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Denise Chapman found a seat at the rear of the bus, in the very back row. She was thankful that the bus wouldn't be crowded. Only about thirty kids would be making the trip to the state fair, and this huge old bus had room for twice that many. Most of the kids were already crowded together in the seats in the front and the middle of the bus. With luck, she'd have the back of the bus all to herself and the trip down to the state fair would be pleasant instead of an ordeal. She'd brought along a half-dozen new teen-romance novels to read. She hoped to get lost in a good story and completely block out this trip she'd been forced to take by her parents.

"You need to socialize more," her mother was always saying. "It's not normal for a girl your age to spend all her time with her nose in a book or doing her chores. You need to meet some boys, to go out on dates, have some fun."

It did no good to tell her mother that she enjoyed doing her chores, that more than anything she enjoyed reading her romance novels, that she much preferred the boys in her books to the flesh-and-blood boys she went to school with. The boys in her novels were all so chivalrous, so non-threatening. The boys at school, on the other hand, were crude and dirty-minded. The flesh-and-blood boys had only one thing on their minds -- how to take advantage of a girl every chance they got. And real boys all carried that hard weapon between their legs, that masculine appendage that gave Denise the shivers even to think about. She didn't dare mention to her mother that she was scared to death of boys, and her mother wouldn't listen to her excuses.

So now she was forced to go on this darned old trip to the state fair with a bunch of Young Farmers Club kids she didn't know. For her own good, according to her mother.

Her twin brother Tim was up front somewhere, gabbing with some new boyfriend he'd made a few minutes ago. All the other kids had paired up, mostly boys with boys and girls with girls, although a few boys and girls had taken seats together and already looked ready to start necking. The boys and girls were all eyeing each other, and Denise knew that by the time the bus arrived at the state fair grounds sometime early tomorrow morning every girl except herself would be paired up with some boy with a tented crotch. And God only knew what would happen in the barns at the state fair, where all the kids would be spending their nights, sleeping with the animals, and probably acting like a bunch of animals.

"And where do you think you're taking that mutt, young lady?" said the bus driver, his voice booming through the bus and silencing all the kids.

Denise looked up front, along with all the other kids. A blonde girl wearing skin-tight shorts and a bikini halter had just entered the bus, leading a large black dog by its leash. Denise recognized the dog as a black Labrador and even from the back here she could tell it was a male.

The girl tugged on her long blonde hair, some of which fell over the front of her shoulders and onto her half-naked tits. Her tit-cups hardly captured more than her cherries.

"I'm bringing him along," the girl said. "Isn't it all right if I bring him along? I didn't think it would cause any problem." She spoke in a pouting tone, puckering her lips. She balanced on one bare foot, rubbing the toes of her other bare foot up and down her tanned calf.

"I'm not supposed to let any animals on this bus," the driver said. He was a fat, middle-aged man in a gray uniform, and he was sweating heavily in the summer heat.

The blonde girl leaned over, petting her dog on the head. Her tits bulged as they dangled and nearly escaped from their tiny cups. "But he's such a good dog. You won't even know he's here."

The driver gawked at the girl's tits as if he were hypnotized by them. "Well, I don't know..."

"Please, sir, he won't be any trouble at all."

The girl leaned close then, as if she were going to kiss the driver. Instead, she whispered something into his ear.

The driver flushed, streams of sweat running down his chubby cheeks. "Go on," he said. "But you'll have to keep him at the back of the bus. And we aren't making any pit-stops for him. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir," the blonde said, smiling as she began to lead the dog up the aisle. "He won't be a bit of trouble sir."

The boys nearly fell out of their seats to get a closer look at the half-naked blonde as she paraded up the aisle, her tits wobbling.

Denise almost panicked. For a moment she had the urge to jump out the window. The blonde was coming straight toward her. She sat there frozen and helpless, however, as the blonde sat down right next to her.

"The old pig," the blonde muttered under her breath for Denise's benefit. "Sit, Romeo," she said to the dog, and the Lab obediently planted its black haunches on the floor.

The driver yanked the door lever and the bus door sealed itself with a sucking noise. He started the bus. Without bothering to turn around toward the kids, he started shouting. "Now listen here, ladies and gentlemen, and listen good. It's four o'clock now, and I'm supposed to deliver you to the state fair before midnight. That means we're gonna be making just two stops, one at seven and one at ten. If you've gotta go, you just hold it -- it won't kill you."

Several kids snickered.

"And I don't want any trouble," the driver continued. "You don't give me any trouble and I don't give you any trouble. I'm not being paid to be a chaperon or a baby-sitter. My only job is to get you kids down to the state fair. So just don't hassle me and you and me won't have any problems."

A few kids shouted: "All right!" Several other kids applauded. The driver rammed his shift lever into gear and the bus roared as it started forward. As the bus gathered speed, the kids began talking faster and louder among themselves and soon the bus sounded like a school lunchroom inside.

The blonde turned to Denise. "I'm Peggy, what's your name?"

Denise told her.

"Sexy name," the blonde said. "And this handsome boy is Romeo." She stroked the dog's head.

"Nice dog," Denise said. She felt tight and uneasy.

"You don't know how nice," Peggy said, giving Denise a suggestive expression. "I mean, Romeo's a real special boy."

Denise smiled, almost giggled, mostly out of nervousness. She had no idea what Peggy was hinting at, nor did she want to know. She picked up her book from the seat beside her and opened it.

"What's that?" Peggy said.

Denise showed her the cover of the book.

"Please Let Me In," Peggy said, reading the title. "Hmm, sounds pretty interesting. So, you like dirty books. Well, so do I."

"It's not a dirty book," Denise snapped. "It's a romance. There's nothing dirty in it."

Peggy looked stunned for a moment. "A romance, huh? That's one of those books where all the good stuff happens between the lines. It's all there, but you just have to use your imagination a little more to find it."

"I'd like to read it now, if you don't mind," Denise said, and she shoved her nose into her book.

Her eyes traveled along the lines of print, she turned the pages, but nothing her eyes saw registered in her mind. She wasn't reading, just going through the motions of reading. How could she read with Peggy just about sitting in her lap and with that big hound gazing up at her with those moony eyes? She was uncomfortably hot, too. All the windows were open and the wind whirled through the bus, but it was a hot, humid wind that failed to cool her off.

"Christ, it's hot," Peggy said, as if reading Denise's thoughts. "My skin is sticking to the seat. What I wouldn't give for a nice cool stream to go skinny-dipping in right now. Do you like to go skinny-dipping, Denise?"

"No," Denise said, offended that Peggy had suggested such a thing.

"I do," Peggy said. "We've got a nice private stream on our farm. Me and Romeo go up there just about every day during the summer. A lot of the neighbor boys come up there, too. Sometimes it gets pretty wild."

Denise didn't say anything. She didn't know for sure what Peggy meant by wild, but she imagined the big-titted blonde dipping down into the stream, as a dozen red-faced farm boys watched her.

"Hey Denise, give me a few of those candy bars you brought along."

Denise looked up to see her twin brother looking down at her. She was a little shocked to see that Tim had taken off his shirt and shoes. All he wore now was a pair of threadbare jeans that fit him like a tight skin. His sun-bleached yellow hair resembled the tousled mane of a lion. His eyes moved away from her and roved up and down Peggy's obscenely clad body.

Denise shot her hand down into her overnight bag and pulled out three or four candy bars, which she thrust up at Tim. "Here."

The boy reached for them without looking, wrapping his fingers around them as he ogled the blonde. "Thanks," he muttered.

As he stumbled barefoot down the aisle to join his new friends, he glanced over his shoulder a few times -- at Peggy.

"Cute," Peggy said, watching him. She turned to Denise. "Is his equipment pretty nice?"

Denise felt herself flush. "I don't know what you're talking about. He's my brother -- my twin brother. I don't know what you're talking about."

Peggy grinned. "Lucky you. Your brother, huh?"

Denise sighed with exasperation and buried her face in her book, trying to block out everything around her. She couldn't read, though. She was too riled up. The trip was ruined. Peggy would not leave her alone. The heat was unbearable. She could smell the dog, along with the scent of sweaty teenagers.

She peered over the seat ahead of her. She couldn't see too many of the other kids, but she was certain that she was the only person on the bus besides the driver who remained decently dressed. The boys she could see all had their shirts off, the same as Tim. Most of the girls wore the scantiest shorts and had rolled their T-shirts up under their tits to make their bellies and backs bare. Every girl and boy she could see were barefooted. They were all sweating, and the bus smelled like a high-school locker room.

"He had a nice bulge," Peggy said, as if to herself. "I bet he's really hung. I'd love to see him without his pants on. All girls should be so lucky to have a twin brother like that."

Denise refused to acknowledge that she'd even heard Peggy. Her heart was pounding and she felt as if she would suffocate, trapped between Peggy and the wall of the bus. The worst part of it all was that Peggy seemed to be able to see into the deepest, darkest parts of Denise's mind. The truth was, Denise knew what Peggy was talking about. The truth was, Tim was hung like a horse. Denise spied on him every chance she got, watched him piss in the barn yard, watched him sneak out behind the shed and jack off, followed him and his girlfriends into the woods and watched from secret hiding places as he fucked them.

Tim terrified her. That huge cock he wielded between his legs horrified her. How could any girl endure the torture of being fucked by that big cock? And yet, as much as Denise was terrified, she was fascinated, she was excited, she was in love. All the boys in the romance novels she read had Tim's face, Tim's body. She envied every girl Tim had ever fucked.

"Wanna change places?" Peggy said. "So I can sit next to the window for a while?"

Denise agreed, thankful to be out of her corner at last.

Peggy slid Denise's overnight bag out of the way on the floor and pressed her back into the corner, leaving one bare foot on the floor and plopping the other one up on the seat. The wind coming in the window grabbed her hair and pulled it out the window where it flew in the breeze like gold streamers.

Denise moved away until she was sitting in the center of the long rear seat of the bus and could look straight down the aisle. She pushed her overnight bag out of the way and allowed the black Lab to move into the space between her and Peggy. Peggy had her legs spread, and the dog sniffed the crotch of her shorts.

"I can't take much more of this heat," Peggy said. "I'm about ready to strip completely." She reached under her tits and shoved her fingers up under the cups. She pushed up, and the tit-cups slipped off, letting her large tits fall out and jiggle. The string halter hung around her neck like a necklace.

Denise couldn't believe it. She just stared at Peggy's naked tits. The cherries were very large and full of erect bumps. The nipples stood up like fingertips.

"Don't worry," Peggy said, grinning mischievously. "Nobody can see me here behind the seat. If anybody starts coming back here, let me know, huh? Except for maybe your brother. I wouldn't mind giving him an eyeful."

Denise was speechless. She watched with increasing disbelief as Peggy unsnapped and unzipped her shorts and lifted her ass and legs to slide them off. Peggy wasn't even wearing panties. She dropped the shorts on the seat and settled back down with a sigh, spreading her legs so the her left foot rested on the floor and her right foot on the bus seat. She had a very hairy blonde pussy that opened slightly as she spread her legs, revealing the wet pink meat between the furry lips of her cunt.

"Oh, that feels good," Peggy mumbled, curling her toes sensuously. Then she reached between her legs and pulled open her cunt, dug her fingers into the spongy cunt flesh and hauled open the hairy pussy flaps to reveal her worm-like clit and her seething fuck-chamber.

"Peggy, oh God!" Denise muttered, so shocked she couldn't think of another word. She watched a few trickles of clear fluid leak from Peggy's fuckhole and dribble onto the black vinyl bus seat.

The black Lab let out a small whimper and lapped up the cunt juice from the seat. Then he sniffed Peggy's open crotch as if it were the best thing he'd ever smelled. Even Denise could smell Peggy's cunt now -- that pungent, musky female scent she'd smelled so many times coming from between her own legs, that smell that always managed to permeate her own panties after she'd worn them only a few hours.

"Make love to me, Romeo," Peggy moaned. "Lick me, lover boy."

Her toes curled as the dog mashed his wet muzzle to her open pussy as if he wanted to fuck her with his snout. As he started to lick, growling quietly, Peggy lifted her bare ass off the seat, thrusting her pussy at him, her eyes rolling drunkenly as she fed him her dripping cunt.

Denise was sure she must be dreaming. At any moment she thought she'd be waking up from this nightmare bus trip and this unbelievable scene before her. Her subconscious mind was surely causing all this. Over the years she'd had dirty fantasies about getting her own pussy licked by an animal, especially by a dog, but she'd buried them deep in her subconscious, ashamed of herself completely. Now these suppressed memories were surfacing.

"Oh, Romeo, you lick so good!" Peggy breathed, rotating her loins as she rubbed her open pussy against the dog's fat, slithering tongue.

Cunt juice dripped from Peggy's crotch, splattering on the black vinyl seat. The smell of pussy was becoming stronger, and Denise began to feel a little dizzy, almost high on the aroma.

I've never smelled anything in a dream before, Denise realized, and she looked down the aisle, beginning to believe this wasn't a dream at all. In the seats closest to the back, girls and boys were necking. French kissing. The boys had their hands on the girls' cunts, on their tits, and the girls were squirming as if trying to get away. By leaning forward, Denise could see that one girl had her hand inside a boy's pants and was jerking it as the boy kissed her and played with her tits under her T-shirt. Most of the boys seated with boys and the girls seated with girls had stopped gabbing with each other and were watching the boys and girls who were making out, shouting dirty comments and poking fun. The bus driver focused straight ahead on the road, ignoring the kids completely.

Denise almost jumped as someone stroked her hand. It was Peggy's hot toes.

"Play with my foot," Peggy whispered. "Lean over and suck on my toes. It drives me crazy." She gasped as the dog lapped up and down her cunt slit.

Denise just stared in shock, unable to believe any of this. Despite the very real smell of cunt in the air, this had to be a dream. It just had to!

"Come on you little bitch," Peggy hissed. "Suck my toes!" She clawed at Denise's forearm with her toenails.

Denise didn't know why she did it. Maybe because she was scared out of her mind. Maybe because she was so weak with shock that she would have obeyed anybody's orders, performing like a zombie. Whatever it was, she slid as close to Peggy as she could. Peggy raised her leg, pulling her knee toward her voluptuous tits. Denise took hold of Peggy's naked foot and started to lick and suck the blonde's wiggling toes.

"Oh baby, yessss!" Peggy hissed. "Oh God, this feels good. Lick me, eat me, suck me!" Peggy sounded as if she'd lost her mind.

Denise thought she'd pass out. The scent of cunt down here was suffocating. And she could smell the dog, too. The dog kept growling quietly and grunting as he licked. His tongue slurped obscenely. He sounded as if he'd never be able to get enough of the taste of Peggy's seething cunt.

"Oh God, I feel tingles all the way up in my asshole!" Peggy moaned. "My cunt's gonna melt. Oh shit, this is great! Keep sucking my toes, bitch. It makes the feeling that much better."

Denise drooled all over Peggy's foot. Peggy's toes tasted salty. The scent of hot cunt excited Denise. She'd never really smelled a girl's cunt from so close before. In the locker room at school there was always that faint aroma of cunt in the air, the mingled cunt-scents of all the girls, but it was nothing like this steaming scent pouring out of Peggy's excited pussy. The smell almost made Denise want to take a taste of Peggy's cunt.

"I'm getting close," Peggy whispered. "Oh I wish it would last, but I wanna come, too. I need that feeling. Oh God, do I need that feeling!"

Denise slithered her tongue between Peggy's toes, chewed on Peggy's bare foot. She was beginning to enjoy doing this. She didn't want to have to stop. And she knew what Peggy was talking about when she said she wanted to get that feeling. She loved that feeling herself, loved to jack herself off until her toes curled with that raw, melting sensation of orgasm. One of her darkest secrets was that she liked to jack off, that she jacked off six times a day sometimes. She couldn't get through her romance novels without jacking off at least once every chapter, sometimes twice. Always when the handsome, chivalrous boy brushed his lips against the heroine's flushed cheek in one of those novels, Denise would manage to bring off her young cunt in seconds.

A slick pool was forming on the seat under Peggy's wiggling ass, and Peggy rubbed her ass in it, sliding on the seat.

"I'm so hot!" Peggy breathed. "I'm so fucking hot! Oh, I wanna come!"

Denise watched the dog's tongue slither into Peggy's gaping fuck-cavern like a snake sliding into its hole. Peggy's pussy appeared to open up more and more as the dog licked her, and her gaping pussy quivered and contracted, sucking at the dog's tongue from time to time.

I wish that were me, Denise thought. I wish that was me sitting there getting my pussy licked by that big dog. Oh God, that must feel good!

She sucked hard on Peggy's sexy toes, inhaled the scent of Peggy's cunt, watched the dog's tongue fuck in and out of Peggy's seething cunt. And she realized that her own cunt was on fire, was throbbing maddeningly, that her panties had pulled up like a gag between her swollen pussy-lips and the material was working up and down in her cunt slit and against her clit as she rhythmically squeezed her legs together. Her loins whirled inside with hot tingles and she moaned out loud.

Peggy was humping, driving her crotch against the dog's muzzle, fucking herself on his slithering tongue. Her toes curled in Denise's mouth.

"Suck my toes!" Peggy moaned. "Lick my pussy! Oh God, I'm gonna come!"

She came with a final explosion of hot cunt juice, which ran out of her pussy and dribbled onto the bus seat. Her body jerked rhythmically and she gasped with each spasm. Her toes clutched madly, nearly tearing the inside of Denise's mouth.

