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Mike helps his sisters settle a bet
Mike was 18 years old, too old to be eating cold breakfast cereal, he thought, but his mother didn’t feel like cooking him oatmeal this morning. Instead, she was lazing in bed, putting off getting up until she absolutely had to. He was just drinking down the last of the milk when both of his twin sisters walked in, still in their robes.
“Good morning, Mike.” they said, in unison. They did that often, speaking the same words, dressing alike, and generally synchronizing everything they did. He grunted at them and got up to put his bowl and spoon in the sink.
“We have a favor to ask of you.” they said.
He looked at them, suspecting a joke of some sort. They didn’t associate with him very much, barely speaking to him, ever.
“Please, only you can help us.” they said, then looked at each other and giggled.
“What is it?” he asked, suspiciously.
“Well, um… Ariana said, nervously.
“There’s a girl at school, and she has a bet with us…” said Adriana.
“What kind of bet?” he asked, his curiosity up. “Who is she?”
“Melanie Schofeld.” said Ariana. “She bet us that she could… could, um…”
“She bet us she could suck a boy off better and faster than the two of us could together.” said Adriana.
“I see.” he replied, smiling. “Let me guess, neither one of you has ever done it before?”
They shook their heads together, blushing. “We were hoping you could give us some pointers.” Again they spoke in unison.
“Well, sure, I can’t let my sisters lose this bet right? What are the stakes?”
Adriana took a deep breath. “The loser has to go all the way.”
“I see.” he said seriously. “Well, we better go upstairs so you two can practice, then, huh?”
“Okay, let’s.” said Ariana, going to the fridge and getting out two carrots. “Ready when you are, sis.”
“What are those for?” he asked, leading out of the kitchen.
“To practice on.” Adriana said, making it sound like he was stupid for asking.
“Really? You think he’s going to open his pants and pull out a carrot?” The two girls stopped in their tracks.
“Well, you didn’t think we were going to practice on you?” Adriana said, looking at him strangely. “All we want is pointers on how to do it.”
“Oh, okay, but if you want to win, I don’t think your first time for real should be the contest itself, do you?”
They just looked at each other in silence as he continued up the stairs to his door. “Especially with so much riding on the outcome.”
“Listen, I don’t think we should…” Ariana said meekly to her sister, but Adriana grabbed her hand and pulled her along to the top of the stairs.
“Come on, he’s right.” she said. “You don’t want to lose, do you? We HAVE to do this, or there’s no way to win. He’s right, it won’t be any carrot we’re sucking on tomorrow.”
Mike ushered them both into his room and sat them on his bed. He saw Ariana looking nervous, and smiled at her gently. “Hey, don’t worry, this won’t hurt. Not the way losing the bet is going to hurt, I guarantee it.” He pushed his shorts down and stepped out of them, and both girls shrank back, away from the sight of his dick, the first they had ever seen exposed like this.
“Come on, girls, it won’t bite.” he chuckled. “Who wants to be first?”
“I will.” Adriana said, reaching out and taking his flaccid dick in her hand. She sat up straighter and cooed as it began to stiffen in her light grasp. She looked up at him expectantly.. “What do I do?”
“Give it a kiss, then open your mouth and take the head of it between your lips and suck on it a little.” he said, huskily. He couldn’t believe she was actually do it, but she never even hesitated.
Adriana kissed the tip of his dick gently, then parted her lips and took the head of it inside. She felt his hand on the back of her head as she applied a little suction, so she allowed him to slide more if it into her mouth as he pulled her head closer to his groin.
He loved the way her mouth felt on him, but he knew if he pushed her too hard, too fast, she would stop, and then there would be no way the more timid Ariana would even try at all. Halfway in, he gently allowed her to move her face back and pulled his cock out of her mouth. He looked down at her and smiled, seeing her eyes shine with excitement at her accomplishment.
“Okay, now it’s your turn, Ariana.” he said, looking over at his other sister. She went white as a sheet, but her eyes has a steely glint in them, and he knew she was going to try it, no matter how afraid she was.
“O-o-ok.” she stammered, going to her knees beside her sister. “Just do it exactly like Adriana just did. It really felt great.” he said. He kept his hands at his sides, knowing she would feel trapped with his hand in her hair and chicken out. That’s the last thing he wanted.
Ariana gave the tip a quick peck, then licked her lips and tasted the watery pre-cum that clung there. It was rather watery and only slightly saline, not gross and disgusting as she had imagined. She opened her mouth and took him inside. Immediately, she was surprised by how big it felt in her mouth.
“Suck on it.” he moaned, so she applied a little suction and allowed it to slide deeper into her mouth. Now his hand found her hair, stroking it softly and encouraging her to go further down on him than she had originally intended. “Oh, yeah, let it slide in and out a few times, sis. You’re really good at this.”
