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An underage dance club?
This is my first story. Comments and chat welcome. [email protected] Maybe more to come.

It was almost ten o clock and I was pissed. I was wrapping up my first week as the personal assistant to Magnus Thenn. That's right. THE Magnus Thenn. Multi-millionaire media mogul. I was four years out of college and had bitten, clawed and scrached my way just near the top of this corporate ladder. It was nerve wracking. Demoralizing and terrible when I was chosen for an incredibly exclusive position. To personally assist the magnetic. Eccentric CEO for two years. My colleagues hated me, it meant that I was on the way up. Being groomed for a future executive position, That meant money, power, and women, all the things I had denied myself my entire life to get to this point.

I had started that Monday at 5AM sharp, and Thenn had worked me almost to death the entire week. Thenn was a taskmaster. He had me up till past 1AM every night that week, knowing that I'd be up again and at the door to his office in the high rise offices at 5 sharp the next morning. By this point, I hated the guy like I never knew I could hate anybody. I was really starting to regret my decision as I tried to rub the weariness form my eyes as I rechecked another business projection for next fiscal year. I had just put on a fresh pot of coffee when I got a text from the head honcho. “MY OFFICE” . His communication was like that. All ways short and terse and in all CAPS just so he could feel like he was still screaming at you even if you miles away.

I sighed flipped off the coffeemaker. I felt the hackles rise a bit on the back of my neck as I stalked through the deserted office floor on the way to the luxurious working space of Magnus Thenn. Even the senior marketing manager had left three hours ago. I just told myself that when I had that when I was being helicoptered around Manhattan in five years or so, it would all be worth it.

I ran a hand through my close cropped blond hair as I walked through the large oak doors in the the office of Magnus Thenn. He was sitting casually at his mammoth oak desk twirling a pen in his hands that probably cost about as much as the rent on my studio on the east side? “Bradley. How are those projections looking? Are things looking good for next quarter?” Thenn asked as he got out of his leather chair and walked over to his wall of flat screen TVs, each one playing a different financial network. “They look good sir. Just about what we expected. Our retail operations will most likely slow down a bit, but the wireless contracts will offset that and more. “ I said as he flipped the TVs off.

Thenn stood up and walked over towards me. Thenn was in his mid forties, with long salt and pepper hair. He was tall and famously good looking, always in an expensive suit and a way more expensive watch.

I was dreading what was coming next. Thenn was going to tell me to work on summarizing the projections for internal memos, then re-summarizing them for the media. That was going to take just about all night. I grimaced in expectation as Thenn walked over and clapped me on the shoulder. “Good work this week Bradley. You've shown that you can work in the big time. Now let's go get a drink.” I just about felt my eyes drop out of my head. My boss, the CEO of a multi billion dollar empire wanted me to come have a drink with him? I had no idea what to say. “Sir...that sounds...great...” I stammered. I was going to politely decline

. My younger sister Stacy was waiting for me at the Apartment. Since Dad passed on a few years ago and our Mother was a drug addict, she'd been living at my place, and I had a responsibility to be there for her. The excuse was almost out of my mouth but Thenn was already walking to the elevator and I knew if I wanted to stay in the big leagues I was expected to follow. I shot off a quick text to Stacy about working late, they came out pretty easily now, and followed Thenn into the elevator as the doors closed with quit snick.

Thenn waved his wrist at the elevator control panel, and the RFID Chip in his watch sent the elevator down to his private garage. The doors opened and I was treated to the sight of one of his Lamborghinis. I got in, feeling a bit out of place in such a superb and expensive machine. Thenn started up the car and we roared out onto the streets of New York City. “You're being prepared for a very privileged life Bradley. We are captains of industry. Our decisions affect the structure of the entire financial world, and as such the structure of the rest of the world too. We work extremely hard, so our relaxation should be first rate as well, don't you think.” Thenn said as he roared up a sidestreet and I just did my best to hang on and try to not look stupid. This was indicative of our entire relationship thus far.

Here I was, going to have a drink with one of the most powerful men in the business world and I wasn't really looking forward to it. I was already on the outs with my girlfriend Melissa about the long hours and I knew that spending Friday nights with my boss wouldn't make it any better. I was halfway dreading whatever stuffy cigar bar we were heading to. I didn't want to spend my Friday night listening to old dinosaurs of industry drone on and on about the NASDAQ.

