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there is a significant amount of build-up so leave now if your here for a quickie, this is my first story i have more plans for this series and a few other series but ill see how this does first, enjoy

I glanced at the sky as my father unlocked the door, it was dark out but I guess that was to be expected we had been driving for 8 hours, I looked back and grabbed my bags there weren’t many so everything was in the house and un packed quickly on my way in I looked around the house it was small but still big enough for even another person. “there should be another person” I thought, as I walked to my room and laid down on my bed I couldn’t help but think about my sister Maria’s pained expression the last time I saw her, without my sister life was going to suck. I thought back to the last few months before my parents officially divorced just after my 17th birthday not the sad parts but what had changed between my sister(16 years old at the time) and I, when everything fell apart we had become much closer than ever and if I’m being perfectly honest we alienated almost all our friends they just couldn’t understand us anymore but now that she was basically the most important person to me how did I just start living without her.
Chapter 1

Finally, it had taken 2 months but the judge finally ruled in favor of our father and we were all going to live together, mostly because of my mother’s previous infidelity and newly developed drug habits but the whys didn’t matter life feels a little brighter. This time the ride home was so much happier compared to the decent into hell it had felt like last time. soon after I had arrived I realized how boring nowhere land Tennessee was, well it wasn’t actually called nowhere land but it should be, and then one day not long after moving in I fired up my computer and was checking through my emails when one from my sister caught my eye titled “get me out of here”, it read:

David, everything is going wrong now mom has started using drugs and all these strange people are always coming over one of them tried to force himself on me yesterday please do something I can’t take this.

After the rage to kill died down a little I told my father, he filed for custody and the waiting began, “now maybe I will be able to sleep tonight” I thought as I went back to my room again, I hadn’t told anybody but ever since we moved here I have had about 4 hours of sleep at most so I was up most of the night. Soon after I was sitting in my room I heard a knock on my door “come in” I called it was Maria, she was a complete wreck but still looked great in my eyes she’s about 5’6 and was wearing old jeans and a black sleeveless shirt that was a bit small which made her boobs strain against the fabric and her silky black hair was in a mess that covered most of her face so I couldn’t make out an expression. She just wrapped me in a tight embrace nuzzled my shoulder a little and whispered in my ear “thank you for saving me” this all caught me a bit off guard but I hugged her back and told her “it was no problem, nobody like you deserves to live like that” our hug lasted a little longer before we said our good nights and she left. “Oh yeah ill defiantly rest well tonight”.

Damn no good, after a few hours of trying I accepted that god had no intension of allowing me to sleep tonight. I walked to the bath room to get the sleeping pills that I took a few times a week I would take them every night but that stuff is addictive anyway I had been so used to this routine that I didn’t notice the bathroom light was on and just swung the door open as usual and froze when I saw my sister masturbating on the toilet, I couldn’t help but look; her long hair was down almost to her boobs she has cream colored skin that invites you to touch it, dark soulful eyes, large but still natural tits and that’s as far as I got before a loud “David what the fuck” snapped me out of my daze and managed a sorry as I grabbed the pill bottle and stumbled out back to my room somewhere along the way noticing that my dick was hard. What was wrong with me, my sister and I had always been really close and I knew my sister was beautiful but had never felt this attraction to her before now, I tried to tell myself it was just a little lust and lack of sleep but a thought that there was more kept on nagging me right up until the meds took me and then I dreamed.

In my dream I was wandering in the darkness towards a light and when I reached it my surroundings changed in a flash I was in a unfamiliar house I looked around for a little while and then the front door opened and I saw myself and my sister walk through the door my arm was casually wrapped around her waist and she was looking at me with a mixture of adoration and desire. They walked through me and then I had merged with the ‘other’ me except now I was just a passenger in this body capable of seeing hearing etcetera I just couldn’t control the movement. We moved through the house to a small bedroom and stated kissing feverishly and helping each other out of our clothes and tossing them to the floor when we were both completely naked I sat on the edge of the bed and then I noticed that I couldn’t make out her features very clearly but I could feel everything just fine as she sat down straddling me and guided my cock through the waiting lips of her soaked pussy she griped my shoulders and I put my hands on her hips as we started a grinding motion this eventually drifted into blackness, the dream was over.

When I woke up that damn dream was playing again in my head I just tried with limited success to push it out of my head and just move on with my morning. Talking to Maria was awkward “sorry again” I said meekly “it’s been rough on me too, being away from you and never knowing if you’re alright I’ve developed a bit of a sleeping problem lately” I continued weakly “it’s alright I guess” she responded a little distant I just ate my breakfast trying to clear my head and went out to the car “can I drive” my sister asked suddenly enthusiastic “what, no” I said “oh come on I’m 16 I have my license what’s the big deal?” she complained “you just got your license what if you wreck the car” I sputtered “plus I’m 17 and you don’t have a clue where you’re going maybe in a week or two but for now just get in” I said she conceded without pressing the issue any further and the day went like most others; boring, and slow with the exception that I couldn’t stop thinking about Maria and how badly I wanted more all of the sudden, I knew it was wrong but I also knew how I felt and refused to do anything to change it.

