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Young Janie's story as she goes round to the aging hippie's house
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My name is Jane Simmonds and I’m sixteen, just. My best friend Lettie Mellors has just got me into some amazing shiz and so I’m going to write it all down – maybe then it’ll start to make sense.

Lettie is called Laetitia really, for some reason; you’d think parents would have more sense wouldn’t you but anyway. She likes to be called Lettie but as we’re BFF I often call her Titty or Tits, because they really stick out and are the first thing anyone notices, even though they’re not that enormous at all.

She calls me Janie and so do my other friends, I suppose because I’m a bit young for my school year - my birthday’s not till June - and I’m not very big: only five feet two and half. Tits is about the same size actually, we’re quite similar though her birthday is in December so she’s been sixteen for ages.

Lettie is a bit of a whirlwind, she’s always into something and then everyone else has to be into it as well, it’s like she makes it irresistible whatever it is. She doesn’t actually MAKE people do things, well not often, we all just follow and then before we know where we are stuff’s going on that we’d never have got into on our own.

Anyway so this time, it’s so totally weird, as you'll see.

Tits and I have been friends since forever, and we’ve been doing sex with each other as well. I’ve been doing sex for years, since I was twelve I started playing with myself then when I was thirteen I started with boys and never stopped.

Anyway I like sex, and Lettie does too but only with girls. She’s been at it for years as well. She says we’re both built for it and so it’s natural.

I see what she means: both of us have really obvious tits and hips and thighs, that’s the way our bodies are shaped, with small waists and chests, and so a lot of people seem to think SEX when they look at us, for a few years now.

I quite like it with girls as well as boys, as long as they’re sexy and nice I don’t mind, but Titty’s only interested in girls, I don’t know why. It was a couple of years ago it suddenly occurred to us to get it on with each other and so we did.

We both have others too, it’s not like we’re a couple or anything, it’s more like we added in sex to being friends already. Actually neither of us goes steady with anyone, we’d get bored! I mean fancy meeting someone really sexy and having to say ‘oh no I can’t touch you I have a boyfriend already’?

Anyway I am quite into Titty now, on the side sort of thing. She’s so sexy. We jolly nearly got caught a couple of weeks ago at her place, in her room, when we were well into it, though luckily with our clothes still on, but we were so nearly there with our fingers in each other’s pussies and SO close and then her mum knocks on the door.

And so we have like three seconds to get ourselves sitting up and neat before Tits has to say ‘come in’, and then her mum looks in and looks a bit funnily at us, I guess we looked a bit worked up and the room was probably pretty whiffy with our juicy pussies as well. She didn’t say anything, just about what she’d she’d come up for I can’t remember, but it was a bit of a scare!

So anyway that Monday she said to come round and we’d go for a swim at this pool her neighbour had built. He’s old and didn’t mind she said, he’s on his own and lonely and so we could just go and use his pool. It seemed a bit of a cheek but Titty was sure as usual and so I went.

It started alright but then Lettie wanted to get it on with me, right in front of him. But then he said it was alright he knew we were girlfriends and he swam in the pool, not perving us or anything, while Tits and I got each other off, on the side, in our swim things.

It was incredible. But I was a bit needy: I hadn’t cum that day at all, and same for Titty I think so we just did it, right there.

And this guy, he’s called David, just swam and didn’t look at all.

Then afterwards we had a bit of a swim and he was really nice, a bit shy I suppose but as usual Tits got him talking a bit and then wanted to play lezzie sex videos, with him watching too. That was really too WEIRD for me so she stopped and then before I knew it she was rolling a J and he was telling us that actually he’d been a HIPPIE and was totally into grass as well.

Tits is so amazing like that, she has ‘social skills’ like other people have breathing in and out.

So then she gets us all into music and he sets up his sound system and we all get into the hot tub and listen to rock and blues, and get zonked. Together.

It was great actually. Then she starts on my legs, under the water, and looks at me and I have to have her again, I mean HAVE to, and she pulls me out of the tub and strips me and makes me strip her and we get it on, right there in front of this sixty-five year old guy I just met!

Well it all felt OK once we started, with the dope and everything, and he was so cool, really, he’d been quite, you know, formal and everything when we arrived and then with the dope and everything Lettie had just converted him to this cool old hippie and it was all OK.

