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The seduction of a teen boy - hope that the site doesn't affect pucntuation too badly
So here I am sitting in my neighbor’s kitchen with a man seeing if I’m hard and his wife is sticking her fingers into her pussy so that she can stick them into my mouth!

Celeste said “Is he hard baby? I’m right, aren’t I? He's got a big dick!”

Ray said “Oh yeah, he’s big like you said! Okay honey, you win, I'll let you have your fun alone . . . I’ll just go out back and relax while you enjoy your new boy toy!” He stepped back and to the side, walked towards Celeste, gave her a little kiss on the cheek while he stuck two of his fingers into her and said “Have fun!”
I watched him as he walked out of the back door and descended the stairs to the back yard.

Celeste asks me “Have you kissed a girl yet?”

I look into her eyes and stammer “Yeah. . .”

Then she asks “Have you ever kissed a woman?”

“A girl, yeah, a woman? No. . . .”

“Have you ever tasted pussy?”

“No. . .”

“Have you ever had a blowjob?”

“No. . .”

Celeste takes charge and kneels down in front of me. She raises her hand to my mouth and says “Taste me, and tell me what you think.”

I licked her fingers and then sucked them into my mouth. “You taste great!”

Celeste pulled her hand away starts to untie my shoes and she slipped them off along with my socks. She said “Stand up so I can take off your pants!”

I stood up and she pulled down my jeans and shorts and told me to step out of them. “You do have a nice cock!” She put a hand around it and stroked it a few times. She stood up and unbuttoned my shirt and slipped it off of me and then she took me by the hand and said “Let me show you our playroom. We went down the hall and she opened a door and led me down stairs. When we reached the bottom I looked around and was impressed. On the right wall was a home entertainment center with a bunch of stereo and other equipment surrounding a large screen TV. The back wall had an open door to a bathroom with a door leading out to the back yard. The rest of the back wall was what looked like windows that were replaced with mirrors.

The wall on the left was one big bar with mirrors and liquor.

The center of the room had three couches facing each other and the one facing the back wall was a sleeper sofa that was pulled out. And the ceiling was mirrored also! Celeste said “I was hoping that you would stop by after school without your friends so I could introduce you to our playroom. What do you think?”

“I think that I want to fuck you!” I took her into my arms and pulled her close as I kissed her. I dropped one hand to her pussy started to grope her.

She put her hands on my chest and pushed me away as she said “Whoa cowboy! Don’t be in such a hurry. I’m not some horny teenager, I’m a woman who wants to enjoy sex, not just do sex.” She wrapped a hand around my dick and said “Slow down and if you are a good boy, and if you can make me cum, you’ll get your chance to stick this beautiful cock in my pussy! But first, relax. . .”

She walked me over to the foot of the bed and turned me so that I was facing the mirror. She stood behind me and while she pushed her tits into my back she reached around and fondled my erection. Watching her do this in the mirror was a total turn on! I’d never had anyone else play with my dick and I was afraid I was going to cum right there!

She pulled her hands back to my hips, pulled me back towards the bed and said “Sit down.” She knelt down and pushed my knees apart as she moved closer. She started to fondle my dick with one hand and my and balls with the other and asked “Do you want me to suck on your dick? Well, do you?”

“Yeah, of course I would!”

“Then ask me to . . . tell me what you want . . .”

“I, I, want you to blow me! I want you to take my entire dick into your mouth and make me cum!”

“Okay, I’m going to suck your cock and I’m going to swallow your cum!” She stroked my dick and said “I want you to let me know if you’re going to cum. . .” She started to lick my cock and balls while she looked into my eyes and when she finally put her lips around the head of my penis I was . . . I just looked at her and couldn’t talk. She backed off and said “Well lover, this will be better than doing it yourself!” She leaned forward and took my whole dick into her mouth. Holy shit, here is the woman I thought about while beating off and she’s sucking on me! Oh god, it feels so good! It feels too good! She’s only bobbed her head up and down about 3 times and I put my hands on the back of her head and push into her mouth, into her throat, and now I’m cumming! And she keeps on sucking and it feels oh so good!

I was speechless as Celeste pulled off of me and looked at me and said “Yum! I love young cum! And now that we’ve taken care of the little head, I can teach the big head how to please me. Now, if you want to fuck me you have to make me cum. And not just once, you have to make me cum more if you want to fuck me!”
She pushed me onto my back as she climbed up onto the bed. “That kiss you gave me was pathetic! I told you that I’m not some horny teenager and I expect you to do it right. Now, let’s try it again. This time, think of your tongue as if it was your finger. Use the tip, stiff, to probe my mouth and search for what I like.”

She leaned towards me and our lips met. She opened her lips and slipped her tongue into my mouth, probing and searching, waiting for me to respond. I stuck my tongue into her mouth and she pulled back and said “If I wanted to suck on a soft shriveled up old useless piece of shit I’d try to seduce me grandfather! Now, put some tension in that tongue, give it a hard on!”

She started to kiss me again and this time I tensed my tongue and played with her tongue. “That’s better.” She said. Keep that up. We kissed for a few minutes and then she said “Now I want you to take it to the nest level. Use that tongue to excite me, move your lips and tongue around my face, gently, then my neck, then on to my ears.”

I kissed her cheeks, licked her neck, and moved up to hers ear. I tongued her ear and she said “Now nibble on my ear lobe, and while you do that I want you to take one of my nipples and tweak it!”

As I worked on her ear I took a nipple between my thumb and finger and squeezed and she said “Ow! What the fuck! How would you like me to pinch your balls? Fuck, you young guys are so much work!”