Later that day I was waiting for my old computer to load up when Maria knocked on my door again, I invited her in but she just stood in the doorway, looking like she was stuck on a rubix cube so I said “don’t hurt yourself sis just say what’s on your mind ” she stood there for a few more seconds and finally asked “do you love me?” this question caught me completely of guard the only response I could come up with was “yes you’re my sister of course I love you” “not like that” she sighed “do you love me romantically?” she asked sounding a little irritated. Not thinking at all for a second “yeah I think I love you that way” I said and immediately regretted it “what do we do about it?” she asked “we don’t do anything, I know where this is going and it’s wrong” I responded a little too sharply she looked as if she was going to break into tears it took me a while to figure out how it was possible for me to shatter her like this and then I thought about how I would react if I were her and knew I would react the same way. I stood up took her into my arms just holding her like I was keeping her from falling to pieces literally as much I was metaphorically and whispered to her “it’s not that I don’t want you I just know it’s wrong for me to have you.” My words seemed to slowly sink in but that didn’t stop her from kissing me and I didn’t stop myself from kissing back it seemed like that was her way of responding to me and finding out how I really feel then abruptly she broke the kiss and left smiling. The rest of that night was horrible I was able to sleep with the pills but when I did I had a nightmare one that I didn’t remember when I woke up but still terrified me.

It was silent the next morning and I couldn’t bring myself to break the silence because I worried about what my sister might want to talk about. The day dragged on slower than ever I had to work that day to which didn’t help I was thinking about my sister again today ok mostly I was beating myself up about turning her down. By the time I got home for the day I had successfully made myself feel like a real bastard so I was pleasantly surprised by how happy my sister seemed. I headed to my room but she stood in my way blocking my way to the door “we need to talk” she said “ok, what about” I said cautiously “why is it wrong for us to love each other?” she asked I tried to find a reason but when I actually thought about it I couldn’t what is the reason I thought to myself “I don’t know” I finally admitted at this she instantly lit up “could we try it out for a while?” she asked. I thought about this for a while to before asking my final question “are you really sure this is what you want?” only a tenth of me still hoping for a no “yes, you have always been here for me it makes sense” and then her voice became more seductive “who do you think I was imagining the other night when I was fucking myself” that officially destroyed that part of me who was holding back

We started making out in the hall slowly moving towards my room. As we began removing our clothing kind of like the dream I was mesmerized once again by how beautiful she was and actually got to take it all in and explore this time, her dark hair was flowing down her back, her smooth skin was soft and inviting to the touch, I slowly massaged her large breasts and nipples causing her to moan and down to the other parts of her body I hadn’t got to before, she had a tight round ass and surprisingly shaved pussy except for a small strip that now was fairly moist, she looked better than I had ever imagined. Then I was interrupted because she had gotten my clothes off as well and had started working on my cock, her mouth felt like heaven as she popped the head into her waiting mouth massaging it with her tongue slowly taking in a few more inches of my rock hard shaft and jerking off what she couldn’t fit. She began moving faster and bobbing up and down vigorously and I noticed that she was rubbing herself a little, while she sucked me I had subconsciously began rubbing her nipples contributing to her pleasure. All of this along with all my imagining earlier was pushing me over the edge “I’m about to blow” I told her through breaths but to my surprise she kept going and let me shoot my cum in her mouth although a little of it just spilled onto the floor she swallowed what stayed inside.

Then I picked her up and laid her down on the bed so I could start on her. I started by slowly licking and gently sucking at her pussy lips and clit adjusting myself to the flavor; it tasted very slightly metallic like licking a penny and sweet like honey or bad wine. I thrust my tongue in deeper exploring and probing her passage and regularly returning to her clit to stimulate her. Finally I began gently sucking on her clit while flicking my tongue over and around it slightly more aggressively this really got her going, grabbing fists full of my hair and moaning for a little while longer before she finally climaxed. I lapped up most of her juices and rolled over on to the bed next to her.

We laid there on my bed for a while afterwards and as odd as this picture would look to someone else it felt completely right fortunately for us my dad usually came home drunk and never went in to our rooms, we were safe from discovery at least until tomorrow “any regrets?” she asked “not even if I wanted them” I said with a faint smile and meant it. Then for the first time since we moved here I fell asleep.

Chapter 2(because I know you are not done yet)

I woke up at 6:30 to the buzzing sound of my alarm clock I turned it off and then it hit me that I was more rested than ever and that Maria was already awake. “Sleep well?” she asked “yes I did thanks to and with that our morning started semi normal, well the only thing that actually changed was the way we felt but that changed everything.