So we fucked, Titty and I, and we were naked, and David had taken off his trunks and she made him stand up in the tub and he looked just GREAT, this BIG boner not looking anything like a granddad’s wizened little old willie that you might’ve thought.

And he’s in shape, you know, I would NOT want you thinking I’d fucked a saggy old walrus; he has muscles and everything, shoulders, an ass, quite nice and pert in fact, no tummy, it’s only the wrinkles and those spots that they all get on their skin and actually when you touch it it doesn’t feel the way you expect; it’s like a snake or something - when you actually stroke it it’s fine.

So he got out and Lettie started one of her lezzie videos that get her off and I rolled and we had a smoke, all of us lying there in the nude!

So he was nice, you know, just a nice person, and with this cock, like a serious big, hard cock, pretty thick and it just looked like it’d be perfect. But even so I’d NEVER have started anything except Tits says I ought to, that I needed it. And she was right of course, I did. I need cock, fingers aren’t enough for me, and smoking makes me worse.

So he was right next to me, and he stroked me a little but he wasn’t being pushy at all. And suddenly I had to, HAD to get fucked by this big cock. My pussy had to have it.

And this is the thing: he fucked me like I never KNEW. I’ve had a lot of guys, you know, in three years you rack up the numbers don’t you, even if you’re picky, if you’re not going steady, but what he did to me was something else.

First of all I got on top and slid him into me, it was so right, and he was so cool, letting me make the running, you know, not pushing or anything, not on a crappy ego trip like some of them at getting their cock into you, he just was...COOL, that is the word.

And his cock felt amazing, it’s like it was the perfect size for me, just as big as I could take comfortably, exactly.

So he stroked me, I mean STROKED me, all over, with his hands, while I was on top, and I just could feel him caring about me and enjoying me, all at once. Then when I said to fuck me, properly, he just DID and I had a huge cum just like that, in a few seconds. His cock felt incredible in me, and he did something each time he pushed in, I didn’t know what it was but I worked it out later.

And he didn’t cum with me, the first time, he made himself not, which was amazing as he was totally into it and normally they always do, when I cum, I mean I know my pussy is quite strong, with the way I’m built and to be honest I do keep it FIT with PLENTY of exercise.

But he said he had this trick and so when I came down after this brilliant cum he was still hard in me. And he’d done it on purpose in case I wanted some more.

Well of course I DID. After a quick blow on Titty’s J we started again, and he held me, like underneath so he was cradling me, and he fucked me for an HOUR, Tits said. But I had no clue, honestly, cos he kept me high as a frickin kite all that time.

You know the others, lads, just pump in and out till they cum. Job done. Which is fine but with this old hippie it wasn’t like that at all.

To start with he’d sort of squiggle on me while he pressed in, really deep but gently, every stroke. It was a huge buzz, on my clit and round, you know, my vulva. Then just when I started to lose the edge a bit, like after a few minutes, not getting bored but just sort of getting used to it so it wasn’t quite so exciting any more, he’d start doing something else.

Like he’d hold it in and sort of stir it around for a bit each time, or he’d pull it almost out and just move it in and out a tiny fraction right at the entrance, for a minute or two so my pussy would close up inside and then he’d suddenly fuck right into me again and the sensation would be INCREDIBLE.

Or he’d stop fucking and hold it just in there and play with my tits (which are REALLY sensitive he sussed out straight away), stroke them and squeeze and nip them and lick and nibble them, then get back to my pussy which would’ve sort of revived its sensitivity in the meantime.

Or he’d change how he was holding me, like pull away so he was only touching me with his cock, so ALL my attention would just be on my pussy, or he’d be like half way in and fuck quickly in little short movements so I’d get really frustrated and then he’d suddenly hit me with a full stroke again.

Or his stroke would change, you know it wouldn’t be all the same speed going in and out, he’d start it off slow, then do a quick bit in the middle, then slow down again and press right in, so there’d be two little bursts of sensation with EVERY stroke.

And all the time he didn’t quite let me cum, he held me JUST on the brink. If I got near a cum he backed off, slowed down or whatever, and if I started to fall off even a little bit he’d do something new, or harder or whatever to bring me up again.

GOD! There was more than that, I can’t really remember it all exactly, I was so high, on the grass AND the sex. It just kept changing so I never came down, it was up, up, up the whole time.

