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Please read my stories chapter by chapter. ib don't bother re-explaining everything.For all of you waiting patiently, and not so patiently for this update, i am truly sorry. my computer died a slow and painful death, causing a lot of breaks in my writing time. this chapter is also more than twice the average length which also lengthened the wait. hopefully this will be worth your wait.

My beautiful sister Rachel had fed me dinner in our, soon to arrive, guest’s new bed; her kind ministrations, an attempt to make up for her previous molestation. Rach had left me to go return the tray of dirty dishes to the kitchen. I could feel some strength returning to me; the food and long nap having done their job.

I gingerly stood; my legs managing with only a slight wobble. I spent a few moments getting myself steady, and then walked slowly to Rach’s door. I went to the bathroom, needing to relieve myself, and decided to take a shower to wash away the last of my aches.

I heard the door open and close softly, and then Rach’s voice, full of concern softly say “how are you doing?”

I pulled open the curtain, revealing her, sitting on the vanity, her legs swinging off the edge; a look of mingled worry, and regret on her face. “Much better, thanks” I said brightly, trying to un-furrow that beautiful brow.

“Do you want to come in?” I asked, pulling back the curtain further.

“I don’t trust myself, and you need to rest” she said dejectedly, looking at her feet.

I stepped from the shower, and cupped her face in my hands, lifting it to look at me. “I’m fine Rach” I said softly, then, seeing no relief in her expression, added “Really!” and leaned over, pulling her into a kiss. I felt her melt, the stress she had inflicted on herself, draining from her. As our kiss finished, I pulled back enough to look into her eyes. No worry showed; her guilt still remained, but as she smiled sheepishly, and I could see it was no longer the troubling kind.

“You still need to rest, and I still don’t trust myself with you” she repeated, though now with a smile. “Besides” she continued “I need to get everything ready for Lidia.”

Although I had known Lidia was coming, this reminder that she would be here tomorrow still jolted me. What, a week ago, had seemed an eternity I could not stand the wait for, now threatened something. How would we be able to continue this amazing new relationship with our privacy so clearly compromised? As is usually the case, these thoughts cascaded through my mind in an instant; the momentary absence of my attention going, apparently, unnoticed by Rach.

“Tomorrow’s the big day hu?” I asked, attempting to cover my concern.

“Don’t worry” Rach answered, seeming to reading my mind. “I won’t let anything take you away from me” she added fiercely; jumping off the counter, and into my arms. She squeezed me so tight, I wondered at how much strength her little body held. I squeezed her back, and we stayed glued to each other, neither one wanting to be the one to end it. Eventually, we broke our embrace, and with a quick kiss, I went back to my shower; Rach going to get things ready for her new roommate.

As I made my way to my bed, I could see Rach busily rearranging her closet. She had on another of my old t-shirts. As she reached for something on the top shelf, I could see her fantastic ass peeking out. I had a sudden thought, “when did she start wearing my shirts?” I seemed to remember that shirt on her now had gone missing a while ago. I reminded myself to ask her, knowing her guilty admissions exited us both.

I pulled my computer to my bedside table, happy with the simple intimacy of watching her. As she left her closet, she glanced at her computer and, seeing me, came over to it. “Good night Big Bro” she said with a soft smile, and then leaning in, kissed the cam and finished “I love you” in a whisper.

“I love you too Rach” I answered, my heart swelling with joy at the happiness my words had brought to her face.

I continued watching Rach flutter around her room, and fell into a dreamless sleep. Ready for tomorrow, and all that it would bring.

I woke up before my alarm, my anticipation of Lidia’s arrival bringing me out of my sleep with a jolt. The first thing to meet my eyes was Rach’s face, on the webcam, sleeping; her lips, slightly parted, giving the impression of a breath exhaled in passion. I stared at her, captivated by the peaceful beauty.

Feeling my cock engorging, I contemplated whipping one out. I saw I had 35 minutes before I had to leave for practice, and was just getting started, Rach’s lips, all the fuel I needed, when I had a stroke of genius. Rach would have our toy on! I could make the imagined, panting breath, escaping her little pink lips, real. I fumbled excitedly for the remote, my hands shaking.

I sat in my bed, legs spread; my computer in front of me, by balls inches from the keyboard, and pressed 1 on the clit vibe. I saw her eyes flutter, and couldn’t quite make up my mind if I wanted her to wake. There was something illicit about watching her while she slept that made my heart race. Not quite sure what I wanted, I left the vibe on 1, sure that 2 would wake her, and make my decision for me.

Rach’s eyes continued to flutter slightly. They remained closed, but I could see motion under her lids. I heard a sigh, and looked to her mouth. Her lips had parted further, and I could see her tongue twitching where it rested on the inside of her lower lip. She started to roll away from the computer, and I was afraid I’d lose my view of her perfect face, but she stopped on her back. In perfect profile now, her lips showed even more expression of her unconscious arousal. With each barely audible intake of breath, they pouted slightly, giving the impression of an expected kiss.

Even with the slow stroking I had been giving it, my cock was so hard under the soft sliding skin that covered it, that I was amazed I hadn’t cum already. Too greedy for a good ‘climax’ of this show to accompany, what I was sure, would be an epic cum, I pushed the clit vibe to 2.

