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This is my first ever story on this site. I hope you like it as much as I do.
Maria, was sitting in her literacy class one day, when she overheard one of her classmates, Michael, talking to his friends about a terrible misfortune he had earlier when he tried talking to a girl he liked. Her initial thought was, "how pathetic", but as she continued to eavesdrop on their conversation, she started to realize that he was actually just a really nice kid, and she felt kinda sorry for him.

Michael was one of those nerdy, video game, kind of boys, and didn't always dress neatly, or exercise much. And aside from him not being the most attractive, he was the shy type, and didn't communicate very well with girls.

From what Maria overheard, Michael had just been completely humiliated by the girl he liked when he tried asking her out. He stuttered, and slurred, and messed up what he was trying to say, causing him to get laughed at, and ending with him having to do a shameful walk away from her, holding his face in his hands. This made Maria smirk, as she thought it was really cute how he had such difficulty with something so simple.

Maria has never had issues with shyness; she was one of those incredibly attractive types, and always got plenty of attention from boys her whole life. She had long, wavy-hair, a slender, curvacious figure, gorgeous blue-eyes, an adorably cute face, good fashion sense, and one of the hottest, teenage-girl hineys you have ever laid eyes on. Listening to Michael talk about the subject as though it was like conquering an icy mountain, made her curious.

She had recently broken up with her boyfriend, and was on a small time buffer, before getting back into the ring and dating someone new. This caused a very peculiar thought to arise in her mind -- but she dismissed it immediately. Although, seconds later the thought re-occurred; and then again; and then once more. "No," she laughed to herself, "No way!" But the more she thought about the idea, the more excitement welled up inside her.

Her idea was to do the biggest favor ever for this geeky kid, by having sex with him. As much as she thought she was going insane, she couldn't resist her curiosity to the idea. She knew that it would totally rock his world, and he'd probably appreciate it for the rest of his life, and for her it would just be a quick fling, nothing special, and could immediately go back to dating hot guys once the deed is done. That was her thought process, and it bugged her for the rest of the day. That night she slept on it, and would decide tomorrow once and for all whether or not to go through with her plan, or to just chop it up as crazy, and move on.

The next day, she again sits somewhere near Michael. Today he and his friends talk about really nerdy stuff that Maria has absolutely no clue about. It wasn't helping her attraction for him in the least bit, but at the same time, just the thought of taking this, likely virgin, for the ride of his life, was such a turn on for her. "Okay, screw it," she exclaimed to herself, "I'm going to do it." She could hardly contain her excitement. Her plan is to confront him after class, when everything is chaotic and noisy with people shuffling around and packing up to leave.

The bell rings, and she swiftly jumps into action. She grabs her book-bag and stuffs her school papers into it without any concern for organization, and leaps up to the front of the class. For the first time in her life, Maria is actually nervous about talking to a -- shall we say, lesser-attractive boy. Just as Michael walks by her, on his way to the door, she gently taps him on the shoulder.

"Hey, Michael...?" she says softly, putting on a cute, innocent, and girly demeanor.

"Yeah?" he says, turning around, and to his total shock, nearly pisses himself. (Queue slow-mo camera shot from feet to head of Maria's gorgeous body.) Both Michael and his friends look on in awe, as they wait for what must be some kind of trick coming.

"You're smart, right? Could you possibly help me with my homework?" Maria asks, as she twirls her hair, and lifts her back heel up, spinning her foot a little to the side, all the while smiling shyly for him, as to try and be as seductive as possible.

In that moment, Michael and his friends' jaws drop, and what felt like an electric shock, spikes the tip of their dicks. "Uhhhh... ummmm, uhhh..." was all he could muster.

"I could really use your help Michael," she said in a sexy voice. "Please?"

It didn't take long for a drop of precum to drip from the tip of his penis, and begin to roll down his leg. He didn't know what the hell was happening right now. Maybe she really did just need help with her homework, or was this just some kind of trick to tease him. Either way, he wasn't about to turn this beauty away. In the midst of his face turning full-on red, he eventually manages to squeak out a coherent response.

"I uhmmm, okay... sure Maria."

"Ohh thank you, so much! Lemme write down your address, and I'll come by later." She reaches into her book-bag, and digs around for a pen and piece of paper.

