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Chapter 4
Acting of Lovers

She just looked into my eyes with simple contentment. I flexed my still hard cock inside her and as uncomfortable now as my erection had become and painful as it was to me, her eyes opened wider with a look of surprise then bemusement. She pulled her legs tighter around me and I reached around to support her back so she wouldn't go under with the effort. Then she released the tension and tensed again. This gave a slow, short piston motion on my cock which felt incredible. She warmed to the task and pulled harder thrusting me into her a little more energetically. She wanted more and reached up to put her hands around my neck and clasp her fingers. I held her up and when she did raise up, my hands moved down under her cheeks for support. Being in waist deep water didn't work as well as you might think. First off, the water dilutes the lubricating juices flowing making it more difficult to penetrate. Conversely, water also makes it more difficult to hold on to someone. Go figure.

Still impaling her I pulled her close and stepped to a more shallow spot in the pool near the edge. She buried her head into my shoulder while keeping me well inside her by tilting her hips up pushing her pussy toward me. This created a new sensation for her as she relaxed and did it again. Now standing in the three foot deep end I let her rock her pelvis back and forth for a bit while she moaned her pleasure. I leaned back and quickly slid my arms behind her knees and lifting them up, reached around her back. With her legs draped over my arms I had more control of the motion and started driving into her like a piston using her own weight. It wasn’t long before she began breathing harder with shortening breaths and “Uh, uh, uh, uh” was coming from her lips with each thrust.

“Oh…God…ben!” she panted. “Oh…fuck…oh…fuck…uh…uh…uh…uh” her speech interrupted with each thrust as the pitch of her voice rose. Her use of the F-bomb was a surprise but it spurred me on to get more. I wanted her to want it as my primal needs began to rear up.

Buried deep inside her now, I could feel my cock bottoming out against her cervix as our pubic bones ground together. She squealed at first but didn’t say or do anything to indicate I should stop. I did prevent such an impact between us and picked up the pace and intensity again as her body accommodated the deeper penetration. I had heard hitting the cervix too hard would cause excruciating pain equal to a guy getting kicked in the balls. I wouldn’t let myself get so carried away that I’d hurt her. I’d never want that.

I continued lifting her up until just the head was inside her and let her fall back on to it but not slamming down. Like I said, I didn't want to hurt her after all. My girth spread her pussy's opening deliciously as her moans grew more pronounced. Her G-spot was getting the bulk of the friction and she clamped down on me hard while on the out-stroke as if to keep me from escaping her “clutches”. I was starting to lose control.

"Damn!" I exclaimed. "Keep that up darlin’ and this’ll end sooner than I want." Voluntarily or not, she did it again without so much as an interruption in the depth of her pleasure. I slowed my speed a little to keep from cumming too soon. She rotated and ground with every thrust inward and our bodies were now making that squishing, slapping noise common to the primal act of two people fucking the other's brains out. Her moaning was augmented by my inward thrust and sudden stop when our pubic bones met. This also produced a delightful sight as her breasts shook and bounced. Seeing this I knew I would lose it sooner than later. Her head started to fall back as her eyes rolled back in her head. Her legs started twitching and shuddering with the contractions of an orgasm just about to peak. She couldn't help squeezing my cock in a death grip of contractions and it was time.

"That's it baby. Cum for me now!" I said. Her scream came from deep in her throat and became louder as she crossed the precipice. When she came, she convulsed and shook so violently I nearly lost my hold on her. Her contractions got the best of me as I felt my balls pull up tight. I thrust into her hard one last time and held her tight to me as my seed erupted hard into her. Having not had or been interested in sex for so long I was surprised that when my own orgasm came, the semen was pushed so forcefully through my shaft that the first burst hurt. My eyes opened wide in shock.

“Uhnnn…Fuck!” was all I could manage. Then the second burst came but did not hurt and the joy of release at last became my universe.

Our mouth’s hung open gasping for breath only to be interrupted by the involuntary contractions of our orgasm. I don’t know how much or how long we came but I realized at some point I was shaking and trembling under a strain and feeling weaker by the moment. I had to step backward and lean against the edge of the pool for support as my legs and arm trembled from the orgasm and fatigue of holding Jean this way. Her trembling came from her G-spot orgasm that was continually being stimulated by my movements.

