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Chapter 24

I turned in the bed glancing at the clock, it was six-thirty in the morning. I gently rolled back and looked over my shoulder, Beth was still sound asleep. Ever so gently, I rolled over on my side so that I was facing her. She looked so angelic laying there, a soft, serene look on her face. My gaze moved down her luscious body, following every curve, every crevice of her amazing body. I moved cautiously, ever so close, that I could feel the warmth of her body next to mine. I laid there for quite some time, just watching her sleep, until her eyelids fluttered once and then opened.

A smile crossed her face, her hand came up to my cheek.

“Good morning baby, what are doing ?”, she asked in a whisper.

“Watching you sleep. You’re so beautiful Beth.”, I replied.

Her eyes blinked for a moment, then I saw her swallow, as her hand pulled me closer to her. Her lips moved to mine as we shared a very soft, gentle kiss. Her hand moved down my back, tracing my spine, up and down slowly. My hand slid down her firm body resting on her hip. Her mouth became hungry, her tongue reached for mine. She rolled me over so that her body was over mine, her tongue plunging deeper into my mouth. Her hand moved down my stomach and into my shorts, finding my stiffening cock. She wrapped her warm hand around me, stroking my cock to life. I tried to slide my left hand down between our bodies, reaching for her pussy.

“Let me show you how it’s done, baby.”, she said with a slight giggle.

She released my cock, sat up and pulled her gown over her head, dropping it to the bed. She threw one leg over my body straddling me, finally coming to rest in a seat position on my lower chest. My face was maybe ten inches from her smooth, completely shaven pussy. I looked up at her, she had a huge smile on her face. She extended her tongue, slowly licking her lips.

“I want you to watch me baby, watch me play with myself.”, she said softly.

She slowly reached down between her legs with both hands, using two fingers of her left hand to spread the lips of her pussy. She extended the index finger of her right hand and began to stroke her clit. My eye’s were riveted to her finger as it worked it’s magic on her ever moistening slit. I looked up to see her eyes locked on mine, a big smile on her face.

“You like to watch me make myself feel good, baby ?”, she asked.

“Oh yea, it really get’s to me.”, I replied quickly.

With some reassurance from me, she picked up the pace with her finger, leaning back slightly giving me a close up view of her entire pussy. As she quickened the pace over her clit, I could see the juices begin to run from inside of her. They were beginning to run down her lips and pool on my chest. I could feel my cock hardening, just watching Beth arousing herself, inches from my face. I looked up at her, eyes closed, mouth slightly open, sensing that she was perhaps close to an orgasm.

“Beth.”, I said softly, “I want you to cum in my mouth baby.”

She immediately looked down at me and from the smile she gave me, I knew she wanted the same thing. She bent over for a second, moving her self right above my face, then sitting back up. She was now kneeling on the bed, her soaked pussy just an inch over my mouth. She once again reached down and began to rapidly stroke her swollen clit, her eyes locked on mine. She pushed two fingers deep inside of her , holding them there for several seconds. She then removed them, extending them forward, pushing them between my lips, deep inside my mouth. I sucked on her fingers removing the thick, sweet coating from them. I looked up at her, her eyes were closed shut, savoring the feeling of my mouth on her fingers. She opened her eyes and looked down into mine .

“I am ready baby, God, I am so ready.”, she moaned.

She moved forward just slightly so that her pussy was just over my lips and once again buried her finger’s inside of her self. She reached up with her other hand and steadied herself on the headboard, and she began to frantically to stroke her clit. I reached up from behind her gently grabbing her ass with both of my hands, softly kneading the firm flesh between my fingers. I felt her thigh’s begin trembling, I knew she was extremely close.

“Go ahead baby, shoot that warm cum into my mouth.” I begged softly.

Her entire body tightened up as she moved her other hand between her legs, spreading her lips wide, as her finger flew over her clit. I opened my mouth wide and pushing it so that I felt her pussy on my lips. As soon as my mouth touched her, she cried out in pleasure, her eyes looking down into mine. As our gaze locked, I felt a strong stream of fluid jet into my mouth and hit the back of my throat. She cried out in ecstasy, screaming inaudibly as an orgasm racked her body. I swallowed quickly, just as two more thick sprays of cum washed the insides of my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, reaching up, pushing her hands from her pussy, and pulling her on to my mouth. I pushed my tongue deep side of her, redirecting her flow, coating my cheeks. She reached down grabbing my hair and pulling my face up tight against her throbbing pussy. She shook violently on my face as my tongue probed the inside walls of her vagina. It took a good twenty seconds for her to release my hair, easing her pussy off of my mouth. She leaned back slightly placing her hands of my shoulders to get her balance. The look on her face said it all.

“Oh my God baby, that was the most incredible orgasm of my life. I have never cum that hard, ever.”, she panted, “I hope I didn’t drown you.”

“Mmmmmm, no baby you didn’t, you tasted so good.”, I replied.

“I gotta catch my breathe.”, she panted, rolling off of my and plopping to the mattress on her stomach. She laid there, her eyes closed, looking so content. Soon her breathing returned to normal, her eyes opened, smiling at me.

“I can’t believe I have been missing sex like this my entire life.”, she exclaimed.

I laughed softly, reaching over and rubbing her back, kissing her softly on the cheek.

“How about breakfast ?”, I asked, “I’m cooking.”

“Breakfast ?’., She replied, “No way your making me cum like that and I can’t return the favor.”

She lifted her ass slightly off the bed, reaching underneath herself, moving her right hand to her pussy. I could tell from her arm movements, she was once again rubbing herself. She turned and looked into my eyes, motioning me over.

“Get on baby, slide that cock in me from behind.”, she urged.

I moved behind her, positioning myself between her thighs. I reached down, lifted her hips slightly as she reached between her legs, grabbing my cock. She guided me to her soaked opening, I gently pushed, burying myself in her warm pussy. She lowered herself back down on the bed, her fingers moving back to her clit. I began to move inside of her, slowly with very long , methodical strokes. As I would get down deep inside of her, I could feel her fingers rubbing her clit. She began to move her body under me, enjoying the feeling of my hard cock inside of her. I increased the speed of my strokes as I felt her finger speed up on her clit. I could tell she had another orgasm building from the movement of her body and the soft moans that were beginning to intensify. I reached down with both hands and grabbed her hips lifting them slightly and once again quickened my pace. She looked over her shoulder and whispered to me.

“Baby, fuck me hard, drive that cock into my pussy, make me cum on your cock.”

I needed no further urging. My hands tightened their grip on her hips as I began to furiously pound my rock hard cock into her dripping wet slit. After a dozen or so strokes, she arched her back, throwing her head back.

“Oh yea, now baby, now.”, she moaned.

I pulled her hips toward me and buried my cock, deep inside her pussy. I felt the walls of her vagina contract, as wave after wave of pleasure shot through her body. I felt a sudden gush of liquid surround my cock, then run down our legs. I kept my cock buried deep inside of her until the spasms began to subside. I then began to move in and out of her again at a rapid pace. Her pussy was soaked and felt so good against cock. She turned and looked at me once again with the look of pleasure on her face.

“Cum inside me baby, let me feel that hot cum deep inside me.”, she whispered.

I pulled her hips to mine as tightly as I could, burying my cock deep inside her. I felt the first explosion of cum leave my cock coating her insides. I continued to unload streams of cum deep inside her stomach. As my orgasm subsided, I once again began to move inside of her, enjoying the lubrication my hot cum had provided. I felt the combination of our orgasms running down between our legs. I could see her beginning to move her hips back to meet the thrusts of my cock. Sensing that perhaps she had yet another orgasm building, I continued my movement inside of her. She began to moan softly once more, reaching for her clit. My cock had softened making it difficult to continue my movements. Knowing that she could cum again, I wanted to make sure she was satisfied. I pulled out of her, grabbed her hips and flipped her over on her back. Before she could even protest, I moved my mouth down between her legs. She looked down and began to protest softly.

“Jeff, please baby, you don’t have to do that now after you….I’m….Oh my Goddddddddd, Yesssssssssss., she moaned.

