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Thanks for all the kind words. Here is the next few chapters, I know I am long winded so I thank you for your patience.
Chapter Two

It was already Wednesday and I had not heard a single word from Beth since Saturday night’s amazing encounter. I was beginning to think that she felt she had made a huge mistake. Even though that night was the most incredible experience for me since my wife Susan had passed away, it was not worth losing Beth’s friendship over. Several times that day I had picked up the phone to call her but was overwhelmed by panic every time. I made a promise to myself that if she has not called me by Friday night, I would call her.

We both live in the same gated subdivision and I actually have to pass Beth’s home several times a day, as they live on the main street in the community. I usually leave about five o’clock in the morning and rarely return until maybe seven o’clock in the evening. When you have nothing to come home to, you’re never in a big rush to get there.

For several days, I slowed down passing in front of Beth’s, hoping to see her outside or perhaps in her vehicle. By Friday morning I still had not heard from her or run into her at home. I decided that I would call her when I got home that evening. All that day work seem to drag on, my mid wandering on my problem. I decided to stop on the way home and get some takeout, take an early shower and stay in.

After getting out of the shower, I ate my dinner while watching TV, as I usually did. I kept staring at the cell phone trying to get up the nerve to call her. Finally at about nine o’clock that evening I called. The phone rang several times then I got her recorder.

“Hey Beth, this is Jeff. I haven’t heard from you all week, I hope you’re ok, call me when you can.”

Several hours passed and nothing. Now I knew something was wrong. Beth never took this long to call back. I decided to leave one more message then leave it in her hands.

“Beth, call me when you can. Take care.”

I went to bed about midnight but couldn’t sleep. This was my wife’s sister, my sister-in-law and a part of my family. What had I done ? And more importantly, what if Beth feels really bad about this and opens up to Lance about it. I was not afraid of anything physical between Lance and I, he was too timid around men, he only bullied women. But I just knew he would love to tell the rest of the family what had happened. My in-laws were great people and this would devastate them. They both took Susan’s death really hard. She was their oldest child and her mother’s best friend. Although Beth and her mom got along real well, she was closer to her Dad. Susan and her mother were two peas in a pod. They spoke at least twice a day on the phone. This was becoming a disaster.

I awoke the next morning and immediately grabbed my cell phone. No messages. This was the nightmare that I had feared. I got up, showered and prepared to run errands. Then finally, the phone rang and it was Beth. I took a deep breathe and answered.

“Hello”, I managed to muster in my best nonchalant voice.

“Hi Jeff, its Beth, how are you ?”, was her reply.

She began to tell me how busy at work she had been that week. She said that she had thought about calling a few times but never got up the nerve. I confided to her that I had did the same thing. Suddenly two people who used to always get along were now struggling to even hold a normal conversation.

“Look Beth”, I told her, “I think we should have a talk when you have time. We can’t leave things like this between us. Can we meet up when you have some time.”

“Sure”, she replied, “I am working today. I am at the office alone on Saturdays. This would be a great place to talk with no interruption”.

“That will be great, Beth. How about noon or so. I will stop and get lunch if that’s ok”.

“Good, I will see you about noon.”

I stopped and picked up lunch, then headed to Beth’s office which was about twenty minutes away. On the drive I was trying to think of what to say and how to say it. I arrived and was glad to see only Beth’s car in the parking lot. I still had a key to the building since Susan had been Beth’s partner for years and I still owned half of the building along with Lance and Beth. I locked the door behind me and headed up the stairs to Beth’s office. As I reached the top landing, I called out to Beth as not to startle her.

“Back here.”, she called out from the Conference Room.

I walked in and set the bags of food on the table. She looked amazing as usual. She hugged me and gave me my usual kiss on the cheek. Not good, I thought as I sat down. I opened the bags and laid out the food as she finished up on her laptop. She soon joined me and began eating. We made small talk and it was obvious neither one of us wanted to start this conversation. Finally, I decided to be the one.

“Beth, I don’t know what to say, but I have to say something. The other night was amazing but I somehow sense it may have been a mistake.” , I said, looking for some sign of how she felt in her face.

She looked down, then finally spoke.

“I had a wonderful time too Jeff. It’s just that I don’t know quite how to relate to you now. I mean, what exactly are we now. Are we friends, are we more ? I just don’t know.”

“I really don’t know either, Beth”, I replied, “But we need to figure this out.”

“Yes, I know. Lance knows something is wrong with me. He has asked at least a dozen times this week what is going on with me. I have just been telling him I’m exhausted, but I don’t think he is buying it.”

“Beth, if he finds out, you know he will tell everyone in the family.” , I told her.

She nodded her head in agreement as she took another bite of food.

“ I just think the best thing to do right now is just take some time to think about this Jeff.”

“If that’s what you want Beth, I am ok with that. I just don’t want to this to come between what we were before it happened.”

“I agree.” she replied.

We agreed to take some time and think about what had happened and to weigh the situation out completely. We talked for a few minutes more and I left her to her work. As I drove home, I knew I had to put any romantic thoughts of Beth as far in the back of my mind as I could. On the way home I did my usual errands as the next day I was going to see Susan’s parent, which I still did at least once a month.

