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The Ghost-Boy Chronicles 7

Clones Gone Wild 2

Later that day…

Back at Fenton Works, Danny, Sam & Tucker are in the basement lab, standing in front of the Fenton Ghost Portal. Danny opens up the Fenton Thermos and releases the Box Ghost back into the Ghost Zone. As he’s about to close the portal, Sam grabs him by his arm.

“OK! Ghost dumped, now you & me need to talk!” She says as she pulls Danny along towards the stairs.

“Huh? Wait! The Ghost Portal.” Danny says.

“Tucker will take care of it. Right now, you & me in your room!” She drags him up the stairs and out of the basement, leaving Tucker alone.

“Well, looks like I’m stuck by myself. As usual.” Tucker says to himself. He turns to close the Ghost Portal, when he hears a familiar voice coming from inside.

“I thought I heard your voice, babycakes.”

Tucker immediately stops, instantly recognizing the voice. A moment later, a ghostly figure emerges from the portal and steps out into the light. The figure slowly begins to reform itself and, after a moment, forms into Ember.

“Ember? What’re you doing here?” Tucker asks in shock.

“I’ve been waiting for the right time, when Dork Phantom would open the Ghost Portal and escape.” She says. “But seeing you here, is a definite plus.”

She slowly floats towards him and wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him close. Tucker begins to get nervous. “Um, Ember…that night…”

“Yeah, I couldn’t forget it either.” She says, with an increasingly seductive look.

“But, I thought you had men in there.” Tucker says confused.

“What, like the Box Ghost? Or Technus? Trust me, baby pop. None of them compare to you.” She pulls closer and kisses him on the lips, letting her tongue drift inside of his mouth. Tucker begins to wrap his arms around her, but instead he pulls her away, remembering where he is.

“We can’t. Not here.” He says.

“No problem. We can take this party into the Ghost Zone.” She says.

“But…I thought humans aren’t able to survive in the Ghost Zone?” He says.

“They can if they’re surrounded by a little ghost aura.” With that, she pulls him in close again and kisses him, more passionately this time. The two begin to lift off of the ground, and hover in the air. Slowly, a light blue aura surrounds Tucker, covering his whole body. They begin to float towards the Ghost Portal. After a moment, they enter through the Portal and into the Ghost Zone.


Sam drags Danny into his room and sits him down on his bed. She then sits down right beside him and grabs his hand.

“Uh…Sam, what’s with dragging me all the way upstairs into my room?” Danny says.

She holds his hand tenderly and looks him in the eyes. “Look, Danny…there’s…something I have to tell you. And I don’t know how to say this, but…I love…Dani?”

“You love me?” Danny says, shocked.

“No, I…well, yes…no, just look!” She points to Danny’s window, showing that his “cousin” Dani is flying right towards them. She ghosts through the wall and comes to a stop right in front of the two.

“Am I…interrupting something?” She asks, out of breath. Danny & Sam look at each other, then pull their hands away from each other. Sam blushes a little, as Danny checks on his cousin.

“Dani, what are you doing here? What happened?” He asks her.

“And why do you look…older?” Sam adds.

“It’s Vlad.” She says. “He kidnapped me and put me in some chamber, then gave my some sort of gas that made me more powerful. I think he tried to control my mind, too. But it wore off.”

“Do you remember what he tried to make you do?” Danny asks.

“Yeah, kill you.” She says.

“Figures. Vlad never was hands-on.” Danny says. “Look, my parents keep some of their Ghost-Tracking equipment in the Fentonworks Op-Center. I’ll go check for something useful.” He makes his way out of the room, leaving Dani & Sam alone. Dani stands up off the floor and sits down on the bed beside Sam.

“Are you OK?” Sam asks.

“Yeah, flying for so long takes a lot out of you.” She says. “Usually, I would begin to melt now. Guess I should thank Vlad for making me stronger.”

“Yeah, you can thank him along with Danny by kicking his butt.” Sam says with a chuckle. Both girls begin to laugh and smile.

“So, you got feelings for Danny, huh?” Dani says. Sam stops laughing and goes silent. She becomes nervous and starts to blush again.

“Huh? Danny? No! We’re…just friends and…”

“And that’s why you were holding his hand and looking into his eyes when I arrived.” Dani says. She reaches over and holds Sam’s hand gently, much like Sam was holding Danny’s. “I came from Danny. So I think I know a little bit about his feelings. And I think he feels the same way.”