Denise bit hard at the spasming girl's hot toes. She clamped her own legs together so hard that her thigh muscles almost cramped. An itchy tension mushroomed inside her own pussy, her toes tingled in her shoes, and she started to writhe with orgasm, nearly blacking out as the hot sensations surged through her cunt.

It feels so good, Denise thought. It just feels so good! This was the first orgasm she'd ever experienced while doing anything with another person, and there was something hotter and more intense about it, something more satisfying than any other orgasm she had ever felt.

She squirmed on the bus seat, working her legs against each other, sucking on Peggy's toes, nearly passing out as the sensations pulsed through her loins and her brain. She slid her hand down, rubbing it in the warm fuck-slime that had run out of Peggy's cunt, and she couldn't help sniffing it. Then she spit Peggy's toes out and tasted Peggy's slick cunt juice.

The pussy juice was tart and sweet. It tasted like the fluid that came from her own cunt. She'd never produced so much of it though. Maybe if she got licked off by a dog, she would. She lowered her lips to the seat and lapped up the cunt juice until the dog started lapping it up, too. Then she sat up, suddenly horrified by what she'd been doing. It was as if she'd temporarily lost her mind.

As she straightened herself, she realized that she'd glimpsed something, something she had to get a look again. She leaned to the side again slightly, peeking under the dog's black-furred abdomen. His prick was standing up out of its sheath -- red and wet and quivering. What shocked her was not that the dog had a hard-on, but the size of the Lab's cock. His cock looked to be five inches long, maybe six -- the size Tim's had been a few years back, before it had surged in size like a growing cornstalk. She'd never seen a dog with such a thick and long cock.

"Hung like a horse, isn't he?" Peggy said, sitting up straighter. "When a girl's got a hung dog around, she doesn't always have to go chasing after the boys to keep her satisfied." She gave Denise a dirty grin as she played with her own tits.

Denise shook her head, unable to believe Peggy, unable to believe the size of the dog's cock, unable to believe what she, herself, had just done. She looked up front.

A girl was leaning out into the aisle, her eyes rolled back, her hair dangling toward the floor. A boy was clutching her, his hand down her pants and pumping as he apparently fucked his finger inside her cunt. More boys and girls had paired up now and were sharing seats. Half the kids were engaged in necking or kissing or groping, Denise expected at any moment to see a boy rip off a girl's shorts, pull out his stiff cock, and ram it up her cunt right there in front of everybody. Things were getting out of hand, but the bus driver just stared straight ahead, driving them down the highway.

"You look a little lost," Peggy said. "Like this is your first trip to the state fair or something."

"It is," Denise mumbled.

"Lucky girl," Peggy said. "It's always best the first time. Ain't that right, Romeo?" She stroked the Lab's head.

Denise watched in stunned silence as Peggy caught the dog's cock between her bare toes and started to jack him off.


The dog's long tongue dangled as he panted, dripping spit on the seat between Peggy's spread legs. Peggy no longer leaned back in the corner, but sat facing directly forward, her feet on the floor, one foot under the dog's lower belly so she could stimulate his slippery cock with her toes -- the same sexy toes Denise had been sucking on only a few minutes ago. The dog let out a low growl, and he started to hump, fucking his cock between Peggy's toes. Giggling, Peggy moved her other bare foot under the dog, catching his cock between her feet and letting him fuck between them.

Denise didn't know how to react. She was appalled by what Peggy was doing, and yet she couldn't take her eyes away from the dog-cock fucking between Peggy's feet. A clear fluid leaked from the dog's cock, getting Peggy's feet slippery. Denise noticed a musky, animal aroma in the air now, apparently coming from the Lab's excited cock.

Peggy stroked the dog's head. "You beautiful sexy boy you. You just can't get enough of rubbing that hot prick of yours against something, can you?"

The dog let out a little whimper, lapping at Peggy's tits, then sniffing some more at her cunt.

"Isn't he a doll?" Peggy said, glancing at Denise. "You wouldn't believe how hot his prick is. God, the feel of it between my feet drives me crazy! Oh, I wanna fuck!"

Peggy suddenly slumped in her seat, kicking her legs up in the air and spreading them wide. She braced her bare feet up on the back of the seat in front of her.

"Take me, Romeo," she moaned. "Oh God, fuck me!"

The dog rose up, prick flexing crazily, and grabbed Peggy around the waist, sinking his claws into her smooth flesh for a good hold. He humped at the air as he moved close to Peggy's crotch, jabbing at her pussy mound until his pointed prick found the entrance to her fuck hole and sank into her cunt, disappearing between her blonde-furred pussy-lips like a red snake.

Peggy writhed, her eyes rolling crazily. "Oh Romeo, oh God, yes!"

She stroked her hands down the dog's sleek black flanks, down his lower back, caressing him with trembling fingers as he fucked her. Her toes clutched at the back of the seat against which she'd braced her feet, getting the black vinyl of the seat slimy with lube from the dog's cock.

Denise could hardly breath. She was scared out of her mind. What if the other kids came back here and found out what was going on? Within seconds the entire bus would know. Denise would never live the embarrassment down. How could Peggy do such a thing?

The dog fucked faster, dripping dog-spit all over Peggy's wobbling tits. His prick fucked in and out, a red blur between Peggy's swollen cunt-lips. A rapid squishing noise came from Peggy's cunt as the dog pistoned his prick inside it.

Peggy reached over and grabbed Denise's hand, squeezing it fiercely. "God, I can hardly stand it!" Peggy's eyes looked glazed, drugged. "Oh Denise, the feeling, it's incredible!"

This isn't happening, Denise kept repeating in her mind. This can't be happening. She winced as Peggy squeezed her hand even tighter, and she knew for certain that this was happening.

God, this was embarrassing! Even though Peggy was the one performing this filthy act with the dog, Denise felt her own face burning with shame. The shame came from deep inside Denise, from the part of her mind where she hid her deepest secrets. How many times had Denise imagined getting fucked by a dog? How many times had she jerked off, pretending that the finger in her cunt was the prick of a dog -- or of some other animal? Too many times to remember. And there slumped Peggy, naked and panting, legs up in the air and spread, acting out Denise's deepest, darkest fantasies.

"Oh God, I'm coming," Peggy whispered, and she nearly crushed the bones in Denise's hand as she squirmed with orgasm, her cunt clutching madly around the dog's pistoning cock. "Oh Denise, it feels so good, oh yesss!"

Denise squeezed Peggy's hand in return, sympathetic to the other girl's pained pleasure.

As Peggy's spasms continued, she clutched the fucking Lab between her thighs, slowing his humping. The dog whimpered, trying to fuck faster. Peggy jerked a few last times and pushed the dog away from her, forcing him to pull out.

"Sorry, boy," she mumbled.

The dog whimpered, humping at the air, his prick red and dripping.

"Poor boy," Peggy said. She glanced at Denise. "Help him out, huh?" She started to pull on Denise's hand.

"Hey wait," Denise said, but it was too late.

Denise suddenly found herself being jerked hard toward Peggy. She fell on her side in Peggy's lap, felt the warmth of Peggy's large tits as they pressed down on her cheek. Her head rested in Peggy's lap. The scent of Peggy's cunt made her dizzy and weak instantly.

"Blow him," Peggy said. "He loves blow-jobs."

Denise stifled a cry as the dog's hot cock rammed against her lips and cheeks, drooling cock-slime on her. As much as she was horrified by what was happening, as much as she wanted to fight and break free, she dreaded even more the rest of the kids discovering her back here like this.

"Open up," Peggy said. "Think of it as a candy cane." She pinched Denise's cheek until Denise was forced to open her mouth.

The big dog-prick slid into Denise's mouth, searing her lips and tongue, jabbing at her tonsils and making her gag, oozing fuck-lube down her throat.

"Suck him!" Peggy hissed. "Suck him off!"

The dog's cock tasted salty and bitter, musky and bestial. Denise tried not to swallow the hot fluid leaking out of it, or the slick fluids she was being forced to suck off the dog's prick. She was tasting not only the dog's cock, the dog's fuck-lube, but the juices from Peggy's cunt. Only moments ago this quivering cock had been fucking between the spasming lips of Peggy's pussy. And now Denise had that dog cock in her mouth -- tasting it, eating it, sucking on it.

Denise couldn't quite believe it. Even though the dog's sizzling prick pistoned between her lips, making them tingle and itch, even though it rubbed more tingles into her tongue and the inside of her mouth, even though his prick jabbed her tonsils and made her gag -- Denise kept telling herself that this wasn't happening, that this couldn't be happening.

"Use your tongue," Peggy said. "Lick it just like you'd lick a boy's cock. Romeo loves it, just like the boys love it. Come on, baby, suck that stud off." She pushed on Denise's head, jerked on it, forcing Denise's mouth to work up and down on the dog's cock.

Denise's eyes ran tears. Snot ran from her nose. The smell of dog-cock and cunt made her feel drugged. Her brains were being shaken loose as Peggy jerked on her head.

"Suck it!" Peggy hissed. "Suck that cock!"

The dog's cock flexed, quivered, seemed to get hotter and hotter, harder and harder. Denise feared the bone-hard fuck rod would split open, that its veins would burst and spurt hot blood into her mouth. The bottom side of the dog-cock kept rubbing heat and sensation into Denise's tongue and tingles streamed down her throat. Her entire mouth seemed to be pulsating, her lips swelling, getting tighter and hotter. She realized suddenly that she was sucking, sucking like a baby sucking its bottle. It was almost a reflex. She tried to stop sucking and she couldn't. As the dog's cock fucked in and out, her lips munched around it, her tongue flapped.

"That's it." Peggy said. "Make him feel real good and he'll give you his jizz. It's a real treat, girl -- sweet as syrup fresh from the boiler. Come on, baby, suck him off, make him come."

The dog fucked her mouth faster, growling, whimpering. One of his hot paws was braced on Denise's neck, his claws digging in. For some strange reason, Denise enjoyed the feel of his paw on her neck. She made a tight ring of her lips, starting to enjoy the feel of his cock fucking her mouth, starting to enjoy even the taste and smell of it.

"Come on, boy, give her your jizz," Peggy said. "Squirt it right down her throat."

Denise closed her eyes, sucking, munching, aware of an intense throbbing in her cunt. She tried to visualize cum spurting from the dog's cock and down her throat. She had seen dogs spurt jism before, had secretly watched Tim and some of his buddies jerk off dogs while laughing hilariously. She'd seen that grayish-white dog-cum spurt in long sticky strands -- and she'd always wondered what dog-cum smelled like, what it felt like, what it tasted like. But she'd never had the guts to try to find out.

The dog let out a moaning yelp. His prick swelled, growing longer and fatter, turning harder than steel. As his cock swelled it began to vibrate. Then the dog-cock flexed hard and suddenly Denise's throat was flooded with steaming cum. She started to choke on the bitter dog-cum, her head filled with the peppery scent of jizz.

"Swallow it!" Peggy said. "Don't waste it. Swallow it!" She spoke in whispers, but her tone was commanding.

The dog fucked his cock in and out, squirting more and more slimy jizz into Denise's mouth. She had no choice but to swallow the stuff. It was either swallow it or choke to death on cum. The dog kept whimpering, kept humping, kept shooting stream after stream of hot fuck-slime -- and Denise glugged it down, sucked it down. At first the alkaline taste, the slimy feel -- like swallowing hot oysters -- made Denise think she was going to vomit. Then, suddenly, she was liking the taste, the texture. Suddenly she was hungry for more dog-cum, and she sucked vigorously, slurping down the hot jism as fast as the dog shot it. She drained the dog before she'd had half enough, and she sucked hungrily on his wilting cock as he whimpered as if in pain. As his cock escaped her mouth, her lips smacked together and she moaned.

"You little bitch!" Peggy said, pushing Denise away, forcing her to sit up. "You almost chewed my dog's cock off." She petted the Lab's head. "There, there, boy, feeling better now?" She peeked under him at his wilted cock.

Denise watched with her as the dog's cock slid back in its sheath like a retreating eel.

"I guess you didn't hurt it any," Peggy said, giving Denise a disturbed glance. "It still seems to work. If I'd have thought you were gonna try to bite it off, I wouldn't have let you suck it, bitch."

"Let me?" Denise said, outraged. "You forced me to do it!"

"Oh, go read one of your dirty books," Peggy said. She slid back in the corner of the seat, resting her head against the window frame and letting the wind blow her hair. She crossed her arms and closed her eyes and appeared to fall asleep almost immediately. She had her right foot up in the bus seat and her left one on the floor. Her dog lay on the floor with his muzzle resting on her foot, sleeping like his mistress.

Peggy's blonde cunt-bush stared Denise in the face, its lips pulled apart slightly and revealing the pink wet cunt meat between them. Denise took off her shoes and socks. For a moment she played with a fantasy of fucking her toe up inside the bitch's crotch and watching her squirm awake. It was a sadistic and wicked fantasy that Denise felt slightly ashamed of.

The sound of a girl gasping pulled Denise out of her own thoughts and made her look down the aisle. She couldn't see the girl making the noise. All she could see was the girl's bare foot, toes clutching at the air and quivering. The girl's foot shivered and she continued to gasp for several seconds before she sighed loudly and her foot went limp. Almost every boy on the bus was standing up in their seat and trying to get a look at the girl who'd been making all the noise. A few boys jeered. Others laughed. The relative silence that had filled the bus as the girl had spasmed and cried out her pleasure gave way once again to gabbing and laughter.

Denise thanked God that she and Peggy were at the back of the bus, that their shameful carrying on had neither been heard nor spotted. The kids up front were too busy necking and watching each other neck to bother with two girls and a dog far back in the bus. Denise opened "Please Let Me In" and tried to read. She couldn't absorb a word of the book into her mind. Her thoughts whirled through her head.


The sun was heading toward the western horizon and sending brilliant rays through the open windows on the right side of the bus. Sitting in the middle of the long back seat, Denise found herself sweating miserably while Peggy, still naked and asleep, leaned up against the left side window, shaded and fanned.

Denise thought about moving further up front, taking an empty seat on the left side of the bus, but she was afraid that if she moved she might draw attention to herself. Already some of the boys up front had spotted her and looked ready to pounce. She was sure that the only reason that they hadn't come back here was because they knew Peggy and the dog were sitting back here with her, and most boys were afraid to confront two girls at once. Boys were always so sure of themselves when they could get a girl alone, but two girls together scared them off. Denise knew without a doubt that the moment she took a seat by herself, the boys who hadn't already paired up with girls would be fighting among themselves to be the first to get at her.

She fidgeted, pretending to read, not daring to look down the aisle anymore. She didn't want to catch some boy's eye and have him think she was encouraging him. The grunts and gasps and dirty giggles continued as the kids made out. As much as Denise hated crowds and noise, she felt nervous each time the noise died down. It was when things got relatively quiet that she was sure one or several boys were staring at her.

They were all animals -- boys. They were worse than animals. She really wished they'd all just disappear so she wouldn't have to deal with them anymore, so her mother would stop nagging her to go out with them. She could live without them -- she really could. She couldn't understand how other girls could stand being pawed all the time, threatened with those monstrous weapons boys carried between their legs. The cock of Peggy's black Lab was like a little finger compared to some of the cocks Denise had seen jutting from the loins of boys. Tim's cock looked big enough to use for a baseball bat. His was the biggest cock Denise had ever seen. The cocks of the other farm boys she'd seen -- Tim's friends -- had been smaller, sure, but they were still too big. Denise couldn't imagine getting fucked by those boys. If she didn't bleed to death, the pain would kill her. She was sure of it.

She remembered so many days in the woods, hiding breathlessly behind bushes and watching Tim and his friends fucking their pricks into the cunts of girls they'd dragged up there. She'd watched the girls squirm and squeal, whimper and moan, and she'd never quite figured out whether the girls were feeling pleasure or excruciating pain or both. Most of the girls begged for more, clawing the boy's back and growling: "Fuck me, fuck me!" But that didn't prove they were feeling pleasure. They might have been so delirious, so out of their minds from being tortured that they didn't know what they were saying anymore. Girls at school talked about how great it was to get fucked, but they didn't convince Denise. It just didn't make sense. How could anything that looked so cruel, so brutal, bring pleasure?

The bus growled with changing tones as the driver shifted gears. They were entering a small town.

"We'll be stopping at the Burger King here," the driver shouted without looking back. "Get yourselves decent if you want to get off and piss or eat something. It's about seven now, right about on schedule. I'll let you get off here and take the bus to get fueled up. We leave in half an hour. Anybody who's not on the bus when we leave is out of luck. I ain't waiting for anybody. Is that clear?"

"Yes, sir!" shouted the boys in unison, then they whooped. Other kids bellowed laughter. The bus driver ignored them.

A moment later they pulled into the Burger King parking lot.

Peggy woke up. "What's happening?"

Denise told her, keeping her voice as cold as possible.

"Shit!" Peggy said. She grabbed her shorts and slipped them on. Then she hooked her halter cups back over her tits.

Kids were piling out of the bus, resembling a pack of half-naked savages. Denise dreaded joining them. She envisioned a half-dozen boys surrounding her at a table as she tried to eat a hamburger.

"Well, aren't you getting off?" Peggy said.

"I'd rather stay on the bus and read," Denise said.

"You're flaky." Peggy slid over, pushing up out of her seat and stretching in the aisle. Romeo got up and stretched with her.

"Damn, I'm hungry," Peggy said. "I suppose I'll have to miss supper for the old pig."

Denise had no idea what Peggy was talking about. The aroma of hamburgers and fries wafted through the open windows and made Denise's mouth water. "Forget your money or something?" she asked Peggy.