I arrived at my in-laws the next day about noon to have a Sunday lunch with them. While we were eating we had our normal conversation. They caught up with me and I with them. They were good people and I have to honestly say that through my entire marriage to Susan had never once treated me as anything other than the son they never had. As I finished my meal at the table, feelings of guilt were taking over. We talked for about another hour, then I began my trip home. It was always good to see Susan’s parents. But it was also always sad. We both reminded ourselves of what we had lost when Susan had died.

The week started like any other, trying to bury my head with work to keep my mind off of things. No matter what I tried to think of, I kept coming back to one thing. How long would it take to resolve this situation between Beth and I ?

By the end of the week, I had still not heard from her. Should I call ? No I decided, this time I would wait for her call. After all, she was married and I wasn’t. This was far more dangerous for her.

That Saturday I was having the local video store install a new TV on the wall with surround sound. While they were working the phone rang. It was Beth.

“Hi Jeff, how are you.”

“I am fine sweetie, how about you ?”, I replied.

She told me she was doing ok and that she wanted to see me again and talk. She told me Lance was going to play golf the next day with his buddies as he always did on Sunday morning. He never returned until late that evening and he was usually drunk. We agreed to meet at my house around noon.

The next day came and right at noon, the doorbell rang and there was Beth. She had on a blue jean skirt and a while V-Neck cashmere sweater on. She looked amazing, but then again she always did.

We sat down and made small talk for a while about the past work week. Susan relayed to me that business had been crazier than usual and she was working a lot of hours. I was doing everything I could not to look at her legs not wanting to make her feel uneasy, but all I could think about was the heaven that was just passed those creamy thighs. Finally, she got around to the subject at hand.

“Jeff, I don’t know quite how to say this without you taking it the wrong way. And I don’t want to make things anything worst than they already are.”

“I don’t know how to say this without just saying it. I know this is going to sound insane, I know I think it is.” she continued.

I felt like the Coyote in the Roadrunner cartoon. The one when he is looking up and the 2000 Lb. Acme weight is about to fall on his head.
Did I want to say something, maybe stop her before she says something I don’t want to hear ? Too late.

“Jeff”, she said, then she followed with the longest pause of my life.

“I, think I may be falling in love with you .“, she stammered.

I was dumbfounded. This is not what I expected. How do you reply to that ? I thought carefully of what to say. Finally after a moment, I responded.

“Beth, I have always loved you, I just never thought of being in love with you.”

I looked at her face for any sign that I might have said the right or wrong thing. She looked down at her shoes, biting her lower lip. She looked like perhaps she was sorry that she had told me. She looked up, took a deep breathe and continued.
“ I have thought of nothing else but what has happened since that night. I have felt just about every feeling I think could be felt. I was anxious, regretful, excited and guilty all at the same time. I guess I was foolish to think I could replace Susan. I am sorry Jeff, lets just put this behind us and go back to the way things were.”

“Beth, no one can ever replace Susan. I would not want you to try. I have felt all the emotions you have described as well. I was afraid that things would never be the same between us. I never imagined that you would feel that strongly about me.”

“ What do you want to do Jeff ?”, Beth asked.

I could see she was struggling emotionally, her eyes began to fill with tears. Her whole body had begin to slump, her shoulders sagging. I had a knot in my throat, I was trying to think of what to say. I said the first thing I could think of.

“What about Lance ?”, I asked.

She sat up startled. Her eyes looked deep into mine. Her gaze was riveting.

“ Lance has never been much of a husband. But what’s more important is, he has never been a lover nor my friend. Lance cares about Lance. Period. I have always just tolerated it. If the biggest concern in your mind is for Lance, I have made a huge mistake.”

“No Beth”, I quickly replied. “ I just didn’t know what else to say.”

I thought carefully for a moment, then I decided to lay everything on the line.

“Beth, I will be honest. Until those words came from your lips, I never thought of being in love with you. I guess the fact that you’re married and all the family problems that would arise, I never considered the possibility of that happening.”

“But”, I continued, “No matter where this goes, I have to tell you this.
If this goes any farther and I fall in love with you, there is no backing out. I just can not imagine losing two women in my life. So maybe you should think of that and get back to me. If we fall in love, we have to be together. You will have to leave Lance, we will have to deal with our family.”

She put her head down and thought for a few moments, then looked up at me.

“ I totally agree Jeff.” , she said very firmly.

She stood up and walked over to me. I got out of my chair and stood up. She wrapped her arms around me and put her face in my chest. My arms wrapped around her and in a flash, I felt whole again. She lifted her lips to mine and we kissed. It was a kiss that told me she was being truthful. When she pulled away from me, she took both of my hands in hers. Her hands were so soft, so delicate.

“Come with me Jeff. I want you to make love to me. I want to be appreciated as a woman. I finally want to have sex with a man who cares how I feel.”

She took my hand and we walked to the back of my house to the master bedroom. I hesitated as I walked in the room for just a second. The last woman I had slept with in this bed was Susan. It felt strange, but somehow, it felt right.