I settled into my seat for a nice depressing night. I was surprised when Thenn pulled his car into a parking garage nowhere near any of those stuff old cigar bars. After Thenn parked in a spot reserved for his expensive machine he stepped out of the car and began to walk over to the elevator with me following closely behind. He strolled over to the elevator and pressed the up arrow and I followed him inside. As the doors started to close he finally began to speak. “You done good work this week Bradley. You have a sharp mind and real potential to be a leader within this company. We are captains of industry in the truest sense of the word. The decisions we make at our company affect the entire financial world, and therefore the rest of the planet as well. “

Thenn waved his RFID enabled wristwatch in front of the elevator control panel and the elevator began to rise quickly. “The weight of the world rests on our shoulders Bradley. So it only makes sense that as our work is extraordinary, so as should be our relaxation.” I was puzzled by Thenn's words but had learned to keep quiet and watch, so I just nodded at him solemnly as the elevator finally came to a stop. The LED readout at the top of the elevator car read PT. The doors slid open onto a dimly lit marble hallway that was extremely luxurious. Thenn strolled confidently and with poise to a large steel door at the end of the hallway and I followed behind, somewhat less confidently. Thenn waved his magic watch to the right of the door and with a hiss it swung open towards us. I followed him into a small dimly lit room where two large bouncers stood at attention simply staring at us loong intimidating. Thenn gave a wave and they parted as we walked through double doors down another long hallway. As we walked down I began to feel a light vibration in my toes that grew much more powerful as Thenn pushed open another set of doors and my jaw just about dropped.

I stood on landing above what appeared to be a dance club packed with girls who were at the oldest 15 years old. Girls of all different kinds of ethnicities, in black, or bright sequin dresses, who all had one thing in common: they couldn't legally smoke or vote. Thenn smiled at me as he saw my confusion. “Bradley, welcome to Club PT" He said as he strolled over to the bar. I followed close behind as I watched two girls who looked about twelve years old in matching gold little dresses grinding lewdly all over each other, one greedily sucking on the finger of the other. Their eyes locked on me as I swallowed a bit nervously as we sidled up to the bar.

Good evening Mr. Thenn the bartender said as he pushed two drinks toward us. Hey there Ben he said as he handed me a gin and tonic and started sipping on his. To our left an Asian girl who seemed to be about fourteen grinned at Thenn as she lit up a cigarette and sipped at her martini. “Mr. Thenn...this” I asked stammering as I watched dozens of young girls gyrate and move to the beat. Many of them were smoking and drinking and just generally acting nothing like what I thought girls this age would act like.

“This is the Club PT Bradley. This is a place where the young, rich and bored can come and unwind, since they can't get into the other clubs in the city.” Thenn said as he leaned over and let the stunning teen middle schooler to our left light a cigarette for him. “The girls get in free, but we charge a significant cover to men who would like to attend a night of dance and drinks with these vixens. That is just one of the revenue streams this wonderful place offers Bradley. You'll find one day how profitable a place like this can be.” Thenn said as he walked over to the Asian teenager. He placed a hand on her bare back familiarly as she put a hand on his thigh as she sat next to him.

My heart was beating quickly in my chest as I watched the wild scene before me on the dance floor. The music was pulsing through the club seemingly in time with my pulse as my mind raced. What is this place? How can this be legal? I should just get another drink. I waved to Ben the bartender and he stepped over and pushed another gin and tonic in front of me. I sat there with my back to the bar watching the girls out on the dance floor. They were all dressed to the nines, in short dresses of varying colors and degrees of shininess.

As I downed my third and fourth vodka tonics I couldn't help notice how hot some of these girls were. Even though they were a lot younger than my girlfriend. Or maybe it was because they were so much younger. Halfway through my fifth vodka tonic I found myself out on the dance floor, gyrating with a trio of girls who looked like they were freshmen in High School. I was drunk, hard and had my hands all over girls way too young for me and I was loving every minute of it. I felt the music guide my body as I ground my crotch into the ass of the redhead in the white dress in front of me. She was maybe fourteen years old, with pale skin, and a super short pixie haircut. She had small, pert tits and an amazing ass.The music was blaring so I shouted into her ear. "I'm Brad!" I yelled. "Lily!" I heard her shout back. I felt the booze spreading warmth through my body as I rubbed my hand up and down her thighs, and she grinned back at my devilishly. I felt her hands on mine as she guided my hands up her thighs between her legs to press my hand against her bare pussy.

