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The Ghost-Boy Chronicles 10

Visions Part 2

“I don’t know what to do.”

Maddie sits in front her computer, holding two discs in her hand. Both discs have proof of her son being Danny Phantom a.k.a. The Ghost-Boy. She mulls over the situation feeling completely conflicted. In her head, she goes over the options that she has. “Alright. Maybe, I should reveal his identity.” She says to herself. “Whatever turned him into the Ghost-Boy might be killing him. And I might need some help reverting him back to normal. But…”

She looks over at the wall, at the photos of rival Ghost Hunters that Jack posted for motivation. “…But if word leaks out to the wrong people…who knows what they would do to him?” She sighs deeply & sadly, as she puts her head in her hands. She feels that she’s in a lose-lose situation, and doesn’t want to make a choice.


It’s a rainy & dimly lit afternoon in Downtown Amity Park, as a bright white Cleaning Van lies parked on the street corner. Nothing looks out of the ordinary on the outside, but on the inside it’s a different story. Inside, there are three Agents from the Guys in White, notorious hunters of the supernatural. Two of them are well-known, as Agent One & Agent Two. The third is a rookie who was just assigned to their mission for backup. His name, Agent Rich.

“The suspect has been known to frequent this area of town.” Agent One says. “Most of his battles with other Ghostly Apparitions have been here.”

“Therefore, we will draw him here with the lure of a rival ghost, looking to take over his territory.” Agent Two adds. “Once he takes the bait, we will confront him and capture him.”

“Why can’t I just use this cool Motorcycle to ride through town looking for him?” Agent Rich asks, pointing to the all-white Racing Motorcycle in the middle of the Van.

“Protocol!” Agents One & Two respond. Agent One walks over to a Periscope and looks through it. He scans the air, looking for any sign of Danny, and grins when he finally sees him. “Target sighted. Initiating plan: ‘Fish for Ghost-Boy’.”

He pushes the Periscope up and presses a button on a nearby console. On the top of the van, a small hatch opens up, and the Box Ghost rises up from it, locked up in a cage. “This is an inferior Box!” He yells out. “There are no solid walls for protection. When I escape, you will feel the wrath of the Box Ghost! BEWARE!!!”

High above, Danny does a quick scan of the town, wanting to check for any trouble before he heads home. He notices Box Ghost’s yells and rants, and zooms down for a closer look. Before he gets to close though, he stops short, noticing a sigh on the back of the Van which reads, ‘GiW Cleaners. We’re the Guys that get your clothes White!’

“Heh. They must be crazy if they think I’m gonna fall for this.” He says, before turning to fly away.

Agent Two notices him flying off, and promptly blames Agent One. “I told you we should’ve went with a better slogan.”

“It was your lousy paint job that drove him off.” Agent One counters. As the two Agents argue & bicker, Agent Rich takes the initiative and hops on the Motorcycle.

“The target is getting away.” He says. “Proceeding with vehicular chase.”

Before the two Agents can stop him, Agent Rich revs up the engine and floors it, busting through the back door of the van and down the street after Danny. The two Agents look at each other, and proceed to place blame. “This is all your fault.”

Danny is flying high above, trying to stay out of sight, when he hears the roar of a motorcycle engine. He looks down behind him and sees Agent Rich in high pursuit. “Boy, these guys don’t quit, do they?” Danny tries to fly ahead, but Agent Rich keeps on his tail, not letting him out of his sight. Both of their speeds are now over 50mph and rising, and neither looks ready to quit. Danny looks behind him again, checking to see if he lost him, but it costs Danny. He doesn’t see the flagpole in front of him, and has to maneuver low to the ground to avoid it. At that moment, Agent Rich pulls up right beside him.

“You’re under arrest, Freak.” He tells Danny. “Come quietly and there won’t be any trouble.”

“I would,” Danny says, “but I think I rather you just eat my dust!”

Back at Fentonworks…

Maddie is now upstairs in the kitchen. She just finished fixing herself a cup of tea as she continues to mull over the situation she’s in. As she passes the TV, she looks at a Live News Report, which is showing Danny being chased by Agent Rich. She takes a sip of her Tea, then quickly spits it out once she notices who’s on the screen. “DANNY!!!”

“Amateur video of Amity Park’s own resident ‘Ghost-Boy’ being chased by a Government Agent has just come in to the studio.” The Reporter says. “This chase is happening live as we speak. A news crew is already on the way to the scene.”