We fell into bed locked in each other’s arms. There was no urgency, no rush. I wanted to do this right. We kissed over and over, breaking only long enough to look at each other. No words were used, none were needed. My hand went down to the back of her thigh. I gently but slowly slid it up until my hand felt her panties. I rolled my hand around her thigh to the inside. My fingers pushed aside the soft fabric and found her very wet pussy. It seemed to feel even better then it did the first time. I extended one finger and began to rotate her clit softly, sliding it in her pussy, pulling out her juice and rubbing it on her clit. Her hand moved down and started to rub my cock through my pants. I felt so at ease, so relaxed. I could sense the need in her body growing by the way she was squirming beneath me.

I sat up and looked down at her. She was beautiful. I lowered myself down her body. My hands slid her skirt up until it was around her hips. I gently pulled her panties off, then tossed them aside. They were soaked with her juices. Slowly inch by inch, my face moved to her pussy.

“Oh God, Jeff. I have only had this a few times in my life. Its been years since I have a tongue deep inside me.”

It’s ok.”, I told her, “Just lay back and enjoy it.”

I looked at her pussy. Her lips were already puffy, her clit peeking out. Her juices were running out of her and down to the sheets. My tongue touched her gently. She arched her back in response pressing her pussy against my mouth. I slowly pushed my tongue deep into her pussy. I could tell from her reaction she was appreciative.

“Oh fuck.”, she cried, “Please don’t stop.”

I had no intentions of stopping. I reached up with one hand, took two fingers and spread her lips apart exposing her clit. I took the tip of my tongue and began quickly circling it. After a dozen or so times, I pushed down and sucked her entire clit into my mouth, gently sucking on it. Her pussy was sweet, her juices were thick but delicious. After a few circles around her ever growing clit, I would extend my tongue and push it as deep into her pussy as I could. Her hands wrapped around the back of my head and her fingers moved thru my hair. My reached under her and lifted her ass off of the bed and deeper into my mouth.

“I’m gonna cum, baby. Now…now…now…”, Beth whispered.

I released her clit from my lips and used my tongue rapidly across her swollen clit. Suddenly, a spray erupted from her pussy coating my mouth and face. I opened my mouth and began to drink.

“I’m cumming.” she squealed, “Oh my God, am I cumming !”

Stream after stream of liquid hit the back of my throat. I was having a hard time swallowing it all. It was running out of mouth and coating her ass. Finally, after what was the longest orgasm I have ever seen a woman have, she relaxed her body just a bit.

“Oh my God Jeff, did I just squirt ?”, she asked unbelievably, “That has never happened before. I didn’t know I could do that.”

I lowered my mouth back on her. I started licking up and down her lips, cleaning up all the juices. My tongue pushed between her ass cheeks, licking up all of her cum.

“ Yes, baby, I love it. Please make me cum again.”, she begged .

I started in on her again. I wanted her to cum in my mouth again. This time, I wasn’t slow. My tongue flew over her clit as my fingers spread her lips. Her hips were off the bed pressing into my face. With no warning, again I sucked her clit between my lips. For the second time, Beth exploded in ecstasy.

“ Fuck, I am cumming again, suck it baby, suck that clit.”

Again her cum flowed against my lips. Not as much as the first time, but from her reaction, the feelings were just as intense. I continued to suck her clit until her body fell back to the bed. Then gently I released her and began to gently kiss her clit.

“Oh my fucking God, Jeff. That was incredible baby. I have never cum like that in my life. I cannot believe I have been missing that. “

I moved up her body and pressed my lips to hers. She instantly put her tongue in my mouth and began to taste her cum. She kissed me for a long time, then rolled me over.

“Now, I want you inside me.” she whispered softly.

She moved her hands down and unbuttoned my pants. She slowly lowered the zipper down. I helped her ease my pants off. She pulled down my shorts and released my rock hard, swollen cock. She wrapped her hand around my cock and started to stroke it. Slowly at first, then increasing in speed. She moved her face down to her hand. As she lowered her hand to the base of my cock, she wrapped her lips around the head. I felt a shiver run down my spine and I apparently shuddered noticeably.

“Its ok, Jeff. Let it go baby.”, she said softly.

I cannot describe how her mouth felt on my cock. Every nerve in my body was on fire. My heart was racing, my stomach felt like I was in a dropping elevator. Her lips tightened around my cock as she began a sucking motion. Her hand began to move up and down on my cock in rhythm to her mouth. I knew I wasn’t going to last too long at this rate. I raised my head to look down at her. Her long hair had spilled all over my body. I couldn’t see her face. Her left hand had moved down her body and she was frantically stroking her clit. Her hips were bucking against her fingers. I knew if I was going to fuck her, it had to be now, before she made me cum.

“Let me fuck you, Beth. Let me inside you now.” , I asked.

“No, not yet.” she replied, “Soon.”

She once again took me deep into her warm mouth and began sucking. My orgasm was close, very close.

“Beth, I am not gonna last much longer.”, I pleaded.

