. John, come over here to the middle of the floor and lay down.” He stepped over and lay down, his cock laying up against his belly and looking to be about 8” now that it was fully erect. It was about the same size around as Matt’s, but just a little longer. “That really looks good. Suzy, get one of the condoms out of your bag and give it to me.” Suzy retrieved the condom packet while everyone else stood around. Jen kneeled down and ripped open the packet. She reached down and grabbed John’s cock and gave it a few strokes. “Yum! This looks good.” She then proceeded to roll the condom down over it and John moaned as he watched his best friend’s wife sheath his throbbing dick.

Matt couldn’t believe how his wife was acting. She was definitely a total slut now. He was a little jealous, but his dick was hard as an iron bar and aching for attention. He couldn’t take his eyes off her actions.

Finally, Jen looked up at everyone. “Okay, Suzy, kneel over here next to John. John, you have to just lay there and take it, baby. I think you can handle it. Matt and Jo, kneel over here at his feet.” Everyone got into the Jen ordered positions, nobody questioning it, just hoping for the sex to start soon. Jen then got to her feet and stood over Matt. “Suzy, hold that dick up so I can get a feel of it.” Suzy held it straight up and Jen lowered herself until her pussy hovered right over it. She bent down and put her hands on his chest, squatting over his dick. Suzy bent over and looked to ensure she had it pointed right, and then Jen started lowering herself onto it. She moaned and slowly lowered her already wet pussy all the way down.

Matt was flabbergasted. He watched closely as Jen started lowering herself onto John’s dick. He could see her pretty little asshole winking at him. Her pussy stretched slowly and accepted John’s dick. His wife was fucking his best friend! Fuck! He wanted to scream no, but he bit his tongue because of the way she was letting him fuck other women. It made him jealous and horny and confused. He knew that she had let him fuck Jo, but was still unsure what this would mean for the future.

“Oh, fuck! I love a good hard dick.” Jen exclaimed as she started riding it. She looked down at John. “Just lay there and be a good fuck toy for us and you’ll get your nut.” She rose and lowered her hips, fucking John for only about 30 strokes. Then she suddenly stood up, John’s dick coming out and slapping up against his belly. He gasped a little at the suddenness of it.

“Okay, guys, what I really want is cum. Suzy, get on this dick reverse cowgirl and ride it for a while. John, you tell us when you are close.” She kneeled between John’s legs while Suzy got up to get on the dick. She turned to Matt and Jo. “Jo, get on all fours. Matt, start fucking Jo in the pussy, but do it slowly. I want to see it and I don’t want you to cum until after John does.”

They all complied, happy to be fucking at last. Suzy had now mounted John and Jen watched as her pussy accepted his dick. Once she was fully seated she leaned back an little so that everyone could watch his dick disappear into her lovely shaved pussy. “I love watching a dick disappearing into a nice wet pussy.” And then she leaned in and licked the mating couple from John’s balls to Suzy’s clit. “Yum! You guys taste good.” She turned her head to watch as Matt was slowly fucking Jo. “That a boy, honey. Fuck that hot little cunt. I’m gonna enjoy this!”

Jen turned back to Suzy and John. She reached up and pinched the rock hard nipples that Suzy had. Suzy groaned. Jen started squeezing John’s balls lightly and teasing the skin just under them. Then she ran her hand up to Suzy’s clit and started lightly pinching it. Since they had been having sex all day, Suzy was ready to burst with another orgasm.

“Oh, fuck. Keep pinching my clit… right there, baby… oh, fuck.” She was moving up and down as fast as she could and let Jen keep her hand on her clit. Her eyes were closed and she was ready to cum. “Now, Jen. Now!” Jen started rubbing Suzy’s clit real hard and she came, jerking all over the place, almost losing contact with John’s dick. Finally, she settled down.

John was still pushing up with his hips and was getting close, too. “I’m almost there. I’m ready to cum!” He announced it with a thrust into Suzy and she squealed.

“Hop off, Suzy.” Jen commanded her. Suzy hopped off and Jen grabbed the throbbing dick. She peeled the condom off and started stroking John. He was thrusting his hips and finally started cumming.

“Fuck, I’m there!” He thrust up and the first spurt went up into the air and landed on his belly. Jen kept jerking it until after about three spurts she leaned over and sucked the spasming cock into her mouth. She kept it there and he moaned as she sucked the last of his spurts out and ran her tongue over the head. He came a few more spurts and Jen raised up.

“Yum! I think I’m in love with the taste of cum.” She looked over at Suzy. “Okay, baby, you take over and clean up this mess.” Suzy just smiled and leaned over and started licking the cum off John’s belly and cleaning his dick. John moaned at the sensitivity of his dick.

Jen turned back to Matt and smiled. He had stopped fucking Jo, just holding her against him with his dick buried in her. He had been shocked to see his wife suck his best friend’s cock while it was cumming. She smiled. “Sorry, hun. I’m just such a little cum-hungry slut right now. I had to taste it.”

She turned back to see that Suzy was done with John. “Okay, John. We don’t need your dick any more. You can go.”

He looked at her strangely. “What? No, I don’t have to leave. I can stick around.” He was definitely upset at being dismissed.

“No, John. We just needed a stunt dick and now you can go. We are almost done here. Good-bye.”

John stared at Jen like she had three heads. Then he looked over at Matt. Matt just shrugged his shoulders in that ‘What are you gonna do?’ style. John got up and got dressed. He then went over to the kitchen. Before exiting the door, he looked back. “Listen, if you ever need me again…”

Jen interrupted him. “Thanks, John. We’ll call you.”