"What?! She's coming over to my house???" he freaked to himself. Looking over to his two best-friends he could tell they were completely baffled as well. All they could do was shrug wide-eyed and wait in anticipation to see what happens next.

She quickly jots down his information, and then vanishes off into the distance, down the hall, leaving the socially awkward boy and his buddies with soft boners, and in a state of shock.

His friends burned with envy. "Aww Dude! Why'd she ask you? I'm twice as smart!", whined Ted. Michael almost wished that she did ask someone else. The stress was already taking its toll on him. He was really shy around girls, and he didn't know how he was going to be able to keep his cool, especially if she was coming over to his house.


Michael went home that day, trying not to worry too much about it. But as much as he tried, he couldn't get the thought of Maria out of his head. She was just so damn hot. They've had classes together before, and he knew who she was. That's when he got the devious idea to look at the year book from last semester for a picture of her.

He pulls the book off his shelf and flips through the pages trying to find her. And then there she was, in all her glory. He shuts the door to his bedroom, and his dick instantly gets hard. He reaches into his pants and starts to jerk off. While stroking himself, he looks at her photo, and thinks about her from earlier on today, imaging what it would be like to fuck her.

After a very satisfying onesome, he cleans up the mess, and does a little tidying up around his room, before collapsing on his bed, and closing his eyes.


A couple hours later, Maria shows up at Michael's house, dressed in something slightly more sexy for him. She had put on an adorably cute skirt, which made her ass look amazing. She also put on a tight shirt that clinged firmly to her body, and showed off her gorgeous curves and busty breasts. She wanted to make sure that this would be the hottest, most pleasurable fuck this boy was ever going to have.

She found it very exciting that she was actually going through with this. In fact it was really turning her on. She was already getting moist down below, and her nipples were erect, and poking through her shirt slightly. She walks up to the door, takes a deep breath, puts on a smile, and knocks. Michael's dad, Darren, answers the door, and is immediately taken aback.


"Oh hello, is Michael home?"

"You're here to see Michael???" Darren asked, as though he couldn't believe it. He looked her up and down, and drank in the beauty of this teenage angel that stood at his door. Although he was a married man, it broke every rule of manhood to not take a moment to gaze at this gorgeous female. "Alright... come on in... uhhm?"


"Maria... Right this way."

He walked with her up the stairs and down the hall, knocking on Michael's door. Michael had accidentally fallen asleep, and was startled by the knock.

"Yeah?" he shouts out.

"You have a visitor, Mike. Don't keep her waiting."

A thud, and stumble later, he opens the door and is shocked to see Maria, but he welcomes her inside. She enters, and as he goes to shut the door, his dad looks him straight in the eye and gives him a proud wink. Michael's face went completely red as he shuts the door. Darren then walked away shaking his head at the situation, still in disbelief. He gets downstairs and his wife, Ericka, sees the expression on his face, and knows something is up, so she asks.

"What's going on?"

"Oh nothing much, just our son is up there right now, with a gorgeous young lady in his room," he says proudly.


"Shhh!! You'll embarrass him. Let's uhh... just let nature take its course," he says grinning.

"Oh stop it. Nothing's going to happen," she says, nudging him in a playful manner. They then sit down in the den, and drink their tea, and try not to think too much about it.


"Thanks so much for helping me out, Michael." says Maria, as she walks into the middle of his room. "You're a really sweet guy for doing this."

"No problem," he says, shyly scratching the back of his neck. He admires her as she takes a quick gander around his room. His heart rate increases, as she bends forward to look at something on one of his shelves. Her ass looked so nice to him. The tip of his dick tingled, and he forced himself to not think about it, and to just focus on getting down to work. He knew she was here to study, and he respected that, and didn't want her to think that he was a pervert or anything.

Michael goes over to his desk and pulls out his books from class, laying them out. He also uses this time to try and meditate his boner away, before Maria looks over and sees. After a few minutes of her inspecting his private domain, she comes over to the desk, and they both take a seat.

Michael asks her about what she needs help with, and she explains that she just needs a quick review of the recent material. So he opens the books are starts to go over everything with her. Maria didn't actually need any help at all, in fact, she was getting an A in the class. So she just spent the whole time thinking about how she was going to make a move. Should she just flirt, and see if he bites? Or just tackle him to the floor right now?

