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Michelle has a fantasy about a shoe salesman and takes a chance by wearing no underwear to go shopping for some new shoes. Let's see what happens...
Michelle pulled up her truck into a main street parking bay in the city centre of Cincinnati. She flipped the transmission into park with shaky hands and shut off the engine, placed the keys quickly into her handbag. She pulled down the sunvisor and slid the mirror cover open to check her appearance one last time.

All good. Her dark eyes were hot today, her pony tail of her dark hair was tight and taut, revealing the glowing bright and soft skin of her neck. She looked down at her little skirt and tried to pull it over her knee a little more. It didn’t make any difference. She’s not used to wearing such a short skirt. Looking beyond her knees, she saw her bare legs and wondered if she should have worn an open-toe set of heels instead of the white heels with the covered, blunt nose that she wore today. Oh well, too late now.

Reaching between her legs while looking around outside, she quickly tugged at the top of her panties and slid them down and off her feet. She didn’t know where to put them, then spotted the storage compartment, stuffing them in there and slamming it shut. She opened the door, collected her bag and stepped out. Walking past some shops, her heart began racing as she neared the shoe shop. As she passed a big shop front window, she spotted herself for a moment and noticed how the heels made her legs look quite good. She was surprised. She turned slightly and realised how much her thighs were showing, but the sight of her butt in her tight skirt quickly distracted her. It didn’t look too bad! she decided. She didn’t want to be too obvious, so moved on.

She became aware of men looking at her as she walked on to the shoe store. This is crazy! She thought. What I am doing?

As she stares back at an old man who is checking her out, she realises she has passed the shoe store and stepped back. Looking in, she saw Frank working on the computer at his desk, no doubt completing stock orders for more shoes, or maybe he’s checking out the latest trends of footwear across the world. Whatever he was doing, he was all alone. Michelle gulped, put her mobile phone on silent and then pushed the door open.

The smell of leather and rubber greeted her upon entry to the shoe store. Shoe shops always had the same smell. The smell always turned her on, because Frank worked here. In a way, this was his smell. She thought about his large body. Sure, he could lose a few pounds but he was tall and cute, and his chest looked strong and proud. She had noticed long ago the bulge in his pants. It seemed to be ever present, as if he had something really special in there. She had become fascinated with it, and his Australian heritage, which was most obvious in his voice and some words he would use. He also had the same hair colour as she, but with blue eyes. For a moment, she allowed her mind to run with the idea of them being a pair, then quickly tried to shake it.

She slowly walked around the maze of stand with shoes on display, getting closer to the man for whom she had a fantasy. She came here to make this fantasy come true today, so she was very nervous. She looked at him in the corner of her eye as she got closer to him, pretending to be examining shoes. He had half-risen from his chair, finishing something on the computer, sensing a customer in his store. He probably got a lot of people coming in all the time who just look and don’t buy anything. But she hoped to get something special from him today.

“Oh, hi, Michelle,” said Frank, standing. He held his tie back as he stood and leaned over to move some papers away, careful not to get it in his mug of hot chocolate or pull a framed picture of his dog over like he has done countless times. “How are you today?”

Michelle smiled. “Hi, Frank. I’m well, and you?”

“Good, good. What can I do for you today?” He looked down at her legs and her feet and Michelle thought he was either checking out what she has on display or seeing what brand and model of shoes she already has. “Looking for some new shoes?

“Yes, some new shoes!”

“Excellent,” started Frank, walking over to the ladies’ section. “How are the kids?”

“They’re great,” Michelle answered through a slightly shaky voice, getting a bit more nervous. “My eldest has moved closer to us now, so I can see more of her.”

“Oh, that’s nice. Jade, isn’t it?”

“That’s right!” said Michelle with a grin, surprised he remembered. “How’s Labby?”

Frank laughed a little. Not many people ask him about his dog. “She’s good, loves to play fetch and splash around in her little swimming pool on the hot days.”

“Well, that’s good. Labradors love the water.”

“Yeah, she does,” he said, finished with the pleasant chat for now. “Now what kind of shoes are you after?”

“Umm,” she started, darting her eyes back and forth along the shelf behind him. “I want something for me. Something sexy.” As soon as she spoke those words, she can’t believe it. She felt her face becoming warm. She must be blushing. Oh no! He’ll see right through me! She tried to relax and realised she was going to be trying shoes on, so she sat down on one of the chairs offered for customers.