Peggy gave her a cold look. "I've got money, I just don't have time. I've got business to take care of. That big boar of a bus driver didn't let Romeo aboard for free. I had to bribe the old goat, and now I've gotta pay off on that bribe."

Denise still didn't understand.

The fat bus driver stepped back into the bus, glanced up the aisle, giving Peggy a lecherous once-over, then plopped down into his seat with a grunt and sealed shut the bus door. A few moments later, he was driving them away.

They didn't go to any gas station. Instead, the driver took them to a wooded park at the edge of town and pulled the bus onto a secluded road among the trees. He glanced toward the back of the bus as he shut off the motor.

"Come on, farm-girl, let's you and me take a little walk."

Peggy slipped the leash back on her dog.

"Uh-uh, girl," said the driver. "The mutt stays aboard. Your girlfriend there can take care of him."

Denise suddenly found herself holding the leash as Peggy shoved it into her hand.

"Take good care of him," Peggy said. "I won't be long." She turned away and wiggled down the aisle, leaving the scent of hot cunt behind her.

The driver put his fat arm around Peggy's back and escorted her off the bus. Denise watched through the window as the two of them disappeared into the trees. The bus driver was shoving his hand down into Peggy's shorts and feeling her bare ass.

Denise didn't have time to fret about what was going on between Peggy and the bus driver, because the moment they passed out of sight, Romeo started whimpering and straining at his leash. Denise tried to hold him back, but he just about pulled her out of the seat.

He must want to piss bad, Denise decided, so she got up and had to trot down the aisle after him to keep from being dragged.

Off the bus, Denise winced as she made her way over the ground, bruising her bare feet on hidden pebbles in the grass. She yanked hard on the dog's leash a few times to force him to slow down. He lifted his hind leg at the first tree he came to and let loose a hot yellow stream of piss. He sniffed around, pissed on another tree, sniffed some more, pissed again, then began dragging Denise into the bushes.

"Come on," she said, trying to sound forceful. "Back to the bus. Come on!"

The dog wouldn't obey. He dragged her deeper into the trees and bushes. Denise was about to let go of the leash when she and the dog burst into a clearing. The dog started growling.

"Jesus Christ!" snapped the bus driver. He stood there with his pants down around his ankles, his big stiff cock stuffed into Peggy's mouth as she kneeled in front of him without a stitch on.

Peggy choked on the man's cock, then jerked her head back, letting his cock go. "Romeo, stay!" she shouted, spit leaking down her chin. "Now sit!"

The dog growled, then whimpered and sat down.

"I'm sorry," Denise said, never so embarrassed in her life. "He dragged me out here. I couldn't hold him."

"Sure you couldn't," Peggy said sarcastically.

"Quit jawing and start sucking," the bus driver said.

Peggy waved his cock in the air and lapped at it as if it were an ice cream cone, her pink tongue licking around and around the shiny purple head of his prick.

The man moaned, closing his eyes. "Yeah, lick that thing!"

Peggy worked the skin up and down on the man's cock, slipped the foreskin up and down over the cock-knob. "Look at this," she said, glancing at Denise. "Uncut. You don't see many of these around. Sexy, ain't it, the way the skin slips up and down."

Denise had never seen anything like it. She'd heard Tim and his friends talk about certain boys being uncut and wondering if it felt any different to have an uncut cock, but she'd never quite known what they were talking about. She knew that uncut meant uncircumcised, but she wasn't quite sure what uncircumcised meant either. The boys always talked about the extra skin. Well, that bus driver certainly had extra skin on his cock, enough to slide up almost over the big round cock-knob. Denise dropped the dog's leash and wandered closer, intrigued.

The bus driver grinned wickedly. "So, you'd like to get in on the action, too. Never knew a farm girl yet who was shy about sex. Take off your clothes, girl. Let's see that sexy little body of yours."

Denise froze. She wanted to turn and run, but she didn't have the strength. What had she gotten herself into?

"Come on, girl, I wanna see your tits." The bus driver looked her up and down. "Sexy bitch. Christ, take your clothes off before I rip 'em off you." His arm shoot out and the tips of his fingers hooked the neck of Denise's blouse.

"Don't tear my clothes," Denise squeaked. Her finger fumbled with the buttons of her blouse.

The bus driver grinned, letting go. "That's it, strip 'em all off, you gorgeous little cunt. Shit, the guys will never believe this. Two girls together, naked and on their knees, worshipping my old dog. Two farm girls yet. Shit!"

Denise dropped the blouse, feeling herself blush.

"Take the jeans off next," the driver said. "Oh fuck, look at them smooth young legs. Shit! Yeah, mighty pretty!"

"Please," Denise squeaked, trembling all over, wearing nothing now but her panties and bra.

"Mmm, mmm!" Peggy sounded as if she were cooing as she munched on the man's big cock. She kept sucking on the cockhead, kept wiggling her tongue up under the foreskin.

The bus driver pushed her head away. "Slow down, bitch. You're gonna make me blow before I want to. You and your girlfriend here are gonna have to share the cream. I only got time to feed you one round." He looked back at Denise, licking his lips as if he wanted to devour her. "All right now, first the bra, then the panties. Come on, bitch, strip!"

Denise closed her eyes, her hands shaking as she reached behind her back to unclasp her bra. She got the snap open and lowered her arms. The bra slid off her tits, drifting to the ground.

"Christ, ain't they sexy!" The man smacked his lips. "Bigger than I thought, and they tilt up so nice with those big pink cherries. Now let's see your cunt and ass."

Denise's heart was pounding. Her throat was so dry she could hardly swallow. As she leaned over, her tits dangling as she slid her panties down her legs, she felt a powerful throbbing in her cunt, as if her heart had slipped down between her legs. As she stepped out of the panties, she smelled her own cunt and realized she was dripping between the legs, that the inner sides of her thighs were slippery as if with hot melted butter.

"Straighten up," the driver said. "Oh yeah! Fuck yes! Now turn around and show me your ass. That's it. Now bend over a little and shove your butt up in the air. Oh Christ, now wiggle it."

Denise felt absolutely wretched. She also felt absolutely wicked, dirty. She realized that she could run away if she really had to, that there was nothing keeping her here except her own weakness -- and maybe her own lust.

"Goddamn, I've gotta taste that ass, sweet stuff." He pushed Peggy away and fell to his hands and knees.

Run now! A voice in Denise's mind screamed. Run!

The man's sweaty hands clamped around Denise's hips. He spread her asscheeks and started to lick between them.

Denise found herself panting. She gasped as the man licked up and down her ass-crack as if she had honey trickling down it.

"Shit, what a tasty little bitch!" the driver mumbled. He chewed on her asscheeks as if he wanted to devour them. "Down on your hands and knees. I wanna do your cunt, too."

Denise dropped down. She felt her tits hanging heavily as they swelled. Her pussy-lips felt like inflated balloons, tight with hot blood and fuck-tension. She turned her ass up, shoving her cunt in the man's face. The pussy juice dribbled down her legs. Suddenly, she was so excited she could hardly breath.

"Mmm, what a pussy," the man growled, his teeth gnawing on her cunt slabs, tugging on her silky cunt hairs. "Beautiful!" He forced the hairy pussy flaps apart, opening her cunt up. "Mmmmmmm!" His lips mashed to her open fuckhole and he sucked, eating her hot cuntmeat, eating her pussy juices.

Denise saw stars. She thought he was going to suck her insides out. As he fucked his tongue up her cunt, she felt a stream of tingling fire shoot through her cunt. As his tongue twirled, her cunt started to contract. Suddenly there were spasms gnawing through her loins.

"Uh, uh, uh!" she gasped. "Oh, oh God!" Her eyes rolled back as her pussy exploded. She was aware of her toes curling, of her nipples throbbing.

The man slurped like a pig at a through, lapping up her pussy juices as they dribbled from her clutching cunthole. He gnawed on her throbbing pussy slabs, kissed and licked her ass, lapping up the sweet cunt cream running down her legs. Never in her life had she leaked so much cunt juice when she came. Her cunt oozed pussy cream as if she had a cock inside her shooting cum out of her. As her orgasm subsided, she felt embarrassed.

"Now you," the bus driver muttered as if drunk. "Come on bitch, I wanna lick you, too." He tugged at Peggy until she'd assumed a hands and knees position next to Denise.

"Lick my ass, you old pig," snarled Peggy. "Go on, suck it out." She arched her back, turning up her ass and wiggling it in the driver's face.

Denise expected the driver to kick Peggy in the ass instead of licking her there. But the driver seemed either to ignore or not to hear what Peggy had said. He shoved apart her asscheeks and started to lick, munching at her shithole as if it were a succulent fruit.

"Mmm, teenaged bitch! Teenaged farm girl!" he muttered as he sucked Peggy's ass, breathing as if he were going to suffer a heart attack.

"Oooh, yeah, shove your tongue up my pussy," Peggy sighed. "Lick it all out. Oh, fuck!" She glanced over at Denise, who was still on her hands and knees, still recovering from her orgasm and watching over her shoulder as the driver sucked Peggy's ass. Peggy shoved her middle finger at Denise's mouth. "Here's some honey for you, bitch." She shoved her finger between Denise's lips.

Denise frowned at the tart flavor. The aroma of cunt opened her nostrils. Peggy had apparently been finger-fucking herself with that finger as she'd watched the driver eat Denise's ass and cunt. Denise sucked the finger clean without another thought. She didn't know why she did it. Possibly because she knew it would do no good to resist Peggy. Possibly because she wanted to. She closed her eyes, savoring the taste of Peggy's cunt.

"Oh shit, oh fuck!" Peggy squirmed as the driver started sucking on her cunt. "Oh Christ, that man knows how to eat pussy!" She rubbed her ass in the man's face, churned her loins as if she were fucking a cock. "What a fat wet tongue! Oh, eat me!"

Denise watched the driver over her shoulder. He looked as if he wanted to drive his head up Peggy's cunt, or up her asshole. He was wheezing from the exertion of his wild sucking and licking. He kept growling like a dog.

Denise remembered Romeo. She looked over to see the black Lab sitting on his haunches, quivering all over with tension as if he were going to spring at any second. His huge red prick stood up out of it's sheath, throbbing, leaking pre-cum like clear frosting. His black balls were swollen and appeared to roll in their sack. He was panting, whimpering. For just a moment, Denise felt the nearly irresistible desire to crawl to the dog like an animal and go for his cock like a calf going for a cow's tit. For just a moment, she wanted to suck off that big dog again. She might have done it, too, if Peggy hadn't started whining and jerking.

Denise snapped her head the other way, watching Peggy squirm with orgasm. The blonde's eyes became glazed slits. She looked as if she would die from the sensations.

"I'm coming!" Peggy moaned. "Ooohhhh, I'm coming!"

Denise didn't know why she did it, since she hated Peggy so, but she reached over and stroked Peggy's head and back until the blonde had made it through her orgasm.

The driver struggled to his feet, wheezing, panting, gripping his cock as if he would break it off. Sweat ran down his face in streams. He looked as if he had a high fever or was very drunk. His mouth and chin dripped pussy-cum. Blonde cunt hairs were plastered to them.

"Okay, bitches, your turn. Come on, do me quick!"

Peggy got up on her knees, going for the repulsive man's cock as if she were actually hungry for it.

"You, too!" said the driver, giving Denise such a glare that she was up on her knees beside Peggy like Jack popping out of his box. "That's it. You both lick it now. You both get me off."

The man's cock looked enormous to Denise, much larger close up. The foreskin was pulled back off the cock head. Pre-cum dribbled from the open pisshole like tears. The smell of sweaty balls and cock nearly knocked Denise out. She thought she would faint. The smell both repulsed and attracted her.

"Lick it," the man said, his hands on his hips, his huge fucker pointing at the sky. "Come on, girls, lick!"

Peggy was grinning, gazing up at the man as her tongue flicked up and down his veiny prickshaft, around and around his purple cock-knob. She giggled like a naughty little girl, cooing as she licked, nibbling and munching, even kissing the man's balls.

Denise didn't know what to do except imitate Peggy. She'd never sucked a man's cock before. She couldn't believe she was doing it now. As Peggy sucked on the man's balls, Denise took the prick-knob into her mouth and munched on it.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah!" The man shoved his cock in deeper, leaking fuck-lube down Denise's throat. "Suck it, bitch, suck that cock!"

The taste of cock excited Denise. It was a salty, cheesy taste, a dirty taste and yet an exciting one. She licked under the prick-knob as she sucked, munching with her lips, wishing she could swallow this hot slap of cock meat.

"Oh fuck, you're good!" the man sighed. "All you farm girls oughta turn professional. You got mouths like calves."

"Let me suck it," Peggy said. "Don't hog it."

Denise reluctantly let the man's cock go and watched Peggy swallow half of it. Her mouth was watering. She could still feel that big tasty rod of cockmeat throbbing in her mouth. It was like a big salty salami, and she wanted more of it. She started nipping at the man's lower prickshaft with her lips. She felt arteries flutter against her tongue, felt vibrations surge through the cockshaft. She licked the man's sweaty balls.

"Both of you suck it now," the man moaned. "Both at once. Quick!"

Peggy let his cock slip out of her mouth. She fastened her spongy lips around the right side of the man's cock and started to rub her mouth up and down his fat prickshaft. Denise imitated her, gluing her own mouth to the left side of the big cock and biting it with her lips. Her lips met Peggy's. Their noses almost touched as they rubbed their dripping mouths up and down the man's stiff fucker. It was as if they were kissing, with the man's cock between their mouths. They slid up and down faster and faster, their mingled spit dripping, the man's cock swelling even more.

"Ahhhh!" the driver moaned. "Eat my jizz!" He grabbed his cock, pumping it fiercely as his pisshole gaped and the cum gushed out. "Yeahhhhhh!"

The cum erupted like fireworks, splashing all over the faces of both girls. The girls held their mouths open and took hot slimy gobs of cum down their throats. Denise giggled as the molten cum pelted her cheeks and nose and lips. The wads of man-cum tasted thicker and sweeter than the cum of the black Lab. She forced Peggy aside and got her mouth over the flared prickhead, taking hot spurts of cum against her tonsils. The driver let go of his cock and allowed her to suck it. She munched on the cockhead, milked the cockshaft with her hand, sucked out every tasty drop she could get as the big fucker pulsated with its last orgasmic thrills and began to soften.

The driver pushed her away. "That's enough. Now you two lick the fuck-juice off each other. Go on, now, lick."

Denise giggled with embarrassment as she licked the wads of cum off Peggy's face. Then she closed her eyes and allowed Peggy to lick off her own face. Some cum had splashed on Denise's tits, and Denise gasped as Peggy licked it off and gave her left nipple a lip-smacking suck.

"Jesus Christ!" The driver squatted, then yanked up his boxer shorts and pants as he straightened up. "We're running way behind. No time for you two to get dressed. Grab your clothes and get dressed in the bus." He was already charging into the bushes and back to the bus.

Denise grabbed her clothes. Peggy grabbed her own clothes and Romeo's leash. As they stumbled back to the bus, scratching their skin on branches, treading on sharp stones, Denise felt so naked and wicked that she laughed out loud. For the first time in her life, she felt like a naughty, naughty girl.


All the kids were fucking. Denise was sure of it. Every girl except her was coupled with a boy. Every girl except her had a cock up her cunt now or would shortly have a cock inside her. It was too dark in the bus to see anything clearly. Denise could see dark shapes moving in front of her.

At least three girls crouched on their hands and knees in the aisle as three boys fucked them from behind like stud dogs mounted on bitches. In the seats, heads moved up and down as girls fucked up and down on stiff cocks. The bus reeked of cock and balls, of sweat and cunt. The sounds that filled the dark bus were no longer those of grabbing and joking, but of serious fucking -- grunts, moans, gasps, whimpers.

Earlier, the driver had ordered all the windows shut, and now the bus felt humid and stuffy inside. The driver ignored what was going on behind him, steering the bus on into the night. He'd turned on a small radio and was listening to a baseball game, possibly to take his attention away from all the fucking going on behind him.

"Oh Darla, you're so hot!" a boy whispered loud enough for Denise to hear him. "I love your tits and ass, and, you're so fucking smooth! Mmn, fuck!"

Denise squinted, trying to get a look at the boy. She was sure he was one of those in the aisle, one of those boys fucking his cock in and out of a girl and making his lower belly clap against her ass.

"I'm coming!" a girl whimpered. "Ohhh, I'm coming!"

Denise listened to the girl gasping, and she envied her. Denise wished she had the guts to fuck with a boy, wished she could feel what that girl was feeling. There was no question in Denise's mind now that the feeling was pleasure, pleasure more intense than any she'd ever felt. She'd never been so close to other people fucking before. In the woods, she only dared spy from a safe distance. Now she was close, and although she couldn't see anything clearly, she could feel the electricity in the air, could hear the kids expressing pleasure as if whispering straight into her ear, could smell their excitement like a dog.

She felt left out, abandoned -- not that it was anybody's fault but her own. She'd been hiding back here in the corner the whole trip. Any boys who'd tried to get her attention she'd completely ignored. Any boys who'd been interested in her had probably forgotten her by now. They were too busy fucking their stiff cocks inside wet, receptive cunts to even remember she was alive. It served her right. She was getting now exactly what she'd asked for, exactly what she'd prayed for -- to be left alone.