I had pushed my tongue deep inside of her drenched pussy, tasting my own cum, along with hers. I slid my tongue out, rapidly flicking her clit up and down. I took one finger and pushed it deep inside of her, then back out quickly. I began to fuck her hard with my finger, as my tongue rapidly danced across her swollen, cum covered clit. She reached up grabbing the headboard, lifting her hips slightly, pushing her pussy into my mouth.

“Fuck…fuck….fuck…. Oh yeaaaaaaaaaaa.”, she cried out.

For the third time, her body was racked with pleasure she as convulsed under my mouth, shaking in pleasure. Her hips fell hard on the bed, she pushed against my forehead with both hands forcefully.

“Oh my God Jeff, baby, stop for a second….let me breath. “, she panted.

I released her from my mouth, laying my face on her lower stomach, still holding her close. She began to run her fingers through my hair softly, trying to regain her breathe.

“Baby, no man has ever done that to me before. The thought of your tongue inside of me, tasting your own cum….God, I just lost it.”, she admitted.

I moved up next to her holding her close. Her head was on my chest, my hand was tracing up and down her spine. Her breathing had returned to normal, before she spoke once again.

“I love you so much baby. I have never felt like this in all of my life. I have never cum this hard before, ever. You make me feel so damn good.”, she whispered.

“I love you too, Beth.” I replied, “With all of my heart.”

We spent the rest of the day making love, showering, eating, then back to bed. I’m not sure how many orgasms either one of us had, but by that evening, we were both spent. We fell asleep, as we had woke that morning, in each other’s arms. We returned to work the next day, eagerly looking forward to that evening when we would once again hold each other. I called Beth just as I was leaving to see what she wanted for dinner that night. We decided to go out to a local restaurant have dinner, rent a movie, then spend the evening on the sofa. We met at my house, showered, dressed and left for the restaurant. We arrived at the restaurant about seven, we were seated immediately it was not very crowded. We both decided on the bacon cheese burger and garlic fries. As we were waiting for our order to come to the table, I heard a familiar voice behind us.

“Hey guys, what are you doing here ?”

We turned to see Jennifer standing right behind us smiling. She bent over kissed Beth and I quickly on the cheek.

“Just grabbing a quick bite to eat and you ?”, I replied.

“Same thing, I just got off, don’t feel like cooking, so here I am .”, she responded, “Can I join you ?”

Not much I could say, this was the last thing Beth and I were prepared for, but we could not be rude.

“Sure you can Jen, that would be great.”, I said, standing up, pulling out her chair.

“Always, the gentleman Jeff, that’s why I love you.”, Jen said giggling.

I sat back down, motioned to the waiter to come over and add Jen’s order to my ticket. I told him to wait and bring all three meals together so we could eat together. The waiter agreed and left with Jen’s order.

“So what are you two doing together ?”, Jen asked curiously.

Before I could answer, Beth replied that we were discussing business arrangements involving buying Lance out of the building which we both owned. She went into quite elaborate details, sounding real convincing, even to me. Jen kept shifting her eyes from Beth, then back to me trying to figure the situation out. Jen and Beth talked at length about Beth’s pending divorce, Jen was especially curious about her plans for the future. Beth responded in generalized terms stating she had no plans now being single, she would just take things day to day. Beth reached over and grabbed my hand.

“I’m surprised you let this guy go, Jen.”, she said.

A look of terror swept over Jen’s face, she tried to compose herself. I think for a moment, she thought I had betrayed her secret, staring directly at me.

“Actually, it was more me then Jen, Beth.”, I interjected, trying to get Jen off the hook, “You know how I am.”

“Yea, brother-in-law, I know how you are.”, she said laughing, dropping my hand.

The rest of the meal went relatively well, although I did feel very awkward seeing Jennifer. She looked good as always, she appeared to be in a good mood, I hoped things were going well for her. I paid the check and we all walked out together to the parking lot. Jen said her goodnight’s and headed for her car. We pulled out, stopped for a movie, then headed home. We enjoyed the rest of the evening curled up on the sofa in each other’s arms watching the movie.

Several days passed, then on my way home one evening, my cell phone rang. It was Jennifer.

“Hey sweetie, how are you ?”, she asked.

“I’m doing ok Jen, and you ?”, I replied.

“Tired, I have been working a lot, not much free time, you know how it is.”, she stated.

“Yea, I remember.”, I responded laughing.

“Look Jeff, how about you and I get together one evening, dinner and maybe some conversation ?”, she asked.

“Uh really Jen, I dunno, you think that’s a good idea ?”, I asked, trying to say no without being rude, “I mean what about Tiff, how will she feel about that ?”

“Well first, she doesn’t need to know about it. But second, we haven’t been spending as much time together as we once were. I miss your friendship. It‘s not about sex, I just miss my friend.”, she replied.

This was not good. I had to think of some way out of this without divulging anything about my new relationship with Beth. Every time I thought I had everything right where I wanted it, I was thrown a curve ball.

“I’m sorry to hear that Jen, it appeared you two were really hitting it off.”, I said.

“Well to be honest, I think it was a fantasy for the both of us. Now that it is reality, it may have lost its luster, I don’t know. I do love her, I‘m sure it will work out.”, she said sadly.

I was not sure what to say to make this situation better. I told Jen that I would check my schedule and we could set something up for perhaps later next week. That would give me time to think of a way out of this mess. She agreed saying she would call me next week. Beth cooked dinner for us at her place that night, as soon as I sat down, I told her about Jen’s phone call. We discussed it at length trying to figure out what to do. Beth would sign her final papers in two weeks, so we didn’t want to advertise we were together yet, just to be safe.
I told Beth as soon as we could, I wanted to let everyone know what was going on, so we could relax. I told her I would avoid Jen as much as possible, but it could get sticky. I suggested we spend more time at Beth’s, that way no one could show up to my house unexpectedly and surprise us. I could pull my car in Beth’s garage, no one could see it there.

For the next few weeks, I basically hid out at Beth’s, returning home for short periods of time to do what needed to be done. Jen called several times, but I left voice mail pick up, I felt awful, it was a really bad situation. I really cared for Jen, she was a great woman, I hated having to hide from her. On Sunday, my father-in-law broke out the barbeque pit and invited me over for lunch. Beth’s mom called her as well, saying they needed to catch up. I left Beth leave thirty minutes before I did, making sure we did not arrive together, drawing any suspicion. I arrived at mother-in-law’s around one in the afternoon to see a drive way full of cars. I walked around back to the patio where my father-in-law would be cooking. He was standing over the pit, cooking steaks, ribs, sausage and chicken, Beth was sitting close to him, keeping him company. As soon as our eyes met, I knew something was wrong. She make a quick glance towards the house signaling the problem was inside.

“Hey Pops, Hi Sis.”, I greeted, “I’m hungry as usual.”

I hadn’t been out there more then two minutes when the rear door opened and my mother-in-law stepped out, with Jennifer and her mother in tow. I now knew what the problem was, it was going to get awkward, really quickly.

“Come on in guys.”, Mom said, “Let your Dad finish cooking in peace. Come join us.”

I looked at Beth, she got up slowly and we all moved inside to the den area. The ladies spent most of the time talking, I tried to stay out of the conversation as much as possible. I noticed that Jennifer’s mom was constantly looking in my direction and smiling, she was making me feel really awkward.

“I’m going to check and see if Dad needs any help.”, I blurted out, jumping up and practically running from the room.

Much to my dismay, just as I stepped out onto the patio my father-in-law was bringing in the food. I held the door open for him, following him to the dining room. We all sat down at the table, the food was excellent as always, the conversation kept landing in my lap. What was I doing these days, how was I spending my time, things like that. I basically replied I was not doing anything, just relaxing, watching TV, keeping to myself. That seem to satisfy everyone for now, but I knew they were not done. I had the feeling this was intentionally set up by my mother-in-law and Jen’s mom, trying to get us back together. The funny thing was, both Jen and I were trying to hide huge secrets of our own. As soon as dinner was over, I made a mad dash for the door, stating I had some paperwork to get ready for the following morning.