Then with no warning, she placed her tongue on the most sensitive area on my cock, right below the head. She began to roll her tongue in circles rapidly all the while maintaining that wonderful suction on my cock. I couldn’t hold off any longer, I warned her. My hand tapped her on the shoulder. I wanted to give her the chance to pull my cock from her mouth before I let go.

“ Beth, I am gonna cum baby, now…….

She gently shook her head, like a no…then just a “mmmmmmmm”
came from her throat. Without warning it came, wave after wave of sensation, followed by the first spurt of hot cum. She sucked deeply again and was ready for the second. Again another wave erupted. She raised her head off my cock and began pumping me with her hand. Stream after stream of cum flew into the air. I looked down and she was staring at my cock as she jerked me off. Cum was running out of her mouth landing on my belly. Her hips were bucking wildly against her fingers which were still buried deep in her pussy. She looked up at me and her eyes rolled back.

“Jesussssssssssssss, oh fuck yea, fuck yea”, she screamed out. “God dammit this feels so good.”

For the third time Beth’s body convulsed as she rode wave after wave of pleasure. This orgasm was not as powerful as the first two but seemed to be longer. She moved her mouth over me and began sucking my cock again. Her tongue rolled around my cock, as her hand pumped what was left of my cum into her mouth. I felt my cock begin to soften, but Beth refused to release me from her sweet lips. Her mouth continued on me, softly, in an almost delicate manner. Her hand reached up to mine and our fingers entwined. Her hand was covered in both of our orgasms. I squeezed it tightly. She removed her mouth from my cock and looked up at me.

I knew now, somehow, both of our lives would never be the same.

Chapter Three

I jumped up startled by a strange sound. I looked over and Beth was sleeping next to me, the room was beginning to darken. I looked at the clock, it read 3:50 PM. Again the sound, it was a cell phone and it was not mine. I shook Beth gently. She opened her eyes and I am sure it took a second for her to remember where she was and what had happened.

“Your phone is ringing.” I told her.

“Oh shit, what time is it ?” she replied startled.

She reached for her phone and answered it and as I suspected it was Lance. He was about to leave the Country Club and he had called home to see what Beth was doing. He received no answer at home so he called her cell. She told him she was shopping but would be home soon. They talked for a few seconds more then she hung up.

“I have to get dressed and go home.” she said, with a most disappointing look on her face.

“I know.” , I replied, “ I’m sorry I fell asleep.”

“It’s ok, I just have to get home before he gets there.”

She got up and put her panties on and went to the bathroom vanity. She stood in front the mirror and began to clean herself up. I watched her and could not help but feel wonderful and awful all at the same time. She was absolutely breath taking. I guess I had never really looked at Beth as a woman before, only as a sister. But here in the bathroom light, I really saw her for the first time. She was about 5’5” tall and weighed maybe 120 lbs. She had a tiny waist and full firm thighs. I am awful at breast size, but she was just right for her height. Then it dawned on me that we had been together twice and she had never removed her shirt.

“I will call you later.”, she told me as she walked toward me.

She bent over and kissed me. Not just a quick peck but a long lingering, deep kiss. Her tongue slid between my lips and quickly found mine. I reached up and pulled her close, returning the passion. Soon I felt myself stirring again. She broke the kiss and pulled away slowly.

“We keep this up and I will be undressing again.” , she whispered to me.

“That would be a good thing.”, I replied.

She smiled and waved at me and walked out of the room. A few seconds later I heard the front door open and close.

Beth text me later that night that Lance was watching her every move so a phone call was out of the question. She had to go to the bathroom just to message me. I decided not to reply in case he would be close. Although, it was not unusual for me to talk to Beth, I just though any increase in our normal pattern might be bad for her. Less is better, especially now.

I went to work the next morning and was soon deep in paper work. About 10 o’clock that morning Beth called. She had been at work only a few minutes that morning. She told me that Lance was being particularly interested in her every move. She told me that she woke in the middle of the night and saw him checking her phone. Thankfully she had deleted the message to me and I had not sent a reply. I told her maybe we should hold off on any more contact for a while and let things go back to normal. She agreed that might be the right thing to do at this time. We said our goodbyes and hung up.

The week trudged on and I could not believe how bad I missed Beth. It was not just the sex, it was the companionship. I had been alone for so long but never realized just how lonely I was. I guess no matter what situation you find yourself in, you begin to adapt. I was looking forward to the weekend thinking that maybe I would get to see Beth again. Soon it was Friday evening and I was on the way home. As was my normal ritual, I stopped and picked up dinner on the way. I passed Beth’s but saw no car in the drive so I continued home. Several times that night, I thought about calling but decided against it. I just sat there half watching TV constantly checking my cell phone. Soon I decided to just go to bed early and put myself out of my misery.

The next morning I got up about seven o’clock grabbed a bite to eat and went out. I went to the grocery and drug stores, returned home and put up the groceries. I went out again to wash and vacuum my vehicle. All day long I was hoping for my phone to ring, but it never did. Again I went to bed that night longing for Beth.