And then just when I was starting to think I’d really go MAD if I didn’t get to cum again he seemed to know and he got hold of me again, cradled me, and just fucked the crap out of me, really hard and fast and it was the biggest cum EVER. I just came and came and CAME, and I could feel he was spurting into me and I loved that too, I just SO wanted his cum in me, even though I’m on Depo obviously but still.

He was so into ME, that was the thing. He really, really cared, like it was all done as, I dunno, a way of treasuring me almost. It’s hard to explain, the feeling it gave me. It all added together, his technique and his big cock and his quite muscley body and the FEELING. And how long he’d built me up. It was the most amazing hour of my life.

So far!

Cos I was going back, for SURE. Titty had been SO right. And did I care about him having GRANDCHILDREN actually a bit OLDER than me? Nope!

After we came I actually had a little doze on him, lying on his chest, for a couple of minutes, I was so fucked, and he cuddled me and stroked me, I felt so great I can’t really describe it, but when I came round I could see Lettie looking and I half reckoned from the look on her face she was wondering whether it was something she ought to try after all.

Well if she did then she deserved it, obviously, but I couldn’t help hoping she was gonna stick with her girls, cos at sixty-five David could only have so much energy and to be absolutely honest I felt I could use it ALL.

So that was Monday, and when we got back to Titty’s we were thinking how could we spend lots of time at David’s, and next day she came up with the idea of switching our summer school project to something we’d have to do at his place, and so we thought of ‘Youth Culture in the 1960’s and 70’s’.

Hehehe, school were fine with it, it worked a treat and her dad phoned and cleared it with David and mine weren’t worried so it was all set. Nobody seemed to know that David’s hippie culture had involved something called ‘Free Love’!!

So the next thing was to get into the main bit of the plan, which really wasn’t supposed to be me getting the greatest fucking ever but actually taking some GIRLS round.

With Titty and me being a bit open about what we were into, round school, some other girls had actually started following Lettie around, or me sometimes, and wanting to talk to us, about being lesbian or bi. As in - how did they tell if they were, and what was it like?

So it was a matter of which girl to start with. It was Lettie’s choice, really, whether to take a girl she was already doing it with, or a new one.

There was a new girl who’d really got Titty’s attention when she’d asked about orgasms. She’s only two years behind us, so honestly it was time she knew stuff like that. She was probably fourteen already.

She even looked innocent, that was part of the sexiness, but in any case she’s incredibly gorgeous: a little blonde, a bit smaller than us even, with green eyes and a body that’s fantastic already. She has a round face with a button nose and SUCH an innocent look, her eyes sort of wide open and with her straight hair parted in the middle and not terribly thick.

Her shoulders are really straight, a bit wider than average, and her tits are nice and high and pert, but round more than conical like Lettie’s and my pointy ones. Her shape’s lovely, with a waist and hips, though not as much of either as me and Lettie, again. Her thighs are very ‘shapely’, they’d be called in a novel, not as big as mine and Lettie’s but not skinny either. Altogether, she is a dream.

She’d be perfect for starting at David’s: she’d need time and somewhere she could relax with us. How far Lettie could get with her on her ‘first date’ was really an interesting question.

Personally my pussy just couldn’t wait to get that old hippie cock back in it again. The innocent little blonde – Lara her name is – was for Titty, though I wouldn’t mind a bit if things turned out right.

Lara doesn’t live in the village like the rest of us though, so she had to be brought from the town, four miles away. How? We agonised until Lettie phoned her to ask and she has a bike, so it was that simple.

I asked my parents if I could stay at Lettie’s for the night and they said yes, if I walked. We live at the other end of the village so it’s not such a big deal.

My mum and dad had a disagreement with Lettie’s mum and dad ages ago, because my dad hunts and Lettie’s mum has a thing about hunting, so they started arguing, politely, and her mum (who is a little bit like Titty and quite forceful sometimes) ended up asking Dad whether if he was so against banning anything he would not ban meerkat hunting or koala bear hunting, for example, - and they haven’t talked since. That’s what my mum told me and so I make sure not to get talking about it either way.

So it’s great anyway because we know my mum and dad won’t phone them ever, they’d only phone me, and I can answer from David’s house and they can’t possibly know obviously.

So we didn’t tell Tits’ mum and dad about my staying at all, cos I was never going to!! Unless David didn’t want me to stay, of course, but the way he said goodbye yesterday I didn’t think that was likely really.