As I headed home, I realized that this situation had gotten really complicated once again. I hoped Beth was not far behind me, I really wanted to talk to her. I got home and close to three hours later, Beth had still not called. I was beginning to wonder if I should call her, but I had to be careful. I decided to wait a few minutes more, then I would call. About ten minutes later, I heard the key in the door, Beth had gotten home. She walked in, hugged me tight, kissing me softly.

“Oh man, you got trouble Jeff.”, she said seriously.

“What’s wrong baby ?”, I asked.

“After you left, the conversation turned to you and Jennifer and what happened. It seems both Mom and Dad, and Miss Margie all want to see you two get back together again.”, she stated, “They all want me to try and talk some sense into you.”

“You have to be kidding me ?”, I stammered.

“Nope, not one bit. They say Jennifer is head over heels in love with you Jeff. They think she made a huge mistake letting you go.”, Beth replied.

“Beth, you don’t know what happened. It’s not that simple baby. You need to know the truth. Jennifer does not want to get back together. The breakup was her idea.”, I told her taking her hand, sitting her down.

I had no choice but to tell Beth everything, she had to know the truth. So I did, for the next half hour, I spilled my guts to Beth, not omitting one single detail. She stared at me very intently when I recalled the night, Jen, Tiff and I shared in bed. When I was finished, I felt guilty, even though Beth and I were not together, I still felt awful.

“I’m sorry baby, but I don’t want to ever lie to you. I thought you needed to know. I feel terrible, like I let you down somehow.”, I said softly.

Beth sat there, somewhat stunned I think, just looking at me. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she spoke.

“Jeff, you did nothing wrong. If I had not been so hesitant, you and Jennifer would have never happened in the first place. You begged me to reconsider, I wouldn’t listen. It does hurt, I have to be honest, but I love you so much, I understand.”, she replied.

“I’m so sorry Beth, I wish I could take it back baby. I really do.”, I stated sincerely.

We talked for quite some time about the whole situation, before deciding to get ready for bed. I took a shower in the front, while Beth took a long soak in the Jacuzzi tub in the master bathroom. I was already laying in bed watching TV when Beth stepped out of the bathroom. She took my breathe away, she was stunning. She had on a black silk top that barely covered the black lace, high cut panties, her hair pulled back softly off of her neck.

“You like, baby ?”, she asked in a sexy, soft, girl like voice.

“Sweetheart, you are gorgeous.”, I replied.

A huge smile crossed her face and she walked slowly to her side of the bed. She pulled the covers back slowly and slid down in between them. I pulled her close to me, kissing her softly on the lips, my tongue wetting her lips. She responded by wrapping her arms around me, holding me tight as her mouth responded to mine. She felt so good in my arms, it felt so right, like we had been together all of our lives. We laid there for quite a while just holding each other, her head resting on my chest. She moved her head, returning it to her pillow, turned and faced me.

“Baby, I want to know what happened with you, Jennifer and Tiffany.”, she said softly.

“I told you what happened Beth.”, I replied, “Just a while a go.”

Beth slid her hand down my chest slowly, moving inside the waistband of my shorts, coming to rest on my cock. She wrapped her fingers around me, squeezing me softly in her small warm hand.

“No, I want to know all of the details, baby. Tell me everything. Don’t leave anything out.”, she asked with a whisper.

I turned to look at her, wondering where the hell this was going. I purposely left out details, trying not to hurt her, keeping it very generic, although I did admit to have sex with both of the women. I could tell by the look on her face, she was dead serious.

“Baby, I feel kind of awkward giving you details. I mean, that’s like me asking you to describe a sexual encounter between you and Lance.”, I responded.

“Ask me, I’ll tell you anything you want to know.”, she shot back.

“You’re serious ?”, I asked once again.

“Dead serious, baby. I want to know.”, she finished, gently squeezing
my cock.

I began telling her about how Jen found the board game in the top of the locker, talking us all into playing. I described the first few rounds of the game, then told her about Tiff getting the massage card and what it did to me. While , I was telling Beth the story, she had her head on my chest listening, her hand in my shorts stroking my cock. I have to admit, it was a bit embarrassing when I first started, but as I got into the story, I felt myself getting aroused. As I went further with the story, I began to get more graphic in detail as to what happened. When I began describing eating Tiff’s pussy, I could feel Beth’s breathing become labored somewhat. I went on to describe how I was fucking Tiff from behind as she ate Jen’s pussy. I wrapped up the story omitting what had happened with the ladies after I fell asleep. I once again apologized to Beth for what had happened, saying I felt somewhat guilty about it all.

“Don’t feel bad baby. Look what you did to me, telling me the story.”, Beth whispered.

She took my left hand and pulled it inside of her black lace panties to her pussy. She was absolutely drenched in fluids, my finger easily sliding inside of her slit. She let out a small moan as I touched her clit, feeling how hard and swollen it was. I leaned over and kissed her, as I pumped one finger in and out of her steaming, wet pussy. Beth responded with urgency and passion, I knew she was worked up. She broke our kiss and looked into my eyes.

“I want to make myself cum while you watch baby.”, she told me, “Would you like that. For me to finger my pussy till I cum ?”

“You know I would baby.”, I quickly replied.

“I will, but you have to jerk off while you watch. I want to watch you pump your cock.”, she responded.

I shook my head in approval, while Beth sat up in the bed, her back resting against the head board. She urged me closer, so I sat between her legs, so that we were face to face, maybe a foot apart. She reached down and pulled her lace panties to the side, exposing her beautiful pussy. She extended one finger, pushing it deep inside her, back slowly pulling it out. She rubbed her clit, coating it with her juice looking up into my eyes. I reached down and pulled my hard cock from my shorts, wrapping my fingers around my shaft. I began to slowly stroke up and down, while watching Beth’s fingers work their magic. I glanced up once and saw that Beth’s gaze was riveted to my hand pumping my cock.

“I love to watch you jerk off baby.”, she whispered, “It really turns me on.”

I leaned over to her, pressing my lips into hers, pushing my tongue inside of her mouth. She immediately parted her lips, and sucked my tongue, deep inside of her mouth. I broke away and just stared at Beth. She was incredibly beautiful, I was indeed a very lucky man. I was just inches from this gorgeous creature, who absolutely had no reservations about masterbating to orgasm, right in front of me.

“You gonna cum hard for me baby. Make that pussy squirt on me ?”, I asked.

“Oh yea baby.”, she said between pants.

“Rub it baby, rub that clit hard, cum for me.”, I coached.

She leaned back hard against the headboard, closed her eyes, opened her legs wider, frantically stroking her clit. I knew she was very close. I began to pump my cock in rhythm to her fingers, my eyes glued to her pussy. I saw her body tense up and her back arch slightly.
She stopped rubbing herself, instead placing her finger on her clit, pulling upwards on her pussy. She screamed out as the first sensation of her orgasm shot through her body.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm, oh yea, oh yeaaaaaaaa……., she wailed.

Without any warning, a violent stream of liquid flew from her pussy, absolutely soaking my cock and my thigh’s.

“Oh My God, Oh My God…….”, she cried.

Two more streams quickly followed, not quite as powerful, absolutely drenching me. She bucked and squirmed on her hand for close to twenty seconds as the waves of ecstasy washed over her. The look on her face was incredible, pure pleasure nothing else. I felt my balls tighten up, I knew I was close. I continued pumping my rock hard cock, watching her come down off her orgasm.

She pulled her legs under her quickly, sitting up on her knees. She pushed me back quickly, looking up into my eyes.

“Get on your knees baby, quick.”, she commanded.

I got up on my knees as she sat down directly under me, bending forward. She opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue, till it was almost touching the end of my cock.

“I want you to jerk off and cum in my mouth, baby.”, she begged, again sticking out her tongue under the head of my cock.

It took no further coaxing on her part. I grabbed the back of her head with my left hand, holding it gently, as I looked down furiously pumping my cock in the direction of her mouth. I could feel her tongue swirling on the underside of my cock, waiting for my hot cum. The picture was intensely erotic. This beautiful woman on her knees, her mouth open, her tongue out begging me to unload my hot cum in her mouth. I just couldn’t hold out any longer.