Sam smiles, believing her. “Yeah, you’re probably right. I just wish I could find the right way to tell him and…” She gets cut off when she feels Dani’s lips pressed against hers. It’s a deep passionate kiss, almost like how she imagines Danny would kiss her. Sam closes her eyes for a moment, and begins to wonder, before she opens them and pushes Dani away, realizing who’s really kissing her.

“WHOA, GIRL!!!” She says. “Where did that come from?”

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.” Dani says. “I…I guess I’m seeing what Danny sees in you now. And I like it.” She grins & leans in for another kiss, but Sam keeps her at arms length.

“Wait, Dani. We can’t do this.” Sam says. “I love Danny and…”

“It’s OK, I mean, I am his clone.” Dani says. “It’ll be just like your doing it with him…sort of. So it’s not like you’re cheating.”

Sam looks into Dani’s eyes, and begins to see the same look Danny gives her. It’s a look that makes her weak in the knees, willing to do whatever he wanted of her. The look is working now, as Sam begins to give in.

“Well…you are technically his clone, and…” Dani leans in and kisses her, cutting her off again. This time Sam doesn’t fight it off. She leans back on Danny’s bed with Dani on top of her. Dani begins to wonder down Sam’s body, until she reaches her thighs. She spreads them apart and slowly pulls off Sam’s panties, exposing her pussy. Sam begins to blush, but she doesn’t stop Dani, who hikes up Sam’s skirt and dives tongue first into her love box. She kisses her pussy lips gently, then runs her tongue across her clit. She wraps her arms around Sam’s legs, as Sam trembles in pleasure.

“Wow…you’re really good at this.” Sam says, as she starts breathing heavily. Dani begins to probe her tongue inside of Sam’s pussy. She then takes one hand and pulls down her pants just enough to show off her round ass, and have a free path to her own private place. She begins to finger herself, while still working on Sam.

“Oh god…I never thought this would feel so good…” Sam moans as she becomes lost in her own pleasure. She begins to rub her own breasts under her black tank top, as she lies back and closes her eyes. But her eyes open once she hears a voice.

“Hey, I found the Fenton Ghost Tracker! We can…” Danny starts to walk into his room, but stops in the doorway and stares in shock. His ‘cousin’ with her pants down, fingering herself, while giving head to his best friend. “DID…DID I MISS SOMETHING???” He yells out in shock.

“DANNY!!!” Sam pushes Dani away from her and closes her legs, as Dani straightens herself out. “Wait! It’s not what you think! I can explain!”

“You can explain?” Danny says. “JERRY SPRINGER COULDN’T EXPLAIN THIS!!!”

Sam stands up off of Danny’s bed and walks over to him. She grabs his hand and looks him deep in the eye. “Look, Danny. There’s something I gotta tell you, and I don’t know how to say it so I’ll just say. I…”

KRA-KOOM!!! The front half of Fentonworks comes crumbling down to the ground, much to the shock of everyone there. After the dust clears, a lone figure can be seen who’s responsible for the wreckage. It’s Skulker.

“It seems that Plasmius was right.” He says. “The Ghost-Girl cannot be trusted.”

“OH, COME ON!!! CAN’T I GET JUST ONE SECOND TO SAY IT!!!” Sam yells in anger. Danny pushes Sam to safety and transforms into his Ghost form. Dani gets up and stands beside him.

“OK, you & me are gonna have a long talk about what went on earlier.” Danny tells her. “But for now…”

“…Time to kick Ghost Butt.” Dani says.

“Bring it on…children.” Skulker says smugly. The two Phantoms soar into the air, charging straight at Skulker, who easily dodges their attack. He counters with an Ecto-Blast from his wrist weapon, which the two barely avoid. They begin to trade Ecto-Blasts with each other, blocking & countering each attempt. Danny floats over to his cousin and begins to whisper to her.

“This isn’t working.” He says. “I got a plan. I’ll distract him, while you power up a blast to knock him out.”

Dani nods his head, and Danny charges toward Skulker, getting his attention. “Hey Elmer Fudd,” Danny says. “Ghost hunting season isn’t until next year.”

He charges in for a powered up punch, only to have it easily blocked by Skulker, who begins to choke Danny. “Did you really think that would work, Ghost-Boy?” Skulker asks. “Honestly, that was a foolish move.”

Danny just smiles at him. “You’re one to talk. NOW!!!” Dani begins to power up a devastating Ghost Ray, aimed right for Skulker. But Skulker holds up his arm and fires a grappling hook from his suit that quickly wraps around Dani, causing her to power down.

Skulker turns to Danny and smiles. “A valiant effort, young one. But futile against someone as skilled in the hunt as…” He stops as he notices a wired being wrapped around him. The wire tightens and Skulker is sent plummeting to the pavement. At the other end of the wire holding the Fenton Fisher, is Danny’s Dad, Jack Fenton.