I wrapped my other hand around her slim waist as I pushed a finger into her as we rocked together on the dance floor. Dancing girls all around us, my head swimming with alcohol and my cock hard as it ever had been pressed against her ass as I worked a finger in and out of the velvet folds of her pussy. She moaned into my ear lustily and breathed “Wanna get out of here? My parents are in Barcelona.” before biting down on my earlobe as I sucked on her neck. I didn't even respond but took her wrist and dragged her off of the dance floor.

Minutes later we were on a deserted street corner. I had my hands all over her. I couldn't believe how caress I was being! Here I was, my hand voraciously squeezing a young girl's ass on a street corner. I raised a hand and a cab pulled over to the side of the road. We piled in making out furiously, me barely giving her time to bark out an uptown address as the driver pulled forward, glancing back at the show in the backseat as he drove. I felt her hands on my crotch, my dick a rod of iron at this point as I pushed her back against the door of the cab. I hiked her dress up lewdly in the back of the cab.

“Oh fuck it..” she moaned as I pushed her dress up to her thighs, exposing her pussy, young and fresh, totally bald and glistening with moisture. I dove in immediately, my hands on her thighs as I began to lap greedily at her teen pussy as she groaned out in pleasure, running her hand through my hair as she slapped at the partiton of the cab , causing it to swerve a little. “Keep it fucking steady you fucking raghead!” She screeched as I pushed a finger into her tight, velvety folds. She was sopping wet and tighter than any girl I'd ever felt. I couldn't describe it but even as her casual racism made me dislike her, it made me want to fuck her even more. I spread her lips apart, and suckled on her clit, enjoying the listening to her squeal and shudder with delight as she bucked her hips into my eager mouth. Suddenly she pushed me back again the other side of the cab.

I slammed into the door with a loud THUD as the cabbie glanced back at me. Her petite hands were fumbling with my belt as she gazed up at me with her big green eyes full of lust. “Let's see this cock...” She breathed as she unzipped my slacks and pulled out my hard 7 inch cock. She grinned at me as she started to lower her head towards my dick when suddenly the cab came to a sudden stop.

“We're here. 24.40 the cabbie said. I grabbed a 100 dollar bill out of my wallet and handed it to the cabbie. He gave me a smile. “Have fun. “ Will do!” I said as she opened the cab door. She kept a firm hold on my cock as she used it to pull me out onto the street. The cool night air against my member was contrasted with the warm palm of her hand as I slammed shut the cab door and it drove away. Lily gave my cock a few jerks as she stood there looking up at me devilishly. A middle aged couple walking a dog gave us a nervous look as they strolled by. Suppose that should be expected seeing a girl who was about fourteen jerking a thirty year old guy off on an upscale NYC street.

Lily guided me by my cock up to her building and opened the door. I slammed her agast the elevator door and she slapped at the UP button, pulling me inside as the door slid open. She pressed the button marked 8 and the doors slid shut as we began our ascent. I pushed her up against the wall of the elevator and spun her around so that she was facing it and I was behind her. I began to grind my meat against her bare asscheeks as I pulled her dress down off her shoulders, freeing her amazingly perky tits. My hands were instantly cupping and kneading them as she moaned into my ear. “I can't wait to have that cock in me Brad...” she gasped as I pinched a nipple playfully, before spinning her around and pressing her to the wall of the elevator as it steadily climbed. As it went up her dress came down. 5...6...7.... She stepped out of the dress as we hit the eight floor. I had her totally naked (except for her heels of course) as the doors slid open. A girl of about 22 , done up to go out clubbing herself gave us a shocked look as Lily led me off of the elevator, a purse in one hand and a cock in the other as we stepped down the hall and she finally opened the door to the apt. I slammed it shut behind her and pushed her back onto an expensive looking couch made of Corinthian leather.