Expecting Rach to wake up, and hopefully continue the spectacle, I watched nervously as her head slowly tilted back, her neck rising off the pillow. I looked up to the eye I could still see and, though fluttering more forcefully, her eyelashes now joining the movement, they remained closed. Her head tilted farther, and though I could see nothing below her neck, I was sure her shoulders had lifted off the bed as well.

Rach’s mouth opened further as her head went back, her lips now wide enough I could imagine my dick sliding between them. Her breath, now a soft pant, was slow, but jerky, catching several times with each inhale. Feeling the twitch that warned of my, fast approaching, orgasm, and in a slight panic that I would not get to pair it with Rach’s, I threw caution to the wind, and bent close to the mic to whisper “Cum for me Rach…Cum for your Big Bro”.

I was astounded by the reaction. Rach arched even further, her head almost upside down, and eyes fluttering madly, exhaled a stuttering moan, shaking as she rocked back and forth on the top of her head.

The sight of Rach cumming, and the indecent thought that it was without her consent, or even her knowledge, set my cock off like a fire hose. I was used to hard cums, having experienced many lately, thanks to Rach, but I had always cum, spurting one jet after another until I ran dry. This time, my hand at the base of my cock, not stroking, but gripping it tight, I came in one continuous, incredible, heart-stoppingly long single gush. Frozen, my hips lifted off my bed, I watched dumbfounded, as a solitary, seemingly unending column of cum arched up over my head, only to fall, landing all over my stomach, chest, and bed.

Coming to my senses, I turned to see Rach still arched upside down, a silent frozen scream gripping her shaking sweaty face. My initial instinct to hurriedly turn off the vibe encountered resistance just as I prepared to push the button. This view, my sister beyond orgasmic endurance, was so mesmerizing, I guiltily watched as she hovered there, quivering, in a cum sustained rigor.

My heart in my throat, I watched as Rach’s eyes stopped fluttering, a still life of orgasm for my pleasure. Momentarily mastering myself, I turned off the vibe, and was mostly relieved to see her long held breath, exhale in a whoosh as she collapsed, twitching, back onto the pillow. As her twitching gradually subsided, I was caught up by this unimagined sense of control; my touch of a button had released her from her frozen fit. Could I…should I…dare to reassert my control?

Unable to stop myself, I pushed the button twice. Rach’s eyes flew open, shock and fear replaced in an instant as the subsided twitching, crescendoed in seconds, to shaking, then uncrontroled spasms, her head leaving the cam’s view in pulses as her muscles pulled her upper body off the bed.

I was so enraptured by the sight, this fit of extassy, that I lost any ability to control myself, allowing her fit to continue unabated, until she herself ended it, plunking backwards, passed out, her raged breathing the only proof that she was alive.

I turned off the vibes, a mixture of wonder and guilt surging though me. The feeling of control was so intoxicating, I could see myself getting addicted. I looked back to Rach, checking for sure that she was O.K., and then turned away to get ready for practice, a glance at the clock telling me I had no more time to spare.

Practice and work seemed to drag by, my thoughts perpetually wandering to the imagined moment when we picked Lidia up from the airport this afternoon. I was still unsure of just how much Rach had shared with Lidia about our new relationship, but had decided to trust her and go with whatever happened.

The purgatory of my pool time finally ended, and I biked home like the wind, knowing we (our mom, Rach, and me) were supposed to leave for the airport shortly after I got home. I skidded to a stop in the back yard, letting my bike fall to the grass, and went through the back door into the kitchen.

Rach was there eating a very late breakfast. She looked up as I entered, a measured look that slipped from my face slowly downward. I followed her gaze, having to admire myself as I did. I had ridden home without a shirt, thinking to stay cool in the quickly warming day. The humidity had conspired to leave me sweaty; drips rolling over my chest, and down my abs. Then I saw Rach’s eye’s final destination. The anticipation, as I rode, had had a predictable effect. My cock, rock hard, was pinned to my right hip, where it had wrapped itself during my ride; the tightness of my shorts sufficient to show its full girth and length.

I looked back up to see Rach coming to me, mischief in her eyes. I had just enough time to notice her outfit ( a classy aqua dress which flowed around her as she moved, and matching spaghetti strapped high heeled shoes that wrapped themselves sinuously around her calves), before she had covered the distance.
“You look good enough to eat” she said, her staring eyes almost level with mine. Then she bent down and made a single lick, from my navel to my chin, where she ended by sucking the tongue I had offered for a kiss. With a small pop, she pulled away and smiled innocently, as if she had no idea what she had just done.

“You’d better get cleaned up. We’re leaving in 15 minutes” she said over her shoulder, as she returned to her breakfast.

I whirled through a quick shower and, seeing how dressed up Rach was (she never wore heels), dressed in my best looking stuff (black slacks and a dark green silk dress shirt I knew showed off my swimmer’s shoulders). I ran my fingers through my hair, the chlorine damage making it stiff without any help, and got downstairs just as our mom reached the front door.