Jean was still bathed in the joy of her pleasure. Eyes still closed she was breathing unevenly as I leaned back to bring her to rest against my chest. My back, legs and arms were just about played out. She was coming down from her high and almost felt like she would become limp weight soon. I held her this way for another minute. My softening cock drew free from her and our combined juices flowed freely out of her down over my cock and balls before dripping into the water. I wasn’t able to hold her legs anymore and let them slip off my arms into the water as gently as I could while still trying to keep a hold around her. Her fingers interlaced around the back of my neck helped for the few seconds needed to bring my lead-weighted arms up and hug her to me. As I held her, both our breathing was beginning to calm toward normal.

Taking a few deep breaths to bolster up my need for strength, I held her to me in a firm embrace as I eased slowly away from the edge of the pool. I turned her body and swept her up into my arms to cradle her and carry her to a chaise next to the pool. Climbing the steps wasn’t as difficult now as I thought given how weak I felt. Approaching the chaise I took another deep breath then bent over to lay her down on the closest chaise lounger. I drew each garter band down her left leg first and over her tiny foot. I then drew the other in the same manner. I then rolled a wet stocking off her left leg and placed it beside the garter bands and did the same for her right. I couldn't help but take in the sight of this most beautiful woman.

Her body glistened with droplets of water that sparkled like diamonds in the subdued lighting. Jean's face was graced with a small patritioned nose, long eye lashes and large green eyes of which were not visible due to the fact they were closed. Her hair was dark brown to almost black now wet and a little longer than shoulder length. Her eyebrows were shaped slightly thin and elegant looking giving her a more warm and friendly appearance. Her lips were generous but not full and her jaw rounded gently complemented by her high cheek bones to round out her oval face. She had a slender medium-long neck that flowed to her gracefully feminine shoulders to elegantly shaped and well-toned arms. Her hands were dainty and her slender fingers were just made for the piano. Then I again noticed the lack of tan lines anywhere on her in the soft lighting.

Her breasts splayed slightly giving the effect of heavy looking mounds with large areolas peaked with surprisingly large nipples. I wanted to suck and nibble those buds. I figured with large ones like that, there would be a lot of nerve endings needing attention.

Her rib cage wasn’t as visible like a skinny woman’s would but rather the soft look as her skin rippled slightly until the depression of her abdomen below was deliniated. Her stomach was smooth and flat with a small "innie" belly button. Her narrow waist flared out to gorgeous hips. At the apex of her beautiful legs a small, well-trimmed thatch shaped in a very small triangle above her slit seemed almost not be there as it was so short. I supposed she wore a bikini and had the pubic area lasered to prevent regrowth. She looked to still have the figure and could still get away with the bikini. She didn’t have a single roll of fat. For her, sixty must be the new healthy and fit thirty.

Below her triangle, her slit wasn’t swollen as much now but the hood of her clit still peaked out as her inner labia shown too with just a little cum seeping out from between them. I smiled at that. That was my cum mixed with hers inside her trying to escape. A primal thought of ‘conquered’ flashed through my mind followed immediately by ‘owned’. Looking at her lasered labia it lay completely bare and smooth, I itched to rub my hand over it and smear our juices all over it marking her but didn't.

Her legs were well proportioned to her upper torso giving her a well-balanced look. They were smooth now while relaxed but I had noticed how tight her calves looked when she climbed stair steps. She wasn’t a bodybuilder but she was marvelously fit. I reveled in thought that those trim and sexy legs were wrapped around me. Her knees were softly rounded, not knobby and her shapely calves and shins gleamed the creamy smooth complexion the rest of her lightly tanned skin maintained. Lastly her small feet looked sexy with their lean and feminine look. Her toes were made for nibbling. Overall, this woman was a marvel and a complete mystery as to how she looked to be in her thirties at sixty years of age. She was like a Donna Gates or something.

I broke the spell I cast myself under and looked around for towels as a slight breeze passed over me. I didn’t see any towels in view and I assumed they would be in the bathhouse across the pool. I hoped the bath house wasn't locked with those electronic keypads. I didn’t have any of the codes to use them. It would be a fine mess if I set off a silent alarm and the police came up and saw us rutting around the pool.