The apartment was completely magnificent, huge flatscreen TV in the living room, expensive rugs and hardwood floors. I could tell Lily

She was quick, back on her feet in a flash, she seized my button down shirt and yanked it open, buttons falling to the carpet and pinging off of the glass coffee table. I stripped my shirt off , and as Lily pulled my slacks and boxers I slipped a hand inside the pcket for a moment to grab a small baggie filled with white powder and hold it out for her.

“You party Lily? I mean you seem kinda young for it...”I said with a wry grin. “You've got coke?! Fuck yea I party! Oh, I'm real gald I met you tonight!” Lily said as I dumped the contents of the coke onto the glass coffee table. I began to quickly and efficietnly cut the coke up into lines for us to do. I handed Lily a straw, it was such a hot scene, Watching this naked fourteen year old girl as she bent over the coffee table and snorted up a line. “Ohh! Fuck yess!” Lily cooed as she rubbed at her nose energetically and handed me the straw. I put it in my left nostril, lowered it down to the line and zipped it up. I felt the giddy energy hit me right away and my cock was quickly even harder than before. Lily shrieked with excitement as I lifted her tiny body over my shoulder. I carried her down the hall, my bare feet cold against the expensive hardwood floor until I got to the door at the end of the hall. “That's not my room, that's my parents room!” Lily said.

“Perfect.” I said as I pushed the door in and dropped Lily unceremoniously on the gigantic king sized bed, covered with black satin sheets. The room was opulent, magnificent, the kind of lavish furnishings I'd be able to afford in a few decades maybe. A picture of a middle aged couple, presumably Lily's Barcelona occupied parents was on the nightstand next to the bed. Lily the slutty little trooper immediately sprung up onto her knees and snatched the bag of coke from my left hand. “I wanna get more fucked up...” she said as she grabbed my hard cock with one hand and tapped out a mound of coke on it with the other. “You dirty girl...”I breathed down at her as I watched this young teenager lower her face to my cock and snort a mound of cocaine off of my daimond hard cock. “Ohh fuck yess...I need that dick in my mouth!” Lily exclaimed as she started sucking my cock, my knees almost buckling in pleasure. One of her petite hands fondled my smooth balls expertly as she slathered my meat in her saliva. I ran a hand through her short brown hair as her green eyes locked with mine. “Good girl.” I moaned as she swirled her tongue around my mushroom tip, gasping and starting to buck my hips as I fucked her cute little face. Her mouth, warm and wet slide up and down my shaft rhymically, the stress of the week draining away. Lily built up a nice rhythm sucking my dick, before pulling off for a moment to suckle on my smooth balls, when I leaned forward to give her perfectly toned pale ass a hard SMACK! That reverberated around the room. Lily moaned on my balls before falling backwards onto her parents bed and spreading her legs lewdly. “ Get over here and fuck me.” she said as she rubbed at her clit absently. I was only too happy to oblige as I climbed onto the bed with her and positioned my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I only hesittated for a moment, thinking of all the possible consequences :ruined relationsip, destroyed life, jail time before I slid my cock into the glorious smooth teen pussy.

“ohh Fuck yesss!” Lily moaned as I pushed my cock into her amazing pussy. She was tighter than any girl I had ever felt before. I felt her fingernails rake down my back as I sunk myself deeper and deeper into this freshman, her pussy enveloping my cock inch by inch in it's tight warm folds. I moaned loudly into her ear as I found myself totally buried in her young cunt. I pushed myself up on my elbows as I began to pump in and out of her, bulding up a rhythm as Lily writhed underneth me, her tits small and pale, with cute rose colored nipples. “Ohh God...God yes...fuck me....fuck me..” she moaned out as I lifted her skinny legs over my shoulders and pounded away at her pussy faster and faster, the sounds of our flesh slapping together filling her parents room. “You're so fucking hot baby...I hissed as I ran a hand down her smooth tight body and grabbed at her luscious ass as I fucked her.

I grabbed her wrists and pulled them above her head, pinning them there as I slowed by strokes down. I kept her wrists pinned above her with one hand as the other slid down to her smooth pussy and started to rub her clit. “Ohhh God Ohh fuck!” Lily cfied as her eyes squeezed shut in intense pleasure. I slammed my cock into her harder and harder, bucking her body up against her parents' oak headboard and making her tiny ittle tits bounce. “Ohh yes...hurt me..” she hissed as her green eyes locked with mine. “I knew you were my kind of slut.” I said casually as I pulled out of her, my dick slick with her cunt juices. I pulled her to the edge of the opulent bed and flipped her over bending her over the bed as I stood behind her on the hardwood floors.