“Don’t you two look nice” she said, taking in both me, and Rach, who had just come through the kitchen door behind me. Mom turned through the open front door, and Rach, taking my hand as she passed, led me outside to the car, only letting go when our mom spun to face us as she slid into the driver’s seat.

We sat in the back seat, Rach’s pinky again slithering up and down mine. As we neared the airport, and our mom’s attention was increasingly focused on the traffic, Rach leaned over and whispered in my ear “you look niiiiiice” breathily, sending a shiver down my spine.

I leaned to her ear “so do you, Lil Sis” I whispered back, finishing with a light bite of her neck which, I was pleased to see, had a similar effect.

Having made arrangements to meet Lidia at the gate, we parked and wound our way through the airport heading for Lidia’s gate. Mom led us, holding the flight info in a death grip as she trekked past the accumulated humanity. Rach took the opportunity to grab my hand again as we followed, the thought of our mom turning and spotting us adding a thrill to an otherwise innocuous contact.

We got to the gate early, mom intent on nothing going wrong, and waited an agonizing 45 minutes for Lidia’s plane. I spent the time removing Rach’s hand from my lap, where she casually placed it any time our mom’s attention was else ware (which was quite often given our mom’s nervousness). The result of Rach’s teasing being, a bulge no one could hope to hide. Feeling it was hopeless to resist, I stopped moving Rach’s hand, only to feel her casual placement turn to outright groping as she squeezed my cock, and maneuvered it around to lay closer to her, across my hip.

I had just decided to extricate myself, and somehow get to a bathroom, when the gate opened. I stayed seated as Rach and mom stood, willing the monster to go away before it was too late.

Rach looked back at me, and smiling wickedly, said “Jake, don’t be rude”.

Mom glancing, thankfully distractedly, over her shoulder, blurted “get up Jake”, and took a few steps forward to better view the disembarking passengers. A helpless feeling coming over me, I stood, feeling the weight of my swollen cock push the right pocket of my slacks down and away from me; ready at any moment, for some old lady to shout “oh my god Henry, look at that boy!” I was relieved when Rach slid in front of me, hiding her creation from view.

I was just starting to say a silent word of thanks to her, when she backed up, pressing her tight ass into my dangerously hard cock. I stood, trapped, the seat against the back of my legs, and Rach against my crotch, and stayed frozen there, hoping, against hope, that I would get out of this without embarrassment or scandal. I had just begun, thanks to a herculean effort, involving conjuring images I will not burden you with, to feel the pressure begin to subside, when two things happened to reverse my progress.

The first to affect me was Lidia. She came out of the skyway and I felt my chest constrict. Tall and thin, wearing a tight peach, off the shoulder dress, which ended inches above her knees, showing her every slight curve, and revealing much of her deep brown tan. Her hair, black and loosely curled, fell in waves over her bare shoulders.

The second adversary to my efforts to shrink the monster was Rach who, upon seeing Lidia, jumped up and down waving, purposely pushing her ass into my as she bounded. Rach’s performance drew Lidia’s attention, and smiling brightly, she walked to us.

Lidia’s dress, while tight around her chest and waist, fitted loosely as it draped down her legs, causing it to swish and spin as she walked, hypnotizing me. “Rachel, hi!” she tittered excitedly as they hugged. With my position inches behind Rach, their hug brought Lidia’s face close to mine. “Hi Jake” she almost whispered, her voice light and musical, smiling over Rach’s shoulder.

The pressure Rach had been building in me, coupled with my excitement/nervousness over Lidia’s arrival, was altogether too much for my inexperience to cope with. My mind, a fluttering confusion of hormones and stress made for the very stuttered response of “Hi Lidia.”

Their hug ending, Rach and Lidia began talking quickly, the way only teenage girls can. I stood there, Rach’s ass still slammed against my cock, for several minutes as they chatted. They switched to Italian (apparently Lidia had been teaching Rach), and they immediately started giggling.

Mom finally broke in, saying hello, and suggesting we head for the car. Realizing my ‘cover’ was about to leave me, I tried, in vain, to think of a way to hide my cock. As Rach stepped away, I glanced down to see a thick bulge, tight and straining, following the curve of my hip to end, filling the pleat over my right pocket, and extending a good inch beyond where my hip ended.

With my panic nearly choking me, I looked up and, though mom’s attention was thankfully on her little airport map, both girl’s eyes were locked on my hard-on. Lidia looked up to my face after a few seconds, with an expression on her face somewhere between incredulity, and shame at being caught. Only moments after eye contact, she nervously turned away, fumbling with her bags. Rach was more blatant about it, seeming to enjoy my discomfort. She continued staring long after Lidia had turned away. When she eventual looked up, her expression was one of pride; either in me, or in her ability to elicit such an obvious response.

“Jake can help with those” Rach said, pulling Lidia’s bags away from her fumbling hands, and scooting them to me.

“Yea, no problem” I croaked, feeling amazed I was able to speak at all.

“Thank you” Lidia blurted, looking to me very quickly, and then back to Rach. They whispered a few more words in Italian, no giggling this time, and I felt my embarrassment swell to rival my cock; knowing they were talking about me.