Reaching the bathhouse I saw there weren't any lockable door knobs. Only a spring loaded catch kept the doors shut and I quickly found the towels. I pulled out two and dried myself off then wrapped one around my waist. I took two clean towels for Jean. After I dried her, I needed to wrap her into the large towel to keep her warm as the air cooled. By now the time was near 11:40 PM. The pool was heated but the night air was cooling into the low to mid 70's tonight following a small cool front. The large digital thermometer above the control panel read 76 already. A wisp of a breeze blew through and had I the combination to the lock, I would have taken her inside. Satisfied she was comfortable and resting peacefully, I then remembered the champagne. As wonderful as it was to make love to Jean, something was gnawing at me in the back of my mind. I knew I had sex with my aunt and figured it was guilt generated by social barriers. I still felt a tad weak but needed a drink more than ever. I stood and headed for the wet bar.

Retrieving the bottle from the chiller, it felt nice and cold now I worked the foil off. I pried the cork off making that satisfying "POP" sound sending the cork off into the night air through the open lattice of the wet bar’s roof. It landed with a ‘plop’ in the far end of the pool somewhere a few seconds later. It would eventually be drawn into the one of the strainers around the pool’s edges. Holding the bottle over the sink as the champagne foamed, I quickly held a large fluted glass under the stream as it diminished. I drank my fill of the aerated liquid. I always preferred drinking the liquid from the foaming stream. It tasted better to me somehow. I filled Jean’s glass and refilled mine then put the bottle in the refrigerator. Now with no cork the taste would get flat but alcohol was still alcohol. Picking up the glasses, I headed for a chaise next to hers.

The "pop" from the cork woke her and she realized she was wrapped in a towel up under her arms with a smaller towel across her chest and draped over shoulders. Then she heard a small ‘plop’ as something hit the water. She blinked a few times, lifted her head and looked around. I came into view with two glasses of champagne and seeing her awake, offered her one. She took it looking up at me. I looked at her as I took a seat on the chaise. She had a look of compassionate affection when she looked at me. You know that kind of look a woman in love with her man gives him during a special moment. Without a word, she raised her glass to me. I raised mine to hers.

"To the end of loneliness." She said softly. Smiling I nodded and clinked my glass with hers making a musical note as if to herald in the oath. She smiled too. We sipped our drinks as we looked into each other's eyes. In reflecting on that moment, I had never felt so much love toward another person since the day I married my wife or the day of my daughter’s birth as I did toward Jean right then. Long minutes passed as we made eyes at each other and sipped our champagne holding hands. Again an irksome feeling hit me. I quashed it stubbornly.

A particularly stiff breeze blew across the patio and Jean shivered as goose bumps instantly appeared on her skin. I set down my glass then took hers and set it down. I felt I had regained some strength back just sitting and resting so I stood. Bending over Jean, I reached down and scooped her up in my arms as she wrapped hers around me. I carried her toward the big glass doors that led into the great room next to the kitchen. Once at the door, I held her so she could reach the keypad but she didn't move. She looked at me quizzically then realization dawned and she laughed softly.

"That's why I'm wrapped in a towel ay?" she said. I smiled and nodded. "How thoughtful." she said and pulled herself up and kissed me. Pulling away she turned her attention to the panel and keyed in the code. The door slid open and I stepped through to a more comfortable environment and felt soothed. The motor-assisted door slid closed and an audible click came from the locking mechanism. A green light shown on the inside panel. I thought it peculiar for her to have so much technology around as my impression over the years had been she despised her computer with the way she talked about it.

Chapter 5
True Lies
"Up the stairs and to the right." she directed. As I navigated around the first floor level, lights low to the floor would glow lighting the way.

When I reached the door, she twisted the knob and pushed it open. I thought it interesting that all the outside doors were automated but the inside ones weren’t. As we entered, subdued and indirect lighting lit the room giving a cozy, warm feeling. Obviously motion sensors were installed everywhere and were programed to take into account the time of day or night. I closed the door behind me with my foot gently to prevent it from slamming. I stood there marveling at the large canopy bed surrounded with white chiffon fabric curtains on a dais with two steps. It was inviting to say the least. Looking around I couldn’t believe how huge the room was. It looked to take up half of the second floor of the house!

"Like it?" she said in a low soft tone breaking my reverie.

"It's magnificent!" I exclaimed in a hushed awe. Everywhere richly appointed Cherry wood furniture was evident. Walls were done up with wainscoting also in Cherry and above that, some sort of floral pattern with contrasting colors against a dark background. The window sills and the floor where the large thick Oriental rug didn't cover it was also of Cherry. I turned around full circle to see the whole room. It was expansive!

"Wait until you see the master bath." she said. "Let's shower and get comfortable."