As soon as the door closed, Jen and Suzy started laughing. “Did you see the look on his face?” Jen was imitating it for them. “He looked like he lost his puppy.” Then she turned back to Matt. “Okay, baby, I want to eat my first cream pie, so fill up that little bitch!”

Matt stared at her for a second. Things were happening so fast that he was having a hard time absorbing everything with his hard dick in a hot pussy. He looked down at Jo’s ass and back. She was a gorgeous little thing, so he decided to go for it. Jen had had a little fun with John, but it had all been done just for sex and with him present. Maybe that wasn’t a bad thing. He started fucking Jo again.

Jen moved over next to him to talk dirty and turn him on some more. “C’mon baby, fill ‘er up! Look at that gorgeous little ass.” She smacked Jo on the ass. “Suzy, give him some more visual. Spread your pussy and masturbate.” Suzy smiled and complied, seeing how Matt stared at her pussy. “Now watch this, honey.” Jen reached down where Matt was fucking Jo and she pushed on Jo’s back, making her bend over and put her head on the floor. “Look at that beautiful little asshole. You’ve fucked that asshole before, but I bet this feels good, too.” Jen watched Matt’s dick slide in and out and she took her finger and slid it into Jo’s ass. Jo moaned. “I can feel your dick. Can you feel my finger? Isn’t it cool? I bet Jo would love to be double-fucked. C’mon, Matt, fuck that pussy. Pound that tight little cunt. Fill it up with your cum!”

That was the end for Matt. He groaned and started spurting. He thrust and spurted several times and then just left his dick in there for the last few little dribbles. When he was done he started to pull back.

“Wait!” Jen grabbed his ass. She made sure that Jo was as far bent over as possible and then she let Matt pull out. “Roll over quickly onto your back, bitch!” She slapped Jo on the ass. “Pull your legs up and let me see that cum-filled cunt!” Jo complied and Matt stared, wondering what was happening with his wife.

Jen bent over and slurped Matt’s sensitive cock, causing him to jerk at the contact. “Shit! My dick is so sensitive!” She cleaned him up and then turned to Jo.

Jen smiled and at Jo looking at how she was laying there. Her legs were spread open and she was holding them back to her chest. Her pussy was still spread open the lips wet and glistening. It was red and swollen and the cum was just starting to ooze out of her visible, recently fucked vagina. Jen leaned over and licked once from Jo’s asshole up to her clit. Jo moaned. Jen sat up a little and looked at Matt. “Yum! The two of you together taste pretty good. I love the taste of your cum like this.” She bent back over and suddenly buried her face into Jo’s pussy. She was licking and slurping and Suzy and Matt just sat there and watched.

Finally, Suzy spoke. “Damn, girl. You are really enjoying that pussy. Looks like you love getting cum out of a pussy.”

Jen rose up. Her face was slick and covered with the combined juices. “Damn, right! This is excellent. It has the aroma and taste of a man’s spunk mixed with the sweetness and tang of a woman’s cunt. I think I like them both a lot and together they are fantastic!” She went back to work on Jo’s wet pussy.

Matt stared. He was once again surprised by his wife’s newfound wantonness. He just couldn’t believe that this was the same woman he married.

Jen finally sat back, her face completely wet. “Well, I think I cleaned up that fucking mess!” She laughed at her little joke.

Suzy leaned in. “Here, let me help.” She kissed Jen and then started licking around her mouth and off her cheeks. Matt started getting hard again. Jo put her legs down and watched Jen and Suzy as well. She smiled and winked at Matt.

Jen and Suzy finally stopped. Jen turned to Matt. “So, honey, what do you think of your new slut!”

Matt laughed. “Fuck me! I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t have to say anything at all. You just have to put up with me being a slut and bringing home women for you to fuck so that I can eat cream pies.” She grinned as she teased him.

“Well… I suppose I could get used to that.” Matt grinned, too.

“I think I need a shower and a nap.” Jen stood up. “You want to join me Suzy, or do you need to go?”

“I need to get going. I have a date tonight.”

Matt looked at her. “A date?” He had a hard time getting his mind around her going on a regular date after the fucking and sucking he just saw.

“Yeah. This nice looking guy at work asked me out and I’m hoping he’s as nice and fuckable as you, Matt.”

Jen laughed. “Well, if he isn’t, come on back here. I’m sure Matt wouldn’t mind another pussy. Eh, Matt?” She elbowed him.

He put on a big evil grin and put his arm around her. “Well, if you insist.”

Jen grabbed Jo by the hand and stood her up. “C’mon bitch, I need a shower and you are going to wait on me, scrub me, dry me, and then, if I’m ready, eat my pussy again until I have another orgasm.” She looked over at Matt’s dick, which was once again chubby and getting hard. “If you take good care of me, maybe I’ll let Matt fuck me and this time you can eat my cream pie. I know you love the taste of my pussy.”

“Yes, Mistress. I love the taste of your pussy.”

And they went up the stairs to take a shower. Matt watched as Suzy got dressed. Suzy smiled and looked over at him. “I think we’ve created a monster!” She laughed.

“Yeah, but what a fantastic fucking monster!” Matt said.

Suzy smiled, said good-bye and left. Matt picked up his clothes and went upstairs, hoping that Jo was taking good care of Jen.

Coming next: Chapter 10: Jen goes trolling.

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2017-04-28 03:10:44
A good story so far as mentioned a little bit too much DOM with Jen I think but it is your story. I am wondering if you are ever going to post part 10?

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2014-08-03 02:16:29
A good story so far, BUT, for me , I think that you are letting jen go too far with the other men, she is his wife after all, she seems to be getting dom with her husband and he is not really liking it, just a thought of mine, but, you are the writer, not me...

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