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Scott is out of town on business, and Lauren is lonely
It was a Wednesday night, and it was raining hard. Jack was hanging out at his place, cleaning up and enjoying a beer or two. There was a knock at the door. Jack opened to door, pleasantly surprised to find Lauren, his neighbor.

"Hey, Jack."

It was the following week after Jack’s introduction into his neighbors’ open relationship. He had run into Scott and Lauren once or twice since the initiation; though none of them had yet openly talked about the past weekend’s events, there were knowing glances and grins exchanged between the three whenever they passed. At the conclusion of the past weekend’s "dinner party", Jack had been promised a more active role in Scott and Lauren’s sexual relationship; as of yet, he wasn’t sure when exactly that would take place.

Lauren stood under the awning of Jack’s door. She looked beautiful as always, wearing a long beige raincoat, her hair wet from the journey from the front of the house. "Do you mind if I come in?"

Jack quickly moved out of the way. "Not at all. Please."

Lauren entered his place, looking around. After a moment, the two faced each other, and Jack politely smiled. Lauren promptly opened and removed her raincoat, letting it fall to the floor. She was wearing only black lingerie, aside from her high heels.

Jack let out an audible laugh, somewhat nervously, as the beautiful girl stood before him. He didn’t know what to do. Lauren let out a throaty laugh, too, and took a step towards Jack. She let her hands rest on his sides, and tilted her head as she moved in for a passionate kiss. Although Jack had watched Lauren and her boyfriend have sex the previous weekend – he had even ejaculated on her at the culmination of their adventure – he had never really touched her. Her kiss sent shocks through him, and as their tongues entwined, he involuntarily moaned.

Lauren broke the kiss and pushed him back into his large chair. She straddled his hips and resumed the kiss. They made out for a bit before she began to unbutton his shirt as she licked at the nape of his neck. She began to unbutton his belt after the shirt was open before Jack said, "Wait... what about Scott...?"

She momentarily paused her tongue assault on him to say, "We have an open relationship, remember?" She laid another sloppy kiss on his neck. "He’s out for the night on business. It was his idea for me to let you keep me company..." She started to lay kisses down his chest toward his waistline.

Her excuse was good enough for Jack. He let one of his hands rub her shoulder, while the other caressed her hair. Lauren slid down the chair so she was resting on her knees on the floor. She removed Jack’s pants completely, then his boxers. "There’s that hard cock I remember," she moaned as she wasted no time in encapsulating his manhood into her hot mouth.

Jack exhaled as she sucked him into her mouth. "God, that feels great..." he moaned. She loosely slid her lips over the head of his dick, down a few inches, then back up, letting his cock head bounce freely from her mouth. She grabbed his shaft with her hand, then let her tongue swirl around the head, before taking it back into her mouth. "Mmmm," she moaned, as she bobbed her head for several seconds up and down on his cock.

She stood again, kicking off her high heels and sliding her panties down to the floor. Once again, she spread her legs to straddle Jack in his chair. His eyes were glued to her pussy as she revealed it for the second time to him. It was really going to happen this time...

Jack removed Lauren’s bra and threw it to the side of the chair. He took one of her perfect nipples into his mouth as she settled her opening onto his cock head. God, he was so horny. Every night since his sexual encounter with Lauren and her boyfriend, he had masturbated thinking of Lauren. That night he joined the pair, he had even ejaculated on the girl... but he hadn’t really touched her, sexually. It was driving him crazy. Now, though, they were about to fuck. His kiss on her breast grew sloppier as she settled down onto him, letting his hard cock slide to the hilt into her. They both simultaneously moaned as they were joined. He was finally inside her.

Jack’s incredibly hard member pulsed within Lauren’s hot, slick vagina. Lauren felt full as she sat there, her thighs touching Jack’s, her pussy completely encapsulating his hard cock. She was ready to start fucking him – to feel his cock, slick from her juices, pump in and out of her womanhood. She rose onto her knees slowly, allowing Jack’s cock to slide out of her, before settling back onto him. Lauren began to ride him, getting into a rhythm. She would rise up, letting his cock mostly slip out. Then, she would collapse onto him again, forcefully shoving his cock back into her up to the hilt.

'You know, I wanted to fuck you the moment I first met you,' Lauren said in between gasps as she rode Jack. 'It was my idea to have you join Scott and me in the bedroom. We planned it all carefully..."

Jack laughed as the girl’s breasts were pressed tightly against his chest. "Well, it worked!"

"Oh," Lauren moaned as she continued to thrust onto him, "you make me feel so good, Jack..."