I carried her into the master bath and when the low lighting turned on, it shown in a subdued gleaming white marble tile, chrome, nickel and glass. To the left was a Jacuzzi. I gently set Jean down on her feet. She dropped her towel unceremonious and went to the water closet. As she did her thing I was amazed with the layout of the room and walked around from the tub to the steam and the large shower.

The top of the tub was about fifty inches from the floor and was preceded by steps allowing you to walk up to it as steps on the inside let you step down in. A railing mounted to the wall on the left of the stairs gave you a hand hold to keep from falling. Standing at the steps I looked to the right and about twelve feet away was another set of steps leading up and out of the tub. At a right-angle to the tub, along the back wall, you could walk into a conjoining steam room. The inside could be seen through the open door and looked to be constructed with a teakwood wall covering, hot stones and two benches facing each other. The steam room looked to be about ten feet long and seven feet wide. From outside the steam room, the wall above it sloped out to the edge form a roof and figured that area housed the ventilation system necessary to keep the room dry when not in use. I reached the other end of the steam room to find another door. Exiting the steam room from here you could walk directly into the large shower stall.

Stepping up to the clear glassed in shower area I could see spray heads in several places. There were in the curved glass ceiling and down the wall. Chrome piping ran down the glass wall I stood next to and connected several more spray heads. I chuckled as I imagined the whole setup just needed a conveyor belt like in the Jetson’s cartoon. Just then I heard a rush of water echoing from somewhere. Turning around to see where it was from, Jean came through the door of the water closet. I turned back to the shower stall and looked at how the entrance to the room didn’t have a door. Rather it was designed as a wraparound trap to keep water in without having a door. If you walked in, you would make a U-turn around the end of a curved wall and enter the main shower area. I looked up at the ceiling again and saw there were several small light fixtures mounted in two rows along the length of it. I also noticed the glass ceiling ended and connected to the steam room. At the top there was a grill or grate and figured the vent for the steam also did duty for the shower.

I stepped over to the double sink and counter. It looked to be made of marble with seamless basins and nickel faucets. The counter sat on cabinets made of Teak and was the only dark colored thing in here. The mirror on the wall was as long as the countertop and went from the counter up the wall five feet. The mirror was rimmed with crystal clear bulbs up one side, across the top and down the other.

The last thing there was to see was the water closet. Actually it was simply a walled off portion of the room with a slatted door for privacy. Inside was a toilet and a bidet. Satisfying my curiosity I entered the stall to use the toilet. As I did I heard a soft bubbling noise. When I finished and turned around, Jean was just stepping up to enter the tub. I washed my hands and went over to join her. I dropped my towel, climbed the short stairs and stepped down into a most enjoyable warmth and sensation. Sitting down and settling in to one of the formed seats, Jean spoke.

"So." she started. "Does it pass inspection?"

"And how!" I remarked smiling broadly. "I've never seen the like but I understand the layout. It flows and makes perfect sense. Get relaxed in a hot tub or Jacuzzi then sweat it out to open the pores in the steam room and wash and clean up in the shower. Simple!"

"It is simple and works like a professional spa only without having to walk around in a towel between rooms. The hot tub slash Jacuzzi bath, a steam room and a multi-head shower stall. The only thing mine is missing is a spa table. I don't have anyone around and I can go see a masseuse anytime so I didn't bother putting one in. Otherwise it would sit right in the center of the room." she explained.

Jean put her arms out laying them on the edge of the tub and dropped her head forward to look at me in a seductive regal-like pose. My shoulders were aching and I wanted the tension to be gone. I was settled and enjoying the jets easing away the tension and aches. Jean raised both her feet and caressed the insides of my legs. I looked at her with raised eyebrows and she giggled.

"Too soon ay?" she said with that coquettish smile of hers when she was up to mischievous intent. Her feet found my cock and she rubbed it between them slowly and purposefully. I didn't react. Jean was becoming one surprise after another.

"Maybe." I said closing my eyes. Apparently she sensed something was wrong and stopped. I didn't make eye contact with her. Instead I laid my head back and rested it on the built-in headrest. I felt the water shift as she moved to sit next to me. She didn't speak nor did she make any further sexual advances. Just sat back like me and closed her eyes.

Twenty minutes passed and the pumps stopped and woke me from my little nap. I felt quite relaxed and upon opening my eyes I saw Jean looking at me.

"You okay Ben?" she asked. A slight sense of worry in her voice. I didn't know how to address it yet. I smiled and nodded.