She felt hot. She felt miserable. She felt like jumping out of her skin and right through the roof of the bus. The bus smelled like a barn with all those naked, sweating teenagers fucking away like animals on a breeding farm. Denise thought she would suffocate on the scent. All that moaning and gasping, all that grunting, all those squishing noises and that obscene sound of flesh sliding against flesh were staring to drive her crazy. She almost covered her ears to block it out.

"Uhhhh, ahhhh!" a boy grunted.

"Shoot it!" a girl whispered. "Fill me up!"

Denise chewed her lip. She wanted to tell them to shut up, wanted to scream that they were all driving her crazy. She was furious with the bus driver for allowing this to happen. Little by little the kids had tested the driver, getting more and more daring behind his back to see whether he'd continue to ignore them. He did. Now the kids didn't care anymore. They'd lost all self control here in the dark of the bus.

"Damn it!" Denise whispered to herself, and she unbuttoned her blouse, almost ripping off the buttons.

If she had to suffocate back here, she was at least going to get comfortable. She stuffed her blouse into her overnight bag and felt a slight chill as the air caressed her completely naked tits. After the incident in the woods, she hadn't bothered to put her bra or panties back on. She pulled off her tight jeans and felt the cool vinyl of the seat against her bare ass. As she stuffed her jeans into her overnight bag, Romeo lifted his head from his paws and sat up.

Denise had almost forgotten the dog. When Peggy had gone up front to talk to some boy, she'd all but ordered Denise to baby-sit for the dog. Denise had fought the Lab's efforts to follow his mistress for nearly half an hour before Romeo had settled down. For the last few hours, the dog had lain on the floor next to Denise as if dead, ignoring the commotion in the bus, apparently resigned to the fact that Peggy had abandoned him and that he couldn't be part of the wild goings-on.

Romeo moved up to sniff at Denise's tits. Denise shivered as the hot breath of the dog caressed her nipples. His tongue came out and he started to lick, and Denise gasped out loud.

"Romeo," she whispered. "Stop!"

She did nothing to stop him, though. Delicious thrills streamed through her tits. Her cunt did quivering contractions. She raised her arms so the dog could lick not only her tits, but her armpits as well. This was more than she could stand. She had to push the dog away before she squealed out loud.

"Romeo, oh God, stop it!"

The dog licked her hands. He tried to push his snout between her legs. Denise was drooling cunt juice and the seat was getting buttery-slick under her ass.

The dog growled, trying to lick between her legs, and she feared he'd bite her if she kept fighting him. She moved further into the corner, slipping her ass off the spot she'd been sitting on. The dog immediately lapped up the slick pussy juice on the seat. Then he started to lick her legs.

Now what? Denise was starting to panic. He had her smack against the corner of the bus. Her only escape was out the window. As he licked her flesh, she had the feeling she was the dog's living prey. He tried to push his snout under her ass, his tongue slithering like a snake.

There was only on thing to do -- let him have his way.

Denise raised her ass, turning it toward the panting dog so he could lick it. He growled as he burrowed his wet snout between her asscheeks. His tongue licked up and down her ass-crack and all over her ass. Denise's heart hammered, and she started to breath faster. Her hand moved almost mechanically, gripping her asscheek and pulling it so the dog could lick her shithole.

"Oh, Romeo!" she breathed, tingles flooding her asshole as the dog probed it with the tip of his tongue. "Oh God, lick me!"

She loved getting her ass licked. She'd found that out a few hours ago in the park as she'd crouched like an animal to let the bus driver suck out her asshole and cunt. As the dog's tongue slithered up and down her ass-crack, as it tried to work its way into her shithole, Denise wished she could open herself up and let the dog fuck his tongue straight up her ass. She slid off the seat -- slowly, so as not to spook the dog -- and she crouched on the floor between the seats, shoving her ass up high, arching her back so her cunt would move into licking range for the dog.

Romeo growled, lapping her pussy wildly, his long tongue flapping up and down her cunt slit. Leaning her head against the vibrating wall of the bus for support, she reached behind her ass with both her hands and pulled apart her cunt-lips. The hot juice was dribbling out of her pussy like melted butter. The dog whimpered as he licked. Denise felt warm cunt juice trickling down her legs. Her open crotch sizzled, her cunthole throbbing as if it wanted to suck the dog's tongue inside her.

It happened so fast that Denise had no time to even try to escape. Romeo rose up on his hind legs and mounted her, gripping her ass with his big paws, digging in with his claws, fucking his stiff dog-prick straight up her open cunt and searing the itching walls of her raw pussy. Her cunt contracted, gripping his cock and trying to pull it in deeper. Denise arched back and whined.

She couldn't believe it! She was being fucked! And it didn't hurt. It felt better than anything she had ever experienced. She could feel her cunt squeezing hard, as if it never wanted to release the dog-prick. Her loins swelled with a tension, with a feeling that made her want to put her nose up in the air and howl.

She braced her hands on the floor, wiggling her ass in crazy circles as the dog started fucking his stiff cock in and out of her pussy. As the hot cock slid inside her, streams of tingling fire saturated her fuck-cavern. She felt the sensations in her asshole and throughout her loins. The tips of her toes and fingers tingled, as did her nipples. She'd never in her life felt so good, all over, all at once.

The dog drooled on her back, panting as he fucked his cock inside her. She felt his furry loins pounding her bare ass and she churned her ass against his belly, unable to get enough of the feel of his fur. His claws sank deeper into her flesh and the pain she felt only increased her excitement. Her pleasure had a certain amount of pain mixed up with it. The dog's cock kept stabbing in and out of her cunt like a hot knife, jabbing spots in her cunt that made her writhe from the almost painful intensity of the sensation.

"Fuck me!" she whispered. "Ohhh, fuck me!" Now she knew why the other girls screamed those word while they were being fucked. The feeling of a hot cock plunging in her cunt drove her nearly insane with pleasure, and yet she couldn't get enough of the feeling. She growled, grinding her ass, pounding her ass against the dog's humping loins. "Screw meeeee!"

The dog's cock flexed hard inside her, making her squeal. Suddenly he was whining. Suddenly Denise felt streams of sizzling dog-cum spurting deep into her cunt.

She didn't know how to react. She tightened her cunt rhythmically, milking the dog's cock as it flexed and quivered and shot stream after stream of hot cum into her. She could feel the molten spurts drilling the depths of her fuckhole. She gasped with each explosion, grinding her tightened cunt around and around the dog's jerking cock.

"Shoot it," she whispered, craning her neck and looking over her shoulder.

She could see the hulking form of the black Lab as he humped at her ass, pumping his cum into her. In the glow from passing headlights the dog's eyes took on a greenish-blue glow of their own, as if he had a light bulb in his skull. The sight of the dog frightened Denise. He looked like a monster, riding her, fucking his hot prick into her again and again, shooting her pussy full of scalding canine cum.

"Goddamn!" came a low mumble. "Shit!"

For a moment Denise's heart stopped. For a moment she thought the dog was talking. Then she spotted another dark shape moving up next to the dog, a taller shape, a shape with wide shoulders and a narrow waist.

"So this is what you've been doing hiding back here all this time," the boy said. "Goddamn!"

Denise couldn't make out the boy's features. All she could see was the outline of him. He was a tall boy with a good physique, probably one of the boys who had been trying to flirt with her earlier. She was helpless to say anything or do anything. She was trapped, caught, completely at his mercy.

"Down you horny bastard," the boy said to the dog, and he pulled the Lab off Denise by the collar.

Romeo growled, but the boy ordered him to behave, and the dog put up no resistance as the boy fastened his leash to the seat on the other side of the bus.

Denise was so stunned that she watched all this over her shoulder, still holding the position Romeo had fucked her in. She could feel his warm dog-cum starting to ooze from her open fuckhole. She realized her vulnerability too late. The boy dropped down behind her and fucked his stiff cock into her cunt.

"Stop!" she gasped, sensing a tremendous pain and pressure in her cunt. The boy's cock was much thicker and longer than the cock of the dog, and it hurt her as he tried to fuck his prick all the way in.

"Tight baby," the boy whispered, and he thrust.

Denise almost shot through the ceiling of the bus. An explosion of pain went off in her cunt as another explosion of white light went off in her brain. She'd felt something tear in her cunt, had felt it pop like a breaking rubber band. The boy's cock filled her pussy. His hard lower belly collided with her ass.

"I love you," the boy moaned, hunching over her and biting her shoulders and neck. "I'm crazy about you. Christ, what a cunt! What hot soft skin! Yeah!" He straightened up and started to fuck.

Denise thought she was going to die. Her cunt felt raw inside, felt as if it were burning up and bleeding. She had to bite her tongue to keep from screaming as the boy rammed his big fucker in and out of her. She couldn't believe anything could feel so hard and hot -- and so big. She knew it couldn't be true, but it felt as if the boy's prick was as big as a baseball bat.

"Please," she whined. "Go slower. Don't hurt me."

The boy either didn't hear her or heard her and ignored her, because he started fucking her even harder, driving his red-hot fuck-spike deep into her pussy, slamming his rock-hard abdomen against her ass so hard that she felt the vibrations in her skull.

"I've been wanting to fuck you ever since I laid eyes on you," the boy muttered. "And now I've got you. You're all mine. You're the cutest chick on the bus." He dug his fingers into her asscheeks, gripping her at the hips and jerking her back and forth on his stabbing prick.

Denise felt numb -- numb with shock, numb with fear. The pain had passed. At least, she didn't feel it anymore. She kept taking deep breaths as the boy's cock fucked in and out of her, and that helped relieve the tremendous pressure she felt in her loins. She closed her eyes, trying to block out everything, letting the boy use her body as he wanted, trying to relax and just get through this ordeal.

"Your skin feels like hot silk," the boy muttered.

He ran his hands all over her back, up and down her flanks. He reached forward under her and started caressing her tits. His fucking had slowed. He fucked her with an easier, less frantic rhythm now, his prick making squishy noises as it plunged in her cream-filled fuckhole.

Denise shuddered as the boy played with her tits. As he squeezed her tits and ran his fingers over her cherry-bumps and gently twisted on her nipples, Denise's entire body prickled with electrical sensations. He jiggled her hanging tits, rubbed them in circles against her chest. She sighed, starting to melt under him. Her cunt relaxed, then started to squeeze rhythmically as his cock fucked in and out. She wasn't consciously controlling her cunt muscles -- they were working by themselves, responding reflexively to the rubbing and probing of the boy's cock inside her. The numbness faded away and suddenly her loins were filled with a throbbing pleasure. Suddenly her cunt itched with lust, unable to get enough of the flesh-to-flesh friction from the boy's cock. She started to wiggle her ass, to churn it against the boy's hard abdomen as he fucked his cock in and out of her pussy.

"That's it," he whispered. "Wiggle it, you little bitch. Oh yeah! I'm gonna fuck you forever."

Denise realized she was whining. Little whimpering moans bubbled from her throat. She had to control herself, had to keep her voice down even though she wanted to let go and whine like an animal. Now she knew why girls carried on so when the were getting fucked. The feeling of the boy's cock plunging in and out of her cunt made her want to squeal and beg for more.

"Fuck me!" she whispered. "Screw me good! Oh yes, screw me good! Harder, deeper! Come on, come on!"

She jerked her ass back, slamming it against the boy's belly, fucking her throbbing cunt onto his sliding cock. She was coupled with him. His prick was inside her. She could hardly believe it. And the pleasure was almost more than she could stand.

The boy kept grunting, fucking his cock harder, faster. He gripped her at the waist again, just as the dog had done, and used his strength to jerk and twist her as if she were a toy doll. His cock fucked in and out, swelling even larger inside her, turning even harder. She envisioned his cock ballooning until her loins exploded from the pressure.

"Are you gonna come?" the boy asked. "You better come quick, because I'm going to. I can't hold it much more." He fucked fast and rhythmically, making his cock twist and wiggle as he plunged it. Each time he fucked in, he ground his hot lower belly against her bare ass and moaned.

Denise didn't want this feeling to ever end, and yet she knew it couldn't last. They were both too hot. Her loins burned with mounting tension and sensation. She felt an explosion coming, and suddenly she wanted it more than anything.

"Fuck me!" she growled. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

"Yeah, yeahhhh!" The boy drove his cock with quick, frenzied fuck-thrusts. "Let's come," he moaned. "I can't hold it."

Denise felt his cock turn to red-hot steel inside her. The vibrations shaking his cock passed into her cuntmeat like hundreds of electrical tingles. Her cunt gripped his cock hard, sucking like a huge wet mouth. A shudder gripped the boy's cock and his cum shot into her pussy.

"Baby!" he moaned, falling on top of her and whimpering into her ear. "Fuck you!" He jerked against her, pumping his cum-load up her pussy, licking and drooling all over her neck and shoulders. "Take my cream, girl, take it all!"

Denise shivered with chills, then melted with hot-flashes. Her tits swelled, feeling as if they would burst. Her ass and loins felt like a pleasure-filled balloon. As the boy's hot jism spurted into her cunt, her loins contracted fiercely, then went into explosive spasms. She felt the sensations up her spine and down her legs. Her tits felt as if they were being sucked on.

She cooed, almost laughing, tingling all over with a pleasure she prayed would never end. She wished she could die feeling like this, and the sensations made her feel as if she would die. She felt herself melting together with the boy, felt their flesh fusing and becoming one. His cock kept flexing and his jism kept squirting into her pussy, and she just wanted to die with his cock inside her, with him giving her his jism, with the two of them melted together and feeling a pleasure like no other pleasure on earth.

"Here's our last stop," bellowed the bus driver. "We've got fifteen minutes here. Next stop, the state fair."

A frantic commotion began in the bus as all the kids stopped making out and tried to pull on some form of clothing before the bus rolled to a stop. Denise groaned with disappointment as her boy slipped his cock out of her cunt and joined the other kids.


The last leg of the trip passed quickly. The last stop was a gas station, which allowed the kids nothing more than a quick piss and a drink of water. Peggy took Romeo off the bus and he managed to piss on almost every bus tire before she brought him back on board. Her blouse half open, her jizz-filled cunt leaking into the crotch of her jeans, Denise stood in line in front of the girls restroom, waiting for a chance to use the toilet. Her bladder was bursting. As she waited her turn, she wondered which of the boys had fucked her. Since all the kids had come from different Young Farmers Club in the northern section of the state, Denise didn't know any of them except her own brother. All she knew for certain was that Tim hadn't fucked her.

Back on the bus, the kids stayed dressed. It was as if they were all worn out. A lot of them fell asleep as the bus hummed down the highway those final miles to the state fair. Peggy sat in the back with Romeo and a boy. Peggy and the boy kissed and necked while Romeo watched them. Peggy eventually got down on her knees and gave the boy a blow-job while Romeo whimpered. Denise watched all this from a few seats down the aisle, envious of Peggy and her boldness. Denise salivated as Peggy bobbed her head and munched on the boy's big fuck-tool. As the boy squirmed, grunting, shooting his cum down Peggy's throat, Denise could almost taste the sweet alkaline jism.

Denise wanted more cock. Now that she'd had a taste, she wanted more. As the bus prowled through the night, hauling a load of kids to the state fair, Denise strained her eyes to get a look at any boys within view. The light from passing cars occasionally showed her a boy's features and she wondered about him, wondered if he was the boy who had fucked her, wondered how big his cock was and what it looked like, wondered what his cock tasted like, or what it would feel like in her cunt. She squeezed her legs together, working her jizz-slick cunt-lips together until she came. Then she did it again.

By the time the bus arrive at the state fair, she'd managed to squeeze off four orgasms. The orgasms were pleasant, but they were nothing like what she'd felt while fucking cock or getting her pussy licked. As she fetched her overnight bag and followed the other kids off the bus, she realized that she'd never be fully satisfied with finger-fucking again. From now on, only a cock would satisfy her, or at least a wet tongue.

The rides on the midway had just been shut down. Their lights still sent a multicolored glow into the smoky sky, but the rides stood motionless. People were leaving the fairgrounds in droves. Over half the fairgoers were teenagers, most of them dressed in the same scanty clothing as the kids in Denise's group -- boys, shirtless, girls in tight shorts, many of the kids barefooted. As Denise kept close to her group, following them to the barns that would be their dormitory for the next several days, she kept eyeing the passing boys. They all had cock-bulged in their jeans, some of them quite large. A few boys had obvious hard-ons as girls clung to them. Denise couldn't take her eyes off the boys she was passing. Boys had never looked so good to her before. She found herself drooling.

Her group had a barn all to themselves. It was a large barn, with stalls for the animals and open areas. Denise scanned the barn as she entered, noticing the variety of animals -- horses, donkeys, cows, sheep, pigs, goats. The man who was leading them and showing them to their new living quarters took one look at Romeo and scowled.

"We can't have dogs in here," he said. He was a big muscular farmer with a sunburned face and neck. "Dogs will spook the animals, maybe go after them."

"Not this dog," Peggy said. "He's as gentle as a lamb." She led Romeo up to the man, wiggling her ass and tossing her blonde head to get her hair behind her shoulders. Her tits bulged from their cups and the farmer's eyes bulged, too.

"Well..." he said, glancing at the dog, then back at Peggy's tits. "Well..."

"He's a good dog," Peggy said, "And besides..." Then she whispered into the man's ear.

Despite his sunburn, the man's face flushed unmistakably. "Well, all right," he said. "Yeah, I suppose he's all right. But if he causes any trouble, you'll have to keep him some other place."