Once the summer holidays start, in a week or two, we’re thinking we could BOTH get permission to stay at each other’s houses and ACTUALLY stay at David’s. We have to see. It ‘s hard to believe it could be so perfect.

Titty phoned David after school – that was on Tuesday, the next day after he first fucked me – and after dinner I walked down and went straight there. I couldn’t wait.

Tits was there already, and wearing a bikini. Shit - I’d only brought my one-piece.

“I told Lara to bring a bikini,” Titty was grinning and so was I she looks totally fuckable in a bikini, “just to get everything off to a nice sexy start. She’s coming to be told about being a les and having an orgasm isn’t she, so we may as well start the right way.”

I kissed David and had a bit of a snuggle up to him, and to Lettie as well on my other side, while we worked out what to do: borrow one off Lettie or go back for it or what.

“We can make one, can’t we?” David said. “a jungle type or something, it doesn’t need to be perfect.”

That sounded sexy so in a few minutes I was wearing a white men’s hanky cut across into two triangles, knotted under my pussy and with a bit of shoelace tied to the corners on each side and tied into a bow. It felt insecure and quite sexy. I found I was rubbing the knot between my thighs.

On top I had an old running vest of David’s that Lettie had cut off short, JUST below my tits. It was a string type that was a bit see-through, and it was too big and had huge arm holes anyway so it floated around on my tits half covering them and half not.

The whole outfit was just ASKING to get me molested. The top of the hanky didn’t pull tight like a waistband, it flopped open a bit, so Titty immediately started sliding her fingers in and stroking my bush. David was grinning like anything and groping my tits - through the top, bottom AND sides of my top.

While we did this we were standing in the dining room, looking out of the front window for Lara to arrive, to make sure she wouldn’t lose her nerve before knocking, and just as I was about to get fingered to a cum she cycled in. She did look gorgeous, even from a distance.

Lettie went out to meet her and brought her in. Tits made the introduction to David and led her through to the pool room. Lara stayed close to her, looking a bit overawed but, as usual, Tits was the mistress of ceremonies and Lara had obviously decided just to do what Titty said.

Titty’s like that, she has that effect on almost everyone, to some extent. People do what she wants, and LOVE it. She smiles at them and waves her hands around and looks at them and she just takes them over, if they let her.

If you know what you want to do, she’s fine with it, mostly, or if not, then SHE does know; that’s the way she is.

With Titty around it’s not very often you can’t think what to do. We all trust her, ridiculously really. Around school Lara looked a bit lost, I suppose, with what she’d developed into - a stunningly beautiful girl - and she’d latched onto Tits to find out.

And for security, I suppose: at school Lettie is so popular no-one messes with her. If she blanks anyone they are just in the wilderness, AND there’s a whole string of big lads who’d queue up to sort out anyone who dissed her, her being lezzie or not. A couple of big girls too :)

So joining our gang was a good way for Lara to cope with the queue that’d FOR SURE be forming for her.

It worked for me: everyone knew I was BFF with Titty and so when I gave a guy the push, or didn’t want him to start with, he didn’t hassle me. Actually I expect the big lads would’ve been there for me anyway, to be fair, I’m reasonably popular as well, luckily.

And I have fucked quite a few of them, to be honest, and I generally stay friends with them after as they all know from the start it’s not gonna be exclusive!!

Anyway so there’s why Lara was here, basically. She went and changed and so did David, though only after fussing a bit about her age:

“How old is she? Fourteen or something? Thirteen? Do we actually know?” He was on the edge of being uncool, but Lettie bolstered him:

“She’s old enough, easily, you can see can’t you?” She moved close to him, distracting him with her amazing jutting tits which just had this floppy bikini material like tented over them.

“She’s got tits and hips, periods for sure, she’s totally fuckable. You’ll see, she’ll love it. If not she can just stop can’t she?” Titty’s conviction was too much, she was like the Goddess of Sex in her bikini, and David just nodded after all said “Yes OK I suppose so” and went off to get changed himself.

When they came back we were all in our bikinis or trunks, or in my case my Jungle Girl outfit.

I hadn’t had a cum all day so I was quite wet, what with being touched up and all the skin around, and Lara looked SO beautiful in a bikini. It was black and a perfect fit on her stunning little body. I so wish I had shoulders like that, though I suppose I shouldn’t complain.

I could see David making his effort not to letch, and he did it pretty well. Being a girl it was easier for me and I gave her a good ogling.