“Well, you mean like high heels?” Frank helped.

Michelle didn’t know what to say. “Yes, some really nice high heels.” She just wanted him to take her and ease the pain of long desire.

Frank looked at her feet, but he also looked at her legs. He liked the shape of them. “So tell me. What would you change about the ones you have now?”

“Hmm, do you think they’re okay?” she asked. “Not too plain, or old fashion?”

“They look great. You’ve looked after them well.” Frank was delighted to be allowed to look at her legs openly. He kneeled down and touched a white strap holding one onto her foot. “They’re in excellent condition and I’d even sell them as factory seconds!” As he finished his words, he wasn’t even looking at the shoes. His eyes were looking at her ankles, and he fought the urge to move up to her knees. His mind was already racing about putting this woman on her back, throwing her ankles around his neck and banging the hell out of her mature pussy. He shook the thoughts from his mind. Easy boy, she’s just a customer!

Michelle wanted him, it was that simple. She tried to play it by ear and help the situation turn in something hot. “I’d really like to buy some new shoes for myself. It’s been a while.” It was true, it had been a couple of years since she bought some new shoes other than sneakers. She rarely wore shoes like this, but this was the key to getting this guy to show her some attention today. “Can you suggest anything from your range?”

“Okay,” said Frank, standing up. “Do you want to stick with white? Or go for black, or something different?”

“I think I’d like something unusual,” she decided, while at the same time realising once again how sexy his Australian accent was.

“Okay, take those off and I’ll grab a few different shoes for you to try.” Frank turned and walked to the front of his store. Michelle watched him as she undid the straps holding her white heels on her feet to allow them to dangle off, which revealed her deep red-painted toes. She hoped he liked them. She waited for him to come back. He looks good in those tight black business pants, she thought.

“Right,” started Frank as he put the collection of shoes onto the chair next to her. “This is the Katie shoe.” Michelle took the high heel shoe from his hand and turned it around. It was purple in colour with a thick heel several inches high. She had never worn purple shoes before and found them interesting. She slipped it onto her foot and stood up. “How does it fit?” asked Frank.

“Feels alright,” she answered, then smiled. “How did you know my size?”

Frank smiled. “I guessed. Pretty good, aren’t I?

“Yeah,” she smiled back. “Feels pretty good.” Michelle sat down again and removed the shoe. She picked up another, a bright orange. “Orange, huh?”

“You’d be surprised. Ladies love all the bright colours these days. They like to be different.”

Slipping on the orange shoe, Michelle saw how it worked with her shade of skin and decided that it seemed a bit unusual but somehow looked good. “Hmm, interesting.”

Frank offered two more. “How about these cream ones?”

Michelle tried them on one after the other. She liked the black trim around the edges of one of the cream ones and moved her leg around as she looked down at it on her foot. Frank remained standing in front of her. She remembered that she was wearing no underwear and realised she really needs to get things moving now or she’ll never be able to. “I’m having a problem with this one.”

“Too small?” Frank asked, about to step away to get a larger size.

“No, it feels right. It’s something at the back.”

Michelle watched Frank kneel down and reach around to her heel, helping to slip it on. She took the chance to open her legs slightly, which both revealed a bit more thigh but would give him a sight he might like to see.

“There, how’s that?” said Frank, after her foot slipped into the heel. He remained kneeling and moved back, getting an eyeful of her wanting pussy between her thighs. For an instant, he paused, then he was clearly caught off-guard and stood up. “Oh, okay. Ah, how does that feel? Is that okay, or do you want another pair?” He was diverting his eyes and became a bit nervous as Michelle simply sat and looked up at him with her dark eyes.

“Is something wrong?” she queried. Oh no, have I blown it?

“No,” he said, nervously. “I just want to make sure you’re happy with your shoes.”

Michelle removed the shoe and slipped on the second cream-coloured one, standing up. “How do these look on me?” She spun around slowly, showing off her raised leg muscles from the heel’s effect.

Frank couldn’t deny to himself that they made the shape of her legs look bloody hot. “You look bloody hot,” he said, without realising he did so.

“Oh, Frank,” said Michelle with a smile. “Bloody hot? You think so?”

“In Australia, we’d say you’re bloody hot.”

“Would you call me a hot shiela in Australia?” She was starting to feel confident. The mood had suddenly changed.