"He won't," Peggy said. "On my honor." She crossed her bulging tits with her fingers. The farmer swallowed. Then he forced his eyes away from Peggy and stared over the tops of the kids' heads as he explained briefly what they were here for. They were to take care of the animals in this barn for the next week, watering them and feeding them and cleaning up after them. They would sleep in empty stalls and take their meals in a mess hall together with all the YF members on the grounds. There were six stock barns, each being tended by a group of Young Farmers from other sections of the state. Next week a new group would relieve them in this barn. Each group of kids would be judged for their work, and at the end of the fair, prizes would be awarded to the top three groups. The competition was tough. They'd have to work like the devil if they expected to win a prize. He gave Peggy a quick glance before leaving the barn and closing the large wood door behind him.

The kids all looked at each other, grinning. Free at last, their faces said. The barn was all theirs. Even Denise felt a sense of elation. For the next several days she wouldn't have to listen to her harping mother. And for the first time in her life, she felt excited about being with a group of other kids. She suddenly felt very free, very wicked, and her cunt tightened, tingling and itchy.

The kids started claiming stalls for themselves. There were just enough empty stalls to go around to bed two kids each. Most of the boys grabbed their newfound girlfriends and hauled them in, pushing them down in the straw and falling on them. The girls giggled, wrapping their young bodies around the boys and squirming against them. Denise wandered into a stall and sat down, hoping some boy -- any boy -- would crawl in with her. In the stall across from her, a boy and girl were wrestling, pulling each other's clothes off in the process. Their bare feet were grubby from going shoeless, and they sounded like a pair of mating animals as their fuck-organs coupled, the boy sliding his hard prick up the girl's cunt as she lay under him. As the boy fucked, the girl wrapped her arms and legs around him, moaning and gasping.

Denise salivated as she watched. Her cunt throbbed. She felt the wicked urge to crawl over there with the fucking couple and to lick the boy's swinging balls. She wished she could taste the boy's cock as it fucked in and out of the girl's juicy cunt. Her own cunt had swollen, its puffy lips throbbing around the crotch-seam of her tight jeans. Her toes prickled. She was excited. She wanted to fuck.

"Hey, Denise, take care of this dog for me like a good girl, huh?" Peggy led Romeo into the stall and tossed Denise the leash. "I've got a date, some business I've gotta take care of outside. I'm sure you understand."

Denise would have told Peggy to go find herself another baby-sitter for her damned old dog while she went out and blew that farmer -- or whatever Peggy had whispered to him that she'd do -- except that Denise spotted the Lab's hard-on twitching under his furry abdomen. She grabbed the Lab's leash.

"Oh, go on," Denise said. "But don't expect me to take care of him all the time. He's your dog, not mine." Peggy was watching the couple across the way fuck. "Look at that buck ram! I hope that old farmer's got as much energy." She glanced at Denise. "See you later. Don't wait up for me."

The moment Peggy had wiggled out of sight, Denise started taking off her clothes. The barn still had the heat of the day and all of the animals. She knew she'd be sleeping nude tonight, unless she wanted to sweat. The main reason she took off her clothes, however, was not because she was sweating, but because she was unbearably horny. She wanted to squirm naked in the straw like the couple across the way. She was sure all the other kids had stripped by now, some of them trying to sleep, but most of them making out and fucking with abandon. She could hear grunting and moaning coming from all over the barn. Some of the animals were getting riled up and adding to the noise. She knew there was little chance of getting any sleep in this place, what with all the noise and the lights, which would remain on all night. She didn't care, though.

The Lab sat on his haunches, watching the couple across the way. He kept whimpering, panting as if he wanted to get in on the action. His prick stood up against his black fur like a shiny red snake, fuck-lube leaking out and running down the cockshaft like sap. The dog-prick twitched and wiggled and Denise felt excitement wriggle through her loins as she watched it. Naked, gooey and steaming between her legs, she crawled toward the dog on her belly. Romeo watched her approach, and his prick started to quiver along with his whole body. Denise shoved her head under his belly and went down on his hot cock, swallowing it to the cock-sheath.

The dog started to whimper, fucking his cock between her lips, jabbing its hot tip against her tonsils. Warm fuck-lube ran down Denise's throat and she swallowed it greedily, sucking, licking, smacking her lips and munching. The beasty smell of the dog turned her on. She enjoyed the flavor of dog-cock.

She was aware that anybody might see her sucking the dog's cock, but she didn't care. In fact, she almost hoped that some boy would catch her and do to her what the boy on the bus had done to her. She needed to feel a hot prick up her cunt again. She squirmed in the straw on her belly, her head buried between the dog's legs, her hot lips moving up and down around his stiff cock, her cunt on fire and the cunt cream and jism oozing out of her pussy.

"Denise? Christ, Denise, it is you! Jesus Christ!!"

Denise closed her eyes, a wave of shame making her go limp. She didn't need to look over her shoulder to know the owner of that voice. She'd know that voice if she were to hear it among a million others. It was Tim's voice, the voice of her twin brother.

"Shit," he said. "Blowing a dog! Christ! I've seen other chicks do it, but I never thought I'd see you do it. I didn't even think you knew what a cock was."

Denise felt like curling up and disappearing. It hadn't occurred to her that Tim might catch her performing this filthy act. She knew she'd never be able to face him again. She started to pull her mouth off the dog's cock. She would run away into the night and never be seen again.

"Keep sucking it," Tim said. "You look so sexy sucking that mutt's prick. Don't stop now. Suck him off. It turns me on."

Denise thought she must be hearing things, but she let the dog's cock fuck down her throat again. "Yeah, suck it real good," Tim said. He'd crouched down behind her and was petting her ass. "Suck that dog's cock while I suck your pretty ass and cunt. I never thought in a million years that I'd get to taste your pussy. Goddamn!"

He pulled her ass up until she was positioned on her elbows and knees with her ass sticking up in the air. He spread her asscheeks and cunt with his hands and started to lick.

"Oh, Denise, oh God, what an ass, what a pussy! Juicy! Mmm, mmmm!" Tim panted as he lapped. He glued his lips to her asshole, kissing it, sucking on her ass. Then he moved down to her cunt, fucking his tongue inside it, licking her out, eating her.

Denise let out little squeaking, squealing noises. Her ass shuddered as her twin brother sucked it. Her pussy throbbed, burning up, aching with need. She sucked on the dog's prick so hard that Romeo whimpered. Tim rose up and rubbed his cockknob up and down Denise's cunt slit. He shoved his prick against her cunthole and pushed. As his enormous cock stuffed her, he groaned as if in pain.

Denise's eyes nearly popped out. It felt as if an arm was being stuffed up her pussy. Tim's cock was so big, so long and thick, and so hard! As his cock fucked into her pussy to the balls, she felt a tremendous pressure in her loins. She thought her pelvis would split in half. She didn't care, though, because the sensation of having her cunt stretched like this sent shivers up and down her spine.

"Tim!" she gasped, her mouth full of throbbing dog-cock. "Fuck me, Timmy!"

"Denise," Tim moaned, working his cock inside her pussy. "My own sister! Oh, Denise!" He caressed her ass as he fucked her cunt.

Denise thought she would faint with pleasure. The other boy's cock had been almost too exciting to bear, but Tim's cock drove her even crazier. She rubbed her ass against Tim's flat belly. Her ass prickled with excitement. She felt the fuck-tension building in her cunt.

Tim pulled his cock out of her pussy.

"Please," she moaned. "Don't stop. Please, fuck me!" She choked on her words as Romeo rammed his dog-cock at her tonsils. The black Lab groaned with impatient lust, fucking his sizzling prick between her lips.

"I'll fuck you," Tim said. "Don't worry." He rubbed his dripping cock up and down her ass-crack, lubricating it with slime from her cunt -- with dog-cum and boy-spunk and her cuntal juices. Then he started twisting his prick-knob against her ass pucker.

He was going to fuck her up the asshole, the way he'd fucked the other girls up the asshole out in the woods.

"Don't hurt me," she mumbled, munching on Romeo's stiff prick.

"Open up, Sis," Tim said. "This is my favorite hole." His prickhead slipped inside her asshole like a greasy meatball. Once his cockknob was in, the rest of his cock followed easily, fucking to the hilt up her asshole as if greased with butter.

The stretch made Denise shiver, made her grow faint. The excruciating pain she expected to feel, however, never came. She felt her brother's big hot fuck-rod starting to move in her asshole and she found herself cooing with pleasure. It felt different from having his cock fuck her cunt, but the fuck-sensation was just as good. She churned her bare ass against her brother's hard abdomen, fucking his big cock with her sucking asshole. The excitement of getting fucked in the ass by her handsome twin brother made Denise suck on the dog's cock as if she wanted to swallow it.

The dog whimpered and so did her brother.

"Fuck me!" she growled. "Fuck me, fuck me!"

"Oh, yeahhh!" Tim moaned. "Hot ass!" He fucked his prick in and out, keeping Denise's asscheeks spread wide apart with his big farm-boy hands.

She felt his heavy balls flapping against her cunt. Each time his cock fucked in, she felt tingles flood her asshole and cunt. Her tits swelled, saturated with pleasure. She screwed her ass in frenzied circles, trying to tease the jism from her brother's cock with her tight asshole. At the same time, she bobbed her head, slipping her tight lips up and down the dog's slimy prick, wanting to taste his salty cum.

"Man, do I like to fuck ass!" Tim mumbled. "Especially my own sister's ass. Damn, I don't believe I'm doing this!" He fucked quicker, driving his fat fucker straight up into Denise's ass guts, stabbing in deep again and again. A squishing noise began in Denise's asshole as Tim's fucking cock got it juicier and hotter.

Denise would scream if she didn't come soon. Her tits ached from their swelling. Every cell of her nude body tingled as if electrified. She gnawed on Romeo's dog-prick, torturing it with her tongue and lips. Spit ran from her sucking mouth and bathed the animal's hot black balls.

Suddenly, Romeo was coming. He whined as his prick began flexing in Denise's mouth and squirted salty dog-cum down her throat. Denise gurgled as the hot jism flooded her gullet. She smacked her lips, sucked, munched, moaned with excitement.

"Suck it out!" Tim hissed. "Eat that dog-cum! Oh yeah, what a hot bitch sister I got! I'm gonna cream your asshole, baby, just you get ready!" He moaned to himself as he fucked his cock in and out faster, driving himself toward climax. "Yeahhh, yeahhhh!"

Denise felt absolutely drunk with excitement. The strong aroma of dog-jism filled her head. She slurped and sucked the hot slime down, milking the dog's fat balls. At the same time, she twisted and wiggled her hot ass, fucking her brother's prick, waiting to feel his hot cum-load gush up her asshole.

"Come!" she gurgled. "Come, oh come!"

They came together. As Tim's cock ballooned inside her, hardening like steel and vibrating as orgasm gripped it, her asshole exploded inside with a pleasure such as she had never felt before. Tim's sizzling cum burst into her guts and her asshole went into spasms, nearly sucking the head off her brother's shuddering cock.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" her brother moaned. "Awww, yeahhh!" He bucked against her ass as he pumped his cum up her asshole, his hard lower belly smacking her vibrating ass again and again and again. "Take it!"

I want it, she thought, her body racked with pleasure. I want it all! Just pump it out.

She helped him pump his cum out by grinding her ass against his belly. Her asshole contracted repeatedly, sucking, massaging.

Tim jerked against her ass until he'd fucked out every drop. Then he eased his cock out of her and collapsed in the straw by her side.

"Man, you're the hottest!" he mumbled. "You're the best. Goddamn... My own sister!"

Denise spit out Romeo's cock. The dog let out a groan and lay down, resting his jaws on his front paws. Denise lowered herself to the straw and scooted up against her brother. He wrapped his arms around her, pressing his half-hard prick against her ass. His legs wrapped around her. He sighed in her ear and his breath gave her goose bumps. A minute later, he was sound asleep.

Denise lay there, caught in her twin brother's embrace, trapped between him and the big black Lab. She felt very secure. She closed her eyes, listening to the sounds in the barn. Kids all over were fucking like animals. The animals themselves were restless and noisy. She heard the boy in the stall across the way tell his girlfriend that he wanted to eat her ass.

The last sound Denise heard before she joined her brother in sleep was the girl across the way telling her boyfriend to shove his tongue in deep.


She woke up with a start, and so apparently did Tim. He pushed her away and jumped up. Denise jumped up, too. Tim ran out of the stall, but before Denise could follow him, she had to make sure Romeo was tied up and couldn't run away from the stall. It sounded as if a wild party was going on in the barn. Kids laughed and whooped and shouted crazy things. Denise felt a little anxious as she left the stall and stumbled naked down the central corridor of the barn, but her anxiety was less than her curiosity. Besides, she felt the need to stay close to her brother now.

Tim had joined the group of kids at the open center of the barn. All of the kids stood there naked, the shorter ones standing on tiptoe so they could see past the shoulders and heads of the kids in front of them. Most of the boys displayed hard cocks, which they rubbed against the girl closest to them as they watched the action they had gathered around to see. As Denise moved in among them, trying to find Tim, two boys grabbed her and started rubbing their hot cocks against her hips and asscheeks. Denise felt vulnerable and started shaking. She didn't try to get away, however, her vulnerability excited her.

The kids were shouting, laughing giddily, urging on the three girls in the center of the ring formed by the crowd. The three naked girls stood on their knees, each girl under the belly of a snorting stallion. Apparently, the three horses had been led from their stalls to the center of the barn so the three girls could suck and jack them off. Denise learned shortly that the girls were competing with each other, each trying to bring off her stallion first. The girls used their lips and tongues, and hands and arms, even their tits to stimulate the three enormous horse-cocks.

Denise flushed from head to toe, seeing one of her secret fantasies being played out as if on a stage in front of all these screaming kids. She'd imagined doing such things to stallions. She'd never seen bigger cocks on any animal, except maybe donkeys. Horse-cocks had always fascinated her. They'd never scared her as much as boy-cocks, though -- even though they were much larger -- because she'd never heard of a horse trying to fuck a girl. A few times, she'd come close to doing what these girls were doing now, but she'd always chickened out at the last moment.

The three girls worked with determination, their faces flushed. The three huge horse-cocks jumped and quivered in their hands as they tried to make the animals shoot. Fuck-lube oozed from the gaping pissholes on the excited horse-cocks and the girls licked it up like honey, as fast as it bubbled out.

"Would you like to do that?" one of the boys hanging onto Denise asked her. "I bet you would. All you chicks are crazy about horses 'cause they bring you off when you're riding 'em."

Denise flushed even more. How did he know that? It seemed all her deepest, darkest secrets were fast becoming common knowledge. How could some boy she'd never met know that she got off while riding horses, that the rubbing of her cunt against the horse's back as she rode them, squeezing his muscular body between her legs was enough to bring her off again and again during a single ride?

"You ever suck off a horse?" the boy growled in her ear, making her shiver. "You like to eat horse-jizz?"

He worked his cock up and down against her ass. His arm wrapped around her and he squeezed her tits. As he embraced her, the other boy moved aside.

Denise's hand moved as if by itself and caught the hard cock of the boy who was moving away. She squeezed his cock, and he smiled at her. The boy embracing her slipped his cock between her lube-slick thighs and started to work it between them, thigh-fucking her. She trembled in the one boy's embrace and slowly jacked of the other boy, all the while trying to watch the three girls jack off the three stallions.

The horses were getting more and more restless. One of them tried to rear up, but a boy grabbed his bridle and calmed him.

"This one's getting close," the boy said.

"Come on, boy," cooed the young girl jerking off the horse who'd just reared up. "Come on, baby, give it to me. You can do it, boy, you can do it." Her tone was seductive, teasing. Her hands played up and down the horse-cock as if she were fingering a gigantic flute. She fastened her mouth to the huge, flaring prick-knob, licking it all over. The cock-knob was so big that she couldn't get it in her mouth.

The horse started snorting. His loins quivered and thrust, and the girl fought to hold onto his cock. He tried to rear up, but the boys holding his bridle wouldn't let him.

"Come on, baby, come on!" gibbered the girl frantically. "Oh, shoot it!" She rubbed her hot cheeks against his prickhead as she jerked her hands up and down. She kept licking, kept sucking, kept kissing the horse-cock.

The stallion whinnied, thrusting powerfully. His flanks shuddered and his eyes appeared glassy as his jism erupted in powerful streams and splashed over the girl's face and tits.

The kids cheered as the stallion creamed all over the naked girl, who was doing her best to catch his hot horse-cum in her open mouth. Her hands slipped up and down his bucking, cum-spurting cock. She moaned, sucking down his cum, bathing in it.

The other two stallions seemed to catch the orgasmic frenzy of the first one, because they suddenly snorted in unison, exploding their profuse cum-loads all over the other two girls. The pungent scent of horse-jism filled the air.

"Oh wow, look at that!" mumbled the boy who was fucking Denise between the legs. The spurting of the stallions all over the girls had excited him and he was ramming his cock back and forth between Denise's slippery thighs.

Denise could feel the boy's big cock swelling and hardening, and she squirmed in his arms, turned on by the heat and slippery feel of his cock. At the same time, she jerked her hand faster and faster up and down the cock of the other boy, using the same motion she'd watched her brother Tim use so many times when she'd spied on his jerking off. She'd never jerked off a boy before, but she already felt herself an expert at it.

The three girls under the stallions writhed, their faces and tits slimy with horse-cum. They licked the big jizz-oozing horse-cocks, expressions of wild pleasure on their faces as they worked their thighs together in their excitement. It took only seconds before one of the girls started jerking with orgasm. Within a few more seconds, all three of them were squirming as the spasms gnawed through their cunts and they sucked the last thick wads of jism from the pissholes of three grunting stallions.

