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Wife goes too far with the dog
The Wife’s Dare

February 2012

Wife, Unexpected 1st Time, Discovery, Friends

I was just about to cum as I watched my beautiful wife’s face twist with wanton lust under the large Mastiff as he hammered into her pussy with primal abandon. The huge dog had her from behind and his massive weight pinned her body down to the bed in front of me. Her knees were widely spread to better handle the onslaught as well as accept the huge thick cock being pounded deep into her and the swelling knot that would soon tie her. It rammed her so hard that her large very firm breasts were actually jerking to and fro in response; she was screaming and squealing continuously. She came within a minute. Hard and fast. Whilst the Mastiff still pounded her body, it made her peak again and again. The Mastiff made her cum three times before the knotting started…

I am living a fairy tale, actually two fairy tales. How had this all come to happen you asked? How had my wife turned into such a willing participant? How could any man be turned on by such an act? Well, let me explain how it started and maybe you will understand how it came to be. It started out as a sequence of unrelated events that had combined and then had spiraled out of control, along with a hard headed royal personality.

Let me start from the beginning. My wife, Alexis, also wrote this so in some sections you will see narrative in her own words.

Alexis and I had been married for 2 years. We had met after a month into the Fall semester while beginning our last two years of the university where I was studying to be a veterinarian and she was working on her master’s degree.

Alexis had come from Europe on a student visa. She went to undergraduate school in Europe and for two years she had been on her country’s Winter Olympic Biathlon team. After graduation she decided to do her post-graduate work in the states.

Alexis chose to attend a university in the Rocky Mountain States to experience Western culture (as in cowboy!) She as well as her family are enamored of Western Americana. Later, she explained to me that there were many European and Asian social groups in several nations that are solely formed for the interest in the American West, Cowboys & Indians, Western Swing music, films and television shows. Even putting on reenactments in period clothing!

Like others, I was attracted to her the first time I saw her, which was in the library where I went to do some studying. She instantly struck me with her beauty – she must have been one of the world’s most beautiful women!

It was one of the classic double takes. She was sitting on a couch with her legs curled under her when I walked in that first time. Just sitting there she exhibited poise, grace and beauty. She was the most incredibly beautiful and alluring woman I had ever seen! She glanced up to see who had come into the secluded section of the library. She briefly looked at me and then back down at her book, then her head almost comically snapped back up to take a longer harder look at me, which is not an uncommon reaction as I am six foot seven with rugged looks and rangy features. With boots and hat on I appeared much taller. Several friends have stated I would have made a good model for the “Marlboro Man” cigarette advertisements (although I do not smoke or dip!).

Realizing what she had done she started blushing. I gave her a shy smile (I am rather reserved and shy around women) and sat down in an easy chair not too far away. We caught each other several times looking at each other that first time. Small talk initially began the second time we saw each other. When she spoke to me the first time her rich European accent hooked me hard.

Over the course of the week and following week I would see her in the same section of the library where I studied where she was doing the same. Whenever I walked in she would give me a beaming smile.

At the end of the second week encountering her repeatedly in the library in the same reading area, she asked me if I would like to accompany her to the coffee shop at the student union. We must have sat there for two hours talking non-stop while our coffees grew cold and barely touched. I finally got up the nerve to ask her for a date.

With a twinkle in her eye and a coy mischievous grin she replied

“I thought I had already asked you!”

Alexis is a tall beauty with long dark auburn hair, and bright flashing emerald green eyes. With a lean, lithe muscular physique with great muscle definition as a result of being a longtime dedicated hard core fitness buff. She lifted weights and would jog for miles. Yet she was blessed with fantastic womanly curves with perfect specimens of beautiful and large but very firm European upswept perky breasts with small areoles and small nipples. All her pubic hair had been removed by laser treatments except for a small decorative landing patch on her pubic mound. She maintains a rich dark tan highlighted by the tan lines of the skimpy string bikinis she favors.

When we went swimming she definitely turned the heads of men as well as women like I have never seen or heard about (except on television commercials!)

Dawning realization with both of us that this relationship was going to get very serious, very quickly, came during the first date. The second date it was an uncontrollable rampaging stampede! I have never felt this way about a woman up. Before this I have had many extensive dates and girlfriends and never wanted for female companionship. During our first date I knew I never wanted to date anyone else again. In our case it seemed to be true that there are indeed such things as soul mates.

Alexis had come to the states not only for her graduate work but also to experience Western Americana. I learned on our first date she really had yet to experience any having been here barely two months. So, what better way to introduce her but to take her to a rodeo! This was how our second date was spent…

I decided to surprise her by not telling her I was entered into two events – bull riding and roping. When the bull riding was near to coming up, I excused myself telling her one of my friends was riding and wanted me to help him rig up, unfortunately women were not allowed in the dressing room or down by the chutes. Alexis was clearly miffed I was leaving her…

I had a friend who was to film her reaction when she learned I was riding. My other friends in the rodeo knew I was on a special date and let the rodeo announcer know as well who was a friend of theirs.

I became consternated when I looked up and saw my good friends in the announcer booth. The announcer started off telling about the next bull coming out. His name was “Ball Twister” and had a success rate of throwing off 90% of the riders before the time was up and had a mean and tricky disposition who had injured many riders. I was sure everyone in the stands could see my face become beet red as the announcer continued with

“The cowboy riding him tonight is a former top ranked collegiate rodeo star in two categories who decided to continue with his veterinary studies instead of going on the pro rodeo circuit when he graduated. Give a big hand to Trevor!”

And with that the gate swung open and with one huge leap and twist in mid-air, Ball Twister launched us into the arena.

Luckily I had a great ride with the top score of the evening and did not become one of those 90% riders who did not complete the ride before being thrown and the audience gave me a standing ovation.

Before going back into the stands to rejoin Alexis, I viewed the video of her. The video clearly showed her shocked and stunned reaction when she realized the announcer was talking about me, then as the gate swung open and Ball Twister leapt out, her hand shot to her mouth and stayed there. At the end of the ride she was jumping up and down screaming! She definitely attracted the attention of the surrounding audience seeing an incredibly beautiful woman jumping up and down, yelling in a highly cultured European accent, I was just as enthusiastically greeted when I rejoined her! I told her I had a roping event coming up later and I must have really impressed her the way she continued to look at me…

After the roping event which I did well again (I had lots of practice growing up on a very large ranch) I took her down to meet my friends and to see the animals, then walked her next door to the dance the rodeo was sponsoring.

As we walked to the dance I told her of the history of dances being associated with rodeos after the event. She told me she had never tried country and western dancing. When we entered the band was still setting up. I was surprised to see that I knew two of the band members, more so they also recognized me and waved.

Back when I was in undergraduate school, I had to take an elective. I had learned to play a guitar at an early age and by the time I had entered high school I had mastered the twelve string guitar. I was also luck to be blessed with quite a good voice. When I was pursuing the course catalog I saw they offered an advanced guitar class which I signed up for and where I met the two band members. The class was taught by a graduate student and he was slightly miffed I was a much better guitar player than he, as well as better than anyone in the class. After about a week, the instructor told me I was wasting my time attending class. I wound up playing with the two band members in some small clubs to help them earn enough money to by some band equipment and find more members. I had to turn them down when they asked me to be part of the band due to my studies and I really disappointed them as they thought they had a lead guitar player as well as lead singer.

I was very surprised at how very quickly Alexis picked up each new dance step I showed her or that my friends showed her, they were practically cutting in on me each time a new dance started up and she definitely caused quite a stir with her natural dancing ability and her beauty. There were very few dances she sat out but every slow dance she reserved for me…

My god, it seemed so natural to be dancing with her and to be with her. It seemed like we have always been together…

At one point in-between sets, the two guys in the band spoke that there was someone out in the audience that was the best natural guitar player they personally knew plus he good carry a tune! “Let’s see if we can entice Trevor to come up and play us at least one song!”

With awe Alexis looked at me and I shrugged my shoulders at her and asked if she would mind. She replied she would love to see and hear me play. The dance crowd started clapping and shouting my name so I got up to play.

Now I can do a pretty good rendition of Pat Green, he is one of my favorite musicians and the dance crowd was already pretty revved up so I launched into “Down by the River” that had everyone up and dancing with the exception of Alexis who sat and stared at me. After it was over, the crowd started shouting ‘One More’ over and over until I relented, then I played another Pat Green song “Take Me Out To The Dancehall”. After the song was over I quickly scrambled off the stage to rejoin Alexis before they started shouting at me to play more but I did not escape totally unscathed as they yelled at me to go back to the stage. I walked back to our table and Alexis aimed a beaming smile at me with bright green eyes flashing. She told me I sang and played wonderfully and I was certainly an accomplished man.

At the end of the dance the band yelled out to the crowd

“Get Trevor Back On Stage!”

Now all I wanted to do was dance one more time with this woman who had so entranced me but four women I did not know came over and pulled me to my feet and someone was pushing me from behind - I suddenly realized it was Alexis pushing me and she along with the four other women dragged me to the stage.

Dances usually end with some rowdy songs so I decided to play a couple by one of my favorite musicians – Robert Earl Keen. I started off with “Gringo Honeymoon” and as I played I realized the majority of people were not dancing but standing in front of the stage singing along with us! Alexis was right up front looking up at me with bright shiny eyes that never left my face. The second and last song was “The Road Goes On Forever”. With this song absolutely no one was dancing and everybody was yelling out the song!

I felt pretty good about this because the intent was to invigorate the crowd especially the ones that had been drinking too much to make them more alert for the ride home. Then I saw Alexis’s beaming face directed full on to me…

The following summer I took Alexis to the Calgary Stampede and Rodeo which was a huge thrill for her.


It was barely two months when I took Alexis to the ranch to meet my parents for the Thanksgiving holidays. I have no siblings because it would have been too dangerous for my mother to have had another pregnancy.

My parent’s extensive ranch has been in the family since the 1880’s. The ranch backs up to a National Forest so we have millions of acres to ride our horses in addition to the 450,000 acres the ranch encompassed. Successive generations have improved and expanded the ranch and its holdings though it had been difficult with successive generations with the federal government instituting inheritance taxes, and state and local taxes seemed to be going up ever year along with land values. The ranch was especially affected with the near proximity of some high-end ski resorts along with the rich and famous who built equally expensive vacation residences. Our ranch had pretty well locked in any future expansion by the ski resorts and exclusive residential sites and no development was allowed on Federal land.

My dad had become a veterinarian in part to offset the impact of ever increasing taxes and dramatically increasing land values. He specialized in large as well as small animals due to there were many well-heeled and famous clients in the area. Within a few years of starting out he had a very successful practice, with four vets working for him.

All I ever wanted to be was a vet, my vet education started very early going out with my dad when I was young and working in his clinic, educating me in medical school terms and not as a vet assistant.

Dad was planning to retire when I graduated and hand the clinic over to me at no charge – a practice that was worth a couple million dollars if he had sold it along with his client base. However Dad has a knack for information technology and for writing computer software code as a side hobby. He had written a program to manage all aspects of large and small veterinarian clinics and his software development had made him millions and continued to do even more so when it started to go international. Dad’s software income had enabled him to set up a permanent untouchable trust meant to perpetuate the ranch for future family generations, the principal was untouchable and all interest was used for taxes and ranch improvements. Still a considerable amount of interest was not ever utilized and was rolled over into the principal for future contingencies, thereby creating a perpetual trust that would still flourish no matter how badly the stock market crashed or interest rates plummeted.

The Thanksgiving holidays were over too soon and were a whirlwind of activity culminated by taking Alexis on an overnight trip by horseback high up in the mountains to one of the small range cabins the family had preserved and maintained.