Just then the steam room was beginning to steam up. I got up then held out my hand to assist her. She took it and I led us into the steam room. I put down a cloth for her to sit on. The slats that made up the benches had beveled edges but still hurt after a while and left red lines on your ass as though you’d been whipped. I put down a cloth for myself and sat next to her. My thoughts wandered back to the pool and our lovemaking. Again that irksome twinge got me and I didn't want to think about it. I concentrated on the room's architecture and noted that all of the glass walls were clear including the wrap-around entrance.

"Why clear glass walls Au..Jean." I caught myself but not in time for her to notice. I turned and looked to her when she didn't say anything. I caught the look just before she transformed it into a smile.

"I didn’t feel the need for etched or frosted glass. Since I'm the only one living here, I didn't feel the need for privacy. Besides, I like the simple style. I like clean look even if it is a higher maintenance surface." she said swinging her legs back and forth from the bench looking down at them. I knew there was an unspoken 'yet' included somewhere in that first sentence. I reached over and took her hand giving it a little squeeze. She smiled at that and squeezed back.

"I know this might be extremely difficult for both of us Ben. Maybe more for you than me. I mean, social barriers are hard to overcome when they’re taught to us from birth. I didn’t understand that until after I saw you that Christmas. Jake was such a brute and mean and spiteful. I hadn't thought about anything like companionship after the divorce and I didn't want to be attached to anyone. But I remembered when you came at Christmas with your family. I envied you. You looked so happy. And I thought you so handsome. I had feelings that I wanted to be with you Ben. I wanted to be as happy as Tera looked and I wanted it from you." she confessed. “After you and your family left to go home, it took months to come to terms with what I felt and the taboo’s because of our relation. I really didn’t believe anything likely would happen. I wanted to find someone like you to fill that hole I felt. It didn’t happen so I chose to live as fit and healthy as possible. I wanted to enjoy men whenever the possibility presented itself.” The shock of what she just said hit me hard. My mouth dropped open, my eyebrows shot up and I turned to her astonished.

"You thought about me that way back then?!" I asked incredulous. She nodded.

"You knew how I felt then? I don’t believe it!” I said.

“I knew. As you grew older, your attentions were easier to read. I didn’t try to encourage it as it was ‘improper’. “ She said, using her fingers to emphasize the word ‘improper’. “That’s the way things were. But since coming to terms with how I felt toward you recently, I thought a lot about you and those times you visited. I got to wondering if you still felt that way about me and when you said you were coming down to see me I thought I would find out. I understand now it’s okay to have those feelings. It may sound a bit crass but it’s not like cheating. But then last night did happen and…” she trailed off and stared at her knees not focusing on them.

Apparently she’d hit the mark on that gnawing feeling in the back of my mind. In that instant, I felt I had betrayed Tera out entire marriage because of my infatuations with Jean. I married believing Tera was like Jean and loved her like I would have loved Jean. I must have shown anger on my face as she got a worried look on hers when she looked up at me. The memory of Tera and the idea that I betrayed her seemed to be the wound that wouldn’t heal. Jean’s eyes glistened and tears spilled. I knew then I reacted badly and had looked too critical of her thoughts and confession when I myself harbored a near obsessive nature about her all this time.

"I'm sorry Jean. I’m truly sorry. I guess I wasn't prepared to hear that. And I do need to confess the same feelings toward you. A lifetime's worth of lies. Not that I could deny it after tonight in the pool and all.” She looked up at me, tears streaming down her face.

"You mean you still feel the same way or you’re sorry you don’t?" was all she could manage as her voice failed her into quiet sobs.

I took a deep breath and confessed all of my feelings from when I was a young boy. From a boy who loved his favorite aunt to infatuation and fantasies to a very real love as I had felt toward her in my twenties after marrying Tera. She shook her head in disbelief.

"It never occurred to me why you married Tera.” She said sniffling. “Now that I think about it, we did look a little alike didn't we?" She looked up at me for an answer.

I nodded. "I found a woman that resembled you in character, stature and what I believed was your values. Even down to the color of her hair. Tera was a very good woman. I grew to love her in a short time and in the end felt horrible about the circumstances and conditions I created to get a woman who I thought was like you. I was living a lie and felt guilty about but I didn’t say anything. I think that by the time Jessica was born, our marriage was floundering because of that hidden guilt I harbored. I started questioning whether it was Tera that I really loved and not a surrogate to what I believed was you at first. I had tried to do more and be more involved in our marriage and focus on Tera as herself and not as you. I tried to heal the wound I thought I gave her without her ever knowing when it was a wound I inflicted on both of us and our relationship. I loved Tera deeply but I think it was as a surrogate of you. When the accident happened, I became so depressed I was going to kill myself by driving my rig straight into a bridge piling somewhere at speed because of the guilt.”