Mom had already started walking. Lidia took Rach’s hand (something girls in Europe do, I found out later), and swinging their joined hands as they walked away, continued speaking softly in broken Italian. Realizing I had nothing left to hide, I let any thought of trying to disguise my bulge evaporate, and grabbing Lidia’s luggage, followed the girls down the terminal.

I tried not to notice the stares I drew from others in the airport, looking straight ahead to the girls walking some 10 feet in front of me. Their occasional glances back at me confirmed my suspicions that they were still talking about me.

As we made our way to the car, I was relieved to feel the pressure from my cock subside somewhat. I almost sighed with relief when I felt it un-wedge itself from my hip, to swing, only semi hard, freely down my right boxer leg.

We got to the car, and I immediately went for the front seat, knowing the back seat would make me vulnerable to more teasing. Mom pulled out of the parking spot, and the girls resumed their giggling, the Italian replaced by whispers. I tried to ignore them, hoping to find a way to shield myself from the embarrassment Rach so clearly enjoyed inflicting upon me.

When we pulled up at the house, I bolted to my room to change. I knew the cams where on, and wanted to change in private, but feared turning off my cam might lead to a change in Rach and my intimacy. I got my running stuff on, and seeing the girls in the hall as they made their way to Rach’s room, said “c ya later” in what I hoped was a casual tone; seeing surprise on their faces as I slid past them.

I ran for a long time, doing nearly 8 miles through our neighborhood. I needed time to figure a strategy. I was clearly out of my depths here. I was fairly forward and confident around Rach now, feeling empowered by her feelings for me, but I was still very inexperienced when it came to flirting, and teasing (you know, standard dating/hanging stuff).

I decided regardless of how I proceeded, I needed to get Rach alone as soon as possible. I had some questions, and needed them answered before I could decide on a course of action. I got home after a good hour and a half, going straight to the shower.

Only after I finished did I think about clothes. My web cam was, of course, up. I would run the risk of being spied on if I changed in there. Not wanting to throw fuel onto their giggle party, I resolved to grab some clothes, and come back to the bathroom to change. Wrapping a towel around my waist, I headed to my room.

Thankfully, the upstairs seemed to be deserted. I was so intent on not getting caught in the hallway, that I didn’t notice Rach, sitting cross-legged, on my bed, until I turned from my quietly closed door.

She had her hands wrapped around her feet where, sole on sole, they met in front of her where she sat. Her eyes didn’t rise as I entered, though she must have heard the door close; she remained focused on the confluence of her feet and hands. I was about to start my interrogation when I saw her shoulders shake.
Realizing she was crying. My need for answers evaporated as my heart contracted painfully. I went to the bed, kneeling in front of her, and put my hands on hers. Wanting to comfort her I said “what’s wrong Rach?” as soothingly as I could manage.

“You’re mad at me” she wept, bending over to lie over her legs, and putting her head down onto our hands. She continued to cry, her curved back heaving slightly.

“I’m not mad Rach…just confused and frustrated” I said softly, removing one of my hands from under her head, and stroking her back. I had no other words, and so, sat there, stoking her, comforting her, until she finally sat up, wiping tears from her still downcast eyes. I put my hand back onto the mass of fingers and toes, and squeezed reassuringly.

“You ignored me on the way home” she said through crying gasps, “and then…when you walked past me in the hall…I…” she trailed off, her crying returning in earnest.

“I was just embarrassed” I said, reaching for her chin, and turning her face up so she could see me. “You guys were giggling and whispering, and I, well; I didn’t know what was going on except that you were making fun of me.”

“I wasn’t, I swear!” Rach sputtered through her tears, so earnestly I could not doubt her.

“I don’t understand why you were teasing me so much in the airport” I said in as un-upset voice as I could manage; wanting answers, but nervous, if I pushed too hard, that I would make Rach more upset. Getting no immediate response, I continued “you made me so hard I couldn’t hide it.”

“I know…I’m sorry…” she answered miserably, seeming to want to continue. Sensing her gathering herself to finally explain, I gave her feet and hands another squeeze, and waited. “It’s my fault. I did a bad thing.” She said, pulling herself away from me and flipping over to burying her face in my pillow.

I climbed onto my bed next to her on my side, and pulled her into a spoon, forcing her to unhide her face. I squeezed her tight, hoping to give her some assurance, and kissed her shoulder. “Just tell me Rach. I promise I won’t get mad” I whispered, hoping I’d be able to keep that promise.

After a few sniffles, her breath came more evenly. Guilt dripping from every word, she whispered “I told you I didn’t show you naked to Lidia. I didn’t lie…but…I, um, did show her…Sharon’s present” she finished in a rush, her body tensing against mine, preparing herself for my angry response.

I took a deep breath, making sure I had my emotions under control. “Did you tell her it was made from my cock?” I asked gently, sure I knew the answer.

Sensing I had figured it out, Rach passed by the answer and feverishly explained “I couldn’t help myself. I wanted her to see. I want everyone to see. I wanted her to want you like I want you.” Her stream of words ended, and I held her, trying to work out another question in my head.

“She didn’t believe you when you told her it was me, did she?” I asked conspiratorially, hoping to show her my forgiveness.