"Sexy!" moaned the boy thigh-fucking Denise. "Oh God, I never saw nothing so sexy in my life!" He pumped his cock between Denise's legs as it swelled hugely, its veins bulging. Suddenly, his cock flexed hard and he started fucking out his jism as he crushed Denise in his arms.

Denise wriggled, gibbering with excitement. "Shoot it," she muttered. "Squirt it!" She caught handfuls of hot jism as it spurted between her clamped thighs. The feel of the boy's hot cock fucking and squirting between her thighs made her want to squeal.

The boy she was jerking off was thrusting his loins, fucking his cock in her hand. She could feel his cock hardening, its veins bloated and resembling blue snakes on his prickshaft. She slapped some of the one boy's hot cum onto the other boy's cock so she could grease his prick and make it slide more easily in her hand. As she worked the slippery cum over the cock in her hand, the boy she was jerking off exploded.

"Ohhhhhh, mannnnn!" he moaned, writhing.

His eyes rolled back as he pumped his cock in Denise's hand and spurted his jism against her belly. As he continued to come, he fell against her, rubbing against her and hugging her from the front as the other boy hugged her and thigh-fucked her from behind.

The jism poured from the two boys as one cock flexed between Denise's legs and the other cock against her belly, creaming her soft skin. Denise was surrounded by hot male flesh. Her skin prickled. Her loins tightened. She squirmed between the two spasming youths, moaning with excitement. She spotted the three girls who had jerked off the horses as they lapped the sticky horse-cum off each other like cats licking one another. Denise's excitement reached a peak and exploded. She let go, writhing with orgasm as the two grunting boys crushed her between their sweaty bodies.

The boys let her go at last and she slid to her knees, dizzy and weak. She had jism running down her legs and belly. And all around her, boys and girls were pawing at each other. A girl nearby was on her knees, sucking the cocks of two boys simultaneously. Another girl was on her hands and knees, getting fucked from behind by a grunting farm boy. The scent of sweaty teenaged bodies, jism and cunt were stronger now than the smell of the animals. Denise saw three boys led the three drained stallions back to their stalls.

"Don't waste it," a girl said, dropping down next to Denise. The girl was giggling as if drunk. She crouched down like a dog and started to lick the cum off Denise's belly.

Denise was stunned. She kneeled there, watching the girl lick her abdomen. She moaned softly as the girl licked upward and sucked on her nipples.

"Move your legs apart," the girl said. "Mmm, look at all this sweet jizz!"

Denise watched the girl's head move up and down as the girl slurped the sticky cum off her legs. Suddenly, the girl slid up, wrapping her arms around Denise and pressing their big tits together. She kissed Denise before Denise knew what was happening.

"You're cute," the girl said. "Why don't you and me find someplace cozy and have some fun?"

"I-I don't know," Denise said uncertainly.

"Come on," the girl said. She'd stood up and was trying to pull Denise up. "You'll really like it."

Denise let go and allowed herself to be led. The girl pulled her by the hand down the central corridor of the barn, past the stall where Romeo was tied up, whimpering and trying to break loose from his leash. Denise wondered where Peggy was at this hour, then had visions of the blonde munching on that farmer's big prick, or of Peggy squealing and kicking her legs as the farmer fucked her.

"Here's a nice quiet place," the girl said. She pulled Denise into an empty stall at the far end of the barn. She fell on her back in the straw and pulled Denise down on top of her. "Kiss me."

Denise hesitated. This seemed pretty weird to her. Here she lay, her tits pressed to another girl's tits, her cunt pressed to another girl's cunt. The girl squirmed up against her. Rubbing their flesh together.

"Kiss me, you cute little bitch." The girl puckered her lips, trying to press them to Denise's lips. "Kiss me."

Their lips brushed together and Denise felt an itchy thrill in her own lips. Her cunt tightened, throbbing with an itch of its own. She felt the girl's hard nipples pressing into her tits like hot fingertips. The girl's silky hands roved up and down Denise's back, the fingernails lightly scratching.

Denise closed her eyes and pressed her lips to the other girl's mouth. They sighed in unison as they kissed. The girl's mouth opened and Denise opened her own mouth. Their tongues slipped into each other's mouth. Denise felt fuck-thrills pulsating in her loins. She started to hump against the girl.

"Mmm, feels so good!" cooed the girl, grinding up against Denise. "You're a hot bitch, ain't ya?"

They rolled in the straw, rubbing their smooth bodies together. Denise loved the feel of the girl's silky hot flesh, loved the feel of their swelling tits mashed together.

"Let's do a scissors," the girl said. "I love to get off that way."

"A what?" Denise asked.

"You've never done a scissors?" the girl said incredulously. "Come on, tell me another one!" She pushed Denise away.

"I don't know what you're talking about," Denise said.

The girl grinned. "Well, maybe you don't. If you've never done a scissors, girl, you're in for a treat. Just lay back and spread your legs a little."

Denise relaxed in the straw, her tits heaving with excitement. The other girl lay down next to Denise, her head at Denise's feet. She spread her legs.

"Roll on your side," the girl said. As Denise did so, the girl put her right leg between Denise's legs, then slid her right foot along Denise's ass and back. The girl wiggled up, straddling Denise's crotch until her right foot wiggled in Denise's hair in back and her left foot rested in Denise's face. The girl's hot crotch pressed directly against Denise's crotch, their two steaming bottoms joined. The girl started licking Denise's foot, at the same time grinding her wet cunt against Denise's throbbing fuckhole.

Denise moaned, her cunt on fire. She was so turned on that she started licking the girl's toes, even though the girl's foot was filthy from going barefoot on the bus and in the barn. She'd never imagined she could feel so good, rubbing cunts with another girl.

"Your pussy is so hot," the girl cooed. "And so are your toes." She reached between her legs and spread her cunt wide open. "Pull apart your cunt-lips, too. I wanna feel your hot cuntmeat against mine."

Denise reached down and hauled her pussy-lips wide apart. As she pressed her raw, dripping crotch to the other girl's, her loins swam with thrills.

"Mmm, you're all gooey with cum," the girl breathed. "That's hot. The cum's just leaking out of you. You've been fucking boys, you naughty girl."

And a dog too, Denise thought, grinding her hot crotch against the girl's as dog cum and boy-spunk oozed from her pulsating pussy and made the other girl's spread cunt sticky, too.

They moaned as they worked their cunts together. The aroma of jism and cunt filled the air in the stall. Their sopping-wet cunts made liquid noises as they ground against each other.

"I've got jizz in me too," the girl said. "Except it's up my asshole. I love getting my ass fucked best, and the boys are crazy about doing it. Never met a boy who didn't wanna squirt his jizz up my asshole."

Denise thought of Tim's big cock fucking in her own asshole and she groaned with excitement. "I like it, too," she said. "My asshole's full of cock cream."

"Oh, you hot bitch!" the girl said. "Let's get off. I'm so fucking hot I can't stand it anymore." She started sucking on Denise's dirty toes as if they were small cocks. She churned her loins, grinding her sizzling cuntmeat against Denise's pussy.

Denise felt thrills coursing through her feet and legs as the girl munched on her toes. She'd never known her toes were so sensitive. Her loins throbbed, her pussy sucking the other girl's pussy. She sucked the girl's toes, getting more turned on by the moment.

"Mmmm," the girl cooed. "Hot bitch! Juicy cunt! Sexy toes! Ohh, it feels so good!"

The girl expressed Denise's feeling perfectly. Denise moaned, grinding her loins faster, and gnawing on the other girl's toes. Their cunts drooled, and it was as if hot oil had been poured between their joined cunts.

"Come!" the girl moaned. "Come with me! Oh, God!"

Denise felt herself melting. The fuck-itch surged in her crotch and fingers of orgasm wriggled through her loins.

"Coming!" she moaned, nearly gnawing the girl's toes off in her frenzy of pleasure.

"Me, too!" whined the girl. "Ohhh, Goddddd!" Her toes clutched and her toenails nearly cut Denise's lips. She grunted as she ground her spasming pussy against Denise's.

"Mmmmmm!" Denise moaned, flashes of light going off behind her eyeballs. "Oh, Goddd!"

They churned their contracting pussies against each other until they'd squeezed out their pleasure. When they fell apart, the girl started giggling, and so did Denise. She didn't know why. Maybe it was because she felt a sense of wild freedom.

"What's the biggest cock you ever played with?" the girl asked.

"My brother's," Denise said, then she felt ashamed of admitting such a thing.

"I don't mean just on a boy," the girl said, apparently unfazed by Denise's admission of incest. "I mean, what's the biggest cock -- any cock? I mean, like an animal or something."

"His was the biggest," Denise said. "And it's a really big one."

"A lot of boys have big ones," the girl said. "But some animals have pricks that make the biggest boy-pricks look like teenie weenies. Ever play with a donkey cock?" The girl grinned wickedly.

"No," Denise said. "And I don't think I care to."

"Sure, you do," said the girl. "Donkeys are wild."


"Wouldn't you like to fuck it?" The girl was caressing the donkey's enormous cock, licking her lips as she admired the big fucker.

Denise swallowed, both frightened and fascinated. "I don't think so," she said. "It would kill me."

"No it wouldn't. You'd be surprised how much cock your pussy can take."

"I don't know," Denise said.

She was remembering how afraid she'd been of boy-cocks, especially of Tim's. She'd never dreamed she'd be able to fuck a boy without screaming in pain. She'd even been afraid of being stabbed to death by a big thick boy-cock. Well, now she'd been fucked by two of them -- and Tim had shoved his big boner up her asshole -- and she'd not only lived, but she'd felt pleasure beyond her wildest dreams. Maybe the girl was right about the donkey's cock.

"Touch it," the girl said. "Feel how hard and hot it is."

Denise's heart thumped as she gingerly fingered the donkey's huge hard-on. Her fingers tingled as she touched it. She giggled, excitement rushing through her body and making her bolder. "It is hot," she said.

"Isn't it, though!" the girl said. "Let's make it come. Let's give this big boy a suck-job."

They both giggled. Denise was sure her own face was flushed as deeply as the other girl's face. The sex-flush showed not only in the girl's face but down over her shoulders and tits.

They were on their knees in the straw, sitting on their heels under the quivering flanks of the donkey. The donkey they were playing with stood there quietly, only his throbbing cock and the quivering flesh of his flanks betraying his excitement. A donkey in the next stall was watching them, his own cock stiff. The donkey kept snorting and shifting his hooves.

The two girls began licking the donkey's cock. They both held onto his prick, caressing it as they licked. Denise reached up and felt the animal's enormous balls, squeezing them and scratching them. The donkey snorted, thrusting.

"He's getting worked up, isn't he?" the girl said. "Look, he's leaking." She stuck out her tongue, milking the donkey-cock with two hands and catching a strand of silvery fuck-lube as it oozed from the animal's pisshole.

"What does it taste like?" Denise asked.

"Just like a boy's," the girl said. "Only stronger." She offered the cock to Denise as she milked it again.

Denise felt the heat of the prick-knob on her lips as she opened up and let the fuck-lube drip on her extended tongue. As she swallowed the gooey prick-sap, a wave of dizziness passed through her head, as if the fuck-lube were a strong liquor. Hungry for more, she sucked on the end of the donkey's cock, rimming his pisshole with her nimble tongue. The donkey brayed, driving his prickhead into her mouth. His cock shuddered, and Denise choked as hot donkey-cum exploded against her tonsils.

"Christ!" the girl said. "What did you do to him?" She was jerking on the animal's cum-spurting cock as he pumped out his load.

Denise kept choking. The donkey's cockhead was stuffed in her mouth like a fist, and it swelled enormously as he came. She couldn't get her mouth off his cock, nor could she stop the animal from shooting. She swallowed cum frantically, glugging down the donkey's steaming fuck-load, but she couldn't swallow fast enough. The cum gushed into her mouth and throat, stream after stream of it. The pungent taste and aroma made her head swim. Cum bubbled out of her mouth, running down her neck and onto her tits. Denise feared she'd choke to death.

"Oh, hot!" the other girl gibbered. "Wow!"

She lapped up the cum on Denise's tits, sucking and slurping it from Denise's skin. Her tongue lapped up Denise's neck, then licked Denise's lips, catching the creamy donkey-cum as it bubbled from Denise's hugely stretched mouth.

The donkey snorted one last time, and his cock started to soften. The moment his prickhead had deflated enough, Denise pulled her mouth off it. The other girl immediately grabbed the donkey's cock, milking it, sucking out the cum from the long floppy prick. Denise sat back, catching her breath, trying to clear her head.

"What did you do to make him come so fast?" the other girl asked.

"I pushed my tongue in his pisshole," Denise said, wiping the sticky donkey-cum off her mouth and chin. The alkaline aroma was still making her light-headed.

"Thanks for telling me," the girl said. "Now whenever I want a drink of hot cock cream, I'll know how to get one quick." She glanced over in the next stall. "Looks like we've got another customer to take care of."

Denise followed the girl into the stall where the other donkey was waiting. The two of them crawled on their hands and knees like a pair of animals, their swollen tits dangling and swinging, their asses up in the air. Denise noticed pussy juice leaking from the girl's cunt and trickling down her legs, and she was excited by the sight. As they crawled under the new donkey, Denise couldn't help taking a taste of the girl's pussy.

The girl squealed. "Oh, you dirty little bitch! Mmmm, lick me, eat up my pussy!" She wiggled her ass in Denise's face, rubbing her hairy crotch in Denise's mouth.

Denise compared the juices dribbling from the girl's cunt to a sweet wine. She mashed her face to the girl's crotch, inhaling the fragrance, gnawing and sucking on the wet cuntmeat. She lapped up and down the girl's fuck-furrow, then licked up the pussy juices that had run down her thighs.

"Oh, wowww! Now do my asshole. Clean it out." The girl wiggled her naked ass so wildly that Denise had to grab her ass so she could eat it. "That's it, shove your tongue right up my shithole. Ain't it tasty, girl?"

Denise moaned, enjoying the musky flavor of the girl's asshole. The girl's shitter sucked as Denise twisted her tongue inside it. Denise tasted jizz, too, the spunk from one or more farm boys, and she sucked, trying to vacuum it out of the squirming girl.

"Look at the lezzies," a boy said. "Sucking ass and pussy."

Denise snapped her head up. Two sweaty farm boys with big hard-ons were grinning down at her and the girl. Denise felt herself flush so hotly that her eyes watered and got blurry.

"We're not lezzies," the girl said. "We'll show you." She crawled out from under the donkey and slid up the legs of one of the boys, licking his big brown balls.

The other boy eyed Denise. "What about you, farm girl?"

Denise giggled, embarrassed but excited. She followed the other girl's example, slithering up the boy's muscular legs until she was kneeling in front of him and sucking on his balls. She buried her face between the boy's legs, drunk on the scent of sweaty balls.

The boy let her lick his crotch, then pushed her head away and turned around. He bent forward slightly, arching his back and turning up his ass like a girl wanting to be fucked. His dirty hands spread his asscheeks wide, showing Denise his sweaty ass-cleft and his twitching brown asshole.

"Lick my asshole, lezzie. Suck it out." The boy wiggled his ass.

Denise would have done it even if she hadn't been ordered to. This was another sexual delicacy she'd never sampled before. She lapped up and down the length of the boy's ass-crack, then probed his tight pucker. His ass pucker was moist and tasty. As she fucked it with her tongue, the boy moaned. She shoved her tongue in deep and licked him out. Next to her, the other girl was doing the same thing to the other boy.

After a minute, the boy pushed Denise away. "That's enough. You're gonna make me blow my nuts if you keep that up, and I wanna save it."

"Me too," the other boy said.

Both boys turned around, showing the two girls their raging hard-ons.

"Mmmmn, I wanna eat some cock!" the girl said, going for one boy's cock.

"Me, too," Denise said, going for the cock of the other boy. She was literally drooling.

The boys pushed them away.

"We wanna see you lezzies do it with that donkey," said the other boy.

The girl glanced at Denise. "Come on, let's give them a show. Only this time I get to suck out the donkey's jizz."

"We don't want you to blow him," the boy said. "We want you to fuck him."

Denise's first impulse was to run, but when the other girl just giggled, Denise did too. The other girl had no fear. So why should she?

"I get to go first," the girl said, the tone of her voice challenging Denise. She crawled under the donkey, then got to her feet under him, staying bent over and pressing her back up against the animal's belly.

The donkey's stiff cock flexed up between her legs.

"Well, come on," the girl said, shooting Denise a glance. "I can't handle this alone."

Denise didn't know what the girl expected of her, but she crawled under the donkey at the girl's side.

"You have to guide his cock," the girl said. "He'll never get it in me otherwise. Lift his cock up and help him shove it in me." The girl was trembling, her voice starting to sound shaky. Pussy cream was running down her legs like hot sap. "And you guys keep him down. I don't want him rearing up on me."

The boys giggled, but moved into the stall, one boy standing on each side of the animal's head. Their pricks were pointed at the ceiling of the barn and looked ready to split out of their skins.

"Okay," the girl said, her voice really shaking now. "I'm ready. Shove it in me! Oh God, quick!"

The donkey seemed to know what was happening, because he started to snort. His prick flexed and wiggled so hard that Denise had a hard time holding onto it. This donkey had a slightly larger prick than the other one -- as long as Denise's arm and just as thick. Fuck-lube oozed out of his pisshole and Denise caught the slippery stuff, rubbing it on the head and shaft of the jerking cock. The donkey brayed as Denise greased his colossal cock.

"Oh God, shove it in me!" the girl groaned. She'd reached behind herself and was holding her cunt wide open. The fuck juices were running out of her pussy like syrup.