Chapter 6
Staking the Claim

Jean sat silently and listened to this. When she said nothing, my eyes began to sting. I stood and walked into the shower stall. Hitting the "ON" button and checking the temperature, the spray heads above started to dribble at low pressure. Once the water was warm enough, they came on at regular pressure and I stepped into their rain like spray. I grabbed onto a brushed nickel handhold that ran vertically on the wall with my right hand and leaned my forehead against the marble wall letting the water rain down. Tears streaming, I felt like a complete and utter fool now. I humiliated and embarrassed myself, my family, Tera and Jean. My life was an embarrassing lie. It wasn’t Jean’s feelings of guilt about our lovemaking in the pool or her conscience anymore that I was in question. It had been mine the whole time. I felt I betrayed Tera and Jean and there was no taking it back or making amends in my mind. I lived a lie and would die as a lie.

Jean came up behind me and slid her hands around my sides wrapping her arms around me. I felt her head lay against my back and she just stood there hugging me. In a minute, she came around to my left. She turned me toward her then slid her arms around my waist and held me tight laying her head on my chest. I stared at nothing. I felt nothing. My grip on the handhold tightened and my mind was blank. Jean released me, her warmth washing away as the shower rained down. I felt cold and alone.

As my mind wandered in the cesspool of regret, humiliation and guilt, I felt something on my back. It glided over me in small, gentle circular motions. I finally realized it was Jean washing me. My thoughts were tangled and I couldn’t understand why she would do this. I thought she would hate me. I turned and took hold of her hand and looked hard into her eyes.

“Why?” I muttered. She smiled.

“Because I love you too Ben.” She said. It felt something like shock. She gently pulled her wrist from my now, weak grip and began to wash me again. Up and down my back, then down over my ass cheeks and the backs of my legs. Understanding dawned as I realized she wasn’t repulsed by my actions or hate me because I married Tera for the reason’s I had.

Jean came around to my front side and rinsed the wash mitt. Soaping it up again she began to wash my shoulders and arms. I looked into her eyes and she looked into mine and smiled then went back to washing my chest and stomach. Water raining down on us washed the soap and dirt away quickly diluting the mitt. I stepped to the side of the spray into a clear spot a half step to my left. Jean shifted over and soaped up the mitt again then kneeled in front of me and began washing my legs. When she was finished with my feet, she put the mitt aside and squeezed a large dollop of the liquid soap into her palm and rubbed her hands together. I watched her with curiosity until I saw her hands reach for and take hold of my cock and balls. I caught my breath. She massaged me gently as I let my breath out slowly.

She looked up at me and smiled. “Now I’m going to prove my intentions.” She said softly.

She returned her gaze to my cock and began massaging it. I did love her. I always have and now she’s trying to prove she loved me too. The thought of making love to her was a wonderful one and I didn’t want her to be reduced to giving head in the shower to prove anything. It would be for another time. Instead, I reached down and gently this time, took her hands in mine and lifted her to stand up. She frowned a little but complied. I bent down and picked up the wash mitt, rinsed it and soaped it up. I turned her to face away from me as I proceeded to wash her as she had me. I made small gentle circles over her back and knelt behind her to wash her cheeks and the backs of her legs. Long slow strokes up and down those beautiful legs.

I stood and she turned to face me. I rinsed and soaped the mitt again and started with her shoulders and neck. Washing her arms I then held each hand to wash them and gently washed her delicate fingers. I gently drew the mitt across her throat and down between her breasts then circled them several times. Her eyes closed as I grazed the mitt over her nipples that were now hard and standing proud. Moving the mitt down over her stomach and around her waist I reached back and gently rubbed the mitt between her cheeks. Then I brought the mitt down the side of the left leg past her knee and down her calve and back up the inside of her calve, past her knee and up the inside of her thigh. I did the same on her right leg and brought the mitt up and down the top of her thighs, over her knees and down her shins. I put the mitt down and soaped up my hands before looking up. Seeing that her eyes were closed, I drew my soapy hands up the inside of her thighs and let my right hand cup her pussy. Her lips parted slightly and I slid my hand up and down over her mound. My left hand reached behind her and my fingers slid between her cheeks without resistance. I drew my fingers of my right hand drag over her clit gently as the fingers of my left hand dragged over the tight rosebud of her anus.