The first rope of cum shot out of my mouth, coating her lips and tongue, catching her by surprise. I pulled her head closer to my cock, putting the head between her lips, pumping her mouth with three more quick streams of cum. I couldn’t stop, the cum just kept flowing, overloading her mouth and running down her face falling on her tits. I kept pumping my cock still feeling the cum oozing from the head of my penis. Beth greedily sucked on my cock, swallowing what she could of my massive load. It was one of the best orgasms of my life, this beautiful creature completely giving herself over to me.

Chapter 25

I was somewhat fortunate, Jennifer landed a huge case the next week, calling me to tell me we would have to postpone dinner for now.
Beth’s divorce was final, the papers signed and sealed. We talked about how to break the news to our friends and family. I knew my in-laws would be the worst, I had no clue how they would handle it. I told Beth to let me handle her parents, that way if it bombed and became an issue, she would not have to take as much of the heat. I could be the bad guy. I waited for about four weeks, then decided even though she had only been divorced for a few months, it was as good a time as any. It was just too difficult, sneaking around, afraid of the possibility of running into someone we knew. I decided to tell them at Sunday dinner and hope for the best. I asked Beth to come up with an excuse that she was busy and couldn’t come this Sunday. That way if things got really bad, she was safe from the fallout.

I arrived at their house about eleven-thirty, sitting in the kitchen with my mother-in-law while she finished lunch. My father-in-law was watching TV in the den. I helped set the table, we carried the food in and began to eat. We had only been seated for less than five minutes, when my mother-in-law actually brought up the subject.

“Jeff, you have any idea what Beth is up to lately ? She is always so busy, I have a hard time catching up to her.”, she asked.

“I have seen her a few times mom, she seems to be ok.”, I replied, lying through my teeth.

“Well I am glad that she is finally over the divorce, Lance was family, but he never treated Beth the way we had hoped he would.”, Mom said, “I hope now she can find someone who will treat her like she deserves to be treated.”

My father-in-law just nodded his approval without looking up, as he continued to eat his food. Well now is as good a time as any, I guess.

“Mom, Dad, I need to talk to you about something, I really don’t know how to start, but I will do my best.”, I started.

“Mom, I know you like Jennifer a lot, she is a great girl, I really like her a lot. I wished at that time, things would have worked out, but they didn’t. There was a reason, which I can’t go into right now, I hope one day I can. But either way, it’s a mute point.”, I stated.

My in-laws were listening intently now, I had their full attention. My mind was racing for the right words to say, if the right words even existed.

“I don’t know quite how to say this, I don’t want there ever to be anything that would harm our relationship, you have both been like second parents to me, always treated me like a son and I am so grateful for that. You have no idea just how much.”

I could see a look of concern growing on their faces. It wasn’t going well, I was struggling for the right words.

“Jeff, for God’s sake, what’s wrong ?”, my mother-in-law asked.

“Nothing’s wrong Mom, it’s not that.”, I replied.

“Then tell us, we are family, it’s ok.”, she responded.

“Mom, Dad, I don’t know how to ask you, so I am just going to ask you. Would it be possible to have your blessing … I could…uh,
ask Beth out on a date ?”, I said softly, barely able to look in their direction.

My mother in law and father looked at each other then back at me again with a blank look on their face. I had decided on this method, thinking it was better they thought, I asked permission, then to have went behind their backs, which we had already done.

“Oh Jeff, I don’t know, I really don’t. Have you discussed this with Beth at all ?”, she asked with great concern in her voice.

“No Mom, I haven’t.”, I replied, once again lying to them, “I wanted to ask you first, see how you felt.”

“Why Beth ? Are you really attracted to her ? I mean she is…was your sister-in-law, it just seems, I don’t know…..weird.”, she responded.

“I know mom, it seems strange to me too. But Beth is a beautiful, strong, incredible woman, I can’t explain why I am attracted to her, I just am.”, I stated.

“Jeff, I just don’t know what to say, I really don’t. I think it’s best that Dad and I discuss this further. I hope you understand ?”, Mom said.

“Sure, I do Mom, I completely understand.”, I replied.

We finished up quickly, I knew my mother-in-law was dying to discuss this with her husband, so I made a quick exit to the door. My father-in-law followed me out, opening the door for me. We had no sooner stepped out, he broke the silence.

“Jeff, I respect you lot, coming to us like this. And I understand how you feel, Beth is quite a woman, I love her to death. Truthfully, I don’t know how I feel, I can’t answer that right now.”, he stated.

“I know Dad. And I am sorry for bringing it up, but I have been thinking about her a lot lately.”, I responded.

I was no sooner out of sight, I picked up my cell phone and called Beth to tell her exactly what I had told them, in case they call, her story could match mine. She was a nervous wreck, asking me for all the details, how did I think it went ? I told her at best, it was extremely awkward, I had no idea how they took it. I told her it would be best that we keep things real low key for the next few days, she agreed.

Every time my phone rang, I jumped thinking it might be my in-laws. Several days passed, I had no contact, neither did Beth. I had no idea what was going on, but I knew it was probably not good. Finally on Friday, my mother-in-law called me in the early afternoon at work.

“Jeff, Dad and I need to talk to you. When can you come by ?”, she asked.

“Anytime you would like Mom.”, I quickly replied.

“How about on your way home, this evening ?”, she asked.

“Sure , no problem, see you then.”, I promised.

By the time I pulled into my in-laws drive, my head was reeling from all of the possibilities. They were waiting for me in the den, their faces gave no clue what was in store. I sat down in the chair directly opposite them and waited for the news. My mother-in-law took control of the situation, as usual.

“Jeff, we have thought a lot about this and we just still don’t know. I can’t quite get a handle on it, it just seems wrong to me. We love you like you’re our own son, I guess that’s why it seems odd.”, she began.

“Then there’s the possibility you two do date, then something happens between you two, becoming awkward for us as a family. We do not want that to happen.”, she continued, “We have already lost one child, we do not want to lose another one.”

“I can understand that Mom.”, I replied softly.

“With that said, as a man I have no problem with you dating Beth. In fact, we always prayed Beth would find someone to take care of her, like you did for Susan. No parent could ask for a better husband for their daughter then you were, Jeff.”, she added.

“Thanks, Mom, that means a lot to me.”, I said.

“However, it just, to me, is not a plausible situation. Then you have to consider what if Beth says no, she doesn’t want to date you ? How does that affect us all ? This is just not a good situation.”, she ended.

I looked down at the carpet, trying not to appear as crushed as I was. There was no choice but to continue our relationship in secret, until one day someone would catch us, then deal with the aftermath as it occurred.

“I think Dad wants to say something to you Jeff.”, she interjected.

I looked up at my father-in-law, who up until this time had been deadly silent, sitting next to his wife. He began slowly.

“Jeff, first let me say, just how much I respect you. As Mom said, we could not have asked for any better husband for our Susan , then you were. She loved you unconditionally, you were her entire world, as she was yours.”, he started.

“I like your mother-in-law, have extreme concerns about this situation. Not to mention, what other people may say if you two actually did become serious.”, he added.

“But, unlike your mother-in-law, I see my daughter in some ways as you do. A beautiful, vibrant, strong woman that any man would be lucky if he got her attention. So I am going to go against my wife’s objections when I tell you, you have my permission to ask Beth out if that’s what you really want to do.”, she finished.

He managed to give me a weak smile as he nodded at me. I knew how difficult that was for him to do. My mother-in-law was always the deciding force in this family, no one ever butted heads with her. He reached over and patted Mom on the knee in an effort to reassure her.

“Thank you, both of you, for not dismissing me immediately, I really appreciate it. I promise, if I do this, it won’t go bad.”, I stated.

“Well, maybe we are all overreacting anyway.”, Mom said, “I am guessing Beth says no.”

“You’re probably right Mom.”, I replied, “But then at least I know.”

I couldn’t help but feel extremely guilty about putting both of these very good people through all of this, especially since we had already decided no matter what, we were going to be together. I just felt that in the long run, things would be so much better if they both thought they had blessed the entire relationship. I thanked them once again and headed for the door.