He thrust his cock into his sister’s mouth a few times, then pulled it out before she was ready. She had been starting to enjoy the feel of it moving back and forth, and looked up with obvious disappointment showing on her face as it was taken away.
“Adriana’s turn again.” he explained. “I’ve only got the one, so you two have to share.” She nodded, seeing the fairness of his logic. She had had a much longer turn than her sister.
Adriana wasted no time getting it back in her mouth and going back down to the halfway mark she had left off at. She could see where the wetness of her sister’s saliva on it stopped, and she was determined to take more than that on her turn.
“Ohh, yeah, can you do the whole thing?” Mike sighed, feeling his sister’s mouth going further and further down his length. He put his hand on her head once more, gently pulling her head towards him until he felt her nose tickling his pubic hairs. “Suck on it as it goes out.” he instructed, and nearly came right then as she did as he instructed. Only doing some quick multiplication tables and thinking of his old hag of a math teacher kept him back from the edge. He pushed her head away and turned aside for a moment, struggling to catch his breath.
“Man, that was really close!” he said, stepping back for a moment.
“I want my turn again.” Ariana said. She wasn’t quite pouting, but they could both hear it in her voice.
“Give… give me a sec.” he gasped. “I almost came right there and then. I want both of you to share it when I do.”
“What happens when you come?” Adriana asked.
“What do you mean, share it?” Ariana asked.
“You don’t know?” he asked, incredulously? They shook their heads in unison. “Well, uh, white stuff comes out.” he told them. “Not a lot, just a couple of squirts, but it’s pretty messy when it does. It might stain your shirts. Those ones look like they weren’t cheap, all that lace around the collar.”
“White stuff? Ewww!” Ariana said, wrinkling her nose in disgust.
“Gross.” was all Adriana said. “I think that’s what Melanie meant when she said chickening out before the finish was the same as chickening out before even starting, tho. We’re gonna have to let you… finish… in our mouths, huh?”
“Sounds exactly like what she meant.” Mike agreed. “Are you guys ready to continue? One more turn apiece is all I’m going to be able too stand, and both of you should get a taste of it. It’s the only way you’ll both be prepared for tomorrow’s contest, right?”
“You said something about our blouses?” Ariana asked, trying to stall. She was definitely the more nervous of the two about getting a mouthful of white stuff.
“Should we take them off?” Adriana asked. “I definitely don’t want them stained. These are our best white blouses.”
“We got dressed up to ask you.” Ariana said, blushing. “But not too much, if you know what I mean.”
“I think that means you aren’t wearing bras under those shirts.” he said, and they both nodded together. “Then I definitely think you should take them off.” He gestured at his erection. “After all, both of you get to look at me…”
“Come on, off with it, lil sis.” Adriana said, immediately unbuttoning her blouse. He noted they both started at the bottom and worked their way up, then with only a quick glance at each other, opened then and took them off together, movements synchronized. He ogled then unashamedly, and his erection got even stiffer, if that was possible.
“Oh, wow, you two ARE exactly alike.” he breathed, seeing both of them with the same exact firm, apple sized breasts and matching tiny pink nipples. “Can I touch them?”
“No!!” said Ariana firmly, but at the same time, Adriana said, “Not this time.” His mind whirled that there was going to be a next time for this.
“Well, okay, let’s continue, then.” he said, turning back. “Ariana, it’s your turn, right?”
“Adriana can go next.” she said, weakly. “I’m not sure I want to continue.” Just the thought of his white stuff was making her stomach queasy.
“Ariana, both us have to do this, or we both lose the bet right?” Adriana demanded sternly. Ariana nodded glumly in agreement. “Then you are definitely going through with this today, and we ARE going to win tomorrow, got it?!?” Ariana nodded again. “I am not losing my virginity because you lamed out on me! Now take your turn and do it right! Suck the whole thing, just like I did. He really seemed to like it when I did that, and speed is going to be the key to winning. It’s who can make their boy come first, remember? Now, DO IT!!”
Ariana gave a small shudder, but she obediently turned and took Mike’s cock in her mouth again, this time going right down on him until she had it all in her mouth. She could feel the head of it tickling the back of her throat and instinctively swallowed the load of saliva her mouth was producing. Mike let out a little yell and quickly jerked his cock back. Ariana could feel it spasming, and then her mouth was flooded with hot, salty fluid that coated every part of the inside of her mouth, and she jerked her head back and pushed the mouthful out with her tongue. It covered her chin and dripped onto her chest.
Mike wasn’t done, though. While the girl was trying to deal with the stuff in her mouth, his cock spat out another shot that splattered across her nose ad cheek.