She was quite pale, that was really the ONLY fault you could pick with her, though lots of people like pale skin of course. Being redhead pale and freckly myself I like a nice tan, obviously! I can tan, eventually, but it takes a long time and I have to be REALLY careful.

We started with a swim, which was great for being together not wearing very much. My bottoms started coming off so we all had a good laugh about that and it broke the ice. Titty came and touched me up and then got David to as well, and then they took off my top and untied my bottoms and took them off completely and so I was naked.

“So Lara,” Lettie was getting get the programme under way pretty quickly as I knew she would, “lets start with showing you an orgasm. You come and hold her just here. Lie back Janie and let David just support your shoulders and then float, yes, now I’ll be this side and you be on that side Lara.”

So I was lying on my back, floating, with my big buoyant thighs slightly apart and my pussy tingling like crazy! On top of the sexy situation the cool water was just lapping around my clit.

Tits was next to me, at my pussy, and the beautiful Lara was the same on the other side. I could feel David’s semi bumping against my head as he supported the tops of my arms.

“So,” Lettie carried on, talking to Lara who was like a deer in the headlights staring at her, “I’m going to just stroke Janie a little bit, and then you do the same, OK? OK? Are you OK with this, it’s not too much of a rush or anything?”

“No,” was all Lara could manage - she was right on the limit, but it was enough. Titty stroked her expert little fingers from my knee along the top of my thigh, just a little way.

“Go on then, you do the same,” she told Lara, and Lara did. It wasn’t really confident enough to be sensual, if you see what I mean, but it made me shudder a bit just because it was this stunning young girl who was touching me with her fingertips, making her very FIRST little steps into sex.

The next stroke was a bit more on the inside, and Lara copied Titty again, and then on top but up a bit higher, on the inside again, and so on and so on, as they skirted round my pussy and worked up to my tits.

It was amazing, floating there all weightless and trying to stay still while she used me to teach sex. And David there ready to fuck anyone at the drop of a hat.

Titty showed her how to stroke tits and nipples, and I was encouraging Lara with gasping and going ‘mmmm’ and things as she did it. She was starting to unwind a bit and drop some of the stiffness.

Then they worked down to my pussy and stroked my bush a little bit, and Lara was really beginning to get into it.

My legs had opened up, just automatically, and Lettie rubbed a finger over my clit, making me buck up and down in the water. I’d have gone under if David hadn’t been there, unless I’d been able to grab his cock, which would’ve been like a big rescue hook except it was squashed in his trunks. Lara seemed to be blanking it out.

I lifted my head a bit to watch, as Lara opened up one small finger and rubbed it down too, and I moaned and gasped “ooh that’s great Lara, soooo sexy,” to encourage her. It WAS great as well.

After a bit more of that Titty slid a finger slowly INTO me, Lara watching totally glued. Then Lara did it too, letting a bit of cool water in with it. It felt quite nice! It doesn’t smell like there’s any chlorine in this pool so I didn’t worry, even if there is a bit I expect.

Next Lettie demonstrated crooking a finger and then slid it in and did it inside, prodding my G-spot and I gasped and writhed about, making waves in the pool.

The lesson carried on with two and then three fingers, then with rubbing their thumbs on my clit while they diddled my G-spot with their fingers inside and it was too much. Lettie knew it was coming, or cumming I should say, and she kept Lara on it so it’d be HER I came for.

I gasped and groaned and writhed about and it was gorgeous; such a feeling with those three beautiful people round me and CUMMING for the little blonde beauty doing her very first sex.

I held her little hand there while I wound down, and then stood up, still feeling the water moving around sexily over my clit and between my thighs and a bit in and out of my pussy. I pulled her to me and gave her a kiss, but she started shying away so I gave that up and kissed Lettie, hard, and then David, who WAS hard.

Lettie had moved over to Lara: “That was great, you’re so sensual, so sexy, she just CAME for you, did you feel it? Wasn’t that sexy?”

“Yes,” Lara was looking at us from under her eyelashes, which are really long, “it was, you know, special.” She looked at me, smiling, and I smiled back. She is seriously delicious.

Lettie was looking around. I knew she was plotting the next step, where to move on next – with me nude and freshly fucked and the others all in cozzies, David hard as a rock, herself for sure wet and Lara...well, what would she be ready for now??

Titty was looking at the big windows. “What’s your garden like David?” she asked, “is it private?”