“No” she answered, and I was relieved to hear her smile through her voice. “I decided I’d prove it to her, so at the airport, I made sure you’d…be able to show her” she finished with an almost giggle.

“You know Rach; you could have told me that you showed her. If I knew, the airport would have been a lot more fun for me.” I said, giving her another squeeze as I said ‘fun’.

She looked over her shoulder at me, smiling with surprise. “You would have helped me prove it to her?” she said, her smile turning wicked.

“Of course, nobody calls my sister a liar.” I answered, false bravado streaming from me, “and I could have made sure she got a good look.”

“Oh, she got a good look” Rach said, spinning to face me, her legs threading with mine, and excitement dancing in her eyes. “She was so amazed; she wouldn’t talk about anything else in the car. ‘Have you seen it? How did you get a copy of it? Have you used the copy?’ She kept calling the dildo ‘a copy’. It was so funny.”

Swelling with pride in spite of myself, I felt something else swelling in kind. Rach felt it too, as it rose, sliding over her thigh where she had nestled it between my legs, and parting the towel to show itself. Rach looked down between us, and rubbing her leg against my quickly expanding cock, said sweetly “hi there” to it.

It jumped, seeming to reply, and Rach giggled. “You were such a good boy today” she continued addressing my cock; reaching down, she patted it on the head like a dog.

I had been without relief all day, and the prolonged, rock hard, hard-on at the airport had made me so sensitive and horny that I almost lost all control right there. The only thing that stopped me was the sudden thought “Where’s Lidia?” which came out in a panicked rush as I realized the webcams could be sharing this conversation with whoever was in her room.

“Don’t worry Big Bro” Rach said, guessing my worry, and pressing herself into me, “I turned off your webcam, and she’s sleeping like the dead anyway.” she finished, gesturing with her eyes over her shoulder to my computer, which showed Lidia, asleep on her bed, one of my t-shirts, her only covering. While my t-shirts were long enough for Rach to wear like a dress, Lidia’s longer body left much less to the imagination below the waist. I could just see a dash of white lace on her hip that teased the thought of her panties into my head.

The shirt jogged my memory about another question I had been brooding over. I asked “that’s my shirt isn’t it?” indicating the sleeping Lidia on my monitor.

“Yea, she didn’t want to unpack, so I gave her something from my stuff to sleep in.” Rach answered casually.

“When did my t-shirts become ‘your stuff?’?” I asked playfully.

“Oh.” She said seeming to realize she was caught. “I started taking them to use…after your meet.” She finished sheepishly, biting her lower lip, playfully abashed.

“I feel violated” I retorted in mock distress, and we both laughed, wrestling and playing with each other till Rach grabbed the towel, and yanked it away. My cock, fully freed from confinement, seemed to remind us both, as it hung there bouncing to my heart beat, that there was better fun to be had.

“I’m using one of my slave hours” I declared, returning Rach’s attention back up to my face.

“Really?” she asked with a lilt that told me she was more than willing.

“It’s 2:35. One hour, anything I say.” I reminded her, smiling in my best imitation of her perfect wicked smile.

“O.K.” she chirped, bouncing into a sitting position in front of me; her eagerness hard to miss.

“O.K. What?” I asked, feigning a glower.

Rach seemed confused for just a moment, then, tipping her head down to look up at from under her brow, cast me a grin so evil I felt the challenge to hold up my end of the game, and answered throatily “yes Master.”

Sitting up also, gathering myself for the roll, I commanded “Strip for your Master.”

Beaming with excitement, Rach jumped off the bed. She had changed out of her dress; I finally had energy to notice. She was wearing a spaghetti strapped tank that fit loosely, and hung away from her body. Very short, it ended only a few inches below her chest, showing her belly button. Her lower body was poorly covered by black shorts that she had rolled down the tops of, exposing her hip bones, where the yellow bikini straps of her panties emerged in an arc.

“Wait” I said, and she froze as I leaned over to my computer, and put on some Beasty Boys music. Settling myself back in bed for a show, I leaned against my headboard, my hands behind my head, and crossed my ankles. All set, I commanded “Proceed.”

Being a good slave, she had remained perfectly still as I had prepared. Now, being freed from her immobility, her look turned lusty, and she began to move.

Her hips whipped from side to side, ‘Brass Monkey’ providing the beat which she punctuated; her hips moving like a snake to the pulse of the music. She didn’t rush, wanting, I hoped, to prolong the experience as much as I did. She slowly turned, continuing her hip motion, until she was facing away, her ass adding it’s bounce to the spectacle. Rach looked over her shoulder to me, seeming to revel in my attention, and wanting to know where it was focused. I glanced into her eyes, then returned to the show her ass was giving me.

Not wanting to miss anything, I pulled myself away from her ass, and looked down, deciding to slowly work my leer up her slithering body. Her toes dug into the carpet, gripping for purchase. The muscles of her tan legs writhed with the motion they were sending upward. I made it back to her ass just as she turned back around, and saw she had slid one hand into her shorts, her hand’s up and down strokes adding more vehemence to her hip’s writhing.