The next morning was Sunday and again it was my standing dinner engagement at my in-laws. I dressed and arrived at about noon as usual and went around the rear of the house. I entered through the kitchen door to the familiar sight of my mother in law standing at the stove cooking. As soon as the aroma hit me, I knew she was cooking chicken and sausage gumbo, one of my favorites. I kissed her on the cheek and sat down at the table. We made our usual small talk to pass the time. Then if by after thought she added that Beth and Lance were coming over today as well.

I was not sure how to take that news. While it would be great to see Beth finally, I would have to see her with him. Suddenly I realized that I really disliked Lance a lot more then I really had the right to. After all, Beth was his wife and no matter how poorly he treated her, I was still the bad guy here. I was going to have to be very careful how I reacted to both him and Beth in public from now on. This was not going to be every easy. About twenty minutes passed before I heard them pull into the drive. Here goes I thought, this is going to be awkward.

Lance walked in first followed by Beth. Her eyes met mine but she quickly looked away. I could see the panic in her eyes. They both went over to mom and kissed her. Lance came over and shook my hand and gave me his normal, you should be happy to see me face. Beth followed and leaned over, kissed my cheek and gave me a quick hug. It was extremely unpleasant to say the least. Not the contact, the situation.

They both sat at the table and made small talk. I made a real effort to look at Beth as little as possible. Lance was going on and on to my father in law about how he was supposed to be playing golf today. Apparently, two of the four members he normally played with could not make it this morning so it was called off. Soon my mother in law was finished and we were moving to the dining room to eat.

“Jeff, would you help me bring the food into the dining room ?”, she asked me.

“Sure, Mom, no problem.”, I replied.

When everyone had left the kitchen for the other room, she touched me on the arm and looked at me with a very troubled look on her face,

“Are you ok, Jeff ?”, she asked, “You seem very quiet today. In fact you haven’t said a word since Beth and Lance arrived.”

“I’m ok Mom.”, I answered, “He just gets under my skin sometimes.”

“I know, but he is family.” she said.

If you only knew I thought, as she handed me the large pot of gumbo. I carried the pot to the dining room table, returned to help her with the bread and drinks. My in laws took their usual seats at both ends of the table. Lance and Beth sat at the two chairs across from me. I took a chair across from them and made sure I was directly across from Beth. I sat down and began to eat. As was usual when Lance was around, he was the center of the conversation. I only joined in when I was asked a direct question. I replied as quickly and briefly as I could and would return to my meal. I noticed that Beth was extremely quiet as well in spite of her Dad’s best attempts to get her in the conversation. I looked up a few times and caught Beth glancing over at me. I would quickly look away as to not let everyone know with my eyes, what was apparently written all over my face. I had fell head over heels in love with my wife’s younger sister. Soon it was time to head home and I said my quick goodbyes and made for my car.

On the drive back I began wondering how long this charade would play out. The more I thought about it, the more I became convinced that there was no way we could effectively have an affair and keep it quiet. And to be honest, I realized that I wanted much more than an affair. The more thought I gave this situation the more I realized it just could not continue. By the time I arrived home, I made a decision not to pursue Beth any longer.

The next two to three weeks passed and I made no attempt to contact Beth and she made no attempt to contact me. I figured by that time, she pretty much felt the same as I did. As good as it was, it was just not something that could continue.

It was the beginning of December and Christmas was almost here. I really had grown to hate holidays these past few years. Everyone was always so happy and surrounded by family. With Susan gone and no children, Christmas was just depressing as hell for me. The extent of my Christmas shopping was a present for mother and father in law and one for Beth and Lance. I had no family since I was an only child and my parents were both deceased. I always waited till the last minute to shop and this year was probably going to be the same. About a week before Christmas I got the usual call from my in-laws inviting me for Christmas Dinner. I told them that I might not be able to make it this year, I may have other plans. In fact I had no plans, but the thought of spending hours that close to Beth again was something I did not think I could handle. It was better to stay home and have a quiet day.

On Christmas Eve I stopped by my in laws and dropped off gifts for them and Lance and Beth. I told them I had been invited to a friends this year and wished them Merry Christmas. My mother in law walked me out to the car. I knew she wanted to talk to me about something.

“Jeff, what’s going on with you lately ?”, she asked me, “And don’t tell me your just tired.”

“Mom, you know, its just this time of year.”, I responded.

“No, its more than that.”, she replied.

I tried my best to reassure her nothing was wrong but as most mothers can do, I think she saw right through me. I continued to make excuses as I got in my car to leave. Once again, I wished her Merry Christmas and pulled out of the drive.

Christmas morning arrived and felt like any other day. I got up, looked out in the front and saw a few of the neighbor’s children out playing with their new toys. I made some breakfast and settled in front of the television. A few hours passed and my cell phone rang. It was Beth. I answered the phone.

“Where are you, Jeff ?”, she asked, “We are at Mom’s, she told me your not coming today.”

“No, I have other plans Beth.” I replied.

“Jeff, are you avoiding me ?”

“Not at all. I was invited to a friends this afternoon and I decided to go.”, I answered, trying my best to sound convincing.

“Ok.” she said, “Have a nice day, I miss you.”