Later Alexis told me I had her hooked during our first date, during the second date to the rodeo and dance she was hooked and landed! But it was during the trip to the family ranch to meet my wonderful parents, hearing the wild stories of me growing up on the ranch and the mischief I always got into, then finally the overnight high mountain horse ride listening to me talk of my love of the mountains, the land, wildlife, the history of the area, the family ranch and mostly, of my parents, did she fully acknowledge to herself that for the first time in her life she loved another man besides her father and how frightfully searingly deep and intense that love was.

I knew Alexis’s family had money as Alexis drove a new top of the line Range Rover and I had often seen her whip out an American Express Centurion credit card (“The Black Card”) and a VISA Black credit card. This often resulted in arguments as I felt she was paying for things I should be picking up the tab for or contributing to. I wasn’t a destitute college student, dad gave me a pretty generous living stipend and I drove a new fully loaded truck. I never won many arguments with her - she was definitely a high brow hard headed European! Despite the monetary arguments, we never really discussed our family’s financial statuses. She well figured out my family’s financial status when I took her home to meet my parents and saw Dad’s practice, the extensive ranch, large ranch house, and a few thousand plus head of cattle and horses.

With her family, just once Alexis eluded that her family came from “old money” that successive generations were very successful in parlaying and we never discussed our family’s wealth while we were dating. It still irked me, especially when we went on short weekend trips and extended weekend trips skiing, learned that she had already prepaid the lodging and skiing costs without telling me. It further irritated me when I complained and she told me the costs was inconsequential to her and to her family, it gave her great pleasure to do such “little” things for me and to stop arguing about it.


Over the next several succeeding months when we would go snow skiing and got into the chalet spas it seemed a phenomena that she appeared to attract other gorgeous single women into the spa we were in. Fortunately for me, my large size and looks is intimidating to most guys and discouraged them from joining us most times. Those that did join us quickly detected she had no interest in any other guy beyond having a pleasant intelligent conversation.

During one of the ski trips, Alexis had rented out a large ski cabin for us and as usual invited some of her best girlfriends to accompany us and five of her friends quickly pounced on the invitation. None of her friends seemed to have any compunction about being topless or totally nude in the spa with me! But due my “circumstances” I chose to keep my swimsuit on despite all the teasing I received in doing so.

You should have seen my reaction the first time it happened. The bubbles were blowing, several drinks have been ingested and I noticed a bikini top floating on the surface which was soon joined by another, then others! Then I realized the tops also had matching bottoms floating as well! All the girls began laughing hysterically at my reaction in being in a spa with several beautiful nude women. And of course they had to egg it on with an occasionally wandering hand and foot, brushing against me getting in and out to refresh their drinks and intentional pressing/sliding against me as they climb out and accidently falling onto me as they got back in! All thru this Alexis was very conscious of their every action and very obviously bemused by it all, and I think actually encouraging the others when I was not paying attention. This was proven true when she got out to get drinks and got back in on the other side of the tub while two others slid over next to either side of me and pressed their nude bodies up against me.

The next night in the spa pretty much the same was going on with drinks free flowing and all the women nude in the spa and we took turns getting out for more drinks. All the women, and now Alexis included, kept teasing me about keeping my swimsuit on which caused me great consternation because Alexis well knew my reasoning’s and I thought she was intentionally embarrassing me. This condition was aggravated as the girls became more rowdy as they got more intoxicated and at times attempted to tug my swimsuit off. As it was, I maintained a partial erection just about the entire time due to all the beautiful nude women in the spa and with struggling with their horseplay, pressing/sliding their nude bodies against me.

I caught them all talking to each other once when I got out to get more drinks and they all were pointedly looking at me when I was walking back to join them and they all burst into laughter, obviously something was up with them. Luckily I had remembered to put on a jock strap underneath my swimsuit but I realized my partial erection was still very obvious.

Not being conceited or boastful but my cock just hits eleven inches in length at full erection and has a very thick girth. At times I wished I was just a couple inches shorter, being this large was very difficult for every woman I ever went to bed with and it took a lot of effort, time, patience and artificial lubrication to be able to fully accommodate me. Only women that were intoxicated or high, or had grown accustomed were able to enthusiastically fuck me back. At times it can be embarrassing in social settings when I am aroused. Like this…

I found out short time later what they were up to... They all, Alexis included, had earlier popped some E (ecstasy) and were very drunk as was I, but I was a bit reserved in taking E (being in veterinarian school and had taken several courses in pharmacology). Alexis had crossed over from where she was sitting in the spa and straddled me, started kissing me and ever so more insistently grinding her lovely tight bare ass against my unstoppable growing erection. I whispered to her “let’s take this inside” but she strongly demurred and became more insistent with her kissing and physical grinding. I closed my eyes because although being very drunk I was still also very embarrassed not only being in a spa full of beautiful nude women whose every eye was upon Alexis and I, but with the realization that Alexis was apparently going to do this in the presence of her girlfriends! Then I felt her hand down inside my leg pulling out my now rock hard cock, for several long seconds she fondled it and stroke it all the while grinding harder against me. Alexis insistently began tugging my swimsuit down and off, then started rubbing my cockhead back and forth between her pussy and between the parted moons of tight ass for several more seconds, she began rubbing the tip against her tight anal entrance and pressed down against it as a low frustrated groan escaped from her lips.

While several women I have been with in the past have expressed interest in anal sex, only a few have actually tried it with me and fewer still were actually able to succeed and most of them were all very drunk or very high or a combination of both! They could take the length after much effort and time but it was the girth they had trouble with at initially getting past the entrance. Luckily, Alexis was one of these who could accomplish it, with great difficulty, and actually enjoy it after getting used to it but she still had to have been drinking or…

Alexis again began rubbing my cockhead back and forth against her pussy, then she held and positioned it to start working herself down on top of it. The spa was washing away her lubricant so it was far more exceedingly difficult than usual to begin embedding my thickness and length into her tight passage (and she not only had a very tight vaginal entrance but a very tight vaginal passage!) there was nothing easy about this. Even in bed we always initially had difficulty despite how aroused and turned on she could be. Without any lubrication she was so fucking tight and she could hardly force the head in. After several long seconds Alexis finally managed to work just my cock head in and her tight entrance felt like it was squeezing the blood from my cockhead. Her pussy didn't feel like it was going to loosen up as my cock felt like it was in a vise. I even started to doubt her ability to accept my cock in these conditions. I opened my eyes and saw the determination set upon her face as she continued to try to work it in…

It was then I realized thru my drunken stupor both of Alexi’s hands had either been wrapped around my neck or on my shoulders this entire time…

One of the girls was kneeling beside us looking up at me with a lusty hungry smile, one hand caressing Alexis’s back and ass and I realized her other hand was holding my cock steady for Alexis to impale herself upon, she licked her tongue out at me and then leaned in and started kissing Alexis’s body….

I closed my eyes almost completely but still just enough to see the emotions flickering across Alexis’s face and the actions of the other girls…

I let Alexis control everything, I felt a little pain and I knew she had to be feeling a lot more pain without any real lubrication and water is not a good lubricant.

Alexis in very slow increments gradually worked my cock in deeper. In increments she would work a little bit in, then slowly slide up and down for just that amount of length trying to get her pussy to conform to my size and the length, then she would push down a bit more and repeat the same process. When she had almost half my length in, Alexis started going a little farther with each forceful push down. Suddenly I could feel her spasm and tense in orgasm as she screamed. I could feel a sudden heat engulf my cock as her lubrication suddenly flooded her passage triggered by her orgasm. As her orgasm diminished her vaginal muscles slightly relaxed and suddenly she slipped further down onto my shaft and a second shrieking orgasm sounded.

I could feel a hand cupping and fondling my balls while another hand caressed my inner thighs while Alexis rode me. Frequently I could feel a finger along my shaft that I knew had to belong to another hand as Alexis continued to ride up and down trying to get more in. Curious and overcoming my embarrassment of Alexis having sex with me in front of her friends, I dared to fully open my eyes and saw a third girl finger fucking Alexis’s tight ass with an exquisitely long finger. The two other girls sitting on either side of me took turns kissing Alexis while fondling her breasts and hard nipples. In-between, Alexis noticed I had my eyes open, she grinned at me and I could not resist smiling back as a girl leaned in and hungrily started kissing her…

Despite all of Alexis’s efforts, the water was just removing too much lubrication each time she rose up off my shaft, she only seemed to get about seven and a half inches in and no more, she slowly slid up and down, with hardly any lubrication her vaginal sheath was stretched around my cock as tight as possible, her ass resoundingly pushing against the hand of the girl as she repeatedly slid down, her hand was still wrapped around my cock holding it in place for her, almost four more inches still begging to go into her wonderfully tight and hot exquisite pussy...

My eyes focused on her beautiful hard nipple breasts as they repeatedly rose and fell back thru the water interface with nary a jiggle. Her breasts always were mesmerizing to me how they could be so large yet so very firm and barely jiggled even when laying in bed on her back with me thrusting into her or taking her doggie style – a position she greatly enjoyed but she loved straddling me (cowgirl style!) the best.

Again I could feel her vaginal muscles repeatedly spasm and then her pussy clenched my cock tight. She threw her head back, screaming as if in pain. She was shaking now, quivering, her nails digging into my shoulders. A low groan emerged as I felt my peak coming and then I exploded like a volcanic eruption inside Alexis. Her eyes flew open feeling the force of my ejaculation and then once again her pussy started spasming, repeatedly gripping my cock tightly as she screamed out another orgasm, again and again she screamed, each time louder than before, then settled in volume to moaning and groaning as her exhausted body trembled on top of mine. I came so hard the blood ran to my head, almost making me dizzy.

Gradually I once again became aware of the other five women, all of them were looking at me, at both Alexis and I, with unmistakable wanton sexual hunger…

Alexis raised her head up and looked at me and said

"I love you, I love you so very much!”

as she held my face in her hands and deeply kissed me.

"I love you too darling.

I'm not sure what just happened.

Are you OK?" I asked.

"I'm better than OK. It was wonderful!

I love you more than ever!

I just wished I could have gotten the rest of you inside me!”

I whispered in her ear

“but what about the others being with us, watching you fuck me, helping you fuck me…”

Alexis leaned back and in a voice the other five could clearly hear stated

‘if special friends can help other special friends have fun with each other’s consent, then no hesitation and certainly no regrets!”

Then she leaned and whispered into my ear

“besides we showed them what a great fuck and wonderful lover you are, not to mention your magnificent cock! Couldn’t you see the extreme hunger and deep wanton lust exhibited in each of them?

Trevor! Each one of them wanted to feel your magnificent humongous cock inside! The flame inside each of them flared hotly when they realized I could not take you fully because of the water, wanting to see me fully plunge down onto your shaft, imagining the feel of it inside their own selves, going deeper than any real cock they probably had ever experienced, feeling you push thru into her cervical canal, inside her womb! Feeling your hot volcanic ejaculation explode that deep inside them!!!”

In a moment of clarity I realized I was dating a very sexual, very sexually creative woman who had a little streak of exhibitionism, who loved to heighten her experiences, who also enjoyed a little girl play as well!

If I was just causally dating Alexis, then I would I have greatly enjoyed and fully accepted each one of her friends advances, but I hesitated to do so. This was special what Alexis and I had and I was not going to chance anything, though the temptation was unbearably great!

My cock was still embedded inside Alexis. Her randy talk in the company of five other beautiful naked women having a renewed effect upon me. My cock twitched and Alexis felt it and arched a perfect eyebrow at me and grinned.