Denise aimed the donkey's cock at the girl's open cunt and the donkey thrust. His prickhead ground against the girl's crotch, fucking inside. It disappeared inside her like a purple fist.

The girl stiffened, gasping. "It's so fucking big! Oh God, shit!"

"Fuck her!" one of the boys shouted at the donkey.

The beast thrust again, this time ramming about eight more inches of his cock up the girl's crotch.

"Ohhhh, Goddd!" The girl writhed as if she'd been impaled on a spear.

The donkey started to hump, fucking his huge prick in and out of the gasping farm girl.

"Look at that stud pound pussy!" one of the boys said in a voice full of awe and admiration. The other boy laughed wildly.

Denise sat back on her heels, watching the incredible sight at close range. The girl's pussy-lips were stretched to near tearing around the donkey's baseball-bat cock. As the huge cock fucked in and out, the girl's toes clawed the straw. Hot pussy juice continued to trickle down her legs.

"Uhhhh, uhhh, uhhhhh!" the girl groaned, squirming as if she were being tortured. As she gasped from the donkey's fuck-thrusts, she played with her own tits.

The two boys had stopped giggling. Their faces were red and they were massaging their big boy-cocks with pumping hands.

The girl jerked suddenly as if she'd been shot. Her eyes rolled back to white slits and she whined, her body shuddering. "I'm coming, ohhhhhh!"

She writhed, looking completely delirious, gasping repeatedly as the donkey cock fucked her spasming cunt. After several seconds, she fell forward and collapsed in the straw.

The donkey brayed, his cock banging up and down against his abdomen, fuck-lube and pussy juice dripping from it.

"You bitch!" one of the boys said, kicking at the girl. "You didn't give him a chance to come."

The other boy pushed at the girl with his bare foot. "Get back up and fuck him!"

"I can't," the girl said. "Leave me alone." Then she sighed, pillowing her head on the straw as if she were going to take a nap.

The boys nudged her with their feet, but she only sighed, ignoring them.

The donkey was getting more and more riled. He kept braying and snorting, thrusting at the air, shifting his hooves. His cock slapped his abdomen again and again.

"You fuck him!" one of the boys said to Denise.

"I-I can't," Denise said, suddenly feeling very weak, almost sick. "It's... it's too big."

"If she can fuck it, you can fuck it," the boy said, moving toward her. "A girl's cunt is like rubber -- it'll stretch big enough to take an elephant's cock if it has to." He pulled Denise by the hand. "Get up and bend over. You'll love it, just like she did."

The donkey's cock banged Denise as she was pulled to her feet. His prick was so hot, so hard. She feared his cock, and yet it excited her. "Bend over," the boy said. "Turn up your ass and show me your cunt. Wow!" The boy, kneeling now, reached up as Denise bent over, and he slipped a few fingers inside her cunt. "Juicy bitch! Oh, wow!"

Denise's heart pounded. She pressed her back to the heaving abdomen of the restless, lusting donkey. It seemed that the more scared she felt, the more excited she became. The hot juice was dribbling from her pussy and down her legs, and the boy started licking it up.

"Christ, don't eat her now!" the other boy said. "Slide that donkey prick in her before he shoots all over her ass."

"Spread your flaps," the kneeling boy said shakily. "Open up that hot fuckhole."

Shivering, whimpering with terror and terrible excitement, Denise reached behind herself and tugged open her cunt-flaps. The hot juice ran out of her pussy like water.

The boy lifted the donkey's bucking cock into position and the beast fucked it up Denise's cunt.

She thought that long cock was going to come out her mouth. She thought her loins had exploded. She whined, writhing and gasping, out of her mind with frantic shock. It was as if an arm had been rammed up her pussy. She was sure that at least a foot of donkey-cock had been rammed up her cunt. What was surprising was that she felt little pain. The stretch made her mouth gape and her body tense, but the unbearable pain she'd expected to feel wasn't there.

"Oh, wow!" the kneeling boy said. "Sexy! Fuck that cunt, you dumb old animal!"

"Come here and help me hold him," the other boy said, struggling with the donkey as it fucked its cock in and out. "He wants to rear. I can't hold him alone."

The other boy jumped up to hold the snorting animal's head. Denise saw the two huge boy-cocks jutting up at her, saw grubby hands pumping them. The sight of the two boys jacking off fed her lust. As the donkey-cock fucked in and out of her, she gritted her teeth and rotated her ass.

"Ohhhhhhh!" she moaned, her entire body prickling with fuck-tension. The feeling was driving her out of her mind.

"Fuck that cock, you hot girl," muttered one of the boys.

"How's it feel?" said the other boy. "Bet it feels real good, don't it?"

Denise realized that tears were running down her burning cheeks. She was so hot that she was melting. She rubbed her back against the animal's furry belly, gasping as he rammed his giant fucker into her again and again. Her loins were going to burst from the tension. The fuck-feeling saturated not only her loins, but her legs, her belly, her tits -- even her fingertips.

"Fuck meeeee!" she whined. "Ohhhh, fuck meeeee!"

"Goddamn!" the boys said in unison, breathing heavily as they tried to hold the donkey down and simultaneously pounded their lube-bubbling cock.

Denise swore that the cocks of the two boys had grown inches longer, inches thicker -- that they were starting to resemble donkey-cocks.

The donkey brayed repeatedly, thrusting with a quick rhythm, fucking Denise's cunt as if it were the cunt of a female donkey. Denise knew that she was going to lose her mind if this went on much longer. Her nipples and toes tingled as if they were being stabbed with millions of microscopic needles. She was going to come any time now.

The cocks of the two boys were so stiff that their cock skin had pulled back tautly. Their purple prickheads looked as if they would pop off their cockshafts at any moment. Their pissholes looked big enough to insert fingertips in. Denise wanted their cum.

She reached out, grabbing the cockhead of one of the farm boys. "Let me suck it! Oh God, please let me!"

"Shit!" The boy stepped forward, and he rammed his cock into Denise's mouth. The moment she tasted his sweaty prick-knob, his cum exploded against her tonsils. "Awwww shit!"

Denise sucked in a frenzy, glugging down the boy's thick hot cum, munching on his prickhead and swallowing as much of his prickshaft as she could. His cum streamed down her gullet as his prick quivered and contracted in her mouth.

"Hold this fucking donkey!" the other boy gasped. "Come on, damn it!"

The spent boy staggered back to grab the head of the lust-incensed donkey. The other boy lunged forward, ramming his cock at Denise's mouth just as it erupted its molten fuck-cream.

"Ahhhhhhh!" the coming boy moaned, jerking himself off into Denise's mouth. "Eat it!"

Denise cooed, slurping and sucking, munching prickhead and swallowing salty cock cream. He came too fast for her to swallow all his jism, and much of it ran down over his knuckles. Before he could step back to assist his companion in holding the frenzied donkey, Denise managed to suck the thick cream off his dirty knuckles.

The donkey exploded into her pussy. It was like taking a load of buckshot up her cunt. The donkey-cum gushed into her like lava exploding from a volcano. She cried out in shock, then shuddered from head to toe as her loins went into spasms.

The boys were muttering excitedly as they tried to hold the thrusting donkey, who kept trying to rear up as he pumped out his cum-load. The beast brayed with each explosion of his cum, thrusting fiercely, fucking his spurting prick deep into Denise's clutching cunt. The wild cries of the donkey expressed her own feelings perfectly. Her toes clawed at the concrete underneath the straw as her entire body shook with spasms of pure pleasure -- pleasure so intense that it verged on pain.

"Fuck meeeee!" Denise whined, jerking with spasms, gasping as the donkey-cum burst into her. "Ohhhh, fuck meeeee!" She felt completely delirious, completely out of her mind.

She fell away from the donkey at last, collapsing on top of the naked girl in the straw before her. She could feel her cunt gaping wide open for several seconds before it began to close up. The girl under her uttered a few cuss words, but didn't try to push Denise off. So Denise lay on top of her, trying to catch her breath, trying to get back her senses.

"Wow!" one of the boys said. "That was hot!"

"You're telling me!" the other boy said. "I'm still hard as a rock, and I already came about six times today. I'm ready to go again."

"So am I," said the other boy.

Denise was too exhausted to protest as one of the boys mounted her and fucked his randy prick up her cunt. She lay on top of the other girl, letting the boys rut at her from behind like animals. Their pricks squished in her cum-filled cunt, and the fact that she was filled with donkey-cum seemed to excite them. The first boy came into her pussy and rolled off.

The second boy fucked her cunt for a minute or two, then pulled out his cum greased cock and slipped it up her asshole. Denise enjoyed the feeling of the slick cock up her ass. When the boy came a minute later, she was just starting to get horny again. She wiggled her ass around his flexing prick, then moaned as he slipped it out of her and collapsed next to his sleeping companion.

Horny, but completely exhausted, Denise rolled off the other girl and fell asleep as her head hit the straw. She slept as she'd never before.

During the night, she woke up to the other girl's screaming and cursing. She smelled piss and her mind cleared enough to realize that the donkey had decided to take a piss, and that he was pissing all over the other girl. She heard the boys laugh sleepily. The piss-drenched girl crawled out of the stall, and Denise fell asleep again. When she awoke the next morning, alone in the stall with the only donkey, she wondered if she had dreamed everything that had happened last night.


Her first day at the fair convinced her that she hadn't dreamed anything, that everything that had happened on the bus trip down and in the barn last night, was as real as the nipples on her tits. The state fair, more than anything else, was a place for free and uninhibited sex. The grounds were completely unchaperoned. Boys and girls french kissed on the midway, shoving hands down each other's pants and groping cocks and cunts. As Denise wandered around with her group, almost every boy she saw flirted with her, and she knew that every one of them would fuck her if she gave them the chance. She felt like part of her Young Farmers group now, and she enjoyed being with the other kids.

After breakfast in the mess hall, where Denise's group dined with the other YF groups at the fair, they spent the morning shoveling manure and feeding the animals. By noon the barn looked neat and clean. Fairgoers and judges wandered in and out of the open barn, so the kids were on their best behavior -- perfect little ladies and gentlemen, clean-living, hard-working farm kids. As Denise swept the center aisle of the barn clean, she smiled to herself, wondering what all these judges and fairgoers would think if they'd have walked into the barn last night, after hours.

The kids wandered around the fair in the afternoon, leaving just a few of the group behind to baby-sit the animals. During the course of the afternoon, Denise became more and more bold, daring to look boys in the eye as she passed them on the midway. When they gave her the once-over, their eyes lingering on her tits and on her bare legs and feet, Denise felt a rush of excitement in her loins. For the first time in her life, she was eating up the attention being given her by the boys. They all wanted her -- wanted to fuck her -- and that thrilled her.

It was late afternoon when she couldn't stand waiting anymore. She needed a quick fuck, and she was going to get it. As her group had wandered the midway, she'd seen some of them slip away from time to time, only to return to the group later, red faced and smirking with satisfaction. There was no secret about where they'd gone and what they'd done. They'd sneaked off behind the midway game joints for some quick sex.

"How was she?" Denise had heard boys ask their returning buddies more than once. "She sucked like a calf," was one answer to the question. "Tight but slippery," was another.

Watching her companions slip away, hearing their comments when they returned to the group, Denise started to feel as if she really were missing out. So, her pussy throbbing like her heart, she caught the eye of a cute, shy-looking boy near the Ferris wheel, and she approached him.

"Hi," she said.

The kid blushed, mumbling a "hi" in return.

Her anxiety lessened as she realized that she was in control. The kid looked sheepish and embarrassed, his brown eyes were nearly hiding behind a thick brown forelock. He was a skinny boy in jeans and running shoes. His shirt was stuffed in his back pocket.

She stroked his tanned chest, grinning at him, and he started to shake, as if he might faint. She licked her lips.

"Come on, let's go for a walk," she said.

"Sure," the boy mumbled. "I mean, all right, sure."

She took him by the hand and led him to the area of game tents where she'd seen kids from her group go. His hand was sweating as she led him between two tents and out behind them.

Off the midway, the fair grounds in this area were thick with camping tents and house trailers. Denise wasn't sure where to take the boy. They surely couldn't just pull down their pants and start fucking. There were people wandering around back here. Denise led the boy aimlessly for a minute before a tent nearby popped open and Peggy crawled out, followed by a shirtless young man with tattoos on his arms.

Peggy took one look at Denise and the boy and she smirked. "It's all yours, babe. Nobody's home." She eyed Denise's boy like a tigress appraising potential prey. "Cute, but too skinny for my tastes. Have fun with him, bitch." She laughed, walking away with the tattooed young man, her hand massaging his bare lower back, then sliding into his jeans to rub his ass. She mumbled something to the young man, and he laughed.

"Who's she?" the boy asked Denise.

"Just a dumb girl I know," Denise said. "Come on." She dropped down and crawled into the tent, the boy right behind her.

It was a fairly large tent, with a screen window to let in air and light. Once inside, it would have been possible to stand up in the tent, but Denise had no need to.

"It stinks in here," the boy said.

Haven't you ever smelled cunt? Denise thought, because that was what the air smelled like. Not only that, the floor of the tent was wet with fuck-juices.

"Take off your pants and shoes," Denise said, ignoring the boy's comment. Sitting, she took off her T-shirt and jeans, which were all she was wearing.

The boy breathed like a bellows, his hands shaky as he undressed. He wore neither socks nor underwear, so he stripped completely almost before Denise had. His cock, seven inches long and straight as an arrow, throbbed against his shiny brown belly, pointing straight up.

Denise grabbed his prick, the excitement racing through her. "Cute," she mumbled.

The boy stroked her tits. "They're big. Can I suck 'em?" He didn't wait for Denise to answer, but leaned over and started munching on Denise's nipples.

Denise's cunt did flip-flops as the boy sucked her tits. The hot juice started running out of her pussy and pooling on the vinyl floor of the tent. She felt the boy's cock swelling in her hand, growing even harder. She let go of it for fear that he'd shoot off -- fast, like that donkey last night.

"That's enough," she said, pushing the boy away. "Don't bite 'em off, huh?"

The boy sat up, panting as if he'd just run a race. His face was flushed, and he was sweating. "Sorry, it's just that I never sucked a girl's tits before."

"Did you ever fuck a girl before?"

The boy shook his head sheepishly. "Nope," he said, as if embarrassed.

Denise felt a surge of excitement and elation. The boy was a virgin, just like she'd been yesterday. It thrilled her to realize that she was going to initiate him. She felt like a pro at sex, as if she'd been fucking all her life. She wondered what the boy's reaction would be if she told him that she'd fucked a donkey last night.

"Lay down on your back," she said. "I'll ride you." She tried to sound experienced even though she'd never ridden a boy before. She'd seen girls do it in the woods, though, and on the bus and in the barn last night. She was dying to try it, herself.

The boy stretched out on his back, pillowing his head in his clasped hands as if he were about to receive a massage. His chest rose and fell rapidly. His prickhead pecked at his navel, leaking fuck-lube into it.

"Just relax," Denise said seductively. She was shaking just as hard as the boy was, but she fought to control herself. She wanted to give him the impression that she'd done this hundreds of times.

"You're cute," she said. "And I'm gonna fuck you."

The boy's prick flexed up, standing rigid as a tent pole before flopping back down. He moaned, his entire body reddening with a sex flush.

"Take it easy," Denise said, rubbing her fingertips over his hot lips. Then she leaned over and kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth. He was shaking like a leaf.

Denise giggled. She licked his nose. She nuzzled down and sucked his small brown nipples. He groaned. She sniffed his armpits and licked the sweat off them. The scent of him made her high.

"Oh, God!" the boy gasped, his nostrils flaring as if he were breathing steam from them. He was quivering from head to toe, and Denise feared he would lose control and grab her.

She didn't want that. She wanted to remain in control of things -- the way Peggy did.

"Calm down," she said, although her voice sounded anything but calm.

She moved quickly, straddling the boy's loins as she faced him. As she kneeled over him, she reached between her legs and lifted his bone-hard cock until it pointed at her dripping cunt like a seven-inch peg. His cock was vibrating, bubbling fuck-lube as it pulsed.

The boy watched her with wide eyes. His breathing was frantic.

Denise smiled at him as she lowered her cunt to his cock. His prickhead nestled between her wet cunt-lips and she sank down on his cock, letting it fuck up her pussy until she was squashing his balls with her bare ass.

The boy arched up, squirming, his eyes glazed and rolling. "It feels so good!" he moaned. "So fluffy and wet and hot!"

"Your prick feels good inside me," Denise said. "Wiggle it, huh? Oh, that feels good!" She rose up on the boy's wiggling prick, then fucked back down on it.

They both groaned, their fuck-meat coupled and throbbing. The boy jerked his ass, ramming his cock up into her with rapid, short fuck-strokes.

"Don't move," Denise said. "I wanna ride you. You just lie still."

The boy settled down, groaning, his chest heaving.

"That's it," Denise said, raising up on his cock, then sinking back down. She fucked up, then fucked down. Up. Down. Up. Down. She fucked rhythmically, gradually increasing her speed until she was fairly bouncing her ass against the boy's swollen balls.

"Ohhhhh, wowwwww!" The boy squirmed deliriously, his prick twisting in Denise's fucking cunt. He reached up and started squeezing her tits.

She reached down and pinched his hard little nipples. "Do you like that?" she asked.

"Yeah," he moaned.