“No ghost is gonna get away with tearing down my home!” He says. “I still have 3 more payments on it.”

Right by his side is his wife, Maddie Fenton, holding the Fenton Bazooka. “Get ready to go back into the Ghost Zone you heartless, soulless, ectoplasmic entity of Evil!” She yells.

Jack turns to her with a grin. “I love it when you insult the ghosts, Maddie.” This gives Skulker the opening he wanted. He breaks the wire and charges the couple, much to their surprise. They dodge out of the way, but not completely, as Maddie is scratched by Skulker. Danny watches on as Maddie’s arm begins to bleed, and he rushes to check on her.

“MOM! ARE YOU OK???” He calls out, before stopping in mid-air, realizing what he just said. Maddie turns and sees him for a moment, before he turns invisible.

She begins to wonder. “Did…Did that Ghost-Boy just call me…Mom?” She says to herself. She snaps out of it when she sees Skulker about to fire at Jack.

“Plasmius will consider this a bonus, doing away with Jack Fenton.” He says.

“Someone wants to do away with me?” Jack asks. “Alright! I’ve hit the big time! HEY MADDIE, SOMEONE WANTS TO DO AWAY WITH ME!!!”

“JACK, LOOK OUT!!!” She yells back at him.

Skulker charges up a Ghost Wave Beam and fires it at Jack, who tries to dive out of the way, but only moves a few inches. Suddenly, he finds himself being moved far away from the blast, which connects with a car & incinerates it. Jack is put back on the ground, well away from Skulker.

“Wow, guess that diet of Oreos & Chocolate Malts really does the trick.” Jack says. Meanwhile, Maddie picks up the Fenton Bazooka and fires it above Skulker. A small portal opens up above Skulker, and sucks him right in, before fading away. Jack rushes over to her to check on her wound, while high up above them, both Danny & Dani turn visible.

“Whoa. You’re father needs to cut down on the Oreos & Chocolate Malts.” Dani says.

“Yeah. And you & me need to talk about…whatever was happening in my room with Sam!” Danny says.

“Shouldn’t we try to figure out where Skulker came from?” Dani tells him, trying to avoid that talk. Just then, Danny remembers that Sam dragged him away from the Fenton Portal. He starts to think of Tucker being left alone, open to any & every attack from any ghost that could come out of there.

“Come on!” Danny says as he grabs his cousin’s hand. “Tucker might be in danger.” The two zoom downward into Fentonworks. They ghost themselves through the floor and into the basement. Sam sees them heading down and follows them. The two Phantoms reach the basement, but don’t see a trace of Tucker.

“Oh, no.” Danny says, looking worried. Sam joins them down in the basement.

“What’s going on?” Sam asks.

“I think Tucker’s been pulled into the Ghost Zone.” He says. “And I don’t know if humans can survive in there alone.”

“He can’t.” Dani tells him. “I saw Vlad push a scientist into the Ghost Zone, and I didn’t see him come back.”

“That does it, I’m going in after him.” Danny says. “Who knows what could be happening to him in there. I gotta save him.”

“I’m going in, too.” Dani says. “You’ll need help in there.”

“Guys, you can’t go into the Ghost Zone.” Sam tells him. “Who knows how many ghost could’ve gotten out by now. We need you here.” She then walks over to a nearby table that has the Fenton Fisher on it. “Besides, I know a good way to get Tucker out of the Ghost Zone.”

“Yeah, well we gotta hurry up.” Danny says. “Who knows what kind of torture he could be going through in there?”

Meanwhile, in the Ghost Zone…

“OH MY GOD!!!”

For almost an hour, Tucker & Ember have been fucking like rabbits. They started hidden behind the back of the Ghost Zone Prison, and haven’t stopped since. Ember’s back is against the wall, as Tucker drills into her like a jackhammer. Her energy still holds around Tucker, allowing him to survive inside the Ghost Zone, while he plows inside of her.

“I told you I was your biggest fan!” Tucker says, pounding her pussy relentlessly.

“OH GOD, YES!!!” She screams out. “BY FAR!!!” Ember’s hair begins to flare up wildly, looking like a forest fire. She leans forward and kisses him, slipping her tongue into his mouth. He holds her legs in the air, and continues pumping her. After a few minutes, he stops and pulls out of her, much to her displeasure.

“What are you doing, Baby Pop?” She asks. “Don’t tell me you can’t get it up anymore?”