Very, very slowly she raised up, it still felt as if my cock was in a vise, there was absolutely no lubrication by now and we both could feel a tremendous pulling sensation, even though it was almost painfully tight it was exquisitely so and by the time my cockhead finally popped through her tight vaginal entrance I was again at full erection.

Alexis climbed out of the spa, her small nipples becoming diamond hard in the frigid air with tiny bumps appearing on her areolas. She extended a hand to help me out. I started to look around for my swimsuit but she shook her head and grabbed my hand and started to pull me out. As I emerged, a loud gasp emitted from all four women as they saw my full erection. Alexis gave them a sweet sexy smile and started sashaying back into the cabin pulling on my hand. Loud disappointed aaahhhs and groans came from the spa…

She lead me into the bedroom and told me I better lock the door or we will be joined by five extremely horny women –

“and it is five against two, or six against one!” she said with a deep sultry lustful voice.

We dried each other off and then she reached into her suitcase for the bottle of Bad Dragon cum lube, fully intent on taking all of me inside this time.

In the afterglow as we laid there stroking each other, we heard the doorknob jiggle and several muttered disappoint exclamations on the other side of the door. She grinned at me and asked if she should unlock the door as she started to get out of bed. In a slight panic I stammered out two quick no’s. Alexis grinned at me and asked if I was sure, it was then I told her I do not think I could handle another one, much less five, besides you always will be more than enough for me…

Her eyes flared brightly with my response and then suddenly kissed me very passionately, leaving me slightly bewildered by her sudden deep emotion.


The next morning all the girls were giving me glancing looks and slyly grinning at each other. I commented to Alexis about their actions and she responded

“Well, we did give them a great performance last night!

Before you got out of bed this morning, they were all talking about it. Each one was very impressed, let’s say awed, and very expressive about your ‘manhood’ and wished they could have participated more intimately than they were able to. Each had said they had never taken on a real cock anywhere near your size and it was also absolutely the most beautiful cock they had ever seen in appearance!

Oh! I almost forgot...

There was some pretty randy talk about getting you and I very drunk tonight and all of them having their way with us…”

With a sly wink and a slow sexy smile, Alexis turned and sashayed away…

That night we all were partying pretty hard and we all were drunk, all the girls again had popped some E. We were lounging around in robes and sweats. Suddenly two very drunk and very nude girls ran thru the large open living area, one girl was chasing the other with a very long and very thick double-headed dildo! Two of the other girls jumped up and grabbed the one that was running away and wrestled her to the floor, pinning her and held her as the other girl started thrusting the dildo between her widely spread held legs. I was frozen in place with disbelief as I watched the one doing the thrusting actually start fucking her with it! By now the six women including Alexis were hysterically shrieking with laughter. The one being assaulted started yanking and pulling at the clothing of the others, Alexis and the remaining girl piled into the wild melee with Alexis in the middle of it all! They all started in on each other quickly resulting in vast expanses of bared breasts, bare bottoms and beautiful nude bodies as they grabbed the dildo from each other and thrust it at each other’s pussies and asses, at times ganging up on each other!

It seemed as one they all suddenly remembered I was present, the sole male in the group. They noticed my still shocked expression and then the one that held the dildo, raised it in my direction, glistening with girl juice, and she gave me a very evil grin…

I’m not ashamed to say, knowing how wild this one was, that I jumped up and ran for the bedroom locking myself in to the hilarious laughter of the others!

Never had I experienced anything like this or knew of anyone that had – except in porno flicks!

Over the next few months remaining of the snow skiing season, there were several similar trips with her girlfriends with me being the only guy. One or two girls would rotate out and others in but each trip had some wild and daring risqué behavior and outrageous blatant flirting with me alone, and with Alexis, along with blatant nudity in the spas. This also carried over to what they were wearing (or not wearing) when we were sitting around in the main living areas enjoying a blazing fire partying. More than once I was boldly propositioned alone or sitting in the spa with others, and with them sitting topless or nude, it took great restraint not to give in especially when she was being physically forceful about it and pressing her nude body against you and trying to sit in your lap, even at times in front of Alexis!

It puzzled me because through it all, at times Alexis had been right there and all she did was grin at me watching one of her topless or nude friends blatantly come on to me. One time in the spa they all ganged up with Alexis shoving her naked friends onto me. I did not know if it was a European thing to be non-chalant about sex and nudity or what. I certainly have seen her flare up seeing a pretty girl she did not know talking to me and I certainly did not entertain sharing her with another man, not that she ever showed any interest, in fact had quickly rebuffed any guy that had come on to her. The girl on girl action did not bother me, heck, what man would not be aroused by it, and there was plenty of that on each trip!

Confused and confounded, I did know Alexis and I had something seriously special and despite the many temptations and offers, I did not give in and learn to sexually joke back with the girls. Unfortunately this seemed to charge them up even more but it appeared to me they later worked out their sexual frustration with each other!


While I was thinking this was going unbelievable fast and actually proposing marriage, concerned with even considering it in the short amount of time we had been together (7 months), it was Alexis that proposed to me! I had been carrying the ring around with me constantly for a few weeks looking for inspiration on when to propose and where. It was late April and the first Alpine flowers had begun poking the heads above the thinning snow layer when Alexis and I had made a trip back to the ranch and it was during the trip that Alexis proposed to me.

We had been sitting quietly together on a high overlook above a valley whose scenery was inspirational. I spoke in a low voice describing the history of the area with the mountain men and the Indian tribes and how the tribes considered this valley scared because of its beauty, today still pristine, unmarked by any sign of man. The federal government had approached the family several times about purchasing the ranch over the years because of this beautiful valley but stopped when we placed it into a conservation easement. We were silent, listening to the bird songs when she tightly gripped my hand, squeezing hard, and in a low quiet hesitant voice proposed.

For moments I did not respond - startled she had asked me first. Tears sprang to her eyes in perceived rejection as a look of utter devastation began forming upon her lovely face and began streaking down her cheeks. I shifted my other hand and reached into my coat pocket, managing to open the engagement ring box with one hand while still concealed, then, I drew it out and said

“You Beat Me To It!”

Due to our busy schedule, and attending classes throughout the summer and her parents busy business schedule, it was not until late in the year before I actually met her parents in person, even though we have spent at length several telephone conversations and Skype video sessions.

Before we knew it the Christmas Holidays were upon us and her parents had invited us to fly to Europe where I was to meet them in person for the first time and spend the Christmas and New Year holidays. They would take care of the flight to and from. Alexis made sure I brought my guitar which I tried not to do because of the size and the risk of damage by the baggage handlers. Alexis told me not to worry; it will not be a problem with her parents arranging the flight, and her parents were looking forward to hearing me play.

At the airport, Alexis imparted the first of many surprises of our future life together. Instead of going to long term parking and catching a shuttle to the large terminals, she turned into the small terminal for private jets and its own secure parking lot. Puzzled, all I could see were private planes of all sizes and a few executive business jets. She would not respond to my questions except that we were at the right terminal and to get the bags and follow her. We checked in and were cleared to leave the terminal. As I followed her out she walked directly to a Learjet Global 5000 airplane where she was greeted by the pilot, copilot and a very attractive stewardess and a very non-stewardess uniform at the foot of the stairs. Alexis explained this was the plane for the family business. She just laughed at my expression and I was speechless. The plane was large enough to contain a pair of crew sleeping berths as well as a private bedroom.

During the flight she talked a little about her parents and her sister. The conversation was mainly centered on their personalities so I could be prepared to meet them. Alexis stated her father was extremely protective of the family heritage and of his daughters. He would greet me warmly but I would still have to win his trust.

At some point her father will want to speak to me alone. Even though it was she who proposed, she still must have her father’s utmost approval and acceptance. Her mother would not be a problem as she has been preparing for the day I would finally be serious with someone and if father approved, she would approve.

She then added

“You see, I have never told you but I have never had a serious or steady boyfriend till you. In fact I never really dated even when I went off to university. I have had a private education until university and really I had never met anyone that met my standards or who I knew would be acceptable to my family. The guys I did meet were attracted to my physical attributes and my money - until you came along!”

Then Alexis looked at me very seriously and said

“I have only been with one other man – once, and that was when I had been very drunk and had given into my arousal, in fact I was not in full control of myself. I had been dating a guy for about a month when he took me to a party which had turned into a drunken debauchery. Later I found out someone(s) had been spiking all the drinks to get the women loaded and most everyone there knew it was going to happen. He had been a selfish, inconsiderate and very bad lover and I broke up with him a few days later when I found out it had been planned. If I had been in full control of myself it would have never happened. I was waiting to fall in love with someone very special before going all the way…”

I looked at Alexis with new found and deeper respect, realizing how very special she is. Then Alexis continued

“And then there is my sister, Katrina. She is the opposite of me, pretty wild and in the past there were several problems with her involved. I have heard her being described as “predatory”, though it seems she appears to be settling down and readying for her future as father educates her about the family business which he expects her and I to manage in the future. Still at this stage in her life, I still can’t fully trust her, especially with you!” she said with a hard look at me…”

Alexis went on stating “It wouldn’t surprise me if she flirts with you or even directly comes on to you if I or my parents are not around. So at night, you need to lock your bedroom door, and yes, we will be sleeping in separate rooms because while my parents are modern Europeans they are still a bit staid in that respect while we are in their home until we get married”.

Alexis’s description of her sister as “wild” concerned me, considering the craziness that had occurred during the ski trips that Alexis had invited her friends to, how much wilder can her sister be!

The reminder of the flight was quiet as I contemplated what Alexis told me. Never had I seen or heard her talk this seriously and for the first time I had doubts if I could measure up to her family.

We landed at an International airport in Europe but she informed me we were staying on board, we just landed for the customs check and refueling and would be taking off soon. Finally we landed at a private landing strip in a mountainous area and were met by her parents and sister in a Range Rover. Her parents were elegant in both appearance and youth, both very physically fit and attractive. From out of the blue a momentary flash of thought appeared thinking her mother had a resemblance to actress Raquel Welch, just a little leaner and more fit and I bet her mother could still wear a bikini with pride. She still had to be in her forties, and from her appearance she would be a beauty for decades to come. I could see Alexis’s beauty came from both sides of the family. Introductions went great and they seemed genuinely glad to meet me and talked non-stop since this was the first time I had actually spoken to them, asking endless questions about me, my family and our ranch (evidently Alexis had already told them my family had a large ranch!).

Alexis was right about her sister Katrina…

Katrina was a comparable beauty to Alexis, equally well endowed, statuesque and as physically fit. She had reddish brunette hair and the most startling ice-blue eyes I had ever seen. At a distance I thought she must have been wearing color contacts but as she came closer I realized it was her natural eye color. She leaned in to kiss me and gave me a lingering not somewhat chaste kiss on the corner of my mouth as she held her eyes open with mine, mirth dancing in them…

I could feel myself blushing even in the frigid cold as I pulled away. Katrina gave a coquettish laugh as I saw Alexis shooting daggers from her eyes at her sister. Their father had a disapproving scowl aimed at Katrina and their mother was clearly embarrassed.

As the Range Rover drove up a steep snow covered mountain road, I could see a magnificent classic fortress castle perched on a mountaintop overlooking the lake we flew over. I inquired if we were going to drive by it, whom did it belong to and what was the history behind it. Her parents gave each other a funny look as her father stopped the vehicle and both of them immediately lit into Alexis! Unfortunately they were not speaking English anymore and I could not understand what was being spoken but her father was clearly mad and her mother as well, in addition with having an embarrassed look.

