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A 14yr old boy spies his neighbour undressing
My Next Door Neighbour wears Nylons

My hands were dug deep into my jeans pockets and my head was tucked into my chest to avoid the worst of the chill wind that was blowing across the fields to my right as I walked up the steep hill towards our house.
During the day I would have had some cover by walking up the backstreet but my Dad locked the yard gate at 9pm ‘in case of burglars.' Who would want to break into our meagre terraced house was lost on me but he had his rules; so I had to enter the house from the front and it faced out onto the Northern hills.

As I fumbled in my Levi jacket for my keys I noticed that next door's
downstairs curtains were partially open. I don't know why but I thought it odd as every other window in the street was in complete darkness.
Curiosity took over and I slowly raised my eyes towards the light as I opened the small gate at the bottom of our garden.

It wasn't the bitter cold wind that now made me freeze to the spot, but the sight that greeted me when I looked through our neighbour's window.

My Mum's best friend was standing in the corner of the room and pulling her dress over her head revealing her massive knockers inside a lily white bra and a small pair of red knickers under a nylon slip. I silently closed the gate and crouched down so as not to be seen.

Nancy dropped the dress to the floor then ran her hands over her breasts before slowly stepping out of the slip. I could no longer feel the icy wind as my mouth hung open. Deliberately not looking out of the window Nancy raised her hands behind her back and fumbled with her bra fastener. At 14 I'd had my own problems opening bras so sympathised with her dilemma but she soon unbuckled the hooks and held the bra against her magnificent orbs for what seemed a lifetime, then pulled it away from her chest and her unfettered knockers wobbled as she leaned to her side and placed the underwear on a chair.

My recent intermittent forays into the world of teenage sex hadn't
prepared me for anything like this - my next door neighbour looked like a sexy film star as she stood in the corner of her living room now only wearing a skimpy pair of red knickers brown stockings and a big white suspender belt.

Sex was in its infancy in the mining villages of North East England in 1972 and although I'd managed to get two girls to let me feel their tits in the six months since my 14th birthday that was the sum total of my sexual experience apart from the occasional well thumbed copy of Health & Efficiency. I knew that you had to put a ring on the third finger of a girls' left hand if you wanted to get inside her knickers.

My face was burning up and my stomach churning as the middle aged woman ran her hands across the front of her pants then, after a gap of 10 seconds that felt like 10 minutes she pulled the knickers down and stepped out of them. My eyes were just focussing on her hairy bush when she suddenly turned around and switched the light off before quickly disappearing through the door that was behind her.

Despite the freezing wind I was now covered in sweat but more
importantly I had a hard on the size of Blackpool Tower.

Thankfully Mum, Dad and my brother were already asleep as I tip toed
up the stairs to my own bedroom. In a well practiced Winter manoeuvre I took my clothes off and put my pyjamas on in one slick movement meaning I was never fully unclothed in the cold room. Once inside my bed I immediately began tugging at my still hard cock reliving the show that Nancy had put on. I spunked into a sock inside two minutes which was a bit of a record, bearing in mind I hadn't cracked one out for nearly three days.

I woke up with another stiffy remembering the previous nights events and knocked a second load out into the sticky sock before getting up for breakfast.

School dragged all day as images of Nancy and her huge boobs were now burned onto my brain and I began evolving an array of over complicated ways of seducing her.

Later that evening the family were settled in front of the TV when the back door opened and a familiar voice called out "Only me."

As was her way Nancy sauntered into the living room without a care as to whether the family might be discussing some important Political topic or engaging a naked game of Twister. To nobody's surprise we were all actually gathered around the ‘goggle box' watching a Soap Opera and drinking tea as my parents chuffed away on cigarettes.

Although she called in 6 nights out of every 7 she was welcomed like a long lost relative and I was despatched to make another pot of tea.

I liked Nancy a lot; I always had - even before the events of Tuesday
night. I'd known her most of my life and she was the polar opposite of my Mum as she was always up for a laugh, plus she openly swore in
general conversation and on their occasional nights out got very drunk and I had overheard Mum tell Dad that she flirted with other men much to my Mum's embarrassment. She was a year or two younger than my mother and married to Jack who worked at the local coal mine like my Dad, but Jack was a drinker and when not at work would normally be found in the pub.

Another thing about her was the way she dressed. My Mum, like most of
the other women in the village wore ‘dowdy' but ‘comfortable' clothing around the house and usually had a housecoat on too as they were always cooking, cleaning or ironing. But not Nancy, she always looked smart, in a nice dress or skirt and smart blouse and her hair and make up were always immaculate.

When I returned to the living room with the tray of tea she was sitting in my place on the sofa next to Mum. After handing around the cups I sat on the carpet next to Dads chair.

I went back to watching TV as my Mother and neighbour chatted and
gossiped. After a few minutes I shuffled to get comfortable and
secretly looked across at Nancy who was sitting innocently enough with her legs crossed chatting to my Mum, but from my vantage point I had a view up her skirt and right up between her legs. I got a clear look at her brown stocking tops, suspenders and the crotch of a pair of shiny white silk knickers. I was instantly even more uncomfortable as my cock sprang back into life inside my tight jeans.