Adriana saw what happened and didn’t want to let this chance go to waste. She put her face right next to her sister’s, feeling the cum on her cheek smearing between them, then opened her mouth and took the head of his cock into her lips just as another blast shot out. It tasted salty and musk, but not that bad, she thought to herself, and swallowed it as her mouth sucked at him, wanting another load. She got what she wanted, and her mouth was filled to overflowing by the amount that came out. She swallowed as much as she could, but some dripped out of the corners of her mouth and dripped down onto her chest, as well.
Mike gasped and pulled his cock away, almost overwhelmed by the sensations his cock had just experienced. Jerking off had never felt like that!
“Mmm, I like your stuff.” Adriana said, licking her lips. “It’s good, isn’t it, Ariana?” She looked at her sister and guffawed at the stricken look on the girl’s face, not to mention all the come coating it. “God, you’re a mess!” she laughed, then quickly sobered up.
“Wipe it up with your fingers and lick them off.” she ordered sternly. “You’ll have to get used to it before tomorrow, or I’ll never speak to you again or do that “thing.” You won’t be doing it to me, either. That’s a promise. If I have to give up my virginity because of you, every deal we have every made is out the window! Got it?!?!”
Ariana looked even more miserable and ready to cry, but she began wiping his stuff off her face and licking her fingers. “It’s not that bad.” she whispered. “I just wasn’t ready for so MUCH of it.”
“Well, we’re going to do this again after dinner, so you’ll do much better next time. I know you won’t let me down. After all, we’re sisters!” Adriana said encouragingly, then bent a little and licked a big drop up off Ariana’s nearest breast.
“Oh, boy, look at that.” Mike whispered, marveling at the sight of his sisters licking his come off each other. “You guys might not have to wait until dinner if you let me watch that.”
“You want to watch us get it on?” Adriana asked, impishly. She giggled, then pushed Ariana down onto her back. “Keep eating his stuff.” she told the girl, then bent and pulled the Velcro fly open holding her sister’s shorts closed. Ariana helped her to remove them, lifting her hips as the older girl pulled them down and off her legs. Adriana kissed her way down her sister’s belly and spread the girl’s legs open wide, scooching over and getting in between them. She wasn’t wearing any panties, and once the shorts were off, the girl was totally nude.
“Oh, man, she’s really ready.” Mike breathed, seeing Ariana’s pussylips red and puffy, and her clit stiffly poking out from the folds. “I’ve never seen a girl’s legs really open like that! I can see EVERYTHING!!”
“You like looking at her, Mike?” Adriana asked, teasingly. “I bet you’d like a taste of it, too, wouldn’t you?”
“Adriana, NO! Please!!” Ariana begged, feeling her sister moving out from between her legs. “Mike, no, don’t; it’s not for you, just for her!”
“I thought you told me once that it was mine to do with as I pleased?” Adriana said, looking right into her sister’s eyes, coldly. “Was that a lie?”
“No. It’s yours.” Ariana said miserably. “Please don’t let him do this, though.
“It’s what I want.” Adriana said to her. “I want to see him eating you out. I really want to see you enjoying it, so do a good job, Mike.” She guided Mike into position between Ariana’s legs and helped him go to his knees. His cock was fully hard again, and pointed right at the wet, juicy snatch open in front of him.
“Can I kiss you first?” he asked Ariana, looking into her eyes. She had cleaned up her face as per her sister’s instructions, and he couldn’t see a single drop of his come left.
She nodded, but he took his shirt off, wanting to feel her breasts against his naked chest while kissing her. Then he lay down on top of her, and his cock lay full length against her pussylips like a bar of hot iron as their lips met. She moaned at the contact, and he could feel her hard little nipples poking into his chest as he let her feel the weight of him atop her.
“Oh, God, that looks SO hot!” Adriana said, reaching into her shorts and fingering herself. “Slide your cock up and down her pussy, Mike, she’s really getting wet right now!”
Mike wasn’t about to say no to that, so he pumped his hips, moving his cock and feeling it slide across her slimy opening. It was better even than the feeling of having it in one of the girl’s mouths.
Ariana was liking it too, feeling him sawing over her cunt like that. She was moving her hips in time to his, or trying to, anyway. She wasn’t very practiced at this, and it slipped a little further than either one of them intended. The head of it found her opening and popped right inside as their hips came back up together.
“Oh!!” Ariana cried out. “STOP!! You’re inside me!!”
“He is?” Adriana exclaimed, getting right down on her hands and knees to get a better look. “Oh my God, He IS!!” Her hand flew to her mouth and covered it in shock. “Does it hurt?”
“Feels fuckin’ awesome!” Mike grunted, pushing a little more in. Ariana was certainly wet enough to accommodate him.
“Take it out!! Take it out!!” Ariana begged him, pushing up at his chest with her hands. “Please, don’t do this, oh God, please take it out!!”
Mike pulled back a little, but then sank the head of it in again, and Ariana let out a loud moan and shuddered in pleasure. Mike slipped it in a little further.
“Unngh, Mike, you’re fucking her.” Adriana said, tearing open her own Velcro closure to give her hand more room to work. “I didn’t say you could fuck her. You have to stop!”