Frank laughed awkwardly. Out of all the women he knew here in Cincinnati, Michelle always showed the most interest in his Aussie heritage. “That’s right, all the guys would be starting at you and calling you a bloody hot shiela right now. You look really good in those.” He rubbed his chin and looked down at her legs, then her face.

Michelle took in a breath, stared at him in his blue-grey eyes, and lowered her voice. “Tell me honestly, Frank. Right now, would you want to do me in these cream heels?”

“What?” Frank couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

“You heard me,” she spoke with a slow, sensual voice. “You know I’ve got no underwear on. You could lock the door, we could go in the back and you could lift my skirt and do what you want to me in these sexy heels.”

Frank looked back into her dark eyes, his breathing become elevated. Something else in his pants had already become elevated. He kept his eyes on her as he started walking away and locked the door. Returning to her, he took her hand and led her through to the back room.

They stood together, close, silent. They stared into each other’s eyes and he kissed her on the lips. She returned the kiss, her tongue entering his mouth, edging him on to do the same. He sucked her tongue, then stuck his own tongue in her mouth where she lovingly sucked it gently in return. He thought about his big cock being sucked by those same lips, then felt her hand beginning to massage him through his pants. “Oh, Michelle,” he said through heavy breath.

Michelle stopped kissing him and said, “Do you wanna fuck me, Frank?”

“I want to fuck you,” he returned.

Michelle saw a large mirror with a long crack across it, probably one of the try-on mirrors for customers. She turned slightly so her back was to it, grabbed his tie and pulled him closer for another kiss. Her hand worked at his pants and undid his belt. He unzipped his pants and let them all to the floor, followed by his underwear. “Sit,” she command, and he promptly sat on a desktop. His long and thick dick stood at attention and she admired it. Fuck, that is big. I hope I can handle this. “It’s beautiful,” she said to him, maintaining grace.

Knowing he can watch her from behind, she spread her legs and went down on his cock, steadily and sloppily sucking the head, then moving down on his shaft, sucking as she withdrew. “Oh, fuck,” let out Frank. He held her head gently around the side and watched her closely. She worked his cock in her mouth, now gaining a steady rhythm as she sucked him off. He looked in the mirror and admired her sexy legs spread apart. He loved the way high heels raised the muscles in her legs. He traced her legs, up her thighs, up to her full, round ass. He watched it jerk slightly from the movement she made on his dick.

Michelle kept her eyes closed and worked his dick up and down in her mouth until it was nicely swollen and wet. She used a hand to massage his balls at the same time. Frank watched her pony tail sway gently from her movements and felt himself approaching orgasm. The feeling, the sights and the sound of her mouth was all too much. He had never experienced anything like it and he pulled her mouth off and kissed her, tasting himself. He parted from her and said, “Don’t move!” Frank slid off the desk and went around behind her, kneeling down between her spread legs. He ran his hands up her legs and positioned himself underneath what he discovered to be her dripping wet pussy.

Frank extended his tongue and pressed it against her, feeling and tasting her wetness. What a gorgeous pussy, he thought. She had had a fresh wax and it was hairless and clean. His favourite kind. He held onto her hips, closed his eyes and stuck his face in her pussy, seeking out her tight hole, then her little clitoris, and licking it eagerly. He flicked it lovingly, like it was made especially for him. The skirt came out around his head and it was starting to become quite hot under there, so he tugged it up her belly a little. Michelle had a great pussy and he wanted to hear her cum.

He moved off her clit and used two hands to fully hold open her cheeks and find her asshole. There it was, a beautiful little pink thing, clean and waiting. He swirled his tongue against it and poked it in a little, twisting and turning on it. One of his hands moved to her clitoris and rubbed it around and around in time with his tongue. He felt her begin to rock her hips against his face and he stayed on her. He pushed his fingers deep inside her elastic pussy and repeated the movement, in and out.

After a few moments, he returned his mouth to her vagina, where he sucked on and licked her clitoris once again. He used a third, slimy finger to enter deep inside her ass and poke it in time with his other fingers. Soon, he started hearing her intense moans from above. He could feel her begin to tighten on all his fingers and her rocking started to become jerking. He pushed up and stayed with her while she came all over his face. His shirt was now stained with her pussy juice and he slowed down and allowed her orgasm to subside.

He stood up and looked at the mirror. She looked so hot still, with her legs showing like that, and had an idea. “Can I move you a bit?”