Over the next 10 minutes or so she crossed and uncrossed her legs 5 or 6 times each time giving me a special view of the loose knickers. I was soon dangerously close to spontaneously cum-busting in my pants.
Eventually she got up to leave and as Mum walked her to the door and
Dad went off to the loo I made my escape and whipped my cock out the
second I made it to my room. It only took a few tugs and spunk was
flying in all directions!

Sadly neither of these events was repeated in the following week even
though I walked home late from the pub on Friday and Saturday nights in the hope of seeing her strip again and when she visited Mum the
combination of her sitting in the same seat and me in my vantage point never happened.

It was only on the Sunday that the penny dropped that her husband would have been working the nightshift earlier in the week and at home on the Friday and Saturday - DOH!

The following Thursday evening I was all alone watching Top of the Pops on the TV when the back door opened and a familiar voice called out, "Only me." As usual Nancy sauntered in to our house unannounced.

"Is your Mum in?" She innocently asked as she curled her arms under her massive bosom and shivered. "It's frigging freezing out there tonight."
She laughed so heartily her chest wobbled.

"No." I rasped through an instantly dry mouth, "She's at the Bingo."
Now, with the benefit of hindsight Nancy should have known this as my
Mum went to the Bingo every Thursday night regardless of the weather
or time of year, in fact one family story claims that her waters broke during the last game the night I was about to be born.

"Never mind." She smiled, "put the kettle on while I warm my arse up."
As I stood up Nancy moved in front of the roaring coal fire and did
something she'd never done before - she lifted her skirt up to her hips revealing her full black stockings that were being held up by a deep white suspender belt and a pair of shiny cream knickers and pointed her backside towards the coal fire.

I desperately tried to be nonchalant as I left the room and boiled the kettle. As I stood in the adjoining doorway Nancy continued standing with her skirt around her hips and chatted inanely about her Grandson and something about the price of cauliflowers.

When I returned with the tea she finally let her skirt fall to her knees then lit a cigarette. "Do you want one?" She asked and proffered the packet. I nodded and took one out of the packet. As I put it in my mouth she leant forward to light it giving me a good view down the cleavage of her red wool cardigan that clung to her chassis. I sat nervously smoking in front of an adult as she kept chatting, smoking and brushing imaginary dust from her cardigan and skirt.

After a minute or two she smiled an enigmatic smile and sat suspiciously close to me on the sofa, making sure that our legs touched. "I didn't think that you would be home tonight." She lied as she sipped her tea and fluttered her long eye lashes.

"I was just watching this then going to the Youth Club for a game of darts." I stammered and pointed towards the TV.

"Darts?" Nancy chuckled as she ran her red finger nail across my thigh.
"I thought a strapping lad like you would be out shagging some young
girl somewhere."

"I wish." I coughed as her finger got dangerously close to my stiffy
that was now hurting me.

"Ooh!" She giggled as he finger touched my cock. "What's this? Don't
tell me an old woman like me can have this effect on a lad like you."
Still with her cigarette between her fingers her whole hand was now
stroking my cock through my jeans.

I couldn't say a word through a mixture of fear and adrenaline.

"My, my, it's a biggun!" My middle aged neighbour laughed again as she
stubbed her cigarette out and then cupped it in her palm before leaning forward and kissing me full on the lips and pushed her nicotine flavoured tongue past my teeth. At that moment I fully expected my balls to explode.

"Take your cock out and show me how big it is." She whispered when she broke our kiss. I immediately began fumbling with my belt and flies until my jeans were around my knees and my cock was standing out like a flag pole. At the same time Nancy had unbuttoned her cardigan and her massive ivory orbs were now only 6 or 7 inches from my face.

"Mmmmmmmmmm." She purred as her hand went back to my cock, "I was hoping it would be a biggun like your Dads."

My Dads?????? But the thought went out of my head as she pulled my face into her chest with one hand and began wanking me with the other.

She'd obviously done this before as she was even better at wanking a
cock than I was and I thought that I was a Grand Master.

I was soon kissing and sucking her tits through her bra until I got
brave and scooped them out of the cups at her urging and sucked on her big brown nipples.

This scenario felt like it lasted a lifetime but in reality I shot my
load over her hand in only a minute or so. I was devastated and elated in equal measures as I handed Nancy my handkerchief to wipe her hand with.

"I'm sorry about that." I mumbled.

"Oh don't worry sweetheart, I wouldn't have expected anything else." The auburn haired woman grinned as she slid her cardigan off and removed her bra, "we've still got another hour for you to finish the job properly."

My eyes were out on stalks as she stood up and slipped her skirt off
followed by her knickers. All of the magazines I'd seen had women's
bits airbrushed out and here was my middle aged next door neighbour
standing in front of me naked apart from her suspender belt, stockings and shoes. Her bush looked amazing as it covered the bottom of her belly and went right between her legs. Nancy's tits hung pendulously down and filled her slim top half.