I rubbed my cock against her slick pussy, loving the sound of her cooing till I reared back and slapped her ass again hard. The sound of the slap echoing about the bedroom. “Ohh yes...spank me...spank my little slut ass...” she breathed as I rubbed her reddenign asscheeks. I spread her ass and ran a finger around her cute little asshole, before slapping the other cheek. “You like it when I spank you slut?” I asked as pushed back into her and grabbed her wrists again pinnign them behind her back as I started pumping in and out of her, watching my cock dissaper into her teenage body. I slipped my finger into her ass as I fucked her, Lily gritter her teeh and looked back at me lustily.

I bucked my cock into this girl, over and over again, faster and faster from behind, my finger stuck up her tight ass as she moaned and groaned like a cheap whore as I filled her up with my cock. I felt my balls tightening as I grabbed the back of her neck and shoved Lily's face down into the bed, her perfect fourteen your old ass up in the air as I fucked it rhymically, tpushing my finger into and out of her asshole. “Ohh fuck...fuck..I'm gonna cum!” Lily moaned out and a moment ladder she was violetnly spasming for 15 seconds as her orgasm slammed through her body, Watching her spasm uncontroallbly around my dick, was too much for me and I grabbed her hips hard, my fingers diggint into her soft pale flesh and leaving angry red marks as I shuddered through my own intesne orgasm. “Ohhh fuckkkk!” I hissed as I buried my cock into Lily up to the hilt, my cock pushing load after load of hot cum deep into this high schooler. After a few seconds I finally collapsed onto the bed next to her, gaspign and sweating, beads of sweat running down my tanned, lithe body.

Lily traced a finger down my abs to the base of my rod, still wet from insid her her pussy. “You know, you should have been more careful, I'm not on the pill or anything.” My eyebrows raised a bit in surprise. “Really? You snorted a line of coke off of my dick and you're not on birth control?” I asked incredulously. Lily giggled a bit and stood up, my cum running down her thigh. “Most guys I fuck usually cum on my face or my tits.”
“Well next time I'll keep that in mind.” I said, although secretly turned on that I might have just gotten this girl pregnant. Lily just giggled as she walked into the other room, returning with a large glass bong. “You smoke?” She asked as she sat on the edge of the bed naked and started to spark the bowl.

I stood running a hand through my short blonde hair. “Nah..I probably should go....” I said expecting at least some pouting when to my surprise I heard Lily exhale her weed and say “Early meeting? That's cool. Maybe we'll run into each other again sometime.” Moments later I stood outside her door. My clothes dishevled, and my heart still racing. I had just met a fourteen your old girl at a club, took her back home and fucked her brains out. Was I supposed to just go home now I guess? As I stepped into the elevator back down to the lobby,

Less than half an hour later I was turning the key and stepping into my apartment. I looked over to my left and saw my little sister Stacy making herself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. “Hey late?” She asked. I stared for a moment. For a second I couldn't help but wonder what her tits looked like under that bra. What was happening to me? “Fine....I gotta go in tomorrow too. You'll have to order out. you Stacy...goodnight.” I said as I walked down the hall to my room.

I felt my phone vibrate. It was Thenn. “How are you Mr Thenn?.” I said as I put the phone to my ear.
“I'm getting my cock sucked by a twelve year old girl at the moment Bradley, so I'd say I'm doing fine. Look I hate to bother you about this but I'll need you to come by the office tomorrow. We've got a lot of work to do. And we'll have to stop by Club PT again after. Have a nice evening Bradley. Hope your girl was as good as mine.”

I slumped against my door with a smile on my face. It seemed like I was going to like this job after all.

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Nice story next one pls and a bit more graphic

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there's nothing sexier than a gorgeous young girl on heat.


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Excellently written.....more please

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a little proof reading would be helpful. one paragaph he's drinking gin and tonic the next vodka and tonic.and i have to agree thenn was mentioned way to much and the name kinda sucks.

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If you've been working twenty hours straight in an office, when the hell did you find time to buy a baggie of coke?

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