“Ohh, God, not sure if I WANT him to stop.” Ariana grunted, pushing her hips up and getting a little more of him in.
“You’re okay with this?” Mike asked. “Isn’t it supposed to really hurt, a girl’s first time?”
“We took care of that with a dildo a LONG time ago, silly.” Adriana scoffed. “I just don’t want her first time to be with her BROTHER!”
“Oh, well, I was kinda looking forward to getting to break a cherry.” he said. “I’m sure I’ll get one sooner or later, tho.”
“It’s okay, Mike, do it!” Ariana shifted her hips again, and this time when she thrust them upward, she succeeded in getting a lot more of him inside. She let them back down, and then Mike couldn’t stand it anymore. He drove himself fully inside the girl under him.
She clawed his back and moaned loudly, tossing her head from side to side. He pulled it back out, then in again, and gradually sped up his pace until Ariana was practically screaming in delight.
“Oh my God, you guys are really fucking!!” Adriana’s shorts were pushed down around her ankles now, her nose just inches away from the action. Her hand was busily working in her pussy, fingering herself with three fingers as her thumb pressed intermittently on her clit.
“I’m… getting close!” he warned her. “Let me up!” Her eyes widened in shock as she suddenly realized what he was talking about.
“Get up, Don’t do it inside me!!” she cried, panicked. “Take it out, take it out right now!!”
Mike pulled out and got to his feet, his cock swollen and throbbing red. The head of it was nearly purple. He went to his knees again, this time astride her belly and pushed it at her mouth.
“Suck it!” he said huskily. Just as she opened her mouth, he shot off, filling her mouth with a load of come for the second time that day. She closed her mouth and swallowed it, but his other blasts went onto her face again, coating her pretty features with his hot sperm once again. “Oh, God, Ariana, I’m sorry! I made a mess again!”
“Don’t worry, I’ll clean her up this time.” Adriana said, moving up a little and bending over to lick the creamy goo off her sister’s face. Mike got to his feet to watch again. He never knew watching two girls could get him so excited. He could feel it twitching to life again as Adriana licked up his come.
He moved behind her and went to his knees, looking at her pussy and ass from the rear as she nibbled on her sister’s tits. His hand stroked his cock, and Ariana saw him hard again. She hugged her sister’s torso tightly and nodded to him, smiling encouragingly.
He needed no second invitation, shuffling forward and fitting his cock into her tight little snatch from behind. Adriana struggled in her sister’s grasp, but her twin had known how much she was going to struggle and gotten a really secure grip.
“Mike, no, please, no!!” she begged, but all that playing with herself had gotten her just as wet as her sister, and he slipped inside he tightness just as easily. Her hymen had also been broken long ago, so there was no painful barrier for him to breach. All she felt was indescribable pleasure as he opened her up and stretched her out deliciously.
He had his hands on her hips, pulling her onto his length until he was buried fully inside her. Immediately, he pulled it out and sank it into her again. She hummed in pleasure as he began fucking her with his whole length. This time, he was able to control himself much longer, and he got his sister off several times before he felt that familiar pressure building up again. He stayed in, moving it slowly and deeply until he was almost there, them pulled it out and rolled Adriana’s unresisting form onto her back and straddled her torso. He pushed his angry cock straight at her lips as his come came busting forth. She choked on the mouthful he gave her, but it was as if a dam inside her had broken and it spewed forth unrelentingly. It was her turn to have her face full of spunk. She gamely swallowed as much as much as she could, letting him spray it into her open mouth each time she drank it clear.
“Gah, Mike, that was a LOT that time!” Adriana said, as soon as she had her breath back.
“That was the last one, girls. I need to go rest, now.” he said, staggering over to his bed. He watched amusedly for a few minutes as Ariana took her turn cleaning off her sister, then his eyes slipped closed and he fell asleep.


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Great story


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Great story


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"Twins - Ch. 01" - Eighteen Year Old Conniving Brother, Michael (Mike) And Sixteen Year Old Twin Sisters, Adriana And Ariana.

Awesome! Absolutely Awesome!! Being a male it's hard (sure as hell, is) to imagine having twin females--sisters, daughters, mothers or even aunts or cousins--with needing me as their blood relative to help them solve their problem(s)! In my wildest, wettest dream it would be died and gone to heaven!!! Identical Twins?? Whow!

The writer has an imagination of fabulous proportions, vividness and detailed character roles above reproach, and the fantasy of every male (with a swinging dick)!! Great work on a story of unique characteristics.


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Who is the asshole Anonymous that used somewhere near 100 comment blocks with his/her fucking CHILD PLAY's??

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