“I miss you too, sweetheart.”

The next week was just about done and New Years Eve was approaching. Again I had no plans, and figured I would spend the holidays alone watching TV. Friday night was New Year’s Eve, on Wednesday, I received a call from a longtime friend of mine. We had went to the same high school together and both had played ball later at the same college. I had heard he had just opened up some sort of night club in the city, but never really heard much about it. We quickly caught up on each other’s lives, not that I had much to tell. He told me that he was having a huge party on New Year’s Eve at his club. A sort of grand opening, he explained. He invited me to come, adding that, I would be his VIP Guest and everything would be on the house. I’m not much of a drinker and I definitely am not the club type. I started to make my excuses but Riley would hear none of it.

“You know you have absolutely nothing to do but sit home and be miserable.”, he said, “You will be here or I will come and get you, period.”

I knew Riley, he never bluffed. He would come and get me. I agreed to go for a while and he gave me the address to the new club. He told me the party would start at about 9 p.m. and last till who knew when. He told me to bring anyone I wanted as a guest and he would VIP them as well.

Thursday morning at work, I went online and typed in the address for the club and saw it was only a block off Bourbon Street. In fact there was a website for the club. I clicked on the link, it took a while to load. When it did, it began apparent, this was just not a club. It was a very high end Gentleman’s Club. I had never been to strip club before so I had no idea of what to expect. All that day, I really wanted to call him back and give him some excuse for not going. But knowing Riley, that would not fly. Soon it was time to leave and head home.

I arrived home a bit later and saw the recorder light flashing, I had a message. I clicked on the machine and heard Beth’s voice. She asked if I would call her at home when I got in. I picked up the phone and dialed her number. She answered the phone quickly.

“Hey Jeff.”, she said, “I want to invite you out with us tomorrow night. We are going to a huge party at one of Lance’s friends house.”

“Thanks Beth, but I already have plans.” I replied.

I told her about my invite to Riley’s new club for the Grand Opening. I was now glad I had accepted the invite. A night of Lance getting drunk and hanging all over Beth was nothing I wanted to see. The only time he paid her any attention is when he was drinking. And after a few drinks, he usually became rude and obnoxious to her.

“You’re going where ?”, she exclaimed, “You know what kind of club that is ?”

“Yea.”, I told her, “But I really have to go, I have known Riley forever.”

“OK, I understand, but if you change your mind let me know.”, she added.

We hung up and I made dinner and sat down to eat. The phone soon rang again. I answered and this time, it was Lance. He told me Beth had just informed him of where I was going tomorrow night. He was very excited.

“You know that is the hottest new club in the city ?”, he asked.

“Not really.”, I responded, “I grew up with the guy who owns it, he invited me.”

“Can you bring us with you ?”, he quickly asked.

Great, now I am back to square one. I get to spend the evening watching him get plastered and Beth get abused. What a great way to usher in another year.

“I guess so, if you both really want to go. You sure Beth is ok with a strip club. I mean I have never been to one, but I am sure there won’t be many non working girls there.”

“Oh its ok, she will be fine.”, he said.

We arranged to meet there about 9 pm, I did not want to ride with them, I knew I would want to leave long before Lance did. And you could never convince him that he was in no shape to drive at the end of the night. We agreed to meet in a parking lot next to the club that had secure parking.

Chapter Four

I arrived around 9:15 PM and pulled into the parking lot. I paid the attendant and waited for a few moments for Beth and Lance. They arrived about 10 minutes later and parked. We said hello and walked toward the door. I noticed Beth looked a bit uneasy. I figured this was not her cup of tea, so to speak. We opened the door and walked into a small reception area, and were confronted by two really big men with black tee shirts that said Security on them. I told one of them I was a friend of the owners. He walked over to the table and picked up a list and scanned it. He found my name and issued the three of us a gold colored bracelet that had VIP on them. We opened the next door and walked into the main room.

The place was not that crowded , there were open tables just about anyplace you wanted to sit. Both of the bars were packed and the seats by the stage were full. Two things I immediately noticed. One, the girls who were working this club were all very attractive. Second, Beth was not the only woman in the club. There were several couples seated and a few at the bar. I was glad to see that, I knew it would make Beth feel more at ease.

A really beautiful girl dressed in a black jacket, white shirt and tie, black panties and lace stockings came up to us. She told us she was the hostess tonight and took us to the VIP section to the left. I noticed now this area was roped off by red velvet ropes and gold posts. We were the first to arrive I guess. I tipped her, she then told me she would tell Riley I was here. A few moments later, Riley came up to our table and greeted us. I had not seen him in a while, he hadn’t changed much. I commented on how well the club looked and once again thanked him for inviting me. We talked for a few minutes more, he then excused himself to greet others.