“Totally,” David replied. “No-one can see in at all at the back. Do you want to see? There’s still a bit of sun.”

It was only quarter past seven still, in the middle of June, and it had been a warm day so it was still great outside. We dried, Lettie insisted on towelling Lara dry, then I walked out nude as I knew Lettie had in mind.

We walked across the patio and then down onto the lawn, all together. I felt terrific, the sun and moving air all over my body naked and with a freshly cum tingle.

“Do you do nude out here David?” Titty asked.

He was in tune with the plan, for sure. Whenever Lara was looking away his eyes locked onto her fabulous little body in a flash. In between looking at me, fortunately.

“Oh yes of course,” he was almost too quick, “who wouldn’t? It’s made for it.”

“I don’t suppose you’ve got oil? Sun oil, massage oil, sort of thing?”

“Yes yes, absolutely, both in fact. Let me get them, and a towel or two.“

David went off as he’d been told by our Sex Goddess, and I strolled round the edge of the lawn, checking that no-one really could see in – they couldn’t. God, what a place! It was great just being naked outside.

“So Lara,” Lettie was sounding a bit firm with her now, “a bit of massage next.” We could see Lara wasn’t ready to strip off - a young girl with an old guy there bulging out his swimming trunks after all - but she wasn’t about to go against Lettie either.

David reappeared with the towels and oil and Lettie had Lara lay down on her front, her gorgeous pale little body in her black bikini.

David’s dogs had come too and they added even more to it, two nice Greyhounds who were all slender and sexy as well and warm and furry and liked being touched and didn’t care at all about me being nude, though I had to fend off their noses from my pussy.

They lay down anyway and Lettie started the massage, then I did a bit, then David, all totally proper and leaving her tits and pussy alone. Lara got used to it and relaxed. She felt gorgeous.

We did another short turn each then it was David’s turn and we all massaged him, including Lara. His cock was peeping out of the side of his trunks, so Lettie gave Lara his shoulders to do while she and I did his legs.

I could see Titty was slowly hotting things up, one small step at a time. We were going to get young Lara naked, I was sure. Did she realise? My pussy was TINGLY again already. I was wondering about a fuck from David, too.

It was Lettie’s own turn next, and before she lay down she quickly stripped off her bikini. She was so sexy! She looks best of all nude, I think. I knew what she wanted, which was a nice cum.

So we gave Lara one leg, David the other leg, and I did her back. Before long she turned over and I was doing her incredible tits. I suddenly realised David was going to be working up to her pussy.

I suppose I should’ve guessed, really, after yesterday, and knowing he’s actually not Grandpa but a sensual guy who’s fucked a huge number of girls, once upon a time. Anyway it took me ages to see.

While I was enjoying oiling and stroking her shoulders and tits, feeling how gorgeous she is, her lovely skin which is a bit Mediterranean coloured, and setting her tits off and rubbing her oily nipples erect so she was breathing a bit heavier, David and Lara were working up her calves and then onto her gorgeous big thighs.

David’s squirted some more oil onto his hands, then some onto Lara’s while she held them out for it, then they both put their hands onto her thighs and slowly rubbed upwards. Lara was getting quite good already, copying and doing a good job of it with plenty of pressure how you should.

So when the pressure came off Lettie opened her legs a bit, and David’s finger on the inside went RIGHT up to her pussy! Almost like it was an accident, but it wasn’t.

So next time Lara’s little fingers went up to it as well, and meanwhile David’s fingers all sort of flicked up over it, like a fan sort of thing, one after the other so they’d all started down on the inside of her thigh and ended up on the top of her thigh. VIA her cameltoe which was looking a bit swollen.

So they did another couple of strokes like that, with Lara running HER fingers over Lettie’s pussy now, and then David said “OK Lara, slip a finger in like you did with Janie.”

So Lara did, and Titty opened her legs wider and started writhing about and Lara started finger-fucking her. And David was taking off his trunks!!!

Then Lara, without being told, went to two and then to three fingers, like Titty had taught her with me, and then started rubbing her thumb over her clit as well. And this time of course it was all nicely oiled and slippery.

So Tits had lifted her knees and was WIDE OPEN with this really really beautiful girl finger-fucking her pussy, and was well on the way to a huge cum, when David gently reached over and held Lara’s arm, and stopped it!