She bounced her ass, her cunt fucking up and down the boy's rigid cock. As she fucked him, his cock seemed to grow inside her, getting longer and thicker, swelling harder. She loved the heat of his fucker, loved the feel of his naked cockmeat rubbing inside her nerve-rich cunt. The fuck-juice kept leaking from her contracting pussy, and the boy's balls were drenched with her slick juices. She reached back and down, squeezing and rubbing and rolling his balls as she continued to ride his cock.

"Ohhhh, you hot girl!" the boy moaned. "I love you, I love you!" He twisted on her nipples until she thought she'd scream.

"Come on, stud," she said, "give me your cream! Shoot it in me, baby! Come on, do it!"

Her loins felt so swollen and tight that she knew she'd be coming any moment now, and she wanted to feel him squirt his cream into her before she did. She fucked up and down, keeping her cunt tight as she rode him faster and faster.

He let go of her tits, watching them flop up and down. His prick hardened like steel inside her pussy, vibrating, his eyes rolled back.

"Oh God, shoot it!" Denise moaned, fucking down hard, trying to skin the boy's prick. "Cream me!"

The boy arched up, writhing deliriously. His mouth gaped and a low growl erupted from his throat. His body shuddered as his prick flexed and exploded its cum.

"Awwwwww!" he moaned. "Oooooh!" He writhed as if a spear had been rammed up his ass, his eyes glazed over and showing only white. His body jerked repeatedly as stream after stream of his sizzling cum squirted into Denise's hungry cunt.

Denise loved him. She wanted to marry him and live with him forever. And all they would do was fuck -- fuck and feel like this. And he would shoot her full of his hot cum endlessly. She fucked down on his wriggling, flexing prick and her cunt exploded with spasms.

"Eeeeeh!" she whimpered. "Oh baby, feels so good!" She felt hot sensations not only in her loins but in the tips of her curling toes.

The boy humped upward, ramming his cock up her pussy and pumping his jism into her until his cock began to soften. Suddenly, he burst into laughter, stunning Denise so that she jerked up off his cock even though the last spasms of orgasm were still nibbling through her cunt.

"Jesus, what's wrong?" she said.

"Nothing," the boy gasped, catching his breath. "I just get ticklish all over after I shoot. Your cunt felt like it would bite my prick off. It tickled."

"Funny," Denise said, half sarcastically. She grabbed her pants.

"Hey, what're you doing?" the boy said.

"Getting dressed," Denise said.

"Don't," the boy said. "Let me do something first. It's something I always wanted to do, but never had the chance."


"Lie back," the boy said. "I'll show you. Yeah, now spread your legs. Oh, wow!" He plunged his face between Denise's legs and started to eat her pussy.

Denise relaxed, sighing, watching the boy's brown head bob, listening to him slurp as he chewed her cunt and sucked the warm fuck-cream out of her. She let him eat as much as he wanted, almost falling asleep in the late afternoon heat as she listened to the hum of the fair in the background. She came twice before the boy sat back, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"Did I do it good?" he asked.

"Real good," Denise said, feeling good as he grinned.

She left him where she'd picked him up -- next to the Ferris wheel -- then wandered around the midway almost a half hour before she found her group again.

"How was he?" Peggy asked.

"Cute," Denise said. "And hot." She smiled, feeling like a full-fledged girl now, like Peggy's equal, like one of the gang of fun-loving teenagers that prowled the fairgrounds in search of excitement and pleasure.

The kids ate supper in the mess hall, all of them tanned and sweaty from a hot afternoon on the midway. As Denise ate, she relived her meeting with the boy and her hot time with him in the tent.

It had been quite a day. A very real day. The fair wasn't any dream. The boy wasn't any dream. The bus ride down and the wild time in the barn last night surely hadn't been dreams. This was living! She realized that the world of her romance novels offered only a shadowy approximation of real life, and she looked forward to the real night ahead.

Maybe I'll get to jack off a horse tonight, she mused, licking some mustard off the end of her hot dog. The mustard was tart, making her wince. Horse-cum is surely sweeter, she thought. And hot in a different way.


It was nearly midnight, and yet Denise felt as wide awake as if it were noon. She saw little chance of getting much sleep tonight, except for a few catnaps. In fact, she foresaw getting little sleep on any night until she left the fair. She realized that she'd be taking lots of naps afternoons and evenings if she was going to make it through the week without falling asleep on her feet. Strangely, the effects of a night with little sleep and a day of hard work and excitement hadn't hit her yet. She was surprised at how good she felt, how full of energy. Her eyes were wide open. She didn't want to miss anything that was going on.

The big wood doors of the barn had been closed and bolted. The kids had shed what scanty clothing they'd been wearing. Every girl was walking around with bouncing tits, every boy with a wagging hard-on. The open area at the center of the barn had become an arena, a place where the kids gathered around to watch the action take place. They'd spread yellow straw on the concrete floor to form a cushiony bed. The girls had all discovered Romeo.

The big black Labrador was presently the center of attention. A dozen naked girls had gathered around him at the center of the circle, and they were cooing over him as if he were a movie star. Their hands stroked his sleek black fur, moving over his head and down his back. Their hands reached under him to caress and squeeze his stiff dog-prick. The animal panted wildly, sniffing the tits of the crouching girls, trying to sniff their cunts.

"It's so big," a girl said, milking the dog's rampant cock. "Oooh, I've never seen one so big on a dog."

The girls muttered among themselves, all agreeing that Romeo had the largest dog-cock any of them had ever seen.

"He's always had a whopper," Peggy announced, hanging onto some boy who was fucking a finger in and out of her cunt. "Even when he was a puppy. You should have seen him then, a little dog running around with that big red boner."

A girl suddenly crouched down and started sucking Romeo's cock. The dog started whimpering and thrusting.

"Hey, don't hog it!" another girl complained. "Let me taste it."

The first girl let go of Romeo's cock reluctantly, sitting back and licking her lips as another girl nibbled the dog-cock with a hungry mouth. One by one, the girls took turns sucking Romeo's cock, crouching down like calves, their naked asses waving in the air, their tits hanging. It seemed that every time Romeo came close to shooting, the girl sucking him would let go, allowing the horny dog to cool his prick before a new set of hot lips wrapped around it.

"Let's see some fucking," a boy said, and all the boys started demanding that the girls fuck the dog.

The girls lined up on their hands and knees, a few more girls, who had been just spectators until now, joining them. Denise licked her lips at the sight of fifteen or so naked girl-asses all waving in the air side by side, all of them turned up so the cunts of the girls would be positioned for fucking. Juice trickled from the lust-swollen cunts of most of the girls, leaking down their legs like syrup, and Denise felt like licking all those tasty asses and cunts, tasting them all. The boys were all muttering and licking their lips, too. Romeo, however, was the lucky one. Those asses and cunts were for him. The dog whimpered, prancing back and forth as he sniffed the asses and crotches of the girls. He lapped up the juices coming from their cunts, going from one girl to another. Suddenly, he rose up on his hind legs, mounting one of the girls and fucking his stiff prick up her cunt.

The onlookers cheered.

Romeo clung to the girl, digging his claws into her waist as he fucked his dog prick in her juicy cunt. The girl squealed, squirming.

"Don't let him come 'til he's fucked 'em all," a boy said.

"Yeah, let's don't," said another, who stepped up behind the rutting dog and pulled him off the girl.

Romeo growled, his loins humping, his shiny prick thrusting at the air. The boy walked him on hind legs to the next girl over. The animal wrapped his paws around her waist and rammed his prick up her cunt. The new girl gasped, going crazy as the dog cock fucked in and out of her sucking pussy. Within seconds, she was coming. The boy pulled Romeo off her before her spasming cunt sucked the dog's cock to orgasm. Romeo missed the next girl's cunt and forced his bone-stiff cock up her asshole.

The new girl moaned, her eyes rolling. "Oh baby, fuck my ass! Oh, that feels so sexy!"

The boys laughed, watching the girl wiggle as the dog fucked her asshole. Just when the dog started whimpering as if he would come, he was pulled away from the girl, his prick yanked out of her asshole. The girl groaned, her asshole open and quivering for several seconds before closing up.

"Goddamn!" a boy said, and he dropped down in back of the girl who'd just been ass-fucked by the dog and fucked his hard prick up her shitter. Both he and the girl moaned with pleasure.

Meanwhile, Romeo started rutting at another girl.

They kept the dog in a state of maddening excitement, always pulling him off a girl when it appeared he would shoot. By the time he was on his last five girls, he was whimpering nonstop, as if he were being whipped. One by one, boys had been dropping down behind the girls the dog had just fucked and had stuffed their rampant pricks up the girl's assholes or cunts. Now, a dozen girls and boys were coupled, the girls on their hands and knees like bitches, the boys fucking them like stud dogs. As Romeo mounted the last girl in line, the boy who had been tending the dog let go, allowing the dog to fuck freely. The boy mounted the girl Romeo had last fucked.

Denise watched with fascination and increasing excitement. She'd never seen so much fucking taking place all at once. She squirmed in a boy's arms as he fucked his prick up her cunt from behind. For a moment, she thought of suggesting that she get down on her hands and knees like the other girls, but then she decided it was more fun just standing up and watching as she got fucked.

"Ain't it hot?" the farm boy growled in her ear, and Denise sighed in agreement. The boy's cock moved inside her and she rubbed her back and ass against his muscles.

The kids all looked delirious, the girls gasping as hot cocks reamed out their cunts or assholes, the boys grunting as they fucked. A chorus of rapid squishing sounds filled the air as big cocks plunged in hot-sucking female fuckholes. The girl who was squirming most wildly was the girl Romeo was fucking. She looked as if she were drunk, her eyes rolling, her body jerking and gyrating as the dog-cock twisted and plunged in her squeezing pussy.

"Ohhhh, fuck!" a boy moaned. He chewed his lip and closed his eyes and his body shook and he pumped his cum up his bitch's hot asshole. "Mmmmm, yeah!"

The boy's orgasm set off the girl's and she gasped, pounding her naked ass against his contracting abdomen as she writhed with pleasure. As the couple squirmed and moaned with mutual ecstasy, the other couples reached their climaxes and started writhing. Within seconds, Romeo went into spasms, howling as he fucked his hot cum up the pussy of his human bitch.

"Cream that bitch!" growled the boy fucking Denise. "Oh, shit, shoot her full of it! Make her have puppies." His sliding prick swelled inside Denise and started to shoot cum. He clung to her, fucking hard as he poured his steaming cum-load up her cunt.

Denise's head was spinning. It was hard to take in all that was happening. All the boys were pumping jism into the girls, the girls were gasping with climaxes, and Romeo was howling as he fucked out his dog-cum. At the same time, Denise felt a big cock pulsing inside her and spitting spurts of jism into her pussy. It was too much. Denise closed her eyes to make her head stop spinning.

The boy pulled his cock out of her and Denise immediately sat down, her eyes closed, her cunt swollen with pleasant throbbing lust. She opened her eyes again, watching the boys uncouple from the girls. Romeo got down off his human bitch, and Peggy caught him and led him away.

A boy walked up to Denise, grinning down at her. "I hear you fucked a donkey last night," he said.

Suddenly boys were surrounding her. One of the boys was her brother Tim, and he was grinning down at her with all the rest. Denise didn't know what to say. She smiled up at them, giggling with nervousness. She might have panicked, but the sight of all their throbbing cocks, most of them shiny with cunt juice, acted like a drug on her. She felt excited, super-horny, and her lust gave her strength. She was nervous, but not afraid. And only yesterday, the sight of one hard boy-cock would have made her tremble with fear and run away. Now, she couldn't get enough of the sight of the boys or their cocks. She salivated and swallowed, tempted to start sucking their cocks one at a time -- until she'd sucked them all off and had drunk their tasty spunk.

The boys reached down, helping her to her feet. Hard cocks rubbed against her from all sides. The smell of male sweat, the feel of hard muscles against her made her weak. The boys had to hold her up to keep her from collapsing. She heard hoof beats, slightly muffled on the straw instead of bare concrete. The boys pushed her forward until she came face to face with a large golden stallion.

"Any girl who can fuck a donkey can fuck a horse," a boy said. "Let's see you do it, farm girl."

Denise realized she was the center of attention now. All the boys and girls had formed a circle around her, most of them hanging on each other as they watched with smirking red faces.

Tim stepped up to Denise and whispered in her ear: "You can do it."

He rubbed his cock against her ass and bit her on the neck. Denise gave his cock a squeeze.

"I'll hold onto him," Tim said. "Make sure he doesn't get too wild. You fuck him. I used to have dreams about you fucking horses." Denise couldn't believe what she was hearing Tim say. How could her own brother have had such fantasies about her? All these years, she hadn't really known him, and he hadn't really known her. She'd hid behind her books too much, had hid inside herself. If only she'd known! If only she hadn't been so foolishly afraid! She'd missed a lot of fun, a lot of pleasure. She turned and embraced her brother. They kissed, Tim's fat tongue sliding into her mouth. The kids whooped and snickered and cheered as she made out with her own brother in front of them. Tim's huge cock throbbed against her belly.

Tim broke their kiss. His face was red and he was panting. "Fuck the horse now," he said. "I wanna see you do it."

Then she moved under the horse, bending over and presenting the stallion her ass like an excited filly. The horse's cock flexed like a big naked arm, whooping her between the legs. She grabbed the huge cock, squeezing it between her legs as she caressed the cock-knob with her fingers and rimmed the open pisshole with a fingertip. His fuck-lube was oozing out and she tasted it. The stallion snorted, thrusting.

"Help her," Tim said.

And immediately two girls got down on their knees, one on each side of Denise. The girls giggled and squealed as the horse cock jerked in their hands. Denise arched her back, turning up her ass and presenting the horse her cunt as the two girls guided the big fucker into place.

The stallion thrust. Denise gasped, her breath nearly knocked out of her. The stallion's cock fucked into her cunt, at least a foot of it buried inside her. Denise braced herself and gritted her teeth. She felt no pain, only a fantastic stretch that made her eyes nearly pop out. She was thankful that her cunt had been freshly greased with slippery boy-cum.

"Look at that!" a boy said. "He's really fucking her! Damn!"

I'll show you a thing or two, farm boy, she thought. She slowly began to rotate her ass as the snorting stallion rammed her cunt again, then again.

"Oh, wow!" a boy said, frantically jerking off as he watched the stallion fuck Denise's pussy.

Denise's head was swimming, but she realized that all the boys, including Tim, were jerking off as they watched her fucking the horse. Her excitement soared as she wiggled her ass wildly. She was getting juicier inside and the fuck-paste was oozing from her cock-stuffed cunt and trickling down her legs. The two girls at her sides started lapping up the combination cum and pussy-cream, their hot tongues moving up her legs and increasing her excitement. Other girls crouched down to caress her and lick her. Girls started sucking on her tits. Girls chewed on her toes. A finger fucked into Denise's asshole.

The stallion pawed the ground, snorting, driving his loins. As he became more excited, he tried to rear up, and Tim called for assistance to hold the bucking animal down so he wouldn't end up trampling the girls. The stallion's cock plunged, the flared cockhead fucking into the depths of Denise's pussy, its hardness making Denise frantic with pleasure.

The boys were all muttering, jerking themselves off. The girls were cooing and gibbering, licking and feeling Denise, finger-fucking themselves. One girl pistoned her hot finger in Denise's asshole. The stallion fucked his cock in and out, and Denise became one with it. She imagined herself a huge, pleasure-saturated cock. She couldn't stand it much longer. She knew she was going to explode.

The stallion whinnied, thrusting wildly, snorting fiercely. He whinnied again and his cock flexed so hard that Denise felt herself lifted momentarily off the ground. As his cum erupted into her, she thought her head was going to blow off. She gasped as the shots of horse-cum gushed into the depths of her cunt. As the stallion whinnied again, Denise whined and reached her climax. Her body shuddered as if the stallion's ramming cock were an electrical prod pumping rhythmic electrical charges into her body.

"Ohhhhhh, wowww!" A boy started shooting, his cum splashing against Denise and the other girls.

Another boy cried out and exploded. It was a chain reaction. Boys all around Denise stumbled close and pumped out their cum, drenching the naked flesh of the writhing girls.

Denise felt hot cum hitting her from all sides, and she whined: "Yesss, ohhhh, yesss!"

"Horse-cum!" a girls muttered, lapping up the sticky juices leaking from Denise's cock-filled cunt. "Mmmmmn!"

A commotion started as all the girls tried to get a taste. Some of the girls were whimpering, squirming with orgasm as they licked.

Denise felt the horse-cock contracting inside her, felt the horse-jism streaming into her cunt. Her pussy clutched wildly, saturated with fuck-sensations, with uncontrolled spasms. Every cell of her body pulsed with orgasm. Her mouth gaped as she sighed in ecstasy.

Tim stepped up and stuffed his cock in her mouth. "Take it, sister." He moaned with pleasure as his cum burst against Denise's tonsils. "Oh, eat it!"

Denise gulped down her brother's cum, smacking her tingling lips around his big flexing prick. She would never be able to get enough of his cock, of his cum. She would never be able to get enough of any cock. She realized that now.

As the horse-cock softened and slipped out of her pussy, Denise moaned. She sucked Tim's softening cock, trying to milk it of every tasty droplet of cum. Girls went wild over her open pussy, all of them wanting to suck the horse-cum out of her cunt. Denise thought she'd be eaten alive. She collapsed forward in the straw, letting the other girls eat her stretched, cummy cunt.

And the night's only beginning, Denise thought. And our stay at the fair has a long way to go. What's going to happen next?

She couldn't wait to find out.



2022-06-29 11:27:33
Ah, a classic


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