She gasped in a breath. “Oh! That feels wonderful!” she said. I did it again and she gasped in another breath. “Oooooohh.” She cooed. Hearing that, my mind began to clear and my cock responded. I was going to love her and I would make sure she felt it physically.

Several more times I repeated the action and she became more and more responsive. She had to step to the side and in between the sprayers to get a hold on the hand rail bolted to the glass wall to steady herself. I followed easily and knelt again to pick up where it ended. I eased two fingers into her pussy and pressed one against her rosebud. She was slick from the soap but her pussy juices were beginning to overwhelm the soap which pleased me.

I increased pressure against her anus and it gave slightly. Holding the pressure it gave a bit more and the tip of my index finger began inward. She would clench and I would continue to hold a constant pressure making sure she knew I wasn’t going to stop. That primal thought of ownership flashed through my mind again and I increased the pressure. My finger slid in more easily now as the first joint slipped past her sphincter. Then the second until my whole finger was inside. I rotated it around back and forth slowly allowing her to accommodate the intruder.

I inserted the two fingers of my right hand deeper into her pussy and she moaned more loudly now. Deeper they went until they could go no further. Then I pulled them out slightly and began a pumping motion. She spread her feet a little wider and leaned back on the glass wall, her breathing rate increased slightly. As I pumped my fingers into her pussy, I crooked the finger in her ass toward her pussy. As my pumping of her pussy drew my fingers against the bump from the one in her ass, she shuddered.

“uuuuuuuh.” She moaned then whispered. “I need more.” I could barely hear the words over the sound of the water spraying the floor. She began to pump her hips with my motions. I inserted a third finger into her pussy and a second into her ass. As her anus stretched, she clenched then relaxed. Each time she relaxed, I pressed the second finger in with more pressure until both were buried. I pushed the fingers in her pussy against the bump created with the fingers in her ass several times and she nearly came. I pushed in all the way then leaned over and licked her clit. Adding this sensation to her already crowded mind sent shivers up and down her. Because of my angle, I couldn’t suck on her clit so I licked harder. Another minute of this and she was breathing a little harder. She was clamping down hard on my fingers as she came in a small delightful orgasm. I removed my fingers from her and rinsed my hands. She held on to the hand rail as she turned and bent over presenting herself to me. My cock was at full strength again and as she set her feet slightly spread apart, I stood behind her and slid my cock up and down her slit. She was more than wet now. She was ready. My cock slick with her natural lubrication was poised with the head at her opening and paused for a moment. My mind flashed again with the word ‘owned’. With that, I pressed my cock into her in one full stroke and took her.

“Uugh!” she grunted as I slid in up to the hilt on the first attempt. There wasn’t any resistance and I pulled out to just the head and pushed back in. She moaned as she took me fully again. I repeated the full stroke and increased my speed as my groin slapped against her ass. Once we were in rhythm, her moaning became more pronounced and she was finding her voice again.

“Uh..uhh……ease..don’t…stop! Pl…ease…do…n’t…stop! Har…der…pl…ease…har…der!” she gasped out. Her wish was my desire and I began to pile-driving her. Her ass cheeks rippled and reverberated with each impact.
“Oh…FUCK!…OH…FUCK!…FUCK…MEE…EEE…EEE! UH!...UH!...UH!...” She yelled. She grimaced and met me thrust for thrust as she was coming close.

“Don’t…you…fu…cking…stop!” she growled. “Don’t…you…dare…fu…cking…stop…AAAH…AAAAAAAH! AAAAAAAH! YES…YES…I’M…CUM…MING…I’M…CUM…MING BEEEEEEEEENNNNN!” She screamed. I was grunting and panting trying to hold off my own climax without much success.

“Damm…it Jean! I…will…make…you…minnnnnne…NOW!” I shouted and I came hard into her cunt like before. Pulse after pulse, cum was pumped into her. It seemed Jean came at the same time as she convulsed hard around my cock, milking me for all I was worth. I had to hold her up with an arm around her waist as her legs drew up in spasmodic movements while she climaxed. She would have collapsed onto the hard tiled floor otherwise. Feeling her pussy clench and relax repeatedly as she came, it seemed that was helping me to prolong my own climax. We were gasping for breath even after starting the decent from the bliss.