“I’m sorry, tell me what to do.”

“Gently, always think gently. Try this . . . kiss my nipples, suck them, and stimulate them with your stiff tongue. You do know what stimulate means, don’t you?”

Ignoring her comment I started to kiss my way down her neck, shoulder and made it to her breast. While I started to suck and nibble on her nipple I massaged her other breast and started to slide my hand towards her cunt. I felt her hand move to the back of my head and she started to moan. Oh Yeah, I’m getting it! I started to slide a finger between her lips, felt her juices flowing and then I shoved 3 fingers into her.

“What the fuck!” she said as she pushed me away. “Jesus, what part of ‘gentle’ don’t you get? If I wanted it hard and rough I’d fuck a dog! Christ! If your cock wasn’t so nice I’d kick you out of bed! Slow the fuck down and think! You can make me cum with your finger or your tongue. All you have to do is make love to my clit. Do you even know what a clit is?”

I had to be honest so I said “No, not really.”

She said “Alright, next lesson. Move down between my legs. Now this is my clit.” She had reached down to her cunt and spread her lips. “It’s my dick! Sticking your fingers in me doesn’t do shit if you don’t make love to my dick! You should understand that . . . if I stuck my hand up your butt without loving your dick would you cum? Fuck no! Now, I want you to take that finger tip we’ve been working with and I want you to ‘gently’ play with my clit.”

I used my pointer to begin playing with her little clit. Because I was worried about failing I decided that too hard be worse than too soft, so I was very careful to be gentle. I thought about how I jacked off, and thought that maybe I should do the same to her, but her clit was too small to surround with my hand so I tried just massaging it. I rubbed it up and down waiting for some response from Celeste. For the first time in a while she seemed relaxed and she said “Oh yeah, that’s it baby! Nice and gentle, oh yeah, now you’re getting it, ohh, just like that, yeah, slower, yeah like that, oh, oh, yeah baby, don’t stop, yeah, just like that. Yeah, yeah, yeah, oh yeah!” Her hands came to mine and held them in place. Her hips were bucking and she was holding my hands tight to her cunt! “Uummm, that’s what I’m talking about! That was fucking great! You’ve passed part one. Remember how you did what you did so that you can do it again.”

I was hard again and was feeling good and looking forward sticking my dick in her. I moved up slowly as I kissed my way up her stomach, across her breasts, up her throat and began to tongue fuck her mouth again. I reached down between my legs and started to guide my cock towards her pussy. I was sliding it up and down between her lips and she closed her legs and said “You only made me cum once! You need to earn a fuck and you still need to make me come again because you came, I came and if I let you come again you’ll be done! It’s time for your next lesson. I gave you a blow job, now it’s time for you to blow me. I showed you my dick, now I want you to go down on me and treat it like I taught you to treat the rest of me. Use your tongue, make it hard, and treat my clit like you did with your finger.”

Jesus, all I want to do is get to fucking her pussy, cum in her, and then to get the fuck out of here. But she is in charge and I need to do what she wants in order to get what I want. I moved down between her legs and looked at her pussy. I looked at those lips and thought about what a beautiful sight a pussy is. I moved closer to her and started to lick her lips and realized what a great fucking taste it was! I was licking between her lips and trying to fuck her with my tongue. I realized that if I was going to have a chance to fuck her I needed to get on to licking her clit and making her cum!

It was great because the taste was wonderful and she was telling me exactly what to do! She said “Oh yeah, that’s it . . . use that tip to stroke my clit! A little slower, yeah, like that . . . oh baby, yeah, now suck on it, softly, yeah, like that, perfect, yeah baby, perfect, like that, like that, yeah, yeah, OOHHH FUCK!!!”
A moved up like before, kissing my way up her belly, stopping to lick her belly button, moving up to her tits, kissing one, sucking on a nipple, moving to the other to do the same, and then up to her neck and finally back to tongue fucking her mouth.

“Now THAT was what I was looking for! I knew you had it in you. Now you can take that delicious hard on and fuck me! Come on, put it in me! Fuck me hard, fuck me fast!”

I found that instead of resenting how Celeste had made me work and wait, I found myself worked up and confident, wanting to fuck the shit out of her! I reached down and guided my VERY hard dick towards her lips, slid it up and down and then plunged it all the way into her! As I began to move in and out she said “Oh yeah baby, fuck me, fuck me hard!” I was so worked up that I was going hard, hard, hard! My strokes were all the way out and all the way in! “That’s it baby, fuck me, fuck me, cum in my cunt!” That’s all it took . . . I was sweating up a storm and then I knew I was having a climax that beat even my blowjob! Wham! I was cumming! I stroked slowly, timing each spasm! FUCK! How great this was!!

As we settled down, I rolled off of Celeste and lay on my back, breathing heavy, feeling fucking great!

Celeste said “Oh baby, that was fantastic! I knew you would be good. Thank you!”

I said “No, thank you! That was unbelievable!”

Celeste said “I want you to come back tomorrow after school. You were wonderful and I’d like to teach you more. Can you do that for me?”

“Sure! I’ll come over as soon as I get out.”
She leaned over and kissed me, slowly passionately. “Now you should run along home. Be sure to shower so your family doesn’t smell the sex.”

I walked up the stairs to the kitchen, got dressed and let myself out. I wasn’t sure that I would sleep tonight because I was so looking forward to tomorrow!


2011-11-18 06:30:31
Great story.
Would have liked to hear a more intimate detail of her pussy. Did she have a full bush? Color? Fine or kinky?

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