“When are you going to ask her Jeff ?”, Mom asked.

“I’m not sure Mom, when the time is right. I will let you know what happens.”, I promised.

Once again, I immediately called Beth to tell her what had happened. I could tell she was crying on the phone, relieved that even though they had serious reservations, I had gotten their approval. I relayed the fact that her mother had banked on her telling me no, when I asked her out. She laughed in a low tone, somewhat easing the tension. I told her I would see her soon and hung up.

A couple of days passed and I knew the tension would be too much for my mother-in-law, she called Beth at work. She said she had just called to see what was going on, and of course what was new in her life. Beth replied just work, nothing was new. My mother-in-law continued her interrogation, now go as far as telling Beth, maybe it was time she got out and tried to meet someone. Beth replied that she was not interested in a relationship now, so close to her divorce. She added that it was extremely hard to find a man these days that you could depend on. My mother-in-law seemed satisfied with those answers and they ended the conversation. Beth immediately called me and relayed the entire event.

Beth decided a couple of days later, it was time to move forward. She called her mom on the phone, breaking the news to her.

“Hi Mom, are you busy ?”, Beth asked ?

“No honey, what’s going on ?”, Mom replied.

“You’re not going to believe this Mom, I can hardly believe it myself and I was there.”, Beth added.

“What is it ?”, Mom asked.

“Jeff, asked me out on a date. Asked me to dinner and a movie. I didn’t know what to say.”, Beth told her Mother.

“What did you say ?”, Mom quizzed.

“I told him, I would think about it and let him know.”, Beth answered.

They talked at length about the situation for over an hour. Beth promised her mother she would let her know what she decided, one way or another. A few days later, Beth once again, called her mother telling her she had accepted my invitation to dinner and a movie. Her mom began bombarding her with reasons why this was probably a bad idea and so on. Beth listened to her mom at length, responding with the occasional “I know, Mom.” Her mother then brought up the one topic I knew sooner or later had to come up.

“Beth, what if you two get serious. I mean, wouldn’t you feel strange having sex with the same man your sister did ?”

“I don’t know Mom, I’m sure it would be awkward at first. But we are only going out to dinner, I’m not jumping into bed with him.” Beth replied.

We let a week or so go, then Beth called her mother gain, to tell her we had went to dinner then a movie. She told her mother, although it had been somewhat awkward for a while, she had a very good time, I had been a complete gentleman. She told her mom, we had made arrangements to go out once again. We basically let this story play out for about a month, then decided we would actually start going out in public. I called my in-laws, inviting them to dinner with us one a Friday night. They reluctantly accepted I made arrangements to pick them up at their home.

Beth and I arrived at my in-laws at about six thirty Friday evening. Beth was wearing a very tight black knit dress with black high heels. She had just gotten her hair cut, colored and styled, she was a knock-out. My in-laws got into my car and we left for the restaurant. We arrived about forty-five minutes later, we were seated immediately. I couldn’t help but notice how much my mother-in-law kept staring at me, then back at Beth. I guess she was looking for clues as to how serious we had become. Dinner was very enjoyable, my father-in-law seemed happier than I had seen him in quite some time. He hogged Beth’s attention for most of the night, but I had no objections, I knew how he felt about her. We stopped for coffee on the way home, it was a very nice evening.

After dropping my in-laws off at their house, I pulled out, heading for home. Beth immediately moved over in the front seat, getting very close to me. I put my arm around her holding her tight, as I continued to drive. We arrived home about thirty minutes later, deciding to stay at my house for the night. Beth went in in front of me, while I locked up. I turned and walked into the great room, Beth was standing there waiting. She pushed me up against the wall, pressed herself into me, reaching for my mouth with her lips. She kissed me with an urgency that told me she was extremely aroused. I pulled her close, wrapping my arms around her. She reached down between our bodies, her finger’s finding my belt, quickly undoing it, opening my pants and pushing them to the floor. She pushed my shorts down, just as quickly, releasing my stiff cock. She reached down with both hands pulling her skirt up to her waist. She pulled her panties to the side, and climbed onto her tip toes, pressing her opening to the head of my cock. She was extremely wet, and I could feel the heat coming from inside of her. I bent my knees slightly, lowering myself into position, then pushed forward, sliding my cock completely inside of her in one motion.

“Oh baby, that feels so good. Fuck me hard, now.”, she moaned.

I grabbed her hips with both hands and began to thrust my cock in and out of her soaking wet pussy. In a few seconds, I was pounding Beth with everything I had. It took only a couple of minutes until she lost control.

“Oh babyyyyyyy, Ohhhhhhhhhhh,”, she moaned.

I felt her erupt in a violent orgasm that sent fluid gushing out of her pussy , down both of legs. Seconds later my cock, twitched, sending my cum deep inside of her throbbing pussy. I felt wave after wave of cum jet from my cock, as we held each other cumming together for the first time. It lasted just a couple of minutes, but it was intense. We stayed there, against that wall, just holding each other tight.

Chapter 26

Another month or so passed, I was at work, I got a call from Jennifer. It had been month’s since I had heard from her.

“Hey Jeff, how are you ?”, she asked.

“I’m doing well Jen, and you ?”, I replied.

“I am ok too, thanks.”, she answered.

“So I hear you’re going out with Beth. Your mother-in-law talked to my Mom yesterday. Told her you two had been dating for a while now.”, she said.

“Yes, we have Jennifer, going on two months maybe.”, I answered.

“Anything serious ?”, she asked.

“I sure hope so, I really like Beth a lot.”, I answered quickly.

“Oh.”, she said, quietly.

We talked for a while and I sensed from her conversation, perhaps she was struggling in her relationship with Tiffany. She told me she thought she had made a huge mistake in a round about way. I think she was expecting me to perhaps ask for more details, but I had no intention of doing so. We talked for a while, then she told me she had to run.

“If you ever need a date on Friday night, call me.”, Jen said softly.

“I sure will sweetie, thank you.”, I replied.

The next six months moved along quickly, Beth and I were extremely happy, we spent as much time together as possible. My in-laws had accepted the situation, although I know her mother was still a bit uneasy. Her Dad seemed overjoyed we were together, I had not seem him this happy in quite some time. Most people that knew us both, were aware of our relationship and most seemed genuinely happy for us. Apparently it had taken quite a while for the news to reach Lance, he called Beth one evening when I was with her at her house. He started right in, no formalities, no pleasantries.

“So Beth, I hear you’re fucking Jeff now. You’re own brother-in-law, how sick is that ?”, he laughed.

“Well first Lance, you have no room to criticize anyone. You cheated on me throughout our entire marriage.”, she replied, “But to be honest, I could care less about what you think. I stop caring years ago.”

Before he could replied, she continued her verbal assault.

“I will tell you this Lance. Jeff makes me feel special, every minute of everyday. My feelings, my happiness are first in his mind. He makes me very happy and I am deeply in love with him. Never, even for one day in our marriage, did I feel as much of a woman, or as secure as I do now.”, she ended.

“I bet you were fucking him when we were still together huh ?”, Jeff said.

“No, I was completely faithful to you as far as sex went for our entire marriage.”, Beth replied.

“Well I hope you two weirdo’s are happy with each other.”, he responding, slamming the phone down.

Beth recounted the conversation to me quickly, not seeming upset a bit at the confrontation. I told her to forget it, it meant nothing.

Beth had decided to give her Mom and Dad a surprise party for their Fifty Year Wedding Anniversary. She went all out with a local band, a huge hall, catering, photographer, the works. I helped her as best I could trying to keep all the details under wraps which proved every hard to do. But it seemed to all come together and we were only a week or so from the big event. I found out that Beth had arranged for a minister to be there, giving my in-laws the chance to renew their vows. That night lying in bed, I had an idea, it would be perfect. I decided that right after my in-laws renewed their vows, I would ask Beth to marry me, right then. Truthfully Beth and I had never really had a discussion about marriage, we were just taking things day to day. But I loved her with all of my heart, I wanted her to be my wife.