Chagrinned and in an embarrassed voice, Alexis mentioned she had neglected as well as avoided telling me some things about her and her family. She wanted to make sure I was marrying for who she was and NOT what she was or had…

Stunned, I sat there staring up at this fairy tale castle as she told me

“I’m a descendant of European royalty and I have the actual hereditary title of “Princess” and that castle you see is our ancestral home…

For the rest of the ride up the mountain she sat there with a bemused look upon her face, glancing at me every so often to see if I had yet come out of my shocked status. Her parents occasionally giving her a scowling glance, irritated with her for being deceitful to me as I very obviously stumbled answering their questions for the remainder of the drive…Katrina looked amused.


The family and I spent the succeeding days skiing as a family and going snowmobiling and touring the area. At times it was just Alexis, Katrina and I, seldom just the two of us but that was okay, and I was here to meet the family and be judged and hopefully accepted. I also accompanied the family to a couple of very elaborate Christmas parties that were part ball that their friends held in very expansive mansions. Several apparently affluent young men were present that were clearly startled and then became miffed when they learned that Alexis was now engaged. But looking up at me and seeing a beaming smile, most were exceedingly polite and pleasant…

The skiing was very challenging with the very steep slopes, Alexis and Katrina clearly way outclassed me and later I learned both considered going pro at one time. Even skiing with her parents I found very challenging. In the late evenings we went to the large solarium that the family castle had that contained a very large custom swim spa with a conjoined hot tub to soothe sore muscles and relax. Her parents did join us once and her mother could definitely still wear, albeit a modest one, two piece bikini that had a scalloped bottom. She was very toned and fit with good muscle definition and her breasts were still firm with no sagging. I imagined she would have been very competitive with her daughters at their age.

It was the third night and Alexis and I went out to soak in the swim spa. Alexis dropped her robe and with shock I saw she was wearing a daring G-string microkini extreme swimsuit that left nothing to the imagination! While she wore some pretty skimpy string bikinis in the past there was almost nothing to this one! The small narrow teardrop shape patches just barely covered her areolas. The two teardrops were connected by gold chains and accented with gold beads. Beautiful sparkling Swarovski crystals were embedded in what I realize was see-thru fabric with the crystals strategically place to just give daring perceivable views of her areolas and nipples. Likewise gold chains connected the small piece of fabric that covered her pubic mound. Observing my jaw dropping reaction, Alexis let me wonder for awhile before reassuring me she would never wear anything like this in public. She looked down and saw my already partial erection. With an amusing tone she said

“Oops! Looks like someone did not remember to wear his jock strap!

Remembering that Katrina was going to join us I quickly slid in, turned on the powerful jet pump and swam against the current to dispel my erection.

We watch as Katrina came in wearing a robe and strolled over to us. Katrina look at Alexis and both grinned at each other, and then Katrina dropped her robe…

She was similarly clad in a microkini extreme swimsuit! Like Alexis, they both might as well as have been nude. Katrina’s was made up of shiny lycra patches connected by clear elastic that stretches. The visual effect was that there were no straps holding the tiny pieces of fabric. Her navel sported a non piercing belly button ring with a very large diamond with 6 smaller diamonds forming a chain drop dangle.

Indeed just as I had thought, Katrina was a comparable beauty to Alexis - just as well endowed, firm and physically fit! Her abdomen was just as flat and ripped as Alexis’s. Her large firm perky breasts appeared not to be natural but Alexis already had caught me once before looking at Katrina and had reaffirmed they were just as real as hers. I thought there was no one on earth who could match Alexis’s physical attributes let alone her intelligence. And now I was in a swim spa/spa that did not seem to be big enough!

Katrina huskily chuckled at my reaction and then started laughing and I could feel my face becoming beet red, which was made only worse with Alexis joining in with the laughter which seemed to set each other off even more! It was plainly clear they both planned this!

Evidently Katrina had planned other things as well. I ran into her in the hallway the next two mornings wearing a see-thru flyaway babydoll with sheer G-string panties, both which I could clearly see thru. Katrina somehow planned these encounters; there was no reason to be in the hallways of a cold drafty castle in wintertime when each of the bedrooms had a connecting bath. I just could not figure out how she could time it to “run” into me…

These accidental “encounters with Katrina and her almost non-stop outrageous flirtations with me reinforced Alexis’s warnings to keep my bedroom door locked at night!

A night came when I awoken to the sound of stone grinding on stone. I looked over to where the noise was emanating from and saw a dark section of wall appear.

The full moon of winter cast a harsh bright white light thru the large windows of my bedroom, fully illuminating the room and backlighting the woman who had entered thru the secret passageway.

She was wearing a diaphanous negligee; with the moonlight backlighting her I could see every firm hard beautiful curve of her body and her hard nipples as my erection began.

Katrina gave me a sultry sexy mischievous smile…

then the gown slip from her shoulders and she stood nude before me

I could feel my cock involuntarily stirring to a full erection at the sight. Katrina then began talking that when Alexis and she were children, they made games of discovering the hidden passages and secret view points of the castle. Their parents encouraged this game as a means of learning the security features of the castle, there are still bad people that liked to kidnap and ransom the wealthy. However, Alexis was not aware of this one…

As she stood there talking my cock grew even harder, painfully hard.

Well? She inquired with a haughty royal tone “aren’t you going to invite me into your warm bed? It is cold standing here as you can plainly see by my nipples…”

I softly explained I did not want to jeopardize my relationship with Alexis, or with her and their parents. What Alexis and I had was extremely special that a majority of people do not have the fortune to experience, but the offer was generously and sincerely well received and I will always remember this moment and your incredible beauty for the remainder of my life…

Katrina responded with a pouty smile

“This is a real shame.

I was sooo looking forward to it.

I never had a real one the size of you inside me…are you sure???”

She cocked her hip and raised her eyebrow at me. A lump had developed in my throat and I feared if I spoke a croak would come out so I just nodded my head.

She came over to the bed and stood beside it, I was afraid she misinterpreted my nod…

“Well, it seems my dear lovely sister has actual real trustworthy fiancé,

Congratulations to you both”

Then in a reflex faster than I could believe, she whipped back the covers and saw my erection. Katrina emitted a loud gasp and I became instantly concerned with the hungry look that appeared on her lovely face. Surprised and stunned by her action I just lay there in disbelief as she extended a warm hand and slowly trailed her fingers along the length of my shaft, then wrapped her fingers around as much as she could encircle and felt my throbbing pulsing.

“Yes, my sister is a very lucky woman and I am going to enjoy being your sister-in-law, your very, very dear sister-in-law…

Katrina leaned over and gave me a lingering kiss upon the lips, her tongue darting past my lips as her large hard nipple breasts repeatedly brushed thru my chest hair, her hand still encircling my erection. Then she stood up, gave me another mischievous smile and walked over to slowly pick up her discarded clothing – she did so with her back to me in an exaggerated wide stance so I could clearly see all her womanly charms.

With a final smoldering look cast over her shoulder she went back into the secret passage and closed the concealed door.

What I did not know until after the wedding was that Katrina had then proceeded to Alexis’s bedroom and climbed in bed with her and they talked about what happened.

“Your fiancé passed the second to last test, he turned me down. I made it very difficult for him and shall I say, very hard for him. I must say that after I actually saw what he had, it took considerable restraint not to proceed to jump him despite what you and I previously agreed to. I was already getting moist just standing there teasing him and thinking about what you had told me about his size and how all your girlfriends teased and tried to seduce him with your encouragement. By his shocked state, I knew I could have moved swiftly and mounted him before he could react. It remains to be determined if he will be up to, or willing, to fulfill all our family obligations. However, for now, you better go in and take care of your poor fiancé, his erection has to be painfully excruciating”…

Again I heard the secret door open and feared I would not be able to resist Katrina this time, she and Alexis were the two most beautiful and fit women I have ever met or seen. I looked over and saw Alexis with a beaming smile, nude. She immediately mounted and rode me hard, painfully hard, repeatedly pushing her cervix hard against my cock, her cervix finally dilated enough to allow my cock to begin slipping past the tight opening as I begin to feel an exquisite tightness as Alexis renewed her efforts, my cock now thrusting in and out of her tight cervical passage, reaching for her womb, her own mounting orgasm nearing peak with my own. She urged me on, to cum with her. I grasped her hips tightly bearing her down hard burying myself as deeply as possible, to enter her womb with my cockhead, as I prepared to orgasm. By now she knew when I was close because she always matched mine – she redoubled her efforts to bring us both off simultaneously, as we both peaked I heard her moan

“cum deep inside me, cumming inside Katrina…”

With her orgasmic words my cock exploded and it felt like the top of it had blown off with the force of my ejaculation, I could feel pulse after pulse of cum jet inside Alexis’s womb. Alexis’s nails were digging into my shoulders as she gritted her teeth to stifle her own orgasmic cries from echoing from the cavernous bed chamber as her body repeatedly shuddered on top of me in orgasmic ripples.

Her nails bit deep as another racking orgasm shook her, I could feel blood weal. We both always had great orgasms, especially with her being multi-orgasmic but for some barely fathomable reason this time it was really intense!

Alexis laid on top of me for quite awhile, occasionally squeezing her vaginal muscles, milking my cock till she totally calmed down, my now flaccid penis still caught well up within her tight cervical entrance. From experience, she very slowly moved up my body gradually tugging my still very sensitive cock out of her cervical passage. My cockhead momentarily stopped, trapped at the tight cervical entrance. Slowly Alexis tugged, increasing the pressure till both of us felt my cockhead begin to slowly slip past the very tight constriction and then suddenly pop back out into her vaginal passage, amazingly I felt some pent-up fluid blast forth and Alexis moaned with the feeling.

She collapsed to lay beside me and stroked my chest, telling me how much she loved me. Her stroking became more languid, prelude to drifting off but my mind was still racing with the words she had uttered with her imminent orgasm - “imagine cumming inside Katrina…”

I had to know and in a low hesitant voice I asked her what she meant.

Sleepily she looked at me as her hand caressed lower and lower and then dreamily said

“Don’t ever worry about it, it would not have been a deal breaker, nor ever will be.

I love you so much it hurts and I always will.

Katrina and I also love each other very much and there is nothing ever held back between us…”

Her caressing hand had stroke my cock to life again; she gave me a mischievous smile as she slide her leg over and remounted…

Over the next few days I spent a lot of time with each of the family members in discussions each learning about the other, though with Katrina I always tried to make sure someone was nearby, but I still continued to run into her on occasion in the mornings in the hallways wearing next to nothing. I still remembered part of an earlier conversation when she talked about the secret passages - but also of the hidden peepholes, and I wondered if it was coincidence or planned interceptions…

Katrina still kept up her outrageous flirting but not in the presence of her parents, but still did it in front of Alexis who, disturbingly to me, did not seem to bother her but instead, Alexis appeared amused.


It was the night after Christmas and indeed Alexis’s father asked to speak with me in his library. We walked in and he turned to close the massive wooden oak doors.

He started out stating how the most important things in this family were to protect his two girls and his wife, the family wealth and heritage. The family security and succession still comes first and it has been the way of European nobility to cement alliances with marriages. For generations and hundreds of years this had mostly succeeded until the First World War, but that event was ignited by forces outside the royal family’s control. He made it very clear, family is more than just two people who are in love; family is everything and must survive and endure.

He went on to say

“I will also tell you that Katrina was adopted by us after her family died in a plane crash when she was little, she is distantly related to this family and of her own influential line. Both her parents were our best friends since early childhood and she is as dear to me as Alexis. Our families intermarried generations ago to cement nation-state alliances. But due to unfortunate circumstances, now both Alexis and Katrina are the last descendants of each family. It is not only my vital duty but all of our duties to ensure the family heritage will continue. Both Alexis and Katrina thoroughly agree in this aspect and both understand hard choices and decisions will have to be made in this respect to perpetuate the family line”.