I was struggling to keep her in place and prevent us from toppling over to the side, my wide stance would work but in only one axis. Fortunately Jean had a death grip on the rail fixing the other axis and preventing us from falling backward or forward into the glass. A couple of minutes passed as we came down from our climaxing and she regained some of her control. We parted as she turned around and leaned on the glass wall panting. I bent over and put my hands on my knees and forced a few deep breaths to slow my breathing down.

“That was incredible Ben! I’ve never felt so thoroughly fucked, ever!” She exclaimed. She raised her arms toward me and launched herself off the glass toward me. I stood quickly and caught her. I pulled us both into the water spray and just stood there holding her. She trembled a little as the aftershocks of her orgasm were still coming. I was still surprised by her use of the word ‘fuck’. It seemed so unladylike but it appealed to my primal half.
“Gawd Ben! You’re amazing.” She said in that breathy silken voice.

“Laying it on a little thick don’t you think?” I said with a quirky smile. She looked up and opened her mouth with a shocked look.

“Bite your tongue! I mean it! You are amazing! That jackass ex-husband of mine never made me feel like I was worth it and I was married to him for forty years. When I say you’re fucking incredible you’d better believe it!” she said irritably. I put my hands up in surrender.

“Okay, okay. I’ll not question it again. I never felt like I was really all that good anyway so I’m just asking.” I said. Jean looked at me with a scowl then it softened into frown as she hugged me tight.

A few minutes later we finished cleaning ourselves up and exited the shower grabbing a towel from the rack at the shower’s entry into the bathroom. I laid out a large one on the floor to catch most of the water that dripped from our bodies while we dried each other off. After drying off, Jean went over to the counter and blow-dried her hair while I walked through the bedroom, across the hall to my room to get my sleep shorts.

After putting them on, I sat down on the bed and saw a plastic bag poking from under some clothes in the suitcase. I picked it out and saw a photo of Tera, Jessica at age two and myself. I just stared at it for a minute or two, kissed it and laid it in the suitcase under the clothes again. I put the suitcase over on a chair to get it out of the way and returned to the bed to turn down the covers. Just as I did, I heard a soft knock on the door.

“Come in.” I said. Soft footsteps sounded as she crossed the room to where I was. I turned to look and she had on the most gorgeous satin night gown I’d ever seen. It was teal that hung to her ankles with a little bit of lace at the hem. Spaghetti straps strung over her shoulders and held up the gown. It had a low ‘V’ cut exposing her natural cleavage. Turning around slowly to show me the outfit, the back of the gown dove midway down her back. The fabric clung to her ass cheeks and their form was pretty well defined. Her tiny feet were in slippers of the same color and seemingly the same shimmering fabric. As she continued around, her breasts were equally well hugged by the gown and her nipples stood out in an impressive display.

“Do you like it?” she asked finishing her display.

“Very much. You make everything you wear or almost wear look terrific Jean.” I said. She beamed at that and came over to give me a hug and a passionate kiss.

“Come with me to my room. I don't want to be alone tonight.” She said holding my hand and drawing me with her. I couldn’t help but follow. Every little movement she made showed some alluring curve. It was the visual equivalent of a siren. I turned the light switch off as she led us across the hall and through the door to her room.

“I am quite tired out. I drove here from my place, had a party of an evening and grand sex. I don’t think I’ll be able to stay awake. It’s after midnight you know.” I said.

“Hmmm.” she said putting a finger to her lips. “I think you may be right. So I wouldn’t want you to get cold or toss and turn in a strange bed and not get any sleep.” She said as she climbed the two steps. Her sway was accentuated by the curve-hugging material. She climbed into the bed. I climbed in on the opposite side. Pulling light weight covers over us, I laid back on the pillow, reached behind my head and laced my fingers together and sighed. She rolled over to me and put an arm over my chest using my shoulder as a pillow.

“Ben?” she said.

“Right here Jean.” I replied.

“What did you mean when you said you would make me yours?” she asked. I remembered the declaration made just before climaxing. I paused a moment before I answered.

“I meant what I said.” I said in a soft whisper. A minute went by when she spoke again in a whisper.

“I love you.” Jean said.

“I love you too.” I said and kissed the top of her head.

Within a couple of minutes, her breathing slowed and evened as she fell asleep. ‘Mine’ skittered across my mind just before I did.

Thank you for reading. If there is enough support for this story I might continue beyond this.


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Missing ch. 2-3!!!!!!


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