Maddie puts down the cup and stares at the screen. She notices the look of worry on her son’s face, and it helps her make her decision. Pulling out the discs with his information and proof of his identity, she snaps them in two, before tossing them in the garbage. She then grabs her Fenton Bazooka and charges out of the door…to help her son.

Back To The Chase…

Danny jets ahead and turns the corner onto a busy street full of traffic. Not losing a beat, Agent Rich follows right behind him. As Danny flies inches above the traffic, Agent Rich bobs & weaves through it. He’s still on him, but losing ground fast. “Thank goodness.” Danny says. “I’m losing him. Now finally I can get…”

Before he finishes that sentence, he looks back to see the Motorcycle flying through the air. Agent Rich lands it on a Mack Truck and jets forward. He drives over random cars in traffic, and now starts gaining ground on him. “Aw, man. This is a rarity.” Danny says. “A Guy in White that’s actually good at his job.”

The chase continues through traffic, or rather over it. Their speed is now clocking just over 100mph. Danny gets fed up and decides to lose Agent Rich for good. He makes a sharp turn and flies up the side of a large skyscraper. Agent Rich stops his cycle as he looks up at Danny, who reaches the top in no time. Danny looks down at Agent Rich and waves.

“Heh, not that easy to lose me, ghost.” He says, smirking back. He presses a button on the dashboard, and spikes shoot out from the tires. Revving up the engine, he shoots forward, then up the side of the building. Danny looks on in shock at Agent Rich driving up the side of the wall, surprised that he’s still able to chase him down.

“I just can’t lose this guy.” He says. “Everytime I think I have him cold he justs…wait, that’s it!” Danny positions himself at the center of the roof, aims his hands, and waits. A moment later, Agent Rich’s motorcycle jets into the air. Immediately Danny lets loose with an Ice Beam, freezing the bottom of the motorcycle. Agent Rich jumps off, before becoming frozen to it. The cycle hits the ground first, followed by Rich, who lands hard on his side. Danny breathes a sigh of relief, then walks over to the fallen agent to check on him.

“It looks like he’s gonna be OK.” Danny says. “Now maybe I can get home in…WHOA!!!”

Danny is tossed roughly against the wall and pinned down by Agent One, as Agent Two aims an Ecto-Rifle at him from Point Blank range. “This is where you go down, Freak.” He says.


From above, Maddie drops down and kicks both Agents in the face, taking them down hard. Danny backs away as Maddie turns to him, smiles & winks. “M-Mom?” He says silently. Maddie’s attention is quickly turned back to the Agents, as she starts fighting them off, keeping them away from her son. Danny quickly takes to the air, fleeing the scene.

“What…what in the world was Mom doing there?” He thinks to himself. “And why did she wink at me? Could she…no, couldn’t be. It must be my imagination. That chase just took a lot out of me.”

He ducks into a nearby alley and lands. He’s about to transform back into his human form, when he hears a gun cocking behind him. Slowly turning around, he sees Agent Rich aiming an Ecto-Rifle at him. “I always get my ghost.”

Just as Agent Rich is about to pull the trigger, a commotion is heard coming from the main street. Both of them look over to see a Billboard teetering over the street, knocked loose from the chase, ready to fall. Danny turns to Agent Rich and begins reasoning with him. “You gotta let me go and save them.”

“Yeah, right.” Agent Rich says. “Like you’re some kind of hero.”

“People could get hurt!” Agent Rich looks him in the eye, and sees the sincerity that he’s showing. He slowly lowers his weapon, and Danny springs into action. Quickly, he gathers the people up that are under the Billboard and moves them out of the way. Once they’re clear, he checks back, only to see that he forgot one; and the Billboard has begun to plummet downward. He rushes over to save the little boy, trying to beat the Billboard. It comes down a split second…but he comes up short.

The Billboard comes crashing down, and Danny barely ghosts through it in time. He lowers his head, thinking that he’s failed…until he looks to his right, and notices Agent Rich holding the little boy, who’s safe from harm. The crowd starts to applaud the actions of the two men, as they both approach each other. Danny holds out his hand as a sign of peace, but Agent Rich just draws his weapon and aims it at Danny’s head.

“Oh, come on!” Danny says. “You mean after all this…”

“You’re still a ghost.” Agent Rich says. “And a threat that must be dealt with.” He’s about to pull the trigger again, when he hears a gun cocking. He looks across the street to see Maddie, aiming the Fenton Bazooka dead at him. Going over his options, he lowers his weapon and backs away, but not before giving Danny a warning. “I’ll be watching you, Ghost-Boy.”