We were not seated long when our waitress, another stunning blonde came over and took drink orders. Lance ordered his usual Jack Daniels and Coke and a glass of wine for Beth. I ordered just an Orange Juice, I was not in the mood for drinking. Our drinks arrived moments later, with an appetizer for the table. A few seconds later the lighting on the stage changed, the music that was playing abruptly stopped and a new song started. The curtains parted and a drop dead gorgeous red head stepped out on stage. She moved in a slow and deliberate fashion to the gold pole located center stage. You could immediately see, she was no amateur. She had the entire package, looks and body, and she knew it. She worked the stage and bar area for about five minutes and was tipped extremely well. When the song ended, the thong was loaded with five and ten dollar bills. I smiled and thought to myself, no one dollar bills in here.

For the first hour or so, one after one of the dancers took their turn on the stage. Each and every one of them was very attractive and extremely fit. The club had become crowded by now and the money was flowing well. Each girl was rewarded with quite a stash after each dance. After a while the first dancer, the red head, came back out and did another set. Apparently there were about 8 to 10 dancers total and they were beginning a new set. Our waitress continued to check in on us very 10 to 15 minutes. Lance was keeping up with her ordering a new drink every time she came back. Beth was still on the second. I kept looking over at her to get her reaction to the situation but she seemed comfortable. I did notice Lance would lean over from time to time and whisper something in her ear. Soon Lance stood up and headed for the restroom. At last we could talk.

“You ok ?”, I asked.

“Yes, I am fine. This place is really nice. Not what I imagined a strip club to be like. I am really surprised at the couples here.”

“Me too.”, I replied, “Its really nice to see you again, Beth.”

She gave me that smile of hers and once again I felt those familiar feelings. They gave way quickly as Lance returned to the table. He was beginning to get a bit loud and he was well on his way to another world class drunk. The next hour passed quickly and Lance had downed another four to five drinks. He was officially his old self, rude and obnoxious. He began ordering our waitress around and snapping at Beth every time she opened her mouth. I thought to myself, its about time to leave. I started looking for Riley and spotted him toward the back of the club. I excused myself from the table and walked over to meet him. I told him I would be leaving soon, but Beth and Lance would probably stay. I told him if he had any problem with Lance, just throw him out, it was fine with me. He laughed and told me, he would have no problems, he dealt with drunks every night. He told me before we left, he wanted me to go into one of the three VIP rooms upstairs. I thanked him but told him I was really ready to go. He refused to accept my goodbye and told me I had to go upstairs at least for an hour before I left. He told me to take Lance and Beth with me. He motioned to the hostess we had met coming in and she came over. He asked her to take us up to Room 1. She smiled and nodded and motioned me to follow her. Reluctantly, I followed, motioning Beth and Lance to join me. We followed the hostess upstairs to a hallway that had several doors in it. She took us to a door that had a big gold number 1 on it. She opened the door and led us in. The room was a good size but very intimate. On one wall there was a large black leather half circular sofa that looked to hold about three to four people. In addition there were two armless chairs also in black with two end tables in the room. We all sat down on the sofa and she took drink orders again. Our drinks arrived moments later and the waitress told us one of our room hostesses would be in soon. A few moments later the door opened again and one of the dancers from downstairs appeared. She was a brunette, very pretty with a very hot body. She was wearing a very shear top and a thong, teal colored, nothing else. Her breasts were a good size and very firm.

“Oh good.”, she exclaimed, “I love co-ed parties.”, looking over at Beth. “ Which one of you is Jeff ?”, she asked.

I meekly raised my hand, motioning to her. She smiled and walked over to me and put her hands on my shoulders.

“So you’re the guest of honor. Do you want to be first or last?”, she asked.

“Uh, for what ?”, I responded stupidly.

“Your special dance.”, she quickly added.

“Thank you, but I will pass.”, I told her.

“You might want to pass, but its not an option.”, she told me, “All VIP’s get a special dance, no exceptions.”
Lance quickly chimed in that he would be delighted to be first. By now he could care less of how Beth felt, he was way too far gone. She looked over at him, somewhat annoyed, but nodded in agreement. She moved over to the shelves on the wall that contained the stereo equipment, pulled a CD from the rack and inserted it. As the music began to play she moved over to Lance and stood in front of him.

“Ok, these are the rules.” she said, in a very matter of fact tone. “You only touch what and when I tell you to. You break the rules, the dance is over. No exceptions.”

Lance shook his head in agreement, but by now he was so drunk that if she had told him she would cut off his ear, he would have agreed. The song started and she moved above Lance. I looked over at Beth and she was looking down at her lap fixing her skirt. She was wearing a very short beige skirt with a cream colored blouse. The color really suited her. Although she was older than all of the young women in the club, she was definitely as good looking as any of them. I could tell she was really embarrassed to be here. In addition, she always became really distant when Lance drank like this. She knew how bad he could get.

The girl whose name was Sunny, began her dance on Lance. She would slide down and sit in his lap, move her hips back and forth, then move back to a standing position. Each time she would stay in the sitting position a little longer. On the last trip down, Lance reached up and put his hands on her hips. She quickly knocked them off and shook her head, then continued her dance. I could tell by Lance’s movement she was beginning to get to him. I have to admit, this girl could really dance. I was getting somewhat excited just watching. I looked at Beth to see her once again fuddling with her skirt. A minute or so later, the music stopped and Sunny stood up. She smiled, bent over and gave Lance a quick kiss on the cheek.