“OH, NO! NO!” Tucker quickly says. “No, I was just thinking…how many times in my life am I gonna do it with a ghost, in the Ghost Zone, behind a Ghost Prison? So how about we try a little anal?”

Ember smirks at Tucker, loving the idea. “Ooh, you are a freak, Tucker. And that’s just the way I like ‘em.” She kisses him passionately again, showing her that she’s all for the idea, before turning around and facing the wall. She bends over, giving him a clear shot at her heart shaped backside. Tucker grabs hold of his rod and brings it to the edge of her hole. As he slowly pushes in, Ember starts to grit her teeth, until he’s all the way inside of her.

“This my just be the tightest spot in the Ghost Zone.” He says, struggling to get his stroke going.

“Less talking, more fucking, Babycakes!” She demands. Tucker’s finally able to move enough to dig into her. Ember’s hair is now wilder than ever, looking as if it could set the entire Ghost Zone ablaze. Her whole body shakes from the impact of Tucker slamming into her. Her breasts rock back & forth under her.

“FUCK! This is better than any Worldwide Tour!” She says, barely holding on. Tucker begins to drill her ass Balls Deep, making it even harder for her to last. Finally, she gives in. “OOOHHHHH, TUUUUUUUCKERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!”


They reach they’re climax at the same time, with Tucker shooting his load deep inside of her ass. Ember’s juices begin to flow out of her pussy like water out of a faucet. He stays inside of her, his Dick beginning to soften. He pulls out as Ember stands straight up and turns her head to him.

“Told you I’d make you say my name first.” Tucker says with a grin.

“Alright, you win. I owe you a blowjob.” She says with a smirk, before pressing her lips to his again. Suddenly, they notice the Booooo-merang circling them. Tucker notices that it’s attached to a piece of wire.

“Wait, is that the Booooo-merang attached to the Fenton Fisher?” He asks. Before there’s an answer, the wire tightens around the two, then pulls them all the way through the Ghost Zone. They end up going through the Fenton Ghost Portal, and out on the other side. They hit the floor, right in front of Danny, Dani & Sam, whose holding the Fenton Fisher.

“Alright, Tucker. You can thank me…later…” They realize that Sam has reeled in Tucker & Ember, both naked.

“Um…I can explain.” Tucker says, with an embarrassed smile.

“I don’t think I want you to.” Sam says.

“I guess I’ll go get his clothes.” Dani says as she hops through the Ghost Portal. Danny just stands there, in total shock.

“Tucker! When…why…HOW?” He says, more or less.

“Uh, could you help us out of this, first?” Tucker asks.

“No problem, Tucker. I got it.” Ember says, as she stands up with him. She starts to glow brightly and her hair flares up, and she powers out of the wire, breaking it into pieces. Dani comes back carrying Tucker clothes and hands them to him. Danny is about to go after Tucker, when Sam gets his attention.

“Uh, Danny? You might want to look at your Computer screen.” She says. Danny turns around to see his most hated arch-foe, Plasmius, smiling right at him.

“Hello young Daniel, daughter.” He says. “Are you having a good day today?”

“Vlad.” Danny says coldly. “Your plan didn’t work. Dani was able to break your control over her.”

Vlad responds by just laughing at him. “Silly boy. Have I taught you nothing? Has Chess taught you nothing? Dani wasn’t my pawn, but she was my Knight.” Dani looks shocked as Vlad continues. “And in Chess, sometimes your Knight must be sacrificed in order for a more powerful piece to claim victory.”

“He must mean Skulker.” Sam says.

“Nice try, Plasmius!” Danny says with a smirk. “But we sent him packing back into the Ghost Zone!”

“And right to me.” At that moment, Skulker appears behind Vlad, and hands him a vial filled with something. “You see, today my goal wasn’t to defeat you. My goal was to obtain something. To be more precise…Fenton DNA.”

Danny becomes confused. “But, where would he get Fenton DNA?” He says, thinking to himself. He remembers back to earlier in the day, and when Skulker attacked his parents. “MOM!”

“THAT’S RIGHT!!!” Vlad tells him. “You see, while it’s nearly impossible to clone a half-human, half-ghost…it’s very easy to clone a human. I plan on making dozens of Maddie’s, all for myself. And I will impregnate them all with my seed. And they will give birth to half-ghost boys & half-ghost girls. So congratulations, Danny. You’re gonna have some new members in the Phantom Family!”

He begins to laugh maniacally, and it fills up the entire basement, until Danny blasts the Computer Screen into pieces with his Ghost Ray. He stands there, more angry than he’s ever been in his entire life, and ready to fight.
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