“Heh. I’d be more concerned about her watching you.” Danny replies, in his usual smart-aleck fashion. He ghosts himself through the street and into the sewer, making his escape. “OK, that’s two times Mom has saved me.” He says to himself. “I’m starting to think that Jazz might be right.”

Later that Night…

Danny sits with his friends Sam & Tucker at a booth at the Nasty Burger. It’s a perfect day as he laughs and hangs out with his friends. But he gets a sharp feeling of Déjà Vu when Tucker finishes his joke.

“And then, the milk started shooting out of his nose!”

Danny stops laughing, and immediately remembers Tucker telling that joke before. Sam & Tucker look at Danny with concern. “Hey, Danny.” Sam says. “Is something wrong? You look like…”

CRRRATCH!!!!!! Sam shoots forward, then freezes in place, as memories come flooding into Danny’s head about this exact moment. He yells out ‘Going Ghost’, but his voice as gone, as before. The same shadowy figures rise up from the ground as Sam falls to the table, showing the 3 brutal claw marks on her back. Danny checks on her, there’s no response. Suddenly, a dark hooded figure emerges from the shadows and points what looks like a scepter at Danny.

“You have the power…and the Time to stop this.”

“NO!! WHAT???”

Danny wakes up to find himself in the Fenton Hot Tub. It’s part of his therapy to adjust to the new Ice Powers he has. So he won’t freeze himself to death, he sits in the Hot Tub every week to adjust his body temperature. Tonight is the perfect night for him, as there’s no one in the house. It would be an enjoyable night, if it weren’t for the dream.

“That dream again.” Danny says, breathing a little heavily. “This is starting to get freaky. With my mom coming to my rescue earlier, and…”

“Danny?” He looks up behind him to see his mother, Maddie, standing there. Instead of her standard powder blue protective jumpsuit, she’s wearing a pair of sweatpants and a large T-shirt. She walks into the room and over to her son. “Danny, we need to talk.”

“Sure, Mom.” Danny says. “What’s on your mind?”

“Well, there’s no easy way for me to say this, so I’ll just come out with it.” Maddie says. “Danny…I know about your secret.”

“Secret, what secret?” Danny replies, nervously trying to hide the truth. “I have no secrets to keep from my family. Especially you.”

“Danny, I’m your mother.” She says. “And I’m also a Paranormal Specialist. So you can stop hiding it.”

Danny tries to think up a lie, an excuse, anything to prove her wrong and keep his identity secret. But nothing comes to mind, and he finally decides to fess up. “OK…I’m the Ghost-Boy. Danny Phantom.”

“Danny Phantom.” She says. “Well, that’s a much better name than just ‘Ghost Boy’. But why didn’t you tell me about this? How did it happen?”

“The Fenton Ghost Portal.” He tells her, ready to reveal it all. “Me, Sam & Tucker were just looking around, and I accidentally hit the ‘On’ button. When the portal activated…it gave me these powers.”

“I knew it was a bad idea for your father to put the ‘On’ switch inside the portal.” She says.

“You’re not mad at me about this, are you Mom?” Danny asks.

“With everything that you’ve done as Danny Phantom, how could I be mad at you?” She answers, as she leans in to give him a loving peck on the lips. She smiles at him as he smiles back, and she finds herself kissing him again. This time it’s longer and more passionate, and her tongue starts to venture into his mouth. After a minute, she breaks the kiss.

“You wouldn’t mind sharing the Hot Tub with your mother, would you?” She asks, lovingly.

“No, not at all.” Danny replies. Maddie stands up and starts pulling down her sweatpants along with her panties. She steps out of them and steps into the Hot Tub, sitting down right beside her son. They kiss again, as Maddie ventures her hand into the water to stroke Danny’s hardening Cock. Danny runs his hands under her T-shirt and starts fondling and playing with her breasts. This lasts for minutes, until Maddie pulls away from him again. She grins at him, before dipping her head under water and wrapping her red lips around the head of his manhood.

“Oh, Mom. That’s so good.” Danny says, as she slowly goes to work. Her hair floats and moves wildly beneath the water as her lips tighten around his shaft.

“I…I don’t know what’s come over me.” She thinks to herself. “It was like, an avalanche of arousal overcame me once I kissed Danny. I can’t stop myself.”