I looked up to her face, momentarily forgetting my plan to gradually ascend, to see her eyes locked onto me, the lust so raw I wondered at my composure not to jump her. Wrenching my eyes away from her stare, I returned to her hips; the sway she had given them causing the muscles in her tanned stomach to ripple lightly, the glisten of sweat she had worked up making the ripples almost sparkly like sun on a river.

The next song came on, and I smiled as I realized it was ‘She’s Crafty”. I raised my gaze further, and saw she was waiting for my gaze to get to her chest. She slowly flipped the traps of her tank-top off her shoulders and I watched with anticipation as her writhing movements slowly lowered her top, till it caught on her nipples; I resisted the urge to grab it and pull it down. With a particularly vicious slither, her top finally fell, landing in a bunch at her hips, revealing her perfect tits. Her nipples, small pink and hard, floated on her exactly round, firm mounds, which swayed and bounced lightly, tightly holding themselves to her.

I raised my eyes to complete my journey. Rach’s eyes were still glued to me, but now focused on my cock, which throbbed and bobbed over my stomach in appreciation of her show. Her eyes came up to mine and, a little naughty smile crossing her lips; she brought her hand up into our eye line, and beckoned me to come closer. I sat up, and scooted to sit at the edge of the bed. Seeing me comply, she turned her ass to me and backed up, bringing it within inches of my face. The song ‘Paul Revere’ started as she hooked her thumbs into her shorts at her hips, and began the agonizingly slow tease of sliding them down. I saw her yellow panties were thongs, and I reveled in her ass as it was revealed; her ass muscles rhythmically flexing, one cheek, then the other, as she moved.

Rach spread her feet further apart, and bent over at the waist. The single strip of her panties than split her ass did little to hide the bright pink of her glistening pussy as she arched her ass up for my viewing pleasure. Locked on the sight, I was startled to feel her hands grabbing mine. She pulled them to the straps of her panties where they hugged her hips, and left then there, looking back at me over her, now prone back. Seeing I had gotten the message, she turned her head away, and dropped her torso further.

She watched, upside down, through her parted thighs, as I slowly lowered her panties, taking care to leave the straps that held our toy to her, undisturbed. Rach began lowering her ass. Perched as she was, over my, now rigidly hard cock, I held her hips, keeping her from sinking onto me. I wanted more for my hour, and the show wasn’t over yet.

“Not yet Slave” I admonished, sliding back and continuing to lower her panties, forcing her to stand up, and bring her legs together. “Turn around” I ordered, and she complied in an instant, her eyes burning me with their hunger. I reached out and slid her top over her hips, letting it fall to the floor in a ring around her feet.

“You need to EARN your reward” I continued, “You want to make your Master HAPPY don’t you?”

“Yes Master” she whined, squeezing her thighs together in frustration.

I glanced over to my computer, “I would like my shirt back” I said calmly, turning back to her expectantly. Her confused look was priceless, and I let her stew in that confusion. Becoming impatient for her to catch on, I finally added “go get it for me”. Seeing her confusion replaced by incredulity, I dictated with as much authority as I could gather “NOW SLAVE.” Worried, but undeniably excited, she bent to retrieve her shirt.

“I didn’t say anything about getting dressed, did I slave?” I asked silkily.

“No…Master” she answered, her voice quivering, her worry replaced by near panic, but her excitement seeming to heightening further.

I could see her hand shaking as she reached for the doorknob. Checking the hallway first, she exited and closed the door softly behind her. Switching to my computer, to continue my show, I saw Rach enter her dimly lit room and quietly close the door. She stood there, at her door, for a long time, and I began to fear she would chicken out. Just as I was about to go rescue her from her paralysis, she started creeping towards Lidia. She got to Lidia’s bed, her naked body quivering, and remained there, again, apparently frozen. Finally gathering the courage to act, Rach reached forward, a look of strangled determination on her beautiful face.

Lidia lay on her back, her legs and hips turned slightly away from me, giving me a tantalizing glimpse of the edge of her ass. Rach, on the opposite side of the bed from the webcam, reached across Lidia’s upturned hip, and slowly, watching Lidia’s face as she worked, began lifting my shirt over her hip, stopping when it resisted at her waist.

Lidia’s ass now half exposed to me, I could see her white panties, the lace standing in contrast to her darkly tanned skin. Wondering at the lack of further progress, I looked at Rach, who looked back at me, at what, for her was a blank screen, and pleaded silently for reprieve. She was so cute, standing there naked and completely vulnerable, with big puppy dog eyes, that I briefly considered letting her off the hook. Briefly I say, because Lidia chose that moment to shift; rolling towards me, onto her other side.

The shirt now more freed, Rach saw her opportunity, and returned her attention to her task. Lidia, though tall, was very thin; my shirt draped her loosely, making it easy for Rach to easily bring it up, revealing Lidia’s flat stomach. Continuing her progress with only slightly more resistance, Rach managed to slide the shirt far enough up Lidia’s tight torso, that I could see the slight rounding that promised a view of her tits was close at hand.