"Hmmm, what's this about," she asks, pointing to something on the page, and brushing her hand up against Michael's.

"Umm..." he pull his hand away, and blushes, then goes on to explain the material. Maria laughed to herself, and thought it was incredibly cute how shy he was. So flirting probably wasn't going to get anywhere at this rate. She was just going to have to come right out.

"Ummm, Michael...?"


"Look, ummm, I don't actually need any help with this."

"..." he just looked at her confused.

"I only said that, so that I could come over here, because... I umm... just..." Now she was the one stuttering and being shy. "I just... really want to fuck you."

"Uh..." Michael's face went white. Words cannot describe what he was feeling. It was like time had stopped just as he was just about to receive a million bucks. His face was tingling uncontrollably, as the blood drained from his body and headed straight to his cock. The tip of his dick felt like it was shooting lightning bolts in every direction. Precum was drizzling out, and forming a noticeable wet spot on the leg of his shorts. His heart must've skipped at least 12 beats, he felt like he was about to faint. And as for his mind, well, "warning, warning, shut-down imminent," doesn't even begin to describe it.

Maria leans over and gently kisses Michael on the lips. He starts to shake as he loses control of his nerves. "Mmmmm," Maria moans as their lips connect. Tasting her soft, moist lips on his, he slowly starts to calm down. Their lips continue to roll over each other, and Maria moves her hand to his crotch, gently touching his hardening penis as it strains under his pants.

"Oh my god," he shouts as her hand rubs along the length of him.

"Mmm yeah, get hard for me baby," she whispers.

Michael couldn't believe this was really happening. He looks down at her gorgeous body as they kiss, and slides his hands down her sides, and rests them on her hips. Maria promptly stands up, and straddles him in his lap, sitting down directly on top of his crotch, and begins to grind her body against his manhood as they kiss harder, and faster. Michael was in heaven.

"Oh baby, I'm so wet..." she moans to him. She takes his hand under her skirt, guiding him to her opening, and pushes his fingers up inside her. Michael has never felt a girl's body before, and it turned him on so much, and as Maria moans out in such a cute, and sexy voice from his touch, it pushes him over the edge and he cums, shooting loads of warm jizz into his shorts. He moans out in ecstasy as his dick pulses with each spurt.

Maria giggles, "you're so cute, are you a virgin?"

Catching his breath, he responds, "yeah..."

Maria leans in and whispers in his ear,"I want to take your virginity, right now." Hearing this sends a sudden shock wave of pleasure throughout Michael's body. She takes his hand, and leads him over to the bed, and sits him down on the edge. She climbs back on top, and straddles him again. They kiss sensually as she begins to undo the front of his pants.

She gets his pants open, and reaches in, pulling him out. His cock is still rock hard, and more excited than ever. She immediately mounts herself over his dick, and positions him to her slit. She rubs the head against her, lubing it with her juices, and then slowly sits down. His manhood slides up inside of her, and they both moan out, "OOHH GOD!!"

Michael's parents look up at each other, hearing the same thing.

The sensation of her pussy is brand new to Michael's virgin dick. The softness, the wetness, the warmth, and the loving squeeze of her body is the most amazing thing he has ever experienced. Tears start to run down his face from pure joy and the pleasure of it. She starts to rock her hips up and down on him, and it's the most incredible sensation he's ever felt. Whatever shred of shyness he once had is now completely gone, as this gorgeously hot girl rides his dick. He puts his hands on her hips and thrusts up into her as she moves her body down into him.

It was so erotic; the way her body moved, the way her hair bounced, her adorable face, and the way her juicy pussy splashed every time his dick moved around inside her. After a few minutes of her riding him, Michael then takes charge and stands up. He turns her around, and positions himself behind her. He bends her forward and gets his first look at the beauty of her perfect, pink pussy. He lines himself up, and thrusts his cock into her, and begins to fuck her hard. Maria moans uncontrollably loudly as he slams his dick into her pussy, over and over.



His parents now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that their boy is getting laid.