I responded

“Sir, I assume you wish to discuss signing a prenuptial? That is fine, I will. I will tell you that I will make a very comfortable independent living and Alexis will not want for anything. My own family’s wealth is not inconsiderable though pardon my saying, it significantly pales in comparison with your own. We both have family heritages to uphold, again pardon my comparison, it is not meant to be, but my family is very proud of our ranching heritage, establishing the ranch when Indians still freely roamed the area and endured constant raids, range wars and rustling. Just as I am proud to learn of your family’s proud and considerable heritage that stretches back for hundreds of years and that I may possibly be a part of it. You know that I also am my parent’s only child and I thoroughly understand the duties and responsibilities of family tradition and heritage and want to see it endure.

I know you have the final say in whether this proposed marriage may proceed and I completely understand your reasoning’s. In your position and with your family heritage it is completely reasonable to me as I would be of the same mind.

Nor will I go against your decision if you decide this marriage shall not proceed, even if Alexis insisted we elope. For I cannot bear having Alexis forever heartbroken knowing she had gone against her father’s wishes.

I will sign whatever you want me to, with respect, for I whole-heartedly believe Alexis’s happiness is in the best interest of both of us…”

Her father stood there silently contemplating me, then reach into his desk and pulled out a prepared prenuptial and handed it over to me.

I skimmed thru the document; it was not very long but a very clear and severe iron clad agreement that spelled out that in case of divorce I would not be entitled to anything beyond what Alexis and I had jointly purchased together out of our respective earnings.

I reached for the pen and signed the prenuptial and handed it back to him.

I then told her father that Alexis and I will ensure our children will learn, embrace and enjoy both of our cultures, heritage and families, and will be shining examples of both.

Her father looked long and hard at me and seemingly reached a decision. He reached into the drawer again and pulled out another document and handed it to me.

It was another prenuptial but longer and more detailed, I carefully read this one. It spelled out that in case of divorce I would receive an incremental lump sum payment based on each year of marriage, the number of children and if in sole custody or joint custody. It was quite generous; in case of the divorce it would have made me independently wealthy.

He said for me to sign this one as well and in the future if the unfortunate occurs, either he or the family’s lawyers shall decide, based on his instructions, which prenuptial will be used dependent upon the circumstances surrounding the divorce.

I looked at her father, then walked over to the fireplace and fed the document to the flames…

Her father nodded approvingly as he placed the original signed prenuptial back into his desk. He then stated that one of his businesses he owned was a veterinary pharmaceutical supply company and I instantly recognized the name when he mentioned it as it was named one of the most successful private companies in the world. He then said if I ever got tired of doctoring animals he could always use a good hand in the company, or in one of his others...

He tightly clasped my shoulder and shook my hand and then solemnly stated

“The duty falls upon you three to ensure both of our family lines continue

“Welcome to the family!”

Her father opened the door and we saw Alexis with her mother and Katrina standing there, waiting all this time just outside in the hallway. Alexis had a concerned look on her face as did the other two women. Her father had emerged from the library with a solemn look upon his face.

I saw tears spring to Alexi’s eyes as she began to fold in upon herself as the other two women moved in to support her; surprisingly, Katrina also had tears beginning to streak her face. Then Alexis saw her father smile and nod and then Alexis ran and leapt into my arms as her mother and Katrina embraced us with all three crying with tears of happiness…

The next night we three all did wind up in the heated swim spa after a long afternoon of skiing after her parents had retired for the evening. Both Alexis and Katrina came to the spa with robes on as usual, when they dropped the robes, both were nude! They laughed pretty hardily at my reaction and the deep blush upon my face. They climbed in and made fun of me being the only one with clothes on. Then they looked at each other and then attacked me pulling off my swimsuit!

Each of them settled on either side of me and they asked what was discussed in the library. I told Alexis and Katrina what had transpired involving the prenuptial agreements, about feeding the second prenuptial into the fire and the provisions it had listed. Both of them stared at me for a long period without speaking after I told them what I had done, then both smiled and I think looked at me with new respect. Then I told them I was still confused about the way her father kept emphasizing it was up to the three of us to continue both family lines. I clearly understood what he meant and I told him Alexis and I both wanted children in part for just this reason, it just seemed a bit ambiguous about the way he dances around part of it when he was referencing Katrina.

Katrina explained that in the past she unfortunately ran with the wrong crowd, even the affluent crowd had many indecent men within, spoiled by their wealth, carefree attitude and thinking they could treat anyone they want to, feeling safe in their moneyed immunities. Even the ones that were decent seemed spoiled or felt entitlement in some way in which she did not care for.

Katrina further explained

“a few years ago when I was in Monaco, I was severely beaten by my boyfriend, a man of affluent means, and I was in a hospital for two weeks. The authorities investigated but nothing further happened. Father ensured that the fellow will not ever assault another woman or another person ever again…”

For several long moments both Alexis and Katrina gave me the coldest, hardest intense stares, the likes of which I had never seen let alone have ever received. Certainly never from Alexis and it shocked me to my core. It clearly conveyed their meaning and intent, and the resolute will and immense power both of these beautiful women possessed. For a brief moment, I had a dark glimpse into the extreme wealth and accompanying power that such families have, that these two women could yield whenever the need arises…

Then Katrina continued

“So I have pretty much turned away from men. Now I have a proclivity for keeping company of my own gender and in the future I will prefer it that way…

I was still confused, now even more as her father’s conversation was clearly centered on keeping our families perpetuated and now Katrina was telling me she prefers women! My evident confusion must have shown for both women gently laughed at me as Katrina said to me

“Are you that dense or is it your reserved cowboy heritage!”

Alexis took over the explanation, making it very clear what will be in the future…

“What father could not say, will not directly say knowing of Katrina’s preferences, is that it will remain to Katrina, I and you to ensure our family line continues, so it is up to Katrina and I to ensure that happens. We will utilize a long accepted European royal practice that resolves the problem of continuing lines of succession. If a male royal in line of succession was killed in battle or died before an heir was conceived, or was unable to father children, then the husband’s brother or next closest male relative would father the children. Or as another example, distant relatives would inter-marry other distant relatives to keep the family lines intact. Since Katrina and I are distantly related and the last of our family lines, it was decided that it would be in the best interest of fecundity but more importantly, security of the family succession and wealth, and also to prevent any future family rivalries and/or divisions arising from another outsider marrying into the family solely for the sake of fathering Katrina’s children, that the children Katrina and I will bear will be from the same father….”

Katrina hotly whispered into my ear

“Alexis did tell you nothing is ever held back between us, and I so enjoyed watching you two the other night…”

Stunned, I sat there in a moment that seemed to last an eternity as my roles and relationships became very clear and the magnitude of it.

It ended when I felt a hand on my leg and then a hand on my other, and each squeezed in turn. Slowly I nodded my understanding and acceptance - while I may be married to Alexis, I will be bound to identical duties, responsibilities and obligations with Katrina…

A few months later when Spring had arrived, the night before our wedding, in a moment of insecurity thinking of her friends and Katrina, I mentioned I could not bear nor entertain the thought of sharing Alexis with another man as she seemed to be so sharing with me.

Alexis laughed and called me silly stating she had never intended nor ever had the desire for another man, no matter how wild, crazy and free things had happen in the past or may happen in the future. In Alexis’s own words

“In fact, until you came along, I really did not care that much for men as I found most of them wanting. You do recall I told you I never dated much. You are plenty more than enough and words fail me how much I love and treasure you - and Katrina feels the same way…

But, as she continued with that sexy husky voice that she used from time to time, she loved to hear her friends talk about me, their envy, and how lucky she was to have not only a big ruggedly handsome very intelligent man but also the most well endowed one they had ever met or heard of outside of porno films!

She was thrilled and considered it a huge erotic turn on listening to and watching her gorgeous friends come up with ways to seduce you, ravishing you in their minds and words as well as dropping all their inhibitions, watching their little schemes unfold when we are all in the spa or pool and then the inevitable gasps of awe and shock… besides while I have no desire for another man, you well know by now I do not have the same reservations with women…

The wedding, as custom, was held in the quite large chapel of the family castle. I had my three best friends as best men while Katrina served as maid of honor with two other of Alexis’s best friends, with about 100 people in attendance. The castle and chapel were decorated to the hilt and it was a fairy tale wedding. I think people wondered why Katrina was crying just as much as Alexis…

My three friends greatly enjoyed themselves and for their almost two week stay established good friendships with Alexis’s girlfriends and some of her other girlfriends who were in attendance at the wedding as they saw the sights. There was not a dry eye on either the girlfriends or the three guys upon their departure back to the states.

My parents got along famously with Alexis’s parents and by the time their stay ended they all appeared to be best friends and had already planned for her parents and Katrina to fly over and stay at the ranch for a few weeks.


In May we both graduated and settled into married life. My parents told us to build a moderate size house on part of the ranch that I had always admired, sited on a hill overlooking the river below, stating when the time came for us to start having children we could move into the “Big House” the very large family ranch house, and they would move into this one or use it as a guest house. The site was on the opposite side of the ranch so we had plenty of privacy. We also had constructed a horizon infinity pool as well as another barn the ranch solely needed with stalls and a corral so I could bring some of my larger “patients” home if I had to if the pens at the vet clinic were full.

Going into two years of marriage, our sex life was just as robust, wild and inventive. We both love to surprise each other and “spice” things up. About a month into our marriage, I was on her computer because mine had crashed. I went to optimize it because it was running a bit slow and I started checking the internet settings. I clicked on the History folder and saw adult websites in it. That explained how she kept on being so imaginative in our sex life! Later that week I figured out a way, using an anonymizer website, to send to her smart phone and computer, links to adult stories, photos and movies.

Being not only very beautiful but extremely intelligent, to my surprise about a week later I started receiving similar anonymous links and emails. Over time it developed into a game of brinkmanship of who could send the most risqué and arousing stories and images. Ultimately I was resoundingly and totally defeated in this game when she sent me a series of photos of four of her friends that had been on various ski trips with us, nude, making out, going down on each other and using a variety of toys on each other. The last picture had a caption that said “imagine me with them…!”

But this did not end the game…

Everything about our lives was normal if you do not count being married to a highly sexed, highly sexually imaginative wild European princess complete with fairy tale ancestral castle whose family wealth was in the billionaire range! Until the night I had to bring my work home with me…

One day a very well-heeled client brought in her magnificent German Shepard, named Khan. This client showed him at dog shows and had won many prizes and commanded top stud fees. There was nothing wrong with Khan but the woman wanted me to watch him for her while she was away. She told me that Khan was high strung and that he would tear up her home if she left him alone. Alexis was thinking about getting a large dog (small ones are inappropriate for being on a ranch) and this would be a good opportunity for her to get a feel for large breeds and which one she may want.

I left to go out to make a large animal call and it turned out to be a long difficult one. By the time I got back to the clinic to get Khan and then go home, I was worn out.

Khan was pacing in his kennel whining continuously, at first I thought he was just being anxious but then I saw his partially exposed cock. I checked the chart of the adjacent kennel and saw it contained a bitch; more so, she was in heat and was scheduled to be neutered. Unfortunately my staff did not check the chart before placing Khan beside her. Poor Khan, being a stud dog, he had been stimulated all this time and not getting any relief.

As we drove home Khan kept whining the entire way, whether anxious or still stimulated I could not discern. I had called ahead and told Alexis that I would be bringing him home and she met us out on the porch.