Feeling Rach was having too easy a time, I reached for my shorts, retrieving the remote. As I turned on the g-spot vibe to 1, Rach eyes went wide, and sinking to her knees, all but disappeared behind Lidia’s sleeping form. With a helpless, pleading look at the webcam, she tentatively resumed her effort; the added distraction of the toy vibrating against her g-spot, causing her hands to shake unhelpfully. Unable to still them, Rach slid her hands, under the shirt, up Lidia’s back, managing as she did, to lever the shirt up in back onto Lidia’s shoulders. This pulled at the front enough to reveal Lidia’s breasts. Unmarred by tan lines, so firm, her position had no effect on their slight form; her breasts seemed to present me her tinny dark nipples, smaller even than Rach’s, with barely any dark skin surrounding them.

Coming out of a momentary, nipple induced, trance, and eager for more, I felt the need to encourage Rach to speed up. Kicking the g-spot vibe to 2, I watched Rach lurch; suspended momentarily in shock, she hovered for an instant before collapsing helplessly, out of view behind Lidia. Feeling I had made my point, I lowered the vibe back to 1, and saw Rach emerge, breathing heavily, but silently, from behind Lidia’s bed.

Refocusing back onto Lidia, I watched as Rach lifted Lidia’s arm, slowly raising it to set it over Lidia’s head, hiding her face from my view. With Lidia’s arm up, Rach managed to stretch my shirt in such a way, that she could pull Lidia’s arm down, and out. Looking back at the camera, pride at her accomplishment beaming from her, she shrugged her shoulders, plainly signaling that she had gone as far as she could.

Frustrated by her lack of perseverance, I jolted her with both vibes on 2 for a moment; threatening her with an uncontrolled orgasm. I hoped she would see her precarious position, and choose the possibility of Lidia waking while being stripped, over Lidia waking to her writhing on the floor. The look of frustration on Rach’s face told me the message was received, and her focus, and hands returning to Lidia, told me she had chosen the former rather than the later.

Rach crept, on unsteady feet, around to my side of Lidia’s bed, and gently lifted Lidia’s legs at the knees, attempting to roll her over. Rach wasn’t kidding when she said Lidia was ‘dead to the world’ I thought, marveling at her yielding body as Rach, with increasing boldness, positioned her in a mirror of her previous position. I could see excitement in Rach’s eyes. The thought of her getting turned on by pleasing me, and the dawning realization that Lidia’s body, and it’s acquiescence to her touch was adding to her arousal, compelled me to push her arousal further. I turned the clit vibe to 1; causing Rach to jerk in mid lift of Lidia’s other arm. She looked up at me, such a mingle of emotion strewn across her face, that I couldn’t sort them; and then, hips grinding the air, she continued, freeing Lidia’s other arm from my shirt.

Clearly in distress, Rach wiggled in a silent fit; trying, through a haze of pleasure, to work out her final challenge, getting the shirt over Lidia’s head. I watched agog, as she, throwing all caution away, reached for the front of the neck opening with both hands, and pulled it away and then up. Just as Rach managed to get the front above Lidia’s head, Lidia turned away, rolling her head out of the shirt, which came away in Rach’s hands, momentarily unbalancing her. She staggered back, her trembling legs bringing her ass right up to the camera, Rach turned, holding up the shirt in triumph, smiling wildly.

Rach made her way back to her door, but stopped, her hand on the doorknob. After a few seconds pause, she hurried on unstable legs, over to her dresser and pulled out another of my shirts. She went back over to Lidia, now wonderfully naked save her panties, and laid the shirt next to her in a heap. Returning to her door, she quietly exited, and I turned away from my computer, facing my door expectantly. She burst through, not bothering to close it behind her, and skidded to a stop at the foot of my bed. Holding my shirt up in with pride, she offered it to me.

“Very good Slave” I said softly, “do you think you’ve earned a reward?”

“Yes…please” she whined, her legs bending and shaking as she squeezed them together, and nervously added “Master.”

“Close the door” I directed, sliding forward to resume my position on edge of the bed. She scampered wobbly to obey, and returned just as quickly, the need emanating from her like heat. Turning her around, and pulling the toy from her literally dripping pussy, I moved her into the same position she had been in at the end of her striptease. I let go of her and commanded “Ride me, but don’t cum without permission.”

“Yes Massssster” she said, sliding onto me as she spoke. Within ten strokes, she chirped through wildly fluctuating breaths “Ma…ster…can…I…cuumm?”

“Not yet Slave” I said sweetly, hearing her stifled cry of frustration. “When I get to 10 you may cum. Do you understand?” I added, the command in my voice surprising me.

“Ye…ssss…Masss…terrr” she managed in a stuttering squeak.

Rach’s ass bouncing in front of me, gave me an idea, and as I whispered “1”, I smacked her left cheek, hard enough to hear it, but not enough to really hurt her. Her resultant “eek” sounded not, as I had expected, distressed, but excited. Deciding to test my limits here, I spanked her right cheek much harder as I said “2”. Her exclamation of “ughh”, reminded me of that strange way she grunted when I hit her g-spot.

“Pleee…se… Ma…ssst…er” she squeaked.

“You want me to stop” I asked, fearing I had gone too far.