“Oh, Frank,” Michelle said with a lazy, entranced voice, “you can move me anywhere, any position you want me.”

Frank smiled and took her hips, moving her side on to the mirror so she could watch. “Now you can watch,” he said, then kneeled down to her butt again. Looking forward, he lifted her skirt and parted her cheeks and found her little anus waiting for him again. She watched as he moved in and then felt his tongue touch her there. She closed her eyes at the pleasure and moaned, but then opened them again so she could watch him do it and savour the moment. She looked at her own legs and realised how hot she does look, especially with her round butt sticking out like that.

I like this, she thought. Michelle wanted to thank Frank when this is finished. She felt so much more sexier now than when she walked in the door. Oh god, she thought. His tongue was doing miracles down there. Now he was toungue-fucking her in her butt, he was really trying to get in there. Lucky I cleaned myself quite deep there this morning, she thought. His tongue felt so good. She wanted to reach down and masturbate but he read her mind and his hands went to work on her clit, rubbing her to second orgasm. She cried out in pleasure and when it was finished, she turned around and sat on the desk and said sternly, “Fuck me now, you hot Aussie guy!” She lay down and it prompted Frank to move in.

He grinned, took hold of her legs and pulled them against him, guiding his cock into her hot vagina with his left hand. He immediately started banging her with mild strength while they both looked over in the mirror to watch the action from a distance. Frank loved the way her legs looked up in the air. “You like fucking me, huh, Frank? You like fucking this hot, waxed pussy, in these hot cream heels?”

“Oh, fuck yeah,” said Frank, ramming it into her while holding her legs open by the ankles.

“Are you glad I came by today to suck your dick, Frank?”

“Yes, Michelle,” he said between thrusts, looking down into her dark eyes. “You suck my big dick so well and your ass tastes great!”

“I love it when you lick my ass, baby,” she responded. It was the truth.

“You like having your ass tongue-fucked, do you?” Frank grinned more as he slammed against her groin, her tight pussy hole squeezing around his thick shaft and sucking it in with great love.

“God, yes!”

“You naughty girl, having your ass tongued and then getting fucked by this huge dick!”

Michelle grinned. “And I love it!”

Frank banged her harder and faster. He held her legs up with her ankles around his neck and kissed them sweetly. He then let them fall around him and they both watched the action in the mirror. He held onto her hips and pumped himself in and out of her quickly. She held onto his hands and squeezed them. He was approaching orgasm. “I’m gonna cum!” he exclaimed.

“I want to taste you!” said Michelle quickly.

Frank pulled out of her pussy and moved around the side of the desk, quickly stuffing his dick into her mouth. She kept her head still, jerked his shaft like a cow and sucked him until he spurted it all inside her. She swallowed a little, then used her tongue to run around the head inside her mouth. He was jerking from the incredible sensation. He pulled it out because it was overwhelming and she used her tongue to wipe the excess semen from his penis. Then with a grin, she showed him the semen on her tongue, then swallowed it with a big gulp. He leaned down and kissed her, sticking his tongue in to get the remains. He could taste it. It was sweet. Their lips parted finally.

“Oh my god,” said Frank.

“What?” asked Michelle.

“That was…… was so fucking incredible. I’ve just had a really amazing time.” He looked at her lying there on the wooden desk. She was relaxed, probably a bit sore, including in her pussy.

“I’m also…… feel like I’m flying in the clouds. I feel incredible, thank you,” she said back to him with a big smile. “I feel wonderful.”

Frank smiled at her dreamy explanation. “Did you still want a pair of new shoes?” He started putting his pants on.

“Well,” she said, smiling, “if I come back tomorrow, can I try a few more on?”

“You certainly can.”

Michelle stepped onto the floor and they cautiously went out into the shop. Nobody was at the window, so she slipped off the new shoes and put her originals back on. Frank started collecting the shoes together.

“Drop by any time,” he said to her.

Michelle put her bag over her shoulder and started walking out. She turned and said over her shoulder. “I will.” She winked and went out the door.

When she passed the next shop, she stopped and fell back against a wall, disbelieving of what she just did. Her pussy was still tingling, her asshole feels special and she felt so sexy. She realised people were staring at her, collected herself and went back to her truck. She could come back on her lunch break tomorrow, wearing deep black stockings. He’d like that, she decided, and smiled.

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