Khan immediately leapt out of truck and enthusiastically greeted her, repeatedly jumping up on her as she knelt to greet him which I thought strange considering this was the first time he had met Alexis and he was a highly trained show dog. Then I realized what it was, Alexis’s kneeling position was too similar to a mounting position and he must still be stimulated. His repeated jumping up on Alexis and whining at her was an attempt to figure out how to mount. Alexis then told me he sure is a friendly and enthusiastic one. I decided not to say anything about what was really happening, not wanting to upset my royal high-bred European wife.

Khan stayed by Alexis’s side all that evening, occasionally nudging at her arm or leg for attention…

We retired for the evening and when Alexis came out of the dressing room wearing an expensive see thru negligee and G-string panties I knew what she wanted. Normally she slept nude but when she was exceptionally horny and wanted to be ravished she would don something sexy.

I groaned. While my mind was willing, my body was not, despite being married to the most beautiful woman ever! The long hot shower I took had not relived all the aches and pains I had incurred in a very muddy pasture trying to deliver a calf and I had wound up having to do a C-section on the cow in the damn muddy pasture, then getting the cow up and get her to the barn. With only the rancher helping me it was a very tiring day.

I told Alexis about my day and how tired and sore I was and she said she understood. It was just that she had been incredibly horny all afternoon after reading a couple of the “anonymous” adult stories that somehow kept popping up on her computer and haven’t figured out how to block, and had been fantasizing about my huge cock. The cocks in the stories she had read were not anywhere near in comparison to what she was extremely lucky to be married to. Then she added, as a teaser to really see if I was interested or not, “she thought about getting herself off with one of her dildos but had decided to wait as she wanted the real thing…”

I profusely apologized to my extremely beautiful and alluring wife because when she got like this she was a real insatiable dynamo and could take me all the way inside her with less difficulty than usual.

And when she is really hot and up to it she wants anal sex, though that is very difficult for her due to my size and it usually only happens when she has been drinking, a lot! This is the first time I actually had turned her down in the four years we have been together!


We went to sleep or at least I did due to my fatigue but Alexis woke me and said something is wrong with Khan. He will not lie down, and he keeps pacing all around the bedroom whining occasionally.

“What’s wrong with him?” She asked me.

“I don’t know I replied in a heavy fog, I had been deeply asleep”.

“I sure wish he would lie down and let me get to sleep.”

“You’re the vet.” She said with a clever smile.

“Why don’t you find out what his problem is?”

I rolled over and turned on the lamp next to the bed. Khan was walking back and forth and it only took me a second to see his large swollen red penis hanging down below his belly. Khan would turn around and lick it for a moment and then start walking again. That’s when I remembered that the staff accidently placed him in an adjacent kennel with a bitch that was in heat and he had been there all day. He was in heat and needed relief himself.

“Nothing I can do.” I told my wife as she looked over my shoulder.

“Wow!” Alexis said as she looked down at Khan’s swollen dick.

Her mouth had fallen open in unabashed shock as she caught sight of the long, tapered, red cock protruding from its sheath between Khan's legs. Never had she imagined a dog would have such an impressive-sized cock

“I’ve never seen a dog’s dick all the way out like that before.

What has him so turned on.” She asked.

I told her about the mix-up at the clinic as I wondered why my wife would notice his dick at all.

“I got to get some sleep.” I said as I turned off the light again.

We lay there in the darkness for a long time as Khan kept pacing and from time to time the sounds of him whining filled the room. I was just about to get up and put him into the bathroom or out in the barn when Alexis sat up.

“I can’t take it anymore, can’t you do something?”

She said as she slipped out of the bed next to me.

“I can’t give him what he needs.” I answered her flatly.

“What is that?”

She asked as she turned on the light and got down on the floor to pet Khan. He quickly rolled over and exposed his swollen red cock to my wife’s curious eyes, she pet him soothingly.

“He needs a female dog.” I told her.

“Look at the size of his thingy.

I mean it’s huge, but not as big as yours.”

Alexis said as she looked at the Khan’s cock closer. My wife was right. Overall, I would guess it would be a bit over nine inches long, knot and all when he became fully hard, but I knew that knot would swell up to a much bigger diameter than my fat cock - tennis ball size or larger! Alexis pet Khan one last time and put both of her elbows on the bed facing me.

“I wish we could do something...” She started to say. I don’t know if it was the fact that my wife was now on her knees with her lovely ass pushed up into the air or what but Khan jumped up on Alexis and quickie mounted her. He tightly wrapped his forepaws around her waist and started thrusting hard at her ass as his lust rushed over him.

Alexis laughed “Crazy dog” she said as she tried to push him off but he held her tight and keep humping her like crazy. I could see she would have difficulty breaking his hold so I decided to get up to help, albeit slowly, because it did look pretty comical! Alexis had on a short sexy see thru negligee and as I rolled over to help her I could make out Khan’s big red dick thrusting between the parted moons of her firm up turned bare ass, her tiny silk G-string panty barely covering or protecting anything…

“Come here Khan.” I said as I got hold of his collar. I had to physically pull hard on him, initially he would not let go of Alexis’s hips and I wound up pulling both of them backwards until he finally released his hold on her.

“Thanks.” Alexis told me as I pulled Khan off her. “That was a mistake. I could feel his thingy rubbing against my panties and thrusting against my anus”. She looked down at Khan as he paced next to her.

I looked at her closely and realized her face was flushed.

“Ya, another minute and he might have had his way with you.”

I said as Khan walked around the bed.

“You think he would have?”

“I think that he would if I didn’t stop him. He could have easily slipped past that little silk G-string your wearing. Once in a mounting position a non-neutered dog will instinctively start humping. At this stage they are just “fooling” around - thrusting around gauging where things are but will become increasingly aroused. The next stage of arousal is they will start squirting precum, which is actually a lubricant and not sperm, to facilitate entry and passage. At this point, their cock will be able to go anywhere it wants to once it feels a hot constricted opening.

He is in heat and all his brain is thinking about is getting off. Look at him” I said pointing down to his red dick which was hanging down below his belly as he paced around, even bigger than before.

“In fact, speaking from a guy’s standpoint and also as a vet, it is just as painful for a dog to have a bad case of blue balls just like it is for guys, and it looks like you aroused him even more, look, his dick is even bigger than before…”

“Well.” Alexis began as she looked down at Khan’s rock hard scarlet cock. “I kind of feel sorry for him, I mean look at him, he does appear to be uncomfortable”. She looked up at me; her emerald green eyes had a strange sparkle that I had never seen before. She looked somehow sexy and excited.

“I feel sorry for him too” I said as I noticed that my wife’s nipples were also now diamond hard thru the transparent negligee. “But how could we help?” I questioned.

“You’re the vet, you tell me” Alexis said shyly.

Her shy tone surprised me, Alexis is anything but shy! The only time I had seen her shy was when she proposed to me. My mind was racing as I looked at the affect Khan was having on my wife. I had never thought about anything like this before. Not in my wildest fantasy had I wondered what it would be like to see my beautiful wife doing something like this. Then it happened, before I even knew what I was saying it came rushing out.

“You could jack his cock for him” I laughingly teased…

“You must be out of your mind!” she instantly replied.

“No honey, I’m really not. I mean it.

You would look extremely hot and erotic jacking off Khan”.

She replied

“I am shocked you would even think that I would do such a thing”.

“Alexis, you got this all wrong, just think of the erotic image of it, one of the world’s most incredibly beautiful women, wearing a very sexy “fuck me” negligee, jacking a dog off - it is a fantasy that most men have thought of at least once in their lives …I just wanted to give you something to think about”.

“I didn’t realize there was anything missing from our sex life!”

She harshly replied, her royal voice starting to emerge.

“Honey, you well know there isn’t anything missing!

You are a wild and creative sexual dynamo, my god, I thought I would have a permanent blush and be in a perpetual state of embarrassment watching you with your friends, and Katrina. I just thought we could add something different to it. That’s all. Honey, don’t get upset, we are just talking”.

“I am not upset, I want to know what you have on your mind, you started this”.

“Honey, I do not want to argue anymore but you were the one who wanted to help, doesn’t the idea interest you in the least?” I asked.

After a few moments she replied

“Well, some of those “anonymous” adult stories and images that pop up on my computer do have links to other websites. I was curious to see where they would lead and they lead to other sites for adult art, 3D drawings, comics and anime. There were images of women doing similar things, so it must not be that uncommon of a thing to do.…”

Then Alexis gave me an evil grin, and said

“Be very careful what you ask for!

People sometimes can’t handle what they think they want”.

Alexis – I wondered if he was really serious or just assing around. I decided to find out if he really wanted me to jack Khan off if he was just joking. The thought, still kinda excited me, it was pretty naughty but in an erotic way, as I recalled browsing thru the 3D drawings and anime. It was pretty brazen and daring letting him hump me while I only wore my G-string panties. Only after he started and had me locked into an unbreakable vise grip did I realize how strong he was, or how powerful his thrusting was. Now in hindsight I was amazed his cock tip had not slipped past my G-string panties and into my ass or pussy!

Shit, I thought to myself, I think I could jack him off. Fuck, what am I thinking?

I noticed my pussy was getting wet and I knew it would clearly be obvious with the silk G-string panties I wore. It would serve Trevor right if I did jack Khan off. I was mad and kind of excited at the same time. I just kept thinking about what Trevor said, how it would look. I could feel my pussy getting wetter and hotter, as I thought of jacking Khan’s cock. My face was getting flush red and my nipples were painfully hard, I was surprised by my own physical reactions. That sweet son of a bitch husband of mine I thought. I am going to give him something to watch. Fuck, I am really getting turned on, thinking about it. What is wrong with me? Am I really going to do this? The answer is, Hell Yes! Let’s just see how he likes his wife jacking off Khan. He opened up this box; let’s just see how he likes what’s inside. Why not? In fact, I might not only jack him off but really shock Trevor by letting him mount me again so he could rub his cock between my legs…, as I remembered that strangely erotic and brazen feeling of his cock thrusting between my bare ass cheeks and against my barely covered vagina. I knew right then my sex life was going to change…

I started running my hand along Khan’s body. I could feel his muscles under his fur. My right hand rubbed his body; my left hand found his sheath covered cock. My pussy was hot now! Trevor was intently watching to see if I would back down, then I saw his erection under the sheet, his fingers barely touching it. I suspect he had been toying with his cock and stopped when he saw me start to look up. Fuck him! I thought to myself, I will see who will back down first! Khan’s cock was fully exposed with the knot, it looked strange to me. But, I had gone too far now to stop as I rubbed Khan’s sheath, I could feel his cock growing. My eyes were fixed to the opening of his sheath as the red pointed cock started to emerge. Khan is was hung well too, I kept thinking to myself. About nine inches, not quite as long as my loving husband but this knot was the size of a tennis ball. Shit! This is exciting, I really love this. Then, Khan started humping my hot hand.

Just as I thought I would get on my knees to let him mount and let him thrust his cock between my closely pressed legs to really shock Trevor he said

“You could let him mount you, just keep your legs tightly pressed together so he does not enter. Just kind of let him thrust between your legs, your skin would do it, I think. Then he will quiet down and we can all get some sleep…”

Trevor – “I looked down at Alexis and for the first time in our marriage, I didn’t recognize my wife”.

“Well I better get these expensive flimsy things off so he doesn’t snag them with his claws”

then she pulled off her short negligee and slipped off her silk G-string panties. I stood there in silence and shock as my now naked beautiful wife kneeled back down onto the carpeted floor at the foot of our bed…

Khan didn’t even hesitate. He jumped up on my wife’s exposed lovely bare ass and grabbed her with both of his front paws. Khan quickly started to hump; I could see his red cock rubbing against and thrusting between the parted moons of Alexis’s now completely unprotected ass again.