“No…fa…ster” she answered, then added in a squeaky whine “pl…ease…Mas…ter”

Realization that the spanking was pleasurable, my hormones drove me. I spanked her with all my adrenalin behind each swing; “3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10” and then wrapped my arms around her, and pulled her down, sinking myself completely into her, and held her down as she gushed and bucked wildly. Her pussy spasming around the base of my cock, she grunted like an animal as her long needed release arrived.

As she went limp, her legs twitching feebly below her, I leaned back, pulling her with me. She lay there, my dick still buried in her, her back heaving for breath on my chest, and mumbled “Thank you Master” as she turned her head and looked up to me.

“I’m so proud of my little slave, I’m going to give her a show too” I said, taken by inspiration. Lifting her up by her waist, I slid down under her airborne body. I noticed her red ass cheeks as my head passed under them, and wondered that she liked the spanking. Setting her down on the bed as I slid to the floor at her feet, I got up, and without answering her questioning look, left my room and went to Rach’s.

Quietly entering, I walked to stand over Lidia. I looked into the cam. I knew Rach was glued to it, and wanted her to know what I was about to do was for her.

Grabbing my cock roughly, feeling the slick wetness of Rach’s cum coating it thickly, I wasted no time, and needed little of it. Feeling my ball tighten, I looked down to my target. Seeing Lidia below me, her long, lean, bare body laid out like a feast for my eyes, I watched as the first stream of cum flew across her stomach. Aiming my cock as I continued to cum, I sent stream after stream across every inch of her smooth skin I could reach.

With a final shudder, I sagged with relief. My eyes regaining their focus, I reveled in the beauty of my work of art. Lidia’s body, once a smooth uninterrupted perfection of tan, was now crisscrossed by a white lacework. From her knees, to her neck, she was dressed in my cum, the contrast, even in the dim light, was breathtaking.

Picking up Rach’s decoy shirt, I wiped my hands and cock clean, and quietly made my way back to my room. Rach was waiting for me, a look of unbelief easily read on her features. I glanced at the clock as I lay down on my back beside her, in my bed. “It’s 3:40” I said with a sigh as she draped a leg and arm over me, and laid her head on my chest. Wrapping my arm around her, I continued my lament “my hour is up.”

Rach imitated my sigh. “That was amazing” she said dreamily; then, lifting her head to look at me, she continued “and terrifying” in mock anger, punctuating her comment with a forceful grind of her slick pussy into my thigh. “She’s gona see what you did when she wakes up” Rach whispered happily.

“I hadn’t thought of that” I said calmly, my cum drunk brain refusing to worry.

“Want your Little Sis to take care of it for you?” she said innocently.

“Yes please” I answered quickly, to at ease to wonder how.

Rach rose off me, tapped the monitor that showed my cum masterpiece, and ordered evilly “Watch.”

As she left my room, I turned to the monitor. I had nothing specific to expect, so as I watched her close her door, and walk to Lidia, I was unprepared. Rach stood at the side of the bed facing me. Sinking to her knees, her eyes locked on me (through the cam), she leaned forward over Lidia’s legs, and keeping her eyes on me, lowered her tongue to a stripe of cum that sliced diagonally across Lidia’s thigh. Smiling at me, she followed the line of cum, pulling her tongue into her mouth every few inches, coated in my cum, and replacing it where she left off, sucked clean.

She continued this, cleaning Lidia inch by inch; working her way up her thighs. Skipping over Lidia’s panties, her tongue slid over her stomach, tracing each rope of my cum, and scooping it into her mouth. When she got to Lidia’s chest, she carefully avoided the peaks of her breasts, where they rose slightly proud of her body. Proceeding above Lidia’s breasts, she finished by following a single stream of cum over Lidia’s collarbone, gliding her tongue up Lidia’s neck; and ended with a final, tongue hooking flourish under Lidia’s chin.

My heart-stoppingly good show obviously over, I almost missed Rach tenderly caressing Lidia’s breasts; swirling my remaining cum into her skin, finishing with a tinny dab of cum on the tip of each nipple.

I fell backwards onto my pillow as Rach, grinning widely, exited her room; so amazed at my good fortune I giggled like a girl. Rach came back, closed my door, and flopped back onto me, resuming her previous place. “There, all fixed” she said smacking her lips; and laying her head back onto my chest, sighed contentedly.

As I drifted off, my beautiful, dangerously deviant sister, naked in my arms, I wondered ‘can it get any better than this?’


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My sister and I are 19 year old twins and have very differing sexual preferences. I love masturbating myself or any other like minded girl and to spend time rubbing my cunt on another one is my idea of heaven. I orgasm very freely and enjoy the taste and smell of my cunt more than those of other girls.

My sister likes to be whipped and caned and I do this for her, partly because she doesn't want anyone else to know about it and partly because it is erotic and makes me cum. Sometimes I have caned her until she has been black and blue and we have orgasmed so much the insides of our thighs have been slimy with the juice that has run out of us. My sisters favourite thing is for her to spread her legs, pull her cunt wide open and have me thrash her whole slit, clitoris and all, with a very hot facecloth. Sometimes after this she hasn't been able to close her legs properly because her cunt has become so swollen and sore but she is always ready for me to do it again within days.

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