The next day, I went to the local jeweler that I dealt with to see if I could have a ring designed on short notice. The owner told me things were relatively slow, he thought he could pull it off. I reached into my pocket and pulled out Susan’s wedding ring. It had been made from her grandmother’s wedding ring years ago and since it was Beth’s Grandmother as well, I wanted to incorporate the diamond into Beth’s ring. He showed me settings, we chose one that seemed perfect, we then added more diamonds to it, and finalized the price. The price took my breathe away for a second, but Beth was worth every penny.

I was nervous all week, praying that the ring would be finished on time, sure enough two days before the party, he called to say the ring would be ready the next day. I was so relieved, now I could proceed with my final plans.

I stopped at the jeweler’s to pick up the ring the next day, the party was that night. When he showed me the ring, I was blown away. He had taken Susan’s Grandmother’s diamond which was four carats and made it the center piece. He then surrounded it with a dozen smaller diamonds placing them all on the woven rope gold band. It was the prettiest ring I have ever seen. I thanked him for rushing the ring through and hurried out. I hid the ring in the trunk of my car making sure Beth had no chance of stumbling over it.

Beth was a nervous wreck the day of the party trying to finalize all the details. I went to meet the caterer’s at the hall, showed the band where to set up. We had less than two hours to prepare. Things moved along well, so I left for home to shower and change. Beth had set up a ruse for her parents, telling them it was a retirement party for a friend of my Father-in-Law’s, who was in on the ruse as well. I met Beth at my house, she had already showered and was getting dressed. She left before me, she was picking up her parents and driving them there. I left straight for the hall about thirty minutes later, arriving before Beth. I am guessing there were close to one hundred and fifty people there when I arrived. I moved around the room greeting the people that I knew, most of them long time friends of my in-laws. Seated at one of the tables, I saw Jennifer, her mother, father and sister. I knew this was going to be awkward but I had no choice. I walked over and said my hello’s. Jen got up, hugged me softly, kissing my cheek. She whispered softly in my ear.

“It’s ok, I told them, they know.”, she stated.

Her mother got up as well, gave me a hug and a kiss. I shook her Dad’s hand as well. They seemed at ease, I hoped that they were supportive of Jen’s decision. I promised I would be back to chat later but I knew from the time, Beth would be arriving any minute.

I made one final pass around the hall and everything appeared to be ready. Several minutes later they arrived. Beth led them into the hall and the entire crowd erupted in a deafening “SURPRISE”, that made them almost jump from their shoes. As they scanned the room at the people, the decorations and the food, it took a few seconds for them to realize this party was for their anniversary. My mother-in-law began crying and hugged my father-in-law tightly. She then turned and hugged her beautiful daughter, who had made all of this possible. They slowly moved through the crowd, greeting everyone, thanking them for coming. I waited untill they were done, then made my way over to them.

“Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad, I hope you were surprised. “, I said.

“Oh My God, Jeff, I was speechless. Beth told me she couldn’t have done this without. Thank you so much sweetheart.”, she replied, kissing me.

“Thanks Jeff.”, my father-in-law said, extending his hand, “This means a lot to us.”

“Your both very welcome, but that beautiful little girl over there is responsible for all of this. I didn’t do much.”, I responded, pointing to Beth.

She was indeed beautiful as always. She was wearing a red, tight fitting, mid thigh dress, with black high heels. Her hair was just off the shoulders and looked amazing. I moved over to her, getting through the crowd.

“Hi baby, you did it, they were surprised.”, I said, grabbing her and hugging her tight.

“I know. Thank you so much for all the help.”, she replied with a gleam in her eye, “Everything is perfect.”

I turned and noticed several people looking at us somewhat strangely. It suddenly dawned on me that a lot of these people had no idea about Beth and I. Well before they left, I was sure they would get all of the details. I smiled and moved back into the crowd, mingling with the guests. The party moved along really well, the band was excellent, playing a really wide range of songs that appealed to everyone. A lot of people were dancing, eating, really having a great time. I decided to set my plan in action. I scanned the crowd and saw my father-in-law talking with a group of men in the corner. I walked over to them, he introduced me as his son-in-law, which he always did.

“Dad, can I speak with you for a moment ?”, I asked, “It won’t take long.”

“Sure Jeff.”, he replied, “I will be right back guys.”

We moved away to a secluded area right near the entrance to the hall.

“Dad, I want to ask you something.”, I said.

“Sure, Jeff. What is it ?”, he asked.

“I would like your permission to ask Beth to marry me, Dad. I love her with all of my heart. I know this hasn’t been easy on you, but we are very happy together.”, I finished.

He looked down for a second, like he was searching for the right words. An awkward silence passed between us, then he looked back up at me, extending his hand.

“Jeff, you asked me this once many years ago. I was hesitant then, but I agreed thinking you were a good man. Now all these years later, I have no hesitation at all, you have my permission.”, he said.

“Thank you Dad. But you sure you don’t want to run it by Mom first though ?”, I asked.

“Jeff, trust me, it’s still a bit unorthodox to your mother-in-law, but she knows you both love each other. Beth has never been happier, that I know. She loves you to death, she will be fine.”, he finished.

“Ok then, I need one more thing from you.”, I asked.

I reached in my pocket and pulled out the ring box, and a note. I opened the box, showing him the engagement ring.

“Damn Jeff, that’s gorgeous, your mother-in-law is going to be jealous as hell.”, he laughed.

“Thanks Dad.”, I replied, “After you and Mom have your dance out on the floor alone. Will you read this note for me to everyone ? After your done, I will ask Beth if she will marry me.”

“Sure son, I would be happy to.”, he said, grabbing the note.

He read it carefully, a smile crossing his face, as he did. He finished, folded it, putting it in his top coat pocket.

“This is very good Jeff. And a bit tricky on your part. I think it will work out perfect.”, He replied.

The party continued, people were still arriving slowly. I would say there were slightly over two hundred people in the hall by now. I moved around trying to find Beth again, hoping to sneak a dance. As I moved towards the band, Jennifer’s mother, Miss Margie grabbed me by the arm.

“Jeff, can I talk to you for a second ?”, she asked.

“Yes, ‘Mam. What I can do for you ?”, I replied.

“Jeff, I was devastated when you and Jennifer stopped seeing each other. I just couldn’t figure out what happened. You two appeared to be so happy.”, she started.

“Yes “Mam, I was too. I really like Jen.”, I responded.

“A few weeks ago, she came to me and explained what happened. I was shocked, hurt and terribly upset. I have been struggling with this for a while now. I am so sorry, I misjudged you.”, she apologized.

“It’s ok Miss Margie, I just want Jen to be happy.”, I replied.

“It took me a while to come to that same realization Jeff. As long as she is happy, that is all that’s important to me.”, she said.

She went on to tell me she had met Tiffany and she seemed like a very nice girl. She told me it would still take some time to get used to it, but she would work through it. She thanked me and moved back to her family. I continued towards the band area, just as they announced they were taking a break. There were two lead singers, one male, one female, who alternated singing, depending on the original artist of the song, both were extremely talented. I caught them before they left the stage area and mentioned what I had in mind. They both immediately jumped at the idea. They discussed the songs that they could do for the moment, but the female singer threw out an idea, one song she thought was perfect. I told her I would trust her selection and that the song was to be played right after my father-in-law read the note.

I moved back to the crowd and found Beth. She was talking with a couple of her Aunts when I walked up. They greeted me warmly, it had been some time since I had seen either of them. I am not sure if Beth mentioned anything about us being together, so I played it very casual. We talked for quite a while, then the band took the stage once again. The singer announced that this next song was only for my mother and father-in-law. They both stepped out on to the dance floor and the music began. The band chose the song “Still” by Lionel Richie, which I thought was a great choice. We all watched as the happy couple danced around the floor, talking and whispering to each other. It was a really happy moment for everyone, to see a couple reach fifty years of marriage, still this much in love.

The song ended, everyone gave the happy couple a huge round of applause. They waved their thanks to the crowd, my mother-in-law walking off the floor, my father-in-law instead moved to the stage. Mom turned to him with a strange look on her face, he motioned with a wave of his hand it was ok. He stepped to the microphone shyly, reaching into his jacket pocket, pulling out the note. He leaned into the microphone and spoke very slowly.