Jack was about to lose it. He had spent so much of his free time over the last several days dreaming of this moment, not knowing if it would ever come. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, it was happening, and he was actually inside her. He was close to coming. Jack thrust his tongue into her mouth for a passionate kiss as Lauren moaned. He picked her up, his dick still buried within her, and carried her the few feet over to his bed, laying her down with her legs dangling over the edge of the mattress. He now reluctantly withdrew from her, not wanting to finish so quickly.

Lauren raised her head to see what Jack had in mind. He lowered to his knees, facing her sweet pussy. Lauren continued to watch her new lover as he pressed his face in between her thighs and began to let his tongue tease her. She smiled, admiring him, until his tongue finally made contact with her sensitive pussy. Then she let her head hit the mattress and closed her eyes, feeling his tongue explore her depths. The feeling was almost indescribable to Lauren, a relative stranger eating her out just a few feet from her own bed, separated only by a wall. Jack savored the taste of the girl, hot and wet and ready, all for him. She squirmed on his bed, grabbing her knees to spread her legs and give her neighbor more access to her depths. Jack’s hands roamed around her thighs and tight ass as he ate her out, then to her taught, athletic stomach, feeling her belly gasp for breaths and undulate with pleasure. Whether he was close to coming or not, though, he couldn’t take it anymore... he had to be inside her again.

Jack stood, his rock hard cock standing in front of him pointing at Lauren. He grabbed her hips and shifted her towards the center of the bed before settling on top of her. Lauren’s hand instinctively reached for his still-slick cock, stroking it a few times as he adjusted himself on top of her. Once he was within reach, she directed her object of pleasure to her hot opening, allowing Jack to thrust to the hilt in one smooth, quick motion. Lauren smiled, happy that his member was sheathed within her once again.

He cherished the moment for a few sweet seconds – her legs spread to gain him entrance, her hands on his shoulders, waiting... the pure look of pleasure on her face... his hands stroking her neck and hair... before she begged him to fuck her.

"I want to cum inside you..." he moaned, wishing to fulfill his days-long fantasy.

"Do it, Jack... I want to feel it inside me."

Jack pulled out, allowing his cock to leave Lauren momentarily, long enough for them both to miss the feeling of their coupling. Jack forced his mouth onto hers, allowing their tongues to swirl in a fit of passion. While they tasted one another, his cock once again pushed into her, spreading her smooth lips as the head made its way inside of her. He pushed further, his rigid shaft sliding into her until there was nothing left to give. Once again he was fully inside her, his cock buried within her warmth. Instinctively he began to fuck her, humping her as she lay accepting him on his bed. As the two broke their deep kiss Jack’s member continued to slowly and rhythmically pull out, then push into her. Lauren enjoyed Jack. He was gentle with her, but his passion was evident. Meanwhile, Jack was just trying not to cum yet.

Her hands gripped his athletic shoulders as she received him. His toned body was on top of her, his weight pressing on her enough that the two truly felt they were joined as one. Lauren’s hand instinctively traveled to her clit as she neared orgasm, helping to trigger the inevitable. Although she didn’t verbally express it, Jack knew that she was close. Lauren wrapped her arms around his back as her orgasm overcame her, her pussy clenching around his hard cock as he began to speed up. She let out a gasp as she clutched him tighter, relishing the feeling of a man on her, pressed against her, getting pleasure from her, giving her pleasure. She held him tighter still, pulling his face next to hers, feeling the stubble on his cheek pressed against her smooth face as his cock repeatedly slammed into her depths. Jack felt her hot breath on his ear, her short panting brought about by their coupling.

"Jack," she whispered, "...Jack, yes..."

His cock jerked inside her as he released a thick rope of sperm into her hot depths. He nearly withdrew, then pressed into her once again allowing a second, then third spurt of his manhood to flood her. His strokes became shallower as he continued to cum within her, his orgasm lasting longer than ever before. Even after he finished cumming, Jack continued to thrust into her, relishing her warmth around him. The two lay together for several moments, him still buried within her, her legs wrapped around his back. They kissed one more deep, tongue-swirling kiss before their mouths parted, both of them panting. Jack rolled off of her, allowing his still hard cock to pop out of her. They stayed joined as they laid side by side, their arms and legs till tightly wrapped around one another, as they drift off to sleep. As sleep overtook Jack, he couldn’t help but silently thank Scott for his business trip, and hope that he would be traveling often.

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Someone needs to have heir ass fucked.


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well written, nice little stroke take

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I love ass fucking, so keep Scott and let him fuck Jack in the ass or let Jack fuck Scott in the asshole. Lauren has to have Jack in one hole and Scott in the other. The boys have to suck the cum from Lauren's holes.

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Don't you dare get rid of Scott, just have lots of hot threesomes

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You don't have to get rid of Scott. Does Lauren have a cute friend or sister that likes open relationships also?

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