Our drive to school was basically the same which made me think I should make it different so towards the end I said “after lunch meet me in the last stall of the bathroom on the far side of school” nobody would be anywhere near that one and the school didn’t have enough money to install surveillance cameras. “Oh and what will we be doing there” she said slyly “use your imagination” I said as we pulled in to the school. Thanks to that little conversation the morning classes went by even slower and I kept drifting off in my mind once the teacher had to repeat a question five times to snap me out of it finally the lunch bell rang and I almost ran out of the classroom and very nearly choked on my lunch and still wasn’t done fast enough.

When I got to the bathroom Maria was waiting for me in her underwear which caught me off guard and I took in her features again I just couldn’t get over how amazing she was her panties were damp she must have taken my advice about imagining or had been looking forward to this as much as I had. We made out for a short time and then we stopped kissing and she started rubbing her crotch against my leg which slowly turned my dick to stone again, by now I felt a bit odd being fully dressed while she was almost naked so I took off my shirt and slipped off my shoe as she helped me out of my pants and boxers. Now she only paused for me to take off her bra revealing her luscious boobs again, than she began to suck on the tip teasing me just a bit before pulling as much of my cock into her mouth as possible. As she was working on me I massaged and squeezed her tits her nipples were especially sensitive and she started rubbing her pussy through her panties as she sucked me off this time she pulled my cock out of her mouth a little before I came and jerked me off for a few seconds so that my cum squirted all over her face.

“What did you think about the ending?” she asked kind of not knowing how to word it I managed to come up with “it was great but yours will be better” and with that I helped her out of her panties and into a sitting position with her legs spread on the toilet and started to put my dick into her but then I thought about it and realized I really didn’t want to take my sisters virginity in a bathroom it just seemed like it should be different, more special so I just ate her out again taking care to make it as good for her as I could. I started like before rubbing her clit gently and then a bit faster when she was ready I began to eat her pussy and massage her tits again but apparently I didn’t start fast enough and she grabbed my head and pushed it down all I could do is work harder so she would climax faster and soon enough she started to spasm and moan loudly as it happened. RING the end of lunch bell reminded us we needed to get out of here or risk being caught we dressed quickly and got back to our classes.

After school that day I took my sister home turned around and went to my job. I did my job the best I could but after the bathroom I had planning how I did want to take my sisters virginity and had a pretty good plan by now. So after I finished up at work I went to the bank I made good money and never spent any of it so I had a few thousand saved up so I decided to be spontaneous, the summer started next month so I did research into concerts I wanted to see and stuff like that on the internet I found the right event and put my plan into motion. It was going to be a long month but there would be plenty of distractions along the way.

Roughly 1 month later…

We got off our plane in Sydney Australia and took a bus to our hotel the flight had been tiring so we went straight to bed but I remember thinking that it was a good thing we were in another country where we didn’t know anyone because that meant we could be romantic in public. The next day we woke up got dressed and I started my plans, this would be the day and then we had the concert tomorrow before going home the next day after.

Most of the day we just got a rental car and went around sightseeing and around 7:00 and everywhere we went I had the joy of being able to kiss her and hold her hand in public we went to dinner which was delicious so far everything was great much better than if I had just been inpatient finally we got back to our hotel room and that’s when things got more memorable. Our bodies couldn’t wait we ended up ripping off most of each other’s clothing all the while kissing passionately. I laid her down on the bed now that our clothing was in shreds and kissed her one more time before I moved my diamond hard cock to the entrance of her pussy and slowly pushed it in I knew because of my sex education classes that this would be more painful than necessary for her if I went to rough so I looked at her face every so often to gauge her response she nodded her head for me to continue I pushed my dick a in few inches more before I hit her hymen I knew this would be the most painful part so decided to do it fast like ripping off a band aid I broke through and felt blood going down my shaft and onto the bed sheets then she tightly wrapped her legs around my waist locking me in place and I continued faster more rhythmically her pussy was gripping my shaft like a wet warm vice I began massaging her tits and lightly squeezing her nipples and now she was moaning louder than ever until she climaxed this almost made me cum inside her but I pulled out just in time to shoot my load on her stomach then she moved down to clean me off sucking gently but not enough for me to cum again soon I was hard once more “do you want to try doggie style?” I asked “sure “she said turning over onto her knees and elbows, I carefully lined my dick up with her opening and pushed in from the back it felt different like I was probing in deeper than before from this angle, I was getting closer so i griped her ass with my hands and started pumping into her faster she must have been close to because she started moving back and forth to meet my thrusts pulling out just in time to spray allover her backside, yes this was definitely a better idea than the bathroom I collapsed on top of her exhausted and we rolled over spooning and fell asleep shortly.

The next day we went to the concert and got drunk after a few hours the rest of the night was a blur I think we fucked again that night but I’m not 100% sure about anything. Two nights after the concert we were back home in my bed, life good and it seemed like it would only get better from this point on.
Thank you all for reading my story I really enjoyed writing this but I would still like you to tell me if you want more also, please rate comment and give suggestions if you rate negative please tell me why you did not like the story peace.

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