Alexis - I felt him start to hump and poke at me although it seemed rather hap hazard, one second it would touch my leg, then the next my ass cheek but I couldn’t help feeling intensely excited by it. I felt his cock thrust excitingly against and then in-between the parted twin moons of my ass, the cock tip several times teasingly danced directly around my tight anal entrance. A few times I felt the tip prod directly against the entrance but found the portal too tight and slipped away. I slightly tilted my ass up and with his next thrust, I felt his cock slip into the cleft between my legs, sliding against my labia lips and over my hardening clitoris.

Trevor - I was surprised at just how quickly Alexis had knelt at the edge of the bed and shocked again as after a several seconds of Khan dry humping her, I watched her start spreading her knees apart instead keeping them clamped together so Khan could dry hump her.

“Alexis, if you are going to do it that way, remember what I said about when he starts to squirt precum. At that point you need to reach behind you and grasp his cock and let him thrust into your hand to get him off”

My voice slowly died away as another shock went thru me as I watched her labia lips swell and begin to openly part…


Alexis - As Khan humped at me I smiled at myself enjoying the feeling of being lusted after by him and the quite evident open lust my husband was displaying, it was turning me on more than I could have imagined, especially when I could feel his cock tip touch my labia lips. It felt silky smooth, slippery and HOT! Then the inevitable happened. I felt his hot tip slip inside me for a brief second which made me moan uncontrollably. As quick as it entered me it was gone. This happened a few more times just making me wetter and even hornier! I felt myself start to lose control of my body, and my mind had lost control of any rational thought. At this point I was unsure what to do but with a jolt I realized I was hornier than I had ever been before.

Then, I felt a powerful jet of hot precum blast against my tight anal entrance, surging my arousal to new intensity, then, a second blast directly into my vaginal opening and I realized my labia lips had swollen and openly parted laying bare my entrance.

I was instantly overcome with the hotly intense erotic feeling of the powerful jet of hot fluid blasting against and into my tight vaginal opening - I felt a renewed surge of arousal that flamed the growing heat in my pussy and uncontrollably I gave myself over completely. I decided to just let whatever and wherever happen - only one thought prevailed and that was to be fucked thoroughly and thoroughly satisfied, as an unbearable heated wanton primal arousal seated deep within my pussy demanded to be satiated.

Trevor - In amazement I watched as Alexis tilted her ass up. She let out a moan when he started squirting precum against her unprotected tight anal entrance and then her unprotected sex as he continued to thrust and then Alexis let out a loud gasp and I watched as more than half of his cock disappeared into my wife’s tight pussy! When Khan realized he had hit home, on his second thrust he slammed forward and started pounding Alexis with ferocity!

Alexis - My pussy opened around Kahn's hot cock, its heat warming my insides, his hardness plowing me open, his urgency and strength pushing me against the bed. His cock snaked inside me almost taking my breath away as he seemed to grow. My pussy screamed as he stretched me, my mind wanting to resist his assault, but my body giving way to primal wanton desire. I gripped at the bedspread and let him have his way, shocked by the primeval ferocity he was humping at me. His pounding thrusting was actually shaking the bed!

Trevor - I saw Khan started to fuck Alexis like crazy. In less than a minute he had driving his cock into my wife’s pussy more than thirty times. Alexis’s grabbed hold of the bed as his crimson cock assaulted her. She gripped the bedspread with her free hand and bit her lower lip as Khan worked her over. I looked down and noticed that Khan had already managed to work his whole cock as deep as she would let him into her. She kept a grip on his cock right below the knot that had started to form there. At least Alexis was not going to let Khan tie her up I was thinking…

“ This is…. The….. Best… Part?”

She said between stabs of Khan’s large meaty dick.

She let go of Khan’s cock altogether and I knew that he was trying to push his swollen knot up into my wife’s tight pussy.

Alexis lowered her head and I just had to look down and see for myself. Khan’s cock was pushing against her pussy; it was starting to open wider. With each push the larger part of his cock was disappearing into my wife’s pussy. Half of the knot was lodged into her already and as I watched he started to hump her more quickly. Another shock as I watched my beautiful wife began humping back against the thrusting cock trying to get the swelling knot inside her! The large knot finally worked its way into my wife’s pussy.

Alexis - I felt his knot pushing against me then starting to open me, spreading me for the tie. I felt his knot push completely inside then tugged back out, it happened several times, it was an amazing feeling my pussy getting tighter and tighter with the increasing diameter of the swelling knot each time it thrust back inside making me whimper, my body gave over to my first orgasm. Spasms and shivers coursed through my body, my pussy clamping tight around his burning knot, feeling the hot length of his cock thrusting into me at speeds I have never experienced. My pussy felt like it was on fire inside and then he locked into me…

Trevor - I could no longer see it. We both knew she was knotted and knotted well when she started to talk back to Khan:

“That’s it…. You……. Bastard! Give It to me…. Give it all to me!”

Alexis hissed between strokes as she humped back against the deeply embedded cock.

Alexis was grunting away with Khan’s lewd fucking motions behind her. Each time Khan pushed into her she would let out a lust filled grunt. Sweat was now dripping down her brow. I had never seen her like this before. Her hair was all messed; her face was twisted in lust.

Alexis - I was feeling every inch of his red cock. My pussy lips were to the knot, I came two more times, hard and fast, one behind the other as I wiggled my pussy lips over the tennis ball sized knot.


I screamed as I pressed down and slowly the knot passed through the lips of my pussy.


I yelled as my pussy filled with Khan’s cock

I looked through glazed eyes at Trevor. I knew he was still in shock. I really didn’t care. I loved the feel of this cock being furiously pounded into me with a speed no man could match and it was his idea! I moved my full pussy around the Khan’s cock. He was whining and thrusting upwards into my soaked, cum filled pussy. I could hear Trevor breathing hard, I knew he would shoot his load of cum soon.

Trevor - “Well…..” She said with a struggle. “Give me your cock!” Alexis pointed at my dick. She waved me towards her face.

Alexis grabbed it with the same forcefulness she had just used on Khan’s cock. She grabbed me like she really didn’t care what I wanted. She pulled me towards her mouth and started to suck on my dick. I couldn’t help but look down and watch Khan’s cock as it worked away into my wife’s pussy. It had already been a few minutes. I didn’t know how long it would take him to unload but I knew I was not far away from my own orgasm.

“He is… Really something…Ugh…get my pussy… get it boy… Get it KHAN!

Take it.. That’s right.. my pussy is all yours right now...”

My wife said around the head of my dick. Khan leaned down and rested his head on Alexis’s shoulder.

Give me that ….. Cock.. THAT HUGE COCK…Ohhhh.” that’s it ride my hot tight pussy with that big prick of yours!”

She was talking in lusty hushed tones but every once in awhile she would let out an unexpected cry

“That’s….. It’s... deeper. I know that’s what you want... I know your cock is bigger than that.. Push you bastard.. Push… I can take it… Ohhh Yessss, push that knot deeper... Ohh God! Fuck! His cock is getting so big! Oh Shit! "Oh yes, fuck, his cock is so fucking HUUUUUGE!"

screamed Alexis as she was rocking back towards him as he fucked into her pussy.

Trevor - Alexis went back to work on my dick, jerking on it with uncoordinated movements caused by the big powerful dog’s onslaught into her pussy. She looked back towards Khan, he kept his head low as Alexis started to orgasm

“Give it to me Khan…” She loudly yelled out.

Alexis shrieked a primal scream that was wrenched from her lungs. Again and again the guttural cry rent the air until her hoarse voice began to give out. Her entire body stiffened under Khan as the invading dog cock gave her the most intense orgasms of her life. Orgasms so intense it permanently addicted Alexis to…dogs.

“Alexis gripped my cock hard as she came on Khan’s cock. I couldn’t help it. I started to cum. I shot off all over her face, and Alexis didn’t turn away as she usually did. She quickly grabbed my cock and sucked it into her mouth as I finished unloading. Khan suddenly whimpered and I could tell that my wife was getting a large quantity of well earned load of cum.

“That’s it Khan.”YES! YES! Oh… FUCK Yeah! That’s It! CUM INSIDE ME!

Oh my God, he's cumming in me! He's cumming!

Oh, shit, holy shit, it's so much cum! FUCK! It's sooo HOT!

He's filling my womb up! I can feel it swell with all he is pumping into me!

Fuck! Ahhh, OH FUCK YES!

Trevor - For a moment I felt a flash of inadequacy as well as shock at seeing my beautiful wife exhibiting such openly wanton primal lust and seeing that primal lust savagely and completely fulfilled! Even though I was much bigger than Khan in cock size I could not match the fast pounding fury he could give her, the feeling of the huge knot swelling inside her stretching her farther she ever had, pressing hard against her sensitive G-spot, nor the huge quantity of inhumanely heated precum and cum being ejaculated into her!

Alexis said softly “I think I’m going to be stuck here for a bit” as she relaxed under Khan. They had fucked for at least ten minutes and I knew that it would be several more minutes before the Khan’s huge knot would let them part.

Alexis on the other hand started to rock back and forth on Khan’s cock as she rub her clit. She was using Khan’s spent hardness to work herself off to yet another orgasm. I felt my cock began to stir to life again watching her…

Alexis - I looked back between my widely spread legs and could see a few drops that had leaked around him forming to drop to the floor from my pussy. I reached down to rub the warm fluid into my clit as I felt another throb inside me....followed by a twitch and another throb...realizing I was about to cum again. I came like never before and Khan even seemed to let out a whimper as my vaginal muscles again tightly clamped down. I moaned and I squealed, my fingers on my clit, rubbing it hard as I humped back, my pussy muscles repeatedly squeezed the long and thick cock, milking it for everything it had.

I relished the feeling of his long and thick rigid cock sealing up my hot soaking wet pussy, his huge knot pressing into my vaginal tunnel, tightly pressing against my G-spot, expanding my tunnel to a dimension never experienced before. Moving my hand over my smooth and flat muscular abdomen to my pubic mound, I could feel it swollen with the knot! I could feel the liquid heat in my pussy spreading through my abdomen as he continued to fill me,

I lost track of time, I didn’t really care until he attempted to pull out…

His knot was still at full size and my pussy clamped tight around him. The pain shot straight to my head with the first hard firm pull, my muscles fighting to hold him in; resisting the force he was applying to open me. He pulled me backwards forcing me onto my hands and knees.

Trevor - I watched Alexis as she grunted again and this time she let Khan slowly slip out of her well fucked pussy with a prolong schlepping noise and a final pop! I looked down at my wife’s gapping pussy. I could see she was wet with cum all the way down to her knees. Alexis had just kind of collapsed down onto the floor.

Alexis - All my efforts to stay with him failed, and with one hard pull, His knot forced its way out of me, as a painful groan escaped my throat and I collapsed to the floor. My pussy throbbed and the muscles burned from the force of our separation.

Getting back to my knees my eyes widened and I gasped when I saw the huge red thickly swollen cock and larger than fist size knot that had just been inside me. I looked underneath me amazed at the quantity of fluid that still continued to gush out of my pussy, coating my thighs and wetting the floor, at the quantity of copious cum that had been deposited inside my pussy! It was so hot!