And then it was like in slow motion. Titty looked up and just stayed still, looking at David, and David moved round and got in between her legs, with his big cock sticking out, smiling at her. He looked all confident suddenly.

And then he put his hands either side of her, straight out so he wasn’t ON her, if you see what I mean, and kept himself straight, so when he lined up his cock THAT was the first thing that touched her.

It was incredible. I suppose, I thought about it afterwards, it was his way of making sure she wanted it. Well, she DID.

He pressed it against her pussy and it just popped in, straight away, and he pumped it slowly in an out a couple of times, and it slid ALL the way in and Tits did this huge gasp and looked at me and said “you were SO right Janie!”.

And then David started to fuck her, slowly, and I knew he was going to give her a total working over like he had me. I could just, you know, feel that he was going to make her LOVE cock so much she’d be bi forever.

I tried hard not to be jealous. And not to be scared he’d prefer Lettie over me. I told myself how silly that was, after all the girls I’d shared with her, and all the guys I’d had who had to not be jealous, and how this was all Titty’s scene anyway, making this happen. So I thought those things and it helped a bit.

And I thought how hopefully I was going to spend the night with him and perhaps he'd be ready to go again by the morning.

Then I stood up, and Lara did too. She was GLUED to it. But as far as I was concerned David was setting a great example, with making a bold move on the one he wanted.

I was behind Lara, and she backed away from being right on top of the hot sex, into me. She was turning to say sorry but I grabbed her, with my arm round her gorgeous shoulders.

I kissed her neck and slid my other hand straight down to her pussy. I kept kissing her neck again, and talking to her, pointing out she was the only one still dressed, and rubbing her pussy all the time.

I could tell that she liked the feel of my skin on hers, and my voice in her ear, and her pussy being rubbed, and so I let go of her and unclipped her bikini top and pulled it away and she let it fall down her arms onto the lawn.

Then I stroked her LOVELY tits, just a nice B-cup and so right for her, and she enjoyed it! So I took hold of her bikini bottoms, either side, from behind, and pulled them down, all the way down and then she stepped out of them.

Well I had to take a proper look, she is SO beautiful. I walked a few steps away and she looked at me and I made a twirling sign with my finger and she did, a slow twirl, all embarrassed but showing me her totally fantastic little body. She kind of knew I had to love it but wasn’t quite absolutely certain, that last little bit. Anyway I was making sure she could see I did love it. About five foot one and just PERFECTION.

I looked sideways for a second and saw David giving Lettie’s gorgeous made-for-sex body the sex she was made for! Fucking her slowly with a grind each time, and she was gasping and loving every second.

I gave up any idea of keeping him for myself, I’d be sharing him from now on I could see. But I’d always shared everything with Lettie so it’d be cool. Frankly she WAS made to be fucked, just like me, so it’s only right really.

Meanwhile Lara had stopped and was looking at me. She seemed to quite like being told what to do. So I waved her over and she came and stood in front of me.

I nudged her legs and she moved them apart a bit, and I knelt down and spread my hands on her gorgeous pert asscheeks and began her her first EATING. She was shocked for a second and then she liked it, I could tell. She was wet already, from the rubbing through her cozzie, and now she got even wetter.

So I pulled her down on the grass, which was damp and cool and felt quite sexy, and taught her all about making out with another girl. We kissed and stroked each other all over, and she copied everything I did and was really a quick learner. It wasn’t long before I needed another cum, she was so sexy.

So I sorted us out in a sixty-nine and taught her about THAT. And how great it can be to take some pussy juice on a finger and play around with the other girl’s asshole, trace round and round it and then slip it in and finger-fuck it, and then lick it.

And all the time she was so SWEET, so beautiful and fresh and willing, and she loved it; the sensuality just came naturally to her...and so did her cum.

I’d been working away on her clit and pussy and asshole, and gradually she relaxed, and then I felt her start to go tense with an orgasm coming, with pulsing in her pussy and her gasping getting that desperate sound, and I was feeling quite desperate too, with HER finger in MY asshole and her gorgeous tiny mouth all over my clit and her tongue in my pussy!!

And so we came together, even that first time which you wouldn’t normally manage. It was so great. It was hard to know which was better – cumming myself or feeling that beautiful girl having her very FIRST cum. The first of MANY I could tell.

So then after a minute I got her to swivel round and I cuddled and kissed her for ages.

I was so fond of her already!


Continued in Part 4. In many browsers you can select and right-click -

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