“First I want to thank everyone for this very wonderful surprise. We will never forget this day, it will always be special to us. To my beautiful daughter Beth, we love you, thank you so much.”, he started.

Everyone applauded, he held up his hands for quiet. He once again leaned forward.

“I was here maybe for an hour, when I decided to write down a few of my thoughts, if you will indulge me for a moment, I would like to read them. Please understand, I wrote this on the spur of the moment, so be kind.”, he said, opening the note.

“As I get older, it seems life gets more confusing to me. The only thing certain about life is you only get one and you never seem to have enough time with the ones you most love in life. I have been blessed by God to be loved by several women in my life. I lost one of them many years ago, probably the reason why I cherish the others so much. I know my Susan is up there, looking down on me with that beautiful smile of hers, the one that could light up a room, on a dark night.”, he continued.

I looked around at the crowd, every gaze was focused on him. I looked over at my mother-in-law and Beth, standing side by side, holding hands. They were both crying, wiping their cheeks as they listened to the words. I slowly, but surely worked my way around until unknown to either Beth or my mother-in-law, I was a few feet behind them. I reached my hand into my pocket, placing it on the ring. My father-in-law continued reading.

“We lost her at way too young an age but she taught us a valuable lesson. Never take loved ones for granted, for life has promised you too few days to spend with them. For that I will be forever grateful to her. That is why, now after all these years, I want to tell the one person in this room, just what she means to me.”

He looked up at my mother-in-law and Beth standing side by side. He noticed that I had moved behind them, he knew he could continue. Both women were openly moved, tears running down their cheeks.

“It has taken me years to really understand, how I have reached this spot in my life. At times, I am still not sure how or why I am here. But this much, I do know for sure. I love you with all of my heart, for without you, I cannot be me. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, for without you I have no life, it would be meaningless. You are the most beautiful, intelligent and vibrant woman I know, I promise for the rest of my days, I will do my best, each and every one of them to make you feel that way.”, he ended.

He looked up at my mother-in-law, the crowd was applauding loudly, especially the women in the room. He looked down and paused, a serious look on his face. He looked up again slowly, again directly at the two women in his life.

“I am sorry to say, that I didn’t write those words, although I feel each and every one of them myself.”, he said.

Everyone was completely silent, my mother-in-law and Beth both looking at him with a strange look on their face. Everyone in the room looked puzzled. He looked directly at his wife and smiled.

“Honey, I love you with all of my heart. I thank you for the past fifty wonderful years. To the other woman in my life, my beautiful daughter, Beth, even though this day is ours, these words and this moment is for you.”, he said softly.

Everyone was looking at each other thoroughly confused at this point. Beth looked at her Dad with a very puzzled look on her face. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the green velvet box. One of Beth’s Aunts was right next to me, she quietly gasped as she saw what I had.

“Beth, as much as I would like to take credit for these words, I cannot. I am not quite sure where, but somewhere in this room someone needs a quick moment of your time.”, he finished.

Beth still looking at her father, held up her hands, shrugging her shoulders without a clue as to what he was talking about. I moved directly behind her, dropping down to one knee, opening the box. Everyone around me moved back a few feet, Beth still had no clue I was there.

“Just so you know Beth, before you answer, I already said yes.”, he said with a smile, “ Turn around, Beth.”

Beth and her mom turned slowly, her eyes scanning the crowd. It took a second for them to see me, kneeling before them. Both of the ladies gasped, covering their mouth’s with both hands seeing the ring.

“Beth, I love you, will you marry me and be my wife ?”, I said softly.

Beth just stood there for a few seconds, tears streaming down her face, bouncing up and down on her toes slightly. She began wringing her hands in the air, as she turned and looked at her mother, then back at me.

“Oh My God, Oh My God……… Yes, Yes, Yes, I will marry you.”, she screamed out.

I stood up and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close to me. Her arms went around me squeezing me tight as if she were holding on as her life depended on it. I leaned my head back slightly and softly kissed her on the lips, looking into her eyes, which were as wide as I had ever seen them. The crowd was applauding, but I know a lot of them were stunned. I released her, pulled the ring gently from the box and slid it on her finger.

“It’s absolutely gorgeous Jeff. Oh my God, I love it so much, its beautiful.”, she cried.

She hugged me once again, squeezing me tight. My mother-in-law put her hand on my shoulder, I turned to face her. She looked up at me with a smile.

“You are the best son-in-law I could have ever asked for, you’re due a repeat, I wish both of you all the happiness in the world.”, she said hugging me softly.

People moved forward surrounded us, all shaking my hand, hugging Beth admiring her ring. Some people stood back, somewhat shocked by the fact that Susan’s husband had just ask her little sister to marry him. I had to admit to myself, it did seem a bit strange, but I put it out of my mind. I loved Beth and that was that as far as I was concerned. One of Beth’s Aunts, who was also her Godmother, came up to me and hugged me, kissing me on the cheek.

“Welcome to the family, Jeff. Again.”, she said chuckling, “Beth made a really wise decision.”

About that time the band started warming up, the female singer took the microphone and announced the crowd.

“We have a special song for the newly engaged couple. Would you please take the floor.”, she said, “I spoke with Jeff about what has happened with this whole crazy turn of events and I just think this song is perfect for you two.”

We stepped out onto the dance floor holding hands, waiting for the music to begin. I turned and faced Beth, looking deep into her eyes.

“I love you baby. Are you happy ?”, I asked.

“I have never been happier in my life, Jeff. I love you so much. Thank you for making this the best day of my life.”, she said in thanks.

The music began, a slow song, with an unfamiliar beat to it, led off by the organist. The male singer started singing first.

You're no angel, I'm no saint, if we were
We wouldn't be in this place tonight

Lost and lonely, scared and confused
We both have a past, nothing to lose, tonight
Well it cuts like a knife these bad luck blues
We both got scars from the hell we been thru
Somebody's gotta win, somebody's gotta lose

The words were riveting and oh so true, but I didn’t recognize the song yet. Both the singers moved into the chorus as one.

So let's roll the dice, one more time
Take a chance on love again tonight
Risk it all, lay it on the line
Let the skeletons fight for life
Tonight, hold on tight, as we collide

The male singer stepped back and let his female counterpart, now take the lead. She belted the words out smoothly, in a soft but throaty voice.

Reconnected, feelin' no pain
Seeking shelter like a spark in the rain, tonight
Worn and weathered, scared to go home
We're here together, but still all alone, tonight
And there's no need to lie, we've both been abused
The love and the pain, the cocaine and booze, now
Most people don't, but some people do

So let's roll the dice, one more time
Take a chance on love again tonight
Risk it all, lay it on the line
Let the skeletons fight for life
Tonight, hold on tight, as we collide

I held Beth tightly as we moved together to the music, the song was definitely the right choice, it fit me like a glove. About halfway through, I realized it was by Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow, the song was entitled simply “Collide”, which is exactly what Beth and I had done. The song finished, I was still holding Beth tight, looking into her eyes. I leaned over and kissed her softly.

The rest of the party was pretty much a blur of congratulations, along with a lot of explaining just how all of this happened. By the time the party was ending, I was weary of telling the story. I helped my in-laws load up the anniversary gifts they had received into Beth’s vehicle, the trunk was packed. Beth quietly handed the keys to her dad, whispering to him softly.

“Take my car home, leave it there, I will get it later. I want to spend some quiet time with Jeff ?”, she told him.

“Enjoy your evening baby, I am so happy for you.”, he replied kissing her gently on the cheek.

Beth and I walked off towards my car, hand in hand, oblivious to everyone and everything in the world. We climbed in and headed for home, to our home, to start a new life.

Chapter 26

On the ride home, Beth asked me about the ring, why I chose it. I explained to her that I had taken Susan’s ring, removed her Grandmother’s diamond from it, using it as the foundation of her ring. She once again began to cry, tears rolling down her cheek.