“Ok, whose my next victim ?”, she asked with a smile.

I immediately pointed to Beth jokingly looking for her reaction. She immediately turned red and started shaking her head pointing back at me.

“Now, now, everyone gets a turn.”, Sunny said, “Even you.” she smiled looking at Beth.

Beth once again started to protest and turn very red. Sunny decided to give her a break and pick me. Once again, she moved over to the CD rack, looked at them and chose one. She inserted it and moved over to me.

“Since you are the boss’s good friend, you get a special song.” she told me, “A really long one.”

The song started and began to move seductively to the song, her eyes looking deep into mine. I could tell immediately she was good at what she did and she enjoyed it. She placed one leg over each of my thighs and began to slowly sway her way down to me. Soon I smelled her delicious perfume and felt her long dark hair brushing against my face. She sat down firmly in my lap and began to move her hips back and forth, pushing her pussy into my crotch. I began to squirm a bit on the sofa and a smile crossed her face. She put both hands on my shoulders and told me to relax and enjoy. Her hips were moving back and forth and her pussy had gotten my cock very hard. She knew it and was enjoying it. She leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“Feels good huh ?”, she asked, “Put your hands on my hips, show me what you like.”

“I thought I couldn’t touch ?”, I asked.

“No.”, she said, “I decide what you can touch. Go ahead.”

I put my hands lightly over her hips and held on. She took her hands and place them over mine and encouraged me. By now my cock was rock hard and I was really embarrassed to let Beth see this. I looked over at her and smiled weakly. I expected Beth to be looking down, but instead she was staring intently. Much unlike what she had did when Lance was getting his dance.

Suddenly Lance spoke up in protest.

“Hey, I didn’t get to touch.”, he whined like a school boy.
“No you didn’t and its not your turn, so hush.”, Sunny told him.

He tried to argue the point but she wasn’t buying it and returned to my dance. Now she leaned back and removed the top she was wearing exposing her firm breasts. She leaned over into my ear and once again whispered to me. She wanted me to lick her nipples. I shook my head in protest but she insisted. I moved my mouth to her and took one of her stiff nipples between my lips. Lance once again roared in protest. Once again she dismissed him without a thought. She returned to my dance, placing a soft hand on the back of my head as I gently sucked her nipple. She gently kissed my ear and I felt her warm breathe on me. Her hands still on mine, she took my right and placed it on her stomach, right above her thong. She leaned over once again, pressing her lips to my ear.

“Now you get a treat.” she whispered.

She took hand and slowly placed it inside her panties. She moved it lower and lower until my fingers were touching her very wet, smooth shaven pussy. She pressed my hand with hers urging me to go further.

“Stick a finger inside me.” , she whispered softly, “Make me feel good.”

I moved my hand a little further and felt her warm opening and began to push my middle finger into her. My finger easily slid into her. She was drenched with juice and she pushed her hips toward me urging me deeper. I responded pushing into her as far as I could.
She continued moving back and forth pressing as hard against my cock, as my fingers were moving in and out of her pussy.

“Rub my clit, baby, I need it bad.”, she whispered to me.

Once again I did as I was told and moved my finger up to her clit. I began rubbing in slow, deliberate circles. She moaned in my ear, urging me on. My finger increased in speed. She leaned away and threw her head back. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see both Lance and Beth. Lance was pissed no doubt. Beth on the other hand looked odd, her eyes moist, almost glazed over. I wondered what she was thinking. Did she think poorly of me for doing this in front of her ? Before I could go on, Sunny began to move franticly on my finger.
She leaned back in to me, her mouth to my ear, and whispered to me.
“I’m gonna cum baby, make me cum.” she pleaded, softly.

I pushed deep into her and pressed my palm hard against her pussy. Suddenly without warning she began to spasm on my hand.

“Oh yea, Oh yea, Oh yea….”, she repeated.

I’m not sure if Sunny had an orgasm or she faked one, but either way, I sure as hell could not tell. As she slowly subsided, she pulled her head back, moved her lips to mine and softly kissed me on the lips briefly. She stood up and pulled her panties back in order, reached down and collected her top.

“Wow, I am done for a while she.”, she said looking at us, “I am going to send in someone else for you.”, she said looking at Beth.

I reached into my pocket and took out my money. I looked down and took a 100 dollar bill out. I handed it to her and thanked her. She once again gave me a soft, moist kiss. She looked over and Lance with a look that said, ok what about you ? Lance knew what she wanted and spoke up.

“Hey, I couldn’t touch anything, so you don’t get anything.”

She laughed briefly, then said something about you never will get anything. Beth tried to protest, but Sunny would not hear any of it. She left the room and I tried not to look up at Beth. I began to feel really embarrassed that I had did those things in front of her. Lance continued to bitch about how he was cheated during his dance. Beth continued to tell him, it was strictly up to the dancer as to how far you go. Before he could get out a reply, the door opened again and in stepped the red headed bomb shell from the stage.

Oh man, this is going to be good, I thought as I looked over at Beth.


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