"Not bad for an old ‘un, am I?" She chuckled as she moved into a couple of modelling poses.

"You look wonderful." I gasped as I tugged at my still stiff cock.

Nancy soon moved back to the couch and knelt beside me to feed her tits back into my mouth. I sucked her nipples like a starving baby until she moved away and kissed me again then slowly kissed her way down my chest and belly until her hair touched my aching cock. I heard her sigh and take a deep breath before she kissed my bell end then opened her mouth and slowly slid it past her soft lips.

Remember that this was 1972; I'd never even fingered a girl and only one of my friends had had sex with a girl so a woman sucking my cock was way out in the stratosphere of teenage fantasies. Her head bobbed up and down as my rock hard cock slid in and out of her hot mouth while I nervously fumbled with her great big dangling tits, and stroked her nylon covered legs.

After about five minutes of the most amazing sensations that I would
ever feel Nancy came up for air and her eyes were now glazed over and
sparkling. Without a word she stood up and stroked her tits, pulling
and twisting her nipples which made her wince then she stepped forward and straddled me.

"Are you ready?" She whispered through her full red pursed lips.

I nodded and she put her left hand between her legs then took hold of my quivering cock and guided it towards her hot wet snatch.

Nancy was now grinning manically as she shuffled slightly then shifted her wait before sitting on my long hard cock.

"Oh sweet Jesus!" She whistled as she impaled herself on my 6 inches.

Not another word past our lips as she slowly moved up and down my shaft biting her bottom lip. (As she fucked me her tits smothered my face which would eventually become one of my special kinks.)

As Nancy continued to ride me like a stallion my hands were all over her body like an epileptic spider monkey - I was squeezing her tits,
fondling her voluptuous arse and stroking her legs. Her legs of course were covered in the finest, shiniest nylon and that as much as any other sensation I experienced that night would stay with me the

Eventually Nancy began panting as her fucking became faster and more
frantic. She was now throwing her head backwards and forwards and began to look angry as she pumped my young cock with her tight cunt muscles.

"Aaahhhh.....Ooohhh.....yes yes yes yes.....Oh YES!" She panted then gasped as she gripped my shoulders and crushed her swinging tits against my face. My neighbour clung to me for a few seconds then uncoupled our bodies and stood sweating in front of me.

"Do you need to cum?" She gasped as she stroked her tits.

I nervously nodded.

"Do it doggy then." Nancy instructed me as she knelt on the sofa and
gripped the top cushion. "Come on then." She wheezed, "Shove it in."

I didn't need telling twice and still with my jeans around my ankles I shuffled behind her magnificent freckled arse and pushed my cock
between her cheeks. I found some resistance as I thrust forward.

"Not in that one; you cheeky bugger!" Nancy cackled as she took hold of my cock and pointed it towards the entrance of her gash, "not tonight

With a deep breath I pushed and her cunt soon swallowed my cock and she gasped.

"Oh God yes!" Nancy hissed as I took hold of her hips. "Fast and hard
Sweetheart; you won't hurt me - fast and fucking hard!"

With that instruction I did as I was told and don't think I took a
breath for the next three minutes as I banged and pounded her streaming cunt with all the energy I could muster until with one last Herculean effort I stood up on tip-toes and fired three hot rounds of teenage spunk as deep into her middle aged cunt as I could muster.

I clung to her hips as another couple of spurts joined the rest of my
spunk and I eventually withdrew and took a step back.

Nancy remained kneeling on the sofa and I took the opportunity to view my handywork. Her legs were still wide apart and strings of my white cum were running out of her stretched pink cunt and dropping on to our vinyl sofa. Her long pubic hairs were matted with sweat and spunk but best of all; I got to see her twinkling arsehole. When she'd recovered her breath Nancy moved off the sofa and gave me a big cuddle and an even bigger kiss.

"Was that your first time?" She whispered.

"Yes." I replied.

We went on to be lovers for the next 5 or 6 years and she taught me many things that I have put into use in the ensuing years and it's Nancy I have to thank/blame for my nylon fetish and insatiable love of anal sex.

She died 10 years ago and at her funeral there were another 4 other guys who attended that I knew and like me had all come without their wives.


2022-02-10 23:07:57
Every Young Man's dream. Thank you for a hot story and reminder for some. As a young guy all my friends were lusting after Virgins. I just smiled and told them I wanted an mature lady who teach me all the joys of sex.
And not get pregnant, this was before "the Pill".
Good Show. Beaver.


2020-04-24 22:47:09
I lost my virginity to a woman 15 years older than me on a warm summer`s evening in a field. Happy days. Andy


2017-04-25 14:22:26
Well done, I could feel the chill of the wind and the warmth of Nancy's body from your description. I wish I had had a milf to break-in me in that fashion.


2016-09-26 16:58:51
It was long but it was good

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2015-08-25 21:16:02
Wonderful tale

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