“Jeff, you always think of just the right thing to do. Every time I look at it, I will know that both Susan and my Maw-Maw are with me. My mom will be thrilled to hear what you did.”, she softly explained.

“I was hoping you would like it, I didn’t have much time to get it ready.”, I said, apologizing.

“Like it ? I love it. It’s the most gorgeous ring, I have ever seen. And judging from the comments I received tonight from the ladies, it was very expensive.”, she giggled.

“What’s an average guy spend on an engagement ring these days ?”, I asked playfully.

“Two, maybe three thousand, I would guess. Why ?”, she asked with a smile.

“Then yes, it was very expensive”, I laughed.

“Oh My God Jeff. How much did you spend ?”, she asked.

“You will never know.”, I told her, “But you are worth that and ten times more.”

She leaned over and rested her head on my shoulder. I put my arm around her gently holding her. It took maybe thirty minutes, before we were at the gated entrance to our subdivision. I punched in the code, the gate swung open and we drove through. I pulled up in my drive, shut off the car, got out and opened Beth’s door. We went inside, locked up behind us and walked into the master bedroom. We began undressing, I walked in the bathroom, turning on the shower. I finished undressing, stepped into the hot shower, enjoying the powerful jets on my skin. A few seconds later, the door opened, and Beth stepped in beside me. Every time I looked at her she seemed more beautiful then the last. I reached over and pulled her firm, fit body to mine, her breasts pressing against me. I pressed my mouth to hers, softly kissing her lips, feeling that familiar warmth spreading through my body. She returned the kiss softly, letting herself be swept up in my arms. We held each other, letting the hot water stream over us, the steam surrounding us. I took the bar of soap and softly, gently began washing Beth’s body from head to toe. She closed her eyes, enjoying the soft, slick feeling of the soap, as my hands slid across her body. When I was done, she took the soap, and began to wash me, as I had done her. Her hands moved down my body, slowly until I felt both of her hands on my cock. It took only several minutes until her soapy hands, had my cock hard as a rock. I closed my eyes, moaning softly as she stroked me up and down. As much as I wanted to cum right there, I wanted tonight to be special.

“Let’s get out baby. Get in bed.”, I whispered.

“Ok.”, she said quickly.

We both got out, dried each other off, and moved to the bed. I pulled the covers back, allowing Beth to slip in. I moved in next to her, rolling my body so I was leaning over her. I moved down and kissed her, pressing my tongue to her lips. She opened her mouth just wide enough, my tongue slipped inside, meeting hers. I slid my hand down her body, until it was between her warm, soft thighs. I reached back, feeling her hot, wet pussy on the end of my fingers. I slowly rubbed one finger up and down the length of her slick, moist slit. She moaned slightly into my mouth, as we continued to kiss, our tongues dancing together. I eased one finger into her pussy, pushing it in deeply. She continued small whimpering sounds, enjoying the feeling of my finger in her pussy. I broke our kiss, moving down her body quickly. I moved gently between her legs, spreading her thighs slowly, lowering my mouth to her pussy. I extended my tongue, pressing it firmly between her wet, puffy lips. She arched her back, pressing her pussy to my mouth. I began moving my tongue in and out of her pussy, slowly, stopping every once in a while, to flick her clit with the end of my tongue. I could feel her fluids, begin to flow, her hips moving with my tongue. I moved up slightly taking her clit between my lips, sucking on the hard nub softly, pulling it with my lips. She moaned louder, acknowledging the effect I was having on her. As I alternated between pushing my tongue deep inside her and sucking on her clit, I noticed that her fluid had become much thicker, slightly musky in taste. I knew from experience, this was the signal an orgasm was approaching. I forced my tongue deep inside of her for several thrusts, then just as quickly gobbled her clit between my lips and sucked it deep between my lips. She bucked once, relaxed then her entire body stiffened as her orgasm shattered the quiet of the room.

“Ohhhhhhhhh baby, Oh, Oh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh………, she moaned.

Her hips moved forcefully against my mouth as she rode the sensations to a crest, then back down again. Slowly I felt her body relax, as my tongue continued to flick across her engorged clit. I moved my mouth off of her, easing back up face to face with her. I leaned over kissing her softly, gently, still feeling her breath’s coming in pants against my lips. I rolled over and gently pulled her on top of me. She lifted her body up, resting on her knees, reaching between her legs. She rubbed her clit softly, gently, still feeling the sensations. She reached down, grasping my rock hard cock, guiding it to her opening. I felt the head of my cock, split the soft wet lips of her vagina. She closed her eyes, and slowly lowered her body, taking my cock inch by inch, until her weight was resting completely on my hips. She sat up straight her eyes closed, moving ever so slightly on my cock. I reached down and placed my hands on her hips, following her motion with my hands. Soon she was rocking back and forth gently, rubbing her clit forcefully against my body.

Seeing this beautiful, sexy woman ride my cock, her eyes closed, pure lust etched on her face was driving me to the edge quickly. I knew I would not last long. I urged her with my hands, trying to speed up her motion. As if she sensed what I wanted, she began to slide up and down on my cock, moving up slowly, then slamming her pussy back down, driving my cock, deep inside her belly. After just a few strokes, I knew it was too late.

“Baby, baby, I’m gonna cum…….Oh damnnnnnn….” I cried.

She slammed her pussy down hard, squeezing me between her thighs. I felt the explosion of cum fire from my cock, hitting the walls of her womb. Three more quick jets of cum, shot from the head of my cock coating her walls. Suddenly her back arched, her eyes closed, in reaction to the warm fluid being deposited deep inside of her. My cock was still spurting cum inside of her as her second orgasm rocked her body. She began to violently rock her pussy back and forth on my cock, mashing her clit into the base of my cock. I held her hips tightly looking up into her face, enjoying her pleasure.

“Ah….Ah….Oh…..Mmmmmmmmmmmmm….”, She moaned.

I held her tight as she came down slowly off of her orgasm. She looked down at me, her face flushed, small beads of sweat on her forehead. She smiled at me, licking her lips slowly.

“I love you so much baby.”, she purred.

“I love you too, Beth.”, I quickly replied.

She lifted herself off of my now softening cock that was drenched in both of our fluids. She reached down my body, wrapping her fingers around my cock, stroking softly. She moved down my body, gently taking my cock, deep inside her warm wet mouth. She softly sucked my cock as her tongue swirled over and under the head, tasting our cum. Her mouth felt incredible on my now soft, very sensitive cock. She held me inside of her mouth, gently licking and sucking until she felt the blood once again begin to fill my cock. She reached down, wrapping her hand around the base and began to pump my cock into her mouth. Slowly my cock began to harden, expanding between her lips. She began to move her mouth up and down on my now hard shaft, her lips using just the right pressure. Within minutes I felt my balls tighten again, I pushed my hips forward as a signal to her. Several more strokes of her lips sent me over the edge.

“Baby, now…..I’m cumming now….”, I warned her.

She slid her mouth up, so that just the tip of my cock was inside of her. I looked down at her just as the first spurt of cum, hit the back of her throat. She moved off of me extending her tongue against my cock and began to jerk me off furiously into her face. Several more ropes of cum shot across her tongue, coating her cheeks with warm, milky white fluids. She plunged my cock deep into her mouth, sucking violently, milking my still throbbing cock of all its fluid. I fell back, exhausted, unable to move.

I must have dozed off quickly, the details are hazy. I am not sure how long I was sleeping, but I heard a soft voice in my ear.

“I love you baby, with all of my heart. I will never leave you, ever.”, said the voice.

I opened my eyes to see Beth, looking down into my face, her eyes wide looking into mine. For God had taken an angel from me, many years ago. Now after all this time, he had sent me another.


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I have to admit, I avoided this storey even though I like the title and the true aspect. I avoided it because it's length was too much for my bad reading speed. BUT, I broke down and dove in. It' very well written and believable. If it really is all true , I never thought a story on this site would have me thinking I hope you have the best life possible until the end.


2019-09-05 04:19:09
Excellent story! Was caught up with anticipation, couldn't put it down!! Thanks for sharing!!


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You ought to write as a living. Excellent story


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This story is the very best I have read on this website.


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