I tried to get control of my body, to settle my mind, to accept what had just happened. It was almost like he had raped me, but was it possible to rape the willing? After all I did take off all my clothes, got down on my knees, and allowed Khan to mount me. I chastised myself knowing how I let the dare go too far, how my body and my lust instantly and completely took over when I first felt his hot squirting cock thrusting against me. I always knew I couldn’t control myself when I was highly aroused and stimulated, how a new experience left me mindless except one thought - the need to be thoroughly and completely satiated, and I let this happen…

Trevor - Her lovely ass was still sticking up in a beautiful lewd display, the parted moons of her ass cheeks, her lovely tight anus, and her red swollen openly parted labia with a long stream of cum issuing forth from her pussy and flowing to the floor. I kneeled down and grabbed her by the hips. Alexis’s head popped up with a start and her head spun around. Before she could say anything my cock was halfway inside into her gapping dog fucked pussy - the first time I had ever been able to enter her so easily or so deeply in one thrust. With the help of Khan’s sperm I easily slipped in deeper.

“What… are you doing?” Alexis protested.

“I’m going to fuck you… I’m so turned on right now”

I said as I drove back into her pussy which was hot from the cum. I could feel my cock push against her cervical entrance, slowly I exerted gentle pressure and felt my cockhead begin to slip past, and I felt Alexis began to respond as she pushed back against me pushing my cock deeper into her cervical passage reaching for her womb… I fucked into her; it was so exciting to know I was pushing cum back into her womb...

Alexis - I was somewhat in a state of shock, having just been fucked like I never have before experienced nor the innumerable most intense orgasms I had ever had. Khan’s cock was not as nearly as long in length or thickness as my husband, except for the knot, but then I realized it was the raw primal intensity of the action, then I felt Trevor begin to thrust into me…

“Is that it…? ” Alexis said as she looked at me over her shoulder.

“Does it turn you on… to watch your wife getting dog fucked!”

She said in a lust filled voice.

“Hell Yes Alexis!

More than anything!”

Alexis - something deep inside of me stirred, something primal and simultaneously completely strange yet perfectly natural... as I suddenly intensely orgasmed, my pussy tightly clenched Trevor’s cock in repeated rippling spasms as I triggered his own massive explosion deep within me…

Slowly, I pulled out of Alexis and collapsed onto the bed having one of the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced. Alexis rose, silently looked at me, then went to the bathroom and took a long shower as I drifted off to sleep. It was like I was in another world.


The next morning I took Khan back to the kennel and gave him back to his owner. If only she knew what her dog had been doing back at my house. I went home that day not really knowing what to say to Alexis. How can you bring up a subject like this in casual conversation?

Afterwards I noticed that for the first few days Alexis seemed reserved and quiet, which not her usual openly loving, talkative and playful self. She did not talk about what had happened that night. She acted like she had not Let Khan fuck her or had actually been fucking him back in front of me. I couldn’t get it out of my mind. At night as I lay there beside her all I could think of was watching her fucking Khan. I could still see her spread out willingly in front him, being mounted. It excited me and I wanted more of it.

A few nights later in which we once did not have sex, the first time that ever happened, I pulled her towards me as I tried to bring up what had happened. I wanted to talk about it. I kissed at her neck as my cock pressed against her legs, then slowly I felt her legs part in response. My cock found her entrance and I waited to see if she would respond further. I wanted to see her act as she did when she was twisted in lust with Khan. It had been such an unexpected turn on to see her shake with orgasm after orgasm on an inhuman cock. After a few more moments of caressing her and kissing her nape, Alexis began working my cock inside of her pussy, the same tight pussy that had been locked over a canine’s cock the other night. The same tight pussy that had welcomed canine sperm inside her. Slowly, I felt her respond more and more as she became more diligent in working my cock deeper inside as she built up to a feverish pitch…

“Did you like it?” I asked as I fucked her hard. “Did you like Khan fucking you?!”

I was instantly rewarded with the feeling of a warm rush from her pussy. I relived the experience with her as we fucked. I told her what it had looked like seeing her impaled upon his big red hot cock, locked onto his knot. I told her how much it had excited me to watch Khan servicing her. Soon her pussy was so wet that we were both soaked, as I easily slid in and out of her without the need for artificial lubrication, her pussy had never been this wet before that I could remember.

“Please.” She said. “I only did it to help Khan.
YOU told me he was in pain and discomfort.”
She added as I worked out my own load into her pussy.

I knew that Alexis liked fucking Khan. I knew that she enjoyed it and would do it again I just had to set up the right kind of situation. Her body told me all I needed to know…

Two days later she was still being quiet. I decided to take her out to dinner and then to her favorite bar. She ate little but drank more than she usually does when it is just her and I, she was more than tipsy. We were sitting in a quiet corner with low lights and soft music playing, no one could overhear the conversation I was about to initiate with Alexis.

“Honey, are we okay? You have me worried…”

Alexis replied

“We’re just fine, I just had to process some things, to reconcile what happened the other night, with Khan…”

“Honey, it was a onetime thing, we both got carried away, it will never happen again” I reassured her.

“Nooo, that’s not it, I, I enjoyed it” she said in a low stutter.

“I have never been fucked so hard, so fast, so very intensely before! It was like something primal welled up within me - this deep seated sexual primal urge to be fucked hard and be fucked now and I did not care with what!

Please don’t get me wrong, you are the greatest lover and I am the most fortunate woman in the world to be married to a fantastic lover who is also extremely and fantastically very well endowed as well as intelligent and the envy of all my friends. Most times when we have sex, we are making love to each other, showing how much we love each other, and it is fantastic each time -but this, this was just raw primal fucking with the sole purpose of climaxing and achieving sexual release!

“I have spent the last few days constantly trying to figure out how the act of being mounted and dry humped could so create an uncontrollable flaming arousal within me. Then when Khan started squirting precum, that hot fluid hitting my ass and pussy seemed to instantly vanish all my inhibitions and I had an overwhelming feeling of wanting a hot cock slammed into me right that instant! And then he did start fucking me with that hot cock and I could feel each and every spurt of hot precum as it shot inside as he fucked me! And then feeling his knot swell up inside to huge proportions pressing against my G-spot creating one orgasm after another! I could actually feel him fill up my womb with all the fluid he ejaculated, the spreading warmth as he pumped more and more into me. I,I, just got overwhelmed - totally lost in the sensations and pleasure!

“Even more so, I have been trying to reconcile with what I did, how I acted, and how I responded with who I am - a highly educated royal European princess who is member of one of the world’s wealthiest families!”

Stunned, I could just sit there and stare at her. Alexis reached across the table and took both of my hands in hers, as a tear leaked from her eyes as she said

“Honey, please do not think less of me… I could not bear it for I love you so much it hurts…”

Startled with her words and now knowing she had been putting herself in needless pain, I quickly reassured Alexis that was not the case - that my love for her never diminishes but only grows stronger and deeper with each day and I did not have the words to express how much I love and care for her.

Then I added

“What you did and how you responded was the biggest, hottest erotic thing I had ever seen which would fuel the flames of fantasy of any man and many a woman!

Seeing one of the world’s most beautiful women doing what you did and the immense sexual gratification you received! Hell! There are hundreds of porn sites strictly devoted to this subject, so as you said yourself, it must not be that uncommon of a thing to do.…!!!”

Alexis stared back at me and then reached for her drink that the waitress had just refreshed. I watched her as she drained her stiff drink in just a few swallows. Then she looked at me and said

“I would like to do it again….”

PART 12 (The Next Day)

When we are working around the house and outside and down at the barn and not expecting company, Alexis likes to wear old clothing that very sexily shows off her lovely figure and assets to admire my reactions and comments. Secretly I think she alters some of it to be even sexier, appealing as well as revealing! Today Alexis was wearing old loose-fitting low-rise three button faded Daisy Dukes denim cutoffs that allowed her curvaceous firm ass cheeks to peek out along with a tight thin mid-riff tank top that was two sizes too small, that was deeply scalloped in the front - with no bra on.

We had purchased a donkey that we named Jake to keep the coyotes away from the livestock. Guard donkeys are not neutered because it keeps them more aggressive toward predators; however in a short time he became more of a pet. When we went on campouts on the ranch, Jake preferred to lay down next to our bedrolls instead of being with the other horses. He also constantly hung around the house begging for treats instead of performing guard duty. Jake was very persistent in looking for treats in every pant and shirt pocket with his sensitive and inquisitive nose. Often times very embarrassingly so when Alexis’s girlfriends were over repeatedly nuzzling their shirt pockets with a velvet soft nose eliciting giggles from them. One girlfriend had commented Jake was better at this than some of her past boyfriends! But I must say he did make a good watch donkey. Whenever he heard a vehicle coming up the miles long ranch road to our house, he would start braying letting us know someone was approaching.

I went down to the barn to load range cubes into the truck for the livestock. Alexis was already there giving Jake his weekly bath. Alexis had started giving Jake weekly baths, loving seeing how his coat became more lustrous each week with her bathing and grooming. When I got there she had Jake in the bath stall with the thick rubber floor mat so the horses and now Jake could not slip when getting bathed.

The mid-riff tank top was wet from her bathing Jake and had become transparent. I felt a definite stirring in my pants as I watched her full firm up-thrust voluptuous unfettered breasts slowly shift repeatedly with her exertions bathing Jake, her small areolas and taut nipples clearly showed thru the wet translucent thin material, her diamond hard nipples looked like they would cut thru the fabric of her top.

The short mid-riff tank top and her low-rise daisy duke cutoffs allowed an extremely generous amount of tanned bare skin to be exposed showing Alexis’s hard ripped midriff as well as her lower abdomen with her equally well-defined muscle definition. Silently I wondered how those cut-off jeans managed to stay up! I thought to myself there was not a wet tee shirt contest anywhere in the world she would not win let alone a beauty contest!

The top third button of her low-rise jeans was unfastened and her jeans were parted in a Vee. For a moment she stood straight up, I watched as a long thick trickle of soapy water ran down from up under her breasts, down her flat abdomen then disappear into the Vee…

Alexis saw me looking at her and gave me a grin. Then she turned that sexy cute ass toward me and slowly bent over with her legs spread apart to soap up the sponge from the wash bucket. Her Daisy Dukes cut up into her and a generous amount of her bare firm ass cheeks showed clearly she was not wearing any panties underneath…

In a husky sexy voice with that rich European accent she said

“Hey cowboy!

How about coming over here and giving me a hand…

As I walked over to Alexis she looked at me with a gleam in her eye and a saucy smile upon her lips. Then she crossed her arms in front of her and slowly pulled off her tank top, then she skimmed off her cutoff daisy dukes.

Then she arched a royal eyebrow at me and stated

“I did tell you I wanted to do it again, but with Jake this time.….”

P.S. – A couple of weeks later I had gone to a continuing education seminar out of state. It was unfortunate it coincided with Katrina’s arrival to stay with us for a month or so and I was unable to go with Alexis to pick her up at the airport. I was checking my emails one night in my hotel room and I saw an email from Alexis with a video attached. Her email simply stated

“Katrina has discovered something just as good as another woman with a dildo and in some aspects better!”

I clicked on the video clip and there was Katrina in our bedroom, nude, being furiously pounded by the mastiff, her orgasmic screams went on and on…

The next day I called Alexis. We chatted about how things were going, what plans she and Katrina had come up with, what I was doing, and how much I missed them and look forward to getting back. Then Alexis asked me how I liked their email last night. Instantly a lump formed in my throat and I could only croak out a weak “fantastic!”

Alexis sexily chuckled at my reply, then mentioned one of her girlfriends was coming over tonight to stay a couple nights until I got back and to check my email again late tonight…


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Story was too long and could have been better if the women had used honey and peanut butter to entice the dogs.


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