Maria's pussy clamps down on Michael's cock, and waves of pleasure shoot though her whole body as she climaxes. The sensation of her tightening around him also sends him over the edge, and he cums, shooting a massive load inside her.

They collapse together on his bed, and Michael holds her in a tender loving cuddle, kissing her as though to say, "thank you" over and over again. Maria welcomes his closeness and holds him close to her body, kissing him back.

They kiss for a while, and after they catch their breath, she says to him, "I'm not done with you yet." She then takes his limp dick in her mouth and starts sucking him off. She wanted to make sure this was as fulfilling of an experience for him as possible, and decided right then and there to finish things off with a good ol' BJ. Surely after all this, he would never forget this day for the rest of his life.

She strokes his dick hard while she wraps her lips tightly around him. The sensation is incredible, and he manages to get hard once again. He's never been so turned on before in his life, and still had enough in him for one more go.

He looks down at her beautiful face as she makes love to him with her mouth. Her gorgeous eyes lock with his, and the intimacy he feels with this girl, has him falling completely in love with her. A tingling builds up inside his balls, and he can feel the most intense of orgasms coming as it slowly builds up, and up.

The pleasure is so intense, that he vibrates and moans as the pressure builds inside, until he can't hold it back anymore. He erupts in her mouth, with cum oozing from around her lips as she continues to suck him off. She swallows as much of it as she can, and strokes him until his orgasms dissipates, and he goes limp.

Maria smiles up at Michael, and she crawls up to him, kissing him passionately on the lips. He wraps his arms around her, pulling her into him, and lying back down on his bed to catch his breath.

"I hope you liked it." Maria says to him in a soft, gentle voice.

"Oh my god, that was the most amazing thing I've ever done. You're such an amazing girl, Maria. You're so fucking hot. If that's what sex is like, I never wanna stop. I wish we could just fuck forever."

Maria laughs, "I'm glad you liked it. It was really fun for me too. Thank you." She really did enjoy it. Although not the best she's had, but it was more so about the thrill, than anything. And she felt really good about having done something nice for Michael; as strange as that was.

After a few minutes of restful silence, Maria speaks."Well anyway, I should probably head home now."

"Oh... okay." Michael was sad to see her go. He had just lost his virginity to this amazing girl, and now she was already leaving. He wanted to cuddle her, and kiss her for the rest of the night, but he knew she probably had things to do, and didn't want to inconvenience her.

She gathers her things, and kisses him one more time, before walking out of his room. She puts on the cute, and innocent act, and heads down the stairs towards the door, waving at Michael's parents as she walked by the den.

"Bye Sweetie!" his mom shouts to Maria as she reaches for the door knob.

"Bye!" she responds, and then opens the front door, and walks out. Michael's parents both grinned from ear to ear, having overheard these kids' little escapade. Normally they would have objected to such a thing, but they knew how their son was, and didn't want to ruin what was a rare opportunity for him.

Michael collapses back onto his bed, and passes out from exhaustion.


2020-10-14 21:58:11
For some reason, the system censored out the word "s cri pt" in my previous post. No idea why.


2020-10-14 21:56:55
Welcome to the site! Thank you for writing/posting this. Everyone has to start somewhere.

That said, I've got some advice on how to do better.

It seems that you can't decide between writing a *********** or a narrative. Either is fine, but pick one. I'm actually working on a story in the form of a ***********, so it would be hypocritical for me to tell you not to do that. But, if you want to write narrative, then stick to the past tense, and don't mention camera angles.

Also, when reporting on a character's thoughts: As you are the author and narrator, you can say absolute facts about your own universe. 'Maria's boobs strained her shirt' 'Michael's cock got hard'. But when you are reporting a character's thoughts or opinions, remember that a character can be wrong. You need to specify that a character 'thinks' or 'believes' or 'feels' (as in opinion) a certain thought, not that that thought is the absolute truth.

Good luck and keep writing!

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2020-10-02 23:21:07
This was a great story AND more believable than most of the stories on this website. The trick is to write chap 2 in a way that generates suspension of disbelief or rather continues it.


2020-10-02 23:21:00
This was a great story AND more believable than most of the stories on this website. The trick is to write chap 2 in a way that generates suspension of disbelief or rather continues it.


2020-09-29 02:34:12
good story!

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