She moves her head in a corkscrew motion back & forth, creating small waves in the water with her movement. After a minute, she finally pulls her head up from the water and takes a deep breath. Her hair is soaking wet, along with her T-Shirt, which allows Danny to see her nipples through the Fabric. “Wow, Mom. That was fantastic.” Danny says. “I didn’t know you could hold your breath for that long.”

“Well, there are some advantages to being a former member of your College Swim Team.” She tells him. “Let me show you another one.”

She brings her leg over and straddles Danny, sitting on him so that his Cock is nestled in the crack of her ass. She slowly rises in the water, and guides herself down on her son’s stiff Rod. As she takes it all in, she lets out a pleasurable moan. Danny puts his hands underwater and firmly grips his mother’s ass, as she rests on top of him. She looks down and smiles warmly at Danny.

“You just relax and let me do the driving.” She tells him. “Your father & I use to do this all the time back in College. He always said I was a pro.”

Her hips begin to move gently, and she raises & lowers herself on Danny’s Cock, working up a good rhythm. The water is hampering her speed, but not enough to take away from the moment. She wraps her arms around him, and he does the same with her. Danny starts thrusting her back, pushing in deep into his mother. They create ripples in the water with their action. Danny’s hands start to move upward, and lift up Maddie’s shirt, exposing her breasts. He begins fondling and sucking on her breasts, much to Maddie’s delight.

“Oh yeah, Danny.” She says. “That’s so good. Keep going.”

The water around them is now splashing wildly. Danny continues to lick & suck on Maddie’s nipples, while he fondles her breasts. Maddie runs her fingers through his hair, as she increases her speed. The hot water and the action has the both of them sweating & breathing hard. Maddie is now getting reamed by Danny, with every stroke lifting her almost out of the water. She begins moaning and begging for more.

“OH, YES! OH YEAH! FUCK ME, DANNY!!!” She screams.

She’s holding on to him tightly, feeling herself getting closer to her limit. Danny’s feeling it too. “Mom…I’m gonna come…”

“Go ahead, Danny.” She tells him. “Come inside me. Shoot it all inside me.”

Danny does just that, letting loose his load deep in his mother as they both hit their orgasm at the same time. Both of their bodies tense up for a moment, before Maddie falls almost limp onto Danny. The excess semen starts to seep out of Maddie’s pussy, and can be seen through the way.

“The…Fenton…Birth Control Pill?” Danny asks, out of breath.

“Still works like a charm.” She says. “You up for another round?”

She smiles at him seductively, wanting another dose of Phantom. Danny smiles back, not in the mood to say no. “Yeah, definitely.”

They roll over, so that Maddie’s back rests against the side of the Hot Tub. Her legs are spread eagle, as Danny inserts himself back into her. He braces his knees underneath her to lift her up just enough for leverage. She puts her arms back around his neck as he pushes forward into her.

“Oh yeah!” She says. “That’s it, Danny. Gimme all you got.”

She bites her bottom lip, as he breath becomes shorter. Danny starts drilling her balls deep, creating wild splashes in the water with each movement. The jets in the tub are working at full speed, high enough for both of them to feel it. Maddie wraps her legs around her son, as she grunts and moans with each stroke made into her. The sound of water splashing and their combined grunts & moans fill the entire Fentonworks basement, and even can be heard from upstairs, if anyone was home. After several minutes, Maddie finally give in, unable to hold out any longer.

“OH GOD DANNY!” She screams. “I’M GONNA CUM!!!”

“ME TOO, MOM!!!”

He stops his motion and shoots another load deep into his mother, bigger than the last. He falls on top of Maddie, feeling completely exhausted from the event. After a few moments of silence, Danny looks at his mother.

“Mom…I-I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.” He says. “I was afraid, and I…”

She puts her finger on mouth, cutting him off, and smiles at him. “Danny, you don’t have anything to be sorry about.” She tells him. “I’m proud of you for everything you’ve done. And I love you.”

She gently presses her lips against his, showing how much she loves him. They break it, and she lays Danny’s head on her shoulders. But her smile turns into a look of concern as she turns her head towards the Computer area of the basement lab. “But we still have a problem.” She thinks to herself. “The last time Danny & I had sex, it was consensual. This time, it was spur of the moment. If anyone were here, we would’ve been caught for sure. It happened so quick, it’s almost confusing.”

She looks down at her son, who’s still resting on her shoulder. “Does…does Danny have something to do with this?”

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